Best Decorative Hair Clips for Women

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1. Colorful Vintage Flower Barrettes Accessories

Colorful Vintage Flower Barrettes Accessories

There is no problem in matching these four colors with any outfits or occasions. The bright colors are great for summer dresses, and they look great in dress-up occasions such as weddings. There is a floral hair cut. There are four barrettes with details of flowers, leaves, and butterflies. They are made from copper and have beautiful colors. You can see the veins on the leaves if you look closely. The total length of each barrette is 3.3in. For keeping hair out of the face and for half-up hairdos, the barrettes are great. Medium to thick hair can use the barrettes. They are strong and can hold up all day. It may feel heavy for people with thin hair. There is a gift box. The barrettes are packaged in a gift box. It is a great gift idea for a girlfriend, wife, girl pal or female colleague at work and is perfect for birthdays and Christmas.

Brand: Lizzie Kay

👤I bought a collection of 4 colors. They are so much better in quality and beauty than I had thought, for the price of $3.38 each, which is more or less what I had expected. There is a They were nestled in the protective wrapper of the gift box. The mechanism is better than most of my other barrettes, and they were stunning. I hope you will give yourself this gift as well because I am very pleased with these beautiful ones.

👤I bought 2 different sets of barrettes, they are sturdy and big enough to hold my thick hair, nice heavy feeling. My hair is very thick and curly, but I blew it dry in the photos. All of them are beautiful. Is it a stretch? They are metal! I don't understand the question or they don't stretch. You can't see through them, isn't that the point? It's easy to close and open. These have turned into my favorite barrettes. I have bought many that break at the drop of a hat. The person pictured went through a test. She pulls all my hair out, but she couldn't get this one out. It's good! She was given it to play with. It is brand new when she returns it to me. My hair is well held and beautiful. I can not recommend these enough. It's worth every penny. I bought both of them because I couldn't decide which set I liked better. I believe these will last for a long time if not forever.

👤Excellent purchase for thick hair. The French double clasp is free from movement. There are two or three on either side or back. There is a Quarantine hair needs a haircut but is very pleased with the look of hair jewelry for the upcoming event. These are not for people with thick hair. There is a The price is good, but can still be matched.

👤These are very pretty. The bottom clip that is supposed to slide under the hair is shaped in a way that makes it difficult to get through. The bottom clip came off when I was trying to get in my hair. It went back together quickly. I used it up top with a small amount of hair in the clip. It was easy to remove. My hair is not very long. If you're trying to hold up your hair, they're not really functional. It works better as an accessory.

👤The barrettes are pretty. I thought that receiving four is a good cost for the price. These aren't the "most expensive, or best quality type barrettes" out there, but they are pretty. They have a major flaw. I'm not happy about it. It's a click/snap shut type. It would be fine. It is not made as well as the more expensive barrettes. It gets stuck and jams when I try to open it or close it, and I had a hard time taking the barrette out of my hair. I got it out of my hair after a few minutes, but it was stuck in my hair. This took more than a minute and a half. It's too long to take out a barrette. I would have given it a rating of four stars, but I had to give it less because of the reasons mentioned. I'll keep them because returning this would be a nuisance. I'll probably use them in crafts, but not in my hair. These are not worth the lower cost. I assure you.

2. Geometric Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Alligator

Geometric Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Alligator

The material is made of durable alloy metal, artificial pearls, crystal, and handmade. The snap-on style makes it easy to clip on thick hair, and it's suitable for women or teen girls. There are a variety of shapes. The hollow geometric design is pretty, more stylish and will make you look good. Occasions include a wedding, a party, night out, or a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤These clips are a good way to give a gift or decorate a package with a name tag. I bought these to help me feel more feminine after I cut my hair. This purchase was a prime example of what you pay for, which is positive and negative. Even though one of the clips was sent with a defect, I have options to choose from, even if it is not possible to remove it with the right tool. I didn't like the alligator clips because they were too large for my short hair, the other clips all looked good. The clips have to be taken out with care, but they stay. They are bright and shiny.

👤These are good for holding back hair. They are large enough to hold back hair, but small enough to look elegant. I am growing my hair back after having lost it all to a medical condition, and right now it is in a pixie cut, which makes you want to cut it short again. There is a The clips allow me to pull back one or both sides of my hair. It has made my hair look more styled as I move through regrowth. I feel like I can wear these to work and not have any problems, and people usually comment on how nice they look.

👤I found them pretty, but they will rip your hair out. They are not getting any money at all. Unless you want your hair damaged, you'll need to file them or coat them.

👤These are okay. Some of the designs they get caught in are cheap to make.

👤Bobby pins are hard to open. The money was wasted.

👤The silver colored metal hair clips/bobby pin type hair accessories are the same as shown. It's hard to get your hair without damage. They are hard to put in, but worth it. Lots of praise!

👤These are very nice barrettes and pins. They sparkle. The variety can be used many times. I do not need a special occasion. I like to wear sparkles a lot.

3. Butterfly Octopus Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Butterfly Octopus Barrettes Decorative Accessories

The metal spring is made of plastic and ribbon fabric and is strong enough to hold hair in place without damaging it. The large rose flower hair claw clip is larger than the average woman's hair and can hold on to buns as decoration. You will get 4 pieces of hair claw clips. The pack will fit all your needs, from hair color to outfit. The flower claw hair clips are usually used for women, girls, or teens to hold their top buns. The colorful colors can be used for different occasions, such as prom. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤I thought they would look good from the back. The side looks good but the back is not. The black plastic clip is all you see. I was very disappointed that they did not conceal the clip.

👤These are gorgeous. You can get a fancy hairstyle with these. I haven't had many occasions to wear them yet, but they seem to be of good quality. The area that holds hair is wide, so I think these are best for people with thicker hair. My hair is not damaged. I have to use a regular hairband first and add a flower clip on top of that, because I use it more for decoration than holding the hair. There are 3 additional mini teeth on each side of the clip, so people with thicker hair won't have this issue. These clips are gorgeous. It is definitely worth the money. I just wanted to say that they've been holding up well, after more than a year of wearing them. I still love them. Normally, I just twist my hair in a small bun and place the clip over it, because I am pretty lazy with my hair. It looks pretty and holds up well. The flowers are undamaged. One of the clips has lost its first tooth after a year of use. Considering how much I use them, I think that's good.

👤The clips are small for a child or small haired person. The pincher of the clip is not covered with ribbon. It looks like it has three pieces, one in the left, one in the right and one in the center.

👤I bought the same thing off of WISH. I liked it. It is hard for me to keep my hair up with my hair down to my hips. Thankfully for the company, I took my WISH off in the bathroom, but my finger slipped and it fell. The danged thing shattered when it crashed to the floor. I searched high and low for a replacement after that. There is a I found these! You get four of them. I wear the red one mostly because it looks great with my long blonde hair. These are not dead. It keeps my hair secure, and I get many comments for it. The hinge is tight and firm.

👤The bows are cute but the clip is too large. I pulled all the bows off and put a bobby pin on them.

👤One came undone. Any suggestions?

👤The flowers don't cover the hair clip in the pictures. They are well made and comfortable. I have been wearing them without any problems. They should have covered the clips in the pictures.

👤The picture shows that it doesn't create a full rose with normal hair. I should have thought about the fact that it has to be open all the way to make a rose. I am happy I only got 4 packs, they are bigger than I expected. The photo gives misleading proportions. Unless you have a mountain of thick hair.

4. Tortoise Ponytail Elastic Leopard Headwear

Tortoise Ponytail Elastic Leopard Headwear

French Design barrettes with tortoise celluloid pattern are a great way to make you charmer and elegant. The material is. They are made of a strong and durable material. Non Slip: The teeth design can handle thick or thin hair. It's a good idea to have enough long clips for hair. Widely Occasion: These fashion styling hair clips can be applied in a wide range of occasions. You can change the color according to your mood. It is a good assistant when makeup.

Brand: Aileam

👤I am obsessed with these clips. They are very strong and feel like a thick material. The size is perfect for medium to long hair and the colors are gorgeous. I have been looking for tortoise clips for a long time. These are perfect! The cute tortoise clips the main character Dal-mi wears in her hair remind me of that, if you have seen the mini Korean series called Start-up. It was definitely a great purchase.

👤The clips have worked well so far. I have had them for three weeks and no signs of breaking. I have thick, long, curly hair and these hold it up well for a full 12 hour shift as a nurse. I don't have to touch them. They don't hurt my head. They are great.

👤I carry one of these in my purse for when I pull my hair back in restaurants. They are pretty. I have used them for months without any issues. The light tortoise shell is my favorite. The flat head-side design is more comfortable than traditional claws. Great purchase!

👤I like the look of it. It depends on the thickness and length of your hair. They don't work well for me. I gave them 3 stars because I wanted them to be fair.

👤These are cute. They don't stay in place well. There is no way to hold it.

👤The picture was very cute and received a lot of praise.

👤I was expecting a smaller clip. Thia was too large for my hair.

👤Cute and have served me well over the past few weeks. I have a lot of hair and this holds it in a half bun.

5. Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

The vintage flower hair pins are very chic hair accessories for young girls, they have a good looking in colors, attracting people's eyes at the first time and giving you a nice aesthetic experience. The metal gold French tone hair clips are made of metal, which is very durable and can prevent your hair from damaging, they also have a charming shiny surface, you can use them for a long time and have fun. You will receive 12 pieces of floral hair clip barrettes in a package, which include 2 sets in common, so you can choose from 6 different colors and styles to match your outfits and makeup. The correct size of the hair clasps is 2.36 x 0.59 inches, they can fix your hair in a position stably, helping you decorate your hair well. You can use the decorative accessories to match the summer dress and look attractive in the crowd, and they are suitable for occasions, you can wear them on weddings, parties, shopping, festivals and vacations, making you look attractive in the crowd, and you also can use them to match the summer

Brand: Willbond

👤CuTe Head TuRneR is excited to style my 90 year old Care Companion daily with these CuTe accessories that turn heads. She feels great getting some love. She lives at a Dementia Care facility. I love her so much and will always make her look the best. Yu will not be disappointed if you know how to style and match your clothing. Enjy.

👤The pins are vintage. I have long hair. I assumed these pins had texture edges like Bobby pins, but the underside is smooth metal so hair can cause it to slip down later in the day if I don't slide enough hair inside the pin. I don't know if I could use them if I had straight hair. However. The pins are good quality and sturdy enough to handle my abuse of pulling and opening. I am happy with the purchase. These are large enough to make a statement.

👤I ordered a set of these for myself and they were so beautiful that I ordered two more sets for my granddaughters. I got a compliment on the first time I wore them. My hair stays put as it is thin and tight.

👤If you open too wide they are harder to bend back into their original shape and fall out of my hair. I believe one has broken on me. They are great for the price and variety. I get praise on them all the time.

👤I bought two sets of flower pins to hold back my hair as I grow it out. They are as strong as they look. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤They are stylish and sturdy. I got a lot of praise for them. I will be buying more.

👤I have fine hair and these work well in it. They are pretty. I love how they hold my hair. Things usually slip right out.

👤My daughter will get these for Christmas. She loves them and is very fancy. Excellent quality, would recommend.

6. Rhinestone Shining Different Barrettes Decorative

Rhinestone Shining Different Barrettes Decorative

The snap barrettes come with 6 pieces hair clips and 3 assorted pretty colors with a small size, which makes you more attractive. The drill hair clip is made from high-quality rhinestones and alloys, and is made by professional hand-makers. The clip can hold your hair in place even if the wind is strong. These anti-drilling hair clips have shiny surfaces, no sharp ends, and soft and comfortable accessories that minimize crochet hooks and reduce breakage. It is held tightly on your head. You can give this hairpin as a gift to your family and friends in the holiday. They will have professional after-sales service to meet your problems. You can email them if you have any questions or suggestions.

Brand: Yhluck

👤These are really pretty. There is a They are pretty but sticky. Tell me they are dry. There is a I didn't smell anything. I had my husband sniff them. If they don't dry, I'm going to coat the sides with clear nail polish. How that works out for me will be updated. The penny is used for reference. The next day, they used clear nail polish and it looked great. They are very pretty and don't let the glue deter you. Keep that clear polish handy, I will likely purchase more.

👤When I opened the package, I smelled a very strong chemical smell. It was strong enough that it made my eyes water. The upper bottom has a nice consistency. They are a standard pressure pop open and closed hair barret. I will not be using the foam in my hair because the edges are sticky. I am hoping that the sticky will dry out, because they are airing out in my bathroom. No luck so far.

👤These are pretty. I need something to keep my eyes from seeing my hair. It is not possible to do anything with length. These are the right size and tight enough to hold fine hair.

👤I got these today. The way these barrettes look is beautiful. They have a nice sparkle. I have thin hair and it feels like they will stay in. They are very sticky. They had a slight smell. I hope the stickiness goes away in a few days. I might have to return them.

👤When I put glue in my hair, it was still sticky and it pulled my hair out. The company used felt on the back. The company uses rubber. Can't get the other ones. I wouldn't reorder just because of the glue. It's terrific for the glITTER. I will try to make it not sticky by putting powder on the sides.

👤The hair clips smell like gasoline. They are sticky like the glue. I wouldn't recommend these clips.

👤The box was nice and had little earnings. I like the colors, but they are sticky on the top and smell like glue.

👤There was a horrible smell. I sent them back because we couldn't use them.

👤I loved it. The hair clips are wonderful.

7. Pieces Rectangle Ponytail Barrette Circle

Pieces Rectangle Ponytail Barrette Circle

The package includes 6 pieces of extra volume rectangle ponytail barrettes in 6 different colors, come in white, pink, blue and some other classic and chic colors, these simple styles and vibrant colors will meet your multiple needs to match your dresses and makeup, suitable for party The rectangle volume barrettes are made of quality acetate fiber board and metal, they are safe and sturdy, the nice material provides you a gloss surface, which will not pulling or damaging your hair, not easy to rust or damage, and durable enough to serve you. These hair barrettes with tortoise shell patterns are elegant and classic, they can adapt to all kinds of occasions and make you attractive and elegant all the time. The semi circle hair clamps are easy to apply. The automatic barrette is easy for women and girls of the most because of the large size and extra volume, and because you can grip them to any hairstyle, just put some hairs in the medium of clips, and snap, they will tighten your hairs. These French automatic hair clips can be used to decorate various hair styles, and they are also good assistants to organize your hair when you need to wash your face, yoga, and so on.

Brand: Syhood

👤These clips are good. They are sturdy, well made, and you get a range of nice colors. I wanted to use them as ponytail clips for my thick, curly hair, but it's not possible. They would have worked if they were just a half inch thicker. I can use them for partial pull backs or twisted bun clips. I recommend them to people with medium thick hair and below. There is a * It's possible to make larger clips for people with thick hair. They will be purchased. *

👤The clips arrived on time. They seem like they are made to hold the hair, but they don't. I have thick hair but the clips don't slide down my ponytail. If I use a ponytail elastic to hold my hair up, the clip above it stays in place. The clip is mostly decorative in the hair for me.

👤The metal piece goes flying when I unlatch the barrette. It will either fly out again or if I get it to hold my hair, it will fly across the room. Good grief. The money was wasted.

👤Excellent colors and patterns. My hair is long and straight. I had to twist it to get it into a tail. I would probably need an elastic for a long day. The double clip inside takes some getting used to. They're nice, but not France Luxe.

👤This item is only for thick hair. The hair is medium-long. My daughter has long hair. Works on a semi pony tail. Does not fit a thick tail.

👤If you have thinner hair, these are useless. Right off, it is not even there. They are really cute and it is a shame.

👤These are okay. I know it said extra volume, but I don't see how it would stay in the thickest of hair without a tie. I gave it a try, but I wouldn't recommend spending money on these unless you have extraordinary hair.

8. QIUTIMIY Vintage Decorative Accessories Flower1

QIUTIMIY Vintage Decorative Accessories Flower1

There are 6 vivid colors of gold, blue, purple, pink, and black. It is possible to meet your daily needs with enough styles. pearls can be applied to a lot of occasions such as weddings, proms and parties, and so on as a nice hairdo addition. The total length of each pin is about 6 cm. The flowers are hand-made and have beautiful colors. It's suitable for all your dresses. The six beautiful barrettes is a great gift idea for girlfriends, wives, girl friends, and female colleagues at work.

Brand: Qiutimiy

👤These are gorgeous. Pictures do not do justice to these. If I broke off a flower, I was afraid to do anything. I dropped one. It was fine. They stay in my hair all day long. I get a lot of praise. The seller helped me with my issue immediately. Shipping was fast. I plan on buying more gifts. These are giftable. I can't tell you how pretty they are. You won't be disappointed. They are hidden in my bedroom away from my girls. Thank you so much for the great customer service!

👤These are gorgeous. They look pretty and delicate in my hair, but they are very durable. They were more than I anticipated.

👤Not a clip, but a nice hair attachment.

👤This is a great deal for clips, but they are hard to use. If you're looking for a matched set of anything, this isn't it. There is a The gems are matched well and look great. The old style flat pins have almost any other type of clip style. I end up with some hair on the wrong side of the clip if my hair isn't wet because these are hard to open. I have the same issues when I use them on the girls. I can't get it to go back to snug because I over stretched it. There is a These are not good for thin hair. They look great against straight flat hair, but they tend to slide down and loosen for us.

👤The pins are beautiful. It is hard to pick a favorite design. The pins have a base color of rose gold, which isn't usually my favorite, but it looks great on them. I would be curious to see these in silver. There is a It can be difficult to get hair out of the flower designs without taking your hair with you, so it is important to keep your hair out of the flower designs. I think it is still worth it for a special occasion. It is difficult to get the pins into your hair if you hold them open. It is still doable considering they are a special occasion piece. They come in a small plastic container, which I will keep in my closet, so I can find them easily and prevent them from getting tangled with my other hair accessories.

👤I like to keep short hairs out of my eyes. I usually wear a braid, but do I have a lot of hair that won't reach it? I like that they are not the same. There is a The quality is good and the feel is substantial. Good sparkle. I opened the package and found the stones still there. There is a If I put a pin in my hair and am not happy with the placement, I have to be careful because the ornaments are large enough to catch in my hair if I'm not paying attention. There is a I am liking these floral hairpins. Keepers!

👤There are 6 vivid colors of gold, blue, purple, pink, multi-color, and black. It is possible to meet your daily needs with enough styles. These pearl hair clips can be applied to a lot of occasions such as weddings, proms and parties, and so on as a nice hairdo addition, adding glamour to your appearance. There is a The total length of each pin is about 6 cm. The flowers are hand-made and have beautiful colors. It's suitable for all your dresses.

9. Hair Decorative Accessories Clips Silver

Hair Decorative Accessories Clips Silver

The hair pins are made from acrylic pearls, zinc casting, and shiny silver material. Cute pearl hair clippers keep your girls in fashion look. The Triangle pearl clip is 3.54" in length. The width is 1.05 and the length is 3.15. The width is 1.05. The hairpin can be used in many ways to satisfy your needs. The hair accessories are perfect birthday party gifts for girls teens, family, friends and anyone you loved. These hair clips are perfect for daily life, work, school, night out party, wedding, graduation, prom, ballet recital, yoga practice and many more.

Brand: Kchies

👤During an awkward grow out stage, I used these to clip back my bangs. They add a lot of charm. They received tons of praise. It was kind of a Gwyneth Paltrow look.

👤It is easy to take down my hair.

👤I love these babies. The silver clip has a beading part that does the job. I wore a white dress for my legal ceremony. Can't wait to wear them again.

👤Love them. Look great in your hair.

👤It comes as advertised. It is so cute. The pearls don't fall of the clip, which I am happy about, and it's not cheap.

👤These are the same as pictured. Love them. I have black hair and they show up well.

10. Crystal Rhinestone Barrettes Wedding Accessory

Crystal Rhinestone Barrettes Wedding Accessory

Good quality metal, gems, and shiny rhinestones are made with good quality material. The fancy hair clips are in three different colors. With the strong snap barrettes, you can slip into the hair and hold it in place without damaging it. Synthetic crystal is the material. The hair clips are suitable for weddings, parties, birthday, banquets, and daily wearing.

Brand: Cozyroom

👤The back of the hair barrett is metal and pulls out hair. Not for thin hair. I would love the clasp to be different. They are pretty. I will remove the clasp and put a comb on them.

👤These were full size barrettes for long hair. They were toddler size. Each could be about 1.5 hours long. It's too small for an adult.

👤They are beautiful, good quality, but smaller than a picture.

👤The clips hold my hair well. These clips are good.

👤I love the sparkle in my hair.

11. CROWN GUIDE Rhinestone Decorative Accessories

CROWN GUIDE Rhinestone Decorative Accessories

The Retro Hair accessories are made of high quality ALLOY and can last for many years. The hair is red, purple, blue, and sky blue. There are brooches in vintage designs. The secure claw clip is strong without causing hair damage. It's idea hair clip for women, girls,hairdresser, use to clip back sections of hair, perfect for wedding, party,festival,Perfect for daily or special occasion wear that can be worn with hair up or down. It is a nice gift to give to your mother, sisters and friends. Any occasion, home and office, you can apply the Handmade Hair Clip ClawBarrettes. A strong pump handle is needed to hold the hair in place, it never came loose. The package includes a guide for vintage hair claw clips.

Brand: Crown Guide

👤This is a great clip. It is pretty in person. I have an allergy to nickel and it hasn't bothered me yet. It is heavy for the type of clip it is, that is the main issue. I know it won't stay in my niece's hair or my hair when I was younger, so I would buy it again. It is not as comfortable as other clips. It can scratch you if you are not careful.

👤I thought it was larger. If I had read the description closer, I would not have paid more than $5.99 for it. It was put together with a lot of carelessness. I tried to adjust it. It won't budge. I can still use it. I will not be purchasing the same clip in blue and purple that I had planned on doing prior to receiving this one.

👤This looks great in my dark hair. It is a heavy clip that drags a hair style downward. There is a It is a nice piece.

👤I can't wear these clips because the metal is too rough on my hair and they are too pretty.

👤It is not for thick hair. It looks like it was made for a child. Very disappointed.

👤This clip is pretty. When I want to look a little more dressy, I will use it to pull back my hair.

👤The claw part is crooked and you should return it. I got a similar one. The product was not good.


What is the best product for decorative hair clips for women?

Decorative hair clips for women products from Lizzie Kay. In this article about decorative hair clips for women you can see why people choose the product. Lawie and Aileam are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair clips for women.

What are the best brands for decorative hair clips for women?

Lizzie Kay, Lawie and Aileam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair clips for women. Find the detail in this article. Willbond, Yhluck and Syhood are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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