Best Decorative Floor Lamp Farmhouse

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1. Décor Therapy MP1628 Floor Bronze

D%C3%A9cor Therapy MP1628 Floor Bronze

Square Inverted Corner Bell Softback Shade. The 100 Watt light bulb is not included.

Brand: Decor Therapy

👤The lamps are what I expected. They are very nice and go together quickly. The hardest part was getting the parts out of the box. The table lamps are not the same as the floor lamps, but they are not going to be right next to each other. Most people wouldn't notice the difference. I was happy that the three lamps are all 3 way lamps. I am glad they made some changes. Excellent value!

👤These lamps are a great value for money. We had two objections. There were thousands of static charged little bits that were nearly impossible to get rid of, as the styrofoam blocking pretty much shredded in transit. There is a The lamps are very light weight. This is fine if youbump the shade as you turn them on or off or something. We've had a few times when they tipped over with very little contact. I'm thinking about opening the base and putting weights in the bottom to make them more stable. These lamps are very nice and work well. I would definitely recommend them.

👤Where should we start? The light worked. That is the only negative. The fit was shabby and one light was broken. I was able to glue it together. Please don't buy these light if you want to. The packaging was very bad and the foam around it was a nightmare. I think they had to do this because they wouldn't break anyways. I will not buy these or any other home furnishings off the internet. I want to see the product before I pay for it. The only reason I gave this product a rating of 2 is that the light worked and the looks were nice.

👤I put them together in 15 minutes and tested them before moving them to my guest bedroom. My room has rustic accents and the combination of bronze and gold in the metal is perfect. I can't comment on the quality as they are brand new, but I should say that there were no red flags to scream about quality issues. They were packaged well and had 3 sets of instructions for each lamp. I am a handy lady, but who uses instructions to put together a LAMP? It's a good thing. I like them very much.

👤The value is reasonable. They look decent. I think they would be a little lighter in weight. They are brand new and well wrapped. One of the bases has a small scratch, but it is not noticeable. I liked them so much that I'm thinking of buying another set. The traditional lines of the lamps make them blend easily with other designs. The lamps add an effortless touch to any room. I hope you find the comments and photo useful.

👤This return was poorly packed. The Shades were dirty and the lamps had bad finishes. Amazon shouldn't have resented this. Being returned again!

👤No, if you are looking for a set that matches well. The floor lamp has a different pattern and design than the little table lamp. The lamp was a bit crooked, but I was able to fix it. It feels stable and sturdy. I hope it stays that way.

2. WOXXX Industrial Farmhouse Standing Chrome(Bulbs

WOXXX Industrial Farmhouse Standing Chrome%EF%BC%88Bulbs

This chrome finish modern floor lamp is ideal for indoors, it is ideal for living rooms, drawing rooms, dead corners, office, bedrooms, dorm, dining room and dark rooms. It's perfect for north facing areas. The lamp style. The rustic standing lamp has unconventional arms. The design has 3 heads that can be adjusted. A shiny surface with a chrome base. It's perfect for modern industrial rustic farmhouse. The dimensions of the lamp. The metal base has a diameter of 10.3′′ and the shade has a diameter of 6.32”. Plug-n-play instant operation, convenient step-on switch attached for simply on/off access are flexible and convenient. You should use a bulb with 10W-12W, energy saving bulb 12W-20W, and other bulb 40W-60W. There is a warranty free. The industrial floor lamps are scratch proof. Product quality is important for a safe and reliable operation. The floor lamps are backed by a 1-year warranty for worry-free shopping experience, free return or exchange if the item is faulty within a year, as your satisfaction is their priority. There is a warranty free. The industrial floor lamps are scratch proof. Product quality is important for a safe and reliable operation. The floor lamps are backed by a 1-year warranty for worry-free shopping experience, free return or exchange if the item is faulty within a year, as your satisfaction is their priority.

Brand: Woxxx

👤This is not a 90$+ dollar lamp, this is a 30$ dollar lamp. I was not able to assemble the pole because it had a slight bent tip. I don't think it's a good idea. Sending it back is pointless. There is a This review was updated on 12/15/2021 at 4:53 am. I understand and respect your request, but I can't remove the review because it's honest to my experience of the product that I received. I have not had a good experience with your products and you are trying to make me feel bad by offering to remove it. The lamp is not of good quality. Thank you.

👤The lamp is the same as the description. I am very pleased with its design and quality. I put it next to the sofa in the living room. I think that the design of three lamp holders is better than a single lamp holder. My living room has become brighter and more transparent thanks to this floor lamp.

👤The lamp is nice. The foot switch is the only complaint. The rest of the cord could be tucked away behind furniture if it was placed closer to the base. You have to leave a section of the cord in order to reach the foot power switch. Other than that, I was very pleased. It's a bright enough light source but also a soft light which is pleasing to the eye.

👤The fabric is pretty and textured. They were well packed and had no need for an assembly. There is a The only way to turn it on is with a floor switch. It was in the description. I didn't pay much attention until it arrived here. Not enough to return. I really like it!

👤A lamp for a quiet corner. I am happy with the materials used. It was easy to assemble, even though the joints were a bit difficult to get straight. No need for directions. Overall happy with it.

👤The lamp base is sturdy enough to survive two dogs. I added threePhillips HUE bulbs to the fixture. This exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it.

👤The lamp was decent quality and good value. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the foot switch is only on/off, so either all three lamps are on or off. When unpacking, lamp shades looked cheap but once assembled they look great. You can't switch lights on/off on your own.

👤It looks good for what I paid, easy to assemble, great price. It didn't give off much light, but it made a difference in my room. When these burn out, I will try brighter bulbs.

👤I put this next to the main sofa to read. I don't have any doubts about the quality of this base. The switch should be dimmable like other reviews have pointed out. Many A19 bulbs won't work with the dimming switch. I used a phillips dimmable light switch to adjust the color temperature and brightness of the bulbs. There is a The lamp looks clean and industrial. My parents love this lamp.

3. Décor Therapy PL3785 Floor Bronze

D%C3%A9cor Therapy PL3785 Floor Bronze

Pull the chain on the switch. The smart outlet is compatible. The light bulb shape code is A19. The finish is silver shimmer. Round Hardback White Shade. The light bulb is not included. The light bulb is not included.

Brand: Decor Therapy

👤The poor quality isn't surprising for the price. The lamp will only stay upright if the swing arm is turned inward. It tips over if it isn't already. I had to make a hole in the base to keep it straight. Several attempts were made to get the sections of the body together. I was afraid that I would strip the threads, but it worked out. I didn't use the shade at all.

👤The arm is stuck and does not move. To bad because. This lamp is great. The lamp is sturdy, the shade is neutral, and my 90 year old mother assembled it. The arm doesn't swing. It would be perfect if the arm wasn't stuck in the close position. There is a The maintance man said he could fix it. There is a The design feature needs to be checked by the company. I wonder if other people had this problem.

👤This was a surprise. I bought cheap and didn't expect much. I was afraid I had made a mistake when it arrived. Wow. It went together quickly and has a heavy duty stand. The shade looks great. Is strong with no weakness. Rather clever. Looks good. Functions well!

👤I couldn't believe how well packaged the lamp was. It arrived in 2 boxes. After unpacking the lamp, I followed the directions and put it together. That was easy as well. I need a lot of light because I do a lot of crocheting. It's great to be able to move the lamp around where I need it.

👤The second one was purchased in the last month. It was nice for the price point. I had to order another one after I got the first one. It was worth it, but took a bit of patience. It feels very nice and solid when together. The lamp is protected by the packaging. There is no room for movement in the box. I was surprised by the packing. I told friends and family about this great buy.

👤I knew I was getting a cheap lamp. It's for a workroom on the basement level. There is a I thought I would try to get a usable item. The threaded fitting that is used to screw the top/arm assembly to the pole is crooked. There is a It is not possible to attach the top of the lamp to the pole of the rest of the lamp. It would not have bothered me if there were scratches or similar things. There is a The lamp is not usable because of the crooked mounting problem. I drew the line with a lamp that looked like the top was on a different axis than the rest of the lamp. I have used lamp parts in the past to assemble things, but I don't see how I can disassemble this part of the lamp to fix the problem. If grabbed with pliers, not without stripping threads. There is a I need to return it.

👤I am giving this a 5 star rating. It is an inexpensive lamp. It is sturdy and well made. When buying an inexpensive floor lamp, I expect it to be good. I was looking for a cheap lamp to replace the one in our basement that was more than 15 years old. I wanted to control the light brightness and dimness. I wanted a soft light that would give us a warm homey feel in our basement as well as yoga without the bright lights glaring down on me. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the lamp because it was new to our basement. We had it in the living room. When we replaced the living room lamp, it was still in working order so we brought it down to the basement. We learned that we liked having a floor lamp in the basement so we could control the brightness. This is a light lamp. When I picked up the box, I was amazed at how small it was. The base is about 10 inches in diameter. It works where we put it out of the way of foot traffic and animals. If it was out of the way, or if we had little ones running around, it can easily fall over. It was very easy to put it together. Take a few poles and twist them. The lampshade can be uncollapsed. Put a bulb in it. Plug it in. It is working. It took me a long time to find a 3 way light in our house. I wasn't sure about the shade. It arrived flat and collapsed. Stretching out the few rods/brackets that are assembled on the lampshade makes it a shade. I was worried that it would look cheap. It looks good. The lamp shade is not the best. The hem at the bottom seems to have 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I don't see any flaws in the lamp shade, it works well and is all together. This is an inexpensive floor lamp. There is a The arm works well. There are no problems with the lamp. There were no scratches. No dents. It is a cheap lamp. It is what I would have paid for. There is no frills to it. It is basic. It has a beautiful soft light and can be tucked into a corner.

4. DEWENWILS Industrial Shelves Construction Standing

DEWENWILS Industrial Shelves Construction Standing

The design isStylish. The farmhouse standing lamp is 65 inches tall. A round linen lamp shade adds a nice touch to almost any living or working space, such as living room, bedroom, office, dark corner, small spaces, etc. There is a reading light for furniture. A well-made linen lamp is thick enough to absorb the beams and minimize glare, and it also provides large ambient light for illuminating and also bright enough focused light for reading. Storage and display of freedom. It's an excellent option when you don't have a lot of room and would like a lamp and a table, because the shelves come in handy, and the two tiers of end tables have built in lamps, which makes them perfect for small items such as phones, books, plants It is easy to assemble and convenient. The tall floor lamp with shelves is easy to assemble. You can turn the corner floor lamp on or off when both hands are occupied. Solid and Sturdy. This classic floor lamp has a stronger tripod frame combined with rustic wood and industrial steel, heavier and more stable, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty and hassle-free return policies through Amazon. Solid and Sturdy. This classic floor lamp has a stronger tripod frame combined with rustic wood and industrial steel, heavier and more stable, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty and hassle-free return policies through Amazon.

Brand: Dewenwils

👤The lamp looks like it is sturdy. The leg with the cord is already linked together. This leg can be used as a model for the other two legs. The rounded end of the bottom segments makes them easy to identify. There are three segments between the top light fixture and the bottom light fixture. If you don't pay attention, you'll end up assembling and finding the shelf isn't compatible. The lamp and stable shelves are small enough to hold just small knickknacks, but not much more. A good buy.

👤The parts went together, it looks similar to the picture. That is doing well at this price point. The leg pieces are not the same size as they should be. My shelves are just level. That's not good. There is a The electronics are of decent quality. It looks nice in the corner if you don't look closely. The actual furniture quality ones seem to go for $200. I don't know why these things are so bad, but it's industry wide. I use mine as a mood/background lighting and am not unhappy with it. It will take two or three times as long as it should because of figuring out the right combination of leg pieces.

👤It was difficult to align the shelves and brackets. You have to keep the poles loose until you find the right place. If you don't start from the top, you won't be able to pull the cord tight. It has a switch to operate. It's kind of odd, as you have to place it in a location that you can always get to with your foot, and so you can't remove the cord. It looks nice. You can't see the white frame inside the lamp shade.

👤Assembly is required for this lamp. It comes in a box that doesn't look like a lamp, but it is amazing. It doesn't sit level, but one leg is longer than the others, so it matters how it is put together. When assembling it, be careful. It looks great!

👤Great lamp. Light can be seen through the shade color. The legs that come with big box store lamps are easier to assemble than the tripod legs. I had it up and running in no time, despite the fact that getting the wood triangle shelves to align right was tedious, and the shade was a tad tricky to assemble. I put a tp-link wifi multi-colored bulb in it and put it in a corner. The floor lamp is perfect.

👤I absolutely love this lamp. The little shelves are perfect for my internet modem and router setup, which has to be located in a specific corner of my home, due to where the fiber connection was installed. The assembly of the lamp was a piece of cake and all the parts were labeled and packed well. It doesn't have a bulb, but it does have a standard medium bulb.

👤It was difficult to put together, but it was beautiful when done. I bought 2 of them for my living room and they look great. The price was the same as other places. I received a discount on one of them.

5. Industrial Elegant Teardrop Vintage Farmhouse

Industrial Elegant Teardrop Vintage Farmhouse

There are 3 lights on the industrial floor lamp that are in 90 vertical on the tree lamp. The multi-head design provides a great solution to the harsh brightness of traditional fixture. You can fully enjoy the comfortable atmosphere under the light given off by this tall floor lamp. Their free standing lamp is made of superior metal from top to base and black. Three light cages are heavy-duty and firm. There is no swing on the pole. Base is reliable and doesn't mind falling down if there is trouble. It is safe to use for children and pets. There is a step-on switch. The lamp is easy to turn on and off. A slight step brings the light on, swift and convenient, ideal for living room, bedroom, bedside, study, etc. Never mind that your application is too short to fit. You have to make an extra lamp stand to make it taller so that you can use it better. There are 25000H 2700KST58 led bulbs included. The tall floor light fixture has 3 st58 4W led bulbs with a lifespan of 25000H, which is saving energy, money and convenience for you. This standing tree lamp is rated for 60W MAX E26 sockets light bulb, which can be changed for different styles. They suggest that you use low energy bulbs. It's easy to install. The tall black standing lamp is easy to get together, just follow the right steps to install it from the top to the base, otherwise the wire may be stiff to pull. They need to remove the 3 screws that have been fixed into the holes on the pole, if the screws are missing, they need to use extra ones. It's easy to install. The tall black standing lamp is easy to get together, just follow the right steps to install it from the top to the base, otherwise the wire may be stiff to pull. They need to remove the 3 screws that have been fixed into the holes on the pole, if the screws are missing, they need to use extra ones.

Brand: Lakumu

👤You don't put the extra cord in the main pole section. The tiny screws were removed with the allen wrench. You don't push the slack out of the cord if you untightened the screws on the arm. We pushed the plastic piece into the pole. We tightened the screws and didn't put the tiny screws back in because we wanted the lights to dangle. There is a black plastic ring inside the metal part. Take the ring off. The basket should be put on. The black plastic ring needs to be removed. Done! The instructions are horrible.

👤Everyone in my house is a fan of this lamp. It wasn't hard to assemble because one of the lamp arms didn't want to go on it's designated place. I think it took me a while. I bought different bulbs for it, as the ones it came with were too bright. If you are using this as your only source of light, they should do the trick. If you want a softer light, they are going to kill your eyeballs.

👤This was easy to put together as many other people did. It took about 30 minutes. I am not an electrician or contractor. The cord is a bit long for the stand so there was a little bit of wrestling with it. It's not bad to put together. I like the vintage look and the lights are bright but warm, but one could always change the bulb to make them more to their liking, but it was a nice touch that it came with bulbs.

👤I love the lamp. It was easy to put together. I lost one of the tiny screws, but they gave me two extra and I found the one I lost. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. It is much brighter than expected. The lamp is exactly what I needed because I have horrible lightning in my living room. The lighting is not soft and it is very bright. The package was damaged, but the lamp was undamaged. It is absolutely beautiful.

👤I tried to add the arms, but it was too difficult. There was no explanation for the tiny screws on the wrench. Why? The screws on the lamp arms are left-hand threaded. If you don't know this, you will try to screw them in by the normal direction, so the arm can't be attached. I was able to install the third arm, but only after I stripped the screws on the first two arms. I was unable to remove those 2 screws with needlenose pliers because they were stripped. I can't replace them with one of the extra screws because the manufacturer realized the original screws were not right-hand threaded. If the manufacturer is aware that the screws are threaded the wrong way, they should remove them and put the correct ones in, then notify their customer that they need to remove the installed screws and replace them with extra ones. They shouldn't just send a bunch of screws with no instructions. I'm returning the lamp because I don't feel like I should have to drill out the screws.

6. Brightech Parker Contemporary Standing Perfect

Brightech Parker Contemporary Standing Perfect

There are gorgeous flower LAMP MATCHES. The BrightechParker is a column lamp that looks beautiful in a living room with a contemporary, mid century modern, farmhouse or Asian style. The linen cylinder shade has a pronged wooden base. Start conversations and get feedback from guests. This collapsible floor lamp is ideal for bedrooms. The upscale elegance of the lamp combined with the warm, soft light it emits makes theParker a great choice for master or guest bedrooms. Both lights can be turned on for brighter lighting or just one for ambience. The lamp is a unique piece of decor. There are safe areas for kids and in nursery rooms. The shade around the pole is soft. It is less dangerous if knocked into. It's only 48 inches tall, so even if you knocked it at the top, it wouldn't fall. Even if you touch the bulb, it won't get hot, so you won't get burnt. The bulbs are for 20 years of life and are white. The Brightech lamp is rated to last 20,000 hours and will last 20 years with normal use. You don't have to replace a bulb and save a lot of money on your electric bill because of the fact that LEDs don't waste a lot of energy. If you brush the light, it will not burn you. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤The shades are not shown in the pictures of the ad. I assumed the only way to hide the two huge seams was to turn the seam to the wall, but since there are two huge seams, you can't hide them by turning the shade. The pictures were taken to hide the seams. The lamp has plastic clips that clip to a metal ring, which causes the top of the shade to distort and ruin the circular appearance of the top. I threw it out rather than try to wrestle it back in its box. I should have put a "free" tag on it.

👤I stayed at an apartment and they had a lamp. I really liked it. I found the Brightech Parker modern lamp after looking it up. There is a I was surprised it was going to be at the floor lamp. There is a I was determined to get it up immediately after my husband put it together. I was able to do it after following the easy instructions. Couldn't be happier. I was looking for lamps for my living room but couldn't find one until I found this one. I don't like sitting in the dark and I wanted a soft lighting for my living room. The lamp is perfect and cheap.

👤Everyone comments on them when they see them, they are easy to put together and the little foot switches are great. They look amazing lit up.

👤Here are the problems with the lamp. It is taller and less sleek than the pictures show. There are 2 seams that are not noticeable when you rotation the lamp. It took me almost an hour to figure out how to put it together, so I think you should get a degree in engineering. You probably won't return it because you don't want to mess with the engineering after all it took to put it together...

👤I love the lamp. It was easy to assemble and fit in the spot I chose. I added a wooden plant stand as a base to give it more elevation and it worked out perfectly.

👤Negative reviews about the lamp's quality, assembly, and 2 shade seams are not understandable. I've done research on similar tower lamps and I couldn't be happier with this lamp. It took me 15 minutes to assemble and I didn't need to look at the instruction sheet. The base has a weighted steel plate, high quality hardware, and heavy textured plastic backed cloth shade material. Most lamp shades have one seam, but this one has two, and I don't mind that. The seam edges are finished nicely and easy to take on and off to replace bulbs, which is not the case with other tower lamps. I prefer lower light levels and used 2 standard 40 watt bulbs in this lamp. I will purchase again or give as a gift. It is packed in a small box that is easy to wrap for gift giving.

👤This looks good from a long way away. There is a The shade is a piece of garbage. The two large velcro seams are very visible when you put the two panels together. The shade is falling apart because of the lack of use after 6 months of use. There is a The bright white bulbs included were very unflattering to look at. Warm light edison bulbs were replaced. I didn't say that it was worth it because I bought it for 65 bucks. It was a good idea.

7. Standing Lampshade Included Industrial Bedroom

Standing Lampshade Included Industrial Bedroom

You can use the floor lamp with the 6W bulb provided by BoostArea, no need to purchase the extra bulb, and the lamp emits 800 lumens lighting and 2700K. The leaning-over issue was solved with the help of the BoostArea floor lamp. The floor lamp has a scientific weight ratio of glass shade and base, which makes it stand upright. They did a scientific experiment to see if the lamp is stable, and every effort was made to meet your expectations. The advanced glass shade of their floor lamp has perfect light transmission but also not fragile because of the glass material, and it can be used in a wide range of home styles. They chose a foot switch design for this industrial floor lamp because it's convenient, elegant, and you can plug it. This 65 inches tall floor lamp is easy to assemble without any tools, you just need to screw all the parts together via following the instructions on the page. This 65 inches tall floor lamp is easy to assemble without any tools, you just need to screw all the parts together via following the instructions on the page.

Brand: Boostarea

👤The lamp is elegant and beautiful. I think it's a great idea. Customer service was the most amazing thing. My son dropped the lamp. I contacted customer service and asked if they'd sell the glass separately. They sent me a new set for free. It was still covered by the warranty. It is very amazing.

👤The lamp looks great. We didn't know which room to put it in. We might have to get another one. The small profile allows the lamp to slide behind a couch or chair. It has a step-on floor switch that you can pull out away from the lamp to make it easier to find. I taped a strip of vellum to the outside of the globe to make a shade. I used the styrofoam cylinder inside the globe as a template for the width to cut it. Sometimes I use the shade to get softer lighting. You can change the mood of the room with different colors. Assembly was very easy. 10 minutes tops! No tools, no mess, no cursing! There is a The bulb uses very little electricity. It costs a dollar a year to use.

👤The company sent me a new pair of light bulbs even though I didn't ask for them. I received them in a few days and they were very helpful. The light is bright.

👤I had to set it up. I had to take the cord away. It would take 5 minutes to pay attention the first time. The lamp is turned on and off by the remote. The package has a light bulb and glass shade. Neither was broken! Very happy about that! The light is the highlight. It's bright and beautiful. It's the highlight of my room.

👤The lamp was easy to assemble. The bulb was bright enough to light my bedroom. The lamp design is simple.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble from the time I received it. Happy it comes with a bright bulb, not a bulky item, and think it looks great. Would purchase again.

👤I needed a light that could be turned on in a dark area. This was the right size. I can see what socks I am grabbing. It is very easy to assemble.

👤I use it in my living room. Very pleased with the purchase.

8. Brightech Henry Industrial Crackled Farmhouse

Brightech Henry Industrial Crackled Farmhouse

The range of Deccan and current trends are matched by the Wright LAMP. The Brightech Henry is perfect for a range of decor schemes. It's part of the modern trend towards country and industrial replica décor, with its base reminiscent of iron pipe. The black finish and glass shade give a sleek, modern look to any room. The sylish ambiENCE LAMP has some features. The lamp catches the eye and draws praise from guests. The speckled glass shade casts unique light-and-shadow patterns on the wall and looks wonderful with the warm tone of the light the bulb emits. It's easy to see how ALEXA & GOOGLE HOME COMPATIBLE LAMPS can be used. It works with smart outlets that are enabled to turn on/off, such as Apple HomeKit. There is a smart outlet sold separately. Reviewers talk about how easy it is to assemble and how stable it is, making it safe for kids and pets. 20,000 hour life, warm alabaster bong included. The standing lamp has a bulb. The 5 watt, 550 watt power saving led bulb is rated to last 20,000 hours so you won't have to replace it. It's 2,700K warm white light is pleasant, and it lasts more time than traditional bulbs. The included bulb is not dimmable but can be replaced with a smart bulb. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤I was looking for a floor lamp that would give me more light in my family room, which was too dark. I like the look of the lamp but am not sure about the quality. The lamp is sturdy, easy to put together, and gives off the perfect amount of light for the room, all of which make it a great buy. I decided to get two to make the room bigger. I don't know the difference between a flat had and aPhillips screwdriver, but anyone can put it together. It is a lot heavier than you would think. Great purchase.

👤The lamp is an industrial style. Consider the style of decor and furniture you have and whether it will fit in your home. Is the room traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse? Will the shape of the late, sharp angles be in your current room? It would be an odd looking lamp in your room if not. The bulb is an old one. I don't like the orange cast of the bulbs. I switched it to a smart bulb and I am very happy with it. There is an ocean effect with the lamp and the bulb. If you use other bulbs, it could be blinding because there isn't a lamp shade. If you have a dim lamp, you might have to use a low-lumen bulb, the best option is a multicolor smart bulb, or the Edison bulb, which is orange cast and slightly dim light. The lamp is very heavy and has a great on/off switch. I am very happy with the purchase of the bulb. It fits well with my furnishings and has a unique street lamp look.

👤The lamp adds to our living room feel. The only issue I had was with the packaging. The lamp needs to be assembled with 4 black screws used to hold the pole together. When I opened the box, there were 4 screws that were loose and I luckily found 3 of them. I found it in a shoe the other day, after we lost the 4th. There is a The manufacturer should pack the 4 black screws in the bag with the big screw and key.

👤I love them so much. I put a regular bulb in them and then put the lamps on a dimmer cord. The crackled glass creates a beautiful glow on the walls. The lamp was perfect. I had to make it stand straighter, but I still love these lamps. They make my living room feel more complete and cozy, even though I am not done with the living room decor. I am happy I found them because they have the exact look I was looking for. The pictures don't do justice to the events. I am buying more.

👤I wanted this style of floor lamp with the bubbled glass after seeing something similar at a popular store. The lamp was only 5 feet tall. I wanted something taller to be behind my couch. The price was even better than the originals I found, which was exactly what I was looking for. They were easy to assemble and came packaged well. I like the light bulbs that came with it.

9. Décor Therapy PL1579 Textured Mercury

D%C3%A9cor Therapy PL1579 Textured Mercury

We are committed to providing quality products and services. 2-year parts replacement service is offered by them. They will give you the best solution if you contact them. The lamp shade globe is made of glass. 60 watt bulb is not included.

Brand: Decor Therapy

👤Brick says, "I love lamp." There is a The lamp is pretty. It has some flaws, yes. I would still recommend it, however with a caveat. The shade ofmercury glass is very transparent. You will want a low watt bulb here. I would not go higher than 60. Maybe use 40. It looks great during the day, but at night you can see the bare bulb. There is a The caveat I mentioned is the biggest problem. Someone designed this lamp to be pretty. I am sure they did not prototype it. How do we know? The edge of the base is the center of gravity. There is enough of a base to hold it up. It was barely enough. Maybe you wouldn't notice it on a hard floor. It is terrible on the carpet, as you can see in my pictures. This thing is crazy. The caveat? Take a deck of cards, open them up, and play around to figure out how many cards you need to shove under the center of gravity to get it straightened up. The deck was 80% of mine. I have thick carpet. I still love this lamp, even though it was out of the way. Take a look at my photo. The lamp part is hard wired, but not soldered to the base. It is hanging on a loop. It is hanging. It can sway. I like that detail. It looks like it is a lantern. I blinded myself with a 100 watt bulb. I had to replace it with a warm white 60 watt equivalent led bulb. It is not bright. This works well for my needs. I use this as a reading lamp in my bedroom. It is perfect for relaxing before I go to sleep. There is a I like mercury glass. It doesn't look like it when it's lit, but in the daylight it shines. There is a I would buy it again. I would tell a friend that they should buy it. I would not be swayed by its balance problem. You need to shore it up on a soft floor. If you have young children, be careful on a hard floor. I am still 4 years old. It is pretty.

👤I needed a small floor lamp for a parlor setting that would blend with antique and traditional furniture. The lamp is the same color as pictured. The design makes it top heavy and therefore leans a bit, as others have said. The problem was solved by placing a sponge under the front side. It only required a half inch of leveling. It was easy to assemble, but the packaging was a nightmare. It was more difficult to get it out of the box than it was to put it together. I'll be vacuuming the Styrofoam for a while as little static charged pieces are everywhere. It's a nice lamp for the price. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The lamp is attractive, but it may be damaged. Be prepared to return the favor. The first lamp had black paint on it. We sent it back to them. The switch was broken twice. There is a button on the floor that can be turned on. The button wouldn't turn on. We kept it because we didn't feel like packing it back up and going to a store again.

10. Dimmable Standing Vintage Bedroom Reading

Dimmable Standing Vintage Bedroom Reading

We designed the floor lamps pole with exquisite fine leaves and one energetic bird, which make your home always full of refreshed views. The warm and soft light will be transmitted from the high-quality linen gold thread cloth to illuminate your space and create a warm and harmonious atmosphere for your house. The floor lamp can realize different brightness with a 3-way dimmable bulb but without any flicker and dazzle. There are three brightness that can be used to meet your needs. The low light is great for general lighting, Medium is a great choice for basic daily life, and the high light is great for reading and playing electronics. The original brown fabric shade is not included, but they also offered a free cream linen shade as a bonus. It is more convenient to clean the lamp. The free shade is a completely new style that will create a modern and stylish atmosphere for your family, which means you can change the style freely by your current aesthetic. Installation is easy and wide application is also easy. The package includes everything you need to assemble it, just take a few minutes. Their floor lamp can match any décor style, no matter what it is. You can put it in any place you want to illuminate. The lamp base is Sturdy. The vintage floor lamp is made of superior metal from top to bottom and coated with a black finish so that it is sturdy enough. Even if you put it on a carpet, it will still keep its stability, no worries it will fall down, because there will be no kids or pets. All E26 base bulbs can be compatible with the led lamp. If you want to realize the dimmable function, please choose a 3-way dimmable bulb. The lamp base is Sturdy. The vintage floor lamp is made of superior metal from top to bottom and coated with a black finish so that it is sturdy enough. Even if you put it on a carpet, it will still keep its stability, no worries it will fall down, because there will be no kids or pets. All E26 base bulbs can be compatible with the led lamp. If you want to realize the dimmable function, please choose a 3-way dimmable bulb.

Brand: Wihtu

👤It is nice. There is very limited room underneath the bulb sockets and wired lamp part, so you need a small three way bulb to fit under the shade. The connection between the base and the middle pipe is not easy to complete, as the thread between the parts do not work well together, and forcing it will likely strip the threads. My wife recycled part of the packaging so I was inclined to return it. The styrofoam dissolved.

👤The lamp is easy to assemble. The lamp has adequate light for reading. The lamp shade goes together easily, the broad base is stable, the multiple sections of the stand thread together neatly, and the sockets work well. The lamp's decorative section is not plumb, so the lamp's sockets, bulb, and shade are not vertical. I added strips of self-adhesive furniture pads to the underside of the base. I subtracted one star for this defect. The poor quality of the styrofoam was the reason I subtracted a second star for the packaging. The styrofoam crumbled. The fragments were difficult to remove because they stuck to the lamp parts. The components were covered with plastic bags and the tape was full of fragments. Our skin was covered in the mess. It was unpleasant to clean. This product would be improved by additional quality control.

👤The lamp is not very stable. The lamp shade is interesting. It's worth the price, but the packaging is terrible. If you have small pets or kids, open this in a secluded area. It is iffy.

👤The lamp is heavy and well made. It was very easy to put together and I like it. The shade that was included is a joke. You have to do it yourself. The shade is rolled up with a top and bottom wire and then VELCRO closes. You can guess. I'm going to buy a new shade that won't look tacky on this nice base.

👤The lamp is cute. The shade was made of garbage. I bought a cute shade that fits and feeds some glass bead trim. It's beautiful.

👤The shade is awful. We found a nice one at Target for $20 and it made a huge difference. The living room has a great addition.

👤The base was easy to screw together. You have to put a lamp shade on the rings. I gave up after trying for a little bit. Very inconvenient. I should have brought a light bulb. I should have read the description. Not everyone has a 3-way light bulb. I was happy I had another shade.

👤There is an update. The seller made contact after reading my review. The first one we received didn't work at all. I asked for a second lamp. It does not work as a 3-way if you put it together easily. The lamp did not work after we purchased a special 3-way bulb. Not worth the money. Only keeping it because it is cute, matches our table lamps, and works on a single setting. I would not allow anyone else to purchase it.

11. Living Bedrooms Contemporary Standing Lighting

Living Bedrooms Contemporary Standing Lighting

Simple design is unique. The white floor lamp matches any style of décor. It will be a good choice for both home and office use. The quality of the lamp makes it perfect for any room in the house. This simple and neat floor lamp will fit behind your furniture, no matter where you put it. The shade is made of non-woven fabric and has a perfect transmission of light. The light coming out of the cloth shade will make you feel warm. Light but swift. It is supported on a tripod. No one would be hurt if it was knocked down by kids or pets. It can be moved and placed wherever you please. It is easy to install, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the installation. You might need to turn the screw nut to the top so that there won't be a crease. The height is 48 inches. The shade is 47 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. 2*E26,MAX 60W. The height is 48 inches. The shade is 47 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. 2*E26,MAX 60W.

Brand: Leezm

👤I found this lamp very easy to assemble. It is a beautiful lamp and it is cheap. I assembled it at home first after buying it for my classroom. My husband wants me to leave.

👤The instructions are hard to understand. The pieces don't fit around the rod so leave them out. The illustration makes it look like they are screwed on. Wrap the cord around the rod and it will hold better. The shade and rod won't fit if you put clear plastic on them.

👤The lamp is a great find. The perfect lamp for ambient light is easy to assemble. I wanted to add a little light to my living room so that it wouldn't be a problem to see my tv in the evening. The shade is thick enough to allow softer diffusion. I used standard Warm bulbs. There is a The lamp was easy to put together and took about 15 minutes to assemble. Straight forward diagrams are included in the instructions. The lamp is easy to take apart and collapse for packing if you need to move. All were very pleased with the purchase.

👤If you have the patience, you can assemble this lamp. There is a The seller should make a video. I tried to put it in the box and send it back. There is a The rod is too short to fit on the bottom end slot. The bolt at the end of the rod was tigthened when I took the helicopter bolt out.

👤I wish I would have taken a picture before I threw the junk into the bin. This is the worst item I have ever purchased on Amazon. Some reviews said they were able to assemble and others said they couldn't. The product I was sent was not in the latter category. The poles themselves were too long and I was missing attachment pieces, as the instructions on the outside of the box were so vague. I tried to bend the spokes at the top to get this poor excuse of a lamp to function, but that attempt was also futile. I have learned my lesson. When ordering from Amazon, I will only buy from trusted brands. This whole experience has made me think about cutting ties. The man is a multi billionaire because of these lamps. An absolute joke.

👤The bar can't be put in place because the bottom pieces don't line up. It is useless and will be returning immediately.

👤The rod isn't the right size to put the lamp together.

👤The lamps by Purdy are cool. It is easy to assemble. There is a I wish they were taller. They look great in the space. There are blue and purple lights in the lamps. The ombré effect is cool.


What is the best product for decorative floor lamp farmhouse?

Decorative floor lamp farmhouse products from Decor Therapy. In this article about decorative floor lamp farmhouse you can see why people choose the product. Woxxx and Dewenwils are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative floor lamp farmhouse.

What are the best brands for decorative floor lamp farmhouse?

Decor Therapy, Woxxx and Dewenwils are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative floor lamp farmhouse. Find the detail in this article. Lakumu, Brightech and Boostarea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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