Best Decorative Hair Clips for Thin Hair

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1. Colorful Vintage Flower Design Accessories

Colorful Vintage Flower Design Accessories

Matching with any outfits or occasions can be done with the help of these six colors in shades of pink, blue, purple, gold, multi-color, and black. The bright colors are great for summer dresses, and they look great in dress-up occasions such as weddings. There is a floral hair cut. The six hairpins are full of details. They are made from copper and have a special coating on them. You can see the veins on the leaves if you look closely. The total length of each pin is about 6 cm. The hairpins are great for keeping hair out of the face.

Brand: Lizzie Kay

👤I thought these might be young. I like them. Very sturdy and pretty. It was very easy to put in my hair. I put them in my pocket so I can pull my hair out when I'm angry. Not heavy for fine hair.

👤These are beautiful and stay until I take them out of my hair. They are not so tight that they pull out hair with them. Since they are all different, there is one to go with. I would like to be different if there were matching pairs. Some of the colors are not the same. I would have to give up one of the three pairs to make them. The solution might be to get 2 sets.

👤The hair pins are too heavy for my hair. I was expecting something smaller and more delicate.

👤I like them. There is not much one can do to feel pretty. This was an easy step. It was packaged well. I want to get more.

👤There are many different colors to choose from, and these are absolutely gorgeous. The form is not gaudy and has a bright gold-tone finish. I don't think they work well in my hair. I don't regret the purchase, even though another review mentioned it. I would like to see them in barrette form and a smaller size. I would buy a set for myself and a set for my granddaughter.

👤I ordered hair pins for Christmas. The flower design gems are pretty. I tried one in my hair and it was very tight to open, but I was able to slide my hair into the pin. I hope it will open easier after using more.

👤The hair pin slides are very sturdy. I use medium hair for a half head hair twist push-up. I use two hair pin slides to anchor the hair and then use one flower design hair pin slide to finish it off. A set of 6 pins is very reasonable. There is a It was on time for my birthday outing. Thank you.

👤Positive reviewers are correct. These barettes are made from high quality materials and hold fine hair in place.

👤It's pretty in hair and worth the price.

👤I will always use them in my hair.

2. Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

The vintage flower hair pins are very chic hair accessories for young girls, they have a good looking in colors, attracting people's eyes at the first time and giving you a nice aesthetic experience. The metal gold French tone hair clips are made of metal, which is very durable and can prevent your hair from damaging, they also have a charming shiny surface, you can use them for a long time and have fun. You will receive 12 pieces of floral hair clip barrettes in a package, which include 2 sets in common, so you can choose from 6 different colors and styles to match your outfits and makeup. The correct size of the hair clasps is 2.36 x 0.59 inches, they can fix your hair in a position stably, helping you decorate your hair well. You can use the decorative accessories to match the summer dress and look attractive in the crowd, and they are suitable for occasions, you can wear them on weddings, parties, shopping, festivals and vacations, making you look attractive in the crowd, and you also can use them to match the summer

Brand: Willbond

👤CuTe Head TuRneR is excited to style my 90 year old Care Companion daily with these CuTe accessories that turn heads. She feels great getting some love. She lives at a Dementia Care facility. I love her so much and will always make her look the best. Yu will not be disappointed if you know how to style and match your clothing. Enjy.

👤The pins are vintage. I have long hair. I assumed these pins had texture edges like Bobby pins, but the underside is smooth metal so hair can cause it to slip down later in the day if I don't slide enough hair inside the pin. I don't know if I could use them if I had straight hair. However. The pins are good quality and sturdy enough to handle my abuse of pulling and opening. I am happy with the purchase. These are large enough to make a statement.

👤I ordered a set of these for myself and they were so beautiful that I ordered two more sets for my granddaughters. I got a compliment on the first time I wore them. My hair stays put as it is thin and tight.

👤If you open too wide they are harder to bend back into their original shape and fall out of my hair. I believe one has broken on me. They are great for the price and variety. I get praise on them all the time.

👤I bought two sets of flower pins to hold back my hair as I grow it out. They are as strong as they look. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤They are stylish and sturdy. I got a lot of praise for them. I will be buying more.

👤I have fine hair and these work well in it. They are pretty. I love how they hold my hair. Things usually slip right out.

👤My daughter will get these for Christmas. She loves them and is very fancy. Excellent quality, would recommend.

3. Barrettes Decorative Bridesmaid Rhinestone Accessories

Barrettes Decorative Bridesmaid Rhinestone Accessories

The package includes 10 pieces of hair. 2x Clear (White), 2x Pink, 2x Black, and 2x Gray. There are two geometric shapes for each color. The hottest sale of the year is Crystal hair barrettes. The hair clips are made of imitation crystal and are strong and durable. Don't worry, the Crystal will fall. The large size has a water drop of 3.35 inch and angles of 3 inch. The elegant hairpin can be used in many ways, it can satisfy your needs in wedding wearing, proms, evening, party, daily life, work, school, holiday. Birthday party gifts for your family, friends and the hair clips are perfect for thick or thin hair and can handle curly or straight hair. If you find that the product you received is not good, please contact me, I will give you a solution at the first time.

Brand: Messen

👤These are cheap. There are other products that look more expensive than they are, even though they are cheap. Only a few of the colors look cheap. The black and rose gold look great on my hair.

👤These look similar to the picture. I love them! Will order more soon.

👤These clips are easy to use and not heavy for my hair. I use a clip to hold back my hair. It's really pretty.

👤I will be ordering more. I bought them for myself and have been asked by a few friends to borrow some. Click buy if you're looking for quality hair accessories.

👤These clips were at a boutique for 9 dollars a pop. These are the exact same material, style, quality, and price as the other ones.

👤I ordered these immediately after I saw them on the coworker. I wear them all, and I think there is only one color that is worth the purchase. It was well made and delivered quickly.

👤I love these! Excellent quality and beautiful are what they are. Will definitely order again.

👤A clip, son de gran tamao.

👤Se ven increbles, la calidad is una.

4. Geometric Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Alligator

Geometric Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Alligator

The material is made of durable alloy metal, artificial pearls, crystal, and handmade. The snap-on style makes it easy to clip on thick hair, and it's suitable for women or teen girls. There are a variety of shapes. The hollow geometric design is pretty, more stylish and will make you look good. Occasions include a wedding, a party, night out, or a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤These clips are a good way to give a gift or decorate a package with a name tag. I bought these to help me feel more feminine after I cut my hair. This purchase was a prime example of what you pay for, which is positive and negative. Even though one of the clips was sent with a defect, I have options to choose from, even if it is not possible to remove it with the right tool. I didn't like the alligator clips because they were too large for my short hair, the other clips all looked good. The clips have to be taken out with care, but they stay. They are bright and shiny.

👤These are good for holding back hair. They are large enough to hold back hair, but small enough to look elegant. I am growing my hair back after having lost it all to a medical condition, and right now it is in a pixie cut, which makes you want to cut it short again. There is a The clips allow me to pull back one or both sides of my hair. It has made my hair look more styled as I move through regrowth. I feel like I can wear these to work and not have any problems, and people usually comment on how nice they look.

👤I found them pretty, but they will rip your hair out. They are not getting any money at all. Unless you want your hair damaged, you'll need to file them or coat them.

👤These are okay. Some of the designs they get caught in are cheap to make.

👤Bobby pins are hard to open. The money was wasted.

👤The silver colored metal hair clips/bobby pin type hair accessories are the same as shown. It's hard to get your hair without damage. They are hard to put in, but worth it. Lots of praise!

👤These are very nice barrettes and pins. They sparkle. The variety can be used many times. I do not need a special occasion. I like to wear sparkles a lot.

5. Artificial Champagne Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Artificial Champagne Barrettes Decorative Accessories

You will get a package with 6 pieces artificial pearl hair claw clips in 6 different styles, which are all exquisite, enough quantities to meet your various requirements on sizes, styles under different circumstances, practical for you to match with daily appearance. The claw shape design of the hair clamp can grab the proper amount of hair for styling, non-slip, no need to adjust continually, no pressure for your hair and scalp, providing you with a comfortable wearing experience. Their artificial pearl barrettes are made of plastic and quality acrylic, don't break easily with appropriate use, transparent hairpins, embellished with artificial pearls, and provide small and medium-sized choices for you to apply. Their champagne hair clamps are in 6 different styles, each is popular to meet with recent trends, including grips in crescent shape, triangle shape, crossing shape, embellished by different sizes and quantities of artificial pearls, retro and classic as an addition to your collection of hair accessories. This hair claw clip is suitable for most women in office and can be applied multiple times.

Brand: Syhood

👤Each one of them was very feminine and held my hair in a secure manor.

👤The pearl looks bright and of good quality.

👤Thank you very much, I am very happy.

👤The clips are not clear, they are yellow and don't look like the description.

👤I have a lot of hair. The clips have a strong hold. It's difficult to open the clip. I don't fall off my hair because it stays put. I like how they look. Different sizes for different hair styles. Will buy them as gifts. They come out to almost $1.65 for each. I let my gray hair grow out and have received a lot of compliment on the clips.

6. HOWDIA Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Champagne

HOWDIA Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Champagne

The drill is made of high quality material. It's not easy to slide and won't hurt your hair. TheDIMENSION is 3.7 " 2.2"/ 9.5 cm 5.5 cm. The package includes a champagne and navy hairpin. It feels good to use. It's a good idea to have enough long clips to hold your hair tightly. The peach heart appearance, rhinestones and novel styles can make you more charming and elegant. It is suitable for all types of hair. It's good for daily wear, parties, ceremonies, birthdays and banquets. It's a great gift for a girlfriend.

Brand: Howdia

👤These are what I was looking for. Don't stick out far from my head, they have a low profile. 2. They are easy to put in place. 3. They are really attractive. 4. They seem well-made. 5. They are comfortable enough to wear all day. 6. The price is reasonable. As the proportion of white hairs increases, my hair is becoming increasingly wavy. My hair is not as heavy or bulky as it would be if it were not for the layers. I like to pull my hair back from my face, twist it up from the base of my neck, and secure it in place. I couldn't wear jaw-clips while driving because they stuck out so far from my head. The clips work just as well as the jaw clips, and I think they are even easier to position. They are also more comfortable. My old hair clips have been collecting dust.

👤The best way to hold my long thin hair up in a twist or ponytail is with a low profile hair clip. Love that they hold secure without having to tighten the twist, and hold it in place without falling out or being tighter. I have only seen this style on Amazon.

👤I got these because they hold thick hair and are flatter than the traditional hair clip. I want to dress up a more casual outfit when I wear my fancy dresses. These will be perfect. These clips are exactly what they say they are. My hair is shorter than my shoulder. My hair doesn't move after I have it clipped. Will be on a cruise.

👤I was worried that this clip might not hold all my hair in back. I was able to clip up my "twirled" hair in the back of my head, and it held up well. The clips are easy to use and decorative. It's possible that these clips would work even if hair is thick. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and am happy to have found it.

👤This is the first time I have had this style. The hinge part was large and not attractive to me. I have medium to thin hair and was worried it might slip. I had to put in my hair quickly. It was seated firmly and didn't budge even a little bit, and it caught it all with no loose ends. They are pretty and feminine and will order more.

👤These are cute and do not pull my hair. The middle of my hair is medium thickness. I can't wait to show them off when spring arrives. These are for people who like bling. I've only used them a couple times around the house since it's too cold to wear my hair up outside. When we get together, I'm going to be envied by all my friends.

👤They were intact. They don't hurt the hair. The first one is very ornamental while the second one is more subdued. I use it for daytime.

7. ANBALA Clips Colored Flower Accessories

ANBALA Clips Colored Flower Accessories

The crystal is mounted on the hair clips. It's easy to match any outfit as you please, Interlocking teeth for secure grip, great hair decoration or hold hair in place while cutting or styling, and it's shiny in daytime and night. The material is lightweight but durable than plastic hair clips. The mini size fits for thin hair and is easy to store. The mini clips on the small tubes are less likely to mess up your personal accessories. It's easy to find and store. There are 13 different bright colors like red, pink, rainbow, sky blue, dark blue, green, light purple, rose red, and so on, and 5 pieces of each color, a varity of colors to match your outfit. 65 pieces mix colored hair claw clips are included in the package. A gift hair clips ornament for your little princess is a wide application and gift hair clips ornament. This set of shiny Jaw hair clips is a wonderful gift, it is very practical and easy to use. The small hair clips are checked by their team. If the jaw no-slip grip clips you received have a 1 year warranty, they will give you a full refund or replacement. Let them know if you have a problem, their supplier team has been focused on hair accessories for many years.

Brand: Anbala

👤It's the best buy ever, it's pretty and well built, but don't expect it to grab a lot of hair, it's really good for decoration.

👤These little claws are very small but they are very strong. My hair is fine and I tried to keep the claw clip out of my hair but it kept slipping out. The colored ones are pretty. I was worried that these may be young. They are so small that they are not in your face. I'm going to purchase another color. They are everything I have been looking for.

👤I ordered these because I use small claw clips to hold my hair up at night, but I always get sections of little stragglers that drive me nuts. I thought they would be perfect. I love sparkle when I play music. I had 5 red and 5 green clips in my hair at Christmas, and I scattered them throughout my hair. I received a lot of positive comments. The men in our group were trying to figure out how I made the sparkles. I wore them again on Christmas Eve. I have had bad hair days where I have been able to fix it by putting a few clips at the side. The small claw clips would squash my hair down and look random in the middle of my hair, but the tiny flower clips are so cute, it looks like I am actually a little dressed up! I wouldn't wear them to work in an upscale law office, but for everyday jeans or onstage costumes, they're a blast!

👤Beautiful and sturdy! My daughter likes them.

👤These clips add a little flair. I don't think they are to hold hair to add sparkle. My daughter took a nap in them and bent one of them over so I try to remember not to sleep in them. I love all the colors.

👤These clips hold up. I have short hair and use clips on my head. I get a lot of praise on them. I got battered by the waves when I wore them to the beach. The clips held on through the tumbles. I never lost one. All of the colors they include give you great value. I can always match my outfit with it. I like these clips. I would recommend buying again.

👤My daughter has very little hair and is thin but she likes to have her hair done. These are small enough to hold her hair. They are very cute and durable. I added a picture to show how well her hair holds up.

👤They are cute but not perfect. I stuck my girls hair in. She got a lot of praise for her love of them. They stick up. It is not as elegant looking as the picture shows.

👤After my order disappeared during transit, the retailer sent another one which I really wasn't expecting. The product is really nice. This retailer will definitely buy from again.

8. Stretchy Hair Clips Fine Hairstyles

Stretchy Hair Clips Fine Hairstyles

For fine hair, use a cool comb instead of barrettes or claw clips. There is no pressure. The hair is not crushed between combs. The rounded surfaces protect delicate hair. There is a hair cut completely impractical. Hair moves independently so it can be softened with fingers. Add volume and softness. It is possible to create flattering hair styles that earn you praise. It's lightweight for your hair. HairZing prevents sweat from making your hair look limp and lifeless. It is possible to adjust your hair. Push the combs closer together if HairZing feels tight. It works with the hair you have. It never looks heavy or bulky. This hair clip is very comfortable. Most of their customers have fine, thin hair.

Brand: Hairzing

👤I have not been able to go to the beauty shop because of Covid-19. My hair is not bald since I was cancer free for 5 years. The stretchy combs are an awesome invention, but they get twisted and broken eventually. I hope the product in ventures is better than the one that came before it. The idea needs tweaking. Thanks.

👤If you have thin or fine hair, the elastic is not tight enough to hold your hair for long. I tried a lot of different hair styles and the combs and elastic gave up. I thought this would work great because my hair is not very thin. I am not sure if it would work on thick hair.

👤I have a bad time with my hair. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not. I don't think I can comb it right, so it's always better to leave it alone. I tried the pearl set in a simple top of the head catch, and I look great! I don't feel them. Since I have slick hair, I have to adjust them every half hour to 45 minutes. It's a huge win for me because I've already beaten that. Thank you.

👤Yes, it's cheap. They say that fine hair won't stay in. I have to redo them after wearing them for a couple of hours. I have good hair. The money? Not much.

👤I got some like this a long time ago and they broke. I didn't find them in the store. I checked Amazon and they were there. The new ones seem a bit stronger and better put together than the old ones. They work well with my long hair.

👤I have fine hair. It's hard to find hair accessories that look good. These do that. They compliment my head and are comfortable to wear. There are many different styles on the website. I will be happy to see them in different colors. I would love this style of jewelry.

👤I'm sad! I am lazy. I don't like figuring out how to do my hair. I am a wash, brush and air dry girl. Like, tie a knot with my hair, like a fisherman's rope kind of girl. I tried one greasy attempt in two days. I'm ready to walk down the aisle. For this, use a grunttag.

👤My granddaughter fell in love with the black one and it took up with her, so I will be ordering more of them. She would like to order more for herself. It is much safer to use long hair than it is to use pony tail bands.

9. Vintage Minimalist Bowknot HairBowknot Barrette

Vintage Minimalist Bowknot HairBowknot Barrette

The rustic metal hair barrettes are made of durable alloy with delicate artificial pearl and are cute and beautiful. The snap-on style makes it easy to clip on thick hair, can safely hold and decorate your hair, and the size is suitable for women or teens. There are a variety of shapes. The fancy hollow geometric design is pretty, like the moon, heart, circle, star, branch, very fashionable and dainty, will make you charming, elegant and get more compliment for you. These stylish hairpins can be used for daily wear, dress up for wedding bridals, bridesmaids' hair, prom, party or give out as a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤Some of the photos don't even close to clip the hair in place. Junk is overpriced. Returned for a refund. I have to return to Amazon many times because of the sub-standard junk there.

👤These clips are very cute. I opened them up to place and 3 of them broke. The piece fell off. The one that is still okay seems to be built differently. I don't use the others because they are more like hair pins. I would love to have a complete set.

👤Cute shapes... My hair is too thick for them. I might come up with something. They are sturdy and cute.

👤Half of them don't hold tight enough to stay clasped.

👤I am very happy with these. It was exactly as advertised. Plastic is not metal. It is a very good value. I like the shapes in the collection.

👤The daughter bought it. She's happy.

👤I ordered them because I liked the designs.

👤I have very thick hair so I have to be very careful in order to use them, but still usable.

10. Xerling Wedding Decorative Jewelry Accessories

Xerling Wedding Decorative Jewelry Accessories

The color is white, pink, and yellow. The diameter of the flower is 2.5CM. The hair pins should be referred to in pic 2, 3,4 There are two 2.5CM and three 1.3CM hair pins. There are suitable places for daily wear, wedding, beach, party, Halloween, and Christmas. A wide variety of clothes and occassions can be matched with different styles. 100% brand new customer service. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Xerling

👤They were more orange than pink. I like them.

👤These pins are very difficult to open. Have no idea how they get in a hair piece.

👤It would come with more based off photo. It's still pretty.

👤The effect they have in the picture requires 3. The flowers are not large.

👤The number shown is not the one shown in 5 clips.

👤I tried to put them in my daughter's hair but it was not strong. She had to put them in her hair. They were in place. I bought them and I am very happy.

👤They look nice, but not what I expected.

11. Yishenyishi Crocodile Accessories Hairpins Barrettes

Yishenyishi Crocodile Accessories Hairpins Barrettes

The dimensions are 3.3 long. The material is made of metal. The clip has a lot of small teeth. Non-slip! This is a large force. Both at home and office can be very convenient.

Brand: Loneedy

👤These clips are great. The metal condor clips weigh my hair down and cause it to fall out. These are very light and small. They are perfect! The colors look good and are not cheap.

👤They're my go to clip when I need my hair to stay out of my face. I have fine hair and most barrettes will not slide down for a while. These stay put well. They're easy to use and hold up well to being in my car, purse, gym bag, etc. I would like to see more groups.

👤I wouldn't have gone to see these in person. They're not bad, but they're too small for me. They're better for people with fine hair. The clips only have a colored plastic layer on the very top, which I don't like. The clip looks mostly silver from the side. If you have straight hair, silver is the most popular color for these clips. If you can bury this clip in your curly hair, you can see the colored part of it. The colors don't all match. You might think that if you order two packs, you'll get two red, two white, and two gold. You could get a gold and an orange. A white and a pearl. You will probably end up with several pairs, but don't expect all of them to be matching.

👤The usual 5 inch clips seem to be excessive because my hair is not super thick. The large hair clips I have tried are too big and uncomfortable to sit in the back of a chair. These are perfect! I was hesitant to order because I was unsure if the product would be as nice looking as the photo or a good quality. I was surprised to see that they were even more beautiful than the photo showed. They add a stylish quality when used, and are perfect to hold the hair. Would definitely recommend!

👤The small size Ficcare clips are very similar to the small size at a fraction of the cost. I have thick hair so I can only do half up styles with these, but they are attractive, keep my hair contained and are well made. Love the colors as well.

👤I love these hair clips. I have thick and curly hair and before this purchase I couldn't find hair clips to manage it. The clips are large enough to do the job. They are very sturdy and beautiful, and they help me to manage my hair. I absolutely adore them! They will eventually come in more colors.

👤It's my fault that I didn't check the sizes, but I wish they were bigger. I wanted to buy these to do half-up-half-down with the clip at the back of my head, but they don't hold enough hair for the smallest amount of hair around my face to be pinned back, if I want any stability. The colors are pretty in person, but they aren't very useful at this size.

👤These are very well made. A very strong hold. I have long hair with medium thickness and these will hold up my hair in a bun. They are a classic thick plastic top with a metal clip component. I love all the colors.


What is the best product for decorative hair clips for thin hair?

Decorative hair clips for thin hair products from Lizzie Kay. In this article about decorative hair clips for thin hair you can see why people choose the product. Willbond and Messen are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair clips for thin hair.

What are the best brands for decorative hair clips for thin hair?

Lizzie Kay, Willbond and Messen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair clips for thin hair. Find the detail in this article. Lawie, Syhood and Howdia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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