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1. Hosley Clear Glass Bowl Diameter

Hosley Clear Glass Bowl Diameter

The product is a product. Hosley's glass bowl is clear. A floating candle dish has a diameter. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is a great use. The piece is great for coffee tables or side tables. It's perfect for everyday use. They can accent your home or office. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is perfect. Each one is made of glass and measures 11.98 x 11.98 x 4.12”. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Brand: Hosley

👤I received a gift from Crate and Barrel 20 years ago. I washed it the other day. I looked at the website and it didn't exist anymore. I looked on Amazon and it was very inexpensive. My life is back to normal. The bowl was originally made with black smooth rocks and flower bulbs. You put the bulbs in the rocks and add water to the rocks below. You have beautiful flowers inside your house after the bulbs bloom.

👤A good sized open top terrarium can be made from this bowl. The glass has bubbles and one knick. The plants in the bowl hid the issues. The bubbles are visible if you leave the glass show. The bowl is thick and sturdy.

👤I wanted to place Christmas bulbs in a bowl. This is perfect. I used a set of ornaments from Amazon and it was perfect. This would be great for other less festive pieces. Does the job. The price was great.

👤A beautiful glass bowl is perfect to use in your home decor. You can fill it with almost any accent pieces and use it as a center piece on a table, shelf, or mantle and it looks great. If you have young children or pets, you will want to make sure it is high enough so that it won't get knocked over or broken.

👤Several days ago, I received this bowl. There were a few bubbles in the glass and a small chip on top. Decided to keep. It was not worth the hassle of sending it back for the price I paid. It would go back if it was expensive.

👤It wasn't as nice as described. I like it. You have to be careful with it.

👤I was looking for a smaller bowl for the floral arrangement to be placed in the middle of a 4 seat dining table. This is a great way to fill with flowers and foam with leaves hanging over the sides. The leaves hide foam and flowers. It was perfect!

👤It's nice to display a candle with something.

👤A perfect bowl, bigger than I expected.

2. BESTONZON Coconut Natural Storage Container

BESTONZON Coconut Natural Storage Container

Coconut Shells are made into coconut bowls. If you want to add some tropical flair to your home décor, you can use all-natural coconut bowls. A dash of modern. Colorful accents add a dash of modernity to a natural look. The inner wall is fashionable and nice. Every coconut bowl has its own shape, size, colour and appearance which makes it appealing. Superb for home, safe for food. It's great as cereals, salad bowls, desserts or smoothie bowl. It's good for holding keys, nuts, candies and so on. It can be placed on a desktop. It will fit in the house. It can't be heated or put under strong sunlight. They're vegan, lightweight, and good to use again after a quick hand wash. Kids love eating out of coconut bowls.

Brand: Bestonzon

👤It is beautiful. In person, the color is a lot darker. I use it to hold my keys and it doesn't slide when I throw them in.

👤My cat knocks the bowl off the perch. The bowl has not cracked or chipped. Excellent craftsman.

👤I bought this to hold shaving soap for my husband, but it broke. The bowl is very small. We didn't order again. It seems like it isn't very sturdy, but we thought it was a nice bowl. I was going to order one for myself. The bowl would be a bit stronger if it wasn't hollow. If they did that, and if the states in their description were correct, I would try again.

👤The bowl is pretty. If you touch the smallest part, it will fall down. I wanted it to be a candy dish. The bowl makes noise when you grab a piece of candy. Guests get scared when they break something, not leaving a positive emotion. It was annoying.

👤The bowl is very fragile. One bowl had a chip on the side and no loose pieces in the packaging, which means it was packaged broken and not damaged during transport. Repeated attempts to return a bowl but are circled to contact customer service with no information.

👤This bowl is beautiful. I found this coconut bowl while looking for something to put knick knacks in. The inside of the bowl is brilliant and amazing. It isn't what I pictured when I ordered it, but I am happy with the purchase. I bought one for a family member.

👤The bowl is pretty blue. The light source affects the color. It is not the size advertised. There is a larger one that is close to the same price.

👤I didn't like how the bowl teetered back and forth. It was not a flat surface so it would roll around until it stopped. I thought it would sit upright. I didn't know it had a rounded bottom.

3. Pieces Mosaic Sphere Decorative Centerpiece

Pieces Mosaic Sphere Decorative Centerpiece

Giftable decorative balls are perfect for all seasons decor and add elegance to any interior style. The mosaic glass orbs are in 4 different colors, which will bring an elegant and noble feeling to your dining table. Polyfoam and glass are used in their decorative orbs, they have advantages of high durability, resistance to temperature, and glass adds a decorative touch to the orb, which can serve you for a long time. The size of each glass mosaic ball is about 6 cm/ 2.36 inch, which is the appropriate size for you to decorate home, portable for you to carry and store, would not take up too much space, and please double check if the size is what you want before buying. STYLISH DESIGN Their decorative spheres are made of glass. From every angle, the glass mosaic pieces are absolutely stunning. It will be a breath-taking bowl on your table. There are elements of modern and art. Reflecting on the good things in life. The mosaic orbs decorative balls can be applied to a variety of places, including home, hotel, office, clothing shop, boutique, cafe, dessert shop, and more.

Brand: Ruiyele

👤Me encantaron,quera... No hay... ms...

4. Amlong Crystal Clear Faceted Mini

Amlong Crystal Clear Faceted Mini

It has the most vibrantly green and intricate metalwork. The bowl is 3 inches in diameter. Excellent quality with brilliant cut and sparkling. It's perfect for holding change, paper clips, snacks, rings, keys, and dipping sauces. The measurement is three quarters of an inch high and three quarters of an inch wide. There is an authentic brand logo box. The quality is guaranteed.

Brand: Amlong Crystal

👤I can't believe how beautiful these are. The 3 inch and the 4 inch are used with my crystals. You know we can't have enough sparkle in our lives when they add more spark. They are thick. The picture doesn't do them justice. It's great value for money.

👤The oxidation from constant exposure to water has ruined the triple moon copper bowl I originally had, but I got this for the sole purpose of holding purification or moon water for my Wiccan rituals. I need this to replace it. Dedicated to the divine. There is a Kevin P. is blessed be.

👤I needed a small bowl. I looked at many bowls carved out of stones, but one that I needed was not among them. I have purchased many items from Amlong Crystal and the perfect bowl was there at a great price. It is perfect for my collection of gems. It is the most beautiful conversation piece. The crystal bowl is beautiful. I knew you would have it. Good job, Amlong Crystal.

👤I put it on a tray in my bedroom and put some crystals in it. I heard a loud bang on my bed less than a week after I bought it. It was the bowl! It shattered when it was sitting on a tray. I will not purchase anything from this company again.

👤The rim edge was irregular and sharp. I thought I was getting something nice for myself, but now it's all scratched up, I'm pretty disappointed. I should have sent it back. That is a huge hassle for me, and I needed it. Quality control isn't a priority.

👤A small bowl is sturdy. When you hold it up to other crystal, it has a sickly yellow tint. I wouldn't recommend for that reason.

👤I would give this a rating of ten stars. This is a small bowl. A very thick crystal. I wanted it for a window. I dropped it in a way that it broke, and it isn't fragile. I ordered a new one.

👤They are a perfect match for the first order, because they were ordered for the second time. Small bowls are the right size to hold small items. I use these to hold small crystals, but could hold anything that is small, like on a desk for paperclips, craft items, coins, etc. Everyone can use a crystal bowl, so it would make a great thank you gift.

5. OK Lighting Orange Glass Decorative

OK Lighting Orange Glass Decorative

Please wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use a hard brush. The glass center piece is elegant. Luxurious glass. OK lighting is a high quality brand. The measures are 7.5 x 7.5 and 12.5 x 7.5.

Brand: Ok Lighting

👤The bowl is very unusual and attractive. It was used to hold candy for trick or treaters.

👤Would buy again. The design and colors are beautiful.

👤This bowl is very heavy and good quality. Very pleased!

👤It is striking. It's just beautiful and different.

👤We are still in our new home.

👤It might be sent back only if it's only 10. I know that sounds crazy, but it's a little small for a 48" table.

👤My friend is moving to a new house and this is a gift for him. It's nice to decorate a new home. I bought another one for myself because my friend loves it.

6. Wooden Decorative Farmhouse Serving Kitchen

Wooden Decorative Farmhouse Serving Kitchen

Product name: Blown glass. The wooden bowls look great as decorations, as a large dough bowl, as a bookcase ornament, as an island ornament center in the kitchen, as a coffee table ornament, or just as a table ornament bowl. Wooden bowls look great. The wooden bowl size is 11"W x 1.4"H. Natural wooden bowls are warm and comforting. Bowls are an easy way to decorate your home and can be placed in a variety of places. It is possible to match a few wooden bead garland to make it look stylish. No two wooden bowls are exactly the same. The light color and weight of the wooden bowls allow them to be placed or decorated well in different parts of the house and you can enjoy your stylish decoration. The unique natural bowl is based on the natural size of the wood, so make sure the material is natural wood, hand pure grinding, color difference, cracks, repair tree holes, etc. It is normal for small cracks or differences in wood's properties to be caused by the climate. Warm tips include not soaking in hot water and dry with a wet towel. Exposure to the sun is not recommended. If there is damage to the product, they will give you a free return or exchange within 30 days. They are willing to provide you with more efficient and professional after-sales service.

Brand: Poprhino

👤The bowl is nice, but the finish is rough. It was more rustic than I expected. It looks like they could have sanded it a bit more and put a finish on it. It's good for the price.

👤I'm going to use the bowl in my summer decor.

7. Anchor Hocking Acacia Microwave Dishwasher

Anchor Hocking Acacia Microwave Dishwasher

The sheath gift bowl is a gift. A fruit bowl holder is a good gift for friends and family. Also included: The set contains 104 glasses. oz. A bowl with a lid. The wooden lid has a gasket mechanism that gives a seal. The glass bowls fit the most casual homes. If you want to show off mom's latest creation or blow out an event, decorative touches on functional products keep your food fresh and your kitchen looking its best. It isdurable: The glass serving bowl has a mix of both durable and expert style. It's dishwasher safe. To maximize display, make it look better than your food. Not sure what to do to get a friend or family member to move into their home? The perfect wedding gift, holiday gift, and birthday gift is this glass bowl with lid. It's safe. The glass is made from Anchor Hocking. These glass bowls will not warp, stain, retain smells, or cause dangerous chemicals to enter food.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤I bought this bowl at a lower price because of a defect. There is a I was expecting something wrong with it. I received it in perfect condition. I can't find any effects. There is a The glass was clearly marked. The lid is made of wood. I bought this item because I recently purchased a plant through Amazon that is a humidity loving plant. This bowl is being used as a kind of terrarium to keep this plant humid. If my plant dies, I will either have a party bowl or a terrarium, but I don't know if this will work. I could use the lid as a cheese platter. Win! Win! Thank you to the person who returned it to Amazon, I benefited from it. There is a This purchase turned out to be the same as everything else sold second hand or with a slight defect. I want to put that out there as well.

👤The bowl is thick and well made. The wood lid is pretty and unique.

👤It's perfect for displaying things like banana pudding. I wanted a bowl that was easy to transport, and also more versatile in use than a traditional trifle bowl. I was concerned that the lid would be too tight but it fit perfectly and I was not too hard to take off. The quality of the wood is good.

👤The wooden lid was the reason I bought the bowl. There was a piece of cardboard between the lid and the bowl when the bowl was delivered. The lid was too large when I tried to put it on.

👤The glass is strong. The food is kept fresh for days in the refrig. It is hard to get off because it seals so tightly. I have to use a butter knife to pry it open.

👤We broke a bowl and purchased this to replace it. She loves it! It can be difficult to get the lid off if a good vacuum is created because there is not much of a lip.

👤I bought this item for my daughter-in-law so she could bring her famous dessert to our house. It's just perfect, it's not too large and not too small, the lid fits tightly, it's beautiful with the wooden lid, and it's appropriate for many food items. I want one for myself.

👤This is heavy and is perfect for banana pudding and other dishes that can be eaten at a party. The top is made of wood and cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

8. Murano Style Stormy Rainbow Badash

Murano Style Stormy Rainbow Badash

The irregular and gold rim edge design of the Irregular Edge Bowl is more fashionable than the traditional salad serving bowl. It fits your dining sets well and is a great decorative bowl. The art glass bowl is a great way to bring color and style to a room. The decorative bowl is a work of art with its many colors and beautiful free-form shape. Their handcrafted art glass bowl is an impressive gift for a wedding, engagement, or housewarming. The glass decor is a must-have for any art glass collector's home or office and is a perfect centerpiece on a table. The centerpiece bowl is about 8 inches in diameter and may vary in design and color.

Brand: Badash

👤The bowl is made of glass and has a beaded lip. I thought it would be smaller than it was. I am a person who likes to keep the mess down, but I needed a replacement for the food storage container that was on my dresser because I was catching buttons, safety pins, and my alternate eyeglasses. I wish the bowl had been more transparent. It was a great Christmas present for me, and I think it was a bargain even at the price I paid. Highly recommended!

👤The bowl is beautiful. The glass is thick and the colors are bright. Highly recommended!

👤My sister in law in Canada received this gift. It arrived quickly, in good condition, and was beautiful.

👤I love the bowl. Beautiful colors.

👤Good quality. The colors are bright. I wish it was bigger. I was satisfied with the purchase.

👤The bowl is beautiful. I have it in my living room. I've received a lot of praise for it.

👤I had to return it because it was much smaller than I wanted. It is pretty.

👤A beautiful piece. It took longer but it was worth the wait. Love it.

9. Decorative Bowls Home Decor Centerpieces

Decorative Bowls Home Decor Centerpieces

Shipping ceramic items can be difficult. Their boxes are lined with polyfoam to make sure that your vases don't break while in transit. This is a new design structure that is simple and beautiful. You can decorate the table or store items. The product is made of strong iron wire. The surface of the product is smooth and won't scratch. 10 inches in diameter x 2 inches in height and 8 ounces. You can easily move it. It's suitable for family and outdoor camping. It can hold a lot of things. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but not in the microwave, because the basket is rust-proof and cannot handle high temperature.

Brand: Boragai

👤I was looking for something to use as a ceiling light cover in the pantry, the previous glass panel had broken while using higher shelving, but it is worth the price to prevent broken glass with kids.

👤I love it. Sometimes it looks like gold. I thought it was larger but it was perfect for my table centerpiece.

👤The wire bowl is sturdy and pretty.

👤I bought a set of gold and silver to hold potpurri as a hostess gift. She can use them for a long time after the potpurri is used up. They are different from the usual bowl.

👤This little bowl is adorable. This is perfect for the entry table. It is very sturdy despite its delicate design and was filled with assorted rattan balls from Amazon.

👤The bowl is cheap, overpriced and small. There is a returning item.

👤I was looking for exactly what I was looking for, so be sure to add the right size, but other than that, it's the right size.

👤It is giftable and can double up to store small quantities of fruit as well as a decorative centerpiece.

👤Muy lindo, de una calidad, justo lo.

10. Crystal Transparent Organizer Living Decoration

Crystal Transparent Organizer Living Decoration

It's not suitable for dishwasher wash. It's not suitable for microwaves or ovens. Changes in temperature can be dangerous. Do not use sharp objects in the bowls. The office table with candy dish has a volume of about 5. x 11 It is suitable for cotton balls, beauty products, nuts, popcorn, candy, coffee beans and more. Crystal Castle Candy Dish Container Jewelry Storage Case with Ball Handle Banquet Household With Desktop Display Centerpiece combines sparkling wedge and diamond cut in the living room kitchen. The edges of old fashion candy cans are easy to open. You can see the contents of the candy dish with the lid, and you can easily lift it to grab a few pieces of candy, Rock Candy Sticks. The crystal bowl is very pretty. It is easy to clean. Best care is recommended for washing by hand. There is a glass bowl with candy on Friday the 13th. There is a lead-free safe. Glass protects your health with a safe and high quality material.

Brand: Timo

👤The candy bowl is made of thin glass that makes it easier to knock and shatter. The item was damaged by a chip on the inner rim after I washed it. I think the item was damaged at the factory because the boxes were not damaged. The rim can cut someone. The return system isn't working for this item, and it goes into an infinite loop of asking you to contact support to return it, making it as damaged and then asking you to contact support. I don't think there is a way to return the item. I bought two other glass candy dishes that were 4 times thicker for the glass. They are heavy and will not be able to be knocked over by cats, dogs, kids, etc. The product looks good but it needs to be made better with thicker glass because it looks like the pictures.

👤Some people got them broken after reading the reviews. They have a guarantee, so I took my chance. The first one was broken. The box was taped shut on the side and there was no protection for the dish in it. Like foam. There was a bubble wrap on one side. I submitted a return. I got a new one the next day. I'm surprised it isn't broken. The box was open and on its side. I just have to return the other one. It's beautiful and I like it. You are definitely taking a chance on it being in one piece. Ha! I wouldn't send a gift. I would have gotten a refund and moved on if this one was broken. It is pretty if you want to take a chance. Fast delivery as well.

👤It reminds me of grandma's candy dish. Since we are the grand parents, we had to have one for Christmas. Not very large. We like it.

👤Good weight. The lid is snug. It's perfect to hold your average bag of small dog treats. A decorative way to keep them handy.

👤Too many pieces to even attempt glue together, it was totally broken. Very disappointing.

👤Tiene excelente robustez, sera un hermoso regalo. Amigos, lo recomiendo.

👤It was a gift for my mom. She likes it. It's large.

👤I love this dish. The shape and size of my coffee table is perfect. I've had other candy dishes in which the lid would slide off the base with the smallest of bumps, onto the floor. This one is solid and not heavy. I fill it with colorful candy and use it as an accent piece.

👤Great quality is more expensive than what you pay.

👤The first order was in multiple pieces and no problems ordering a second dish. The second dish was delivered in perfect condition. The dish will be used for nuts or candy.

👤I love it! It could be used as a big bowl.

👤It's beaux bols, it's capacité! Bonne qualité-prix. Contente de mon achat!

11. Medium Clear Glass Serving Mixing

Medium Clear Glass Serving Mixing

Each soup salad bowl is shipped in its own protective sleeve and stacked on top of each other, they will arrive at your hand safely. The mid-sized bowl has a simple, clean design that looks elegant in any home and kitchen. It's perfect for serving moderate amounts of desserts such as brownies, ice cream, sundaes, pudding, cool whip with chocolate chips and sprinkles, as well as fruit salads, garden salads with dressing, party snacks such as candies, chips, and nuts, and so much more. It's ideal for serving food, but also suitable for decorative use with stones or beach sand, or as a simple catch-all dish by your entryway. It is made of high quality thick glass. The capacity of 63.5 fluid ounces is half gallon, 2 quarts, 4 quarts, or 8 cups. This is not a large bowl, please see the dimensions and details.

Brand: Red Co.

👤I was expecting a much larger bowl. They didn't describe the bowl in a way that was accurate. Since my purchase in March, they've changed their description. Not happy with the vendor. The bowl is not worth the price of returning. Save your money and buy somewhere else.

👤The bowl is nice. It is made of thick glass. I wanted a glass bowl because it looks better if people can see the different layers in the dessert I make for special occasions. There is a It's the perfect size for my dessert, which consists of 1/2 a 13x9 pan of brownies, a can of pudding the size of a can of corn/peas, and half a medium bowl of cool whip. The bowl has a wave on top. I would recommend buying this bowl for my friends and all of you who are looking at it.

👤I did not read the specifications as carefully as I should have. I thought I was getting a salad bowl, but it was more like a dip bowl. If you want a medium to small bowl, it's better than if you want a large bag of tortilla chips. Quality is okay. It looks like glass; it's standard for acrylic ware. Good for pool area.

👤The bowl is more of a dessert than a large bowl. I wanted to store fruit in it. That will not be possible. It was clear that the bowl was used and returned. Someone tried to put the box back together. I didn't take the bubble wrap off. It was gross!

👤I love the bowl. It is larger than a traditional soup bowl and can hold a number of items. The wavy edge makes it less formal in presentation. A great gift.

👤The bowl is perfect for making a salad.

👤It holds lemons and limes. The table looks lovely.

👤I had a plastic bowl in my office, but this is a nicer looking bowl, and it's cheap. It was ready to use when it arrived. It is not as shallow as I was expecting, but it is difficult to judge based on pictures. It's a nice size and it's in my office.

👤Ms pequeo estoy en la imagen.


What is the best product for decorative glass bowl small?

Decorative glass bowl small products from Hosley. In this article about decorative glass bowl small you can see why people choose the product. Bestonzon and Ruiyele are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative glass bowl small.

What are the best brands for decorative glass bowl small?

Hosley, Bestonzon and Ruiyele are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative glass bowl small. Find the detail in this article. Amlong Crystal, Ok Lighting and Poprhino are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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