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Lamp 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Artiva USA A808102DEX Infinity Expresso

Artiva USA A808102DEX Infinity Expresso

The lighting shades have a one-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Their commitment will make things right. The display shelf size is 10. 25"x11"H. Heavy Duty off- white fabric. 5X13. 5h. Pull the chain on the switch. The smart outlet is compatible. Works with smart outlets that are enabled to turn on and off the lamp. The design is versatile. Made with heavy duty wood. The design is versatile. Made with heavy duty wood.

Brand: Artiva Usa

👤The lamp is nice in the game but only if one doesn't look too closely. The decorative panels are made of plastic that feels cheap and the rest is particleboard. The parts were not created with a lot of precision. The bottom lamp is difficult to change since it requires tipping the entire thing onto the floor to get to the hole in the bottom. It doesn't feel like much care was put into its design. I can't say that this was worth anything and that the amount of effort that went into putting it together was not worth it. I think my money could have been better spent on a couple of nicer-quality IKEA lamps or a combination of furniture and lamps hacked together.

👤The lamp shade has really cool designs. It's double shaded, that's cool. Not very strong, but not flimsy either. It's easy to assemble, but you have to follow the instructions to flip it.

👤This is a lamp that costs a lot. I was expecting a bit more visual appeal at $80. If you get past fifty in my book, you should probably have graduated from recycling the beaverboard from water damaged children's furniture. The particle board is thin and chintzy, which makes it easy to over-tweak certain parts. Sometimes you have no choice, unless you want the square pegs to be cattywampus. I didn't, so I've just resolved to never use the shelf, let alone breathe near it. It is nice to sit in the dining room. Two 60w-equivalent LEDs are perfect to really make the shades glow and make them usable as a light. 40w would look lovely if you didn't need anything to see by and just wanted something soft to offset the dark corner. There is a The effect is pretty, but it's obvious how garbage the materials are if you look for more than a minute. It looks like a brown plastic tower since the veneer isn't made to look particularly woody. There is a If it were less than what I paid, I could have gotten a Brightech shelf lamp, which was based on another lamp of theirs I own in the same price range. Unless you really have to have that design, don't waste your money on this.

👤Really nice! It was easy to fix, even though I messed up the first time, because the directions threw me off because it required you to build and then flip the whole thing upside down. It's lightweight. It is better to buy something else if you are planning on stacking things on this. The plants are lightweight. It's a great feature if you're looking for low lighting, you can turn out one light and leave the other on. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The lamp is made of plastic. I paid a lot of money, but it wasn't worth much. It was very unsturdy. There are warnings on the shelves not to place anything over 6 pounds. It's doubtful it would handle 3 pounds.

2. Addlon Adjustable Standing Reading Bedrooms

Addlon Adjustable Standing Reading Bedrooms

Corner lights are made of fabric and have a certification. The lights are easy to move. Babies and pets are not suitable for floor lamps. The whole is stable. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. They will provide you with the most suitable service. The Addlon floor lamp comes with three 9 Watt, 800 Lumen UL listed LED bulbs which can add up to 2,400 lumens of light. Warm white lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere. Bulb is not dimmable. You can switch the bulb with other E26 base smart bulbs, but can't exceed 20 Watts for LEDs or 60 Watts for incandescent bulbs per sockets. There are three separate rotating switches on the top of the lampshades. You can turn on all the bulbs for bright lighting or turn them off for tv. The Addlon tree floor lamp has 3 omnidirectional light fixture that can adjust the direction of the light, it is more ergonomics than a traditional floor lamp. The fixed lamp head direction causes a lot of hassle. The Addlon pole lamp has a brass / gold finish and sleek lines that suit classic, traditional, contemporary and minimalist decor styles. It occupy a small part of the room. The Addlon pole lamp has a brass / gold finish and sleek lines that suit classic, traditional, contemporary and minimalist decor styles. It occupy a small part of the room.

Brand: Addlon

👤My living room has no ceiling lights so I needed a strong light source that was reasonably priced and attractive to look at. The base is heavy and nice. Assembly was quick and easy, and I like that you can turn each light on and off individually. The lamp heads turn so you can direct the light. Overall a good buy. There were no issues with scratches on the metal.

👤I was looking for a lamp that was strong and stable. I used to shop at Walmart for one and settle for something cheap that satisfied my short time need, but I decided to shop around this time. I was looking for something that was stylish but also durable and stable enough to stand on the carpet. This one was right. I ordered it. I was not disappointed. Normally I wouldn't pay that much for a basic looking lamp, but it's far from the quality I'd expect. I wanted something that was basic and substantial, and I got that! It was what I was looking for. It was easy to assemble. I didn't expect it to come with bulbs, but it was a nice convenience. It stands the test of carpet, which was my number one concern. Almost every lamp I own has leaned over and not stood straight. It was a little pricey for me, but it turned out to be the exact floor lamp I was looking for and I am very pleased with my purchase. I would purchase this again if I need another one for a different room.

👤I am very happy with my new lamp. There were no shocks. It arrived quickly and was made of good quality material. The lamp has a simple on-off switch at each lamp and you can change the direction of the heads. I am happy that I chose this one.

👤This pole lamp is very nice. I put it in a corner with a desk in the middle of it. Two lamp bullets are aimed at the desk, one at the wall. The metal is not damaged. I may try to change that, as the cord comes out lower than under the base. Very pleased with the lamp.

👤I decided to buy this lamp during a limited time sale because I have been wanting it for a long time. It fits my requirements for a floor lamp, but I was disappointed that there were little scratches on the pole and one of the shades. I buy a lot of thrifted and second hand stuff, so it's not that big of a deal, but I was expecting more from something new.

👤It's right next to my reclining sofa and I'll be able to use the reading lamp while in the recliner. Put a smart light bulb in and use regular led bulbs. I have a stable on my hardwood floors. Would recommend.

👤Our new lamp is beautiful. Jig saw puzzles are being used. We can see different areas of the work table with good light.

3. Brightech Wyatt Industrial Adjustable Farmhouse

Brightech Wyatt Industrial Adjustable Farmhouse

The floor lamp has an adjusted arm for reading and crafts. If you want to make jigsaw puzzles, knitting, cross stitch or other hobbies, position the Brightech Wyatt's light beside a couch, table or armchair and adjust the arm up/down. The arm is about 1.5 feet from the pole. There are more decays with this complaint getting. Want your living room to reflect design trends around vintage industrial, retro, farmhouse and mid century modern decor? The Brightech Wyatt is similar to the styles that others sell for a fraction of the price. Visitors compliment you on your taste. The bright light works with Alexandria. Works with smart outlets that are enabled by Apple HomeKit or the Google Home Assistant. There is a smart outlet sold separately. The lamp gives off warm light that creates a cozy space. Soft yet plentiful room lighting is provided by the Wyatt. The 20 year life warm white led bong is included. The Brightech Wyatt has anLED bulb that is rated to last 20,000 hours and will last 20 years with normal use. You don't have to replace a bulb and save a lot of money on your electric bill because of the fact that LEDs don't waste a lot of energy. If you touch the light, it will burn you. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤The lamp looks good and works well. The problem was the foreplay. It was in a small box that seemed to have exhausted all the packing tape that was available in the universe. I used a chain saw to get through the packing tape, and found a long-lived insect in the foam, staring back at me like Han Solo after a deep carbon freeze. A latex rubber glove was used to remove the insect. The manufacturers saved packing tape for the styrofoam inside the box. The outer box was secured like a missile shelter, so why did one need to tape again at this point? I wondered how the insect got in there. It wouldn't have been possible to squeeze through the 50 days of grey bondage that was the outer packaging tape. I tried to delicately remove the tape from the styrofoam only to find that it would explode every time I tried to remove it. The burst sent styrofoam everywhere, from the front door to my neighbor's apartment. I had a small ski resort of white snow on my living room floor and a bundle of discarded packaging tape after this scene was repeated over and over again. There was a lamp buried where only trained K9s could find it during the Turkish earthquake. I was pessimistic that the lamp would be easy to put together, given the difficulties with the styrofoam and the roaches. The lamp was easy to put together and it looked nice. The base of the lamp had a couple of small dents, which was surprising given the thought that was put into the packaging. I wouldn't buy again just because of the insect, but I'm happy with the lamp.

👤When I try to raise and tighten the lamp, it loosens and never stays in the preferred position.

👤I don't know what to do with the lamp. It missed my aunt's head as she sat in her recliner. It is tippy and unstable. I don't think it's safe for anyone to use it. The packaging was destroyed. How to send it back is a problem for me. I'm afraid to give it to someone who would be in danger. The only thing left to do is dismantle it and throw it in the trash. The design of the stand is not good. Next time, do better.

👤Excellent quality! I use this with an IR bulb for 20 minutes at a time. It gets hot but not too hot to touch. It allows me to lie in bed and position my body parts. The metal hood dispersed the heat nicely. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The light is not as tall as the sofa. Not tall enough to be a reading light. It works well as a puzzle light over a table.

👤The lamp looks great, functions as a lamp, and is easy to assemble, but it has one flaw: the joint that holds the lamp piece to the brass pole isn't strong enough to hold the actual lamp part up. One of those wing/hand tighten bolts is the reason why you can't tighten the screw at that joint tight enough. My original thought was to put pliers on them. The screw just turned in place. I was stripping the bolt because I was too short and made of brass. I replaced the brass wing bolt with a real one and put a plastic washer on it. I could tighten the screw and get it to hold. There is a I would say so. You have the lamp and don't want to deal with a return or really like the look, try what I did. Pass on this lamp and find a different one.

4. Industrial Elegant Teardrop Vintage Farmhouse

Industrial Elegant Teardrop Vintage Farmhouse

There are 3 lights on the industrial floor lamp that are in 90 vertical on the tree lamp. The multi-head design provides a great solution to the harsh brightness of traditional fixture. You can fully enjoy the comfortable atmosphere under the light given off by this tall floor lamp. Their free standing lamp is made of superior metal from top to base and black. Three light cages are heavy-duty and firm. There is no swing on the pole. Base is reliable and doesn't mind falling down if there is trouble. It is safe to use for children and pets. There is a step-on switch. The lamp is easy to turn on and off. A slight step brings the light on, swift and convenient, ideal for living room, bedroom, bedside, study, etc. Never mind that your application is too short to fit. You have to make an extra lamp stand to make it taller so that you can use it better. There are 25000H 2700KST58 led bulbs included. The tall floor light fixture has 3 st58 4W led bulbs with a lifespan of 25000H, which is saving energy, money and convenience for you. This standing tree lamp is rated for 60W MAX E26 sockets light bulb, which can be changed for different styles. They suggest that you use low energy bulbs. It's easy to install. The tall black standing lamp is easy to get together, just follow the right steps to install it from the top to the base, otherwise the wire may be stiff to pull. They need to remove the 3 screws that have been fixed into the holes on the pole, if the screws are missing, they need to use extra ones. It's easy to install. The tall black standing lamp is easy to get together, just follow the right steps to install it from the top to the base, otherwise the wire may be stiff to pull. They need to remove the 3 screws that have been fixed into the holes on the pole, if the screws are missing, they need to use extra ones.

Brand: Lakumu

👤You don't put the extra cord in the main pole section. The tiny screws were removed with the allen wrench. You don't push the slack out of the cord if you untightened the screws on the arm. We pushed the plastic piece into the pole. We tightened the screws and didn't put the tiny screws back in because we wanted the lights to dangle. There is a black plastic ring inside the metal part. Take the ring off. The basket should be put on. The black plastic ring needs to be removed. Done! The instructions are horrible.

👤Everyone in my house is a fan of this lamp. It wasn't hard to assemble because one of the lamp arms didn't want to go on it's designated place. I think it took me a while. I bought different bulbs for it, as the ones it came with were too bright. If you are using this as your only source of light, they should do the trick. If you want a softer light, they are going to kill your eyeballs.

👤This was easy to put together as many other people did. It took about 30 minutes. I am not an electrician or contractor. The cord is a bit long for the stand so there was a little bit of wrestling with it. It's not bad to put together. I like the vintage look and the lights are bright but warm, but one could always change the bulb to make them more to their liking, but it was a nice touch that it came with bulbs.

👤I love the lamp. It was easy to put together. I lost one of the tiny screws, but they gave me two extra and I found the one I lost. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. It is much brighter than expected. The lamp is exactly what I needed because I have horrible lightning in my living room. The lighting is not soft and it is very bright. The package was damaged, but the lamp was undamaged. It is absolutely beautiful.

👤I tried to add the arms, but it was too difficult. There was no explanation for the tiny screws on the wrench. Why? The screws on the lamp arms are left-hand threaded. If you don't know this, you will try to screw them in by the normal direction, so the arm can't be attached. I was able to install the third arm, but only after I stripped the screws on the first two arms. I was unable to remove those 2 screws with needlenose pliers because they were stripped. I can't replace them with one of the extra screws because the manufacturer realized the original screws were not right-hand threaded. If the manufacturer is aware that the screws are threaded the wrong way, they should remove them and put the correct ones in, then notify their customer that they need to remove the installed screws and replace them with extra ones. They shouldn't just send a bunch of screws with no instructions. I'm returning the lamp because I don't feel like I should have to drill out the screws.

5. LeeZM Industrial Bedrooms Lighting Farmhouse

LeeZM Industrial Bedrooms Lighting Farmhouse

A charming, rustic industrial style and practical floor lamp is what the elegant appearance is. The gold finish metal shades on this 3 light tree floor lamp make it stand out. It's perfect for living room, bedrooms, office, kids room, or college dorm. The lamp head has open cage shades to shine light anywhere. Plug-n-play instant operation, convenient step-on switch attached for simply on/off access are flexible and convenient. The lamp is controled for three bulbs on or off at the same time. Product dimensions are 65" tall, a metal base diameter of 10.3", a shade diameter of 6.5" and a cord length of 70" Installation is easy with the modern standing lamp, which requires simple assembly, instruction sheet and mounting hardware. Installation is easy with the modern standing lamp, which requires simple assembly, instruction sheet and mounting hardware.

Brand: Leezm

👤I saw a large box containing my lamp when I got out of work. Everything was in perfect shape and in perfect condition. I did not have to read the user manual to put it together. It took me 15 minutes by myself. The final product was definitely worth the price and it came with lightbulbs. The light comes off as warm and cozy. You can change the position of the lightbulb as well.

👤The lamp puts out a lot of light. I use it all the time. When we took the lightbulb cages out of the packaging, one of them was not soldered together correctly. The lamp couldn't be used with the defect and we couldn't glue it together. We contacted Amazon and they arranged for a new lamp to be sent. One bulb cage was not soldered together when the lamp arrived. The manufacturer needs to address this quality control issue. I might have to exchange the lamp I like for another one.

👤I was not sure if the lamps would give me enough light for my space, but with two of them, I can. I use them in a living area that doesn't have overhead lighting, and they provide the right amount of light. The bulbs that come with it provide yellow light, but that can be changed by buying different bulbs. I like the floor. The ability to position the light is good. Everyone who has seen them has said how much they like them.

👤I love this lamp! It is exactly what I expected. It is the perfect addition to our mid-century/industrial decor. There is a This lamp has been with us for less than a year. The on/off button no longer works, the lamp turns off all the time after being on for a few minutes. Sometimes it turns back on. I can't use it when we have a group of people. It is embarrassing. Very disappointed.

👤It works well and looks nice. It was easy but not without its setbacks. One of the cage nuts wouldn't fit the tool to tighten it down properly and not be able to tighten it all the way, so they tried other nuts. It was nice to know that it was only up and down and not a swivel, but I didn't know that. I didn't want to fight to get it back in the box because the styrofoam was so broken up.

👤I wanted to love the lamp but it was damaged. I hope the lamp isn't damaged and I can come back and give a good review, but right now I'm really sad. It looks easy to build but the gold finish is not good. The new one arrived and was not damaged, but the bulb burnt out in 5 minutes. It is a beautiful lamp, but not sure where to get a light bulb that matches the other two. I will let it be for now.

👤We used the smart lightbulbs instead of the ones that came with it because I bought this for my daughters bedroom. She set it up with a voice to turn it on and off. It adds a modern look to her room and puts out more light than we anticipated. She is happy that we ordered this one instead of the other styles.

6. Henn Hart Living Office Bedside

Henn Hart Living Office Bedside

The lamp base is Sturdy. The vintage floor lamp is made of superior metal from top to bottom and coated with a black finish so that it is sturdy enough. Even if you put it on a carpet, it will still keep its stability, no worries it will fall down, because there will be no kids or pets. All E26 base bulbs can be compatible with the led lamp. If you want to realize the dimmable function, please choose a 3-way dimmable bulb. The base is made of brass. The shade is domed. The shade is made of glass. There are three types of bulbs: a 100W incandescent bulb, a 9W led bulb, and a 9W self-ballasted led bulb. The bulb is E26-base. An 8 ft. cord is included. It was a 12W x 19.45"D x 70"H. It was a 12W x 19.45"D x 70"H.

Brand: Henn&hart

👤I like this lamp a lot, but the description and picture on Amazon say it has a seed shade. The one I received is not a seed. I'm not sure if I got the right shade. The description is misleading and inaccurate.

👤The lamp is 7 feet tall and has a shade that is a foot around. I could put my head in there. Measure and prepare yourself for it to be big because pictures make it look smaller. I put a lamppost in the living room because my husband asked why. I kept it because it was sleek and stylish. I put it in the corner. It makes our living room look brighter.

👤The lamp is cool. I wanted a floor lamp for the living room but didn't want a basic one. This one was unique and gave off the perfect amount of light. I used a vintage bulb that looked great with the lamp. It's a great choice and highly recommend!

👤It's a lamp. The assembly could be simpler. The glass shade makes it difficult to twist it in place. The tension on the cord needs to be constant as you assemble to remove slack. It seems like a 2 person job. It's possible with one person, but it makes it more difficult to do. The glass shade is almost used. The glass is dirty. I tried to remove the smudges with glass cleaner, but it was not possible. I don't know if the lamp is a used lamp or a shoddy quality control. I am not happy with that either. The lamp looks dirty when it is on. I've seen another review for this lamp that mentioned the same thing. I can't say I'm happy with my purchase. If I can't get it cleaned up with some more elbow grease, then I think this lamp will be back.

👤When we put it together, the middle tube had a connection piece welded in crooked, which made the lamp lean. It was a beautiful lamp and we had to return it. I only give it 2 stars because it was bad. It would have been a great lamp if that had been the case.

👤The industrial floor lamp is really impressive. The black finish is high quality. The lamp shade is large. It is a beautiful piece. I chose a vintage amber glow lightbulb which provided a warm hue to the room. The lamp looks brighter in the photos than it does in person. It's very inviting to look at. It's just right, not too bright. It has a foot switch that is convenient. The addition is perfect for my study.

👤The lamp is amazing. I can not say enough good things about it. I was thrilled to find this version on Amazon, I had seen a similar lamp at a fancy light store for $400. Excellent quality and a good price. The foot pedal makes it easy to turn it on and off. If I can find a place to put it, I would buy another. Great lamp.

7. Brightech Parker Contemporary Standing Perfect

Brightech Parker Contemporary Standing Perfect

There are gorgeous flower LAMP MATCHES. The BrightechParker is a column lamp that looks beautiful in a living room with a contemporary, mid century modern, farmhouse or Asian style. The linen cylinder shade has a pronged wooden base. Start conversations and get feedback from guests. This collapsible floor lamp is ideal for bedrooms. The upscale elegance of the lamp combined with the warm, soft light it emits makes theParker a great choice for master or guest bedrooms. Both lights can be turned on for brighter lighting or just one for ambience. The lamp is a unique piece of decor. There are safe areas for kids and in nursery rooms. The shade around the pole is soft. It is less dangerous if knocked into. It's only 48 inches tall, so even if you knocked it at the top, it wouldn't fall. Even if you touch the bulb, it won't get hot, so you won't get burnt. The bulbs are for 20 years of life and are white. The Brightech lamp is rated to last 20,000 hours and will last 20 years with normal use. You don't have to replace a bulb and save a lot of money on your electric bill because of the fact that LEDs don't waste a lot of energy. If you brush the light, it will not burn you. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤The shades are not shown in the pictures of the ad. I assumed the only way to hide the two huge seams was to turn the seam to the wall, but since there are two huge seams, you can't hide them by turning the shade. The pictures were taken to hide the seams. The lamp has plastic clips that clip to a metal ring, which causes the top of the shade to distort and ruin the circular appearance of the top. I threw it out rather than try to wrestle it back in its box. I should have put a "free" tag on it.

👤I stayed at an apartment and they had a lamp. I really liked it. I found the Brightech Parker modern lamp after looking it up. There is a I was surprised it was going to be at the floor lamp. There is a I was determined to get it up immediately after my husband put it together. I was able to do it after following the easy instructions. Couldn't be happier. I was looking for lamps for my living room but couldn't find one until I found this one. I don't like sitting in the dark and I wanted a soft lighting for my living room. The lamp is perfect and cheap.

👤Everyone comments on them when they see them, they are easy to put together and the little foot switches are great. They look amazing lit up.

👤Here are the problems with the lamp. It is taller and less sleek than the pictures show. There are 2 seams that are not noticeable when you rotation the lamp. It took me almost an hour to figure out how to put it together, so I think you should get a degree in engineering. You probably won't return it because you don't want to mess with the engineering after all it took to put it together...

👤I love the lamp. It was easy to assemble and fit in the spot I chose. I added a wooden plant stand as a base to give it more elevation and it worked out perfectly.

👤Negative reviews about the lamp's quality, assembly, and 2 shade seams are not understandable. I've done research on similar tower lamps and I couldn't be happier with this lamp. It took me 15 minutes to assemble and I didn't need to look at the instruction sheet. The base has a weighted steel plate, high quality hardware, and heavy textured plastic backed cloth shade material. Most lamp shades have one seam, but this one has two, and I don't mind that. The seam edges are finished nicely and easy to take on and off to replace bulbs, which is not the case with other tower lamps. I prefer lower light levels and used 2 standard 40 watt bulbs in this lamp. I will purchase again or give as a gift. It is packed in a small box that is easy to wrap for gift giving.

👤This looks good from a long way away. There is a The shade is a piece of garbage. The two large velcro seams are very visible when you put the two panels together. The shade is falling apart because of the lack of use after 6 months of use. There is a The bright white bulbs included were very unflattering to look at. Warm light edison bulbs were replaced. I didn't say that it was worth it because I bought it for 65 bucks. It was a good idea.

8. Standing Lampshade Included Industrial Bedroom

Standing Lampshade Included Industrial Bedroom

You can use the floor lamp with the 6W bulb provided by BoostArea, no need to purchase the extra bulb, and the lamp emits 800 lumens lighting and 2700K. The leaning-over issue was solved with the help of the BoostArea floor lamp. The floor lamp has a scientific weight ratio of glass shade and base, which makes it stand upright. They did a scientific experiment to see if the lamp is stable, and every effort was made to meet your expectations. The advanced glass shade of their floor lamp has perfect light transmission but also not fragile because of the glass material, and it can be used in a wide range of home styles. They chose a foot switch design for this industrial floor lamp because it's convenient, elegant, and you can plug it. This 65 inches tall floor lamp is easy to assemble without any tools, you just need to screw all the parts together via following the instructions on the page. This 65 inches tall floor lamp is easy to assemble without any tools, you just need to screw all the parts together via following the instructions on the page.

Brand: Boostarea

👤The lamp is elegant and beautiful. I think it's a great idea. Customer service was the most amazing thing. My son dropped the lamp. I contacted customer service and asked if they'd sell the glass separately. They sent me a new set for free. It was still covered by the warranty. It is very amazing.

👤The lamp looks great. We didn't know which room to put it in. We might have to get another one. The small profile allows the lamp to slide behind a couch or chair. It has a step-on floor switch that you can pull out away from the lamp to make it easier to find. I taped a strip of vellum to the outside of the globe to make a shade. I used the styrofoam cylinder inside the globe as a template for the width to cut it. Sometimes I use the shade to get softer lighting. You can change the mood of the room with different colors. Assembly was very easy. 10 minutes tops! No tools, no mess, no cursing! There is a The bulb uses very little electricity. It costs a dollar a year to use.

👤The company sent me a new pair of light bulbs even though I didn't ask for them. I received them in a few days and they were very helpful. The light is bright.

👤I had to set it up. I had to take the cord away. It would take 5 minutes to pay attention the first time. The lamp is turned on and off by the remote. The package has a light bulb and glass shade. Neither was broken! Very happy about that! The light is the highlight. It's bright and beautiful. It's the highlight of my room.

👤The lamp was easy to assemble. The bulb was bright enough to light my bedroom. The lamp design is simple.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble from the time I received it. Happy it comes with a bright bulb, not a bulky item, and think it looks great. Would purchase again.

👤I needed a light that could be turned on in a dark area. This was the right size. I can see what socks I am grabbing. It is very easy to assemble.

👤I use it in my living room. Very pleased with the purchase.

9. Brightech Maxwell Standing Bedrooms BoxDisplay

Brightech Maxwell Standing Bedrooms BoxDisplay

Most items can be returned within 30 days. If you want to return an inquiry, please contact the seller on Amazon. The floor lamp with the 20 year life led bulb is compatible with ALEXA. The Brightech shelf lamp has a power-saving light with 20,000-hour life. That saves you 85% of the cost. The office lamp can be used with smart outlets that are enabled to turn on/off. The smart outlet is sold separately. The shelf and storage lamp combo is triple. The tall lamp with stable structure and high loading gives a soft ambient glow to contemporary spaces while providing a 3 tiered display shelving for added convenience. A storage area for vases, books, or other items can be found in a style and function area. This floor lamp can be used in your bedroom, living room, guest room, foyer, or office. Brightech modern shelf floor lamp is made of high-quality fabric. The shade opens at the top light and creates a diffuse glow. The 3000K warm whiteLED standing lamp is a great way to warm up at night. The Versatile Contemporary Floor Lamp is a contemporary wooden design, simple and elegant appearance, classic Asian style, compatible with most living room decors. The modern floor lamp with shelves can be used to create a simple and uncluttered living space. Under the corner light stand, you can read, chat, nap and meditate. Brightech offers a full 3-year warranty on all of its products. If the floor lamp stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects, this will cover.

Brand: Brightech

👤I have purchased 7 Brightech products. Some reviewers complain about the quality, but really this is a value brand with semi-upscale looks and average-at-best quality. I have never been disappointed with what I paid. You will not get Restoration Hardware quality at Walmart prices. I ignored the instructions and the unit took about 15 minutes to assemble. It is very light. If you have this on carpet, it will make it a little odd, so you will need to weigh it down with books. There is a It is not very bright, but it is perfect for me. You could always swap a higher bulb. I use it as a nightstand. I wouldn't recommend this as a reading lamp. The multiple shelves can be used in a different way than a single level table.

👤The floor lamp is easy to assemble. I put it together by myself while I was watching TV. The legs are simple to screw in. If you want to tighten the screws, you can use a phillips screw driver. The light is soft with the shade so it is perfect for the TV room. I wanted it to light up the room. It is not flimsy. I wouldn't. There is anything heavy on it. It adds a modern flair to the room and is a nice piece to look at. The small space between my sofa and loveseat was where I needed someting to fit. This was it.

👤It was not easy to write a review for this lamp. There is a It's a cheap piece of junk. If you're the kind of person who thinks Ikea furniture is flimsy garbage, then just run away. The construction of this lamp/shelf is worse than the cheapest stuff you'll find there. I'm the kind of person who believes that a good set of flatpack furniture can range from fine to great, and I still find the materials used in this lamp to be unacceptably cheap. The veneer is inconsistent and scratches off easily, the engineered wood is flimsy, and the whole thing is too light to offer any kind of stability. It's pretty dim because the shade absorbs a lot of light. There is a On the other hand, you won't find this style of lamp much cheaper anywhere else, and the slightly pricier versions at big-box retailers have the same quality issues. It looks good from a distance. This is a good option if you want something that can act as a display case while also providing light. If you need more light, a bulb Y-splitter will increase the light level to acceptable. The instructions are clear and assembly is very easy. It's not hard to scratch the veneer or damage the poles with the cheap materials. Is it a good idea to recommend it? Yes, with some conditions. I wouldn't use it as a nightstand or end table where you'll often be messing with stuff on the shelves. It feels like you'll knock it over if you touch it. If you're going to put it on the carpet, you should get some spikes. I would recommend placing something heavy on the bottom shelf. I think the box on the second shelf is heavier than the lamp. I don't trust the pull chain so I would recommend using smart bulbs. There is a It's a nice display piece and it does look really, really good if you don't inspect it too closely. It provides nice mood lighting for a room, and with a bulb splitter it can be a decent primary light for a small space. It is not any cheaper or crappier than the lamps that cost twice as much. It's good for the price if you know what you're buying and you're okay with the flaws.

10. Adesso 4305 22 Floor Inches Brushed

Adesso 4305 22 Floor Inches Brushed

The item can be set up using a smart switch or smart outlet to connect to any smart home device. The floor lamp is Decor. The Trio floor lamp has plenty of light and easy storage solutions. Three steel poles secured in a round base hold a shade. Two clear shelves are supported by the poles. A metal lamp. Three pull chain control each of the three 40 watt bulbs with different light settings. The lamp has a clear cord. The bulbs are not included. Adesso has modern chic lighting for your home. The lighting options they have are sure to bring the perfect look to your home. Adesso Floor Lamps have a compact footprint and elegant design, which make them a versatile use. The lamp is ideal for a variety of interior settings. Product dimensions: 68 in. The height is 1 x 7.5 in. The diameter is 1 x 6.75 in. The diameter is 1 x 6 in. This lighting product is listed as an "etd listed", meaning that it has been tested and approved to meet the government-regulated safety standards for the USA. Product dimensions: 68 in. The height is 1 x 7.5 in. The diameter is 1 x 6.75 in. The diameter is 1 x 6 in. This lighting product is listed as an "etd listed", meaning that it has been tested and approved to meet the government-regulated safety standards for the USA.

Brand: Adesso

👤I bought this lamp two years ago and I still love it. I like the look of it, and it's possible to adjust the lighting level by turning on/off individual lamps. If you're trying to use it as your only light source in a room, it's probably not a good idea. Great low level lighting! I use it when I'm on the couch. The yellow tinted light bulbs look better than the cooler toned day lights. I didn't have any problems with the parts.

👤This lamp is cheap and looks good. I thought I was buying a sturdy, functional lamp for what they were asking. If the lamp's quality matched the price, the on-sale price would be fine. It fell short of that hope. There is a The lamp I got for my money is a lamp that is less expensive than what you would find at a store. The stand and shades are the only thing on the substance. The rest is very thin and easy to bend or break. The lamp posts don't actually go through the shelves. The holes are cut past the edges of the shelves and the posts are screwed together above and below. It doesn't do that well either. I broke 3 of the post connecting male threaded inserts when I tightened mine by hand. I told you about the sound part earlier. It is noisy to put together. As I was assembling this thing, and already very disappointed, I noticed that the pull chains for each light are granny style and long, and every time I moved a piece of the lamp they smack against their respective posts. As parts are breaking and I am getting angry and disappointed, I have heard the sound of a bell clanking from all three chains. The posts are never straight and at least two of the shades always pressed against each other, even after the necessary repairs have been made. I decided to return this thing, but as I began to disassemble it to put it back in the box, the chains started clanking again as if they were taunting me. I learned that I hadn't fully gotten over the frustration from the initial build. I decided to take it out back and let the river dance on it. There is a It broke apart with hardly any effort, but it will be years before anyone finds those pull chains. Take a hard pass on this thing.

👤The lamp is modern and sleek. It lights up the room. It has three pull strings to adjust the amount of light you like. I don't have Kiddos so I don't have to worry about it, but it's easy to assemble. Getting everything to stand even was a challenge. I got mine for $62 and I am happy with my purchase.

👤The quality is decent, but not quite what you would expect from a price of that amount. It should cost less. It works well and looks nice. If you have to pull all 3 lights every time you turn it on or off, it's really annoying and I don't think it's necessary. When the lamp is on, even a 3000k bulb casts a yellow glow, even though the shades are off white. It makes a 3000k bulb look like a standard incandescent, but it makes my grey room look dingy, even with super bright 150w equivalent LEDs! I tried 3500k and it casts a green glow. I bought a second one, and the shades are slightly different in color, but the same bulbs cast a yellow hue when they are on the same day. The shades should be white, but the quality control should be better so that the color matches the lamp. It is common for less expensive lamps to have better manufacturing standards.

11. Dimmable Changing Control Standing Bedroom

Dimmable Changing Control Standing Bedroom

The lamp has 7 colors and 3 frequencies. The smart bulb can be adjusted in 10 levels. You can make great lighting effects. It can add a soft vibe to your dark room. 15M remote control distance and sleep timer. The range of the remote control is 15 meters. You can turn off the lights without leaving your bed. The controller can control 2 standing bulbs at the same time. There are two options for the remote control button. The controller's buttons can make the lights more colorful. The lamp's two 9W bulbs provide a warm white light in your room. The light is soft. 50,000 hours of light bulbs work. The warm tones of the shade are perfect. The room light is very nice and matches your room's look. Installation instructions are easy to follow. You can get fabric lights. There is an installation video. Follow the instructions slowly and carefully. The order of the tube is important. The light has a weighted foot structure to prevent tipping, it is easy to use on/off pedal switch, and it is stable and energy saving. Corner lights are made of fabric and have a certification. The lights are easy to move. Babies and pets are not suitable for floor lamps. The whole is stable. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. They will provide you with the most suitable service. Corner lights are made of fabric and have a certification. The lights are easy to move. Babies and pets are not suitable for floor lamps. The whole is stable. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. They will provide you with the most suitable service.

Brand: Chiphy

👤I had this item for 2 days and it was a 5 stars. The lamps are pretty. It would not be enough to light the living room because it's advertised as soft lighting. I would need a bright lamp. I was wrong. The lamps provided light. Being able to change the colors can set the mood. I read reviews before I buy, but there were not a lot of reviews on this lamp. All of the reviews were good, but I was a little leery. So far, so good, it has only been 2 days. This review is subject to change if something happens. There is a Before I forget, be careful putting it together and follow the instructions. It's easy to put together, but it's a cloth shade with a thin pole inside. It's light and fragile, so treat it delicately.

👤I bought one of these to be my primary light source for my living room, but I liked it so much that I bought a second one. The product is simple and slick. Solid build, and smart LEDs are the cherry on top. 100% recommend. It's worth the price as they're leaps and bounds better than other brands.

👤This light is wonderful! I would like to buy more. A wide array of colors makes it very relaxing.

👤The lamp I bought was the best I have ever bought. The room looks amazing because of the colors.

👤The lamp is beautiful. It comes with two smart light bulbs, and with the remote, I can change the color of light that the lamp produces or press another button, then it will change colors by itself. It can be used to create different moods in your home. Very unique assembly is required. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. The instructions are easy to understand. Highly recommended.

👤It took a little while to put it together, but it's my favorite thing in the house.

👤It was easy to set up and the product arrived on time. The lighting options were fun to set up. It is a piece of art. I might buy another one and recommend it.

👤I got this product as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, who loves colorful lights, and it far exceeded my expectations. It is the perfect height for a corner lamp. It adds the right amount of light to a room without making it too hot or bright. I love that you can change the brightness and color of the bulbs, and that they can be a different color. The only downside to this is that it takes awhile to assemble and the instructions to pair the remote to the lamp are a bit confusing, otherwise I have nothing but great things to say about this product.


What is the best product for decorative floor lamp gold?

Decorative floor lamp gold products from Artiva Usa. In this article about decorative floor lamp gold you can see why people choose the product. Addlon and Brightech are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative floor lamp gold.

What are the best brands for decorative floor lamp gold?

Artiva Usa, Addlon and Brightech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative floor lamp gold. Find the detail in this article. Lakumu, Leezm and Henn&hart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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