Best Decorative Hair Combs Silver

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1. Pieces Plastic Wedding Accessories Transparent

Pieces Plastic Wedding Accessories Transparent

There are 16 pieces of plastic hair side combs in 4 different colors, it is easy for you to match your daily dress and makeup, the sufficient quantity will meet your needs. The size of the French twist comb hair clip should be checked. The length of the rounded teeth is approximately 4 cm/ 1.57 inches, which can fit most hair types, and can be used to hold hair tightly and hard to fall off. Their teeth combs hair clip accessories are made from quality plastic material, they are smooth the touch, will not pull or damage your hair, not easy to fade or break, and the sturdy performance will serve you for a long time. The bridal wedding veil combs feature a curved design, which is practical to use, you can clip them to any place of your head, and the lightweight design allows you to take them anywhere. Their plastic hair side combs are good for girls with medium to long hair to create their hairstyle, and can be applied for hair decorations or hair styling tools in daily life, wedding ceremony, holidays and other occasions.

Brand: Willbond

👤I love these combs. Give a snug fit. They are not flimsy.

👤I love these combs. I have fine hair and it stays in great shape. If you rough with them or drop them, they will break. They are also pretty.

👤These combs are very flimsy and brittle. I like to keep pairs in my purses and backpack, but they got damaged and lost teeth quickly. Other more sturdy ones have been around for a long time. Won't be buying them again.

👤These hold my hair in place and thick at the same time. Things can sometimes slide out, but they stay in place. They are the same as described. They arrived quickly. I would recommend it.

👤I've been putting my hair up with these. It is a lot easier and takes less time. They work well.

👤They are not too heavy but sturdy. The order comes in different colors. There is a The top part of the comb is pretty. There is a I'm thinking of getting more for my mom.

👤The combs are not in your hair.

👤A good variety of colors.

👤These are hard to find in the shops. These are strong and will not break quickly with my thick hair. I like to clip my hair back. Would recommend.

👤I looked everywhere for these items.

👤The combs are used to keep hair under control. Blending different hair colors is difficult.

👤It will probably see me out if you use combs to hold your hair back or up.

2. BERYUAN Rhinestone Teardrop Accessory Headpiece

BERYUAN Rhinestone Teardrop Accessory Headpiece

A women's handmade item. It can be a perfect mothers day gift. The black hair accessory has a size of about 3.81 inches. It is a good gift for your lover, family,friend and coworkers. These hair accessory for women and girls are perfect for christmas, new year, birthday, valentine's day, engagement, promise, wedding, anniversary, mother's day, fits home and party, etc. Handmade accessories are welcome to be altered. Feel free to contact me. You can contact me if you want other colors.

Brand: Beryuan

👤I got a lot of praise for it. The comb part should be larger. I have short hair and it was a challenge to keep it in. I used a lot of spray.

👤It will be good for more than one wear. I have bought something like this at a shop for $100. This one was just as beautiful.

👤Not wide enough to keep combs in place. I kept falling out of my hair.

👤It's a great piece to dress up my hair.

👤Haven't used yet. It's pretty.

👤The product was smaller than the picture made it seem.

3. Wedding Bridal Silver Rhinestone Accessories

Wedding Bridal Silver Rhinestone Accessories

Look gorgeous with fancy updo hair accessories for weddings of Crystal, faux ivory pearls, Vintage Silver and glitter. There are large white and silver hair accessories. There is a metallic wire design in the flower decoration. A beautiful gift box is ideal for weddings, gifts for bridesmaids or flower girl, Mother of the Bride, prom, Mothers Day Gift, Bridesmaid Gifts, Maid of Honor Gift Set, Bridal Party Proposal Gifts, Dance Recitals - Ballerina / Ballet, Graduation Present, and more. It is possible for all ladies and kids with plain, fine hair. Blonde, Black, or Brunette. The hair piece is perfect for updos, buns and formal hairdos. Use with a crown or a tiara. The perfect size is 4.25” W x 2.5” H.

Brand: Toulon

👤The comb is beautiful. Heavy. There is a Not strong. The day off was broken by it. I was going to use the comb to complete the look after pinning my hair first. I was very disappointed. I used hair pins to hold it in place. Very disappointing.

👤I wanted to wear this on my wedding day. The quality is good but heavy. This wouldn't have stayed in my hair. I returned it for a lighter one. Someone with thick hair might benefit from this.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It doesn't seem cheap. I was surprised that the stones have a bit of weight to them. It will be perfect for my wedding.

👤I wore this for my wedding. It was perfect.

👤The piece is beautiful. I have a wedding coming up in August and I can't wait to use it. Thank you!

👤I had perfect hair for my wedding.

👤I had a bride that I lost, but I was happy to find a similar one.

4. Yueton Bridal Wedding Crystal Rhinestones

Yueton Bridal Wedding Crystal Rhinestones

For the whole year, it is a beautiful accessory. The pearl and rhinestone are unique. It's good for weddings, prom, banquet, and daily life. You should be elegant and charmer. A wonderful gift for your female friends.

Brand: Yueton

👤I realized that the hair accessory's crystal fell off when I opened the package. I tried to put the other in my hair, but it wouldn't fit on my head. It looks like it is hanging from my head. I was not happy with my purchase. It is heavy on my head.

👤I wanted to use my bob on the side of my hair. The comb is too short for the large top heavy crystals. I think it's very good quality and larger than I expected, but it has to be secured into a braid or twist on the back of the head. I would use large pins to hold in place after that.

👤They were too heavy for anything other than an updo. They wouldn't stay in place because of the weight, but I wanted to use them as clips for the side of my hair.

👤This wasn't what I thought would happen. I wanted to return it because it looked over the top. I left it at my hair salon. I just put flowers in my hair for my wedding. I would go for something subtle.

👤The first time I tried to put it in my hair, one of the combs broke. I bought these for an event this week and it's very frustrating. Would not recommend it.

👤I love these 2 for the price of 1 but I wish I could get them earlier in the day or evening.

👤Beautiful hair. When they arrived, I was surprised by the quality. I'm not sure how many actual "wears" she will get out of them, as I got them for the prom, and the kids can have at them. It is worth it in comparison to the others.

👤I received a broken product, according to my initial review. I didn't need to mail in the replacement product because they apologized and said they would replace it for free. The hair pins are pretty and would be perfect for any occasion.

5. Casdre Wedding Silver Bridal Accessories

Casdre Wedding Silver Bridal Accessories

The wedding hair comb is made of pearls and won't break. You can match your wedding veil with the bridal hair accessories on the side or back. High quality wedding headpieces can be bent and stay in your hair. A wedding hair piece is perfect for a wedding show, party, prom dress, and any special events. The side comb is suitable for brides and bridesmaids. The product may have a slight color difference due to different displays. There will be a small difference in the measurement. If you have an issue, please contact them.

Brand: Casdre

👤I was surprised at the quality of this hair pin. I bought it for my wedding day, but it took me a few purchases of other brands to learn that some were cheap and wouldn't hold on to my hair. I bought this one. It was the right size. The flimsy parts around were nice because my hair lady was able to make it look dainty and put it together without being sparatic. I would highly recommend.

👤I love it! It looked great with my dress.

👤It's a great value for the money and bendable enough to fit. It's a little heavy, but needs an extra pin.

👤The hair combs did their job. Not too big and not too small.

👤This worked well for my wedding hairstyle. It stayed on all night and I forgot. Well made and comfortable.

👤I canceled the order because the event I wanted it for was over, after getting two different updates that the package was going to be delayed.

👤No es rgida por; perfecta. The forma de tu cabeza is adaptar a la forma.

👤The product was affordable and it helped to hold the veil on the bride very well. The brides look was completed by it.

6. Catery Wedding Rhinestones Decorative Accessories

Catery Wedding Rhinestones Decorative Accessories

The wedding hair jewelry for bride and bridesmaids are available in silver. The size of the bridal hair comb is variable. It is easy to wear and stay stable. The bridesmaid hair accessories look gorgeous in almost any wedding day hair style. Special for wedding, party, prom, party, engagement, anniversary, prom, evening, event, photo-shooting or other special occasions. You can change the shape of the bridal decoration by changing the crystal. It's a great hair accessory for brides to be, mother of bride,bridesmaids or flower girl. A school girl is the mother of a bride.

Brand: Catery

👤The items of the same cost more.

7. Simsly Wedding Crystal Accessories Bridesmaids

Simsly Wedding Crystal Accessories Bridesmaids

100% handmade item. The size is shown in the picture. There are accessories for wedding hair. It can be used for any bridal hair style. There are handmade hair accessories for women and girls. The bridal hair comb is suitable for most women and girls. The handmade bridal hair accessories are of great quality. bridal hair combs for weddings, anniversary, gifts, and other special occasions.

Brand: Simsly

👤This was used for my wedding and it was beautiful. I would definitely recommend it. Excellent quality and eye catching. You can bend it to fit your hair style. It is large enough to be noticed but not too dramatic.

👤It took 2 days for the shipping to be done. The hair piece is the same as the picture.

👤It's difficult to find hair pieces that work with my hair. It stayed in my hair all day and all night without any issues. The hairpiece is flexible. You can make it to your hair the way you want. Highly recommended!

👤It was a little different than pictured. It worked well for a wedding.

👤This product was very good. Looks and feels great.

👤It is much cheaper than many other bridal options.

👤I wore this at my wedding.

👤This was rather large and cheap.

8. AW BRIDAL Zirconia Accessories Bridesmaids

AW BRIDAL Zirconia Accessories Bridesmaids

A burst of sparkling marquise crystals on a small wire comb adds instant glamour to wedding or bridesmaid hair. The hair comb is 2.16" in weight. It looks great in all hair colors. If you want to wear in the center of the hair, nestle in the side of an updo. It's an ideal gift for wedding, engagement, anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day. The gift-wrapping is included. If you need help or have questions, you can email them. There is a lifetime guarantee.

Brand: Aw Bridal

👤Several stones fell from the comb. My wedding is in 12 days.

👤It was beautiful. As I tried to put it in, it broke. Very sad.

👤It does not look cheap. The crystals are set nicely and excited to wear them.

9. Hicarer Pieces Bridal Wedding Silver

Hicarer Pieces Bridal Wedding Silver

The length of the combs is 7.5 cm/ 3 inch. The proper size for your hair is 3.6 cm/ 1.8 inch. The hair combs are made of metal material, rust resistant, very durable to use, and with a smooth surface, won't hurt your hair. The metal hair comb has 20 teeth and each tooth is looped and twisted to hold hair securely. A wide application is useful for anchoring tiaras and adornments, crafting many hair pieces, and sewing onto wedding veils. 5 pieces of hair clip combs in silvery color, very shiny, are in this quantity, and the number of teeth may vary slightly and do not use it with too much strength, or it will be out of shape.

Brand: Hicarer

👤The ones that work well with fine hair are the ones that slip out. If you can, put these in with a little damp hair and then add a side-to-side to help hold it in. If your hair is like mine, these combs are probably the most effective you can find.

👤I had black combs for 30 years, but lost one. My hair is not black anymore. The combs that stay in my hair are the only combs that blend in better with the silver. Excited to find these.

👤These are for bridal and prom hair pieces. I twirled my hair up and stuck the comb in, I wasn't expecting it. I received a lot of support. I can't say how long they last, but they are usually only worn for special events. I'm not worried about the bot holding up. I wish you got more for the price.

👤I would have preferred a comb with less teeth to hold my hair. It takes some practice getting the comb to stay in my hair, but I've found that moistening the hair with my wet fingertips at the area of insertion helps get them to stay in place.

👤I ordered two sets of 10 hair combinations. Four of the ten arrived completely bent and three had small tarnish spots. I cleaned the tarnish off with jewelry polish and it was frustrating. If you're looking for something to use right out of the box, I wouldn't recommend this item.

👤Many of the metal combs that I have been able to find are poorly made and don't have the straight teeth that these do. The finish is nice. The bride was very pleased when I made her a wedding veil.

👤I purchased them and tried it with some wire cutter and needle nose pliers, and it worked well, even though I had asked if they were able to be cut down to size. The metal in the teeth is similar to that used in jewelry making or wire wrapping so it's easier to cut and bend the right shape. The flat bar that holds the teeth is a bit harder to cut. They would be great for decorating. The only thing I noticed was that if you tried to squeeze the teeth together, the wire of the teeth would fall off. I found sewing my material on to them easier than with the plastic ones. They did not hurt my hair. Great product!

👤The combs are wrapped around a bar with wire and are more sturdy than plastic ones. They bend and are hard to turn around. Poor storage and packaging caused them to be bent all out of shape when they arrived. They are good at keeping the hair in place, and they won't break, so I'm keeping them around.

10. Jeairts Headpiece Headwear Decorative Accessories

Jeairts Headpiece Headwear Decorative Accessories

The hair comb for the bride is made of alloy. The design is simple and elegant. It is easy to put on and take off the bridal hair pieces. After wearing it, you will get a lot of praise. Wedding hair accessories are light and won't hurt you or mess up your hair style. You can get a hair wedding for a lot of things, from beach weddings to proms. The flower girl headpiece is packed in delicate opp bags. If you have any issues, please contact them.

Brand: Jeairts

👤This was what I was looking for. I'm going to be wearing a one side up hairstyle for my niece's wedding and was looking for a full size comb with the perfect amount of sparkle. I would definitely recommend it.

11. Catery Crystal Wedding Accessories Rhinestone

Catery Crystal Wedding Accessories Rhinestone

The wedding headpieces for the bride and bridesmaids are made of Rhinestones. The color was silver, gold, and rose gold. TheBridal hair comb is 3.5 inches in diameter. There is a different size for women and girls. It is easy to wear and stay stable. There is a handmade hair comb for weddings and other special occasions. The products may have a slight color difference. It's a great hair accessory for brides to be, mother of bride, flower girl or both. A school girl is the mother of a bride. A wedding is a big deal for women. These wedding headbands are delicate. A bridal style for a wedding.

Brand: Catery

👤This looked more expensive than it was and it was easy to secure with a Bobby pin. I liked it.

👤I was a frugal bride, so I wouldn't imagine myself spending $150 for a clip for my hair at the bridal shop where I bought my dress. The clip was bendable. The small clip hid in my short haircut but still felt secure. It made my big day even more special.

👤I have to fly out this weekend for the wedding and it feels like it's going to fall apart. There is no way to get this back or a replacement for the wedding. I am going to put it on the flight and hope it holds up for my sisters wedding.

👤It is very pretty. Even with extra pins, it did not stay in my hair. I bought this to wear at my wedding, but it kept falling out. I decided not to wear it. I would have been fixing it all day.

👤This hair accessory is perfect for a wedding. I wore it for my wedding and it was cute, without costing a fortune. There is a It is a bit heavy. I needed some reinforcement after my first dance.

👤It is gorgeous! I bought it for my wedding because I am saving my veil and dress for our big wedding. I wanted something with a little sparkle. It looks like it cost a lot more than it did.

👤The stones area was larger than I thought. I used Bobby pins to secure the comb part and wore it behind my ear to sweep the hair up from one side of my face. Great purchase!

👤The clip is heavy and does not stay in your hair. You need more support clips if you tuck it behind a pony tail.


What is the best product for decorative hair combs silver?

Decorative hair combs silver products from Willbond. In this article about decorative hair combs silver you can see why people choose the product. Beryuan and Toulon are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair combs silver.

What are the best brands for decorative hair combs silver?

Willbond, Beryuan and Toulon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair combs silver. Find the detail in this article. Yueton, Casdre and Catery are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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