Best Decorative Gift Boxes with Magnetic Lids

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1. Plum Designs Magnetic Christmas Decorative

Plum Designs Magnetic Christmas Decorative

Customer supports response in 24 hours. If you don't like the gift boxes, you can return them for an exchange or a refund. Plum Designs elegant gift boxes are an all in one solution to transform your gift presentation into an unforgettable memory. It is made with Reinforced Cardboard and has a strong magnetic flap. A Bridesmaid Proposal Box is a great way to present a special gift. There are many uses for a box such as a Decorative Storage or Organization Box. The gifting experience can be made unforgettable with a 3 tiered presentation.

Brand: Plum Designs

👤I bought this box as a gift. It was shipped in a plastic bag and the corners were damaged, but it was well made and lovely. The gift for my friend will be late because I will be sending it back. cardboard boxes need to be protected

👤It is a present for my granddaughter.

👤A nice gift set. The gift boxes are strong. You don't have to tape up wrapping paper with the magnetic closure. The price is great for quality items. I will be ordering more. I love them!

👤The largest box was damaged so it would not look presentable to give as a gift.

👤The Plum Designs of set three large rectangular stacking boxes is a good quality set. If my boxes have any noticeable flaws or issues. The colors are pretty shades of blue, green and red with subtle abstract color variations to give them a faux painted look. The front and sides of the boxes have gold trim and geometric designs. The fold over lids are attached to the boxes and all of them are secure with hidden magnetic closures. There is a I think these boxes are best for special occasion gifts of nicer items, but they will make more average items seem even nicer. These are medium to large boxes that can hold many items. The boxes could be filled with gourmet food items and stacked with a big bow around them to make a gift tower, it would be a lovely way to wrap better stemware that doesn't come boxed, clothing items fit well and so on. These boxes are so nice that they will hopefully be used to hold items as they look attractive on a desk, shelf or a drawer and are sized well for storing a variety of items such as stationary, bows and ribbons. The cardboard is thick and strong, but it doesn't seem coated. I think they will show wear if used for items that result in opening and closing the boxes often, so they are ideal for holding items like letters, special photos, etc. I like the boxes a lot. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

👤This isn't the first Plum Designs gift box that I have received, but I was a little disappointed with the ones I received. There are dents on the boxes, and one of the panels was coming loose, and I could see the glue separated from the panels. The gold foil colors were worn off as the boxes were slid around. I understand that it is not easy to ship bulky gift boxes but I think that dents and loose glue make them look a little cheap and make them look worse. I would expect this from a dollar store. I'm surprised because I've gotten boxes from Plum Designs and they've always been sturdy and beautiful to look at. I won't judge these harshly because this is just a one off. The 3 nested boxes have nice colors and design, and are a great gift box. I still like Plum Designs gift boxes.

2. Reusable Decorative Collapsible Magnetic PACKHOME

Reusable Decorative Collapsible Magnetic PACKHOME

Pack Home has different colors for different packaging quantities, they have different sizes of gift boxes for you to choose from, you can visit their store by clicking "PACKHOME" next to the title. The large black glossy presentation gift boxes with a concealed and robust magnetic closure allow the box to be opened and closed repeatedly without any problems. It can hold gifts like watches, jewelry, candies, smaller clothing accessories, gift cards, small candle, perfume or cologne. It's also for decorative storage and organization. A box is an elegant and easy way to wrap, protect, and present a special gift. You don't need to search for wrapping paper, ribbon, or tape to wrap your gift. It is a single solution. The gift box enhances and transforms the gift into a unique presentation. The boxes are assembled and shipped flat. 9 inches and 4 inches. Heavy duty book board construction with paper overwrap. The paper is from well-managed forests. These sturdy storage boxes can be used as gift boxes, electronic components storage box, toys box, documents storage box, CD/DVD container, etc. They offer a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee, so they are confident you will love their gift boxes. If you have a further question, please contact them.

Brand: Packhome

👤I am happy that I bought these boxes for my bridesmaid proposals. They are large enough for me to add a small bottle of champagne and a few more items. The magnet is my favorite part. They are very sturdy and easy to put together. The glossy white is beautiful. I wrote rose gold lettering on them.

👤I can not wrap a gift to save my butt. It's seriously. Every year, it is easy to tell which gifts are wrapped by the look on their faces. But he did not. The cat is pityingly looking at them and asking if he should bury them for him. I had enough of being humiliated. I received some really nice gifts. I was not going to present all of the Christmas Story craft paper with draggy ends. I went all out to get these boxes and bows. I did not mess this up, even though I was a ham fisted doofus. These looked amazing. You are good if you can't tell Pythogoras from Pizza Hut. I proved it, and these are fool proof. There is a These are not just great gift boxes. The recipient looked at the boxes and said they were great. Score! A gift is given. I nodded and kept my mouth shut.

👤These boxes are pretty. I love them. Quality is my main complaint. All of the boxes had some of the corners wrinkled up. It's more interesting to me because they all have the same flaw on different corners. These are the most beautiful and sturdy gift boxes I have ever bought, and I don't like the flaw because it ruins their look. The product is beautiful, sturdy, and has great space inside for larger gifts, but I was a little disappointed in the quality of the ones I received.

👤These boxes are the best. The kids and grandkids were going to miss out on the family traditional cookies since we're quarantining. The request was made to send cookies. I ordered the boxes to protect the cookies I would be sending. I was very pleased. I've ever bought boxes that were the best. They are sturdy and attractive at the same time. These boxes were loved and loved.

👤The box was great. It was used for my proposal. I would buy these all the time, but the prices always change. Excellent quality.

👤The boxes are strong, but the magnet is weak. The box should be closed using a ribbon. The boxes can be differentiated by holiday and recipient. I use the same ribbons for the same holidays. If you can use them enough, they are cheaper than wrapping paper. After about 2 years of use, I expect these boxes to be cheaper than wrapping paper. They still look great a year later. I'm likely to get a return on my investment.

👤I ordered them for my bridesmaid proposals. It looked great. 3 out of 5 boxes were bent at the corner creating a permanent crease on most of the boxes. I need these now. I didn't have time to exchange them for ones that weren't damaged. There is a The products didn't suffer from the shipping. These boxes are of the highest quality. Unless you plan to keep the boxes for a long time, I would recommend going for a cheaper alternative. The boxes are strong. If you see this as a one-time use item, I would recommend something more cost-effective.

3. PACKHOME Rectangular Bridesmaid Rectangle Collapsible

PACKHOME Rectangular Bridesmaid Rectangle Collapsible

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift wrap supplies are made with paper from well-managed forests. Pack Home has different colors by different packaging quantity for what you need, they have different sizes of gift boxes for your options, you can visit their Amazon store for more information. The collapsible gift box is made from high-quality Hard Board and has a Glossy gold finish with V-shape flap. The magnetic closure design keeps the lid closed even after repeated use. The magnetic closure gift boxes are easy to clean and can be used again and again. Inside the boxes are 9 inch (22.8 cm) 6.5 inch (16.5 cm) and 3.5 inch (8.9 cm). It can be put on a bedside table, which is perfect for stores with limited space. It's great for festival and everyday packaging for business gifts. They are so confident that you will love their gift boxes that their customer service isvaliable in 24 hours.

Brand: Packhome

👤These boxes are elegant in gift presentation, and I love ordering them again.

👤Returned my package. They were well packaged. It's a plus that they weren't damaged. It's easy to put together, you're done. These boxes are recommended by me. I will order more for my bookshelves.

👤My daughter had a virtual bridal shower and I wanted to give her gifts that would be delivered. They were strong enough to hold some goodies for the guests.

👤The gift boxes look great and are a gift in their own right. It's beautiful and practical.

👤It was easy to assemble and love the color. The only issue I had was with the glue. The pads were not as sticky for some boxes and could be fixed with double sided tape. It was a great purchase.

👤The boxes were damaged. Since it was for gifts, I didn't have time to order new ones, so we had to use them.

4. Magnetic Closure Rectangle Glossy Finish

Magnetic Closure Rectangle Glossy Finish

The magnetic seal built into the white boxes for gifts will keep the box closed even when used many times. These small gift boxes are easy to assemble. Pick up the sides and fold the flap into the box. These glossy white gift boxes will impress your guests and make your party or shower stand out. The box is perfect for filling with favors, candy or chocolate and can be used as a gift box. Their small gift box is the perfect box for a bridesmaid proposal box, favor box or gift box for wedding gift, baby gift and more.

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤The dimensions listed on Amazon are not accurate. I need a box that is 2” tall, and this item is only 1.625” tall, that's not enough to fit all of my gifts. The package of boxes that I received was labeled as 5.5”x7.25”x1.625, not what the description on the Amazon website said.

👤It's really easy to put together. They fit with plenty of room to spare and were bought to hold my custom dominoes. The box is shiny in the outside and smooth on the top, it came out crystal clear. One of my boxes has a magnet on the outside of the flap instead of under the paper. There is only one reason for 4 stars. A small manufacturer defect. It doesn't hurt the workings of the box, just spoils the look. Will buy again.

👤Don't use this as a gift box if you want to impress people. There were yellow stains on the box and the corners were screwed up. I don't know if it happened during shipping. It definitely didn't look like a new box, but you used an old box to put a new present in. There is a The box is very sturdy and works well, but if you want a box for storage or a gift box for someone that doesn't care about details, you'll have to glue the corners.

👤I bought these to give as gifts. The box was preformed as expected. The other box wouldn't stay shut using only the magnets. I had to put a rubber band around one of them. There is a I depend on Amazon for many items and don't get out very often. My young grandsons were given a monkey wrench by these boxes. I can't just go to a store whenever I want because there isn't enough time to order.

👤One of the boxes doesn't have magnets on the front flap so it doesn't stay close. It's easy to assemble but it doesn't fold on the right places, so the top barely folds over the front side, a stronger magnet would be helpful.

👤The box dimensions and quantity are incorrect. The sticker on the package was incorrect. The boxes are nice, but the listing is wrong.

👤I had to return two of the socks I ordered because the smallest was too large. It would have been easy to gift wrap and crush in shipping. I will keep these gift boxes in mind for future gifts, but I have limited storage space so I had to return some of them.

👤I like the size of the box and the ribbon wraps it nicely. I wish it was stronger.

👤These boxes are great. The magnets are trouble free and they are sturdy. Would buy again.

5. Hallmark Large Gift Royal Blue

Hallmark Large Gift Royal Blue

The gift boxes are made from high-quality paper. A large blue gift box with lid is 7 inches wide and 7 inches tall. It's perfect for holding jewelry, candy, gift cards, candles, perfume, or cologne. This pretty blue gift box has shredded paper fill inside and is perfect for a gift recipient. A sturdy container is needed for the box to pop up into. The elegant box is a great gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasions. The eco-friendly gift products are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The boxes are not made well. There are places where items can easily slip out of the open areas in the bottom even if you try hard. There is a This isn't quality of the company. Very disappointed!

👤The box had to be assembled. I didn't expect that from the picture. It was difficult to assemble. I believe a section was missing. I asked a friend if she could assemble it, but she couldn't. I threw it away. Time and money are wasted.

👤I like the size of the box. I didn't like the single flap for the base. I think a flap would help heavier items. I placed items in it and it held up well. It came with its own filling. The price and value are good.

👤A nice gift box is what I am expecting. The box I received was a kind of accordion box. The lid didn't fit in any direction and tore on the corner The box looks like a kindergarten class project. Highly disappointed.

👤The box is not strong. The sides did not meet up. The box was colorful and smooth, but it could only hold the weight of small items. The size was correct and the quality was good. It is not a good idea to recommend a great value. Disappointed.

👤The collapsible design of the box is not good for heavy objects. The outside has a peel on it.

👤Unfortunately my item was damaged, I really liked the idea of this product. I would have returned it if I had time. I needed it for a party. I had to use a damaged gift box. It's pretty sad.

👤The blue box is easy to assemble and a great gift box.

👤The caja en general est. No son nada correctos, el detalle aqu. El tamao son 7.5'' ( 18 cm approx.) anuncian. The caja is 10 cm. Un regalo pensando en las medidas. No la puedo usar.

👤La caja es resistente.

👤traia un pequeo golpe.

👤The lid broke when I put it on.

👤Excellent para varias cosas pequeas. No tiene nada de large, otra cosa, le quita puntos es viene colapsada y al armarla. huecos en la parte inferior, salgan las Tiras de Papel al tener todo armado.

6. Collapsible Paperboard Presentations Bridesmaids Groomsmen

Collapsible Paperboard Presentations Bridesmaids Groomsmen

The box is 10" x 7" This white gift box is perfect for weddings, birthdays, professional events, and more. The magnetic flap closure is strong enough to keep your gift secure. The box is soft to the touch and promotes the presentation of your gift to the next level. Medium to large gifts can be wrapped easily with a 14x14x6 wrap. The white box is made from 1,200 GSM board and can be used multiple times. This all-around premium and elegant white box can be used to wrap gifts, retail and merchandise, favors at professional or social events, and even to organize in the home. COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN FOR CONVENIENT STORAGE. You can store this white gift box for the next time you need to wrap a gift. You can impress any host, guest, or loved one instantly when you wrap your gift in this stylish and sophisticated white gift box with white tissue paper included.

Brand: Occasionall

👤The box is of a high quality. The collapsible flaps stay put. The box I ordered has a mechanism where you have to remove the paper to stick it. I used my glue gun for extra support because the glue didn't hold up. I tried a collapsible box with flaps that folded and it did the trick. The price is the only complaint I have. $30 is steep but it is well made. I absolutely love this box.

👤This was needed to wrap a gift that wasn't right for a standard box size. The gift looked even more impressive because it was a sturdy and good looking box. We were happy we found it.

👤I wanted the bride to be able to open the box and see the frames in a stack, so I gave her a set of 9 square frames. It went over well. The box held together the heavy item well.

👤It was very strong and sturdy. Not flimsy at all!

👤The gift was ignored because everyone was loving the box.

7. YAWOIRG 13x9 5x4 Magnetic Bridesmaid Packaging

YAWOIRG 13x9 5x4 Magnetic Bridesmaid Packaging

There is a gift box service. They will provide high quality products and services. If there is a quality problem with this gift boxes bulk, please contact them and they can offer a replacement or refund. The black gift box has a perfect size. Before purchasing, please determine your desired size. The gift box is glossy. The gift box is made of extremely hard cardboard with a slight texture similar to leather, it is a premium quality box with a luxurious feel. The foldable magnetic gift box is easy to assemble, it takes about 10 seconds to assemble, it is recommended to open and close the cover several times to make it more magnetic. You can make your gift boxes even more special by matching stickers, photos, ribbons and other decorations. It can be used for everyday storage and is great for gift wrapping for any occasion. Black gift box large service. The empty gift box should be installed before use. Use stickers to stick it in. If there is a quality problem with the gift boxes, please contact them and they can offer an exchange or refund.

Brand: Yawoirg

8. BLK WH 14x9 5x4 5 Bridesmaid Collapsible

BLK WH 14x9 5x4 5 Bridesmaid Collapsible

The gifting experience can be made unforgettable with a 3 tiered presentation. The completes set includes Large-7x7x3 inches, Medium , Small 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches. The box has a concealed magnetic closure which allows it to be opened and closed repeatedly without any problems. It can hold gifts like scarves, chocolates, clothing, souvenirs, gift cards, candle, perfume and watches. It's an easy way to wrap, protect and present a special gift. It's also for decorative storage and organization. You can use washi tape, rhinestones, or decoupage paper to decorate the boxes. Inside the boxes are 13 inch(34 cm) 9 inch(22 cm) 4 inch(10 cm). The box is easy to assemble and bond. The large gift box is made of heavy duty bookboard construction with matt finish paper overwrap inside and outside. The paper is from well-managed forests. These sturdy storage boxes can be used as gift boxes, electronic components storage box, toys box, documents storage box, CD/DVD container, etc. If you don't like their gift box or feel it's not right for your gift, you can complain to them in 24 hours.

Brand: Blk&wh

👤It is very easy to assemble. I got a blank slate to decorate from the white boxes I purchased. It is large enough to hold everything, but not bulky.

👤I added ribbon and jewels to it to make it even better. They can keep the box. It can be used for something else. Would recommend!

👤The size was supposed to be close to 15. I ordered based on the specifications and my items don't fit. Very unhappy.

👤Excellent quality! It was easy to assemble. I have the 3 stars because the glue began to break after a few days. I had been opening and moving the box for a while. The gift box was great.

👤This is a sturdy box. It would have been perfect. I didn't measure and my purse didn't fit. It's a great way to store expensive purses.

👤The boxes were used to deliver the new materials. We were going for a professional look and this boxes represented it. The boxes were sturdy enough to be saved by some of our new members.

👤Good quality. A strong object. Nice shape. The sides didn't stick on their own. A little rape or glue can be used to fix that.

👤Don't trust the photo for an accurate interior size, read the full description. Quality box if you get the right size.

👤I was very pleased with the box. I needed an attractive and sturdy box for my gift of fragile family heirloom items. I wrapped the box in the wedding paper and it looked great. There is a The bride and groom were very happy with the gift and the fragile items were properly protectced by the box. I would buy this brand again.

9. Anndason Paperboard Decorative Decoration Anniversary

Anndason Paperboard Decorative Decoration Anniversary

Versatile andStylish. There are boxes that are pure color that can be used to add a decorative accent. It is a good gift for family, friends and classmates. 3Pcs Storage Box Decorative Storage Boxes Storage Gift Boxes With Lids are included in the package. The ideal storage box choice is perfect for home decoration, placed in the bedroom, storage room, cabinet, study, office, etc. Storage box can be used to collect photos, postcards, greeting cards, notebooks, books, documents, notes, etc. Adding more color and beauty to your home is a good idea. This is the gift box you need. You can use this storage box to hold toys, jewelry, hair accessories, clothes, etc., or as a party display box, display flowers, candy, snacks. The retro design style, beautiful and exquisite patterns, metal handle design increase the quality of the gift box, this storage box is made of high-quality cardboard paperboard, sturdy and durable, and the suitcase has a curved design, which is more mysterious, elegant and romantic. The storage box will be a hit with your family and friends. It attracts your eyes and carries the transmission of love, warm embrace, words of care, harmony and laughter at home, sincere heart, sweet memories, and storage of love. The storage box will be a hit with your family and friends. It attracts your eyes and carries the transmission of love, warm embrace, words of care, harmony and laughter at home, sincere heart, sweet memories, and storage of love.

Brand: Anndason

👤They are working well, and were bought to store supplies. The big box is the same size as an adult lunch box, the medium box is the same size as a child's lunch box, and the little box is the same size as a child's lunch box. They are all secured enough to carry around by the handle. They are strong enough to store stacked. They are pretty.

👤There are some areas that show the cardboard underneath, I feel like the boxes were not covered correctly. I was going to gift one of them but they had flaws. The box is strong and will serve its purpose. Quality control was not up to par.

👤There was something stuck on the top of each one, and it was obvious where to find it.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter to keep her doll clothes in. They are made of cardboard. I enjoy watching her carry them. Cute and worth the money.

👤I bought this set of mini luggage for my baby boy. I thought it would be more fun than a plain box. The parents can use the mini luggage as they please. Next time someone has a baby, I will buy these again.

👤This set of boxes is very sturdy. Looks pretty. The tea set was in the trunk boxes. The boxes are gorgeous. They are giftable by themselves. It is definitely worth every dollar. V is happy with his purchase.

👤The storage boxes are cute. The pink flower print was ordered by me. The pretty handles complete the look. It is definitely worth the money.

👤These are easy to assemble. It was fun to put small gifts in.

10. Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Blossoms

Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Blossoms

Customer satisfaction is something they like to give and they know they want to be taken care of by the producers of the products they buy. They are behind their products. They will take care of it if something isn't right. Happy holidays! The set contains three boxes. Medium: 14.7" x 13" x 3.8", Large: 14.7" x 13" x 3.8" The home or cottage will be nicely organized with the help of elegant floral boxes. These storage boxes have a lively floral print. They'd be great for holding things. Add a burst of summer blossoms in pink and green to any space. Even more special are the feminine boxes. Wrap a wedding or engagement gift inside a gift box or use them as photography props. They could hold cards and photos from a milestone birthday or anniversary and make an eye-catching display. The boxes are made of durable paperboard and can be stacked. They are designed using quality materials and can be stacked on top of each other. The metal name plates are easy to read. The boxes are made of durable paperboard and can be stacked. They are designed using quality materials and can be stacked on top of each other. The metal name plates are easy to read.

Brand: Soul & Lane

👤I was going to have to put them together. Not the case. The look of the boxes was so nice. They are sturdy and look great. I would definitely recommend them.

👤These boxes are beautiful. I immediately ordered another set after receiving my first order. They can be used for a lot of things.

👤The boxes meet my requirements. The largest box can hold a newspaper.

👤I like how sturdy they were but I think it should have been cheaper. I might buy again.

👤I am happy with the product. I bought it for sentimental items. The boxes are pretty. Would purchase again.

👤I love these boxes! It makes the room brighter.

👤I have purchased several sets of these boxes. They are both beautiful and well made. They are strong too. The boxes have arrived in perfect condition. Thanks to both Amazon and Lane!

👤They are very handy. My pictures are organized in a way that makes sense to me.

11. Magnetic Closure Business Anniversary Weeding

Magnetic Closure Business Anniversary Weeding

This rigid gift boxes with lids come folded up flat so you can save a lot of room to store them. Don't waste space in your home or commercial store. Wrap to impress for every occasion thanks to foldable gift boxes. Parcel up gifts for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and just because. The package features a smooth matt finish, a flat closure lid, and 5 silky gray ribbons. The recipients will appreciate it. Magnetic closure boxes are more than a gift. They can be used to hold letters and notes, turn them into decorative accessories, and more. A set of classic white gift boxes adds a touch of refinement to any present. The gift is sealed with quality paper and matt lamination. This large gift box set is a great way to make a lasting impression on your family and friends. A gift box by Wrappso is a great way to stand out.


👤I bought these for corporate gifts. I thought it would be elegant. The box is nice, but the magnets on at least 50% of them did not keep it closed. I had to buy ribbon to keep them shut. Extra work. I will not buy this brand again. The price is too high. It's a shame.

👤These boxes are strong. Pull up the sticky panel and they adhere. These are the best gift boxes I have ever used. A good size for a lot of situations. The package is beautiful when wrapped with a ribbon.

👤The box is easy to assemble. The magnets don't close. I would expect a working magnet at this price.

👤The magnetic closure is not very strong, but the lid kept opening even with nothing in the box.

👤I think these boxes will last a long time through a lot of uses. They can be set up in a few seconds. Excellent price for quality.

👤The boxes are closed because the magnets are not working.

👤It's better than I thought. Beautiful boxes that can be used multiple times. It is easy and fast to assemble. The glue was strong and didn't move after I put it together. I liked the look and feel of the boxes.

👤The boxes are high class and elegant. There is a These boxes are sturdy and well made. The presentation of a special gift is elevated by them.


What is the best product for decorative gift boxes with magnetic lids?

Decorative gift boxes with magnetic lids products from Plum Designs. In this article about decorative gift boxes with magnetic lids you can see why people choose the product. Packhome and Packhome are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative gift boxes with magnetic lids.

What are the best brands for decorative gift boxes with magnetic lids?

Plum Designs, Packhome and Packhome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative gift boxes with magnetic lids. Find the detail in this article. Purple Q Crafts, Hallmark and Occasionall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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