Best Decorative Grass Balls

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1. Sunm Boutique Artificial Greenery Centerpiece

Sunm Boutique Artificial Greenery Centerpiece

Will save you money. Don't be a plant parent failure if you have doubts about being able to keep real plants alive. Kitzini's sustainable pot plants will save you money. This life-like shrubs add a pleasant atmosphere to your home. This plastic wheat grass is made from high grade plastic which is harmless and eco-friendly. The package includes artificial wheat grass bushes. Each fake wheat grass bush has 7 greenery grass stems. A tall person is 11.5 in 29.21 cm. It was wonderful. Any room, terrace, balcony or patio can be filled with fake plastic greenery shrubs. A fake plastic greenery shrub is a decorative piece that will bring joy and harmony to any space throughout the year. People who have a busy schedule but still want to enjoy the greenery should not have any watering or trimming. The fake plastic greenery shrubs are perfect for people who are not good with live plants. They care about the feedback of their customers. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Sunm Boutique

👤Not as full as the picture shows. They have a strong ozone, so I left them outside to fly out of. They don't seem sturdy and heat will cause them to fall apart, so I'm hoping they will last for a year inside the house. They are not as good as they could be. They get better with open air and the smell goes away in an hour or two. They look nice with my other greenery. They should last, but it depends on where you put them and how much wind or sun is on them. I checked out Walmart and they had nothing to compare. I washed my silk plant and it fell apart.

👤I like these. Plants are perfect for me because I can't keep them alive. I have had several of these for the past year and they look great after being out in the sunshine and elements and they look realistic from afar.

👤It's great for my kitchen pottery. I added red,white and blue carnations. Air them out for a couple of days to remove the plastic smell. Very happy with them.

👤Over the years, I have purchased many artificial grasses. These are not good. Their color is not like real grass. This is the color you are looking for.

👤I used them in my arrangements for the beach wedding. They added the right type of material between the flowers.

👤These look great in a planter. I have had them in the planter for over two months and they still look brand new. I highly recommend.

👤I put them in a planter outside. They look good to the eye.

👤I expected the items to be a lot larger, but they are not.

2. June Fox Sheaves Decorating Wedding

June Fox Sheaves Decorating Wedding

It's daily maintenance that's needless. Each wheat bunch contains 100 stems wheat stalks, which are about 15.7 inches long. Each bundle of dried wheat is packaged in a custom gift box to make sure you get the intact wheat sheaves. 100% is natural. Picked by farmers from the wheat fields, they were bathed in the sun and dried naturally. The original state of wheat is preserved. It's ideal for wedding tables and festive decorations. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and parties are examples. It can be used for the production of crafts such as wreath, greeting cards, and decorations. Home foreclosures. The golden dried wheat is great for home decoration. No matter what season you are in, feel the autumn atmosphere.

Brand: June Fox

👤This isn't 100 stems. Where is the rest? I counted the leas here.

👤I read reviews about bugs hitch-hiking with wheat. I thought I was smart to put them out on the patio. Hundreds of gnats took forever to die or escape through the screens. Then came the many moths. There was a big bug apocalypse inside my screened porch. I am thankful that I never brought this to my house. There is a I threw the wheat away and waited for the porch to be cleaned of dead and dying insects. It felt like forever. Don't buy this!

👤The stalks were dirty. They made me cringe. Returned this item.

👤I was looking for something that was packaged well. A little skimpier than pictured but will buy more for more projects.

👤The product arrived quickly and looked great, and was well packaged in a carton, so they showed up intact. The wheat was in a light straw color. I put them in a vase to decorate the kitchen counter. This wheat is great for decorating. Stalks look real.

👤Careful handling. I expected it to be a good price compared to others. The grass is not gold. If you enjoy it and like the coastal touch, go for it.

👤This is very stylish. Love the quality. Can't wait to put it in a vase

👤I'm not sure why these smelled so bad. You should look at the length. I thought they were longer. I was able to put the newspaper in the pitcher. We couldn't find the smell in the house. It was the wheat stalks. Returned for a refund. A number. Amazon returns.

3. Decorative Artificial Handmade Hanging Supplies

Decorative Artificial Handmade Hanging Supplies

5. It's ideal for decorating any home or office space. There are different sizes of moss balls in their package, which can meet your needs. You can apply both of the two size for better effect when you are ready for decoration. Artificial green mossy globes can be used as table decorations, vase filler, mixture of Christmas ornaments or potpourris, adding immortality greenery and right accent to your room especially in winter, making your house more natural and beautiful. The handmade moss balls are made of lightweight foam and artificial moss, which is easy to hang with a rope and beautiful in appearance. The faux green moss is in good condition and will not fade easily. The faux dried moss ball is easy to hang, with most 6 ounces in weight. You can punch a hole in the foam ball with a rope. It can be hung in a variety of places. The mossy ball ornament is easy to clean. If you want to clean it, just take a dry rag or paper towel and pat the surface.

Brand: Biubee

👤I used moss balls from a bowl I did, but needed larger balls to create the look I wanted.

👤I let them dry naturally on my dining table.

👤The product photo shows a green color, but the actual color is a darker green.

👤The product was what I needed.

👤It works well with the rest of my decorations. I am happy with the purchase.

👤Good item. There is a good range of sizes.

👤They are darker than expected but they are as shown.

4. Ka Home Decorative Green Balls

Ka Home Decorative Green Balls

The nature of the wood may affect the color of the wood. Expect some flaws. If you need help with return or replacement, they would be happy to help. The bowl shown is not included. Moss balls are a beautiful natural accent for weddings, parties, and home decor. These decorative orbs are made from real moss and are an elegant choice for farmhouse, garden, and traditional styles. Their moss balls are always green, and low maintenance, since watering is not required. A lightweight foam core makes mossy ball decorations easy to hang. Set of 6 moss ball decorations for a bowl, tray, shelf, table or centerpiece.

Brand: Ka Home

👤The balls were large enough to fit on my platter. A great centerpiece for my table. It is worth the money.

👤The color is not realistic.

5. Fityle Artificial Topiary Outdoor Decorations

Fityle Artificial Topiary Outdoor Decorations

If you are not happy with their product, they will get you back within 24 hours. Artificial Topiary Ball are easy to care for, they don't need any water, soil, orfertilizer, and are not affected by natural weather. You can save time and water by feeling nature. The artificial plant ball is made from high-quality plastic, every stem is made of super-strong high density PE,durability and UV protection. It's the same as the real, but more long- lasting, so it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor. The artificial ball is easy to install, just attach the buckles and the balls. A dramatic effect can be created by mixing different sizes and plant types. Artificial Plant Topiary Ball can be used in many places. It's the best way to make your spaces bright. If you don't like their product, contact them and they will make it right within 48 hours. Satisfaction. If you don't like their product, contact them any time, they will get you back within 48 hours and try to make it better.

Brand: Fityle

👤These are nice. My friends and neighbors asked me what type of bush I had. They couldn't believe it when I said PLASTIC. The 2 halves fit in the spaces I chose. The shipping took longer than expected, but you have to remember where they are going. They arrived smashed and crumbled, but I was able to rearrange them. I used half the ball to give the effect of 1 full ball. I'll store them because we have cold winters. It's a great item for the money.

👤The plastic is shiny. They would look more realistic if it was dull. I had to touch the fakes that my friend bought from QVC. You can tell they are not real if you look at them. They still look pretty.

👤These look real. They look like sunshine in my garden. I use a garden stake to make sure they don't blow around. Just bought more.

👤The product is great for the price. They looked real after we secured them. There's no maintenance and the garden provides color year round. The shape of the balls could be better if the packaging was improved. I'm going to order the green color.

👤Not shabby. It's pretty sturdy. They are a bit shiny but I am not trying to pass them off as real.

👤These are the prettiest bushes. They look real. There are two parts to the picture. They added a touch to my bridge. The color is bright. My friend ordered some because she liked them so much.

👤The product was shipped in 2 plastic bags and smelt like it was pulled from a storage unit. The product looked like cheap plastic.

👤The deer resist plants very well. My neighbors wanted to know my secret. No one will know they are not real.

6. Tifuly Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hanging

Tifuly Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hanging

There are 8 semi-circular artificial boxwood topiary balls in the package, each with a outer diameter of 6.5 inches. The boxwood balls are Eco-friendly and can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be made alive and green without any water orfertilizer. Artificial boxwood balls are delicate to look at. Especially for wedding and house decor. They can be hung from a wall or put in pots. It's also suitable for front porch, yard, garden decor. The Boxwood Ball is easy to install, just connect the balls and affix the buckles. Customer service If you don't like it, please contact them from the Amazon message center, they have 100% money back service. Customer service If you don't like it, please contact them from the Amazon message center, they have 100% money back service.

Brand: Tifuly

👤A great value for money. These balls require assembly, maybe I didn't read the description right. I was hoping for a good ball. Each ball requires assembly. I'm missing half of a ball. They work on the mantle. I wouldn't want to show them on an eye level display. I have tried to adjust the balls, but they are still warped. Guess they will do that. The strength is poor. They were easy to assemble.

👤They couldn't even snap them together because they were crushed.

👤They will never be ball-shaped after I tried to put them together. Not very full.

👤I have to cover up areas on the roof deck where my jigsaw tiles can't reach. I only need a half sphere, so it came a little crumbled but not an issue.

👤Quality was terrible but size was good.

👤Very nice topiaries. It's a great value.

👤Put it in the recycle bin. The balls were hard to put together. I wish I didn't waste time and money.

7. Chuangdi Artificial Decorative Preserved Arrangements

Chuangdi Artificial Decorative Preserved Arrangements

Grass balls add a layer of nature to any look. 20 pieces artificial moss rocks in different sizes and 20 grams of preserved green moss are included in the package. The faux green stone is made of light foam and covered with bright green fluff, lightweight and portable to use and store, not easy to break, and the artificial moss is an immortality flower, crafted with nice workmanship, can stay its color and shape after long time use. The package contains three different sizes of stones for you to choose, the largest is about 4.5 cm/ 2 inch in diameter, the middle is about 7 cm/ 3 inch in diameter, and the smallest is about 4.5 cm/ 2 inch. Green moss balls are ideal for decorative supplies for plant walls, flower arrangement ornaments, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, KTV, clubs, toy houses, dessert shops, offices, conference rooms, living rooms, etc. The moss stone and artificial moss can be used to make your fairy garden more realistic, fatigue and tiredness can be swept away when you see these lovely and natural stones in your exhausted time, and the rocks don't need your required care or time, which can save your time.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤I did not receive everything that I was supposed to. I only received the rocks and moss. I can't even request an exchange because I'm out of the return window. Money was wasted on this one.

👤The item described was different than what I got. I wanted rocks. I used it in the arrangement and ordered moss rocks I wanted. There is a If you wantmoss rocks, you may be disappointed.

👤This is perfect for decor. They look great. Grass type stuff comes to it. That is weird. The actually miss pieces are nice.

👤The bag of moss that came with the foam stones was wet and the dye came off on my hands. It was useless for the project I needed it for. The stones have no weight to them, they're just pieces of foam with green plastic stuck on to them.

👤They look like they are real.

👤The product was great for my project. I will order again. These aren't stones. They are decorative pieces.

👤The color is bright. I was looking for a shade of green that was perfect.

👤The moss that is supposed to come with the rocks are missing.

8. Small Artificial Plants D├ęcor Office

Small Artificial Plants D%C3%A9cor Office

There are tips for artful greenery. You only need to place the fake grass in aventilated environment for a period of time, because it is normal for it to smell. The plastic grass can return to the original state with manual installation and spreading, if it undergoes some squeezing during packaging and transportation, which may result in slight deformation of the grass or some falling leaves. Real and natural. Their fake plants for bathroom shelf, decor for shelves in living room, and over kitchen cabinet decor are carefully designed to look like real plants. Your fake plants will arrive in perfect condition. No punches. No styling is required. You can display your fake green plants in the box. Their mini artificial plants are perfect for shelf bathroom plants. It's worth it. Mini faux plants are ideal for small greenery decor. Their shelf plants for bathroom decor can be rearranged to fit your style. It's easy to care. No watering, feeding or upkeep. Their fake plants are non-toxic, mess-free, and everlasting. If you go on a holiday, they won't mind if you use small plants in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, office and kitchen. Will save you money. Don't be a plant parent failure if you have doubts about being able to keep real plants alive. Kitzini's sustainable pot plants will save you money.

Brand: Kitzini

👤These little plants are cute. I don't have the time or patience for real plants anymore, but the love look of green, colorful plants is what I want. These little plants are my style. I like the colors, and the cement pots with good looking plants. I noticed that a co-worker in another office had some artificial plants in a cement pot, and they looked really nice there. I moved inside so I could enjoy them more, since I had mine outside. I've moved them many times, dropped, picked them up, and they've taken a beating. The deck, living room, office, guest room were spiced up. It's easy to clean- just run under some warm water. Love!

👤The fake plants are cute, but they are not as big as the seller photos make them out to be. This seems to be a theme on Amazon as I have purchased other fake plants that are much smaller than they are. I took a photo next to a soda can, it barely measures 5 inches.

👤I was pleasantly surprised with these plants. The frosty look gives them a sense of realness. When you first open them and fluff them up, make sure you sweep it up because the powder will cover any surface you do it on. Dust fell off them after they were fluffed and placed. I wanted them to be small so I used them on my bathroom shelf in my double wide. It's a great way to add greenery to small spaces. The concrete-looking pot is very stylish and cute.

👤Even though sizes were provided, I found them more substantial than I had expected. 2 plants weredusty green and 1 was true green. Exactly what I was looking for. Cute plants. If you choose, you can put them in your own planter.

👤I don't recommend them. These look very dusty because of the flocking. Sending them back. They would be great if the flocking was removed.

👤These are cute little planters. They fit in a row in my tv stand. They look cheap, especially the flowers and greenery. You can tell from a distance that they are plastic. I kept them since they work where I put them. I wish they looked like real plants. The green one looks better than the flower one.

👤These little plants are adorable. There is a The room in which my snake plant was put in was a room with curtains, and as much as I like the look of real plants, they had already paid the ultimate price. I thought they might liven up that room when I stumbled on them. They look real. There is a They are a little smooshed. I took some time to fluff the wires and now they are perfect. The cement planters are cute.

👤These are cute and high quality. The pot is sturdy. The artificial Succulent are full of color. They are cute little plants that can be found in any room. I would buy them again.

9. Velener Artificial Office Bathroom Decoration

Velener Artificial Office Bathroom Decoration

Maintenance is trouble-free and convenient. The Magic Decor pampas grass decor requires no upkeep or watering. You can enjoy years of spectacular displays by fluffing it up and putting it in a vase. This extra-long artificial grass in a pot can be used to create your ideal green space. The small plant is perfect for areas like kitchen windows, shelves, and cabinet-tops. The long green leaves of this plant are made of high-quality plastic that gives a realistic appearance. This fake plant decor item will make your living space feel more relaxing. The fake potted plants are easy to maintain. Keep this plant green by cleaning it with a damp cloth. This artificial plant is suitable for indoors. You can keep the greenery on the shelves, office tables, cabinet tops, and kitchen windows to make them look cleaner. The fake plant is made from high-quality paper. The white organic pot is stable and classy.

Brand: Velener

👤This little plant decor is adorable. Artificial plants are usually bought because I have a bad green thumb and don't like insects in the plants. Such a great price. And looks great. Some people think it's real when they first look at it.

👤So disappointed! This is the lowest quality fake plant I have ever purchased. I wouldn't recommend or buy from the company again. There is a weird white film on the leaves. I had to scrub them for 20 minutes to get them all cleaned and put back together. It looks very fake compared to my other plants. It has very little moss on it and you can see the styrofoam through it.

👤Since I have two brown thumbs, I have ordered many fake plants. This is the worst plant I have ever purchased. The blades of grass have a nasty film all over them that doesn't look natural or like dust one could wipe off, which I am not inclined to spend the time to clean each individual blade. The blades are curled up so it looks like it hasn't been watered. If you put the pot on a surface that isn't durable, be sure to put something on the bottom to prevent scratches. Black glue or paint stuck to the side of the pot won't cone off. The oil is almost completely absent. It looks like there is some soil beneath the grass, but it's not. This is either going back or in the garbage. It is that bad.

👤Some people left negative reviews. The person that said they had to take it apart and scrub it for 20 minutes is full of it. The chalkiness is part of the design. I turned it upside down and gave it a quick rinse with my kitchen sprayer because I wanted to have it without. Why someone would say it's smaller than they thought is beyond me because the dimensions are listed. It is a nice price for what it is. If you want a bigger faux plant in a decorative bowl, then you can go to Hobby Lobby and pay 60 bucks.

👤I thought I'd use this as a centerpiece for my kitchen table. There's no way to do that. This is small. It's okay. Looking at something. I didn't feel like coming back. There is a spot on my end table. You'll be okay with this if you know you're not getting a centerpiece. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay attention to the measurements, and I'll do it again.

👤It's not real. It is not a real plant. I don't expect someone to see a perfect plant. It is nice. I thought the bowl was a little larger than it is, but it only held about a cup to a cup and a half of water. My fault was not reading the dimensions before buying. Overall happy and would recommend.

👤A straight forward design with clean lines. It's perfect for modern decor. Even though it is a faux plant, it has been crafted well and does not have a plastic look. The grayish-white pot is versatile. I like it. I was happy with my purchase.

10. Nicunom Artificial Decorative Arrangements Decoration

Nicunom Artificial Decorative Arrangements Decoration

The handicraft model can make great additions to your garden decoration. 40 artificial green moss rocks are covered with bright green fuzz and are part of a package. Their moss rock balls are covered with bright green fuzz, not easy to tell from a distance, which color is close to green plants, and creates a feeling of nature. There are faux moss stones that are suitable for garden, vase, bonsai, birthday, parties, special event, bonsai, fairy gardens, terrarium, woodland themed places and wreaths. There are fake moss balls that can be used to decorate your home. moss covered stone can be filled into a bowl, vase, glass cylinder, or decorative tray to create a feeling of nature. 40 artificial moss rocks are in total.

Brand: Nicunom

👤I'm happy with the color and texture. I'm happy it looks good.

👤The faux moss covered stones were used to create the large orchid centerpiece. They are light weight and look authentic. I bought multiple packs to make my look bigger. Very happy with the result.

👤Some of them are at the bottom of my bowl. If the bowl is almost empty of fruit, they increase air circulation to keep the fruit fresh, and make it look good. The bowl looks great by themselves. They are covered with fuzz and the color is rich and slightly variegated.

👤I bought several packages for a subtle season accent to our home. The green color looks great.

👤The product came in many different sizes. I was disappointed that the small green hair on the moss started to come off when I started using them. It would be great if it was used in the background of a train set. I bought this product so kids could use it for making zoo play area for animal figures.

👤These are balls made of moss. I like using them in my plants.

👤It was easy to use. I was worried about my pet eating them.

👤It's perfect for my pots cache. A good shade of green, nice variety of sizes. No complaints, would order again.

👤The moss stones look nice. They look like real moss and have given more depth to the display, I've used them for display purposes around my orchids and they look like real moss from far. The quantity, packaging and the delivery speed are all included.

👤I like how realistic they are. I had to layer them to get a full look. I don't think they should be as expensive as they are. They were half the price when I bought them. They only fill the top of the bowl later in the picture. The bowl has packing paper in it. It is a good product and they get a lot of praise from guests. The price to amount ratio is rated 4 stars.

11. Vumdua Natural Decorative Handmade Weddings

Vumdua Natural Decorative Handmade Weddings

The moss balls are made of lightweight quality foam, soft rope and natural dried moss. There is no smell or dried substance. The moss balls are used as a bowl decoration. It's easy to care for greenery. The moss balls are processed. They are easy to maintain and don't need any help from the weather. Save time and energy. The moss ball is 3.5 inches. The moss balls can be hung in any place you want. You can punch a hole in the foam ball with a rope. It's easy to clean. The moss is hard to fall off and spread out. If you want to clean it, just take a dry rag or paper towel and pat the surface. It does not require much care. A moss ball can be used to add coloring to your home or office. It's suitable for bowls decor, table decorations, weddings, theme parties, flower arrangements, etc. A moss ball can be used to add coloring to your home or office. It's suitable for bowls decor, table decorations, weddings, theme parties, flower arrangements, etc.

Brand: Vumdua

👤It was just as described and also well packaged, which is something I really appreciate.

👤The Moss Balls bring a great touch to the outdoors. They are in my family room. I was expecting them to be much smaller, but they are a very nice size.

👤I wanted to use them as vase filler but they were too big. These were nicely made, but I didn't pay attention to the size. When I took them out of the package, I could smell an earthly scent but it was not strong and would probably go away naturally.

👤I ordered the larger moss balls and the pinkmoss mix balls to use in the old dough bowl. I love the two of them. It could be used alone as an accent. I use 3 items to decorate. The two of them would make a great accent to two other objects.

👤I should have looked into the size because these were much larger than I expected. They are softball size, but still pretty. A little thin. They look good in a large glass vase.

👤These are very small. The golf ball might be a bit bigger. I thought they would be bigger. I found a use for them. I didn't come back.

👤They make a great centerpiece. Add some flowers or stones. They are made of styrofoam and have moss on the outside. They are a good size.


What is the best product for decorative grass balls?

Decorative grass balls products from Sunm Boutique. In this article about decorative grass balls you can see why people choose the product. June Fox and Biubee are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative grass balls.

What are the best brands for decorative grass balls?

Sunm Boutique, June Fox and Biubee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative grass balls. Find the detail in this article. Ka Home, Fityle and Tifuly are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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