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1. Butterfly Craze Artificial Centerpieces Rectangular

Butterfly Craze Artificial Centerpieces Rectangular

If you're not happy with your artificial flowers in vase, please let them know and they will make it right. The box pot of purple faux silk flowers provides an elegant, contemporary country look, and is Rustic and timeless as the French countryside itself. A simple way to liven up a wedding. Artificial flowers bring a decorative touch to any room. The faux lavender plants are a great centerpiece for the dining room table. Add a splash of color to your space. Natural beauty is brought into your home without the hassle of upkeep with Perfect Gifts. faux silk flowers are free of allergens and require no water or tending. An ideal gift for a new home. Guests will have to touch the faux lavender flowers to tell the difference, it's realistic and versatile. Butterfly Craze's fake flower arrangements are sturdy enough to serve as table decor for an outdoor wedding or patio party. The planter is made with quality faux silk. 9” wide x 4” deep x 10” tall. For both indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Butterfly Craze

👤I am very pleased with the planter and flowers. I expected them to look the same. I took off one star because of the smell. It faded throughout the day, and my husband can't smell it.

👤I got this for a gift of sympathy. There is a The flowers are not good.

👤I was surprised how cheap this product was. I wouldn't have bought this for $5, not to mention the price. You can't shape the flowers to cover the bare areas because they weren't full. Don't spend your money on a product that doesn't work.

👤This arrived as pictured. I bought this for my bay window. This is what I needed to make my window sill look better. It smells like lavender and is very beautiful. I'm very happy!

👤I bought a table to decorate for spring. It looks real even though it is artificial. The size is perfect for my table and the box it comes in is perfect for my taste.

👤It looked better in the picture. I love the box, but there's a sterop home with lavender stuck in it. I can use moss to cover that. I like it. I overpaid.

👤I have shades of purple in my bedroom and this arrangement pulls it all together. It is on a table under the window. It is elegant but not very fancy.

👤I needed an accent in my kitchen and the perfect length, width and height was perfect. It would be a great gift for the spring.

👤Les fleurs ne brille pas. L'air vrai! C'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup, et c'est beaucoup J'ai moins vert gazon... The article was transparent and it was pleine de stryromousse.

2. Putuo Decor Distressed Decorative Centerpieces

Putuo Decor Distressed Decorative Centerpieces

The dimensions are 11 H x 6 Diameter. There is a white milk can. A white vase made of superior quality STAINLESS steel is eye-catching and durable. Measures 7.9 The top diameter is 4.1 and the base diameter is 4.7. It's perfect for fresh flower arrangements as well as silk or dried floral. As containers, pot-pourri containers, utensil containers, and even empty as a centerpiece. A great gift idea. The perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. The vase will be in good condition if you package it in cartons.

Brand: Putuo Decor

👤Absolutely perfect vases. I bought 2. They are metal and will get cold very quickly if you do more. It's a great piece for your country or cottage design.

👤Cute and metal. I have a cat that is the worst ever. This is the new holder for my wooden utensils. It is a lovely addition to any country kitchen.

👤I love this milk can, but it is not white, I don't know if it's me, or I don't know my colors, and other people are saying that it's white, which is false. Color coding research needs to be done.

👤Nice color and study.

👤The milk can is better than expected. I've bought similar items before that said "does not hold water". This one actually holds water. It is metal, probably a type of metal called s235, that has been painted not a bright optical white, but a slightly creamy white with a chippy, distressed finish on the top and the handles. My photos show that it can be used as a flower vase or a kitchen utensil holder. The item is 7 3/4" high. The neck of the milk can is 2 3/4" wide. The can is 15 inches in diameter. It is on a flat surface. The shabby chic or farmhouse style of the decor would make this milk can look great. I would recommend it to people who like those looks. It is a 5 star item.

3. Nearly Natural 4689 Arrangement Assorted

Nearly Natural 4689 Arrangement Assorted

Nothing says "WOW" quite like this arrangement. This arrangement features several distinct blooms in varying stages of maturity and is both eclectic and bold. The arrangement is 10” high and has a glass vase with liquid illusion. "looks so real, they're Nearly Natural!" Nearly Natural is the first artificial floral company to hire head designers with years of experience in the live plant industry. They source products that have a sound and in-depth knowledge of their industry. Nature. Product dimensions are 10 in. W x 10 in. D x 10 in. The planter/vee dimensions are 3.5 in. The planter/vase's bottom measurement is the furthest flower or leaf on the arrangement. The width dimensions are calculated from the furthest away. No maintenance is required. Clean with a soft dry cloth. There are different stages of maturity. The artificial water is in a glass vase. It's sure to make any room brighter.

Brand: Nearly Natural

👤I was so anxious to get this arrangement because I had seen someone else do it and the pictures of Amazon looked gorgeous. I liked the pictures in the Nearly Natural magazine ad. When I saw the small bouquet, I was very disappointed. The peonies have been crushed together for a long time and it is difficult to shape them up. The water is not even an inch. I've never seen anything like that before. I would have liked to have read the reviews before buying this product. I saw what I saw in my own delivery. I would return it if I wasn't so annoyed with how much trouble it would be to return. I don't recommend this product. I won't be buying it again. I'm wary of buying any more artificial flowers from this company.

👤I added my personal touch to this arremand and hope you liked it.

👤The item is not worth the money. When I put it back into the vase it doesn't stay in place, it topples over! The water is brown and looks like it has some kind of ferment. I am very disappointed.

👤When it first came out, they looked real. The glass was filthy, low grade, and the flowers were cheap, but the glass was clean.

👤There is a great selection of flowers. You can bend the flower stems to get the look you want if you have an artistic eye. I bent the red berries for a center placement and bent the rose buds for a free flowing flow. It makes a delicate statement in the room. Adding clear glass plant stones on the top of the water line is anywayanydayd if you feel it doesn't have enough water in the bottom.

👤Holy cow. What is the problem with this product? I ordered mine and a bouquet of peonies in case I had to fill in as many claimed to have to do. I found this item on each of the other websites. The price went from a high of $68 to a low of $48. I have bought silks from top companies for many years. There were rubber pieces in the way of decoration, but they were not objectionable and would be easily removed. I only saw 3 of the small twigs. I left them. I'm pretty sure each piece is put together by hand, so no two pieces are ever going to be the same, even if they are placed in the exact same way. I would have paid $68 for the one I got, no problem at all. I used the peonies at the far right of the arrangement. The berries at that end were not as thick as shown in the photo. Did I need to add more flowers? No. I did it because I had it. I'm not sure if I'm going to take the flower out. The size is perfect and I'm using it on my mantel. Not overpowering or too small. I would have found a better piece if I had gone to a local store and ordered a custom made piece. If this was cheap looking or fake looking, I wouldn't put it in a $300,000 home. I want to be proud of what I put in my home. I am proud of the arrangement I got. I looked at the one that was sent. I'm not sure what a few people are complaining about. One reviewer said it was worth less than $10. Most singe stems of silks in Florida are $6 and up. I really like this piece. It is beautiful.

4. LESING Artificial Flowers Bouquets Decoration

LESING Artificial Flowers Bouquets Decoration

There is a package. There are artificial rose flowers in a vase with a branch of greenery. Artificial silk rose flowers are natural and real-like. Please pay attention to the description and reference the picture. It is possible to arrange it with a ceramic vase by ourselves or a picture. Please contact them if you see color differences between displays. Please contact them if you see color differences between displays.

Brand: Lesing

👤I can tell they are not real, but they are still nice to have. I have a fake plant that I change out for the season, and now I have this one as well. It was cover. They were nice looking. The night was as advertised but still close to the presentation. I think this looks good. The white vase is adorable. It was packaged so it wouldn't break, but it was still wasteful. I'm happy about that! It makes me happy because spring is coming up. It reminds me of warm weather.

👤Is it possible to give it a zero? It smelled terrible and looked terrible. A vase is cute. You can get unarranged flowers at a dollar store. I could have gotten them all for $4. I thought I was getting a professional arrangement. The smell made me throw away. I couldn't leave them on the table.

👤The advertised arrival time was not as advertised. I was able to fix the smashed roses but they could have added at least one or two more flowers for 25.00. I wouldn't buy again.

👤The roses are fake because they are only silk. I am not sure if I would buy it at this price. The vase is adorable. The roses may relax after a while. The combo is nice for fall. I don't know if I'm too critical because I'm not the best at flower arrangement and you can judge for yourself based on my pic. I like the height of it. If used as a centerpiece, it's not too intrusive.

👤The roses were mangled and crushed in the box. There was no way to save them. The yellow accent flowers are plastic. The 99 cent store has better flowers.

👤I bought these for my dining table, and they look nothing like the picture. The flowers were flat. They are not as tall as they are mentioned. The flowers don't open up nicely. You can tell they are not real. I will return this.

👤Beautiful! Looks great. When compared to a picture, it's small.

👤I ordered the red one for my table. They are small for a table. A high of about 12 to 14 inches. Plastic flowers and greens do not look bad. You can see that they're plastic, but from a distance they look normal. The variegated coloring of the plastic makes it seem like they are not plastic. I would order again. It was nice for fake flowers.

👤I wanted this for my mother who is in a retirement home and can't have flowers. The leaves and stems are made of cheap plastic and the flowers have no attempt to make them look like petals. All in all this is a complete waste of time.

👤I always forget to get my wife flowers, so thought these would be a great idea. She's never without, but when they came there was a flat that took away from the sad look of the group.

5. CEWOR Artificial Flowers Festival Champagne Colored

CEWOR Artificial Flowers Festival Champagne Colored

The perfect gift for your friends, lovers, family, and anyone you want to give, this exquisite and rustic dining table centerpiece is unique. If you have any questions or are not satisfied, please contact them. The package includes two bouquets of artificial roses. The total length is about 25 cm and the bouquet is about 18 cm. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The flower stem is made by hand. It's easy to bend. Each bouquet is made of 12 rose flowers and has a high degree of simulation. More leaves, full shape, clear veins, high quality materials, comfortable feel, will not fade, no need to care, are the advantages. It's suitable for weddings, parties, homes, offices and other occasions. It is a good choice for the bride to hold flowers. The two bouquets will have different effects. You should buy it in advance if you are using them for important activities.

Brand: Cewor

👤I ordered the flowers along with the peonies. I have attached a picture of them. The roses are not as large as they could be. I like them a lot more. The vase was made with a $1 glass bottle. You have to use both bouquets for a full look in a smaller vase. I took out a few flowers for a different vase, so my flowers are not as full as they would be otherwise.

👤The roses are beautiful. I would buy them again.

👤The flowers are soft and beautiful. The delivery time worked well for my bridesmaid proposal boxes. I was disappointed by the texture of the flowers, as I was expecting something more silky and realistic, whereas what I received felt like artificial flowers. The stems looked artificial and plastic. The petals would give off more of a real look if they were a little bit more open. The head of the Rose and stem looked a little unfinished because of the stringy glue that was coming from there. I pulled the glue away and it was fine. For what I was using them for, a few things could improve.

👤I bought these for my students. I separated the bundles so that I could give each student a rose. They enjoyed the roses and felt appreciated. You can present the roses in a variety of ways. I had a few students put them in their hair. These are definitely recommended by me. They look great in the bouquet.

👤I don't leave a lot of reviews on Amazon. I had to say something about the roses. They are even more beautiful than the picture shows. The description is accurate for the size. I ordered these to be spray painted black for a Halloween centerpiece, but they are so beautiful I am going to do something else with them. Many times I am disappointed in the quality of items on Amazon, but the same can be said for these. I absolutely adore them.

👤The blooms are pretty. They are not as pink as the photos show. They are bundled into two bunches of 12 roses, each bunch held together by an extremely tight zip-tie. After two weeks, the cinch mark on the plastic stems does not completely disappear. If you are using a colored vase or will not see the stems, this might not matter to you. If you plan to use in a clear vase, be warned. It confirms that they are artificial.

👤The flowers looked bigger than they actually are. Each bunch of roses is 1 dozen. They work for me in my living room. I thought they would be more open. They seem to be coming out of the bud phase. They are ok to keep for minor decorating. It wouldn't be a good idea for a wedding.

👤I placed the flowers in a tub that was rustic. I put the tub in the flowerbeds. We had a bad winter and many of my plants did not make it, so I am replacing them with artificial flowers. You can't tell the difference between the artificial flowers and the live plants. I bought several of them and plan on buying more.

6. YILIYAJIA Artificial Bouquets Decoration Champagne

YILIYAJIA Artificial Bouquets Decoration Champagne

There is a package of artificial rose bouquets, silver dollar eucalyptus and ceramics vase. The bending angle can be adjusted by the branches of the artificial rose bouquet arrangements. Artificial halloween decorations are made of silk. The wire is wrapped with plastic to create the stems. A bunch of artificial flowers and plants are arranged by the picture or yourself. Please pay attention to the description of size.

Brand: Yiliyajia

👤My wife was looking at a $299 artificial flower arrangement. I almost had a stroke. I ordered this after persuading her to wait. It looks lovely after it came. I might get another one for the dinner table. They look like the real thing. Very happy.

👤Wow! This is not normal. The last time we bought it, it came with more flowers and wasn't all smashed and tiny. Please save your time and money and do not buy this, I feel robbed.

👤I bought a set of flowers off of and they were the cheapest looking flower arrangement. I immediately returned it. I was skeptical about buying these. I fell in love with the vase and the $22 is not much, so I can send it back. I am in love with them. They look great in my bedroom.

👤I really like these flowers. A piece for my tv stand. They look good. They are not real when close up. I wish they were a little bit softer. Well packaged. You will need to arrange the flowers in the vase.

👤They are well packaged, they look decent and they have great detail. The fabric and plastic are not of a good quality. I am happy with my purchase and I was expecting it.

👤It was worth the price. These are gorgeous! The color pops in our kitchen. I will definitely be ordering more sets in the future.

👤I own a hair salon with a Rustic theme and have been using fresh flowers, but I was not happy about coming back from Sunday and Monday's off and having dead petals everywhere. These flowers are gorgeous. The pictures do not do justice. The color is Champagne.

👤I have a mix of real and fake flowers around my house, and they look very real once they breathe out of the box. It's perfect for the island in my kitchen.

👤Not at all what the picture shows. Cheap less than dollar store quality.

👤Muy buen producto. There is a Podra ser un poco ms grand.

👤Decoration pour un mariage.

👤It was beautiful but not fragrant.

7. HANIHUA Flowers Decorative Vintage Bottles

HANIHUA Flowers Decorative Vintage Bottles

It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, Weddings or Housewarmings. Quality andERIAL: The vases are made of clear glass. The design of the sides and bottom of the vase is not as strong as an ordinary vase. The round vertical pattern design is a classic design. The vase is more glaring than the general vase and will be very bright in reflecting light. Clear, blue, yellow, green, and grey are available. It is versatile and elegant for a casual or formal setting. Cute for decorating desks, bookshelves, tables, window sills, countertops, kitchen, dining and living room. You will love the 3 glass bud vase set. It can be sent on Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Anniversary Day, Wedding or Housewarming Day to bring joy to them. It is a perfect gift if you fill them with flowers. A set of vases are packed with foam dividers to avoid breakage in transit. If you have a question about the HANIHUA Glass Vases set, please contact them. The price and quality can be purchased with confidence. No risk!

Brand: Hanihua

👤Love! These vases are great for decorating for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. White daisies or any other fresh flowers will look nice in Summer. Had looked around at local craft stores, but could not find clear green vases or pale green vases. These add a pop of color, you can display with your own ribbon, use the brown string included or just leave without a ribbon, they are pretty on their own. The vases are packaged in styrofoam that doesn't make a mess when you take them out, and the glass is thick. Pictures to show size in other decor. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I also got some fake crysanthnum ball flowers on Amazon. There is a cute decoration for 3 places. Sturdy and pretty.

👤My cat knocked it off the ledge.

👤I put flowers on them.

8. Floerve Artificial Branches Decorative Arrangement

Floerve Artificial Branches Decorative Arrangement

The dimensions are 8 H x 3.5 H and 3 H in inches. Each of the 12 plants has 3 branches. They will blend in with any décor. The Curly willow Branch spray has a dark brown color that adds another layer of depth to your arrangements. The brown twigs measure appr. Both are 30 and 20 inches wide. The center of attention will be the branches that are longer or shorter. The fake bendable sticks are made from wire and paper and will give a lift to your décor for months. The flexible branches are perfect for natural décor. The brown curly willow branch is perfect for use in artificial arrangements, wedding bouquets, party decor, event decor, and more.

Brand: Floerve

👤They look great but smell terrible.

👤I was expecting them to show up as shown, but they didn't. I thought I received the wrong item when I saw them. I did not. . You will have to curl the twigs. I took 45 minutes to do it. It's not hard to do. I was a little paranoid about them. They look great, and nothing broke off. I am happy.

👤All I have to say is grab a glass of wine. Put on a movie and start twirling. It turned out well. Gave it a 4 star because I wish it came twirled. It is great except for that. If the thought of twirling all those branches weren't so daunting, I would order another.

👤Cute but short and artificial. Doesn't blend in with other plants.

👤I was surprised by the small packaging when it arrived. It works out perfectly when you spread it out and it's a great replacement for my planter.

👤They are awesome when you spread them out. They bend easily and hold their shape. Would buy again and recommend it.

👤These are a great buy. I think they're a good choice.

👤I keep buying more. It is a great value.

👤I used these branches outside in decorating my urn.

9. Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangements Centerpiece

Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangements Centerpiece

They are the best choice for decorating windowsills, bookshelves, tables, offices, bedroom and yard. FAUX POTTED ORCHID: Their artificial orchid arrangements have three green stems and a thick leave, and are displayed in a silver pot. Green life and freshness can be brought to your living space by fake orchids. PREMIUM MATERIAL The petals of the artificial white orchids are made of high quality micro peach silk, the stamens and leaves are made of plastic and EVA, and the leave and stems are flexible and bendable. It is safe for people who are allergic to flowers. The fake phalaenopsis orchid is a beautiful arrangement made of ceramic pots that make it look stunning. DIMENSIONS The fake white phalaenopsis has a height of 20.8", a height of 16.9", and a flower pot of 5". MAINTENANCE-FREE The fake silk orchids can keep their beauty for a long time, since they never die or fade. You can wipe the fake orchid centerpiece clean with a soft cloth. It is suitable for people who like plants but don't have time to care for them, which will allow your flower arrangements to be fresh forever. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DECOMPOSITION The white orchid plant is in full bloom and brings elegance and magnificence to any space. It is a great decoration for your office, shelf, bathroom, living room, bedroom, window, table, dining room, cabinet, desk, kitchen, foyer, hotel, etc. Its design is simple and realistic.

Brand: Oairse

👤It is a beautiful arrangement that comes in a silver vase. I was surprised that it arrived earlier than I expected. It was small but perfect for the space I needed it to occupy.

👤It is pretty and made great attention to details.

👤I love the faux orchid plant. Very realistic looking.

👤Very pretty arrangement! The vase is nice. Thank you with my purchase!

👤I was looking for silver and this fit the bill.

👤I was looking for a larger size. I'm a happy customer.

👤It looks like pictures. Excellent price would recommend it.

👤Pour mettre sur le coin...c'était trs beau malheureusement.

10. Glass Vase Set Decorative Centerpiece

Glass Vase Set Decorative Centerpiece

All of the vases are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They can help if you reach out to them with any questions. Be original. They can be used with or without flowers. Add character to your room by using a centerpiece or accents. A very original gift. The organic shape combined with the animal print design look stunning. This decorative object is unique. It was created exclusively for Arathemes. The richness of the colors work well when it catches the light. It is beautiful on its own or if adorned with flowers. You can display it together or individually. Be good and recycle. Non-ToXIC material is not toxic. Don't allow children or pets to be in this heirloom. Eco friendly and socially responsible factories. The water is clear and you can wash it by hand. The Amazon customer service guarantee is backed by peace of mind.

Brand: Arthemes

👤I bought a large bookshelf. The cubes were filled nicely by this. So cute.

👤Not broken. Well packed. The product is beautiful. Glad I ordered it.

👤I am giving them away as a gift for my plant thing.

👤The price is great. The glass is nice and heavy. Would purchase again.

👤A decoration on a fireplace mantel.

👤I was ashamed to give it to them.

👤My vases are being used as decor for my bookcase.

11. Nisoger Artificial Decorative Centerpiece Decoration

Nisoger Artificial Decorative Centerpiece Decoration

There are different stages of maturity. The artificial water is in a glass vase. It's sure to make any room brighter. Realistic and elegant. It is suitable for any home or office decoration style. The artificial flower is not boring and brings a different visual experience to your home. There are artificial flowers with a vase. The faux flowers are fixed in a siler vase and cannot be taken out. Perfect decoration for living room, bedroom, dining table, bathroom, office desk, kitchen table, etc. White is a classic color. The most popular colors of this faux flowers in vase are very charming and classic white. Both are classic and timeless. You have the option to decorate your home with your favorite color. The artificial flower in vase is a great gift for family, friends and colleagues. The safety material. There are 4 ECO-friendly silk roses in the silver vase and 4 non-slip sticker mat on the bottom of the vase. The height is from the top of the flower to the bottom of the vase. 2 packs of artificial flower with vase arrive in silver vase. If you're not happy with your artificial flowers in vase, please let them know and they will make it right.

Brand: Nisoger

👤The product was the final touch to my table setting. I love it!

👤Love! This was one of the less expensive ones that I found that was perfect for a mirrored tray and I was so happy I ordered it. The small vase is very shiny and the flowers look realistic.

👤They were purchased to put on a guest bedroom. They arrived quickly and were well packaged. The silver glass base is the only downside to these little bouquets. We heated it, wet it, peeled it, and then used paint thinner to get them off. The stickers were not decorative and should have been easier to remove. It met my expectations for design, quality and appearance.

👤I was excited to receive these but I was disappointed with the quality. The other one had a crooked sticker. The artificial flowers look fake, but from the outside it is not a big deal. The green color is bright. I need to find time to return these because there are not many good Amazon return locations. Very unfortunate!

👤I wanted a great center piece for my dining table and was looking for something sophisticated. There were smudges on many flower petals. The entire piece felt light and not sophisticated, and the base for flower stems was not sturdy enough. I liked nothing such. I don't recommend it, but if it is something you like, then you may as well try it.

👤The dimensions were smaller than I anticipated. I got two faux potted roses from Home Goods a long time ago and they were starting to yellow. These are much smaller than the Home Goods ones, but still very attractive and sturdy. I don't think they will yellow because they aren't made of that material.

👤I love this set of flowers. It was perfect for my cubicle.

👤I don't write a review but these little things are so delicate and beautiful that I want to get another set for my house, they are perfect for any room in the house.

👤The stickers on the outside are difficult to remove. The flowers are pleasant, but I wouldn't buy them again as they are better out there.


What is the best product for decorative flowers in vase?

Decorative flowers in vase products from Butterfly Craze. In this article about decorative flowers in vase you can see why people choose the product. Putuo Decor and Nearly Natural are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative flowers in vase.

What are the best brands for decorative flowers in vase?

Butterfly Craze, Putuo Decor and Nearly Natural are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative flowers in vase. Find the detail in this article. Lesing, Cewor and Yiliyajia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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