Best Decorative Garden Stakes 3ft

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1. MTB Sturdy Duty Fence Post

MTB Sturdy Duty Fence Post

The dresses look up your fence, deck or dock. There are 10 posts in the pack. The post should be 6 feet to 8 feet apart. Tabs on the post allow easy anchoring. Light-duty type of steel. 3” x 3” anchor plate. The powder-coated patiens are made of patiens. The green powder coating protects the steel post. U channel sign posts are available in various lengths to meet post signs or mark driveway and can be easily installed on signs, garden fence,corner anchor posts, gate posts, netting wire and other items. U channel sign posts are available in various lengths to meet post signs or mark driveway and can be easily installed on signs, garden fence,corner anchor posts, gate posts, netting wire and other items.

Brand: Mtb

👤I was hoping they would be strong because we have a rocky base. They are okay, but got beaten up as I hit them. Smaller and older dogs can be fenced. It has held up well after a month.

👤The stakes are adequate, but many of the brackets where you're supposed to place the fencing wire are painted together, so the wire cannot be inserted. If your ground is really hard, these are bendable.

👤These fence posts are small enough to hold a garden raised bed together. They are the right height.

👤I put up a fence in my garden using these. They are sturdy and light weight. I had them shipped by Amazon because they weren't available locally.

👤Garden posts are easy to hammered in the soil.

👤The fence post should be measured from the ground, not the total length. There is a It makes it to my knee after burrying it.

👤I got a 2 foot fence after ordering a 3 foot fence. The fence is not the right size. I will use it because it is too large to return. The polls were 3 feet long.

2. Upgraded Sunflower Waterproof Decorative Backyard

Upgraded Sunflower Waterproof Decorative Backyard

The flowers are designed to mimic real flowers. A wider solar panel converts sunlight into power more efficiently in cloudy weather. There is a solar decorative sunflower light that will turn on automatically at night. The MMHF solar sunflower lights are beautiful. Your garden should be unique. Solar garden decoration lights are easy to install and have no extra wires or electricity required. The Flower Stake lights will light up at night if you put them outdoors and keep the switch on. It's the perfect solar decoration for the outdoors, without worrying about the bad weathe, and the advanced visual enjoyment adds to the colorful colors of life. It's an amazing gift for Mother's Day, Birthday, and Christmas. Make your garden the most beautiful place in the neighborhood. If you have an issue with solar garden stake lights, please contact them. Their goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and no question is too small. Make your garden the most beautiful place in the neighborhood. If you have an issue with solar garden stake lights, please contact them. Their goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and no question is too small.

Brand: Mmhf

👤I guess you get what you pay for. Cheap made from the fabric used. Both of them are beginning to break around the edges, the leaves were glue on, one backward, and has already begun to detach. I can't imagine what the outdoor climate will do to these in a few weeks. There is a The factory fix was to glue the petals back on. There is a There is no such thing as pride in your work anymore.

👤The day after I put them out, we got a record ice and that's the picture that I posted, it has an inch of ice on it. They are still lit up.

👤I love it! Will order more. The garden looks better in winter.

👤I bought a pair to flank my steps. They were easy to put together. The stake is not sharp enough to put them in the ground. We used something else to make the hole and put the stake in it. It worked out fine. They are cute!

👤I have it on the grave of my dog, but I would like to buy more. I can look out at night and see that it is bright and glowing, and think about what a joy my furry friend brought into my life. I plan on getting a few more for the front of my steps. I am really satisfied with the way they are working, I hope they won't fade out in the sun soon, but only time will tell how well they will work.

👤Beautiful! They shine at night.

👤This was the worst thing I have ever bought from Amazon.

👤The sunflowers were placed on the side of the statue. They are beautiful both day and night. I adjusted the top flowers a bit to make them look better since they have great adjustability. The flowers are very life-like. I love them!

👤I don't think silk flowers are worthy of being outside.

👤I haven't put them out yet, but I can't wait to see them in the spring...either in a bowl on my deck or under my picture window.

👤I bought this for the person as a gift and they love it.

👤During the day and at night, it's really bright and happy.

👤I compre 2 piezas, realmente, me encantado.

3. 6 Inch Galvanized Garden Landscape Staples

6 Inch Galvanized Garden Landscape Staples

We offer premium products for your lawn and garden that exceed industry standards. If you want your money back at any time, just ask. Click the button on the right to add your outdoor living space to the card. Don't be disappointed by the results of other products. They will rust quickly if you buy anything other than galvanized steel. If you read the 1-star reviews on non-galvanized products from other brands, you will see how disappointing they can be. If your landscaping spikes are rusted to pieces, you can't reuse them in your garden, they will stop doing the job you need them to do. They offer a great value product that just happens to be made in the USA, which means you support local employment, local industry and local manufacturing, instead of supporting a manufacturer and an industry in a foreign country. They know that they need to offer a great quality product at an unbeatable value, and they think they do that very well. The unique manufacturing process used to make these staplers means that each piece is the correct size, every time. You have a top-quality pack of USA-Made landscaping and garden staplers if you combine that with the fact they are galvanized 11-gauge wire. They will last much longer without getting rusty, and they will keep doing the job they were intended to do. These staplers are perfect for holding down sod or landscaping fabric on hills, mounds, and curves, anchoring wire to the ground for plant and animal cages, for use with garden ornaments or decorations, for installing and securing landscape edging, water and drip soaker hoses, and much more. When you buy this product, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you choose galvanized landscaping and garden staplers, you will be happy with your order, and they will last much longer than inferior non-Galvanized staplers. You can either request a replacement or return the item for a full refund if you are not happy with it. They will make it right, and you will be happy.

Brand: Homestead Choice

👤I had been using rocks to hold down the corners of the landscaping cloth. I got a small number of thin staplers with a roll of cloth and realized that they were better than rocks, although they didn't hold well sometimes and were prone to rust. I ordered longer, thicker staplers that held better and didn't rust. I got a high paying job in hotel management and married a movie star. These are really good for a reasonable price, but maybe not the job and the star.

👤The only thing that separates different types are length, gauge, and coating. I wanted galvanized coated ones for longer lasting hardware, but all of these vendors just get their products from the same Chinese supplier. When I went for the cheapest ones, I left them outside for 3-4 days with some rain and morning dew, and when I finally used them, I noticed the galvanization was already developing. There is a I rolled out my garden area pretty well, but it's not long enough to hold up against the softened soil, so make sure your ground cover is wide enough to hold up against the softened soil.

👤I have to be frustrated to write a bad review. I am very disappointed in this product. You think steel and tough after reading "Galvanized". Just the opposite. They are not made of sturdy material. I had to bend down halfway in the ground because they wouldn't go any further after I bought 100 of them. The things will twist if you apply a little hand pressure. It doesn't help to tap with a hammer. In a garden with loose soil, these are probably okay.

👤I use landscape staplers to install landscape fabric in my gardens. These are what you need. A professional grade. They will not rust because of their perfect size and sharp points. When I ran out of these staplers, I ran to a nearby chain hardware store and bought what they had left. It was a big mistake. I had to use a hammer to pound the small and thin staplers into the ground because they were hard to insert into the ground because they did not have sharp pointed ends. The hardware chain staplers were rusted and destroyed one season later. I will not make that mistake again. I now only buy these items from Amazon, and I am always satisfied with them. I prefer to pay a bit more for the things that make it easier to do the job and that don't rust out.

👤I've been installing an irrigation system. I used these to hold the heavy duty garden hose, and everything else is held where you want it. If you don't pay attention, you could puncture yourself if you don't use care. These are able to be driven into any type of soil. It's common sense that there's nothing for small children to play with. If you placed the weed barrier to hold it still, and mulched it, that's what the rest of the box will be used for. It's always nice when you get use out of a low cost investment.

4. BRIGHT Color Changing Lights Outdoor

BRIGHT Color Changing Lights Outdoor

The eye-catching solar color-CHANGING GARDEN STAKE LIGHTS are held on the 2nd and 4th of July. A delicate garden decor keeps the yard fresh in the day and at night, bright LED bulbs of multiple alternating colors automatically illuminate with a full charge in the sun. SOLAR POWERED & LIGHT SENSORED is a renewable and clean energy that is stored in a rechargeable 1. 2V AA 200mAH. The Ni-MH battery can run for up to 8 hours with a full charge of the sun light. The bright long lifespan is achieved by resilience and economy. The light bulb produces no heat after a long time of use, it's lightweight, stain and water resistant, and it's made from PS. It is easy to install and provide a calming color light show anywhere throughout the night. The gift box is ready for gift giving if power-charged the light via the sun. The customer service was really good. The product has been in business since 1997 and comes with a 1-month trial period and life-time customer service. The customer service was really good. The product has been in business since 1997 and comes with a 1-month trial period and life-time customer service.

Brand: Bright Zeal

👤I absolutely adore these! They are bright and transition well. A great addition to our outside decor! They are perfect!

👤After reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to spend a lot more on these. The price is definitely worth it. The poles are sturdy and the plastic is thick. I bought the cheaper ones a few years back and they are excellent. The design of the flowers is beautiful and the dandelion is my favorite. These will stand up to all kinds of weather and should last for a long time. If you want to make them taller, you can use the optional extenders, but I prefer to use the shorter poles because they look like flowers in the garden area under my window.

👤This was my second time ordering and I bought 2 packages of 3 each. Everything was perfect. It's a nice addition to my garden. I received the warmest thank you. I could have imagined it. After years of ordering so much on Amazon, this was the first vendor that ever took the time to write a note and say thank you. No pressure to buy something else, just a note that showed they care. Can't wait to buy something from them again.

👤The lights are beautiful. They stay light until the sun comes up. I was pleasantly surprised. The backyard is beautiful. The customer service is amazing and not at all what we have come to expect from vendors. The lights were packaged very securely, but part of the flower was missing. I contacted Bright Zeal just to make them aware, they sent me a new flower and a lighting kit as a gift. This is the best customer service. I am very happy with my solar light and they have a great customer service. I think they're a good choice.

👤I've been looking for solar powered garden stakes for a long time. I didn't like the design of most of them. These are perfect! I bought 4 because of the cute design and inexpensive price. They were easy to put together and install in the garden. They look great in the garden.

👤I bought the flowers for myself, but it's winter here. My mother lives in Florida. She has a small yard with plants and a dog. I bought her a bouquet of flowers. She loves them. They were told to bring them in during bad weather. My mother brought hers because it rained. I believe the concern is hail and hurricanes, since I had solar lights similar to these. They should be fine outside. I have to wait for spring.

👤Exactly as pictured. They are bright and vibrant. These are larger and cheaper than the sets you buy in store. I found these instead of buying the same cheap sets every summer. Customer service is always top notch.

👤One of them stopped working in 3 days after I put it in my garden. The light is bright and changes color. I am disappointed that it failed so quickly. I covered the solar panel quickly to see if it was the weather. It wasn't bright but it lit up slightly. I waited a few more days to see if the weather contributed to the failure. Two others are lighting up at the same time as the one that has a problem. I may get the replacement if I return them. I tried to return them but they are not available on Amazon. I can't get a replacement. The seller got back to me immediately after I contacted her. She offered a set of flower ones that were different from the one she had. I just got the flower set and my yard is nice again. Thanks!

5. Ashman Galvanized Garden Landscape Staples

Ashman Galvanized Garden Landscape Staples

The metal flower stick are easy to install. All your home projects are extenuated by the complete 6-inch 11 Guage Professional Length. Holds down landscape fabric, dog fences, sod, erosion control fabrics, weed barriers, rose garden, vegetable bulbs, flower garden, floral decor, raising bed, square footage, pet fence, tomato cages, chicken wire and many more uses. A variety of items including edging, chain link, lighting, plastic, electric wires, pet invisible, inground, underground, are suspended by rugged metal. A reclosable box with 150 high quality items is a great value. Store and use them for a long time. They offer premium products for your lawn and garden that exceed industry standards. If you want your money back at any time, just ask. Click the button on the right to add your outdoor living space to the card.

Brand: Ashmanonline

👤These exceeded expectations. I have been buying garden stakes from the big box stores for a long time and thought they would be the same, just cheaper. The stakes we used last year were thicker on the right and left. They also have sharp tips that are easy to pierce. They have us as customers for the rest of their lives.

👤I received my stapler last week. They were in the house until yesterday when I put down some fabric. I had no problems getting the staplers into the ground. I found out this morning that the staplers that were left outside but not yet used had rusted overnight. These were caused to rust by 12 hours outside on a humid day. I have never seen anything like this before. Even metals that are not meant to be used outdoors don't rust overnight. The reviews on this product are very positive, so perhaps I received a bad batches, I don't know. If I hear back from the mfg, I will update my review. I contacted the mfg to inquire about what could cause the rusting. They said they were sending me a replacement box of 150 and that all their staplers were galvanized. I didn't complain about the box of 150 being sent to me when my original order was 200 because I was not sure why they were sending me a box of 150. After opening the box of 150, I have a pretty good idea why they sent me a different box. It's hard to notice in the photo that the box of 150 is shorter and thicker than the one of the same color. I'm going to raise my rating from one star to three because the replacement staplers are wonderful, and even the original rusted staple will still work. I am not going any higher because the replacements look much different than the original box, and there was something wrong with my original box. I don't think the manufacturer was aware of the problem.

👤I read all the reviews for the garden staple on Amazon and bought these. These did not fail to impress. They are sturdy and easy to pierce into my clay soil. The length is necessary to keep the staple in the ground. I am in my first season of use so I can't testify about rust, but so far there is no evidence of it. I am using these to hold down nets and hoses, but I can see how they could be used for a lot more. The good reviews can make you believe.

👤The stakes were what I was looking for. We bought two of your 200 boxes for the stakes in the fall to cover up our plants for the winter. The box was very heavy and they are solid and strong. We were in a strong box. We used them in my garden for my mom. I made a memorial ring with lots of flowers and decorations. I knew that no one could just run up and take the items. They were able to go through the mulch. We ran out of this box so we bought it. When we had 35 miles of winds, they helped with holding down the fence around the plant so it wouldn't move. So far, no problem. We had to pull up the stakes when we had to dig them up because we put down black weed cloths, and that was a hard job. The flowers spread underground, but they wouldn't pop up again. We could spread the stakes and make them bigger. They worked well and hope they can continue through the snow and wind. We enjoyed having them, instead of looking for rocks. Thank you for that. Gilmore's mother was named Millie Flaker 9/28/38 - 5/19/18.

6. Juegoal Outdoor Colorful Sunflowers Decorations

Juegoal Outdoor Colorful Sunflowers Decorations

The colorful flower garden stakes are made from high grade rust-proof metal. They will bring a more refreshing feel to nature if you place them in your garden, yard or anywhere you want. Each is 4 x 14 Inches. Well-designed. When the breeze blows, the garden decor sunflowers nod or shake their heads and look real. Each item is individually made with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. The outdoor metal yard decors are made of high quality metal, hand-painted and finished with a UV proof coating, which makes them weather proof. It is easy to install metal garden decorations stake. If you receive the product, please adjust it by hand to the best condition. Their decorative plant stakes are a great gift for friends and family. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor, such as living room, office, kitchen, garden, yard, patio, planter pot and so on.

Brand: Juegoal

👤I put these in pots on my deck. I have a hard time getting things to grow here. We have a very hot summer, and it seems everything gets cooked even though I am careful in watering. These are a great substitution. I don't have to water them.

👤It was nice for my garden. I will remove for winter.

👤I love the colors and the price is a good one.

👤I loved the bright colors and sturdy structure of the area.

👤These flowers are vibrant and not cheap. I highly recommend.

👤I am curious to see how the center will hold up. It is a little fuzzy craft ball. I like the glass center of the smaller ones I ordered. These are very cute and were what I wanted. I only gave them four stars because I think the center could be more durable. It might surprise me.

👤These flowers are very sturdy and came when advertised. I put them around my tree. Bright colors!

👤I was very disappointed after reading the other reviews. They are not painted well. The flower centers look like they have just been painted.

7. Teenitor Waterproof Butterflies Decorative Decorations

Teenitor Waterproof Butterflies Decorative Decorations

The customer service was really good. The product has been in business since 1997 and comes with a 1-month trial period and life-time customer service. It is sturdy and durable, made of thick material, and tightly attached on a strong metal stake, not easy to be ruined by heavy rain or shiny sunlight, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Extra small, small, normal size, large, extra large are what they have. These are more versatile and can be used in a specific scene. The length of each stake is appox.10 inch. There are 10 more bright colors. The stakes will be sent in random color, but they can assure you that the package will be the same as the pictures. CUTE DESIGN The wings can be opened or closed. It's easy to hide the metal stake, which creates the illusion of butterflies. They can be used to add a lovely look to potted plants, gardens, Mother's Day Basket, party favors, gift for kids, flower pot, home decorations, and more.

Brand: Teenitor

👤These are beautiful, as others have said. They are not built to survive outside. I put them in the garden on May 5th and since then almost all of them have lost their wings. The central support is going to be torn off by any wind over 10 mph. The ones that did last have faded so much that they look like ghost butterflies. The designs are beautiful, but I would say the best place to display them is indoors and out of the sun.

👤Cute and fun... The color faded by the sun within a month or two. It's not suitable for long-term outdoor use. There is a This is a good value for those who use indoors or out of the sun. The larger sizes are nice and the smallest can easily get lost. The colors were vibrant before they faded. Some look realistic, others not.

👤These are cute and add a little color to my potted plants. The butterfly patterns in this set were more realistic than others. The smallest and largest sizes don't work for me and I would have preferred more of the three mid-sizes. For the price and selection of patterns and nice colors, I am pleased and recommend this set.

👤The butterflies were colorful and cute, but it would have been nicer to have more of the bigger ones. It only took about 2 weeks for them to fade after being outside for a while. The quality was not as good as I had hoped for because the wings broke off in the wind, which was very disappointing. They were cheap. I guess that's why. They are pretty and would work well inside or on a covered porch, where the wind doesn't leave them wingless, and the UV rays don't fade them out.

👤Absolutely adorable. There are many colors and sizes. The outside of my storm door has a "Easter wreath" hanging on it. There is a small covered porch area. We are in a wind advisory with gusts up to 45 mph, but they are holding up. I will use other colors and sizes for my "Spring wreath" and "Summer wreath". I am very pleased with my butterflies. I would highly recommend someone who would expect fading in direct sunlight and frail with extended exposure to the weather.

👤Every spring, I order a bundle of butterflies to stick in my plants for a dash of cheerful color. They last through the spring and summer, but once the rain and winds of fall hit, they start to lose a wing. I have given these as small gifts to people as well. They are made of a plastic that doesn't look plastic and are cheerful. It was almost like silky material. Even in the hot Austin sun, the colors are vibrant.

👤3 out of 5 of my butterflys lost their wings. They are very thin. They all point downward. The butterflies look like they are diving into the plant. I like the upright butterflies more. If you want to have higher quality butterflies in your garden, you should spend more.

8. Growsun Garden Stakes Supports 25 Pack

Growsun Garden Stakes Supports 25 Pack

There is a wide application. The best gardening tool to enhance your home, patio, garden, raising bed, landscaping projects. There are hundreds of commercial and professional uses for landscape fabric, ground tissues, turf saver, and more. 25 Pack Per Set is the length of 3 ft. The stakes are weather resistant and strong. Your garden needs support and you can offer it. Encourage plants to grow vertically, so that fruit and flowers don't weigh down the stems. Strong support for plants and trees is ideal. Air circulation through the plant is promoted and foliage is allowed to shade ripening fruit. The Sturdy Stakes are made with a heavy-duty steel core. The steel core is covered with a hard plastic coating that protects it against weather and rust. Pilot holes may be required for more dense soil. The green nature color of the stake allows it to blend in nicely with surrounding plants and keep it nicely camouflaged among the foliage. Vegetables, Cucumber Posts, Eggplant Stakes, Tree Support, Poultry Netting Fence, Pea young Plant Stand, and Vineyard Stakes are applications.

Brand: Growsun

👤My dog ran into one of the stakes while chasing a rabbit. Don't hit it with a big hit. I tried to bend it back, but the stake snapped. There is a Break too easily and these are not worth the price.

👤I am confused by the positive reviews. These are made of plastic and metal. They can't hold up a tomato plant in the middle. I thought the stakes were all metal. They are not.

👤I am growing tomato plants for the first time. The 4 ft size is about 3 ft tall out of the ground. They are doing well for my roma tomato plants, which are not as tall as my beef steak tomato plants. I didn't realize how tall some tomato plants are, but now I'm looking for 8 ft. If they had the size needed, I would return to this place.

👤The "sharp" end is not as sharp and they are too flexible to get far into the soil. I thought I had set them up enough, but a windstorm knocked out all of them, and now I have lost the bulk of my vegetable garden. I will be replacing them next year.

👤They seem to work well for cucumber and cherry tomato plants. They haven't withstood the test of time yet. I think they will last a long time. There is a lot of demand for gardening supplies and they are sold out a lot of places, but the price is too high, and they were delivered a day late, not a huge deal but in case you need them in 2 days. I am happy with them and hope they last a long time.

👤They do their job well, but I would like to see an optional purchase that would prevent someone from falling on them and getting hurt, like a plastic or rubber ball.

👤The weight of my 2 packs of 25 was immediately noticed when I took them out of the box. I think they're going to be great for my pepper plants. My plants will need the highest stake, with each being 3ft. In the summer, we get some brutal rains that should help keep my plants steady.

👤Sturdy and hides well in the landscape. They were tall enough to protect my gladiolus from the storms. I would have liked to have gotten a picture. They seem to last a long time.

9. WamBam Fence WF29001 Garden Metal

WamBam Fence WF29001 Garden Metal

Customer care is provided. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today! The warranty is against rust. You can search for gate options. Simply put the stakes into the ground. If you want to add more sections, it's fullyScalable. There are 6 stakes in a set. The total span is 147.5in wide and 25in tall. The total span is 147.5in wide and 25in tall.

Brand: Zippity Outdoor Products

👤The fencing system is great. I put up twelve boxes in about an hour, once they were unwrapped. Wait until it has rained for a couple of days so the ground is not too wet and the rods can go in with the use of a rubber mallet. It's so easy and effective. I didn't have to hire a fence company. You pull it out if you don't want it anymore after a couple of years. It could not be any simpler... The fence is a plus because it allows you to see through it and beyond it, so you don't have to look at it from a different perspective. I think it's not high enough for big dogs, but it's perfect for my French bulldogs. I left a rod out of the ground so that I could use it to open the panel. I was able to run the fence down the hill. I put a few panels upside down so my rabbits could escape my dogs.

👤Our two small dogs are contained in a fence.

👤It was fine until the weld was sharp. It's razor sharp. I stepped over the fence to water my garden and the top of my foot caught the weld. The act of tripping caused the barb to impal my foot, and the act of tripping ripped my foot open. I am on week five and can barely walk. I am bitter towards the fence.

👤I brought this to keep my dog in my yard. I had 5 boxes installed in 2 hours. It was a Breeze. I didn't drive all the hinge poles because I was uncertain about the installation. Enough to holt it up. It was easy to move around to get the layout I wanted. I went back and drove the post in to make it solid after I got all my sections installed. I made a gate while setting it up. A double wide swinging gate is what I came up with. I used 1/2” pipe bushings on each side of the fence between the bottoms of the linking loops. I used a gate pin to hold the swinging sections together after raising the two center sections. It works well for getting my lawnmower in and out.

👤This is what I was looking for. I didn't want to spend so much money, but in the end it's worth it. I needed to make a small yard for my dog. He was starting to get lost in the backyard and was stuck behind bushes. He was able to escape from the smaller garden fencing that I had on hand, but it was working well for a while. The real issue was my larger dog who got himself injured when he thought he could jump over it and instead got himself caught in it. There is a The wire mesh is a safer design than the one I used in the past, and my dogs don't even think about jumping it, because it's tall enough that they don't even think about it. If you have a large dog or one that is great at jumping, I don't think it will contain them, but my dogs have been respecting it. The little one loves that he still has his freedom outside. There is a The fence is very sturdy after it is installed. I couldn't get the stake back out when I realized I put it in a crooked position. Oops! The panels weren't as strong as I would have 888-276-5932s, but they still feel very sturdy now that they are installed. I just needed to bend them back a bit to make them straight. Even though you can step over it, I'm not always the most quick so I left off the last stake and didn't hammer in the other end so I could open it in either direction. I put down a couple low stones on either side to keep it in place. There is a The fence is high quality and looks nice. It is not all that noticeable, but it is substantial enough to do the job. I need to wait for the weather to warm up so I can re-seed my pup's little yard, since it clearly has taken a beating.

10. XCSOURCE Decorative Outdoor Folding Landscaping

XCSOURCE Decorative Outdoor Folding Landscaping

There is a set of 5. The total length of each piece is 10 feet. It is easy to use and install. There are no additional tools required. Attach the fence panels together by pushing them into the ground. The garden fence set comes with nylon cable ties to hold the fence panels in place. The garden fence is made of metal for long-term protection. It is easy to set up a flower bed in any shape you need. The classic design is perfect for any decor. It forms a barrier to protect plant beds. There is a 30-day money-back Guarantee for any reason and a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

Brand: Xcsource

👤The quality is great for the price. Being stuck at home with Covid, we have been doing a lot of home and garden projects. They are great for a border in front of our house. They are taller than I thought and the spikes are long.

👤I wanted something to look at at the base of my tree. My dogs were ruining the new plants by laying in them. The fence fit the bill. It looks lovely around the tree and doesn't detract from the landscaping. The metal is thin and not as strong as it could be, but it is strong enough to hold up in heavier winds. I needed 40 feet of fencing for each package, so it wasn't cheap. It was worth it to save the plugs from my beasts, because they cost a lot more.

👤It's perfect to keep my dogs away from plants. It makes the garden look upscale. I will purchase more fencing to add to the flower garden after the vegetables are done.

👤I'm not sure if this is the same manufacturer as the version of the garden fence I bought. It was very difficult to push the stakes in all the way because of the rocky soil, which made it hard to install. The side loop welds broke off with the smallest of pressures, making it difficult to link the sections together.

👤I had to fence off the area in my yard to protect my plants from the dog. It looks nice and my dog can't get to my milkweeds.

👤This is what I needed. You will need zip ties for the top to be stable. That is extremely happy.

👤I had to use zip ties to bring the fence together, but they were clear, so I couldn't really see them.

👤I have used them to keep my dogs out of the flower bed. The product works well.

👤It is easy to install.

11. ALT2DAY Materials Jewelry Accesory Diamond

ALT2DAY Materials Jewelry Accesory Diamond

Made in the USA, it is UV protected and won't rot, rust or cause harm to your soil. The package includes 3 diamond tops, 3 STAINLESS steel stickes with stoppers, 50 round Murano painted GLASS beads, and 3 antique silver bail beads with pedants. Everything is included in the kit, so you can make your own jewelry. You'll get 3 pieces of jewelry stakes. Their fairy garden stakes are unique. It's easy to use, just screw the top diamond on the stake and add beads as you please. One minute is all it will take to make a wand. The beads and charms used are standard in jewelry. They are beautiful. The stakes won't fall after the stopper is tightened. The length of the rods is about 9 inches. 11 inch is the length of the assembled fairy garden wands.

Brand: Alt2day

👤I was looking for a Christmas gift that wouldn't be too much for family and friends. This was a perfect gift. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor plants. It does not take up any extra space. There are many more that can be created and gifted. My child is seven years old. This gift was even more special because I created these fairies with everyone receiving one. The charms were beautiful and not tarnishing, which was an issue with a purchase from a different seller. Thank you for the quality of the product.

👤The beads were packaged in a nice bag and were of good quality. The stakes were not as big as advertised, but they were still a good deal. It's very easy to put together and has a lot of quality pieces. The charms were sturdy and nice.

👤I would have liked to have gotten different charms this time. I know they are at a warehouse. It's luck of the draw. The ones I got last week are the same ones I got this week. They are gorgeous, aren't they?

👤It is very easy to make. My granddaughter made two of them. They are beautiful. I would buy them.

👤I used this as a gift. I used the blue cloth bag as a gift bag for one of the wands. It was well received by my friends. Will purchase again.

👤It was my first attempt at fairy wands. Very pretty. Everything needed to make charms. I would love to purchase a pack of 16” rods.

👤The convience of having the materials and colors chosen for you is a great concept. I had to add some of my own to fill each stick because they are not generous with the amount of beads given.

👤Quality beds. Beautiful colors, no rough spots, finished. It is easy to install on the thread rod. My five year old granddaughter enjoyed a lot of time.

👤I loved doing these with the grand kid. There are lots of beads. It is a bit pricey. When they go on sale, I will buy again.

👤These turned out pretty. It's easy to assemble and can be changed whenever you please.


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