Best Decorative Flowers for Crafts

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1. Fake Flower Heads Bulk Wholesale

Fake Flower Heads Bulk Wholesale

If you experience an issue with your HIGFRA product, get in touch with them for a replacement or refund. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them. The fake flower heads are new and high quality. The package includes 50 pieces of material. Silk flowers are perfect for any occasion, from a birthday to a baby shower. There are accessories for wedding decoration. Home decoration. Silk flowers in bulk wholesale,well made and vibrantly colored,looks real-like,Perfect for your wedding day, home decoration, craft projects, and more. They are perfect for making bouquets,cake flowers or any other flower decorations that you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home. There is no limit to what artificial flowers can do for you. Customer satisfaction is 100%. There is a warranty on this. Buy with confidence. They are proud of their quality and after sale service. If you don't like Artificial flowers, just let them know and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Fake Flower Heads In Bulk Wholesale

👤Some colors look similar to the picture. Even with this large number, I didn't receive all colors, from some I got only two, with almost 50% whites, and a hint of pink on some petals. The orange/red color has green on some petals, not shown in the picture. Most of the flowers were wrinkled and unusable because they were crammed in a small plastic bag.

👤My dress had flowers on it. Hot glue them on a bonnet. It arrived quickly. Excellent quality.

👤I was expecting more when I looked at the photo, but what I got will work for my project. There are flowers that are soft and colorful. All less than 1 inch in diameter.

👤It was much smaller than advertised. Will be back.

👤Thank goodness for Amazon and these flowers because a co-worker wanted her daughter's graduation cap done at the last minute. Thank you so much, these worked out perfectly. Yes, I wore this graduation cap.

👤I only got 4 of the blue and teal flowers from the two packs I bought. You don't get the same amount of each color. A lot of petals are bent.

👤There were only 7 that could have been used. The rest were not fixed.

👤The double check size was too small for what I needed. I returned them.

2. Buttons Vintage Holes Sewing Decorative

Buttons Vintage Holes Sewing Decorative

The service is friendly. If the flowers were damaged or the package was broken up, please contact them so they can send you a new one without any fees. 200 buttons for crafts is enough for you to combine freely. Natural wood is used for buttons. The round wooden buttons are 20mm in diameter. Wood buttons with holes are useful for decoration. There are sewing buttons that are designed for decorative fabric, clothing, coat, shirt, jeans and jacket.

Brand: Haawooky

👤The package is not 1 inch as advertised and 10 buttons are short. It's a buyer's beware.

👤The majority of the buttons are not centered on the stamp. A lot of them were stuck together with something to hold the stamp over the wooden button. I would return them if I had time. I feel like I need to finish the project. I'm not happy with this purchase.

👤These buttons are cute. The designs are pretty and bright. The only problem. I wish the holes were bigger. These are great! Came quickly. Just in time for my crochet Christmas crafts.

👤The buttons are a great value until the splits and breakage. The top layer of the button broke and two of the buttons broke as they were being sewed to the garment. Button stitching is not a favorite of anyone, and to have to redo it due to faulty buttons makes it worse. The buttons are great looking, but they are made with less quality material than I would recommend for purchase.

👤These were bought to sew on headbands. They are very cute and the right size.

👤Absolutely worth the money. It's too cute. I will purchase again.

👤You get what you pay for. This is the largest amount of buttons I've been able to find in one size for next to nothing, and I have ordered them several times during the Pandemic. This is the first time I have been short a few buttons. Hopefully that can be fixed. There is a The buttons are smaller than advertised and the images can be off center. I usually have to drill each hole to make it larger because the holes are too small for yarn and needle. Not a big deal. Sometimes it's annoying when I'm in a time crunch. There is a They work well for the intended use and the first responders love the fun designs. It brings a bit of sunshine to their days. Quality could definitely use a little tweaking, but they do alright for my use and I will probably continue to use them.

👤I love the variety. I would like for them to have at least 6 buttons. Some had as many as 15 and others had one or two of a kind. You can get an idea from the pictures and some good ideas of the variety if you strung together like buttons. Some projects would be fun.

3. Supla Artificial Hanging Foliage Decorative

Supla Artificial Hanging Foliage Decorative

If you are not happy with their product, they will get you back within 24 hours. The length is109 Yards. The leaves are 8*15mm. The material is silk. The color is green. It is close to nature and it is durable. It's perfect for decorating a wedding party. Can be used in many of your craft projects. You can cut off the length you want. Christmas wreath cane is used to decorate the Christmas tree. The simulation is about weaving. Products can be wreath, home decoration, wedding decorations, and any floral arrangement. A flower in the home. There is a wreath. A Christmas wreath.

Brand: Supla

👤The 40th bday greek themed party looked great woven over the staircases. There is a It's strong and I like doing my Amazon research because it's long. It arrived quickly. There is a I don't normally do reviews for small items, but I hope this helps because there wasn't a lot of information aboutfaux vine supplies.

👤I don't know what to do with a vine leaf that is so long. I thought I would be able to use all of it. The leaf has perfect details. I can see that it's a leaf. It needs to be cut with a scissor because it doesn't rip easily. It doesn't look like strings are put together to form the vine and leaf, but that's okay with me. I tried burning hot glue to keep the end intact. The blob on the end of hot glue is weird. The leaves are burning. I have to find a way to keep it intact. It made my decorations look better. I think buying this is a good idea.

👤I wasn't sure about this item since it is all cloth, but it was perfect. I used this as an adornment on my Lord of the Rings mobile crib, which was the perfect touch of outdoorsy vine feel I was looking for to finish it up. I was very happy. It looks nice. The leaves are not attached to a vine. It looks like the leaves are stamped. I would recommend this product for crafting projects where you want a delicate vine look.

👤I was impressed with the amount of product. I used it for streamer, but still had more, so I added it to my son's birthday sign and string, and I have some left over. It is very high quality and doesn't need to be burned.

👤I received a lot of praise for this ribbon. It was light enough to not weigh the balloons down. It came with a lot of ribbon. I will be using it for a long time.

👤The vine is made of cloth. If you are looking for something with bigger leaves, this won't work. If you want a hint of an outdoorsy look, this would be great. It was perfect for my party. I used an ivory colored sheer panel to create a soft and classy look. The vine was used to wrap around the panels. The vines made it look great. I wrapped the napkins with the vine and the silverware.

👤I used these for a party and they added a lot to the decor. You really get a bang for your buck because there is a lot of it. The material is soft but realistic if you wrap it around a railing.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this. I had to string the wooden beads far along the strand. Only one leaf was sacrificed. It's a good thing. I made a banner for a baby shower that said "The Adventure Begins!", but there's still a lot of unused space.

4. FeiLix Artificial Branches Decorative Farmhouse

FeiLix Artificial Branches Decorative Farmhouse

You can use it to make a variety of decorations. It can be twisted easily without fracturing, which will make it easier to make crafts. It's ideal for floral projects. SPECIFICATIONS: 5PCS Artificial Branches. 30.7 inches is the size. The image of each fake branch is cute and simple. Not including vase is not included. Materials: It is made of high quality iron wire. The faux sticks are more popular in the summer and winter. The product is easy to maintain. The faux curly willow branches are well made. The branch has a variety of characteristics. There is aDEAL deficiency. The faux branches are suitable for Christmas vase, home, wedding, table, living room, terrace, wall, guesthouse, garden, shopping mall, exhibition, floor vases decorative, vase filler decor. The twig tree can be used to make your own decorations for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving Day. Purchase notes are available. The large twigs can be used to create magic with vases or pots. The faux branch can be made into a wreath.

Brand: Feilix

👤I also got flowers on Amazon.

👤I needed the final touches for my arrangement.

👤They're a great addition to my arrangement. The stalks can be changed into any shape or form. They are realistic as well. Excellent quality.

👤I wish the bases were thinner.

👤These are okay. Nothing spectacular. It's good that bendability is good. There was nothing damaged in the packaging.

👤I loved these! It is very realistic for any season or occasion. The texture was so real that it was easy to style. I will purchase more.

👤I've been looking for these for a long time but didn't know the name. I was glad I found them. They add elegance to my orchids.

5. Higfra Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Decorations

Higfra Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Decorations

A great gift. Adults and kids alike will enjoy crafting art flower sets. The appearance of roses is realistic. Artificial flowers are a practical alternative to real flowers and will remain beautiful for years to come. If people have an allergy to flowers, artificial flower is the best choice. Each rose head has a size. The stem is about 8 inches long. The roses are easy to work with because of their flexible thin wire stem. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. Designed for outdoor decoration. faux flowers lend gorgeous charm to your front porch, walkway, patio, and garden, and are perfect for everyday decoration. Enjoy the long- lasting beauty of the flowers without having to worry about maintenance. If you experience an issue with your HIGFRA product, get in touch with them for a replacement or refund. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Higfra

👤Beautiful flowers. I cut off the stems that were attached to them for this project. It is definitely worth it.

👤Omg! I used these flowers for the first time tonight and they were the best artificial roses I've ever purchased on Amazon. I've ordered stain for fingers and fingerprints from other brands in the past, but not all of them. Don't hesitate to order them.

👤Omg! I decided to make myself the perfect shade of blue because of my love for my wedding bouquet. If you're making a smaller bouquet it probably would be enough, so I ordered more. Two boxes of 24 flowers should be enough to make a completed one.

👤The pictures were taken with a camera flash and in different lighting to get an idea of what they looked like.

👤The flowers are easy to work with. I will order more.

👤I am decorating my dining area, and these flowers are a great centerpiece. They are soft and look realistic. Give them a try! They were packaged nicely and shipped very well.

👤Some of the roses were not as bright as they used to be. The rose's color wasn't consistent. I returned them.

👤Soft foam flowers are pretty. There were holes in the petals. The stem was pushed through the foam a few times. The bouquet I made looked nice.

6. Artificial Flowers Orchids Wedding Decoration

Artificial Flowers Orchids Wedding Decoration

It is artificial, but far away it looks nice. The package includes artificial dancing orchids. Silk is the material of flowers. The stems are created with wire wrapped with plastic. The Pack of 12 is 38.5" long. The Pack of 11 is 28 in length. A pack of 10 is about 20 feet long. The bending angle can be adjusted by the branches of the bouquet. The shape of the bouquet is up to you. Happiness and relaxing are what oxymoron means. It's perfect for a wedding, party, home, office, garden, hotel, Festive Furnishing. Click "Buy Now" to see how beautiful your flower craft is.

Brand: Omuygdd

👤I absolutely adore this! I was hesitant to buy the flowers because I thought they were fake and would look tacky. I was wrong. It looks great. I added a white bundle to make it look bigger but not distract from the look I was going for.

👤Beautiful! Bright! It was very clear! It was perfect! I bought yellow, blue and white. Exactly as I wanted. Exactly as pictured. They were packaged well and arrived quickly. After a few bends, they were ready to display. You can cut the stems to fit your needs, and that will create a layer of effect.

👤I thought I would need two packages to fill my vases, but they were so full that I only needed one.

👤These flowers are gorgeous! The color of this car is perfect and it fits our color scheme. The flowers are taller because I added a ball of ball fillers.

👤The presentation in the box was not good. They are zip tied because they are bent in three different sections. I made them bend and change to rub right. They are great, except for that.

👤I bought these to add a wow factor to my piece. When I saw them packaged, I was not impressed, but once I wrapped them and fluffed them up, they met my expectations. Very pretty addition. I'm glad I bought them. I trimmed the stems a bit. The centerpiece is complete.

👤I love these! I ordered 2 because I wanted to put them in a big crock. When I opened them up, they were quite small and tightly wrapped up, but once I got them into the pot, they were perfect. I was going for a bright splash of color against my yellow walls, and they add a bright splash of color as well.

👤It was very bright and vibrant. It looks better than the picture shows.

7. Pressed Flowers Natural Scrapbooking Jewelry

Pressed Flowers Natural Scrapbooking Jewelry

Happiness and relaxing are what oxymoron means. It's perfect for a wedding, party, home, office, garden, hotel, Festive Furnishing. Click "Buy Now" to see how beautiful your flower craft is. The Cruzix Dry Flowers Kit is made of natural pressed flowers and greenery, it is suitable for gifts for your family members or friends who are craft lovers, also large quantity flowers can be used. Colorful flowers are enough for a wide range of things, from decorations to jewelry, and even for daily use like soap, bath bombs, and candle making supplies. Vacuum sealed package helps to prevent damage during shipping and ensure that each flower is intact.4 pack individuals flatten portable packages make you use dried flowers more convenient. Due to the flexibility of the dried flowers, please place it in the mold carefully, and do not place the flowers and leaves in direct sunlight, which will cause the colors to fade and become less vibrant. The service is friendly. If the flowers were damaged or the package was broken up, please contact them so they can send you a new one without any fees.

Brand: Cruzix

👤I received the package on time, but some of the flowers were crinkled to the point I couldn't use them. Some of the large purple ones had powder on them. I could only use one pack, but I don't know if it was a bad batches or if it was sitting for too long.

👤I ordered flowers for my art. I was hesitant because I have previously ordered some and they had a lot of leaves and flowers, but this is not the case with these! There are a lot of flowers. There is a It arrived on time and the size of the flowers is perfect for what I need. There is a There are 4 packs of flowers. The cardboard behind the packs makes it easier to remove the package. I was expecting small packs of flowers, but instead got medium to large packs, which makes me very happy. There is a There are a lot of flowers, not just leaves and baby's breath, as has been the case in the past. There is a You get good flowers for the price, both small and medium flowers. A good variety mix. This set is perfect for all your crafting needs. I might order more for bookmarks.

👤They were used to make frames for dried flowers. I already had some flowers, but needed to add more. They are held up well. My granddaughters used the pics. You can choose from a variety of colors.

👤These are gorgeous! My wife is a big fan of them. They work well with her work. These are worth it.

👤These are gorgeous. They arrived quickly. I like how the seller puts them in their own containers, giving a good color scheme for all the flowers. I am new to dried flowers so I'm trying to keep them from breaking. These are gorgeous! Will be buying again from this seller. Thank you.

👤Just as advertised. These are bright in color but not crazy.

👤It took me a while to buy it, but I ended up getting the good one, it smells great. It is easy to cut to use. You can see that it works in Keychains. Can't wait to make more.

👤It is beautiful. It can be a picture like that. It is smaller than I expected. It says 140 per sheet. I counted and it didn't look like it had the correct number.

👤The flowers are pretty when they are in the package. They have been painted. They are not natural in that they rub off when used with a liquid. It was a really big disappointment. I usually don't leave reviews, but my disappointment was too big. I have worked with dried flowers before and they are very fragile. They don't break. Unless it is to look at them in the packaging, I don't recommend.

👤The flowers were beautiful and came under 5 days. Thank you so much!

👤The dried flowers are great. When working with fragile people, use tweezers. The quality, diversity, and quantity you get is very good. Will definitely be ordering in the future.

8. DearHouse Artificial Hydrangea Decoration Multicolor

DearHouse Artificial Hydrangea Decoration Multicolor

Each flower bouquet has 7 heads. You can use these silk flowers to make many lovely bouquets for your personal decor. Artificial flowers are bright and natural looking. Artificial peonies are suitable for Home, Table, Wedding, Party, Meeting Room décor. Wherever you want. The material is made of silk cloth, plastic pole, flower middle wire rod, and can be bent shape or prune, no worry about the bended branches caused by transport. The bouquet is high. The measurement is Approx.11.42 inches / 29 cm. It's perfect for your home, wedding, office, party, garden, coffee shop and other places. This color is great for vintage theme and vintage style dried flowers. Center pieces and floral letter decor make a nice added touch to any decor.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The flowers are great. Exactly what I was looking for. They are the right size.

👤The flowers are pretty. I ordered a multi color. I took a star Bc. I believe they are worth $1 a flower tops. I didn't pay attention to the description that the blooms are 2”x2” smaller than expected. They look great in a jar. I would get another bunch if they went down.

👤They look great on my dining room table and help pull the blues together in the room. I added water to my vase and some real greenery that I got in November and they look real. Nobody would know they were fake. Once the greens die off, I will be adding fake babysbreath or eucalyptus to the vase. They add warmth to the table and are a great value.

👤These are adorable. I used them in an arrangement outside, but my patio furniture was already Texas A&M maroon, and my apartment complex decided to paint my front door lavender purple. Do those colors clash? It's funny. The goal of the flower arrangement was to bring the two colors together as well as cover up a spot on my miniblinds that my cat breaks when sunbathing. Some small maroon roses, some small mauve roses, and some small ivory roses were part of the arrangement. The colors won't fade in the sun after I sprayed the whole thing. It turned out great. I'm very pleased with these, they fluff up nicely. They look like mini truffula trees.

👤I like it! My daughter's 16th birthday dinner was held in the center piece. They looked real. They received a lot of praise. I will recommend them.

👤These are gorgeous. I would give five stars, but only if we get two bundles because they are smaller than expected.

👤They seem to be of great quality. The petals are very densely packed and it doesn't feel cheap. I will say that I didn't pay attention to the size, and that's on me. If you picture them larger based on the size of the ad, they will be. They are gorgeous. I bought 3 more packages to cover the size gap and I am so happy with their look. The little balls were perfect. I sent the link to my friends.

👤I found a set of jars that I wanted to use to display flowers. The ones at Michael's seemed expensive so I went to Amazon. These were well priced and came with enough to distribute amongst the 6 jars. They were smaller than I anticipated. I would suggest ordering more than one pack. The stems were flexible to fit any shape you needed. The flowers were sturdy and would hold up. I had to buy another set of flowers in order to adequately fill all 6 jars because they looked pretty with the baby's breath.

9. Juvale Rose Flower Heads Decorations

Juvale Rose Flower Heads Decorations

Use the artificial flowers to create custom flower arrangements for a baby shower, wedding reception, or birthday party. The silk flower heads do not have stems attached, so they do not have to worry about maintenance. Their faux roses are made of soft material and the vibrant color will instantly add elegance to your party decorations, cake decorating, or home plants wall backdrop decor. The perfect size is 3 x 1.25 x 3 inches, and can be used to attach the blue flowers to vases, candle holders, or foam. You will receive 100 artificial flower heads for crafts.

Brand: Juvale

👤I made a rose background wall. It turned out great. They were the perfect size.

👤I worked on a craft for my niece and bought this. These were amazing. I bought the light pink and white 100 packs because I have more to make. Definitely ordering more. I made more frames with these roses as you can see on the added pics. I am getting orders for more of them. Can't wait for more colors to be added.

👤I used these roses to make my costume. I used every single one of the roses. They are soft to the touch.

👤I was skeptical about buying these after reading bad reviews. Many people said they received less fat than 100 or that they smelled bad. I took pictures to prove that I got the 100 count that was promised. They have a slight smell of foam/plastic, which is what they're made out of. They look good to me. The quality is very good. I believe that 3 of the 100 I received have a small hole in one of the outer flower petals. It's not noticable. 10/10 would buy again. I think I'm going to buy more right now. They're light weight and love a big heart shape on the wall. It's easy to do with no damage to the wall.

👤Beautiful roses. I ordered three bags and only two of them had 100 roses in them. My event is in two days, so I am extremely frustrated by this.

👤I ordered the flowers after reading the great reviews on here. There is a They are a very pretty blue that is vibrant but not turquoise or a deep blue color, which is exactly what I was looking for. They are cheaper than other artificial roses I have ordered before, they are not too small or large, and they are realistic looking. I like the flowers for the price and will be ordering again in the future.

👤The smell was like someone smoked a carton of cigarettes near them. Each flower had a patch that looked almost like a melted fingerprint. I may have gotten a bad one. I would look elsewhere for your flowers.

👤A beautiful white rose! It's perfect for a main attraction or a flower. I used these in addition to other flowers for a luncheon engagement. I needed a lot of flowers for 20 arrangements. Will order again.

👤There are no wires on roses. I had to order wire to attach heads. The product looks good, it arrived quickly.

👤The table was used for the event with mirrors and candles.

👤I wanted to make my own decorations. They are a good size and quality. They are foam and don't fall in the packaging. I have nothing bad to say about them.

👤Very pretty. I was looking for them to be used for wedding decorations. Quality and feel great.

10. Kids Origami Paper Folding Kit

Kids Origami Paper Folding Kit

The fake bushes are packed tightly for shipping and should be stretched out to get the best look. There are 30 flower projects that you need to create. There are 100 pieces of paper, 30 buttons and jewels, and 20 bendable stems. The instructions book is for beginners to advanced. There is fun activity. These easy to use sets are great for hours of fun at a birthday party or children's camp. A great gift. Adults and kids alike will enjoy crafting art flower sets.

Brand: Pinwheel Crafts

👤It is a gift. I haven't opened it. It looks nice. I bought this for a boy that does paper work and thought he would like it. The maker calls it for girls. I don't know if I should give it to him now. I am trying to figure out how to cover up for girls.

👤My daughter and I were waiting for this. The instructions in the book are very bad. It is vague and often seems like it is impossible to fit it within 10 steps. I wouldn't take it if someone gave it to me for a dollar.

👤The instructions will make you scratch your head. I found it more useful to just watch the instructions. They are charging you for small squares of thin paper and instructions in Chinese. Buy some nice paper and watch it on the internet. We are sick of companies treating us badly. Shut it down.

👤I was not happy with the thickness of the papers. If you had experience with this, it was easy, but if you are a beginner, I wouldn't recommend this kit. Even with the easy creations of flowers, it was very challenging.

👤The pictures and instructions are not good. If you want to make something, go to the internet. It is a million times easier. The paper is very thin. Really disappointing. If you can follow the instructions in the review, then you should buy the kit.

👤The kit came with everything that was in the description. The box was roughed up, but there was nothing missing. Even though I made three paper flowers for children, I was pretty proud to have accomplished what I did.

👤This was too much for my 10 year old who loves arts and crafts. I couldn't figure it out when I sat down with her. The paper was hard to understand.

👤My daughter got this for her birthday, and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to work on. Both of us found the instructions hard to follow. Many of the fold lines are unclear and it seems like it lacks details about the folds or steps. After trying a few activities, we were both frustrated and not having fun anymore. The instructions were poorly executed, but I like the idea of this.

11. Artificial Greenery Resistant Lifelike Farmhouse

Artificial Greenery Resistant Lifelike Farmhouse

Each bundle has 7 leaves. There are 6 bundles of artificial morning glory shrubs in this package. A pack of fake plants is needed to fill a square foot. The vibrant color of this lush artificial greenery bush can make your home look brighter and bring you a piece of the great nature. The artificial flower shrub is made of plastic and will not be damaged by the sun heat. It can be placed in many places. If you place the dust outdoors, the rain will wash it away. The fake bushes are packed tightly for shipping and should be stretched out to get the best look.

Brand: Rinlong

👤The sausage was wrapped in tons of plastic. The smell of plastic was overwhelming when it was finally unwrapped. I threw it out before I thought about getting a refund. I bought this for my home.

👤These are pretty in person and I was able to complete the look I was trying to accomplish. I put these with "Walnut Home Hanging Leaves 6Pcs Vine Garland Eucalyptus" The UNSPSC Code is 52140000" and it has the word "Fycooler Artificial Hanging vine,Faux Vines Ivy leaves outdoor fake hanging plants." The UNSPSC Code is 52140000). People think these are real and want to know where I got them. There is a The flower are easy to come off of a vine. I hot-glued the flower buds onto the stems. The flower petals won't fly off when we have windy Michigan days.

👤There were 6 stalks in the package. The pot was wide at the top. I used 3 stalks in each pot. The colors will work above the cabinets. I like how this plant looks. I think it is a great value.

👤I have a spot in my home where I wanted to keep greenery, but because of low light, I was able to keep any plants alive there. I decided to go for fake greenery that was easy to clean and add some style. If the color was a gross chartreuse or the amount of greenery was sparse, it would not work. I decided to give them a try after looking here. They worked well for the space where I am keeping them and filled it nicely at a great price. The color is pleasant. I am not giving 5 stars because there is no one on the planet who would look at these and think they are real.

👤The sun kills all sun loving plants in this area of my yard so I decided to take the artificial route while trying to improve this area. These had a powdery dust on them. I used them for outdoors, so I didn't care much. I only used a single quantity for both baskets. I used Spanish moss to fill in the blank spots. I will be ordering another bundle to fill it. I'm happy with it.

👤Absolutely wouldn't buy again. They are small and don't look real, they are fluffed at picture, and they don't look real after working on them for a while.

👤I usually get my artificial flowers from another vendor when they are half price. I didn't see that window. I ordered them from Amazon. I should have paid more attention to the measurements because they are tiny compared to the flowers I usually get. I will be able to use the flowers from two orders in the same urn. I use 4-5.

👤This doesn't look like a picture. I didn't return it because it's just orange leaves and only 4 small strands are included.


What is the best product for decorative flowers for crafts?

Decorative flowers for crafts products from Fake Flower Heads In Bulk Wholesale. In this article about decorative flowers for crafts you can see why people choose the product. Haawooky and Supla are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative flowers for crafts.

What are the best brands for decorative flowers for crafts?

Fake Flower Heads In Bulk Wholesale, Haawooky and Supla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative flowers for crafts. Find the detail in this article. Feilix, Higfra and Omuygdd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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