Best Decorative Glass Bowl with Stand

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1. Royal Imports Terrarium Decorative Centerpiece

Royal Imports Terrarium Decorative Centerpiece

Looks like a fragile glass. But no! Granting you a plastic round container with superior strength and longevity to serve you longer. The materials used are non-toxic, shatterproof and eco-friendly. Quality: Excellent. Premium quality clear, flawless material that will not leak is what makes this set of 2 Large and Medium Royal Imports glass terrarium bowls. The vases feature evenly rounded walls and weighted bases to ensure quality. The best seller. The best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry are the classic glass bowls. Everyone makes use of a good quality glass vase when filled with beautiful plants. It will make gardens look better. Glass low bowls are very popular with fresh flower arrangements. It's more popular for use as a terrarium bowl. It can be used as a centerpiece, as a candle holder, as a storage container, and as a candy dish. terrarium vases are becoming a very hot trend for home, balcony, weddings and events. Succulents last a long time. You can fill it with your favorite plants or animals. There is packaging. The set of 2 Large and Medium glass terrarium bowls are wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breakage in transit. You will receive them intact when you purchase these vases. Get yours now!

Brand: Royal Imports

👤The glass is fragile. It has very little consistency. I'm afraid that it will shatter once I start growing a lot of different plants in a small container. The item description doesn't say otherwise. The glass is not as perfect as the seller says. The packaging was great. They did a great job of making sure the bowls were intact. Not worth the price.

👤These bowls are gorgeous. They were exactly what I was looking for and a great gift.

👤It was necessary for me to put pea-pebbles in so that I could have enough water for my rose-of-jericho's. One could make beautiful, unique, and even thoughtful gifs with many ideas. The possibilities are endless. They are very affordable. They are very fragile.

👤It would have been nice to know it was used. I smelled a lot of vinegar when I opened the box. It shouldn't have to pay a new price.

👤A nice set of bowls. You can put anything you want in these bowls. I love my air plants too.

👤When most other sellers were charging the same or more for one bowl, it was a great bonus to get 2. It looks great on my coffee table.

👤A floral artist created a beautiful arrangement for the receptionist. I went to Amazon to find a similar vase for my friend. I scored a 10 when I delivered the bowls.

👤They are very dusty and foggy, and will need a good cleaning before use.

👤I thought they were small when I received them, but I filled them and put them on my coffee table and realized they were the right size.

👤tienen buen trata, los use para unos terrarios, me encantado.

👤The two sizes are the right size for me.

👤Would like a fund for the broken vases. Can't take a picture.

2. Creative Scents Decorative Centerpiece Centerpieces

Creative Scents Decorative Centerpiece Centerpieces

Your style is reflected in the décor of your home. This stunning ceramic vase set is great for taking your décor to the next level and wowing your guests. The design is so detailed that you can set it up on your own. This set is elegant and timeless, so you can use it or not. Be patient with your space. The living room decor bowl has curves, sleek lines and crackled mosaic detailing, which adds a touch of class and beautiful presence to any space. The accent shown is not included. The 10” x 5.5” x 4.5” coffee table decorations for living room are of the highest quality. The centerpiece for the dining room table is carefully constructed to keep it looking great. The functional pen is great. This table centerpiece decoration can be used to hold various items around the house, and it looks amazing on its own. Use the flower arrangement on the kitchen table as a key bowl or decorative candy bowl. The bowl of the walnut table centerpiece is seamless with your space. It can be placed in the living room, dining area, entrance table or reception area. This is the perfect gift for the person on your list. It is the perfect present for any anniversary, wedding, housewarming, Mother's Day, Christmas, or birthday. You can add to cart for unique accent pieces.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤This was perfect with my table and candle holders. I'm going to look at more of their products.

👤Don't buy! Someone tried to fill in the missing glass pieces with black filler using this product. There is a risk of a cut due to some of the glass pieces not being flushed. I would give this product a mediocre rating. It was very deceiving.

👤Pairs well with candle holders. The look I had in mind for my table.

👤I bought it to go with my candle holders. It is quite nice without balls. Very happy. The candle holders have felt stops at the bottom so it doesn't scratch my table.

👤This is a nice centerpiece. I ordered all of the matching pieces. It needs more cracked to give it a better reflection. The glass pieces are too far apart. In my opinion. It is still a great centerpiece. Was it? Do not allow the scent of the incense to touch the wood grain, it will take the coating off of it. On the first day, I ruined my mine by touching it.

👤The bowl is nice. It was much better than I anticipated. The balls are ordered to go in them. My husband put them on the TV stand because I didn't want them to go. I immediately ordered another set because they looked so nice on the TV stand. This is a must buy for me.

👤Exactly as pictured! I believe this is a heavy piece. This mosaic inlay is beautiful. It's just stunning. It's so unique because of the colors, the rusts, and the stripe of caramels, chocolates, and tans in the belly of the dish. And it's beautiful! D. I almost expected it to arrive with a chip, but it was shipped without a single issue. It didn't. I'm happy with it and the price I paid was a dollar more than it is. There is a If this is the thing you're looking for, either for an accent table or right in the heart of the kitchen, I really don't think you'll be any less impressed! D.

👤No, no, no... pero la madera es una...

👤It's a bit smaller than I expected, but it's nicely placed on my sofa table. The bowl is very nice.

👤The product is of high quality. The centre table is beautiful.

👤Centre de table, trs joli, il pourrait-tre un peu plus grand.

3. Creative Countertop Restaurant Decorative Centerpiece

Creative Countertop Restaurant Decorative Centerpiece

Each handmade design has tiny holes on the bottom. The fruit basket is made of fruit. The fruit basket stand is black and has fruit in it. As a big multiple holder for organizing vegetable, bread, snack, egg, candy, k cup, even be filled with decorative balls, dried potpourri to add a natural element to any room The creative fruit centerpiece is a great decorative bowl for your dining room table, adding a simplistic and sleek modern touch to your home decor while safely storing your fruit. It's perfect for a wedding, birthday, christmas, or housewarming gift. Made of premium double wall mesh, the muffin stand is sturdy and durable. 10 inch wide open design keeps fruit vegetable fresh, best and easy to clean, with no loss in storage, dry, wash and display functions. The sheaths for office. Lighter than wooden, glass, porcelain and ceramic bowl, you can carry it anywhere. Put the display on the table. It's suitable for home, office, grocery, outdoor, picnic, garden use. There is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They think you will like the new round serving bowl. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund. Just add to cart now!

Brand: Hyoatrea

👤The bowl is fine enough to cradle ripe fruit and veg without damaging the skins, and it looks cool in person. It has exceeded my expectations in many areas.

👤It was used for Coffee Pods. I love it. It looks great in my kitchen.

👤The design of the bowl makes me happy as the air circulates around the pieces. The bowl can only handle a few medium size vegetables or fruit. I would be willing to pay more for a bigger bowl.

👤When I received this item, I found out that the fruit was not mesh but a solid disc of metal. I could not tell from the pictures provided here. I felt like that kind of defeated the purpose.

👤It was what I wanted. It is suppose to be a gift, but I might have to buy one for myself. It is a great bowl for fruit or flowers in the fall. The shipping was on time and the packaging was great.

👤I bought a bowl made of gold and black. The gold bowl was out of shape. The black one was fine. Both look great with fruit or gold balls. I've requested a new one. I really like them.

👤The design is really great. The fruit doesn't get moldy. Highly recommended.

👤love this bowl... I received a gift but ordered another. I thought it would be larger. Love it.

👤The producto viene una excelente condicin. La pintura metlica se ve de calidad al menos. Muy satisfecha.

4. Basket Banana Kitchen Counter Vegetable

Basket Banana Kitchen Counter Vegetable

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. Two products in one! Use the fruit basket and banana hanger as free-standing items. Place a fruit bowl on the hallway table or kitchen counter. Or, combine them to make a pretty matching pair. As your family picks fruit for snacking, you won't have a wobble. Keeping your fruit organized and accessible will save counter space and allow you to create a decorative fruit display. This will encourage your family to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables can be kept organized. The basket can be used as a fruit holder or vegetable basket. The basket has three round feet to help improve air circulation underneath. The basket has a large open-weave mesh. Bananas are kept off the bench by the tree. The simple and elegant design of the kitchen brings style. It will complement either a modern or traditional decor. It is a great gift for any occasion. Quality assurance is made of sturdy metal with a beautiful black finish. The fruit basket and banana hanger are reliable.

Brand: Cuttlelab

👤The product is functional and cute. I like the style of it, it looks modern and chic in my kitchen. Everything was protected. I don't think the banana hanger part needs a screw unless you're going to be carrying it a lot. I like the look without it. The branding is very cute. I am signing up immediately to be a product tester for this company. They include a booklet with that option and I love it.

👤The banana stand and baskets are made of high quality materials. The two tier set was the right choice for me because it was only a few dollars more. The scale of this is smaller than a lot of other fruit basket/banana hanger combinations, and that is what I needed. It's pretty in person. I am happy that my fruit and veg is contained, rather than being spread around on the counter. Huzzah!

👤I didn't like it but it got the job done. I didn't realize it was 2 separate pieces that don't connect at all, and the banana hook could be longer or less curved, it just doesn't seem sturdy like I'm forcing the bananas on.

👤A banana stand, a wire bowl, and a large wire bowl are included. The banana stand needs some work. If you want, you can hang the small bowl on the banana stand. The items are finished with a black coating. A nice set for the price.

👤The fruit basket and banana hanger make fruit seem appetizing. When you run out of bananas, it comes with an additional smaller basket. It is made out of metallic material and the fruit has room to breathe.

👤I wish there was an option to attach the two pieces together. It's nice to be able to use it together or separately.

👤It looks okay. If it had only been sent to me, I would have given it a 5 star review. Since I was moving, I opened my package. When I opened it, I saw that it was messing with the banana hanger. I was really disappointed that the product wasn't delivered completely in the package because I paid so much money for it.

👤It's nice. I wish it had alatch to keep it in place. Bananas add weight to it and displace it.

👤The products are stylish and many ways to use them. I would highly recommend it.

5. Creative Scents Centerpiece Decorations Centerpieces

Creative Scents Centerpiece Decorations Centerpieces

There is a multi function storage and application. The tray is made of metal, gold and mirrored bottom and is an indispensable item. It's applicable for bars, restaurants, cafes, office, home and bathroom tray. You can use a jewelry holder tray to display your beauty must haves. Be patient with your space. The decorative bowl has a lovely curve, sleek lines and crackled mosaic detailing, which adds a touch of class and beautiful presence to any space. The 10” x 5.5” x 4.5” décor centerpiece bowl is designed to last. The table accents bowl is carefully constructed to keep it looking great. The functional pen is great. This table top decoration can be used to hold various items around the house, and it looks amazing on its own. You can display your tchotchkes, use it as a candy bowl, or hold a flower arrangement. The silver décor bowl blends perfectly with your space. It can be placed in the living room, dining area or reception area. This is the perfect gift for the person on your list. It is the perfect present for any anniversary, wedding, housewarming, Mother's Day, or birthday. Click the button to add the centerpiece to your cart.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤A must have! I bought all 3 pieces. Very classy and elegant. It's worth the money. Accepting praise already! I love it!

👤The decor is cute. I didn't think there would be as many gaps between silver pieces. I wish it was a set with the balls.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I wish I didn't have to buy the balls seperately, but other than that, I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤The set had balls and candle holders. Look great together! Highly recommended.

👤I bought the set with the candle stands and curved dish. They look great on my bar top. The glitter stones look great. It is a nice product to display. It's easy to pair with other display items. There is a If you look closely at the finish on the glitter glass pieces, it's not perfect. I might not give it to someone. It looks lovely as a display piece.

👤I originally purchased this for a centerpiece for my table and it was small. I love it. It's beautiful if you move it to another area. This was purchased with the balls. There are only three balls that will fit in this piece. Should have gone back for the larger one. I didn't want to wait for it because this is gorgeous.

👤I was looking for a unique bowl that would compliment the coffee table. The bowl is perfect on all counts. It's completely different from the other bowls I've seen. The bowl's unusual shape, mosaic inlay, and pedestal feet are what I like the most. The bowl seems very durable and substantial. I ordered a second bowl and candle holders because I liked it so much.

👤It's on our kitchen table. It's a solid piece. I bought the balls that fit inside. This piece is lovely because of them. It makes it expensive.

👤This ornament can be used to keep keys in place. Love the silver color. The table is made of glass. Excellent quality and great value. It was perfect as a gift.

👤Me sorprendi el producto, una calidad excelente.

👤Justo lo, I am encanto the color. Y vena, con unicel, a los lados.

👤I use mine as a candy dish.

👤Les derniers colis reu ce bol ainsi. J'aimerais soit remboursé. Merci.

6. Deco 79 81684 Glass Appeal

Deco 79 81684 Glass Appeal

A large round bowl. The rustic metal bowl is sold individually and measures 9 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide, meaning you can place a variety of objects in the bowl to create the style you want. A metallic frame with four beautifully carved and bent legs. 10L"X 22w"x 20h.

Brand: Deco

👤The bowl is made of heavy glass. The legs were easy to put together. Everything was perfect after it was wrapped. It is more beautiful than I anticipated. I am using it to display my air plants in indirect light next to a window.

👤It is beautiful. It is humongous! I think it is too big for the table. I have gotten a lot of praise for it. I'm going to find a different place in the house for it.

👤Great quality and beautiful! The bowl is heavy and all glass.

👤It is very sturdy and beautiful in my living room.

👤This is gorgeous... I wish I'd looked at it's size, instead of putting it on a table. It is stunning.

👤This is a great addition to your house. It is beautiful and large. I like it. I bought these balls at the store.

7. CREATIVELAND Crystal Clear Decadent Dessert Parfait

CREATIVELAND Crystal Clear Decadent Dessert Parfait

The capacity of 63.5 fluid ounces is half gallon, 2 quarts, 4 quarts, or 8 cups. This is not a large bowl, please see the dimensions and details. Glass Trifle bowl. All year round, glass trifle bowls can be used for any celebration and party, not just for Christmas. A platter of cupcakes, candy, cookies, and other items can be used at dinner parties. Give a loved one a gift that they will treasure forever. The large capacity glass trife bowl is made from food grade glass and comes in a large capacity of 116oz and is 8 inches wide and 7.7 inches tall. Creativeland created a hand-crafted trifle bowl that can be used to serve up a delicious trifle or homemade desert. This glass trifle bowl is simple and elegant and adds a contemporary feel to any table setting. Sturdy and durable, hand wash is recommended. It is recommended that you wash your hands. Your guide to glassware. Before using glasses, wash them individually with a suitable detergent and warm water, and don't soak them with other glasses to reduce the chance of mechanical shock. Hand wash recommended, microwave oven safe without the bamboo lid. Recommend Creativeland. The CREATIVELAND brand is synonymous with style. It has been the go-to source for decorating and design for everyone who wants to create a beautiful and elegant life. Their eclectic mix of product is a beautiful fusion to enhance any lifestyle.

Brand: Creativeland

👤I've used this for a mud pie dessert and strawberry angel food cake dessert. I like it. It is a little thinner than I thought it would be, so it could be easily broken.

👤A pretty bowl. I only used it one time and I only have 4 stars. Time will tell if it is a little fragile.

👤It's a great dish to serve.

👤The utensil is pretty. The right size!

👤I will make my first dessert in this bowl. When I do, I will post a picture. I love this bowl.

👤I like the dish. Thanks for getting it to me so fast.

👤The bowl arrived when it was supposed to.

8. Deco 79 Glass Metal 10 Inch

Deco 79 Glass Metal 10 Inch

The Allura centerpiece bowl is 15" in diameter and each handmade piece may vary slightly in color and design. An example of modern furniture art. A bowl with smooth edges. It's designed for decor enthusiasts.

Brand: Deco

👤I am amazed at how classy this is. It is a bit pricey. The investment is definitely worth it once you open it. I say open it, it's a box within a box, and it protested very well. The very thick glass box may slide a bit once out of it.

👤I got my package. As promised! The item was not working. I read bad reviews about this bowl on another site and decided to take a chance on it. The rubber feet are useless because the stand is turned under so it won't stand properly. You don't know this until you purchase the item, because the box had never been opened. AMAZON should open them and check them out before they are shipped. This would save a lot of money. I had to return it and get something else.

👤The product was well packaged. The bowel is beautiful.

👤It is very sturdy and worth the price.

👤Me gust mucho.

👤I put it on my coffee table and filled it with different kinds of chocolate candy. Everybody loves it and I do too.

9. Deco 79 Glass Metal 5 Inch

Deco 79 Glass Metal 5 Inch

The centerpiece bowl is about 8 inches in diameter and may vary in design and color. It is a decorative piece for home and outdoor decor. The length is 12.5-inch by 18-inch height and 6-inch width. The product is made in China.

Brand: Deco

👤I have been watching this item for a while. The price was lowered so I immediately purchased it. I was going to put it on display in my dining room. "You get what you pay for" is still true. The metal stand's feet were broken when I opened the box. I was very disappointed. Since it was under $20, I am not going to have to return it, but I hope the seller reads this review and replaces it. I really wanted to use this bowl.

👤My home decor has been updated. My husband loves it and it is very elegant. It's most unusual. Depending on where you use it, it is multi purpose. I use it in my kitchen for a fruit bowl. The right size too. It was very well made. Glass is very strong.

👤Beautiful and sturdy! The glass is a little thicker than I would have liked, but that serves to make it more durable.

👤This item is elegant and a great find. We love it! The item was packaged well and arrived on time. Don't hesitate to buy this bowl.

👤Me tiene materiales, pero no tiene lindo.

10. Royalty Art Pastries Appetizers Decorative

Royalty Art Pastries Appetizers Decorative

Best care is recommended for washing by hand. A covered platter can be used as a cheese board, a serving tray, a snack stand, and more. The Royalty Art cake stand comes with a clear glass dome with a smooth handle top to protect the contents inside and help retain their freshness longer. It is also dishwasher safe. The display stand serving tray can be used to display delicious foods in the dining room, at a Super Bowl party, or for holiday flair to Christmas cookies. You can use the tray as a cheese board when sharing snacks with friends or create a more stylish, raised look for cakes, pies, or desserts with the easy-to- remove pedestal base. All-Natural Wood and Premium Glass are made with high-quality wood and borosilicate glass that are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Brand: Royalty Art

👤I have washed this product twice. I had a loaf of banana bread on it for a day after I received it. Both times, a gentle cleanse with a soapy sponge and hand dried. The finish has reacted poorly and has discolored all over the board. I am very disappointed in the purchase.

👤The cake stand is really nice. The wood tone is pretty. Came well packed. You can remove the base for easier storage and different ways of displaying.

👤The first one I received was broken in the box. I didn't open it, but I could hear the glass rattling. One mention to Amazon was replaced immediately. I love it. I like it without the base and counter. The risk of tipping is so low that it looks great. I will use it for baked goods when I make them, but right now it's being used as a bread box. It's large enough for at least three half-loaves of bread-- or some english muffins and a partial loaf of bread-- even if it's not a full loaf. There is a That's the reason I got it. too-- I don't bake as much these days, but we have packaged bread, and no place to put it, since I don't like traditional bread boxes. This is large enough to hold a lot of things. There is a Looks great. I love it!

👤I wanted to love this cake stand so much, but I couldn't unpack it. The packaging was very secure. The glass dome had a small chip in it and it was full of tiny bubbles. The handle was bent to the side and it was not smooth. The stand is lighter than the ones shown in the pictures. I will send this product back. I was expecting a better product for the price.

👤The cake stand is the same as the photo. It is very easy to disassemble. The bottom of the "plate" has felt feet on it, so it doesn't ruin your table, and you can see those when the bottom stand is screwed on, depending on where you place the stand in your house.

👤This was a replacement for a stand that I broke. She loved it and it was better than her original. I was happy that she was happy. The cheese board is used more than the stand. Fast delivery with no damage. This company is recommended by me.

👤It's pretty easy to assemble, very sturdy, but a little bit asymmetrical.

👤I have always wanted a pretty cake stand. The wood matches my other display items and it holds a two level cake. I took off one star because the little feet on the bottom are a tad off and there is a small bubble in the glass. I would still recommend this cake stand, even though neither of these things bother me.

👤The product is beautiful, but after less than 6 months of use the wood warped and the glass dome no longer sits on top. I wipe the wood down after use with a cloth. The customer care team are blaming me because they didn't respond to the complaint in time. The product is not worth the money paid.

11. Huang Acrylic Pedestal Decorative Centerpiece

Huang Acrylic Pedestal Decorative Centerpiece

Recommend Creativeland. The CREATIVELAND brand is synonymous with style. It has been the go-to source for decorating and design for everyone who wants to create a beautiful and elegant life. Their eclectic mix of product is a beautiful fusion to enhance any lifestyle. Any kitchen or room setting is perfect for modern design. Party supplies can be used for any event. It's the best of both worlds, because it's made from virgin acrylic for better clarity than glass, and it's also free of the risk of broken glass. Thick acrylic provides stability and beauty. When not in use, theremovable pedestal makes for compact storage. It is great for the environment that there is ease of cleanability and durability. Hand wash with soap and water. 100% free of the chemical. The American Company has existed since 1978.

Brand: Huang Acrylic

👤The fruit bowls were one of the few affordable ones. It was easy to put together. It looks great on the table. This product is very good.

👤I needed something fast before New Years. This was the only thing that could be shipped in time. I shouldn't have waited until the last minute. Very cheap looking. I bought it so I could see the layers in the dessert bowl. It is shallow and shaped like a plate, not a bowl. If you put too many chips in it, they will slide off the side. The dip holder is very small. If you try to dip chips, you can go deep. You have to put something in it. I used it to make fruit platter in the summer. I think it will hold that well.

👤Mi acrlico! I comedor el 31 de Diciembre! El articulo no tienes acerca, pero sino le importa de material est hecho. En verdad, se ve un lindo y elegante.

👤I love this bowl. It's light and perfect for a snack bowl on the island. It can be removed from the bowl for easy storage, but the pedestal gives it an elegant look. The pieces have a clean look. I love it!

👤A great bowl of fruit. It would be better if the base was screwed on instead of sitting on top. I've knocked it over a few times.

👤This looks great on my counter. It is very sturdy and of great quality. I'm happy. It is gorgeous in person and exactly as I imagined.

👤It is a cute piece to buy. It is plastic. It is a bit pricey for just plastic. I would like it to be glass. It still looks good.


What is the best product for decorative glass bowl with stand?

Decorative glass bowl with stand products from Royal Imports. In this article about decorative glass bowl with stand you can see why people choose the product. Creative Scents and Hyoatrea are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative glass bowl with stand.

What are the best brands for decorative glass bowl with stand?

Royal Imports, Creative Scents and Hyoatrea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative glass bowl with stand. Find the detail in this article. Cuttlelab, Deco and Creativeland are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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