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1. Trademark Innovations Rectangular Seagrass Baskets

Trademark Innovations Rectangular Seagrass Baskets

The fabric storage box is a great way to organize and store items at home, office, loft or other dwellings. You can use a bookshelf alone or with a cabinet. There are 3 baskets in this set, measuring 11x8"x 4.5", 13x9x6", and 14x11x7". The iron wire frame was made from seagrass. Natural coloring gives these baskets an earthly feel. Use in the bedroom, laundry room or kitchen.

Brand: Trademark Innovations

👤The product came as expected. I could fit a lot of things into it because it was three sizes. The material was exactly what I was looking for. It gives a touch to my room. It has a top on each one of them. There is a I hope the pictures help. Thanks again for the good quality storage.

👤I was looking for a nice box to fit my modem and I was done with all the cables. The medium box solved my problem.

👤The smell is similar to fresh seagrass. After only one day, this faded as other reviewers noted. I used them as storage in my bathroom, and I absolutely love them. I am happy with this purchase.

👤The value is. I was hoping they would be bigger because I paid so much for baskets, but I failed to measure how big they would be using the product description. They can't hold all of your linens. I use mine for a lot of things. They're cute and make for stylish storage. There is a DURABILITY. The biggest one came with a slightly crooked lid, but I was able to jimmy it straight. They are thick and durable and are likely to hold up over time. There is a The SMELL: It arrives with a certain smell, but it doesn't bother me. It just smells like natural materials to me, and I think it will fade with time.

👤These baskets are gorgeous. I ordered them to hide the modem and cords in my office. These are perfect! I put a power strip, modem, and a bunch of cords into a larger basket with the cords going through a handle to an outlet in the wall. The smaller two were put on top of each other. They look nice and neat and function as storage/hiding stuff. I'm ordering a second set.

👤I can't speak about the long termDurability of the baskets, but I'm confident that they will hold up for a long time. The smell I noticed was not a chemical smell but a "natural" smell, which I don't know what sea grass really smells like. There is a My kitchen only has one drawer, so these baskets were bought to store my kitchen stuff that won't fit in the drawer, like extra towels, rarely used cooking utensils, and other items. There is a The wire frame gives the baskets a lot of stability and will allow me to stack the baskets on top of each other without worrying about them getting crushed.

👤I like to use the baskets in my living room as "clutter catchers". I have three of them, one under my coffee table, one on a side table and one sitting on the brick of my fire place. When I get a phone call that is unexpected, I can quickly get rid of any items that arecluttering my living room, such as mail, coupons, bottles of vitamins, the tape measure, and various other items that I often have laying around. My living room is now clean and I can easily get my stuff back once my guests leave. I removed one star because the basket's lid is a bit crooked, but it still functions as needed. I paid for this item with a free shipping offer from Amazon.

2. Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

The shredded paper Easter grass is perfect for Easter displays, baskets, and egg hunts. It can be used as a base for your Easter gifts. You can place Easter eggs, candy, favors, stuffed bunny toys and more on the grass. A great bed for displaying your product is made of Crinkle cut Red shredded paper. 1/2 LB shredded packing paper can be used to fill gift boxes. TILE CUSHIONING MATERIAL The shredded paper is ideal for packing and lining heavy items. Easter basket grass is excellent for weddings, baby showers, Easter celebrations, and Christmas. ACTIVENESS The crinkle cut paper shred is attractive. ECO-FRIENDLY The shredded paper is free of cholrine and bleach. This approach to packaging is natural. The crinkle cut paper is great for many things. The bag will hold 1/2 LB of crinkle paper. There are a wide range of options, from metallic to mixed colors.

Brand: Airgame

👤This works for me because I like to use some of the tissue paper in a box with a gift. You get a lot of crinkled paper when you buy it, so you have a good amount to use for different occasions.

3. AuIhiay Shredded Crinkle Decoration Packaging

AuIhiay Shredded Crinkle Decoration Packaging

200g in four colors, totally 200g/7oz. It's perfect for applying to your craft supplies. 3mm cut, approx. Each shred of tissue paper is 23 cm long. It's great for stuffing gift boxes, gift bags and more. Premium material is made of premium paper shred, safe and recyclable, with soft touch and light weight to provide efficient protection. There are 4 beautiful and cute colors symbolizing a vibrant spring. They can be used to decorate gift boxes, making them look more attractive. It's perfect for Easter basket filling stuffers, gift packaging, wrapping bags and baskets, easter party favor supplies, holiday celebrations or other decorative filling needs.

Brand: Auihiay

👤I can't give the Easter grass to our animals because it's icky and it's paper. The paper is right for our animals. The tissue paper baskets are perfect for Easter treats.

👤This is for my mini basket. I like the colors. Paper is not plastic.

👤There are a lot of uses for the colors. The table has Easter decor on it. It's great that it's recycled.

👤I use this for my birds to play with. The love birds will weave it through the cage bars if they get it, and my other birds do the same. There is a nice toy in each bundle. Will do business with this seller again.

👤This is paper and notastic.

👤Total rip-off. The picture made it look like a well filled box. Not so! You would have to use the entire package to fill the small basket because it came in a plastic bag. It could have been purchased at the dollar store for a dollar or two. Would not buy it again. Too much work to send it back will cause a bad experience. Very disappointed.

👤I was a little disappointed that it came half opened and messed up in transit, however, you just don't expect things like that to happen when purchasing from larger retailers. It's great for the project, but not worth the money.

👤The baskets were made for a local fund raiser and had shredded raffia added to them.

👤A lot more than I expected.

👤A lot more than expected.

4. MDesign Seagrass Essentials Decorative Organizer

MDesign Seagrass Essentials Decorative Organizer

There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc. An organizational structure. The bins are designed to hang from doorways or on a wall and are made of woven fabric. It's accessible. These storage bins have integrated handles and brackets that make them easy to hang on the wall or from a door, and they are great in living rooms, family rooms, entryways and mudroom. Functions and quotient: Use these baskets to add greenery or a floral arrangement to your home, they are great for children, teens and adults. The structure is made from natural seagrass in a woven pattern over a steel frame and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The Large Basket is 7.1" x 12.2" x 13" high, and the Small Basket is 5.1" x 10.2" x12" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤Looks great. It's not at the site looking in to the room. They hold my hair tools.

5. POPGRAT Cylinder Vintage Centerpieces Decorations

POPGRAT Cylinder Vintage Centerpieces Decorations

Please measure the space where you intend to place the decorative vase before ordering. Brown is made of natural wicker and natural rope and metal. Rustic Vase for Artificial Jasmine Branches. The rustic vase can be used as a home decor accent and is great with led natural willow twig and any other artificial/dried floral arrangement such as dried branches, stems, leaves, bouquet, sunflower, straw, tulips, sticks and more. Each decoratine flower vase was handcrafted by an experienced artisan. Country style decorations. The country style vases are perfect for decorating. It feels like a villatic. The vases are a great gift for home decor lovers and can be used for a lot of things. If there is a problem with your country vase for flowers, you will be protected for one year. Please don't hesitate to contact them. They'll offer you a solution by any feasible means.

Brand: Popgrat

👤I thought the term basket was a more accurate description of the vase. There were some big issues with the basket when it arrived. It was wrapped in a piece of black tarp and then closed with a lot of shipping tape. It had a very strong chemical odor when I opened the box. There is a The basket had a very strong odor. There was a square of plastic that was placed into the basket. I'm assuming it was put there for fresh cut flowers and water but you could see the plastic through the weave of the vase/basket and it wasn't very attractive. I removed it because I don't want to use it as a vase for fresh flowers, but I realized it was plastic and not a basket. Problem solved. I like the way it looks and a clear cylindrical vase can fit inside if I want to use it as a vase. There is a It's over priced for what you get. The picture on the internet looked better than it did in person. I wouldn't order this again.

👤I bought 3 of them. They were the highlight of my table settings. They are sturdy and well made. They have a plastic lining but if you fill it with water it will leak, so I put the flowers in a smaller glass vase. They were gorgeous. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered two of them. There is a sign on the front that says "flowers", but it isn't shown in the photos. The sign is made of metal. I had to remove it because it sliced my finger. I have to get a tetanus shot because I am late and my doctor would rather make a mistake. I am not happy with the vase.

👤I buy a lot of things on Amazon, but this wicker vase did not come with the cute rope around the top, it's unstable, and the bottom is not flat. The vase is over priced and there is a piece of wicker on the back side that is sticking out. I will just donate the vase, it's not easy to send things back.

👤The vase has a great look. I sat it in a round cake because the plastic liner inside was leaking, but it added to the charm. If it had a glass, pottery, or metal cylinder inside it would be better, but otherwise it's good. I slid the glass cylinder vase inside and it works perfectly.

👤I put this on my kitchen counter because I wanted to use it for a table set. It adds a pop to my home. I will definitely buy this again.

👤I like that the basket has flowers in it. The basket was not the size I thought it would be and it was very lightweight, so it tips over easily.

6. Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

The easter decor is made with natural wood and is made to last, so you are always covered by their 100% money back guarantee. shredded paper makes a great bed for displaying your product It's perfect for filling those extra spaces in your packages. There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc.

Brand: Magicwater Supply

👤I picked this product because it looked like a diamond in the picture. I got a bag of boring paper. You can see more sparkle in the picture. Take a look at the bag I got and see if there are two strings of sparkle in it. It was a waste of money because I couldn't return it. The product and picture are not accurate.

👤Not as advertised. The shred is mostly white and 1% iridescent, unlike the pictures which are about even. I could have gotten a pretty colour or two for less than the price of this one, but I didn't. I bought this for a special project. Very disappointed. The bag is a nice touch, so it's only 2 stars.

👤The product is good, but not worth the price. I imagined it to be a lot more crinkled. It is not. Dollar trees are even better and you can get more for less. Dollar tree is a lot cheaper.

👤This was used in my bridesmaid proposal boxes. The iridescent bits look nice.

👤If you don't have anything else to compare it to, this product is okay. I like it. I'm mostly disappointed. There were more iridescent plastic pieces mixed into the bag that I purchased from another company on Amazon. The amount in this bag is very small. There are a few strands strewn around. It's mostly white crinkle cut paper. I'm going to have to buy a full bag of iridescent pieces to liven up this sad bunch. There is a It works well as a decorative filler for gift baskets and for shipping homemade products. This company mixes in a lot more iridescent strands than other companies.

👤I was disappointed when I received the item because it was advertised to have more iridescent pieces. The iridescent pieces are hidden inside the crinkle paper if you pull it apart. If you want to take the time to pull them apart, you will find what you paid for. It got the job done so I wasn't very disappointed in my purchase, but it doesn't look like how it is advertised in the photos above.

👤Most of the paper is plain white and the amount provided is adequate. I picked this color because there is hardly any iridescent strips. So a little disappointed.

👤The colors are not what they are depicted to be. The amount of color is very small. It was all white and looked like cheap paper shreds. I didn't want to ruin my gift boxes. I returned them. There is not much that comes with this. Not worth the price.

7. Crinkle Stuffers Valentines Thanksgiving Wonderful

Crinkle Stuffers Valentines Thanksgiving Wonderful

Clean with damp cloth. The package includes 10 packs of different colors of crumpled cut paper, each pack contains 30 grams of shredded paper, a total of 300 grams. There are 10 colors to choose from, white, pink, fruit green, brown, big red, blue royal, black and so on. Reliable material is made of soft and light paper, it is easy to knead without knots, and shredded tissue papers are non-toxic and non-fading. The expansion range is ideal for filling in various places and the messy effect is better when using. A wide range of applications are suitable for various occasions, such as birthdays, parties, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter egg baskets, baby showers, etc.

Brand: Zonon

👤I put this in cookie gift boxes that held 3 cookies, kisses and a gift card. I was able to do 12 boxes. I have more to give. I am very happy with the quality and colors. I will order it again.

👤It is difficult to gauge things like this online. You will need 2 or 3 orders for a big project. It's great to use for gifts over time. I would buy something else.

👤So disappointed! The colors are not as advertised. I got brown and two of the same whites. There is a friendly warning.

👤I guess you get what you pay for. If you're looking for basket filling, this isn't it. It's like sitting on top and serving as added decor.

8. Celebrate Easter Decorative Grass Grams

Celebrate Easter Decorative Grass Grams

The Large Basket is 7.1" x 12.2" x 13" high, and the Small Basket is 5.1" x 10.2" x12" high. There is a bag of pink grass. The bag holds 30 grams. It was made from naturally sisal fiber. Use any time of the year for gift boxes, gift baskets, and enhancing a table centerpiece with color to create a soft bed for candy and easter eggs. Boston International has baskets, buckets, and decorative eggs.

Brand: Boston International

9. Baskets Organizing Decorative Countertop Bathroom

Baskets Organizing Decorative Countertop Bathroom

If there is a problem with the product, the customer service and full refund will be given. Environmental protection holster is a piece of furniture. The basket is made of natural seagrass and paper rope which are degradable. It is soft and supple. The wicker baskets can be recycled. It can be used for a long time because of its healty seagrass. The rattan fruit basket give is a pretty and dainty design, made of white and natural materials. Storage can be integrated into bedrooms, living room and bathroom. The wicker basket is perfect for holding a lot of items. The storage basket is ideal for arranging small items such as toys, coins, and towels. It's suitable for your bedrooms, bathroom, living room, closets, shelves or anywhere. Will the basket take too much space? No! The three set woven round basket is a good way to save space. The sizes are listed. Large 12”W x 4”H; Middle 11”W x 3.5”H; and Small 10.5”W x 3.26 ”H. This holiday tray is made with tight stitching and can be used as a bread basket or fruit serving tray. There is no worry for the straw falling off. There is a concierge service. If you have a quality problem after you use the goods, please contact them as soon as possible. There is a concierge service. If you have a quality problem after you use the goods, please contact them as soon as possible.

Brand: Unistyle

👤Exactly what I wanted. I put toilet paper in them.

👤These are great baskets. They are spread throughout my kitchen.

👤Kinda disappointed. Not the best work. Not the best quality. I probably could have done better at a local department store. I liked the combo and the convenience of delivery.

👤I like the combination of black and natural weave. The baskets are larger than expected. They're eye-catching. Very happy with them!

👤I bought these to put along a shelf of our shoe bench to hold gardening gloves, hand tools, and bug spray. They fit perfectly because they were accurate. They look nice. I was happy with my purchase.

👤These were purchased for decorative purposes. They are similar to the photo. Complete satisfaction!

👤The baskets are very sturdy and very sturdy, they have a grassy smell, but not an unpleasant odor.

👤It came in a pack of three. For myself, I use one to fill others with goodies for Christmas gifts. That you!

10. Boston International Celebrate Easter Decorative

Boston International Celebrate Easter Decorative

The white Christmas tree skirt is suitable for a wide range of places. The tree skirt can be used to make more festive decorations. There is a bag of purple grass. The bag holds 30 grams. It was made from naturally sisal fiber. Use any time of the year for gift boxes, gift baskets, and enhancing a table centerpiece with color to create a soft bed for candy and easter eggs. Boston International has baskets, buckets, and decorative eggs.

Brand: Boston International

👤The grass is very thin, but it's not bad. Not a bad cup of tea. It was a good buy.

👤This is not normal grass. As soon as I opened the package, I said it was going back.

👤These are messy. I had a mess everywhere.

11. Ethisa Bright Yellow Crinkle Filler

Ethisa Bright Yellow Crinkle Filler

It's a perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers. There are gold hearts, gold stars and red hearts. These yellow paper shreds will help fluff your yellow gift wrap. Half of the boxes are filled with one bag. You should never run out of crinkle paper. The confetti papers will make a great gift. The heavy thickness of the gift basket filler and gift box crinkle paper will protect your crafts from getting damaged. Their grass is yellow and can be used for small business packaging supplies. Their yellow crinkle cut paper shreds are made with sustainable crinkle paper that includes non-toxic dyes to ensure you and your loved ones are safe when you give gifts. Their guarantee is that they strive for exceptional quality crinkle cut package filler and customer service. They will give you a full refund if their paper shred gift filler does not hold up during shipping. You can click the yellow "add to cart" with confidence.

Brand: Ethisa

👤It goes much further than you think.

👤I love this product. I made the proposal box better. The little hearts and stars are great, but they tend to sink to the bottom. Enjoyed the product.

👤I was creating gifts in clear boxes and the product was great. Would purchase again.

👤I bought this to store presents for Christmas. It worked perfectly.

👤The red and gold hearts are not attached to anything. You can use them in a lot of different ways.

👤The product was very good. The material is more of a plastic type.

👤I bought this and other colors for various baskets.

👤I looked great in my proposals for my wedding.


What is the best product for decorative grass for baskets?

Decorative grass for baskets products from Trademark Innovations. In this article about decorative grass for baskets you can see why people choose the product. Airgame and Auihiay are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative grass for baskets.

What are the best brands for decorative grass for baskets?

Trademark Innovations, Airgame and Auihiay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative grass for baskets. Find the detail in this article. Mdesign, Popgrat and Magicwater Supply are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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