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1. FeiLix Artificial Branches Decorative Farmhouse

FeiLix Artificial Branches Decorative Farmhouse

You can use it to make a variety of decorations. It can be twisted easily without fracturing, which will make it easier to make crafts. It's ideal for floral projects. SPECIFICATIONS: 5PCS Artificial Branches. 30.7 inches is the size. The image of each fake branch is cute and simple. Not including vase is not included. Materials: It is made of high quality iron wire. The faux sticks are more popular in the summer and winter. The product is easy to maintain. The faux curly willow branches are well made. The branch has a variety of characteristics. There is aDEAL deficiency. The faux branches are suitable for Christmas vase, home, wedding, table, living room, terrace, wall, guesthouse, garden, shopping mall, exhibition, floor vases decorative, vase filler decor. The twig tree can be used to make your own decorations for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving Day. Purchase notes are available. The large twigs can be used to create magic with vases or pots. The faux branch can be made into a wreath.

Brand: Feilix

👤I also got flowers on Amazon.

👤I needed the final touches for my arrangement.

👤They're a great addition to my arrangement. The stalks can be changed into any shape or form. They are realistic as well. Excellent quality.

👤I wish the bases were thinner.

👤These are okay. Nothing spectacular. It's good that bendability is good. There was nothing damaged in the packaging.

👤I loved these! It is very realistic for any season or occasion. The texture was so real that it was easy to style. I will purchase more.

👤I've been looking for these for a long time but didn't know the name. I was glad I found them. They add elegance to my orchids.

2. Hwceo Artificial Accessories Decorative Farmhouse

Hwceo Artificial Accessories Decorative Farmhouse

The package includes a set of artificial wheat grass plants. The leaves were made from silk fabric and the stems were made from metal and plastic. No Maintenance Required: realistic plants with green and leaf colors, can be bent into any shape, and have strong stems with iron wire inside. These real looking decorative modern bulk cute centerpiece plants are perfect for baby shower, wedding party, Christmas,birthday,nursery decor, home decor, also can be used for outdoor and indoor decoration. It's suitable for house bathroom, coffee table top,bathtub, outside farmhouse, women living room,bedroom,floor,kitchen backdrop, aquarium, garden,patio,office desk,planting, let you feel yourself in the nearly natural and save your room space.

Brand: Hwceo

👤The product description says that the material is silk. This is not true. The stems and pieces of the fern are made of plastic. It's too much hassle to return it. I am using it on top of a very high bookcase to make it harder to tell it's plastic because it looks okay.

👤The cheap plastic odor was still there. It had to be removed from an indoor project.

👤The grass is bright and lively. Each stem is very thin with less leaves. Some stems had only one or two grass leaves. Overall not happy with the purchase. Not worth the price.

👤I received a plastic fern. Not Silk! There is a To a lot of trouble to come back, but not happy.

👤I returned it because it was very cheap.

3. CEWOR Natural Farmhouse Furniture Decoration

CEWOR Natural Farmhouse Furniture Decoration

We know you will love these water beads. Let them know if you're not happy and they'll give you a fast, no hassle refund. The vase is not included. Each cotton stem has 1 cotton flower. The diameter of the cotton head is about 2 to 2.5 inches. The length of the cotton branches is about 16"-40 cm, and the size and shape of the cotton flower ball will not be the same. Natural dried cotton. Cotton flowers are made from cotton shell, iron wire branches and fake cotton, which feels like real cotton. The wired stem can be adjusted to make the shape you want. Their cotton picks are made of bendable materials, so you can transfer the branch of cotton to any shape you want. It is recommended as a great artificial plant for room decor because it requires no trimming or watering and will stay good-looking all year round. Their cotton stems are perfect for a wide range of applications.

Brand: Cewor

👤The packaging was great and the way the heads are wrapped is beautiful.

👤These are the best deals. I secured them with brown tape because I needed mine to be longer and have more bulbs on each stem. You can't tell, I save a lot. There is a You should know the stems, so wrapping them together makes them look better.

👤I was making a wreath and bought this for it. I stopped at my local Hobby Lobby because I didn't feel like buying enough. When I got home, I compared the two purchases and found that my Amazon purchase was more superior than my Hobby Lobby purchase. The cotton is wrapped individually and in perfect condition. Can't say the same for the cotton from Hobby Lobby.

👤I loved these. The cotton I bought from Kirklands is better than the cotton I bought from SALVAGEDATA I also purchased them from Amazon. It turned out to be very cute.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for something to decorate my house. This fit the bill. I will be buying more. Not all of the stems are from this seller. I got it from Walmart. A lot came in this box. I was able to complete what I wanted. They are a little small. I'm okay with that. I recommend.

👤I am pretty disappointed by these. The metal coil "stems" were wrapped and bent to pieces when they arrived, so they can't be fully straightened out, bringing extra attention to the fact that they're fake. The cotton balls are attached to a floral base. There were tufts of cotton hanging from the balls. I could have gotten better quality at the dollar store.

👤They were easy to position and affordable. I've been looking for cheap ones for a while. The living room tray was perfect with these.

👤This is the best price you can get. The cost of these at a store is outrageous. They look really nice individually packaged. I will be ordering more.

4. Natural Dried Lavender Bundles Decorative

Natural Dried Lavender Bundles Decorative

You can put it in the sun or blow it up with a hair dryer. The package includes 15 dried reeds that are between 13 and 15 inches in length. To maintain the most primitive look and natural beauty of flowers, selecting top quality reed grasses. Natural reed grasses have a soft touch. It is beautiful and comfortable. It's perfect for decorating living, dining or study room, also perfect for decorating office and wedding.

Brand: Country-living

👤It was just as described. It arrived in good condition after being packaged well. The amount was disappointing, but it's not bad when they are all grouped together, but it's not great. Especially at the price point. I think the photos make it look like you'll get more. I used the whole bunch to make a vase. It's barely enough.

👤The baby's breath that I received was old colored, it looked like it had been around a while. I wanted to add some flowers to the wedding rehearsal dinner. This baby breath will be thrown away. There is a Disappointed.

👤This item was completely destroyed when it arrived. They are demanding that I return the money I asked for. There is nothing to return.

👤The product is rotten and falls apart before one can unpack it. Waiting so long for the wheat stems was pointless. The quality was bad. You have to return the package back to China for a refund at your own cost. Disappointed. Do not buy it.

👤This product had pests. We didn't notice them at first, but kept seeing them around the room. After inspecting our home, we saw little white moths at the bottom of the vase and realized that it was the culprit. A lot of reviews say the same thing. How disappointing.

👤I should have bought this. I've dried lavender many times but I didn't have any planted yet so I took a chance. It fell in my hands. I will place the dried buds in a pouch for gifts so that they are not lost. Don't think you can display it in a vase.

👤If you want a pile of lavender buds that is dry and discolored, this is it. The lavender branches were put in a plastic bag and taped up for shipping, they were not protected. There is no way I can give this mess as a gift. There were flowers on the branches. All of the lavender buds fell off as I opened it. Like Charlie Brown's tree. It was not cute. It's horrible.

👤The paper bag was used for shipping. The lavender petals fell off as it was smooshed. I was going to use this for a bouquet, but I can't. I have to order somewhere else. The smell is great but it is not enough. The amount was small. Not like the picture.

5. MISSWARM Jasmine Artificial Restaurant Decoration

MISSWARM Jasmine Artificial Restaurant Decoration

The packaging for the artificial flower was bendable. The jasmine flower can be bent. The vases have a perfect shape. Artificial flowers are made of PE materials and can be bent or cut in any shape you want. The bouquet is harmless and friendly. Adding a fresh pop of color and a wintry touch to your wreath, arrangements or other craft projects with this Winter spring summer and autumn fake flowers is perfect. There are 10 pieces of artificial jasmine flowers in this package. Each stem is 74 cm long. White Yellow Red is available.

Brand: Misswarm

👤If you want it to look full, you better order 5 or 6 because they don't say one stem is all you get. Sorry but true.

👤I've had these in a vase in my living room for over a month, and the other night my husband looked at them from our sofa and the conversation went like this... "I like the branches you have - they look nice". "They're fabric, right?" "They're not real?" I was initially disappointed when I opened the box, because I thought the little white bits would look like jasmine branches in a vase. I put them in the vase and my reaction changed to "Oh... ok!" I can't explain why these little fabric rolls on paper-wrapped stems look unconvincing in the box, but then they transform in a vase, and from a few feet away they look fantastic! They're perfect against a Japanese block print painting in our living room. There is a It's strange, but it works. This is a great choice if you're looking for a clean and neutral stem.

👤This thing is big. It seems to be high quality.

👤I bought two bundles for my boyfriend's house. I taped them to tall branches because they were too short. The red flowers were small and unique, so they didn't look feminine, the plastic buds at the end of the branches made the overall look a little more real, and the branches were easy to bend into different directions. They were the pop of color he wanted for his living room. I highly recommend them. These floral branches look great two years later. It's not very visible if the dust settles on the hardwood floor or on the floral branches because no one dusts them and they look new.

👤It is true to color. I was able to cut them with a wire cutter. They are easy to bend and shape, and the bunch you get looks full and dainty. The easiest way to keep them together is to use a gold twist tie on the stems. I put the gold tie up the stems and used white sand for the fish tank in the vase to hide it. Would buy again.

👤These look cute and are very decorative. They are more artistic than realistic. If you are looking for realism, I suggest using real flowers. These are better looking than the plastic flowers you can buy in craft stores. They are made of paper and silk. I bought 4 because they look a lot better than I thought. If you put foam in the bottom of your vase and arrange it nicely, you only need one bunch for a 14 inch vase. They were packaged well to avoid damage. I might buy the red ones and switch them at Christmas.

👤Excellent quality and a great price. I will purchase from this seller again.

👤It's a shame that it's made out of paper because it looks like the real thing. It won't last long.

👤They were not what I was expecting. I thought they would be designed to look like flowers or flower buds, but when you look closer you see they are just rolled up strands of material. I've displayed them but not flowers, they are still nice.

6. AlphaAcc Green Realistic Looking Office

AlphaAcc Green Realistic Looking Office

For your family and friends, dried pampas grass décor is a great gift because they look amazing in any type of home or office. The natural pampas stems come in a gift ready box that is safe to transport and also adds a touch of luxury. The artificial plant looks fresh year after year. You want to enjoy nature even if you can't have a live plant. The fake grass is perfect for you. It's perfect to illuminate any interior or exterior space. If you want to bring some greenery to the interior décor of your office, retail, or any other commercial setting, then they highly recommend this artificial Fountain Grass Topiary. Their artificial grass is made from premium quality material and it looks very realistic. The plastic grass does not require much upkeep and is quite elegant. The overall dimensions are 20 tall x 9.5L x 3.5W. The pot is 10.25"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H.

Brand: Alphaacc

👤This plant would work for anyone, even though my decoration is not typical. The plant arrived in perfect condition and has a heavy base.

👤This product is not very good given its high price tag. It looks artificial from the outside, with stocks pointing in a lot of directions that weren't up. The planter box looks pretty bad. It reminds me of the weeds in the field. For sure, this one will be sent back.

👤Different colors, texture and movement in the breezes are realistic. The container is large. I need more.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. I returned other, similar, artificial arrangements because they were poor quality. The base of these is made of a material that looks like concrete. The plants are covered with stones around the base. I would buy again.

👤These look great! Exactly what I wanted. I was happy to receive this and found the base to be wooden.

👤Excellent prodiuct. Against a mirror in the bathroom.

👤Too plastic and shinny.

👤The grass in our bathroom looks great. It looks very realistic and ads a nice finishing touch.

7. Floerve Artificial Branches Decorative Arrangement

Floerve Artificial Branches Decorative Arrangement

The dimensions are 8 H x 3.5 H and 3 H in inches. Each of the 12 plants has 3 branches. They will blend in with any décor. The Curly willow Branch spray has a dark brown color that adds another layer of depth to your arrangements. The brown twigs measure appr. Both are 30 and 20 inches wide. The center of attention will be the branches that are longer or shorter. The fake bendable sticks are made from wire and paper and will give a lift to your décor for months. The flexible branches are perfect for natural décor. The brown curly willow branch is perfect for use in artificial arrangements, wedding bouquets, party decor, event decor, and more.

Brand: Floerve

👤They look great but smell terrible.

👤I was expecting them to show up as shown, but they didn't. I thought I received the wrong item when I saw them. I did not. . You will have to curl the twigs. I took 45 minutes to do it. It's not hard to do. I was a little paranoid about them. They look great, and nothing broke off. I am happy.

👤All I have to say is grab a glass of wine. Put on a movie and start twirling. It turned out well. Gave it a 4 star because I wish it came twirled. It is great except for that. If the thought of twirling all those branches weren't so daunting, I would order another.

👤Cute but short and artificial. Doesn't blend in with other plants.

👤I was surprised by the small packaging when it arrived. It works out perfectly when you spread it out and it's a great replacement for my planter.

👤They are awesome when you spread them out. They bend easily and hold their shape. Would buy again and recommend it.

👤These are a great buy. I think they're a good choice.

👤I keep buying more. It is a great value.

👤I used these branches outside in decorating my urn.

8. Natural Dried Pampas Grass Beautiful

Natural Dried Pampas Grass Beautiful

Natural plants have different looks and sizes. The size is 45 cm. You will receive a full refund if you have any quality problems with the package. The feathers of the pampas grass will be affected by shipping. Put them in a sunny window for a few days and they will fluff up. After the grass has fluffed, spray the bouquet with spray to prevent the feathers from dropping. The pampas grass is 100% natural. They have been dried to bring about a new look. All of their grass will act as vases. You will receive 30 dried pampas grass small stems in every package. Each bouquet has been wrapped in a sheet of plastic and hand-tied to prevent damage during shipment. The total length of each small pampas feather is 17′′. The cream pampas grass with a blue-grey combination makes for a perfect home decor. This in-style color combination will provide flawless feathers for vase decorations. The pampas grass is an exquisite feature for bohemian wedding decor, offices, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. The white and blue-grey pampas grass will pass your expectations. These colors work perfectly in a Modern design aesthetic, and they also cater to other design styles.

Brand: Faodail Canada

👤Theirs is not what it looks like. This is a real one. Very small.

👤The quality and fluffiness of these pampas were very nice. Great deal!

9. MyGift Tabletop Artificial Plants Modern

MyGift Tabletop Artificial Plants Modern

Set of 2 artificial green grass plants potted in black cement pots are perfect for adding a realistic plant decoration to your home or office. No watering, sunlight or additional maintenance is required to keep foliage looking fresh and vibrant. It is possible to place greenery on desk, table, windowsill, shelf and counter top surfaces in a compact size. A wide variety of home and office decors are complemented by sleek minimalist black cement pots. The dimensions are 8 H x 3.5 H and 3 H in inches.

Brand: Mygift

👤They may have had potential if they were packaged with more care, but they were crammed into a styrofoam package with plastic over the plants. They looked like they had been blown away. I tried everything, but it didn't work. I came to the conclusion that they were not going to look like they should after giving them some time to perk up. The pots are nice, but the plant is cheap and not realistic. I returned them. I don't recommend anything.

👤The quality of the product is not good. I couldn't remove the smudge marks on the pots. The plastic grass does not look realistic because of the mold on the tips. The plastic bases of the grass stems are very close to the top of the pot and detracts from the realistic look. They arrived quickly and were packaged well.

👤I have bought fake grass. The supplier images make the product look better than it is. The product is cheap and looks bad at close distances, but it is ok at long distances. The pots are not bright colors. They were not made to appear attractive. I wouldn't buy this product again. That is too bad. I have purchased fake plants on Amazon.

👤This was a great addition to my decor.

👤Cute plants. They worked great for my bathroom decor.

👤If you push down on the foam, you can push the plant further down in the pot and it will look better. It was cheap for the price.

👤I love that the artificial plants give my cubicle a sense of fresh air. I put the plants on a glass shelf at my desk. I was looking for a pick me up and the greenery is it. It looks like it was the same as pictured; no smell, no dust, and no broken glass. Great purchase.

👤The grass looks plastic up- close but it is great from a distance. The cement pots are very stylish.

10. Vumdua Natural Decorative Handmade Weddings

Vumdua Natural Decorative Handmade Weddings

The moss balls are made of lightweight quality foam, soft rope and natural dried moss. There is no smell or dried substance. The moss balls are used as a bowl decoration. It's easy to care for greenery. The moss balls are processed. They are easy to maintain and don't need any help from the weather. Save time and energy. The moss ball is 3.5 inches. The moss balls can be hung in any place you want. You can punch a hole in the foam ball with a rope. It's easy to clean. The moss is hard to fall off and spread out. If you want to clean it, just take a dry rag or paper towel and pat the surface. It does not require much care. A moss ball can be used to add coloring to your home or office. It's suitable for bowls decor, table decorations, weddings, theme parties, flower arrangements, etc. A moss ball can be used to add coloring to your home or office. It's suitable for bowls decor, table decorations, weddings, theme parties, flower arrangements, etc.

Brand: Vumdua

👤It was just as described and also well packaged, which is something I really appreciate.

👤The Moss Balls bring a great touch to the outdoors. They are in my family room. I was expecting them to be much smaller, but they are a very nice size.

👤I wanted to use them as vase filler but they were too big. These were nicely made, but I didn't pay attention to the size. When I took them out of the package, I could smell an earthly scent but it was not strong and would probably go away naturally.

👤I ordered the larger moss balls and the pinkmoss mix balls to use in the old dough bowl. I love the two of them. It could be used alone as an accent. I use 3 items to decorate. The two of them would make a great accent to two other objects.

👤I should have looked into the size because these were much larger than I expected. They are softball size, but still pretty. A little thin. They look good in a large glass vase.

👤These are very small. The golf ball might be a bit bigger. I thought they would be bigger. I found a use for them. I didn't come back.

👤They make a great centerpiece. Add some flowers or stones. They are made of styrofoam and have moss on the outside. They are a good size.

11. Decorative Artificial Handmade Hanging Supplies

Decorative Artificial Handmade Hanging Supplies

5. It's ideal for decorating any home or office space. There are different sizes of moss balls in their package, which can meet your needs. You can apply both of the two size for better effect when you are ready for decoration. Artificial green mossy globes can be used as table decorations, vase filler, mixture of Christmas ornaments or potpourris, adding immortality greenery and right accent to your room especially in winter, making your house more natural and beautiful. The handmade moss balls are made of lightweight foam and artificial moss, which is easy to hang with a rope and beautiful in appearance. The faux green moss is in good condition and will not fade easily. The faux dried moss ball is easy to hang, with most 6 ounces in weight. You can punch a hole in the foam ball with a rope. It can be hung in a variety of places. The mossy ball ornament is easy to clean. If you want to clean it, just take a dry rag or paper towel and pat the surface.

Brand: Biubee

👤I used moss balls from a bowl I did, but needed larger balls to create the look I wanted.

👤I let them dry naturally on my dining table.

👤The product photo shows a green color, but the actual color is a darker green.

👤The product was what I needed.

👤It works well with the rest of my decorations. I am happy with the purchase.

👤Good item. There is a good range of sizes.

👤They are darker than expected but they are as shown.


What is the best product for decorative grass for vases?

Decorative grass for vases products from Feilix. In this article about decorative grass for vases you can see why people choose the product. Hwceo and Cewor are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative grass for vases.

What are the best brands for decorative grass for vases?

Feilix, Hwceo and Cewor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative grass for vases. Find the detail in this article. Country-living, Misswarm and Alphaacc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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