Best Decorative Flowers for Bathroom

Flowers 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Mocoosy 16Pcs Large Artificial Sunflower

Mocoosy 16Pcs Large Artificial Sunflower

Artificial jasmine plant is bright and fresh. They are an essential part of your home decoration. White flowers add bright colors to your home. 16pcs large silk sunflowers heads with brown center, 3 layers vibrant yellow petals with thick texture finished a real look. The diameter of each large sunflower heads is about 14 cm. The yellow sun flowers are beautiful. Quality made is made from high quality materials and plastic for easy care. It's durable and washable. The green leaf backing on the flowers will not fall off. All silk flowers are pre-cutted, so you don't need to sew or glue them on your project. Adding bright, happy, vivid colors to your event can be done with beautiful amazing quality flowers. These fake sunflowers are great for making a wreath, table centerpiece, bouquets, boutonnieres, cake flowers and craft work. Artificial flower decorations are perfect for a wedding, baby shower, or festival. Warm tips: The sunflowers may become compressed in transit. The petals should be straightened and returned to their original shape. Their customer service is always ready to help if you have a question.

Brand: Mocoosy

👤The sunflowers I bought for my wedding are beautiful. These are the cheapest fake sunflowers I've found yet, and they have the perfect middles to make them look real. If you're thinking about getting them for a project, do it!

👤You have to order stems separately if you need them. These are the heads. We have had a lot of rain, but they seem to be holding up well, I have them in an outside display, and they are bright and lovely.

👤They were bigger than I thought and have been used.

👤These look great. They were used to take pictures of my baby and niece. There was a yellow substance coming from the middle. Did not change the look of the flower. It was easy to wash off.

👤There is a great set of flower heads. It looks natural and is larger than expected.

👤Exactly what I wanted.

👤The flowers are large. I added two more varieties to my tree, but they were not enough. It was very easy to work with.

👤The flowers heads were a good size and I liked the center of the flowers. I wasn't impressed by the material. They would have been amazing if they had been real touch material.

👤The flowers were perfect for my needs, I wanted a large disco ball made using recycled products. The stem has a small opening and can be used for other fixes. I used the large ball of sunflowers as a main decor focus for an event I was involved with. #jonpleasedwimmin #thespudsigningdj The flowers are in my garden terrace, and I would use them again.

👤I wanted to decorate my grandsons nursery with large sunflower heads. These are perfect. Quality and price are good.

👤I wasn't expecting much from these, but they are brilliant. They are an excellent size and look better than the photo. There is a hole for stems too. Excellent buy!

👤It's perfect for the maternity shoot.

2. SKL Saturday Knight Hydrangea Towel

SKL Saturday Knight Hydrangea Towel

This Holiday is a great time to decorate your home, office, caterers or churches. There are 2 hand towels. The cotton is soft and has embroidered designs. Shop coordinating hand towels. The measurement is 16 inches x 25 inches.

Brand: Skl Home

👤I like the look of these towels. The design is lovely. I chose them for the powder room because I was selling my home. They are not very practical to use. They were only for staging purposes.

👤This is a decor only. It is 3d like. I thought the flower was embroidered. A flower is on the towel. One of the petals fell off as it was going in a guest bath.

👤I wanted to use these towels for only decorative purposes. I washed them before use and they are not pretty. Even though it was only washed once, it looked like a dull blue. I do not recommend them.

👤A dirty looking blue. Practically paper thin. Will be returning them. The dollar stores have nicer towels.

👤Have had moderate use for a while. They are holding up. Covid is washing our hand towels daily. I like how they are holding up.

👤I didn't want a deep navy, so these are a bit lighter than the picture. I washed them 4 times and they are still intact. They're beautiful!

👤I only use these towels for display in my bathroom, so I can't comment on anything else.

👤You have to iron the fabric part of the flowers. Excellent color.

3. MyGift Synthetic Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid

MyGift Synthetic Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid

A beautiful artificial silk orchid is in a crystal clear mini glass vase that makes a beautiful decorative accent for any space. This mini flower arrangement is maintenance-free and allows you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of orchids. A touch of sophistication is added to any setting with elegant and realistic design. Plants have been set in a small glass vase with fake water and rocks for a more realistic look. The dimensions are 12.25 H and 3.25 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤This fake orchid plant is really good. The clear water gel looks real. I was looking for a size that would fit in between my soap and lotion. Measures 13” tall.

👤I bought another to use as a gift. Buy this! The little orchid is cute. The glass vase is pretty thick and tough. This is nicer than I expected. It would be a nice gift. I keep this one for myself. I like the size. It arrived in perfect condition.

👤The plant was terrible. The leaves were torn and the stem fell out of the artificial water into a small glass. The top of my plant was bare and I only received the pedals at the bottom. The picture makes it look better.

👤I can't get Orchids to live. I thought of Silk ones instead of killing them. This one is perfect for me, even though I have returned a few.

👤The flower is okay. I only paid $13 for it. There are little threads on the edges of the blooms, so you can tell they aren't real when you look at them up close.

👤It was packaged well. I was expecting it to be a bit bigger but it is mini. It is cute.

👤It is very small. I gave it a 4 star but it is too small. The glass with the rocks makes it look nice, but I wish it was bigger.

👤The size is great. I like the shape of the vases. It looks realistic and easy to clean.

👤Comprende una planta artificial para un regalo y lleg. La orqudea es decoracin, pero los materiales dejan mucho.

👤Cabe en un lugar.

👤Adecuado para un pequeo.

👤Pequea, excelente decoracion de escritorio.

4. LESING Artificial Flowers Bouquets Decoration

LESING Artificial Flowers Bouquets Decoration

There is a package. There are artificial rose flowers in a vase with a branch of greenery. Artificial silk rose flowers are natural and real-like. Please pay attention to the description and reference the picture. It is possible to arrange it with a ceramic vase by ourselves or a picture. Please contact them if you see color differences between displays. Please contact them if you see color differences between displays.

Brand: Lesing

👤I can tell they are not real, but they are still nice to have. I have a fake plant that I change out for the season, and now I have this one as well. It was cover. They were nice looking. The night was as advertised but still close to the presentation. I think this looks good. The white vase is adorable. It was packaged so it wouldn't break, but it was still wasteful. I'm happy about that! It makes me happy because spring is coming up. It reminds me of warm weather.

👤Is it possible to give it a zero? It smelled terrible and looked terrible. A vase is cute. You can get unarranged flowers at a dollar store. I could have gotten them all for $4. I thought I was getting a professional arrangement. The smell made me throw away. I couldn't leave them on the table.

👤The advertised arrival time was not as advertised. I was able to fix the smashed roses but they could have added at least one or two more flowers for 25.00. I wouldn't buy again.

👤The roses are fake because they are only silk. I am not sure if I would buy it at this price. The vase is adorable. The roses may relax after a while. The combo is nice for fall. I don't know if I'm too critical because I'm not the best at flower arrangement and you can judge for yourself based on my pic. I like the height of it. If used as a centerpiece, it's not too intrusive.

👤The roses were mangled and crushed in the box. There was no way to save them. The yellow accent flowers are plastic. The 99 cent store has better flowers.

👤I bought these for my dining table, and they look nothing like the picture. The flowers were flat. They are not as tall as they are mentioned. The flowers don't open up nicely. You can tell they are not real. I will return this.

👤Beautiful! Looks great. When compared to a picture, it's small.

👤I ordered the red one for my table. They are small for a table. A high of about 12 to 14 inches. Plastic flowers and greens do not look bad. You can see that they're plastic, but from a distance they look normal. The variegated coloring of the plastic makes it seem like they are not plastic. I would order again. It was nice for fake flowers.

👤I wanted this for my mother who is in a retirement home and can't have flowers. The leaves and stems are made of cheap plastic and the flowers have no attempt to make them look like petals. All in all this is a complete waste of time.

👤I always forget to get my wife flowers, so thought these would be a great idea. She's never without, but when they came there was a flat that took away from the sad look of the group.

5. Martine Mall Artificial Flowers Arrangements

Martine Mall Artificial Flowers Arrangements

The dimensions are 8.25 H X 4.25 Diameter. The ins style artificial peonies are gorgeous. They add warmth and a pop of color to your family room. You can enjoy nature in any place. The silk cloth flower heads and healthy plastic branches are made of safety material. The wire is wrapped with plastic. The bending angle is adjusted by the branches of the bouquet. BOUQUET accessory can be used to decorate your room, office, dorm, wedding party, festival, window box, cafe house, book store, and garden. You can decorate their product with wrapping paper or ribbons if you provide a carton package. The packing and size are important. The bunch includes 5 silk flowers. The dimensions are 8.1" wide and 8.6" tall. It can stay fresh and beautiful year after year. You can use the hair dryer to remove the dust. It would have been nice if the ribbon was long enough to go around the glass, but this is a cute arrangement. It is a great gift for kids or ladies in Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Party, Performance, Special Occasions, etc.

Brand: Martine Mall

👤This is very cute. The flowers are pretty and have the same color as shown. They are full and good quality. The vase is thick and has flowers in it. The stems are a bit long, so you can either bend them or cut them. I put glass pebbles in the jar to hold the flowers. I bought one for my sister's mother-in-law to celebrate her 90th birthday. I also got one for myself. The price should be a bit lower, but I would recommend it.

👤The bottom of the vase has a small crack in it. I was going to give it as a gift and return it, but it wouldn't be worth my time or the fact that I could cut myself. A replacement vase was offered by the seller. I'm going to keep it and look for another gift for my friend because I don't want to take any chances.

👤The stems are too big for a vase. I had to cut them down and curve the stems at the bottom so that it would sit as it looks in the photo. There is a The vase's label is crooked. I wouldn't recommend to future buyers. If you want to find what you really want, you should go to a decor store and look through their faux floral options. There is a The packaging of the florals was jammed in a box, and needed a bit of fluffing to make it look descent.

👤The flowers are full and beautiful. I didn't like the look of the label. Very nice addition.

👤It's a great value. My way shelf has a perfect accent decor.

👤Love the flowers! The front of the label is offensive. It is not necessary.

👤I would have loved to give it 5 stars, it is exactly like the picture. I like the colors. The label on my vase was not put on straight, like they just slapped it on there. It would have been perfect.

👤I love this product. I trimmed the stems when they arrived but it was perfect. I wish it was cheaper. It is worth it. It looks great in my bathroom.

👤I have to pay postage to have the flowers returned in the US, which will be credited up to $20 for postage, as it has to be returned to the States. Quite a lengthy process. Hopefully it will be received and processed correctly.

👤No se ven reales, las flores aunque no tienen bonito. Is ven sper lindas.

👤Me encanto arreglo flowers. Illeve una fabulosa sorpresa. Comprehended nuevamente, lo volvera.

👤Preciosas! Muchsimo dnde las pongas. Se elegant venes.

👤Is it possible to have a calidad?

6. Cocodor Preserved Diffuser Fragrance Aromatherapy

Cocodor Preserved Diffuser Fragrance Aromatherapy

The April Breeze is the same scent as April Fresh. A combination of a strong floral scent, sweet berries, and a cozy and powdery note for a fragrance that delivers the sensation of a softener. Their fragrances are free from harmful substances and adhere to IFRA standards. You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks. It takes a couple of days for the sticks to absorb the scent. Turn the reed sticks upside down if the fragrance weakens. It is a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays, Mother's day, and Father's day. Give joy to your family and friends with their luxurious Cocodor Diffusers.

Brand: Cocod'or

👤I've never used any of the diffusers before this purchase. I bought the diffuser after receiving a recommendation from a friend. I chose black cherry because I don't know what it smells like, but this smells amazing! The scent is light years better than my Trader Joe's candle that has a weak scent, but it is overwhelming. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to compare candles and diffusers. I don't care! I like this. The scent brings peace and tranquility to my room. There is a My housemate just walked in and said it smelled great. Woohoo!

👤The reed and flower is pretty. There is a lot of oil in the packaging. I bought a flower diffuser with April Fresh scent. I love it. It's a pretty modern diffuser and it's good for my home decor. I am going to buy it for every room in my house and gift it to my friends.

👤I got ripped off after buying the real one for half the price. It's not like the actual scent. It was very fake and sweet. The scent didn't last long and liquid was gone in a few weeks. It smells like a lavender garden, oil lasts a long time, and you can get the real one for half the price.

👤This looks cute and smells great. I smell it when I walk into my bathroom. I hope it lasts for a while.

👤I bought this and I am very happy. The scent is perfect for a small room. It looks great on my desk and it's very affordable. Highly recommended.

👤Everyone who comes into my office thinks it smells good. I let them know that it is my diffuser. The bright flowers make it look great. The only thing I don't like is that it was empty faster than I anticipated. The other diffusers that I have gotten from pier one have lasted longer for the money. I have no complaints.

👤This thing is amazing. It was a pleasant surprise that it is bigger than it looks. I am happy that the other infuser was small. It makes my apartment smell great. I put it in my bedroom, but the scent travels to my living room and hallway. I'm ordering a second one to put in the other side of my apartment.

👤This is pretty and elegant. The scent of the peony was ok, but everyone is different. I plan to buy more of this diffuser. I wish the price could be cheaper. Once the oil runs out, I will make my own oil.

👤This product is very disappointing and will not be buying again.

👤I only received one item from the 2 pack I ordered. The manufacturer couldn't help me as the order was fulfilled by Amazon. I can't return the item I received because there is no clear way to ask for it. Disappointing service from Amazon.

👤What a waste of money. Why didn't I read the bad reviews? I love peonies, but I don't think they smell anything. The glass container is large, but not much else. There is no smell from the liquid or the reeds. I really regret this purchase, it was an absolute disappointment.

7. LIVILAN Colorful Decorative Bathroom Curtains

LIVILAN Colorful Decorative Bathroom Curtains

It's a great gift for wedding, housewarming, Mother's Day, friends' promotion, or any place you want to add vitality. The nature theme floral shower curtains for the bathroom in colorful flowers are suitable for any type of bathroom furniture. You enjoy your bath time because of the watercolor illustration pattern. The shower curtain is eco-friendly and durable. The fabric is perfect for quick dry in a moist environment. There is a fabric shower couch. The curtain has a reinforced top hem which makes sure it never falls in the shower. You will receive a shower curtain and hooks. Quality guarantee. Please contact them if you have any issues with the item. They will respond within 24 hours and make sure your issue is taken care of.

Brand: Livilan

👤I wanted to change the look of the bathroom with a pop of flowery color, and I had the same shower curtain for years. I was worried that it would be low quality or overly thin, but it's opaque and feels like fabric, so I'm not going to cuddle up with it. I use a liner and can't speak about water resistance. I was hoping steam from the shower would release the creases, but they haven't. I think putting through the wash would help. It's a great value for money.

👤This shower curtain is gorgeous! I placed a tension shower rod very close to the ceiling and it transformed into a bathroom. The white rug is great. The shower curtain makes a statement. It's not cheap. I like it. One of my favorite purchases.

👤It is cloth and great quality with vibrant colors, but it is a poor quality at the price point. I was going for a look that was inspired by Rifle Paper Company. Its perfect. I threw away the cheap plastic hooks because I was replacing a shower curtain that was already hanging with metal hooks.

👤I love this curtain. Quality made! The flowers are bright and I was looking for that. My small bathroom looked great.

👤There were no complaints. Just as pictured.

👤The colors are very bright and neon looking.

👤Excellent quality. The design is beautiful. The colors are the same as shown.

👤I have a thick cloth liner on the inside so I can't help but give this an overall 10/10, but I'm not sure about "sheerness", I have a thick cloth liner on the inside so I can't help but give this an overall 10/10. It is light weight but doesn't like to be blow in on me when the air kicks on, the colors are pretty and looks to be made well.

8. Franklin Iron Works French Bronze

Franklin Iron Works French Bronze

100% guarantee. Please don't hesitate to let them know if you have any concerns about the product or service. The wide is 34" high and 1" deep. The hang weight is 16 lbs. The section is 16 1/2 wide and 25 1/2 high. The frame is 3 3/4" wide. Only a vertical installation. There are D-rings on the back. The finish was French bronze. The metal frame has a flower and vine pattern. There are edges that are Beveled.

Brand: Franklin Iron Works

👤For my house. It's very sturdy and I love it. It was as advertised.

👤This mirror is built to a very high standard and is very well spent, we put it over our fireplace mantle and it looks amazing.

👤I was looking for a mirror that was stunning and this one is it. It is not flimsy and has a wonderful antique look to it. It has double brackets on the back. The mirror is well worth the price. The package was well packaged and delivered in a timely manner. This purchase will work out well for you.

👤The mirror is made of iron. The mirror looks great on the wall. The package arrived in a timely manner.

👤I love this mirror. It arrived on time and was packed well. It looks great above my wine rack.

👤The mirror was easy to hang. It is amazing.

👤The mirrors are easy to install.

9. MyGift Artificial Lavender Ceramic Decorative

MyGift Artificial Lavender Ceramic Decorative

Quality guarantee. Please contact them if you have any issues with the item. They will respond within 24 hours and make sure your issue is taken care of. An artificial lavender plant in a white ceramic pot with a brown leatherette string is perfect for modern farmhouse decor. The faux lavender plant is housed in a sleek and clean white ceramic pot. It's perfect for everyday home décor, wedding decorations, and event decorations. It makes a wonderful birthday gift, anniversary gift, or housewarming gift and will make any surface look better. The dimensions are 8.25 H X 4.25 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤This is cute on my kitchen counter. It is smaller than I thought, but it is still pretty. It's great with my farmhouse style kitchen. I bought the lavender planter from the same seller. I am very happy with it. The plant is delicate and should not be handled too much. Would definitely recommend.

👤I love it! It was just what I wanted.

👤The lavender is real. The string bow around the pot makes it cheap and the reason for 4 is because it should be priced much lower. The display looks better after I removed it.

👤This is a small flower pot. I threw out the lavender that appeared in the online measurements. It contained mold. I kept the pot for future use, but it didn't serve my immediate needs.

👤I love it! It looks real. A little over priced but very pretty. I took the bow off. I ordered another one. The shipping was perfect. Hopefully this one will be the same. Small but beautiful.

👤My daughter likes purple and has redecorated her bedroom. The little item adds a bit of character to her nightstand. She is happy so I am.

👤The recipient loved it when he received it as a gift. It is reasonably realistic and the colors are perfect. I would like to order another one for myself.

👤The image of this product is not what it appears to be. This plant is a small version of what you see online. Very small.

👤Vraiment top, j'en est pris. Invités ce sont laissé trompé en pensant. je recommande de la vrai lavande.

10. Artificial Flower Plants Outdoor Occasions

Artificial Flower Plants Outdoor Occasions

The flowers and leaf are made from plastic. The artificial flower is 15 feet tall. These artificial flower bouquets are made from plastic and silk cloth and will last a long time. It can be a nice decoration for a long time. The faux flowers stem and leaves plants are able to adjust the bending angle by themselves. Artificial tuberose flower plants are made of plastic and silk cloth, which looks natural and elegant. Natural fresh color, non-toxic and harmless, 100% safe, eco-friendly, well made and vibrantly colored. Beebel Flower Artificial Potted Plant can be purchased. They have faith in the quality of the plants. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Beebel

👤I love these! When I pulled them out of the box, I was leery about ordering them, but once I fluffed them up, they looked great. I put one on either side of my TV. There were lots of nice things to say. No one believes me when I say they are not real. I want the red ones now. I've uploaded pictures. I have a 55" TV. I put the pots on the candlesticks to boost them up.

👤I pay $20 more for a fake floor plant than I would for a real one, the size is not worth the price, and I should have read the measurements. It looks great on my end table, so I don't think it's a good idea to send it back.

👤Absolutely terrible. It might be worth $5 at Five and Below or $1 at Dollar Tree, but not as much as I paid. It was not right to charge this much for such poor quality. Don't bother.

👤A larger plant would be better. It's good for a small table, but it doesn't balance well. It was over priced for what you received. I was really disappointed for what I needed. Went to the store and was able to find what was needed.

👤The dimensions were shown but it was smaller. I knew that. When I took it out of the packaging, I was pretty hopeful. The leaves have a nice texture, but I can't get them to arrange properly no matter how long I mess with it. The leaves seem to be shorter on the one I received. At this point it is quite tacky and probably going to be thrown out. I am frustrated in trying to make it work.

👤You have to rearrange the leaves. It's very pretty and it looks real.

👤I like the look of the plant, however it is not sealed to the pot, which is an issue for me. If it falls over the plant it will fall out. I made this purchase so it wouldn't fall over on a windy day. If I put a small amount of two-sided tape on the bottom of the pot, it will not fall over. A small drop of glue on the inside of the pot would keep the plant in place.

👤This arrangement is gorgeous. People walk by and ask if it is real and how I keep it healthy. A new addition to my office.

👤The product was smaller than expected and two of the leafs were broken not worth the price.

👤The plant was small compared to what I thought it would be. Also arrived in a bubble envelope. It was all flat and had to be made to look like a plant. I found a spot that it fit in because of its small size. Would I buy it again? No!

👤The flowers were damaged. The plant is light, small, and came in a bag, which may have caused the damage, the seller does not reply to you, and the plant has little particles all over it, which you have to clean before use.

11. LUEUR Artificial Arrangements Windowsill Centerpieces

LUEUR Artificial Arrangements Windowsill Centerpieces

We have chosen 6 flowers of different styles and colors to bring a unique flavor to your decor. The colors with the small flower pots look natural. The flowers and leaves are made of high-quality plastic for easy care. The flower pots are made of porcelain. Great for decoration. It's perfect to display on the table. It can be used to decorate furniture. It's a perfect ornament for any scene, such as a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, bookshelf, entrance hall and so on. There are 2.56 X 2.56 X 5.51 artificial potted flowers. It's suitable for a home display. Artificial potted plants bring green life and freshness to your living space. It will remain fresh and beautiful year after year.

Brand: Lueur

👤I put them together with my real plants to make a picture. They are pretty and cute. I like them.

👤I didn't think these were so small. It's a cute set of flowers you can put anywhere. I put mine in my wall scone and it looked perfect.

👤They are very cute, just the right size for the corners. The flowered ones are more fake looking than the bud ones. I love the pots.

👤These were well packaged and are adorable. I deducted a star because the flowers on the one with white flowers started to fall off when I tried to fluff them. I was going to use 2 of the 6 to liven up our end table but they were too small. I will keep them because they look good on my TV stand.

👤These are what I was looking for. I was looking for reviews that were smaller than expected and I got that. It was perfect.

👤These little arrangements are gorgeous. They are great to sit and cheer on at home. They look natural to me. I might get another pack. I had a broken one, but I didn't want to fool with it. I might try to glue it. I didn't want to have to send them all back.

👤When you buy online, you always wonder if the product you get at home will be what you wanted. These 6 potted flowers were more than I expected. They add a lot to any décor. I found places for them in several rooms of my home. I'm thinking of buying more. The sizes listed in the description are very small. I wanted to fill in some spots that needed some color and beauty. I love these!


What is the best product for decorative flowers for bathroom?

Decorative flowers for bathroom products from Mocoosy. In this article about decorative flowers for bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Skl Home and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative flowers for bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative flowers for bathroom?

Mocoosy, Skl Home and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative flowers for bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Lesing, Martine Mall and Cocod'or are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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