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1. Geometric Minimalist Alligator Hairclips Accessories

Geometric Minimalist Alligator Hairclips Accessories

It is made of durable alloy. 100% handmade, cute and vibrant. The snap-on style makes it easy to clip on thick hair, and it's suitable for women or teen girls. There are a variety of shapes. The hollow geometric design is pretty, more stylish and will make you look good. Occasions include a wedding, a party, night out, or a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤These are good for holding back hair. They are large enough to hold back hair, but small enough to look elegant. I am growing my hair back after having lost it all to a medical condition, and right now it is in a pixie cut, which makes you want to cut it short again. There is a The clips allow me to pull back one or both sides of my hair. It has made my hair look more styled as I move through regrowth. I feel like I can wear these to work and not have any problems, and people usually comment on how nice they look.

👤I get a lot of praise for these barrettes. These are the perfect conversation pieces because they are subtle ways of incorporating my own sense of style and personal touch into my professional wardrobe.

👤I love these. There are several sizes and styles. Some alligator clips a pin. It was a great choice for me.

👤The clips are cheap and will cause problems. Don't use them if you can't afford it.

👤These clips have lasted a month or so, I like them. There was no chipping of the silver. There is a Half of them are great for soft, fine hair, the others I use to adorn my messy up-do, like a bun. Cute. It's great for every day.

👤Some of the clasps stopped working after I wore them for a day or two.

👤The barrettes are sturdy and well priced. They also work with thin hair.

👤The pins are very attractive. Go with a lot of things.

2. 5 Pack Vintage Crystal Decorative Accessories

5 Pack Vintage Crystal Decorative Accessories

There are five different styles of hairpins with different adornments. The hair pins are made of silver-tone and embellished with imitation crystals and pearls. These pretty pins can be used to sweep back unruly strands. Wear one pin alone or mix and match a few for a stacked look. It is suitable for both day and night looks.

Brand: Lizzie Kay

👤I like how these work. A great deal for money spent. They pull on your hair. It's hard to take out. I still like to use them. I love how they look in my hair. Know what you are getting.

👤These pins are great for short hair. They are pretty, hold well, and are not too long. The are well made and should hold up.

👤These pins are very pretty. The quality was better than expected and they looked great.

👤Theses are cute. I give it a 3. The hair pins are light.

👤The quality of the material was better than expected, and these are pretty bobby pins.

👤These look great, then fall apart after you wear them. When I got home, the shiny stones came off my hair, after I wore one in my hair to church. I need to buy crazy glue to seal it. Maybe there is a flaw in the manufacturer. I haven't worn the other ones yet. It's a shame because they are pretty. The pin is strong.

👤I love these. They are a little bigger than I would have chosen, but they are great for dressing up a short cut.

👤These are very pretty and well made. Extra security is needed because of the weight of them. These might not work for you if you have fine hair. They are worth the price if you can keep them in place.

👤The pins are too long if you want to do an updo hairstyle, but if you want to just pull your hair back to the sides and use these, they fall and don't stay put. The designs are nice. Someone with thick hair might be able to get better results.

👤The product is very good for the price. It's not often that a product shows up looking better than the images on this site, but they did that. The slip part is thick and durable and the gems won't fall off after a use. I recommend this seller and product for hair accessories.

👤These are very nice. They seem to be well made and have a good weight. It was a steal for the price. A way to keep my hair out of my face.

👤The item is very good. Very sturdy and classy. I am very happy with my purchase. The price point is awesome. Thank you!

👤I'm happy with the product. If you want to have some fun with your hair, you have to wear all but cute and good price.

3. Vintage Hairpin Creative Barrette Accessories

Vintage Hairpin Creative Barrette Accessories

You will receive 6 pieces of Viking Celtic hairpins in assorted vintage styles, different styles of hair clips sticks are enough for you to choose from, can meet your daily needs, creative designs allow them to be decorative hair accessories for both women and girls of most ages. Celtic knot hair sticks are retro-designed. The lady lock is a traditional hair accessory and will add charm to your hairstyle and make you look more attractive. The hair stick clips are made of sturdy alloy, rustproof and won't be deformed easily, with nice durability and long service life, convenient and easy to make your own hairstyle. It's easy to use, it's safe to hold your hair, and you can keep your hair style for a long time with it. The silver Celtic slide hairpins are a good gift for women and girls with long hair or medium long hair, which will surprise them and express your love, and Hairpin can bring you new hairstyle in a few.

Brand: Syhood

👤These would not hold anyone's hair on their own. I thought these would be great for ponytails since my hair is very fine, but they are only a few inches across. The only way I can make these work is to put my hair in an elastic and slide the pin across only the top strands of hair, and one of the pins bent just trying to find the other. It takes a lot of effort to try and make them work, so you would be better off spending the money on a single hairpin that actually worked.

👤These items are beautiful. They are sturdy and well made. I think the metal will last a long time because it doesn't feel cheap or easy to break. It was a good deal for the price. I took off a star because they are small. I know they have measurement instruments. You don't understand how small they are until you get one and use it. It works. The size doesn't stop it from working. Does it work? It depends on how much hair you have and what you are trying to do. The size comes in here. You would think that a few of them should be larger for people with thicker hair that might need a larger piece to hold more into place, where as people with thinner or less hair would be fine with smaller ones. There is a They are beautiful and I love them. I wish they were bigger. I would buy more if they had more styles and extras.

👤These are heavy, but don't let that deter you from buying them. They are very nice. Some of them can be bent to help put our hair up. They will help me to stop breaking my hair off when I remove them from my hair, like the clasps one do. I wanted to change them. These are the things I need. There is a My hair is not big enough to hold it up for a long time, and the usual ones you buy are too big to hold it up. I don't have to keep adjusting or resetting my hair as I go about my daily living, because these will do what I need done. The price for the hair clips is very good.

👤These are gorgeous. They are a little smaller than I had thought. It is perfect for thinner hair. I have thick and curly hair. I bought these in hopes of pinning my hair back without using a hair tye. Only one is large enough to hold a full pony tail. Everything else is half up and half down. They are perfect for braids. I will give the ones that won't work in my hair to my best friend.

👤My wife likes these and they look great. It is difficult to get these to stay in the hair, but that is not a design issue. It would be nice if there were some sort of instructions.

4. Barrettes Decorative Hairpins Rhinestone Accessories

Barrettes Decorative Hairpins Rhinestone Accessories

Adorned with selected CzechAB rhinestone crystals, crafted with eco-friendly Zinc alloy, Lead-Free &Nickel-Free,Black paint on the back of the clip, this special design is born to match. The hair clip is decorated with translucent solid crystals andAB crystals, which sparkle in the sun or light. Any-Occasion accessory is suitable for wedding, engagement, graduation, party, prom, daily wear and any event to be beautiful goddess. Are you looking for brilliant hair jewelry? Click on it. Gift to Who You Love is a gift idea for your best friend, lover, girlfriend, fiancée, wife, mother, daughter, grandma on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. They strive to provide their customers the highest quality products and the best service. If their product is not suitable for you, please let them know and they will give you a 100% refund.

Brand: Messen

👤These are very pretty and cute. How much bigger than I thought! One of the gems fell off when I tried to use it. I had read in other reviews that gems can fall off, so I was very careful with it. I lost a gem.

👤Sturdy and pretty! I love them!

👤The size of these clips is very large. The bling on them is pretty. One suggestion would be to put teeth or comb teeth on the side of the clip that makes contact with the hair. The clips are heavier than normal. It's still beautiful. I am catching them from slipping out of my hair.

👤It's just so pretty. It's beautiful when I'm cleaning the house. I will put one in my hair and then do the laundry.

👤The hair barrettes are large. When ordering these monsters, I should have paid more attention to the dimensions. They're 3.5 inches long. I thought they would be much smaller. I don't like the fact that you get 6 barrettes and each one is different. It would look silly to wear a set of barrettes this size. 7 inches of bling!

👤I like the look of these clips and I am impressed with the workmanship. When my niece opened her stocking, she liked them. I will have to update my review once she uses them. They have many little colored diamonds attached to them and were placed neatly. I was surprised.

👤Beautiful! I am in love with them. Just bought some. I hope they last a long time. It was so much sparkle!

👤I have lost all but 2 of my first batches of these. Love them. They are big enough to hold a good amount of hair. They are bigger than most barrettes of this style. Highly recommended.

👤The photos don't do justice to the clips that I received today. These are sturdy and beautiful. I wanted to place them over my ponytail because they are a larger size. I will be using them daily.

👤Soy de una calidad los pasadores miden 8.5, son iguales ala imagen los colores. La verdad valen la pena.

👤Man die Haare ist unntig strapaziert. Hingucker is an echter.

👤The largeur est trs appréciée, pour le courte ou longue.

👤Is that a word? Is it possible to be freue mich das? Ich es anwenden.

5. Vintage Minimalist Bowknot HairBowknot Barrette

Vintage Minimalist Bowknot HairBowknot Barrette

The rustic metal hair barrettes are made of durable alloy with delicate artificial pearl and are cute and beautiful. The snap-on style makes it easy to clip on thick hair, can safely hold and decorate your hair, and the size is suitable for women or teens. There are a variety of shapes. The fancy hollow geometric design is pretty, like the moon, heart, circle, star, branch, very fashionable and dainty, will make you charming, elegant and get more compliment for you. These stylish hairpins can be used for daily wear, dress up for wedding bridals, bridesmaids' hair, prom, party or give out as a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤Some of the photos don't even close to clip the hair in place. Junk is overpriced. Returned for a refund. I have to return to Amazon many times because of the sub-standard junk there.

👤These clips are very cute. I opened them up to place and 3 of them broke. The piece fell off. The one that is still okay seems to be built differently. I don't use the others because they are more like hair pins. I would love to have a complete set.

👤Cute shapes... My hair is too thick for them. I might come up with something. They are sturdy and cute.

👤Half of them don't hold tight enough to stay clasped.

👤I am very happy with these. It was exactly as advertised. Plastic is not metal. It is a very good value. I like the shapes in the collection.

👤The daughter bought it. She's happy.

👤I ordered them because I liked the designs.

👤I have very thick hair so I have to be very careful in order to use them, but still usable.

6. ThEast Three Color Water Hairpin

ThEast Three Color Water Hairpin

The mini flower clip is a lightweight but durable alternative to plastic hair clips. There is a crystal on this hair clips. It's easy to match any outfit as you please, Interlocking teeth for secure grip, great hair decoration or hold hair in place while cutting or styling, and it's shiny in daytime and night. The water drill mini clip is mounted on the hair with shinny crystal rhinestones. The claw design makes it easier to hold the hair. It's not easy to slip off. There are cute hair clips for girls and women. It's a good gift idea, it's packed in a box, it's convenient to store, and it's suitable for all occasions. If small parts choke a child, adult supervision is required.

Brand: Theast

👤They are gorgeous! The box was pink. The clear flower clips are larger than the rainbow of flowers. It may look weird to mix them. The centers look yellow in the light, which makes them look like flowers. Depending on the light, they look pink or purple. The petals are clear in the light. I wish I had had them for my wedding. Absolutely gorgeous!

👤These are gorgeous. They are very sturdy, hold your hair well, and the clip portion disappears in dark hair like mine. I put them where I put them all day after I wore them for a dance competition. They sparkle like gems. They look more expensive than they are. They are definitely worth it and have an amazing value. My friend used some in her hair for the competition and I was happy that there were so many clips. They shimmer on the dance floor.

👤The clips stay in the hair. They're cute and dainty. They are small, but still show their hair.

👤My son's wedding party will have hair decorations for all of the girls. I only had to buy one order because there were so many of them in one order. The clips are small and hold up well in fine hair. I would recommend them.

👤I used these for my wedding. I was very pleased with the product.

👤It's easy to show off your hair style. My hair was done in a French style. There is a The clips made my hair look elegant. I would buy again for my family.

👤These clips are pretty. They are small for only dressing up a braid or hair twist, not for holding hair up on their own. You get them in your order.

👤My daughter has fine thin hair. We have trouble finding clips that will stay in place and these are both cute. They had a tin box for easy storage. I have seen other places on the web, but this is the best buy I have seen.

7. MOTZU Non Slip Barrette Rhinestone Accessories

MOTZU Non Slip Barrette Rhinestone Accessories

The hair clip has teeth that hold the hair in place. It's suitable for most hair types. The hair clip is perfect for outdoor activities. It's a good assistant for your makeup and it's convenient to keep it with you. The clips are perfect for your female friends. Your hair is adorned with sparkling rhinestones. It is not easy to fade high-quality material. The crystal and flower shape design is perfect for an updo. It's easy to do your hair style with fashion design. A nice gift for a friend. The size is 4 x 4 x 2.5 cm and 1.57 x 1.57 inch. Cute little hair clip to style hair.

Brand: Motzu

👤I ordered the hair clips because I thought they were small and would be good for my hair. I was expecting smaller hair clips. They are heavier because they are metal. If I put my hair into a pony tail, they will stay in my hair. The hair clips seem well made.

👤I like these. They're perfect for buns. They are not heavy. I like that they are well-made and don't look cheap. I've been using them for 7 months and only one broke because it fell outside. I tried to bend it back in its original shape after stepping on it. It's clear to me that it's a quality product. The jewels have not fallen off and the metal has not melted. It's what I was looking for. I hope they last me for a while. They hold thick hair well.

👤I think these are gorgeous. An amazing sight! I thought it was larger. They don't make my hair grow out like this, but I do have to wear a pony tail to stay in my job, as they are metal heavier than the everyday. I like the metal because of the weight and material change, but my hair thickness varies from medium to thin, to super wavy thick, depending on the hair Phases I tend to go thro every few years. Then letting it grow out, then jumping back into dark purple, or black, and then rebleach back to silver, my favorite hair color. The thickness is always changing and I have to trim my hair to fit my style. There is a 2 of these are in a ponytail and they work perfectly for hair tye/ponytail. As seen in my photos. These are more for fashion and getting the job done. There is a The reason I gave 4 stars is because one of the claw clips was missing the main highlight of the rhinestones. There is a As shown in one of my photos. I wanted to wear all 3 at the same time to imitate a full size clip claw. I'll message the seller about it. See if that can be solved. There is a I hope my photos help people make a decision on their purchase. Happy shopping!

👤I have long hair. I have a hard time getting my hair done. During the holidays, I love these hair jaws. The jaws hold up my different layers of hair and the colors go with anything. I wouldn't recommend these for thin hair. These jaw clips are wonderful. I hope they come out with different colors.

👤This is the first time I have seen an item that looks better on the picture than it does on the item itself. I decided that the material in the pictures looks better than the naked eyes, so I didn't have to take a photo. The springs are weak and not secured, and the real thing is dull. The springs won't hold up much hair and can break easily. I clipped it for a couple of times and it was so fragile I stopped immediately. Returned right away. The package is useless if it is useless.

8. ANBALA Clips Colored Flower Accessories

ANBALA Clips Colored Flower Accessories

The crystal is mounted on the hair clips. It's easy to match any outfit as you please, Interlocking teeth for secure grip, great hair decoration or hold hair in place while cutting or styling, and it's shiny in daytime and night. The material is lightweight but durable than plastic hair clips. The mini size fits for thin hair and is easy to store. The mini clips on the small tubes are less likely to mess up your personal accessories. It's easy to find and store. There are 13 different bright colors like red, pink, rainbow, sky blue, dark blue, green, light purple, rose red, and so on, and 5 pieces of each color, a varity of colors to match your outfit. 65 pieces mix colored hair claw clips are included in the package. A gift hair clips ornament for your little princess is a wide application and gift hair clips ornament. This set of shiny Jaw hair clips is a wonderful gift, it is very practical and easy to use. The small hair clips are checked by their team. If the jaw no-slip grip clips you received have a 1 year warranty, they will give you a full refund or replacement. Let them know if you have a problem, their supplier team has been focused on hair accessories for many years.

Brand: Anbala

👤It's the best buy ever, it's pretty and well built, but don't expect it to grab a lot of hair, it's really good for decoration.

👤These little claws are very small but they are very strong. My hair is fine and I tried to keep the claw clip out of my hair but it kept slipping out. The colored ones are pretty. I was worried that these may be young. They are so small that they are not in your face. I'm going to purchase another color. They are everything I have been looking for.

👤I ordered these because I use small claw clips to hold my hair up at night, but I always get sections of little stragglers that drive me nuts. I thought they would be perfect. I love sparkle when I play music. I had 5 red and 5 green clips in my hair at Christmas, and I scattered them throughout my hair. I received a lot of positive comments. The men in our group were trying to figure out how I made the sparkles. I wore them again on Christmas Eve. I have had bad hair days where I have been able to fix it by putting a few clips at the side. The small claw clips would squash my hair down and look random in the middle of my hair, but the tiny flower clips are so cute, it looks like I am actually a little dressed up! I wouldn't wear them to work in an upscale law office, but for everyday jeans or onstage costumes, they're a blast!

👤Beautiful and sturdy! My daughter likes them.

👤These clips add a little flair. I don't think they are to hold hair to add sparkle. My daughter took a nap in them and bent one of them over so I try to remember not to sleep in them. I love all the colors.

👤These clips hold up. I have short hair and use clips on my head. I get a lot of praise on them. I got battered by the waves when I wore them to the beach. The clips held on through the tumbles. I never lost one. All of the colors they include give you great value. I can always match my outfit with it. I like these clips. I would recommend buying again.

👤My daughter has very little hair and is thin but she likes to have her hair done. These are small enough to hold her hair. They are very cute and durable. I added a picture to show how well her hair holds up.

👤They are cute but not perfect. I stuck my girls hair in. She got a lot of praise for her love of them. They stick up. It is not as elegant looking as the picture shows.

👤After my order disappeared during transit, the retailer sent another one which I really wasn't expecting. The product is really nice. This retailer will definitely buy from again.

9. CROWN GUIDE Rhinestone Decorative Accessories

CROWN GUIDE Rhinestone Decorative Accessories

The Retro Hair accessories are made of high quality ALLOY and can last for many years. The hair is red, purple, blue, and sky blue. There are brooches in vintage designs. The secure claw clip is strong without causing hair damage. It's idea hair clip for women, girls,hairdresser, use to clip back sections of hair, perfect for wedding, party,festival,Perfect for daily or special occasion wear that can be worn with hair up or down. It is a nice gift to give to your mother, sisters and friends. Any occasion, home and office, you can apply the Handmade Hair Clip ClawBarrettes. A strong pump handle is needed to hold the hair in place, it never came loose. The package includes a guide for vintage hair claw clips.

Brand: Crown Guide

👤This is a great clip. It is pretty in person. I have an allergy to nickel and it hasn't bothered me yet. It is heavy for the type of clip it is, that is the main issue. I know it won't stay in my niece's hair or my hair when I was younger, so I would buy it again. It is not as comfortable as other clips. It can scratch you if you are not careful.

👤I thought it was larger. If I had read the description closer, I would not have paid more than $5.99 for it. It was put together with a lot of carelessness. I tried to adjust it. It won't budge. I can still use it. I will not be purchasing the same clip in blue and purple that I had planned on doing prior to receiving this one.

👤This looks great in my dark hair. It is a heavy clip that drags a hair style downward. There is a It is a nice piece.

👤I can't wear these clips because the metal is too rough on my hair and they are too pretty.

👤It is not for thick hair. It looks like it was made for a child. Very disappointed.

👤This clip is pretty. When I want to look a little more dressy, I will use it to pull back my hair.

👤The claw part is crooked and you should return it. I got a similar one. The product was not good.

10. Artificial Champagne Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Artificial Champagne Barrettes Decorative Accessories

You will get a package with 6 pieces artificial pearl hair claw clips in 6 different styles, which are all exquisite, enough quantities to meet your various requirements on sizes, styles under different circumstances, practical for you to match with daily appearance. The claw shape design of the hair clamp can grab the proper amount of hair for styling, non-slip, no need to adjust continually, no pressure for your hair and scalp, providing you with a comfortable wearing experience. Their artificial pearl barrettes are made of plastic and quality acrylic, don't break easily with appropriate use, transparent hairpins, embellished with artificial pearls, and provide small and medium-sized choices for you to apply. Their champagne hair clamps are in 6 different styles, each is popular to meet with recent trends, including grips in crescent shape, triangle shape, crossing shape, embellished by different sizes and quantities of artificial pearls, retro and classic as an addition to your collection of hair accessories. This hair claw clip is suitable for most women in office and can be applied multiple times.

Brand: Syhood

👤Each one of them was very feminine and held my hair in a secure manor.

👤The pearl looks bright and of good quality.

👤Thank you very much, I am very happy.

👤The clips are not clear, they are yellow and don't look like the description.

👤I have a lot of hair. The clips have a strong hold. It's difficult to open the clip. I don't fall off my hair because it stays put. I like how they look. Different sizes for different hair styles. Will buy them as gifts. They come out to almost $1.65 for each. I let my gray hair grow out and have received a lot of compliment on the clips.

11. Hairpins Aguder Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Hairpins Aguder Barrettes Decorative Accessories

There are 8 pieces of hair pins in this package. 2 x Champagne, 2 x Clear, 2 x Pink, and 2 x Gray. Crystal hair clips are on sale. The hair clips are made of imitation crystal and are strong and resistant to rust. The L*W size is 2.2 x 2.7 cm. The elegant hairpin can be used in many ways, it can satisfy your needs in wedding wearing, proms, evening, party, daily life, work, school, holiday, photograph. Birthday party gifts that are perfect for your family, friends and the hair clips are the beautiful hair Barrettes. If you find that the product you received is not what you expected, please contact me, they will give you a satisfactory solution at the first time, shopping from AGUDER company without any risk.

Brand: Textention

👤These little hair clips are great. Good quality and nice colors. They are heavier on the heavier side but the alligator on the back has a tight grip, so I haven't had any issues with them falling out or slipping. I am very happy with this purchase. I wanted something that was fun and cute to hold my hair back. If there are more colors available, I would buy in more of them.

👤I like this, but they're better used by someone who is doing a style that makes them stay in longer and not fall out. They're a little heavy, not your average hair clip size. I'm not measuring them.

👤The clips are very glamorous. I wore them to a very formal wedding recently and they added some sparkle to my outfit. I have fine hair and they never moved. I had family and friends asking me about them. I think so.

👤They held my hair back and were easy to open.

👤The flower was lovely, but the clip was too small to stay in the hair. Not recommended for people with long hair.

👤I put them in my hair.

👤The flower is not glue right. The mine was broken.


What is the best product for decorative hair clips small?

Decorative hair clips small products from Lawie. In this article about decorative hair clips small you can see why people choose the product. Lizzie Kay and Syhood are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair clips small.

What are the best brands for decorative hair clips small?

Lawie, Lizzie Kay and Syhood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair clips small. Find the detail in this article. Messen, Theast and Motzu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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