Best Decorative Flowers In Vase for Home Decor

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1. Sunm Boutique Branches Artificial Arrangements

Sunm Boutique Branches Artificial Arrangements

Home foreclosures. The golden dried wheat is great for home decoration. No matter what season you are in, feel the autumn atmosphere. This artificial cherry blossom is made of silk. The shape of flowers is very natural. The silk cherry blossom branches have a unique design. The cherry blossom petals are very strong. The natural form of flowers is beautiful. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Artificial cherry blossom flower can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration. You can make your own Christmas wreath, craft projects, or any other items. Size information is available. The flower diameter is about 0.9 and the blossom size is 39". The artificial cherry blossom is sold in sets. After the service. Due to the light and screen, slight color difference should be acceptable. Feel free to contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Sunm Boutique

👤They are very delicate. I can't put them back on because some of the flowers broke off when I took them out of the packaging. I fluffed them up. It was only 4 pieces.

👤This didn't do it for me because I love faux flowers. The package wasn't the best, but it may have been the color choice. The stems were stuffed into a bag and it was difficult to stretch them out. It wasn't worth it for only 3 stems and a full fill of a standard vase, but you need alot of these. Even though I didn't get the full amount back, I did return them.

👤Amo unas flores son caras, pero pienso, pero nunca pasan de moda, es perfecto para ponerlas.

👤It was difficult to pick because there were so many options for cherry blossoms on Amazon. I wanted my vase to be full so I bought 6 stems. I was glad I did as the 3 looked very empty. The stems are decent quality, but I had a small crack after bending and adjusting them. There were flowers all over the place. It took a few minutes to adjust them how I wanted.

👤I was looking for a nice cherry blossom at a reasonable price. The quality of them and the amount of food they contain was amazing. I was not sure how many stems I would need to get the look I was after. I put them in a large jar and only have one pack of stems. I love them!

👤These are pretty and have a good number of blooms.

👤I was not sure about the price, but these are gorgeous. I don't think Michaels is as nice. There are some similarities but nothing as durable as a full looking car. Very happy!

👤The flowers look realistic. I like the way they droop in the vase. The stems are purple in colour, which is un-natural, and you can see in the photo how unnatural they look. I am very pleased with the price and will be ordering more.

👤Excellent customer service and a lovely product.

2. Nearly Natural 4689 Arrangement Assorted

Nearly Natural 4689 Arrangement Assorted

Nothing says "WOW" quite like this arrangement. This arrangement features several distinct blooms in varying stages of maturity and is both eclectic and bold. The arrangement is 10” high and has a glass vase with liquid illusion. "looks so real, they're Nearly Natural!" Nearly Natural is the first artificial floral company to hire head designers with years of experience in the live plant industry. They source products that have a sound and in-depth knowledge of their industry. Nature. Product dimensions are 10 in. W x 10 in. D x 10 in. The planter/vee dimensions are 3.5 in. The planter/vase's bottom measurement is the furthest flower or leaf on the arrangement. The width dimensions are calculated from the furthest away. No maintenance is required. Clean with a soft dry cloth. There are different stages of maturity. The artificial water is in a glass vase. It's sure to make any room brighter.

Brand: Nearly Natural

👤I was so anxious to get this arrangement because I had seen someone else do it and the pictures of Amazon looked gorgeous. I liked the pictures in the Nearly Natural magazine ad. When I saw the small bouquet, I was very disappointed. The peonies have been crushed together for a long time and it is difficult to shape them up. The water is not even an inch. I've never seen anything like that before. I would have liked to have read the reviews before buying this product. I saw what I saw in my own delivery. I would return it if I wasn't so annoyed with how much trouble it would be to return. I don't recommend this product. I won't be buying it again. I'm wary of buying any more artificial flowers from this company.

👤I added my personal touch to this arremand and hope you liked it.

👤The item is not worth the money. When I put it back into the vase it doesn't stay in place, it topples over! The water is brown and looks like it has some kind of ferment. I am very disappointed.

👤When it first came out, they looked real. The glass was filthy, low grade, and the flowers were cheap, but the glass was clean.

👤There is a great selection of flowers. You can bend the flower stems to get the look you want if you have an artistic eye. I bent the red berries for a center placement and bent the rose buds for a free flowing flow. It makes a delicate statement in the room. Adding clear glass plant stones on the top of the water line is anywayanydayd if you feel it doesn't have enough water in the bottom.

👤Holy cow. What is the problem with this product? I ordered mine and a bouquet of peonies in case I had to fill in as many claimed to have to do. I found this item on each of the other websites. The price went from a high of $68 to a low of $48. I have bought silks from top companies for many years. There were rubber pieces in the way of decoration, but they were not objectionable and would be easily removed. I only saw 3 of the small twigs. I left them. I'm pretty sure each piece is put together by hand, so no two pieces are ever going to be the same, even if they are placed in the exact same way. I would have paid $68 for the one I got, no problem at all. I used the peonies at the far right of the arrangement. The berries at that end were not as thick as shown in the photo. Did I need to add more flowers? No. I did it because I had it. I'm not sure if I'm going to take the flower out. The size is perfect and I'm using it on my mantel. Not overpowering or too small. I would have found a better piece if I had gone to a local store and ordered a custom made piece. If this was cheap looking or fake looking, I wouldn't put it in a $300,000 home. I want to be proud of what I put in my home. I am proud of the arrangement I got. I looked at the one that was sent. I'm not sure what a few people are complaining about. One reviewer said it was worth less than $10. Most singe stems of silks in Florida are $6 and up. I really like this piece. It is beautiful.

3. Cocoboo Artificial Sunflower Plastic Centerpieces

Cocoboo Artificial Sunflower Plastic Centerpieces

The fake tulips flowers are easy to carry and clean, they feel like real flowers, and can be used for several years. The package has 2 artificial sunflowers with white plastic pots. The overall height of the pot is 9 and the size of the flowerpot is 3.1" H X 3.1" in diameter. The potted plant has a large sunflower, a medium sunflower, 3 small flower buds, and various decorative grasses. The artificial plants will not fade. You don't need maintenance. They can stay in a state of being all year round. They are the best choice for decorating windowsills, bookshelves, tables, offices, bedroom and yard.

Brand: Cocoboo

👤I presentan el producto pido 1x 2 unidades en el caso de los girasoles. No lo aceptan. en. I todos los pedidos. No necesito. No. I gustan lo, pero un artculos de madera, un artculos de metlica, no es utility.

👤My daughter sent me the link and I bought these for her. So disappointed. I don't think she knew what she was getting into.

👤The photo is very cute in my guest bathroom.

👤Nice colors. It's a great way to add a splash of color to a room. That was expected. White pot is simple and nice. There were no problems with the product.

👤I put them in the bathroom. I think they are smaller than I thought.

👤I loved the color, size, etc. It's perfect for my decor.

👤Excellent quality and very cute. Such a good deal. Buy it now!

👤They were perfect for what I like.

4. Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

The small potted plant is an upgraded version. The potted plant has more branches. Artificial Plants for Home Decor Indoor boast a realistic look, vibrant color, and everlasting beauty. The fake plants look great in your guest room or living room. Their artificial plant will give you a hint of green to lift your mood. These fake plants decor are high quality. Place this fake plant next to your statement pieces to complement their beauty. These artificial plants are made from plastic. You can use the fake plants as a potted desk plant in your office or as a fake hanging plant outside. The fake hanging plants' stem and leaves are sturdy and won't degrade under harsh weather. Even though the fake plants are displayed for a long time, they maintain their shape. Use artificial plants as fake plants in the bathroom and bedroom. There are fake pothos artificial hanging plants. The large fake plant is better to keep than the real ones. The faux plants indoors won't make you sick. Their fake plants are easy to take care of. You can keep the artificial plants for home decor indoors in pristine, display-worthy condition by doing occasional wiping and dusting. Small fake plants are ideal for deocrative plants in tight spaces. Imagine how their plants give life to a dull room. The faux plants look good with your decor. You can display the small plants next to the more modern decorations. Other customers use artificial plants to make empty spaces look nicer. The fake plants come with a white pot. The faux plants' pots feature a minimalist style, which allows their fake plant decor to suit almost all types of theme and color schemes. Their faux plant will give your room a sense of life and color. Artificial plants can be used as fake plants for bedroom aesthetic or office plants for desk.

Brand: Forever Leaf

👤The plant looks real. I have been looking for an artificial plant that looks realistic and this one definitely fits the bill. The black pot it comes in is nice quality and has a good weight to it so the plant won't easily tip over. I used this in my son's room. I will be moving it around because it can go anywhere in the house. The leaves are green and look realistic. It is lush and not sparse as I have seen with others. If you don't have a green thumb or are a busy mom that forgets to water plants like me, this is for you. Definitely recommend.

👤Wow! I am new to faux. I am in love! I have never seen a plant like that before. Make it your own. I am not at a lot but I am excited to put this in our place. I don't have to worry about it dying. It is a faux-ever. It's seriously, tho. So great!

👤I like the look of plants and bright greenery in my house, but I am not the best at growing plants. My problem is solved by having this realistic faux plant on my shelves. The shape of the leaves makes them look like they are growing up out of the pot. The pot is sleek and beautiful and it can adapt to any decor style. This product is very good.

👤The pot is plain and the plant is a bit bigger than expected. They are a package deal, as the plant/gravel fill is glue into the pot. This was found out the hard way. I liked this fake plant better than any of the others I've seen, because a friend asked for it and I was happy to oblige. I thought I was buying a plant and a gold pot when I bought it. The plant was already put in there. I had to use a hammer to get the plant out of the pot. The pebbles on top were too wide to fit in. I chiseled the rocks to a small area that would fit in the other pot. I think it was pretty nice in the end. Just know that a re-pot of this bad boy is going to take time and effort. The leaves were creased in places when unboxed, but I hope that fades over time, as my friend hasn't mentioned it.

👤This plant is so easy to manipulate that I love it! It looks cute and has a real look to it. It will be backlit! I used it in my kitchen because it lacks natural light in my apartment. It looks great!

👤There was an issue of having to be very precise with watering when I was looking for a fake plant to mask the real one. The plant does a great job of making the devices look softer. It blends very well next to real plans.

👤The plant is gorgeous. I don't have a green thumb so this adds a fresh look to my decor without the guilt of losing another plant. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this plant 1000%.

5. Artificial Succulent Concrete Cement Beautiful

Artificial Succulent Concrete Cement Beautiful

Small faux plants in gorgeous pots are their specialty. This decorative faux Succulent looks and feels real. The farmhouse potted Succulent in rustic pots add elegance to any home decor. Their faux plants are 7.5" high and 4.5" wide, which makes them perfect for window sill decor, bathroom decor, dorm decor, bedroom decor or office desk decor. A faux potted plant is a great gift for mom, or a perfect house warming present. Save time. The fake succulent is easy to maintain. No watering, no fertilising. Save money. Artificial plants last a long time. Replacing plants is no longer possible. 100% happiness guarantee. If you don't like your potted plant, please contact them and they will make it for you.

Brand: Kurrajong Farmhouse

👤It was nice. I will send it back for the plant I ordered. The whole thing feels solid. The plant was a little crooked and the pot was a little crooked, which I didn't like. I would have tried to get the plant to move towards the middle if I had kept the one sent to me. An extra foot pad on the bottom would level it out.

👤I purchased another plant from the same company and was very pleased with it. Did not miss a beat! It brings life to our living space. This is perfect because you don't have a green thumb.

👤I bought three different faux plants to decorate my apartment and they are great. You don't have to worry about watering or having them die on you because you don't have a green thumb. Good product.

👤I bought two and am so happy I did. They add a touch of class to my bathroom.

👤This is a beautiful imitation succulent. There is a The cement pot is high quality. The pot has a lovely greige color. I have a gray and white kitchen.

👤I wanted to scatter them around the house for decoration. I received the same plant in each of the pots. I was hoping for a variety of pots. That's what the photo showed. The product is really great. I wish they would have sent the assortment.

👤I received an artificial Succulent plant in a concrete pot and I am very pleased with it. I have a few faux plants, but this one looks more real than any of them. I will be purchasing some of the other styles as well.

👤The plant was packaged well. The white/gray pot it sits in is very modern. The foliage is realistic. The size is much smaller than I was expecting. I was disappointed when I had it in my hands, even though I was given dimensions when I purchased it. The product would be worth it if it was around 15 dollars.

6. LESEN Farmhouse Decorative Artificial Lavender

LESEN Farmhouse Decorative Artificial Lavender

Farmhouse Decor Design has a vintage off white milk can vase. The coffee tables and the dining table have attractive rustic flower centerpiece decor. You can add some farmhouse rustic charm by displaying the bouquet on your bookshelf. The paint finish on the metal vase is shabby chic and gives it a vintage feel. The artificial lavender is made from plastic flowers and leaves, which will last over the years, no watering and no trimming needed, just have more fun. This retro farm house vase decor with its vibrant, lush lavender flowers will make a lovely addition to any room in your home or office. The Farmhouse kitchen or dining room table is a great centerpiece. The lavender arrangement adds charm and beauty to your entry hall, guest bedroom, covered patio, room divider, fireplace mantel, screened in porch. The metal can vase rustic finish is eye-catching and durable. This metal vase with flower is perfect for country themed weddings and reception decorations, as well as housewarming gifts, country homes, hostess, wedding and get well gifts. The package contains a metal milk vase and artificial lavender. The vase is 7.5"H x 4.1"W. This Milk Can is only used for decorative purposes. They don't recommend it for holding water.

Brand: Lesen

👤I bought the napkin from the Lesen holder. I wanted something else with it. I found a lavender plant when I looked up more Lesen farmhouse decor. I like it. The kitchen table has a great center piece.

👤This is a nice arrangement. It had a strange smell. I put it outside for a day and the smell has gone away. I used it in my bathroom.

👤The paint is not that great and this is the only problem. The can might need to be re- sprayed. It scratches easily.

👤It looks real the flowers have to be touched to know they are not. Definitely worth the money.

👤Contenta y conforme. It's a bello!

👤I was looking for a more rustic type of floral thing and this fit the bill.

👤This is pretty in person. I need a touch of color in my living room.

👤The color is bright. I put fish rock in the bottom of my vase so it wouldn't blow over on my porch.

👤No pesa nada, creo, romper con gran facilidad. Se ve igual, en la publicacin y los ramilletes de levanda. Y frondosos. No tienes, no quiesta.

👤Tiene bastantes ramitas. Y luce tal, se ve en la imagen del venta. The tipo de decoracin is Vale la pena.

👤A doc para "FarmHouse Decor".

7. Dahlia Studios Orchid Flowers Ceramic

Dahlia Studios Orchid Flowers Ceramic

The planter is made with quality faux silk. 9” wide x 4” deep x 10” tall. For both indoor and outdoor use. The high is 5 1/2 feet wide and 5 1/2 feet deep. The weight is 1.27 lbs. There is a fake artifical flower arrangement with flowers and greenery. A floral design adds a bright color to your decor all year round. The brand is from the Dahlia Studios. The flowers are made from nylon, plastic, and iron wire. The arrangement is in a pot.

Brand: Dahlia Studios

👤For around $25, this far surpassed my expectations. Was it flawless? No. I had to remove a lot of glue strings and some dried glue. There were fingerprints all over the vessel. There are places where the dried moss was skimpy and there was a hole in the packaging to make sure the arrangement didn't get smooshed in transit. I removed strings and glue, polishing the vessel, adding a little moss, and adjusting the stems and leaves. Wow! I'm impressed. The roots look real and there is variation in the greens of the leaves. The petals have small lines in them. I think it looks good. Are you going to fool someone who knows orchids or someone who does a close-up inspection? Absolutely not. I think this is an excellent substitute for people who aren't great at growing things or people who want to improve an area that doesn't get enough natural light. It works for me in my entryway. I would recommend it. It's not quite ready in the box, so maybe not as a gift.

👤I loved it, they looked natural and were well packed.

👤Absolutely stunning orchid, well packaged and great quality.

👤This arrangement is beautiful and correct. The orchids are made of great quality and the gold is a nice subtle shade. The measurements are perfect.

👤Don't think this could have been made for less. The arrangement was even worse. Lamps Plus carries a terrible item. Don't buy it under any circumstances, because there wasn't a "less than"!

👤I was excited to get this plant because of all the great reviews, but when I looked at the box, there was a warning label stating that it can expose you to harmful chemicals, which is known to cause cancer and birth defects. Why would I keep it? :/ I wish I had seen the warning before I bought it because now I have to pay a $9 shipping fee.

👤The orchid was delivered in perfect condition and even more beautiful than the picture shows. I love it! The gold pot is the perfect shade of decor. It is a perfect hight. I recommend 1000%.

👤This is beautiful. I would buy it again. The gold pot is pretty. The plant has enough body to look full. It looks real until you look closely. It would look great in an office or a part of your home.

8. HeartButterfly Craze Purple Arrangements Lavender

HeartButterfly Craze Purple Arrangements Lavender

There are flowers that are fully and soft. I like you as a symbol of noble and elegant. It can be a great gift for your loved ones at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. The purple faux silk flowers in wooden bucket pots are rustic and timeless as the French countryside. They're a great way to liven up the table in your farmhouse kitchen or at an outdoor party. Artificial plants and fake flowers are perfect for decorating any room in your home. These faux lavender plants with realistic flowers will add a splash of color and rustic charm to your entryway, office, mantelpiece, kitchen countertop or bathroom shelf. The faux lavender plants in wooden bucket pots are so realistic that your guests will have to touch them in order to realize they're not the real thing. They're beautiful for indoors and sturdy enough to serve as decoration for a patio party or outdoor wedding. These artificial floral arrangements in white wooden planters are made from premium materials and are vibrant in purple and green. They're a lovely addition to your garden or patio design. The faux lavender plants from Butterfly Craze come in a set of two. Each faux silk floral arrangement in a wooden planter pot is 6 feet wide and 9 feet tall and comes with a rope handle for easy hanging from hooks, vines or trees.

Brand: Butterfly Craze

👤There is a cheap looking twine rope on both sides of the planter with a wooden handle. This is hidden behind the planters. The measurement is given as 12” x 10” x 4... The buyer assumes each planter is either 12” or 10” wide and either 12” or 10” tall. This isn't the case. Unless you place them side by side, the planter is only 4” deep. It was very misleading. The twine rope was not what I wanted.

👤I look just like the photo. The text is written in a script. I was wondering if the other photos were nearly as cute as mine. There is a The planter is made of wood, but it must be something else, since it weights hardly anything. The planter is so light it gets knocked over easily. There is a I only gave them 3 stars because they are plastic. "silk" is what the description says. You can see my phone's screen. It says silk. They're not. They are not cheap but they are an acceptable plastic. I'm keeping them where I want them to be. They are not worth $12.50 each. There is a Just so you know...

👤Got them yesterday. mine are about 5" in length and 3.5" in height, but they look gorgeous. The small size looks good. I was looking for more home décor to fill up my living room and this is what I got.

👤I am amazed at the lack of quality control on the items that come to us from China. These silk floral "arrangements" are examples. The lavender is placed in the green foam holder inside the flower "pots". It looks really bad. There are missing letters in the stenciling on one of the flower "pot" holders that are stained with a rust stain. My advice is to look elsewhere for your decor needs. These are not worth what is being charged for them.

👤One of the two for one recipients had their back painted black. I just painted it white. It's fine. I think this is a good purchase. I think adding tulips to the lavender makes a great arrangement. The lavender is plastic, but greenery works for a base. This is a good buy for the money. I am giving away one and keeping the other.

👤They were bent over on the top when I opened the box. The people who box things up may have been in a hurry. The box was not deep enough. I'm trying to get them to look like the picture of them. There is a The picture shows lush greenery spilling out of a full container of delicate blossoms, but mine doesn't look like that, I think they need to be full so you don't see the fake plants sticking out of the Styrofoam. Greenery would help. There is a I love my little faux plants.

👤I was not sure what to expect. They are on the small side, but they are cute. They made for a great party decor for our dining table and then adorned my kitchen. I would buy again. They don't have a fake plant look.

9. NAWEIDA Artificial Eucalyptus Arrangements Decorations

NAWEIDA Artificial Eucalyptus Arrangements Decorations

The bending angle can be adjusted by the branches of the bouquet. The flowers and leaves are made of high quality plastic and are easy to care for. The flower pot is made of ceramic. It is made from high-quality plastic and is more realistic than other artificial plants. They will not need maintenance or care. Artificial potted plants bring green life and freshness to your living space. It can be used as decorations for furniture. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in a lot of places such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, bookshelf, entrance hall and so on.

Brand: Naweida

👤I attached a picture comparison with an old favorite, Morton salt, because I saw many people confused about the size of the flowers. I hope this helps. I really like these little flowers and have gotten a lot of praise from my friends. I don't think they're cheap, but if you look at them inside a room as part of the decoration, it's very nice and bright. The attached picture shows them as advertised.

👤It's a cute little thing. It was perfect for my laundry room window. Its small but cute. I will definitely order more of this. I would like to see them make a bigger size.

👤The flower base is beautiful. It's perfect to compliment my decor.

👤I guess you get what you pay for. The artificial plant was wrapped in a pool noodle and does not look like it. The item is back.

👤The greenery looks great in the area of my intended purpose, even though it is not as full as shown in the photo.

👤I like pink flowers in my bedroom, but I don't like spending money on real ones. I decided to spend a little bit of money on something that would last and I am so grateful that I found these. When my friends come over, I get a compliment on them. We agree that they look real. They add a bit of cheerfulness to my room. If I knew that my friend was looking for something similar, I would buy them again or give them a gift.

👤White roses looked fake so I pulled them out.

👤This was much smaller than expected and not like the ad. I was expecting a bigger size. On the fence, thinking of returning for something else. If you're looking for something bigger, look elsewhere and don't be fooled by this floral arrangement.

👤It's a little smaller than I thought, but I like it! It was bought to make a room brighter. I think flowers make a space feel better. I can't keep plants alive. These are an amazing alternative. They were well packaged and I love them.

👤It is value for money. I have a new shower room.

👤It looked amazing in the picture. The flowers are cheap. It is ok from a distance. I got it for my kitchen counter. Does the trick.

👤Schnes Dekostck is a gute Verarbeitung.

10. Phoenix Décor Dried Pampas Grass

Phoenix D%C3%A9cor Dried Pampas Grass

Also, note: The leaves have white powders on them. These details are careful to make them look like real tree branches. It's a good idea to make your space look natural. Please email them if you have any questions. Phoenix dried peonies are premium quality, naturally dried and hand picked. The pampas grass decor is perfect for decorating a home or office. The décor will bring the warmth and beauty of nature to your living space. The large pampas grass can be used in a combination with other fall artificial flowers. The dried parsley grass is 45 cm in length and has between 20 and 35 cm of feathers. The tall pampas grass is great for being placed in a vase or twig wreath. You can either enjoy the stems as a large or small pampas grass branch. Care and maintenance are included. The Phoenix Decor natural pampas grass is Eco friendly. It is not unusual for pampas grass to be submerged in a vase. You can place the dried grass under the sun for 4 to 5 hours to make the flower. You can use hair spray to stop the pampas grass large feathers from dropping while handling them and using them for decoration.

Brand: Phoenix Decor

👤I was struck by how well packaged the grass was. The grass was wrapped in clear cellophane inside a heavy duty cardboard cylinder. It looked different when I took it out of the bag. It is recommended to put the grass in the sun for a few hours to open fully. Yes, I did do this, and it puffed out. It doesn't look like any grass I'm familiar with, so maybe I should have done more research. I started sneezing when it began to shed so much. Maybe I'm allergic to it. It reminds me of an animal's tale and is kind of furry. It was definitely a bad choice for me. I put it back into the cylinder and it is being returned. It is a product from China and I was not happy to see that. My husband thought it looked weird.

👤There's no way to get out of the plastic wrap, but they arrived undamaged and looked exactly how they were shown.

👤The sheds are smaller than expected, but otherwise are pretty. If you plan on setting it in a place where it won't shift often, you should purchase.

👤The sunlight helps with a nice awakening, but it's a little too sheddy.

👤These brushes work well for additions to desks or shelves. They grew better in the sun after coming in a nice tube. It's great for smaller areas.

👤Thanks for the idea to put them in the sun.

👤It was expected to be longer.

11. Nisoger Artificial Decorative Centerpiece Decoration

Nisoger Artificial Decorative Centerpiece Decoration

There are different stages of maturity. The artificial water is in a glass vase. It's sure to make any room brighter. Realistic and elegant. It is suitable for any home or office decoration style. The artificial flower is not boring and brings a different visual experience to your home. There are artificial flowers with a vase. The faux flowers are fixed in a siler vase and cannot be taken out. Perfect decoration for living room, bedroom, dining table, bathroom, office desk, kitchen table, etc. White is a classic color. The most popular colors of this faux flowers in vase are very charming and classic white. Both are classic and timeless. You have the option to decorate your home with your favorite color. The artificial flower in vase is a great gift for family, friends and colleagues. The safety material. There are 4 ECO-friendly silk roses in the silver vase and 4 non-slip sticker mat on the bottom of the vase. The height is from the top of the flower to the bottom of the vase. 2 packs of artificial flower with vase arrive in silver vase. If you're not happy with your artificial flowers in vase, please let them know and they will make it right.

Brand: Nisoger

👤The product was the final touch to my table setting. I love it!

👤Love! This was one of the less expensive ones that I found that was perfect for a mirrored tray and I was so happy I ordered it. The small vase is very shiny and the flowers look realistic.

👤They were purchased to put on a guest bedroom. They arrived quickly and were well packaged. The silver glass base is the only downside to these little bouquets. We heated it, wet it, peeled it, and then used paint thinner to get them off. The stickers were not decorative and should have been easier to remove. It met my expectations for design, quality and appearance.

👤I was excited to receive these but I was disappointed with the quality. The other one had a crooked sticker. The artificial flowers look fake, but from the outside it is not a big deal. The green color is bright. I need to find time to return these because there are not many good Amazon return locations. Very unfortunate!

👤I wanted a great center piece for my dining table and was looking for something sophisticated. There were smudges on many flower petals. The entire piece felt light and not sophisticated, and the base for flower stems was not sturdy enough. I liked nothing such. I don't recommend it, but if it is something you like, then you may as well try it.

👤The dimensions were smaller than I anticipated. I got two faux potted roses from Home Goods a long time ago and they were starting to yellow. These are much smaller than the Home Goods ones, but still very attractive and sturdy. I don't think they will yellow because they aren't made of that material.

👤I love this set of flowers. It was perfect for my cubicle.

👤I don't write a review but these little things are so delicate and beautiful that I want to get another set for my house, they are perfect for any room in the house.

👤The stickers on the outside are difficult to remove. The flowers are pleasant, but I wouldn't buy them again as they are better out there.


What is the best product for decorative flowers in vase for home decor?

Decorative flowers in vase for home decor products from Sunm Boutique. In this article about decorative flowers in vase for home decor you can see why people choose the product. Nearly Natural and Cocoboo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative flowers in vase for home decor.

What are the best brands for decorative flowers in vase for home decor?

Sunm Boutique, Nearly Natural and Cocoboo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative flowers in vase for home decor. Find the detail in this article. Forever Leaf, Kurrajong Farmhouse and Lesen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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