Best Decorative Glass Bowl with Lid

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1. StudioSilversmiths 43995 Crystal Weave Candy

StudioSilversmiths 43995 Crystal Weave Candy

A gift for friends. Quality crystal material. It is a special gift for someone.

Brand: Studio Silversmith

👤I bought these candy bowls for my friends. You can see that they work well. Thank you for promoting and selling the product.

👤I wanted a bowl that was sturdy. I didn't want the space for spoons. I'm very happy with this dish. It's perfect!

👤This is a small jar that is perfect for the last few items of wrapped candy so I can get rid of the bags. I think it would hold more Hershey Kisses, but less Miniatures or Nuggets. I couldn't see the picture, but there are three supports inside the dish for the lid to rest on, it doesn't just sit on the bowl sides. Not very strong. I didn't expect that from this jar. It is sturdy and affordable. I was very happy to buy it.

👤The candy dish is beautiful. The dish in the picture is the same as the one in the description. It's a great dish for small candy such as m&m's or jellybeans. My mother liked it.

👤Keep looking if you are looking for a small candy dish. It's only about 3-4" around. It is nice looking and works.

👤I've been looking for an "all seasons" candy dish for months. This one is a perfect size, a reasonable price, and pretty. The basket weave design is attractive.

👤The bowl was bought for a denture cup. It looks great on my bathroom counter.

👤My dentist told me I could use banking soda once a week to help with coffee stains, so I wanted a decorative dish to store it in my bathroom. It works perfectly and is very pretty despite being a little larger than I needed.

👤Quite disappointed. I don't think the covered dish is worth much more than the price of a dollar at a dollar store, it's only 9 cm wide and 9 cm high to the top of the handle on the lid, so it's not worth much more than that. This would not work for me because I ordered it for serving chocolates. Maybe it would be a good idea to store a few pieces of jewellery on top of a bedside night stand, or as one reviewer stated for her Jelly bean candy.

2. EWEIGEER 10 7 Inch High Grade Colorful Flower Shaped

EWEIGEER 10 7 Inch High Grade Colorful Flower Shaped

Do not touch the food directly, do not heat it, and do not expose it to the sun to avoid the effects of the sun. If it is damaged during transportation, please contact them for a replacement. The dimensions are "diameter, 2.6" A flower-shaped object. There is a lot of fresh fruit candy and snacks. It's hard to fall off the table. Wall thickness is not easy to be damaged. The scope includes living room, bedroom, dining room, bar, hotel, club, banquet hall. It is safe to use glitter and translucent to get rid of smooth fruity. The nobility atmosphere is shown by the colorful design of petals. A slight difference in color is normal. The desktop seamless fit reduces the risk of damage. The fashion trend is led by the fruit bowl. amber colors add beauty to your life. If there is damage in transit, you will get a 100% refund or replacement of the product.

Brand: Weigeer

👤This bowl is good-sized and can be used for a variety of purposes. There is a variety of novelty candy on my desk. My clients like to see what I have.

👤This bowl is large and heavy. I'm impressed. I was happy to get the quality I wanted after buying it as a gift.

👤I love this bowl. It's well designed with subtle colors. It can be used to decorate a tree.

👤The product was sent back because it was so large.

👤It's not big enough for what I want to do but it's beautiful and I kept it.

👤The glass is very heavy. Will make a bowl of fruit.

👤The bowl I received was all gold/yellow with a hint of pink and maybe a small amount of blue on the top. I expected a multi color. Not sure about this.

👤It's nice, but I'm a bit disappointed that it was made in a country where my intended recipient comes from. I wouldn't have bought it if it was shown where it was made. A product made from that country is a bit pricey.

3. MyGift Apothecary Canisters Decorative Centerpieces

MyGift Apothecary Canisters Decorative Centerpieces

The pumpkin cookie jar is from Anchor Hocking. A set of 3 clear glass jars with beach-themed handles will add a touch of classy ocean fun to any room or occasion. Each jar has a different shape and size as well as a different design on the lid. It's ideal for filling with both food and d├ęcor. Adding storage space and a decorative touch to any room can be accomplished by displaying it together or separately. Large - 12.0 H x 5.0 Diameter; Medium - 9.8 H x 5.3 Diameter; Small - 9.5 H x 4.5 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤The product looks great on my counter. There is a To build a new habit, it's important to always have healthy snacks. I noticed that keeping colorful healthy foods in clear jars catches my sons' attention and makes them change their attitude towards nuts and berries. I ordered another set immediately. There is a There were small bubbles in one of the jars. There is a I wanted to use it immediately, but I was too lazy to exchange it. There is a This set would get 5 stars if it wasn't for the bubbles. The glass in this set is very fragile. Two of the jars are already broken. There is a Even though the glass is a fragile medium, it is still very fragile for a glass. I have to admit that it is beautiful. I had a lot of glass jars on my counter for many years. This is the most fragile set of things I have ever owned.

👤I needed a replacement for one of them, so I bought another one. These are not as good as the ones I bought before. They are very delicate. They will be fine if you put them on a shelf. I wanted to put things in them for my bathroom. I would not buy them if you were going to touch and move them often. It is very thin and fragile.

👤The glue they used wasn't strong enough and the jar's handle came off, cutting my hand. The edges of the jars are sharp and could cut you if not careful. What trash! I would like a refund.

👤I like the bottles. I wish it was a little thicker. I would love them if I didn't use them on my garden tub. They would be perfect if I used them for anything else. I love the designs on the bottles. They fit nicely into my nautical theme.

👤I received them today! I was surprised to see the actual size of each one when I opened them. I thought they would be small because of the price. They are pretty and made well. They were packed in styrofoam and would make a great gift. I highly recommend them. I filled them with sand and sea shells. They are gorgeous!

👤I received my vases. I opened the box today and it had glass all over my feet and the floor. The vases were broken. The shell tops were shattered. I was so excited to add these vases to my beach themed home. I don't know how this can happen. I want my vases. Please help me.

👤I have been eyeing these for a long time and finally bought them, they are beautiful and hold my seashells quite well, several people online have commented on them and are buying them as well. The picture doesn't do it justice.

👤I bought these for my master bath. I use one to hold bath salts by my tub and two to hold balls and Q-tips. They are sturdy and lovely.

4. Large Glass Salad Bowl Serving

Large Glass Salad Bowl Serving

The bud shape handle knob is easy to use and clean. Best care is to wash your hands with soapy water. This is a large bowl that you can use to show off the structure of the food inside. It can be used for many things. This large glass bowl is heavy, durable and beautiful to serve salads and Appetizers in. It's great for a family dinner. The dimensions of the mixing bowl are 9. The glass is resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

Brand: Le'raze

👤The product is not as tall as I thought it would be. I must have missed it. It is very nice. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because it was a miracle the bowl wasn't destroyed in shipment. It was not the supplier's fault, but it looked like it was on the bottom of a stack of other boxes. I am surprised it made it because it would have been destroyed without the inner packing. I'm not sure how that can be improved. Again, not the fault of the supplier. If you are looking for a large bowl for salad or a small bowl for trifle, this is the one for you.

👤When you have a good idea about the quality of the item you're ordering, it's rare that you open the box. It is a piece of art. The weight and clarity of the glass is excellent and I expect to use it for salads, trifles, and a number of other things. I've been looking for salad bowls for a while and have seen many that are expensive but not as nice. The note was added 8/25/2020. There are flaws in the glass. There are a few small bubbles and a less than perfect interior bottom, but that's part of the charm of glassware. I will consider buying this again at some point, but I will only do so as a gift. If you want a glass salad bowl that can serve other purposes nicely, you should invest in Lalique, but if you want a glass salad bowl that can serve other purposes nicely, you should buy 888-739-5110

👤This is a large bowl that you can use to show off the structure of the food inside. The glass is thick and not perfect all the way around. There are some bubbles. These are features that I like, but were not expecting. I will use this bowl for a long time because of the price.

👤The replacement bowl is in my possession. If I need a glass bowl this size, I will return it for a refund. The bowl has less bubbles and I don't see a half dollar deficit. I couldn't find a 120oz clear bowl for the dessert I'm making. I am keeping but I regret the cost.

👤I found some new fall recipes and never had a trifle dish, so I got this one without a stand because everyone in my house is clumsy and would knock it over. It is very thick and heavy, but no one complains about that. I wish it had a lid, but I got some universal pot lids and they work perfectly on this dish.

👤I love the bowl. I made a salad in it. It was beautiful to see all the layers. It was large and well constructed.

👤I like making trifles but don't like the look of trifle dishes. This is a thick glass that gives a modern look to a classic. I can't wait to use it over and over again.

5. Creative Countertop Restaurant Decorative Centerpiece

Creative Countertop Restaurant Decorative Centerpiece

Each handmade design has tiny holes on the bottom. The fruit basket is made of fruit. The fruit basket stand is black and has fruit in it. As a big multiple holder for organizing vegetable, bread, snack, egg, candy, k cup, even be filled with decorative balls, dried potpourri to add a natural element to any room The creative fruit centerpiece is a great decorative bowl for your dining room table, adding a simplistic and sleek modern touch to your home decor while safely storing your fruit. It's perfect for a wedding, birthday, christmas, or housewarming gift. Made of premium double wall mesh, the muffin stand is sturdy and durable. 10 inch wide open design keeps fruit vegetable fresh, best and easy to clean, with no loss in storage, dry, wash and display functions. The sheaths for office. Lighter than wooden, glass, porcelain and ceramic bowl, you can carry it anywhere. Put the display on the table. It's suitable for home, office, grocery, outdoor, picnic, garden use. There is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They think you will like the new round serving bowl. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund. Just add to cart now!

Brand: Hyoatrea

👤The bowl is fine enough to cradle ripe fruit and veg without damaging the skins, and it looks cool in person. It has exceeded my expectations in many areas.

👤It was used for Coffee Pods. I love it. It looks great in my kitchen.

👤The design of the bowl makes me happy as the air circulates around the pieces. The bowl can only handle a few medium size vegetables or fruit. I would be willing to pay more for a bigger bowl.

👤When I received this item, I found out that the fruit was not mesh but a solid disc of metal. I could not tell from the pictures provided here. I felt like that kind of defeated the purpose.

👤It was what I wanted. It is suppose to be a gift, but I might have to buy one for myself. It is a great bowl for fruit or flowers in the fall. The shipping was on time and the packaging was great.

👤I bought a bowl made of gold and black. The gold bowl was out of shape. The black one was fine. Both look great with fruit or gold balls. I've requested a new one. I really like them.

👤The design is really great. The fruit doesn't get moldy. Highly recommended.

👤love this bowl... I received a gift but ordered another. I thought it would be larger. Love it.

👤The producto viene una excelente condicin. La pintura metlica se ve de calidad al menos. Muy satisfecha.

6. Lawei Glass Storage Sealed Bamboo

Lawei Glass Storage Sealed Bamboo

Premium gift packing: ZENS clear glass canister set will be a hit with foodists and food writers. They know that stylish cookware creates a special moment. The jar is packed with an inner box which is well protected against breakage. ZENS jars are great for industrial kitchens and restaurants. Each jar has a capacity of 18.6 liters and is 4 x 4 inches. Natural bamboo lid is more sanitary, food grade Silicone ring is healthy and dishwasher safe. The contents of the jar can be easily seen with clear glass. You can cover the lid in a few minutes. Saving space is achieved by storing bulk foods. The glass food storage jars will make your home more orderly. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients.

Brand: Lawei

👤I was very excited about this purchase since I would be using these jars to place loose leaf teas. I had to wash the jars before I put the tea in because there were noticably dirty marks when I picked up the first jar. The marks were more like hand prints. The marks were noticable immediately since the jars looked dirty. This was for all the jars. The smell of apple cider vinegar can be smelled from the inside of the jars as I look at the marks. My significant other agreed as well. The jar's lid was so hard to open that I had to use a knife to open it. My significant other was unable to remove the lid. The 3 stars are for the storage. In the attached photo, you can see that the lid is still on and cannot be removed, even though the jar fell into two big pieces. I usually let it slide since I don't like confrontation. It's not possible to glue it back together since it's a jar and mini shards.

👤Cute jars! I use them to store my Oregano. After washing them with soap and water, they no longer have a smell. They are the perfect size for what I was looking for.

👤I like the style and quality of these 3 stars. I was expecting these to hold 16 ounces of nuts and seeds, but they don't. I think they're more like 14 ounces.

👤I received these jars yesterday and can't wait to return them. I tried to put the lid on the one that shattered in my hand. I needed four stitches after I was cut. It was me, not one of my kids.

👤I wanted to store bulk tea in these jars. I have them in my cupboards, but you could place them on countertops or shelves and have them look great. The quality of the lids is my only complaint. I can confirm that the wooden lids had a scent of either wood stain or sealant, as many reviewers mentioned a strange odor. I was happy after a few washes with soap and water. There is a The rubber gasket that creates the seal between the wood and the glass is a big issue. It is thin and used to bridge a wide gap. The seal is loose and the lid is not always centered on the jar. The attached photo shows the point at which the lid doesn't overlap with the glass anymore. There is a small hole in the seal that is supposed to be broken to make it easier to remove the lid. I don't know what that means for the freshness of my tea, but I would have preferred if this gasket was air-tight.

👤The ones that I got had no odor issues, unlike some others. One of them self-destructed after a few months. I might have banged it against something, but there was no damage, and there was a small crack which grew while I wasn't looking. Maybe it was a mistake. The glass is very fragile.

7. DEANGSHI Decorative Colorful Container Christmas

DEANGSHI Decorative Colorful Container Christmas

It's the perfect gift for friends or family. For the first time, people will be attracted to adding decorative colors to the room with the beautiful Decorative Jars. The color of the food placed inside looks very beautiful and is made of high-quality glass. The glass does not produce odor or fade in color. It's a healthier choice than plastic storage jars. Candy jars can be used to store a variety of small items, keep food and materials dry and clean, and keep items neat and organized. Glass candy dishes are a great gift for any occasion. It's perfect for family and friends. The perfect size is 4.33 inches tall with a lid of 5.51 inches, and can be used as a candy or cookie jar, but can also be used for nuts, chocolate, trinkets or even jewelry, adding a lovely charm to the table. The perfect size is 4.33 inches tall with a lid of 5.51 inches, and can be used as a candy or cookie jar, but can also be used for nuts, chocolate, trinkets or even jewelry, adding a lovely charm to the table.

Brand: Deangshi

8. Diamond Star Apothecary Decorative Canisters

Diamond Star Apothecary Decorative Canisters

These glass jars are available in three different heights. A: H:12" D:6"; H:15" D:6.5; and H:19" D: 7.5". It is made of high-end clear glass. Plants and small items in jars are not included in listing because they are for display purposes. These footed classic style apothecary jars are made from high-quality clear glass and have a unique shape that works for every setting from bathroom and kitchen storage, to home and venue decoration, garden floral and terrarium displays, and more. The clear glass lid has a round handle that is easy to open and close. These beautifully decorated jars are a must-have for wedding candy buffet tables. They are the right size to showcase cookies, candy, treats, honey, fudge, spices, baths salts or other delightful treats of your choice. This large glass jar is versatile and can be used with decor items. It looks great with flowers, water, sand, pine cones, maples leaves, and more. If the glass jar is broken during transportation, please contact them and they will give you a replacement at the first opportunity.

Brand: Diamond Star

👤I'm not sure how someone can think that these are cheap thin glass. I bought 2 of them and they look cheap, but they were packed with care, came in perfect, and I plan to use them for a candy bar for my baby shower.

👤It was better than expected. I use these in my home for decor to be filled with cookies or candy. I would recommend them on bookshelves, kitchen counter, or even in a bathroom with scrunchies. The value is amazing because the glass is clear. Highly recommended.

👤The trees that produced these pinecones were destroyed by Hurricane Michael. I forgot about the pinecones I had planned to use as a Christmas decoration, but I found a box of them. The pine cones are special to me and this beautiful jar set them off perfectly. I would recommend this jar to anyone.

👤There are some spots in the glass that look like bubble spots. My spots are on the bottom and on one side, so I can hide when filled. This is an excellent item for the price. Glass polishes to be crystal clear. If you don't know how to treat jars, they are not very durable, so don't rough with it, it's glass lid and glass base. If you can't play with nice things, get the plastic jars or the ones that have rubber gasket in them. If you open and close the lid gently, you will not have an issue. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.

👤If you put candy in it you will fill it first. I wrapped it up with plastic wrap. After handwash, it looks nice and clear. Not heavy. There is a I found it at Home Goods for $10 a few days later. There is a It still served its purpose.

👤I loved it! It is simple and classy. I use it for cookies. The quality is good. It's perfect for my kitchen. I will buy the other sizes.

👤The jar was so big that I loved it. I have two smaller ones. I noticed the glass was thinner when I received it. I tried to be careful. I put the lid on and it broke. I was very disappointed. Fortunately, my husband was able to cut the glass down. I'm able to display it with balls. I want anything functional.

👤Oh my goodness! The jar is beautiful. I bought it for my mother-in-law. I put a fancy wood scoop in the bath salts. Also from Amazon. I tied it with a ribbon. A simple gift. I am very pleased with this.

9. Anchor Hocking Acacia Microwave Dishwasher

Anchor Hocking Acacia Microwave Dishwasher

The sheath gift bowl is a gift. A fruit bowl holder is a good gift for friends and family. Also included: The set contains 104 glasses. oz. A bowl with a lid. The wooden lid has a gasket mechanism that gives a seal. The glass bowls fit the most casual homes. If you want to show off mom's latest creation or blow out an event, decorative touches on functional products keep your food fresh and your kitchen looking its best. It isdurable: The glass serving bowl has a mix of both durable and expert style. It's dishwasher safe. To maximize display, make it look better than your food. Not sure what to do to get a friend or family member to move into their home? The perfect wedding gift, holiday gift, and birthday gift is this glass bowl with lid. It's safe. The glass is made from Anchor Hocking. These glass bowls will not warp, stain, retain smells, or cause dangerous chemicals to enter food.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤I bought this bowl at a lower price because of a defect. There is a I was expecting something wrong with it. I received it in perfect condition. I can't find any effects. There is a The glass was clearly marked. The lid is made of wood. I bought this item because I recently purchased a plant through Amazon that is a humidity loving plant. This bowl is being used as a kind of terrarium to keep this plant humid. If my plant dies, I will either have a party bowl or a terrarium, but I don't know if this will work. I could use the lid as a cheese platter. Win! Win! Thank you to the person who returned it to Amazon, I benefited from it. There is a This purchase turned out to be the same as everything else sold second hand or with a slight defect. I want to put that out there as well.

👤The bowl is thick and well made. The wood lid is pretty and unique.

👤It's perfect for displaying things like banana pudding. I wanted a bowl that was easy to transport, and also more versatile in use than a traditional trifle bowl. I was concerned that the lid would be too tight but it fit perfectly and I was not too hard to take off. The quality of the wood is good.

👤The wooden lid was the reason I bought the bowl. There was a piece of cardboard between the lid and the bowl when the bowl was delivered. The lid was too large when I tried to put it on.

👤The glass is strong. The food is kept fresh for days in the refrig. It is hard to get off because it seals so tightly. I have to use a butter knife to pry it open.

👤We broke a bowl and purchased this to replace it. She loves it! It can be difficult to get the lid off if a good vacuum is created because there is not much of a lip.

👤I bought this item for my daughter-in-law so she could bring her famous dessert to our house. It's just perfect, it's not too large and not too small, the lid fits tightly, it's beautiful with the wooden lid, and it's appropriate for many food items. I want one for myself.

👤This is heavy and is perfect for banana pudding and other dishes that can be eaten at a party. The top is made of wood and cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

10. CHOOLD Colorful Crystal Apothecary Wedding

CHOOLD Colorful Crystal Apothecary Wedding

Your purchase is risk free. They will reply within 24 hours if you have a problem with their products or if the product is damaged upon arrival. Add to your cart, follow your heart! 10oz 24oz(S/L) is the capacity. The glass is Eco-friendly. Your kitchen will be more elegant, clean and orderly because of the royal unique colorful luster with tent shaped. It's perfect for: sugar, nuts, candy, cookie, chocolate,trinkets. A gift for friends. A gift for friends.

Brand: Choold

👤The picture looks more colorful than it is. I got the smaller one. Can you tell me if the larger one is more colorful?

👤The rainbow color and large size of the candy dish was the perfect size for the candy I wanted in it. I think the smaller size would be better if you only wanted a few pieces of candy, but the larger size holds over half a large bag of M&Ms or similar candy, which is exactly what I wanted. The glass is thick and my 7 year old has been digging in it for a month without fear of breaking it or chipping it. This is a great price for a glass candy dish. I've bought expensive things before. I paid a lot more for it because it broke within a week and it didn't feel as sturdy or heavy as this one. My friends thought it was an expensive dish and were surprised at the price. The rainbow coloring is beautiful and doesn't look tacky or like it would chip off like paint or anything. I would buy another one for myself or gift one to a friend because they are beautiful and well made.

👤My mom used a glass bowl with a lid to keep her body powder in when I was a kid and this is a cool and beautiful update to do the same in my home. Love it.

👤This little dish is gorgeous and makes a great addition to my collection. I used the small one for my homemade body powder and it turned out to be the perfect size. The jar arrived in one piece and didn't have any chips on it. A happy lady!

👤There are only two small complaints with the cute little candy dish. It is smaller than it looks in the pictures, but that may have been my fault, but I didn't pay attention to the measurements. There are grooves on the jar and the lid that need to line up perfectly for the lid to fit. It tries to make sure it is on. I wonder why they made it like this. The color is perfect for fall and it is perfect for small candy kisses.

👤I'm very happy with this purchase. A colorful dish with a top so my cat can't get into my almonds. The top fits perfectly, but it has to be lined up for it to fit right.

👤I take these photos at night with no flash and they are colorful and very cool. This design is awesome. They are very strong and thick. The pictures on display are correct.

👤The edges of the lid and base are not smooth. The ridges prevent the top and base ridges from Lining up, which would be fine. If you like the ridges of top and bottom aligned, this may annoy you. It's nice looking.

👤It looks pretty on-line, but not much when you get it.

11. SOCOSY Vintage Crystal Jewelry Assorted

SOCOSY Vintage Crystal Jewelry Assorted

American made glassware has been made since 1905. Size: 10*16 cm / 4*6in The glass and lid are Eco-friendly. The Vintage lid is bright and beautiful. It's perfect for: nuts, candy, cookie, chocolate, trinkets, coffee beans. A unique and beautiful wedding gift!

Brand: Socosy

👤I washed this jar. The blue paint ran and now it is streaked. It is from China. I wouldn't buy this if I knew it was painted.

👤The shape and size are nice. It holds cotton swabs and Qtips. It is a good accent for the bathroom. The size is 4 inches in length and width, 4 1/2 in height and 6 in tall with a lid. The lid is silver. It is large. There is a I don't like the fact that even with mild vechicle and being careful, the blue color will come off. Don't put it in the dishwasher, it's a risk. The black color is close to the rubber of the lid.

👤The jar is pretty. I paid too much for a small jar. It's a jar with a lid. I wouldn't buy it again. It's a present now.

👤I intended to use this item as a candy jar. When I washed the jar, my hands and sink were grey. The paint was washed off. I used warm water and dish soap, so I was surprised. I returned the product for a full refund because it wasn't usable for the intended purpose.

👤I would have given it 5 stars if I knew that the lid was cheap gold and not silver. I wouldn't have ordered it if I knew it was gold.

👤The glass jar seems well constructed and pretty. I will wash it when needed because of the reviews. The large size is not that big. It's smaller than a jar. If you need a blue jar, this one is nice.

👤I got this for a dessert. The plastic ring inside the lid doesn't stay in place. It keeps coming off. The lid is not tightly sealed but sits on top after I removed it.

👤Just buy it. It's what you're looking for. I am happy. These are constructed with high quality materials.


What is the best product for decorative glass bowl with lid?

Decorative glass bowl with lid products from Studio Silversmith. In this article about decorative glass bowl with lid you can see why people choose the product. Weigeer and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative glass bowl with lid.

What are the best brands for decorative glass bowl with lid?

Studio Silversmith, Weigeer and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative glass bowl with lid. Find the detail in this article. Le'raze, Hyoatrea and Lawei are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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