Best Decorative Floor Lamp with Dimmer

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1. Dimmable Farmhouse Industrial Standing Teardrop

Dimmable Farmhouse Industrial Standing Teardrop

Stepless Dimming has been updated. The dimmable floor lamp is fully stepless. Simply twist it. You can adjust the industrial floor lamp's brightness according to the needs of different scenes. Perfect for general indoor areas which include Dining room, Living room, Bedrooms, Office, Kitchen, Corridor, Cafe, Basement, Bar, Club, Restaurant, Library and Reading Room. The tall tree lamp has a simple black metallic construction that makes it look elegant. The birdcage is ideal for multiple styles of decoration, such as minimalist, industrial and mid-century. The multi-head design cage shade is a great addition to your room. This industrial floor lamp has a metal base that is 9.8 inches in diameter. The long power cord makes it easy to put the lamp anywhere. The farmhouse floor lamp is built with a heavy base and lamp pole to make sure it stays standing even on the carpet. A strong holding pole. Sturdy Pole Heavy Base Stable. The floor lamps are designed with 3 E26 lamp holders. Dimmable Bulb Only, compatible with a variety of normal E26LED,CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs. The set comes with an E26 base bulb, 25,000 hour bulb life, 6 watt equivalent, 800 lumens, white, and no flicker or buzzing. They offer a full 36 months after-sale service, which is why they stand behind all of their products. If your lamp stops working within 3 years, they can help you with a new one. Please let them know if you have any problems with the standing lamp, and they will help you. They offer a full 36 months after-sale service, which is why they stand behind all of their products. If your lamp stops working within 3 years, they can help you with a new one. Please let them know if you have any problems with the standing lamp, and they will help you.

Brand: Nintiue

👤Perfect! I don't say that often. This is the right size to finish the room. It was the look I was going for. There is a The people who gave this lamp five stars for assembly... You are out of your mind. It is easy if you are not disabled as I am, and you can lift weights. This is heavy in my book. Even if I was more physically able, I still have a handicap. Go for it if you don't have the same problems. I took a couple of pictures so you can verify that it's doable. I have to decide on a white floor lamp for my bedroom. There are a lot of classy looking ones. TADA... I am going shopping.

👤I'm very happy with this lamp. It is bright, but not glaringly bright, well made and easy to assemble. Per instructions, assemble from the top down. The plastic rings around the pole need to be removed. Five minutes is tops!

👤I ordered two lamps at a discount. I had to order 1 at a time to get the money off of each. It was worth it. They arrived to my house quickly, well packaged, and no damage to the lights. My husband put them together. The only thing we didn't find right was a small dents in the base of one lamp. The bulb that comes with the lamp is very bright and the dimmer is needed. We prepare to watch TV after eating dinner. It makes the room feel warm. I would purchase them again. They would work in any room.

👤Really like this lamp. It adds a steampunk vibe to my decor. It is very sturdy with a heavy base so there is no tip to deal with. It was very easy to assemble. The dimmable feature is something I love about the bulbs. The lowest setting gives a lot of brightness. A good purchase at a good price.

👤The lamp is cute and sturdy. Most people would use it if it was barely turned on. I was afraid our cat would jump on it, but so far he is not interested. It doesn't feel like it can be knocked over easily. The cords were curved from packing but straightened out after a day.

👤The light is perfect for the living room. Being able to dim the lights is something I love about the heavy base. It's easy to assemble as well.

👤Absolutely love these lamps. I can't believe how bright the room is. Great product.

👤The lamp is shorter than I expected and works great for our reading corner. I read the review about the lamp's brightness and chose the dimmable version. This lamp is incredibly bright because of the lack of actual shades. We really like it when we get a discount.

👤The first lamp was damaged for $129.00 and the second was damaged for $136 and now it's $192! Beware of buyers.

👤Absolutely in love! There are great shadows on the wall.

2. LEONC Changing Livingroom Bedroom Atmosphere

LEONC Changing Livingroom Bedroom Atmosphere

The 61inch floor lamp is perfect for any room from modern to traditional. It is easy to place in any room of the house. The perfect tower Mormon design in an authentic metal frame can make the room feel larger and brighter with the warm tone of the LEONC lamp. This lamp will make you feel warm in any room. The shine of the Teyvek Dupont is warm and comfortable. The average height of a light bulb gives it's own light. The lamp provides soft yet plentiful room lighting to illuminate your indoor space. With the Teyvek Dupont shade, you are free from the glare of overheads or exposed bulbs. The Creative lamp is easy to assemble and clean, it's easy to be cleaned with a dust cloth. The lamp has a weighted structure that prevents tipping. You can easily tap by foot with the pedal switch. You can choose any color from the many colors of the smart bulbs, red, green, blue, warm white or any color mixed out by them. It's dimmable and you can set the brightness in need. When the lamp's bulbs are set in different dynamic color modes, you will find a lot of fun at your party. There is a guaranteed warranty on SATISFACTION. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products because they want to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them because they are committed to making it right for you and their number one goal is customer satisfaction. There is a guaranteed warranty on SATISFACTION. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products because they want to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them because they are committed to making it right for you and their number one goal is customer satisfaction.

Brand: Leonc Design

👤One word, magnolia. It was the best purchase of the decade.

👤I fell in love with this after reading the reviews. People were happy with it and now I am too. There are various colors and brightnesses. Party modes, remote controller and instructions are easy to understand. It took my daughter 40 minutes to put the lamp together. I'm confused about theombre color mode. Is it possible to stop changing? We can't figure out this option. I recommend this lamp to add a splash of color to your room. Excellent product! There is a I took a picture next to the lamp so you can see it is tall. I'm about 5 feet tall.

👤I don't write reviews, but this lamp is really cool. I was looking for something new since we just had our house painted and our TV mounted above the fireplace, giving me a brand new corner of the room to work with. I was worried that the lamp would be very cheap because it comes with smart bulbs and a remote. It's quite sturdy. It was a challenge to put it together and the remote took 10 minutes to figure it out. It can be brightened and dimmed, change colors, and give flashing/strobing effects if you understand how it works. I like this product. If you're using a soft nightlight, there's a timer for 30 or 60 minutes to turn it off. The family is sleeping in the living room with a baby mess around the pictures. I'm always rushing and ignoring instructions, so be careful putting it together. If you can learn how to use a remote, you will be happy.

👤Is it ambiance (ambience)? Wow. We made our house look great after we bought two. There is a They are very easy to assemble if you follow the instructions step-by-step. To truly get a wow factor, you need to buy two of them.

👤My wife was interested in one of these so that we could replace our lamp. I ordered one for her and it arrived at our doorstep a couple of days later. It was easy to install. There is a The lights are not very bright, but they are enough for our application. Light patterns are very cool. I bought another one because I liked it so much. There is a There is not a way to sync one remote to handle both when using multiples. It wasn't enough to ding a star. We connected them to some smart plugs and integrated them into our assistant. We are very happy with our purchase.

👤It looks like it was made from cheap materials. It's easy to assemble in the first place. When trying to figure out where certain parts are supposed to go, there is a bit of a guessing game. The threads on the top and bottom bolts didn't all line up, leading to some frustrating moments of having to forcibly cross thread after being halfway screwed in. I was trying to figure out if I did something wrong while setting it up. A lamp should take no more than 10 minutes to build. There is a The spring is supposed to stretch the outer layer. It's too strong for the lamp shade and support rod. The lamp came apart on me because I was trying to force the spring into where it was supposed to go. I didn't break the lamp, but the spring is useless and the lamp doesn't stand straight because of it. It's called TL;DR. Not worth the price. If you want a pretty lamp, buy a cheap one and put the smart bulbs in it. I'm changing my rating to one because of a few reasons. The assembly of the second one was supposed to be a bit easier than the first. It wasn't. It was just as big of a pain as before. The English translation of the instructions to reset the bulbs isn't easy to understand, as the bulbs are no longer synchronized with the remote. One of the biggest waste of money I've seen in a long time.

3. HROOME Contemporary Decorative Adjustable Standing

HROOME Contemporary Decorative Adjustable Standing

SUNMORY shelf floor lamp is easy to install and has been improved in craftsmanship. It will save you 30% of installation time. The package has the tools needed for assembly and an instruction manual. Simple repetitive operations are very easy for most people. Warm tip: tighten the posts to keep the lamp stable. There are standing floor lamps. CONVERSATION PIECES ARE VIVIDLY. Be patient with your space. Swing arm design can be adjusted to make any position you like. Bringing a lot of common topics to the family with the unique floor lights is a great way to get your friends to compliment you. It is necessary to decorate enough to be the wood lighting needed in your reading, family room, living room, women / men, kid's bedroom, craft room, hobby room, or office. The item dimensions are D:7 cm x W: 77 cm x H:158 cm. Push button switch to turn on/off. The foyer is beautiful or is behind the couch floor lamp. The slender figure is obtrusively into narrow corners, standing close to your sofas, reading chairs, home/office bookshelf and recliners. It's safe for kids and pets. It creates a warm and cozy environment. The unique floor lamps are designed with your family in mind for kid's bedroom safety in mind. Even if you don't have a lot of room, floor lamps are an easy lighting solution. They are easy to move around in, so you can make a bigger space. There is a love day Decor. The wood and the fabric are high quality. The base is made from sustainable wood sources. The orange skin of wood is nicely matched by the fashion Cord Color. It spreads light. No more boring cables. The cables will add a new look to your lamp. It's ideal for people who like a colorful feeling. The bulb is included in the electric light sockets. It's easy to move. The assembly of this standing lamp is very easy, you just need to follow the instructions. When you receive the parcel you need to build the lamp by yourself, the floor lamp body and lampshade are packaged in pieces. If you have any questions, please contact them. It's easy to move. The assembly of this standing lamp is very easy, you just need to follow the instructions. When you receive the parcel you need to build the lamp by yourself, the floor lamp body and lampshade are packaged in pieces. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Hroome

👤The emergency room staff gave me this as a gift after I had visited them 3 times. There is a Everyone has lights at the top of their stairs, but no one has Lego's at the bottom. I capitulated and assembled the lamp, even though it was very hard to believe. There is a It seemed to mock me from the moment I read the instructions. There is a There was an odd feeling in the hall at the top of the stairs that only moving the lamp near the door wouldbate. I did. There is a I thought about the lamp I received when I went to work the next day. This is weird. I wanted to go home early a few times to see the lamp and figure out why it made me feel that way. I waited out the clock and punched my time card. I talked about the lamp to a stranger after catching the bus. I showed her a picture of it. We laughed. There is a I'm walking from the bus stop. I hear voices in my house. I said out loud that I must have left the TV on. The voices were still. There is a I smelled a faint smell of perfume as I opened the door, now it was really odd. I didn't see the other lamps in the room until I opened further, because the wall of perfume overwhelmed me so much. There is a My gift lamp is a pimp. There is a It seems I left it near the door and this lamp can actually manipulate door hardware.

👤A floor lamp was needed to go behind the sectional after we updated our living room. Being strange humans who prefer random things in our home, this lamp was exactly what we were looking for. I didn't tell my husband what I bought, just that it was coming and he could put it together if he wanted to. He said it was easy to assemble, but it took him 20 minutes to put it into different positions. The position shown in the photos was changed. The lamp can be posed in many different ways. Just saying. There is a The man was very impressed with the product. When I got home, I saw that it was well packaged. He saved it for me because he liked it so much. You don't have to mark up the lamp because the lamp came with some sweet fabric gloves. It's a nice detail, but you would have to cover your hands with grease. They're small for my fingers, but I did nail my mime trick of pulling the rope from the box. There is a The light has a bulb. It's white. I'm going to swap it out with a warm one, not a huge fan of the bluish LEDs, but to come with a bulb, that's awesome. A lot of lamps don't have lightbulbs. There is a The instructions were easy to follow. It's common sense how to put this together. If you will, a modified puzzle. There is a The cord is strong. The fabric is covered in orange to match the lamp. If you look at the photos, you can see that the one foot slides back and fourth is tightened into place to allow you to create different positions. The foot is attached to the base. The lamp is light but not too heavy, it would fall over if bumped into. I can lift it with one hand, but it feels very firm and solid. Not flimsy or unstable. A lot of thought was put into this design. There is a lot of attention to detail. This is a great purchase and I'm very happy I bought it. I know this will get people talking and who doesn't love to talk about lamps? We wanted something that was unique and fun. This is it! If you're in the market for an interesting lamp, I would highly recommend this light.

4. SUNMORY Shelves Standing Dimmable Bookshelf

SUNMORY Shelves Standing Dimmable Bookshelf

The modern floor lamp with drawer has two power outlets and two charging ports, which can charge 4 devices in the same time. The convenience of life and work will be improved by this. You don't need to buy an extra bulb because theSUNMORY shelf lamp has a 9 watt, 800 watt power savingLED bulb. The lamp bulb can be used as a living room decoration and as a narrow night stand for bedrooms. Requires smart outlet sold separately to work with smart outlets that are Apple HomeKit enabled. SUNMORY multifunctional floor lamp are made of solid wood with stable structure and more durable. There are wood grains on the lamp stands. The simplicity of the classic Asian style is shown by the cloth lampshade. It is a great gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas. There are three shelves and one drawer in the cupboard. Small things that are easy to misplace can be placed in the drawer, such as keys, remote control, glasses, etc. It's a good choice if it's by the sofa, desk, bedside, TV, corridor or door. It's also a corner storage tall bookshelf lamp. The installation steps can be found in the user manual on this page, it doesn't take much time to build up, perfect for do-it-yourselfers. The installation steps can be found in the user manual on this page, it doesn't take much time to build up, perfect for do-it-yourselfers.

Brand: Sunmory

👤This product is a great multi-functional product. It is difficult to describe this product in a few words. It's a floor lamp, but it's really a space creator. It frees up valuable kitchen counter space that I had been using as a battery charging center, and lets me create a freestanding charging station in the guise of a useful, well designed floor lamp. There is a The real reason this is useful is that it frees up a small kitchen counter space that I was using as a battery charging center. If you're like me and my friends, you're taking up space in your kitchen because you have a lot of charging plugs plugged in, and a kitchen counter is where you can easily access the power outlets. You might have them plugged into wall outlets near the floor or in power strips, creating a mess of wires. I didn't know what a poor use of space was until I bought this unit, which has a beautifully integrated charging station. It is well-constructed and cleverly designed as a charging station and floor lamp. The design, manufacturing, packaging, and overall value of this product are all excellent. There is a There are almost too many features to mention in a short review, but each one is an indication of how carefully this product has been designed, manufactured, and packaged to be sold at a price point that makes it such a great value. It includes extra screws for each type so that you won't need to return the product if you accidentally misplace one of the screws. The tools are provided, even the screwdriver. The assembly instructions are easy to understand. The self-sticking EVA cushion strips that are applied to the bottom of the lamp help keep it from slipping on hard floors and also help keep it from scratching the floor. The power cord can be hid by using the snap on wire clamps and one of the back supports. The cord is long enough that you will be able to plug it in without an extension cord, no matter where you put it. Many manufacturers eliminate small things to cut corners and make it cheaper, while ignoring the practical problems of their customers. The manufacturer decided to include many extras in order to make the product better and more affordable. It arrives in a sturdy carton. It is made of heavy corrugated cardboard with an extra layer on the bottom so that the parts don't damage each other in shipping. Several items are double boxed for protection, and the parts are individually packaged. I am a retired product manager, so I really admire the choices this manufacturer has made to provide a product of superior design at an affordable price. Most customers might not know that there are many important aspects to this product. The wooden parts are cut and drilled with precision to make sure the heads of the screws are flush with the surface. The support poles have threaded metal inserts and are connected with screws. If cheaper wood screws were used, the connections would eventually work lose, because they are subject to a lot of force. This is an indication of a higher quality product that is carefully engineered to last longer than cheaper alternatives. The lamp shade is made of thick material that diffuses the light without creating a small hotspot. It's built to fold flat for shipping, but it's assembled with heavy Velcro strips that hold the edges in place. The lamp holder and the outlet box have the same connection. There are two type A receptacles that can charge theusb device. There is a line voltage receptacle that I have plugged in. A hidden drawer-stop prevents the drawer from falling on the floor if it is accidentally pulled out. Extra storage or display space can be found on the shelves, something that is in short supply in most homes. There is a This manufacture has not skimped on the quality when it would be so easy to do. This was an unexpected benefit for me. I thought that this type of bulb was meant to accommodate personal preferences, but I like the bluer daylight type light most of the time. The advantage of having a choice is that the pull switch chain can change the color of the light from warm to bright and back again. There is a The mobile charging station blends into the background of my living space, even though it is camouflaged as a floor lamp.

5. Brightech Maxwell Drawer Combination Standing

Brightech Maxwell Drawer Combination Standing

There is an Alexander company that deals with book shelves and lamp. Drawers give value. The Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition is great value for money. Get a set of drawers and shelves. It can be used with Apple Home Kit, Apple Home Assistant, and Amazon's voice assistant. The smart hub and bulb are sold separately. The asian design skinny night stand saves. There is a bedroom space. The bedside table is stylish and helps with small rooms. The drawers by the bed can be used to store books, art, and plants. The lamp attached to it takes up no more room than a normal table lamp. There is a side table with an hewn end. The lamp can be used as a living room end table by the couch, a bed side table holding a book or a remote, or as a bedside table. It is easy to match with a range of decor styles, including rustic, farmhouse, mid century modern, contemporary and country, because of the wood and clean lines. The 20 year life, energy saving led wheelbarrow is included. Money and energy can be saved. The Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition has a power saving bright light bulb with a 20 year life. It has a brightness of 800 lumens. The lamp is powered by the technology that allows it to last longer. The Max Wattage 60W CFL has 60W. The bulb is not dimmable. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤One person is going to put it together for about 30 minutes. The draws are plastic and the instructions are terrible, so check out the couple of points. I had to take a photo of them on my phone and then zoom in to read and put it together so I wouldn't be in trouble. Make sure you have room for it, it is tall. It comes with a light bulb. Before you put on the white shade, make sure your hands are clean. Put them facing the back. I am happy with the finished product and my purchase. I've seen similar ones with no draws or draws at all, this one has 3 for about $20 more.

👤It's important to remember that this is an inexpensive lamp. It is plastic for most of the time, but when put together it looks nice. I was only looking for a lamp to put in a corner next to the couch that had a place to put a glass. It was not one of the more expensive lamps if it was out in the open. The instructions are easy to follow, as it was boxed in several pieces. I needed reading glasses because the print is a little smaller. It only took me 40 minutes to get myPhillips head screwdriver, which is the only tool you'll need to put it together. Nothing was broken when all the pieces were present. The light is included in the box and it is roughly 6' tall. All is as I wanted it to be. I don't know how it will hold up to my cats.

👤I don't think there's an ounce of actual wood in this product, it's just an artificial wood grain texture. It is a fantastic design. I love it! The drawers and shelves have stickers on them that show the weight ratings for the pieces. The shelves and drawers are meant to hold no more than 6 pounds each. This works well for me as a bedside alternative. There is a lot of room for me to put small items on the shelves and keep small items inside the drawers. I don't know why other reviewers think this unit is flimsy. The drawers are thin plastic, but the unit itself feels very stable and the bottommost shelf is a heavier piece. I've been to this thing many times. I don't think there is a danger of tipping. It took me a while to figure out how to put it together, but once I got the idea it was easy. I only needed a Philipp's head screwdriver for the screws. Everything else was done by hand. This comes in 76 pieces, plus two extra screws in case you lose one, because each layer of poles are made of individual pieces. The design is great and functional. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The lamp is very nice, however the instructions are very small and you need glasses to see them, as you can see it comes in a lot of pieces. I had to get some help putting it together. It went really fast once we figured out what we were going to do. It didn't take long at all. If the directions were printed larger and the pieces of the paint were not messed up, I would give it 5 stars. Oh yes, that's right. It doesn't have 3 way lighting. Only the pull switch is on.

6. Simple Designs Home LF1014 WHT Organizer

Simple Designs Home LF1014 WHT Organizer

A great gift idea. The small waste basket can be bundled with other items from the Diamond Lattice Collection to make a truly memorable gift set. Click on the button to add to the cart. There are 3 shelves for storage in the floor lamp. Pull-chain on/off switch. The shade casts a warm glow. The lamp measures L:10" x W:10.2" x H:62.75". The medium base bulb is not included. The medium base bulb is not included.

Brand: Simple Designs Home

👤I thought I had found the deal of the century. There is another product that looks similar to this one on Amazon. It was trash when I received it. It's barely fit together. It was awful as hell. The stands are crooked. Corner posts break like twigs if you tighten them. The paint job is sub par. Third graders are not doing a good job of painting. Absolutely junk. I had to check the listing again after I said to my wife, "I must have purchased a used or refurbished product - this is trash." It was the product. It's worth the extra money, here: You will say thank you many times. It looks 10 times better, 100 times stronger, and high quality. It was worth every penny. There is a If you can't stomach spending $75 on a lamp, you can get one similar to both of these for $45 from Wayfair. It's still a better product. It's better than this one, but not as good as the one I linked to above. Hope this helps.

👤I was worried after reading the reviews. I was relieved when I assembled it. Assembling was very easy. Everything is in place. The lamp is tall and sturdy. The shelves were very useful. I could put frames on it. The door was matched perfectly by the white color. It came with only one cable tie. Attaching the power cable with cable ties would have looked ugly. I used white Scotch tape to fix the power cable. The lamp has a 10 watt bulb that gives the room some low ambient lighting.

👤I have had this lamp for a few days now and I really like it. I bought this lamp to use in my living room. It gives me enough light to like. The shelves help me hold some items. There is a The lamp cord is from the middle of the lamp above the top shelf, which is the only gripe I have about it. I used twist ties to secure the cord. The lamp shade arrived a little skewed. It doesn't fit all that well. It could have been the shipping. Maybe try to exchange.

👤You can't beat it for the price. We bought this after Christmas for a centrally located apartment, and it really fit the bill. It took me 15 minutes to assemble. You'll need a screwdriver for four of the screws, but everything else is assembled by hand. There is a There is no great way to camouflage the lamp from the outlet because there is no way to attach the cord to it. It was fastened down the side of one leg with two black zip ties. It's not the best solution, but it works for now. I will think of something better later. There is a The outlet was only $5.00 before Christmas. It's pretty cool that we can turn the light on and off by using the app or bossing around.

👤Quality is sad. PIECES are rough and look like they were spray painted. There were no smooth edges. The parts don't line up for a smooth finish. It's worth the extra $20 to get a better product. I was very excited for this lamp. I'm beyond disappointed. Taking apart and returning isn't worth it.

7. Stepless Brightness Temperature Standing Control

Stepless Brightness Temperature Standing Control

It's easy to install, you only need to do it for about 5 minutes. The simple design of the shade lamp matches your house and furniture, and the Led Floor lamp with white shades help to illuminate your whole room. It is easier to turn on the light in the dark with the design of the switch and remote control. You can adjust the color mode and brightness level with your remote control. The bright standing lamp has stepless brightness settings up to 800 Lumen,3000K-6000K Color temperatures which are suitable for all the room style and using situation. There is a remote control and a switch control. You can easily control the floor lamp with the remote control, you can leave the sofa and warm bed. You can operate and find it by turning on the switch directly. The base design is safe. The lamp is 63 inches high and has a heavier base that won't tip over easily. The metal base of the floor standing lamp is heavy enough to make sure children and pets are safe when they are in the room. The lamp has a head design that can be adjusted side/side to light up the area. It stays where you want it once it is pointed. The floor lamp led will remember the last setting after being powered off. The lamp has a head design that can be adjusted side/side to light up the area. It stays where you want it once it is pointed. The floor lamp led will remember the last setting after being powered off.

Brand: Yang Hong Yu

👤I bought this lamp because there weren't any reviews. This lamp is amazing. It was easy to assemble, it had a light bulb and batteries for the remote. I like how you can adjust the light to the activity. I made the right choice.

👤The light can be controlled by remote, with the brightness and temperature shown in my video. It's nice to have light in your house. I don't have to get off the bed to turn off the light. I can adjust the light according to my activity. I would like the light to be bright and cold. When I play my iPad, it gets warmer. When I wake up or fall asleep, I dim the light so my husband can still see. There is a The design is modern. The assembly is easy to do. I don't need to look at it. There is a Does it work with other light bulbs? If I change the light bulb, I'll keep you updated. The signal receiver doesn't work anymore after I purchased it within a month. I can't turn on/off the light or dimmer it because I have changed the batteries. There is a The remote control stopped working after I changed another light bulb. I looked at other comments. It seems like I'm not alone. I am fine with the light being dim as a bedroom light.

👤The minimalist design and size of the floor lamp makes it easy to tucked away in a spot where you don't have to carry it around. Assembly only requires twisting the pieces together. The power switch has a light rotation with a remote control design that will cycle through 3000K-6000K color temperatures with 800 lumens. It illuminates a small room on its own. The remote control works from a good distance. There is a The floor lamp is carefully packaged and sturdy. Very pleased with the design. It perfectly matches my decor. The switch on base of light fixture is more convenient than the floor foot switch design.

👤I had been looking for a standing light for a while. I bought it after thinking about it for a week. The remote control aspect was cool. I don't know if it follows the light bulb or the lamp. We will see. The lamp is easy to put together and bright. The knob is not attached to the light switch and it falls off, and the bulb looked lightly used when I took it out of the box. It is convenient and pretty good. The base is heavy so it doesn't tip, the shade is collapsible and thick, and I was impressed by all the light modes. If you are looking for convenience, would definitely recommend!

👤The light bulb didn't work. I bought a replacement bulb, but I am still confused and unable to use the remote control or adjust the light settings. The lamp doesn't work right. There is no customer service contact number, but the instructions said to send them an email, and they would contact the buyer to help with setup. I sent an email, but am still waiting for a response. The lamp is cute, but I can't get it to work. I have spent too much time trying to get this lamp to work. There is an update. The seller is exceptional and the customer service from Amazon is great.

8. Industrial 3 Light Cup Shaped Farmhouse Standing

Industrial 3 Light Cup Shaped Farmhouse Standing

The industrial floor lamp has a black finish and organic spiraling series of cup-shaped cages to match many different furnishing styles from rustic, farmhouse, contemporary to mid-century. The standing lamp matches well with various medium base light bulbs such as LEDs, incandescent, and the like. They highly recommend you use antique bulbs, which will highlight the vintage flair of this lamp. 60 Watt is the maximum watt for each bulb. The bulbs were excluded. The lamp base is easy to use and it prevents the pole light from being tipped over by children or pets. You can switch on/off the light with a simple step if you have a foot pedal on the wire. It's convenient to operate for everyone. If you follow the guidance in the user manual for all hardware needed, it is easy to assemble the floor lamp. BesLowe floor lamp is great for bedroom standing lamp, living room lamp, dinning room lamp, office lamp, reading lamp, baby rearing lamp, etc. A wonderful gift choice for your friends and family, and a perfect addition to any space. BesLowe floor lamp is great for bedroom standing lamp, living room lamp, dinning room lamp, office lamp, reading lamp, baby rearing lamp, etc. A wonderful gift choice for your friends and family, and a perfect addition to any space.

Brand: Beslowe

👤I don't normally write reviews, but this lamp is great. I was eager to put it together after it was delivered. It is heavy enough that it won't tip over easily. The on/off foot button is very convenient. I put the bulbs in it that I had on hand, but I think I need to get something less bright. This lamp is a match for my kitchen light.

👤I was looking for old school style lamps for the bulbs I bought. Most lamps I looked at were either modern or expensive. When they were $65.98, I almost pulled the trigger. Waited and saw the price was $55.99. I was going to buy lamps anyway, so I was going to save 20 bucks. Had I sold? No issue, put these together. If you can control your urge to be a nunchuck wielding ninja, you should be able to assemble it.

👤I use a farmhouse theme for my plant table and I put in some grow lights. I took about 10 minutes to assemble it.

👤I've tried everything. The bottom piece of my stand does not line up with the middle, so you twist it into eachother to assemble it. It looks tacky and crooked. I would give it a 5 star, but there is no reason that a piece of it should have come off its track.

👤When I read the instructions, I thought it was weird. It was easy enough. Someone would hire an electrician to build a lamp. I followed the instructions. It flew in the air. The plug is black. I am lucky that there was only one thing that happened.

👤It was very easy to assemble my floor lamp after I received it and it took less than ten minutes. I chose a 40 watt warm white bulb because it is a nice amount of light and I think 60 watt bulbs would be too much. I am very happy with the purchase of this lamp.

👤I like it. It does not look cheap and is chic. I made a mistake by using regular lightbulbs and since there is no lamp, I recommend not doing that. Vintage bulbs that have frosting to balance the intensity of the light are recommended.

👤I was excited when I saw this product and ordered it because it matched the look I was going for. I had to wait longer than usual, but it wasn't a dealbreaker. The item was well packaged. Instructions are very basic. I put it together with little effort. There was a manufacturer defect when the last segments of the stand were screwed together. The metal piece was welded crooked and wouldn't fit all the way in. I contacted Amazon and they are sending a replacement. Hopefully the replacement won't be defected.

9. Standing Temperature Brightness Adjustment Function

Standing Temperature Brightness Adjustment Function

To project softer and more natural lighting and to set the overall vibe of the room, there are 4 levels of dimming and 3000-6000K color temperature adjustment. The timer and memory function. The lamp has a timer function. After restarting the plug, it is possible to restore the settings that were used recently. There are 66 evenly distributed LEDs and a custom angle. It's free to prevent eye fatigue. This lamp can be assembled in 5 minutes. A heavy base makes it less likely that a hazard with pets and children will tip over. The style is experimental. It's an ideal addition for any setting. It can be placed in a corner between furniture. The style is experimental. It's an ideal addition for any setting. It can be placed in a corner between furniture.

Brand: Lastar

👤I wasn't sure if the lamp would shut off or change light settings when I received it. You lose hope in a product when this happens. I wanted to reach out to the seller to discuss my issues, instead of just sending back the lamp I liked so I decided to do that. The seller immediately replied and sent me a brand new light. I have a fully functioning lamp and am loving it. Light quality is great. It's perfect for small spaces with a heavy base so the lamp won't tip. The flexible head is a great bonus. My son wants to have a lamp in his room. The seller was great to work with and I would like to give him an award for it. They were very understanding of what was needed. Excellent experience!

👤This lamp is fun. My cat doesn't knock it over because it's sturdy. It has two different shades of light and you can dim it, but I would like it to be a little dimmer at times. It was what I needed and I'm happy to have gotten it.

👤I like the light. It shines the right amount of light and color over my easy chair. Love it.

👤The lamp has been great so far. It is easy to put together. I stay put and bend any direction I need. It is shorter than I anticipated. When the lamp is sticking straight up and down, the listing shows the height. My fault for not putting that together. You lose over a foot when you bend the lamp to face down. Not a dealbreaker for me. It is a good purchase for the price. This lamp has a lot of settings to accommodate my sensitivity. I hope it lasts for a long time. If I have any issues, I will update in a few months.

👤Have to say something. The lamp works well for my child. I was unsure if the high was enough but now that it is here, it is not going back. The dimmer function and additional colors are great.

👤The lamp is good. I have poor light in my house, which makes it hard for me to read paperbacks. It gives you a lot of lighting options. I can finally read my books. You can see the button in the dark with the on button. The neck is not very long. The neck doesn't hang over my book when I lie down on the couch. I have to read. I highly recommend it. It was easy to install.

👤I bought 2 of these lamps and they were well packed. It is easy to assemble. They are sturdy and can be different ways. I use one behind my recliner chair in the living room to read and do needlepoint. There are multiple light brightness and lighthue choices. I use the 2nd light in the far corner of my living room as a low light left on when I am not at home. I cannot put a 2nd nightstand in my guest room because I cannot light it on the side of the bed. This solved the problem because it takes up very little space. Would purchase again.

10. Temperatures Adjustable Standing Hanging Texture

Temperatures Adjustable Standing Hanging Texture

The style and design are minimalist. The curved design of the floor lamp makes it seem like it floats overhead, creating a modern and cozy atmosphere. It fits into your home's decor from industrial chic to mid-century modern. The lamp can be placed in any corner of the room without occupying space. It's easy to control. The lamp comes with a switch that will turn on/off the light or adjust the color temperature with your hand. Unlike Foot Switch Design, you can place their floor lamp behind a chair or sofa, no need to make sure the base is easy to reach. The lighting is accurate and comfortable. The flexible lamp head of this modern floor lamp can be adjusted to any angle you want, so you can achieve targeted, directed lighting. The light is warmer and softer when the Drum White Linen Texture Shade is open above and below. The 63 inch tall floor lamp is built to last and is made of all metal frame and fabric. The floor lamp is protected from rust andcorrosion by the painted surface of the metal pipe. The lamp's perfect balance is due to the extra-wide weighted base, which is especially safe for families with kids and pets. The standing floor lamp is easy to assemble and versatile. You just need to mount the shade with 2 metal rings. Save your time. You carry it in your hand because it weighs 9.3 pounds. The floor lamp has a 5 feet cord, so you can place it anywhere you want. The standing floor lamp is easy to assemble and versatile. You just need to mount the shade with 2 metal rings. Save your time. You carry it in your hand because it weighs 9.3 pounds. The floor lamp has a 5 feet cord, so you can place it anywhere you want.

Brand: Outon

👤I was looking for a tall floor lamp to go by my recliner for all purposes but mainly as a reading light. I like that the light may be angle. The picture on the site showed it had a pull-chain and knob to turn it on and off. It doesn't have a pull chain and the knob isn't easy to use because it's either on or off, so you have to keep turning it on and off until you use the bulb included. I am satisfied with the lamp even though it has negative things to say. It is important to know that the cord is running through the center pipes and not out of the underside of the stand-portion, so attach from the top down and untwist it.

👤I was worried about it because of people's reviews about it being unstable and bad. I think it's great. The shade is open around the frame. The lamp is very stable to me, the base is sturdy, and it doesn't seem like it could fall over. The 3 lighting modes are very cool and easy to put together. It's not fancy, but it's a good lamp for the price.

👤I wanted a cheap lamp for reading but I was a little disappointed with the one I bought on Prime Day. I'm not sure how long it will be before it gets knocked over, and it's lighter than I thought. The shade is very light and flat. I like that it has three light settings and that it will make reading easier as I can position the shade.

👤The shade is great and the lamp looks great. The control out of reach of my grandchild is a plus, as is the 3 different colors of lighting. My son in love said it was easy to assemble. Would buy again from this company.

👤The living room is very poorly lite and we bought this lamp to illuminate it. The lamp doesn't give off a lot of light and doesn't really solve our problem. If you are looking for reading light or something along that line, it would make a great lamp. The concept is great and you can tilt the light. It works for what we need.

👤The lamp is perfect for my easy chair. The location of the switch makes it easy to reach from standing and seated. It took about 10 minutes to go together. It seems to be sturdy and attractive. I don't agree with the reviews that said the shade was poor quality, but it's as good as any shade I've ever seen. The lamp's bulb was a bit too bright. I changed to a soft light bulb.

👤We love this lamp. It was very easy to assemble and the lampshade is really nice. The new addition to our apartment has been noticed by everyone who has visited, and they like how it meshes with our living room space. We like using each of the 3-way bulbs at different times, and we love the bulb that came with the lamp. We were able to use the smart plug to turn it on and off with voice commands because we were able to hook it up to Amazon, but we also love that there is a small dial on the pole that allows us to turn it on and scroll through the 3 bulb color options. Some of you may be wary of the quality because of the price, but this is one of those times where you get true quality for a great price. This was a great purchase and I highly recommend it.

11. Rottogoon Standing Industrial Reading Included

Rottogoon Standing Industrial Reading Included

Their living room lamp comes with 2 shades, which means you can change the colors of the lamp according to your house decoration style. The 3000K warm white lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere for instant relaxation. A power-saving light bulb is included. This lamp is meant to save money and energy. It's easy to turn on/off the pedal switch. If you spare your hands, you won't have to bend down to turn off the light. A simple classic design is perfect for your home. A simple classic design is perfect for your home.

Brand: Rottogoon

👤The lamp was easy to assemble and appears to be of good quality. It is short, but it is okay in an area where you are sitting. I don't know if it would look right in the corner of a room. It does not light up the entire room, but it provides a good amount of light. The shade gives the light a warm glow. The pedal is small. I received it and assembled it, so I can't comment on it yet.

👤The packaging is the most innovative I have ever seen. I needed something to add interest to a corner in my living room, and I wasn't expecting much. I was amazed at how it was put together. The print size of the instruction sheet is the main factor in determining if there is a con. I was surprised with the purchase for the cost.

👤It's impossible. The lamp was very sturdy and easy to assemble, and the design fits with just about everything. This one is much nicer than I expected and it's cheap. The packaging was amazing. They could have dropped it from the plane. The heavy base makes it feel very substantial. The floor switch is my only complaint. We plugged it into a Smart outlet, which made it easier to turn on and off the lamp, since it's behind the sofa.

👤This floor lamp is exactly what I was looking for, after having a weird unboxing experience. Assembly was easy to understand. I only had to read the instructions. I didn't open the light bulb that came with the lamp because I had a smart bulb. I don't use the foot switch from the lamp as I control it via an app. There are parts on both sides of the styrofoam before you purchase it. It works best for providing light to places where you will sit or lie down. It's great as a corner lamp, but it won't light up the entire room. The "white" shade is not white. It will lower the temperature of the bulb. The 5000K daylight bulb looks like a 4100K bulb.

👤The lamp is easy to put together. The only thing that I don't like is how the cord goes underneath the base. Refer to my last picture. I would've preferred that the lamp shade rings were the same color as the lamp, but I could paint them. I'm assuming they are white so that they don't show through the lamp shade. The shade is held together by a piece of furniture. It doesn't look cheap to me.

👤Absolutely love it! I put it together in 5 minutes. The option of 2 shade colors is kind of genius. Can not say enough!

👤I ordered another lamp on Tuesday and it was here by Friday. This time it was what I ordered. I didn't know I didn't get a light bulb with the first lamp I ordered. It is a beautiful lamp. I am glad I did not send the straight one back. I like the gray shades. We now have two lamps. My rating was changed to five stars because I got the right lamp. There is a I gave it 3 stars because it is a lovely lamp, but it is not what I ordered. I received a silver metal tall straight lamp that would arch over the recliner. We placed it on the other end of the sectional because it looks nice. We will try to get the lamp that will arch over the recliner again, this time in silver metal, and hopefully we will get the right one.


What is the best product for decorative floor lamp with dimmer?

Decorative floor lamp with dimmer products from Nintiue. In this article about decorative floor lamp with dimmer you can see why people choose the product. Leonc Design and Hroome are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative floor lamp with dimmer.

What are the best brands for decorative floor lamp with dimmer?

Nintiue, Leonc Design and Hroome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative floor lamp with dimmer. Find the detail in this article. Sunmory, Brightech and Simple Designs Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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