Best Decorative Grass Pampas

Grass 1 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Artificial Flowers Cottagecore Minimalist Farmhouse

Artificial Flowers Cottagecore Minimalist Farmhouse

Please note. The artificial flowers stems can be straightened by hand after they're received. The products will not be affected by this. One product with 6 PIECES. Their faux pampas can be found on a table. You will be able to create a full boa vase display to complement your existing home decor with 6 stems of fluffy and luxury pompas flowers! Cream beige and taupe sand are the 2 colors. The faux grass in their new vase accent is in 2 colors, Cream Beige and Taupe Sand, and is available in an order of 6 stems. The Vase is not included. Anyone who enjoys home decor will love the stem. -Fluffy Luxury. You can put their faux artificial Pompus in your home or office. You can create a minimalist, cottage core or bohemian vase filler display. It's ideal for lining the wedding aisle or enhancing the beauty of wedding arches. Their silk grasses do not shed or smell, unlike dried pampas grass or natural reed. Their replica of the thin botanical pompuss grass is so realistic that you can enjoy it for years without any maintenance, smell or break. The total length of their faux artificial Pampuss Grass is around 17 or 43 cm. There is a set of 6. There are 3 stems cream beige pampas grass and 3 stems taupe sand in each set. For those who enjoy vintage or modern greenery decor, each stem is a luxurious addition. Material. The stems are made of iron wire wrapped in brown paper and look like dried pompus grass stems. Each set has been hand crafted to maximize the size of your home. PernIQUE tall pampus grass is made to provide you with an artificial alternative to natural grass. If you have any questions, please contact them. You shop, they give. They give a portion of each sale to ONETREEPLANTED, a non-profit wood organization focused on global reforestation.

Brand: Perfnique

👤6 soft, non-shedding, short faux pampas grass for this price is worth it! There is a These add a touch of class to my bedroom. The stems are in two different colors. They are short stems. There is a Doesn't shed, looks real. None for me!

👤The products have been delivered. The reeds are pretty. It goes with the décor. The smell is fresh. There is a feeling. The friends praised the decoration. I like this product. The shopping experience was pleasant.

👤I got this set for my vase. The stems are a little cheap, but I am happy with my purchase.

👤These are nice. The price is right and the grasses look real. These grasses are much higher in price. They haven't shed yet, though I haven't moved them much.

👤It's fake because some of the edges are cut straight across and I was hoping it would be a tad longer. It's easy to decorate.

👤It was nice for what I was looking for. The size of the vase looks good. Nothing could be blended in with the other grass.

👤It isn't worth the money. It was delivered so late that you had to order it a few days ago. If the stems are dead, it was misssing some.

👤Just perfect. What you get is what you see.

2. Artificial Pompous Pompass Branches Arrangement

Artificial Pompous Pompass Branches Arrangement

Artificial greenery landscaping plants for your home, backyard, forecourt, balcony, garden decor arrangements and more. The faux pampas grass is about 96 cm tall and the flower is 21.5 cm. You can bend the stem to fit inside a smaller vase. The artificial pampas are made of iron wire and high-quality soft silk. There is no need for it to be cared for or maintained. It can bring a lot of color to your living space. Perfect Decor can be used to decorate your house, kitchen, table, wedding, party, banquet, living room, farmhouse fireplace and any place you want. A perfect decoration style is a bohemian. Artificial pampas grass is safe for your family because it is not dried and it does not smell or cause allergies. It's more suitable for families with children or pets. I recommend this high-quality faux pampas grass to you. It's easy to buy it without having to worry about it looking like the picture.

Brand: Yxzzwl

👤I am about to order more of the product I love.

👤I know I am not color blind. The item I received was the picture with the white background that was advertised as the orange back ground photo. Why are you showing a picture with a certain color, then sending a different color to the customer? Is it possible for someone to say that there is false advertising?

👤The quality of the stems is decent. They are definitely more beige than I was hoping for. They look like feathers but they don't shed like real grass. It's convenient to bend the ends to accommodate different vases, as they look great in a vase.

👤These aren't real dried pampas, but they still look amazing. They look just as good even though they won't shed all of the place. You need a tall vase to hold them. I bought these for a party and will use them in my home as well. They were affordable and beautiful.

👤The grass is beautiful. I made a table arrangement out of it. It's easy to work with. This arrangement takes a lot of grass and is expensive.

👤The color on the pictures is different. When I got them, they were more orange than beige.

👤They looked like feathers to me.

👤I ordered another set of fake pampas grass the same day I ordered the first one. It is easy to arrange. It makes my staircase taller.

3. MLSG Phragmites Communis Arrangements Decorations

MLSG Phragmites Communis Arrangements Decorations

Each bundle has 60 stems. Measures in between 21 and 23. The material is made of natural poisonless flowers favored by customers. The grass will be full again after a few hours of sunshine. If you want to buy, be careful as the plume can easily fall off if you shake them. Preserved real flower in rich color. The flower arrangement is fresh and natural. It's perfect for decorating living room, dining room or study room. A wonderful gift for Mother's Day and other special days.

Brand: Mlsg

👤I like these! I was not sure because they got one and one 5-star reviews. These are what we expected. They are real and shipped quickly. Some reviews said they arrived broken. They might not have known these are dried grass stems. They will be a great addition to my wedding decorations. I wish they were fluffier.

👤The grass was dried. The images are a little misleading at about.50 a Stem. I made them work for my floral arrangements by buying white and brown/natural.

👤I put it next to other pink items in my photo to make sure you know what I'm talking about. The description said pink. I'd be fine with any shade of pink, but they're more orange-ish. They don't match anything. Quality isn't bad and they feel nice. The shipping was on time. They are not being advertised as being the color they are advertised as.

👤It's pretty but it's a tad too bright.

👤Dinky is not as pictured. Don't buy.

👤Did not look like the picture. I was expecting a fluffy animal and what I got was more like cat tails. I was very disappointed with the money I spent.

👤I used these to make some mixed dry grass arrangements for my wedding. They are not as poofy as I would have liked, but they are ready to use. I tried to fluff them by hand but it didn't work.

4. Beau Jour Natural Lagurus Arrangements

Beau Jour Natural Lagurus Arrangements

Attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes is wide application. It can be used for any occasion such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Easter, Mother day, Father day and Christmas. For a long time. It's great for: general home and business decor.

Brand: Beau Jour

👤I ordered the back ones on Etsy and they are much fluffier and longer stem. They were more expensive than these. There is a I only got 94 stems, not 100 as advertised.

👤These are okay for most of the time, but they are definitely smaller and fragile than expected. I love the color so I may keep them.

👤I got what I paid for. The pieces are cheap and broken up. They were so dry that there was no life left. I've purchased this plant and pampas grass before on another website and they came great, but these weren't. I didn't pay much for these. I learned my lesson.

👤This smells like HAY and is very real. Someone just picked it up off the side of the road and mailed it. Not what I was expecting at all. It sheds. Lou is much darker in color than the picture shows. The picture of the product is not accurate.

👤These are adorable. They were nicely wrapped and I didn't see any broken ones. I don't think there is 100 pieces, but it does fill a small container pretty well once you adjust them a little. I like the color, the softness, and the fact that it did not have a smell.

👤The packaging was so tight that people were bent over at the tips. They are compressed from being wrapped in plastic. They look dumb. I wanted a straight fluffy rabbits tail. The pictures should reflect the real product.

👤I can't stop posting about them because they look amazing and you get a lot for your money. When you unpackage them, have a vacuum handy. They are a great addition to my home. I would love to buy more.

👤I think dried flowers are hard to ship. They had a lot of broken things. It was not as many as I thought it would be. Not worth the money.

👤Le commande a été livrée. Lorsque j'ai contrlé le contenu. There is a On constate, le tiges livrées sont reparties en trois groupes. There is a Pour le reste j'ai reu 107, qui sont je vais exposer quelques jours. There is a elle n'est pas blanche, et. Le prix is intéressant, soit conforme l'annonce commerciale et aux images présentées.

👤J'ai aussi parfait pour la déco. I n'y en a pas 100. Mais c'était suffisant pour mon vase.

👤thme bohme, abonnement pour notre Mariage. Soit accompagnés de pivoine, je vais le mettre. Un vase. Vintage sur the table. De bonne qualité. There is a Assez cher, un bémol.

👤Reu 2 beaux bouquets. I was surprised by the commentaires. Is it possible to conformement sur le photos du vendeur? C'est tout, je recherchais pour remplacer mes fleurs de lavandes. Je recommande.

👤Just as descriped. Reasonable prices for fast delivery.

5. Natural Grass,Nature Pompous Decorative Reed,Ideal

Natural Grass%EF%BC%8CNature Pompous Decorative Reed%EF%BC%8CIdeal

These potted plants decorations are perfect for display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, desk, kitchen, window ledge,foyer and any other place to bring more realistic colors and organic style. After receiving the pampas grass, please take it out of the package because they are dry plants, they fall off slightly. You will receive a variety of grass, including 15 white pampas grass, 20 brown pampas grass, 5 white reed grass, 10 brown reed grass, 2 chrysanthemums and 10g lover grass. You can choose the number of dried flowers you want to use, or you can trim it to make it look more decorative. This dry pampas grass is perfect for floral decorations for weddings, parties or home decor, it is a great choice for do-it-yourself, wedding bouquets, table setting and other indoor and outdoor decorations. Natural dry pampas grass decoration requires no maintenance or watering, just loosen it and put it in a vase, it will always give you a beautiful view!

Brand: Nictsepo

👤I need to blow dry them, but they look great. It was a great addition to my living room. The colors are bright.

👤This is what I was looking for. It works well with my living room.

👤The product comes in a nice package. There is a It did a nice volume after blow dried.

👤It looks pretty and my mom loves it.

👤This set was perfect for my home decor. These are soft and beautiful. The grass is dried. I would highly recommend to everyone. It's so fluffy. The packaging is beautiful. The color and amount of pampas were great.

👤There is a beautiful collection of grass. There was a small packaging. The grass did not lose much. The grass can be changed now and then to match the decor. I put it in a small vase and I love it. These are soft. It would look very cute in any corner of the house.

6. Natural Dried Pampas Grass Beautiful

Natural Dried Pampas Grass Beautiful

Natural plants have different looks and sizes. The size is 45 cm. You will receive a full refund if you have any quality problems with the package. The feathers of the pampas grass will be affected by shipping. Put them in a sunny window for a few days and they will fluff up. After the grass has fluffed, spray the bouquet with spray to prevent the feathers from dropping. The pampas grass is 100% natural. They have been dried to bring about a new look. All of their grass will act as vases. You will receive 30 dried pampas grass small stems in every package. Each bouquet has been wrapped in a sheet of plastic and hand-tied to prevent damage during shipment. The total length of each small pampas feather is 17′′. The cream pampas grass with a blue-grey combination makes for a perfect home decor. This in-style color combination will provide flawless feathers for vase decorations. The pampas grass is an exquisite feature for bohemian wedding decor, offices, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. The white and blue-grey pampas grass will pass your expectations. These colors work perfectly in a Modern design aesthetic, and they also cater to other design styles.

Brand: Faodail Canada

👤Theirs is not what it looks like. This is a real one. Very small.

👤The quality and fluffiness of these pampas were very nice. Great deal!

7. MagicDecor Flowers Arrangements Natural Pampas

MagicDecor Flowers Arrangements Natural Pampas

The MagicDecor pampass grass is a great choice for all occasions, whether you want to add a beautiful touch to your living or working space, or you are a professional florist. Natural flowers are the highest quality. Their white pampas grass mix is made with high quality flowers that are safe and non-toxic. Make sure to check their insert, which explains how to fluff up your pampas. Everything you need for the ultimate do-it-yourself experience is included in this superb selection. You will receive: 20pcs x white pampas grass, 20pcs x natural pampas grass, 30pcs reed grass, 15pcs bunny tails, which can be adjusted and cut to desired. The dried pampas grass is perfect for creating floral centerpiece for weddings, special events or home décor. It's an excellent choice for bridal bouquets, table arrangements, and more. Maintenance is trouble-free and convenient. The Magic Decor pampas grass decor requires no upkeep or watering. You can enjoy years of spectacular displays by fluffing it up and putting it in a vase.

Brand: Magicdecor

👤It looks great, you get a lot in the package, so it makes for a very full vase, or you could make a couple smaller arrangements. When you let it sit in the sun for a couple of days, it will fluff up a bit. There is a You do get some debris falling off that you have to clean up, as it's fluffing up. The product is great and would recommend it to others.

👤This worked out well for me. Make sure to fluff up the grass. I love having plants and flowers around the house and thought this would be a nice addition. This is versatile and will last for many weeks.

👤I bought this product to decorate. The purchase was worth it for the price and quantity. I created 3 pampas grass arrangements for 3 vases out of one purchase. They are pretty, and I received a lot of praise for them from my guests. The grass should be allowed to sit outside in the sun for a few hours. When you follow this step, they fluff up more. It does help with the shed if you change them a bit.

👤It was a mess and got to every place. My kind of home decor is gross.

👤I bought this item as part of a bundle deal. I didn't know that these were not real flowers. I followed the instructions, but it still sheds. The flowers are pretty, but you can't see them unless you take them down. I will keep them until I find a replacement.

👤They were enough to use for a centerpiece. I was looking for a neutral tone and it was fluffed up nicely. The pieces were used for a minimal effect. Would purchase again.

👤If you are looking for small skimpy pieces then here you go.

👤I was a bit nervous because it doesn't seem to be a lot in the packaging. When you follow the directions, open them up and place them in the sun for a few days. They are gorgeous. The colors are pretty. Very soft. Quality is great for the price. I would buy again.

8. UiiziC Artificial Ascendant Centerpieces Decorations

UiiziC Artificial Ascendant Centerpieces Decorations

You should trim to the size you want. All. The branches can be twisted into different shapes so you can adjust to the height you want. The artificial pampas grass is perfect for making flowers and grass decorations for weddings, parties, and other occasions. 30”/ 760 is adjusted. The artificial pampas grass could be adjusted to meet your requirements. The stems are bent in the package to reduce the freight cost. Artificial ascendant pampas grass is made of soft and high-quality silk, which makes it very natural and fresh, a great alternative for dried flowers and grass. Colorful is bright, fresh and shiny, providing a beautiful display and colorful scenery. Grass and berries may vary slightly. It is available in color. There were blue, white, beige, brown, peach and copper-white. Good service, free exchange and return. If you have any questions, please email them, they will resolve them as soon as possible.

Brand: Uiizic

👤The artificial flowers were the perfect touch for my home office. I love how bright they are.

👤They were exact. It was difficult to find the perfect window panel decor for a small shelf and long window. But behold this beauty! The Funsoba Rustic Small Vase Set with Wood Rack for Home Dining Room Centerpice Dacoration is also included.

👤I love these. They should have turquoise.

👤The floor vase has feathers on it. The feathers are perfect for the vase and I didn't want another floral arrangement. I ordered 3 more bunches after arranging them, in order to create height. They are easy to bend and arrange. They were packaged.

👤There are ugly fibers on the wires. It's the worst thing I've ever seen. Money is thrown away.

👤This product was really disappointing. They would be able to fit in once reshaped. I didn't think this was the case. The stems are mostly straight, but the top part is flopping over and looks terrible in my vase. This product was a total waste of money because I had to trim the stems to fit in my vase.

👤I used 4 vases and threw in some peacock feathers. The color was perfect for the pictures in the listing.

👤I found these to have been manufactured and fell apart after opening the receipt. The second set was slightly better than the first, but I exchanged for a second try. These are stiff and should only be handled gingerly. The materials are subject to short life of use. I think artificial stems are not the kind of item that can be used again and again.

👤It gave the touch to my mini bar.

9. Hecaty Leaves Ribbon Wedding Decoration

Hecaty Leaves Ribbon Wedding Decoration

There is no glue on the flower heads, so flowers can fall off the vine. The width is 1.5. The leaf size is 1.1 inches. The artificial vines are upgraded with better material, high grade fabric and advanced imprinting technology, which makes them feel more supple. It is suitable for various occasions, such as weddings, parties, bars, houses, bookstores, etc. The look is very similar to real vines. It is close to nature and is durable. Silk greenery for botanical theme decoration,greek toga party decorations,boho balloons,streamers,safari banner,fairy banner,jungle theme party supplies,mos Home decorations include vibrant decorations for the living room, dining table, and bedrooms.

Brand: Hecaty

👤This is perfect for balloons of 24inch or larger. It's made of fabric and doesn't weigh down the balloon. I would definitely recommend this!

👤It's nice but not as big as expected. It's more like a ribbon than a vine. It would be nice to be an accent on a dress. It won't work for what I had planned.

👤I was looking for a leafy garland to add to the string lights around one of my windows. I didn't like any of the options I found in the stores. The bill was perfect with this garland. I loved it so much that I used it to make a garlands in another window, but I didn't know what to do with it. I love the fact that I can cut it to the length I need, and still have plenty left over for other projects. It's a great deal. The garlands I saw in stores were the same amount or more. The larger leaves gave me the 132' length. It is fabric-like and not like plastic flowers, as other reviewers have noted. It was perfect for my application. I think it's an advantage because you could use it as gift-wrapping ribbon, or as trim on clothes or a costume. There are so many possibilities that you can experiment with.

👤The fabric material of the garlands looked amazing cut into strips to hang on the wall. We only used half a roll.

👤This stuff is gorgeous. It's worth the price. Almost everyone that comes into my house has a nice thing to say about it. It has a delicate look and is really good quality.

👤This ribbon was used to wrap silverware for a shower. Just the right touch. If you are not careful, it will fall apart. I was looking for a great value for my money. Thanks.

👤It was even better than pictured. This product is perfect for what I needed it for. The vine is soft and realistic. I made decorations for the macrame Bride and Groom chair. I may use it to add to the floral decorations on the macrame wedding arbor.

👤These do not look realistic. They have a slight sheen to them and are brighter green. These aren't for people looking for vines that look real. They are well made and don't seem flimsy, so they would make a good decoration for a party.

👤I was worried that I would run out of time. I definitely did not. When I ordered, the leaves were smaller than I thought, but he never checked the size they had posted. It made the effect more realistic. It worked perfectly and was gorgeous. Highly recommend this product. It is very durable. Can be used multiple times.

👤This is something that I love. I wrapped the fairy lights around the vine and hot-glued them together. Very pretty.

👤It was a pleasure to work with. It is easy to drape a tea party fabric Garland. Looked great. I was not aware of a scent.

10. 75Pcs,Natural Pampas 17Inch Arrangements Wedding

75Pcs%EF%BC%8CNatural Pampas 17Inch Arrangements Wedding

The packing method will be improved from October, 2019. There are 75 luxuriant and lush pampas plants, including 15 Pcs white pampas, 15 Pcs brown pampas, and 15 Pcs Bunny Tails Pampas Grass. These genuine reed pampas grass are natural, non-toxic and harmless without withering and break easily, which can be cut freely for various occasions. These pampas grass have a vibrant look and can be used for many things. You can make your own dry flower arrangements. After a long journey, blooms may be compressed. The grass should be put in the sun for a few hours to make it fluffy. It's normal to shed because it's a dried plant. The final look of the bouquet will not be changed by the shed. You can use natural hair spray to stop the shedding. Your satisfaction is the only pursuit. They will replace or refunds it if you have any trouble. You will love it if you put dried pampas grass decor in the cart.

Brand: Jyfsakura

👤These plants are real. The variety of grass and color makes this a great set for making a centerpiece. It looks like the photos. There is a The product was worth the money.

👤I bought this for my bedroom. The package was smaller than I had expected. They turned out well after following the instructions. I also recommend my friends.

👤This arrangement is perfect for the price you pay.

👤Excellent product! Fluffy and elegant! Even can smell the grass. Good seller arrived quickly and was very good.

👤They didn't puff up when they were put in the sun and tried to blow dry. It was shredded too much. Customer service got in touch with me to make the experience better. They were friendly and attentive to the customer. They care about quality and customer care. They helped and were happy.

👤I was looking for dried grasses. The price is great for these pieces. My cat is very interested in them.

👤I wouldn't have minded paying the price, but the reed grass never came with the order. There are 30 pieces of a missing item. Would not buy again.

👤They are wrapped in plastic. The stems are easy to break. They add a decorative touch to a vase. Very happy with the purchase.

👤There is a small arrangement with no pink roses.

11. Natural Dried Lavender Bundles Decorative

Natural Dried Lavender Bundles Decorative

You can put it in the sun or blow it up with a hair dryer. The package includes 15 dried reeds that are between 13 and 15 inches in length. To maintain the most primitive look and natural beauty of flowers, selecting top quality reed grasses. Natural reed grasses have a soft touch. It is beautiful and comfortable. It's perfect for decorating living, dining or study room, also perfect for decorating office and wedding.

Brand: Country-living

👤It was just as described. It arrived in good condition after being packaged well. The amount was disappointing, but it's not bad when they are all grouped together, but it's not great. Especially at the price point. I think the photos make it look like you'll get more. I used the whole bunch to make a vase. It's barely enough.

👤The baby's breath that I received was old colored, it looked like it had been around a while. I wanted to add some flowers to the wedding rehearsal dinner. This baby breath will be thrown away. There is a Disappointed.

👤This item was completely destroyed when it arrived. They are demanding that I return the money I asked for. There is nothing to return.

👤The product is rotten and falls apart before one can unpack it. Waiting so long for the wheat stems was pointless. The quality was bad. You have to return the package back to China for a refund at your own cost. Disappointed. Do not buy it.

👤This product had pests. We didn't notice them at first, but kept seeing them around the room. After inspecting our home, we saw little white moths at the bottom of the vase and realized that it was the culprit. A lot of reviews say the same thing. How disappointing.

👤I should have bought this. I've dried lavender many times but I didn't have any planted yet so I took a chance. It fell in my hands. I will place the dried buds in a pouch for gifts so that they are not lost. Don't think you can display it in a vase.

👤If you want a pile of lavender buds that is dry and discolored, this is it. The lavender branches were put in a plastic bag and taped up for shipping, they were not protected. There is no way I can give this mess as a gift. There were flowers on the branches. All of the lavender buds fell off as I opened it. Like Charlie Brown's tree. It was not cute. It's horrible.

👤The paper bag was used for shipping. The lavender petals fell off as it was smooshed. I was going to use this for a bouquet, but I can't. I have to order somewhere else. The smell is great but it is not enough. The amount was small. Not like the picture.


What is the best product for decorative grass pampas?

Decorative grass pampas products from Perfnique. In this article about decorative grass pampas you can see why people choose the product. Yxzzwl and Mlsg are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative grass pampas.

What are the best brands for decorative grass pampas?

Perfnique, Yxzzwl and Mlsg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative grass pampas. Find the detail in this article. Beau Jour, Nictsepo and Faodail Canada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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