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1. Pieces French Combs Plastic Accessories

Pieces French Combs Plastic Accessories

You will receive 24 pieces of side hair combs in 3 sizes with 9/11/23 teeth, 4 colors for each style, and abundant quantity of hair combs in total. Their hair clip combs are made of quality plastic material, which is strong and not easy to break, so they are practical to use, lightweight and comfortable to wear. The side comb is smooth in the edges, which will not damage the hair, and will prevent the hair from damage. The side comb is a classic accessory that makes you look elegant and sophisticated, it is available in 4 different colors and can match any hair color and style. Side combs can be used to fix hair, pan heads, decorations, and many other things.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤It's a really good bargain buy. The bundle is great for money. I have had them for a couple weeks and only one has broken. It's not that big of a deal when I have so many to back it up. My hair is long and thin, these bad boys have staying power for a full on bun or half bun. Good purchase.

👤These combs are great. Light weight but sturdy and easy to slide through my hair for styling. I get many in different sizes. The colors are bright.

👤My hair was held well by these combs, but then it would fall out as it is so thin. I now wear wide headbands. There is a If my hair falls out due to covid, I will try these combs again. I wish they had better bands. I am satisfied with the combs. The problem is my hair.

👤I like this set. There are designs on the combs. The tip of the combs aren't so sharp that they hurt your hair when you put them on. It is easy to put on. To the sellers and Amazon. Honolulu, Hawaii.

👤I like these. There is only one style and color in the pack that I bought. They are very cute and of great quality.

👤I didn't like these combs. I put them in my hair and they scratched my head. I snapped one while fiddling with it. I expected them to be smaller. The teeth are too far apart and don't grab my hair well. Poor quality. Will not buy again.

👤The combs are hard to find in the store. I have thick wavy to curly hair. These combs help keep my hair out of my face when I don't want to wear a ponytail. The value for all these combs is worth several packs. You can share with friends.

👤I have long hair. I cut it above my shoulders and bought these to save the day. It worked. I use them almost daily. I have them in my room, car, and bathroom. You can't go wrong. Very happy.

2. Ruwado Transparent Vintage Accessories Wedding

Ruwado Transparent Vintage Accessories Wedding

The chic French side combs are made of premium quality material which is lightweight, durable, strong and perfect for long time use. The twist comb design with 14 teeth can fix your hair securely in place, it's practical for diverse hair styles, whether your hair is thick, wave, straight or curly. 2 pieces of each color meet your needs. The side hair twist combs can be used as hair decorations or hairdressing tools in everyday life, or for parties, wedding ceremony, holidays and other occasions, good for ladies and girls with medium to long hair. You can combine the side comb with beads, ribbons, crystal and metal to make an exquisite hair comb.

Brand: Ruwado

👤The combs are very light. I use them on top of the head. It wouldn't be a good idea for thick or medium hair. I only use one comb at a time, so for now 6 will last for awhile.

👤The item was broken by a very thin plastic.

👤Cheaply made. It was very easy to break. Will not buy again.

3. Camila Paris Accessories Tortoise Ornaments

Camila Paris Accessories Tortoise Ornaments

The size is 6.5 inches. It is designed to hold thicker hair. Have a good hair day. The curved hair combs for women are perfect for women with long hair who like to make new hair styles for a party, formal occasions, and daily life. All hair types have interlocking combs. For any occasion, effortless beauty, quick and easy styling solution. This classic hair accessory is great for easy and sophisticated looks. A fashion hair tool for wavy curly straight and frizzy hair is a great way to complement any hair color. It's a good choice to hold your hair as per your style. The finish is flawless. It can hold all hair types securely and comfortably without tugging or damage. A hair grip can be used indoors or outdoors to make a hairstyle. A curved shape for the head is what you want. Women's stylish and Fashion, designed and made in France with durable Cellulose Acetate, a high quality strong and sturdy material for hair ornaments, are not easy to break and can be used on special occasions. The small ridges on each tooth can easily damage hair, and other materials can do the same. A high quality hair ornaments line is a product of the experience of Camila Paris. A staple of excellence in the hair accessory industry. Unconditional 100% guarantee. Let them know if you're not satisfied and they'll give you a no-hassle refund.

Brand: Camila

👤I have long and thin hair and it's the only thing that keeps my hair out of my face on hot days. Thank you so much for giving in the world... For a long time.

👤These stay in my hair longer than any other ones I've bought. The others are very slick. I wish you had them in different colors. The softer the plastic, the easier it is to stay in your hair. Thank you so much.

👤I was happy to find these combs again, I remember how useful they were in the 70s. As soon as my hair grows a little longer, I'll have the most beautiful tied back hair that I remember from long ago, though now it will be grey, rather than brown, for which I purchased another longer pair in grey.

👤I was looking for a replacement for my Goody brand T'zer Banana Clip. I had been looking for a flexible one, like the T'zer. This one showed it was flexible. This is not the case. It is hard and inflexible. It does hood the hair well. I love it! It does the job, but not as well as the T'zer.

👤The rounded ends of the combs wouldn't push through my hair if I tried to use them. I had to wiggle them back and forth to get them into my hair. The issue with this is that it weakens the twist and it pulls out the hair in the way.

👤It's great to get your hair out of your way. These can be used to make an elegant updo for weddings. The price is reasonable.

👤I am happy to have bought these. I like to put my long hair up away from my face, and these work well for that. When I was a teenager in the 80's, I used to have these, and they were great for sweeping hair up. I have the only complaint about it. I think they are more expensive now-a-days for 2 pieces of plastic.

👤These combs are not fancy. They would work in coarse or textured hair. They fall out of my hair.

👤I was not sure if it was what I was looking for. It would be nice to get different colors.

👤Mt wife had something like this years ago, and they are great. She needs to get better at using them.

👤Have looked for ages, bought 2 and use them daily, wish they had more colors.

👤I paid 20 dollars for this comb and clip, but it doesn't hold hair at all, and it doesn't link together.

4. French Twist Plastic Combs Accessory

French Twist Plastic Combs Accessory

Each color of the hair combs is 2 pieces. They are good to match most hair styles. The twist combs are made of plastic and comfortable to wear. It's easy to put up and take down. The hair comb clips are simple and bended and do not pull or tangle hair. Women's hair combs. With almost no effort, hold your hair in a straight line. Great for women and girls with fine hair, as wonderful ornament is applied in many occasions.

Brand: Btyms

👤While staying at home, my hair has grown longer. I was looking for hair combs that would pull my hair back and keep it out of my face while I sewed and baked. These are not available in any of the big box stores near me. These are the perfect size and seem to last a long time.

👤I'm used to the "Goody" brand of clips, but I tried these. They're too "slick" for me. They leave my hair. They won't stay put if I pull back a small amount or larger amount. Back to Goody. They are pretty and shiny. They don't work for me.

👤The older generation is looking for these.

👤The colors stay in place and are functional. I started to find individual teeth breaking off after about 2.5 moths. I like them very much. I am disappointed.

👤The comb has 1.5 inch teeth. Will not work for long hair, but it is useful for short hair.

👤There is an update. The dollar store tines break off. They are not worth the extra money. They don't hold my hair, they're either too slippery or not spacing right to hold it. I spent a lot more for these because they are more expensive than the ones I get at the grocery store. Plastic seems to have become less sturdy. In the past, the problem never came up. I don't have thick hair but these combs don't grab it like other combs do. The teeth are different. It doesn't work for my hair.

👤The hair combs are strong. They hold my hair in place. It was very easy to use.

👤I use the clips to hold my hair up. I am not impressed with the holding ability of the clips, but my hair is very thick. After an hour or so, the clips are no longer sufficient for my hair to stay in place.

5. French Twist Comb Three Tortoise

French Twist Comb Three Tortoise

There are 7 rounded teeth in the color combs of the Tortoise Shell. It's great for securing your french twist. The combs are 888-405-7720 It's great for casual everyday and for weddings, proms, and any other hair dressy occasion. Made in Taiwan and packed with care in Dallas, Texas.

Brand: Ear Mitts

👤These little inventions are amazing. I pull my hair towards the back of my head, only rather than grabbing an elastic, I give it a 1/2 twist, tuck it in on its own, and then put one of the combs in. The hair is tight to my head. The comb pulls tight to my head. It is easy to put up and take down, and I can forget it's there. It took me 3 seconds to get lots of comments on my cute updo. If I want to wear my hair down, I don't have to worry about hair flying in my face. This little thing is adorable!

👤I'm glad to find long simple curved combs here because they're hard to find in the stores. If you are not careful, lightweight can break on occasion, so buying more than one is a good idea. There are pros and cons. The back of the head is a good place to use it. Long teeth work their way into hair. There is a This pattern is a variable "natural" look, so this attractive variation of color should be expected. Smooth long fine hair works well. I put a textured hair pin at an angle near my head to make sure the twist doesn't shift as I work in the garden. * When you want them too, release easily. There is a * I don't want to add any more weight than necessary, and I believe their thin teeth help them flex just enough to insert properly. The light weight is a con. There is a It is well packaged to prevent damage in transit. Is there too much packaging? The vendor is protecting against problems that are predictable because of the thin curves of the comb. There are disagreements. * I know this is a pro-see, but combs are light weight. If too much stress is applied, they will be prone to break if they bend it against its curves or step on it. * The combs I received were not sharp enough to cut or break hair. I don't think I need to do it with fine hair, but I'm thinking about it. There are things to note. The reviewers noted that it wasn't the case in what I received. The lip on the teeth was not jagged or rough. If they were thicker and rounded, they would not pierce my long hair, as they would not have enough of a point to scratch my scalp. If softer plastic were used, they wouldn't work. Check videos on you tube and elsewhere for how to use a comb, but here is a little "gift" of a written instruction: Right hand insertion for back of the head. Hold hair in place with your left hand. The comb teeth are pointing towards the wrist. There is a Imagine a line where you want the comb to end up. There is a * To get to the left of your imaginary line, touch the teeth to the twist edge and almost to the left of the line. There is a * To point towards your right ear, use an angle comb. You can change angle to point towards your left, and push/wiggle comb firmly into place, if you want to avoid awkwardness. It's common to grab too much of the twist edge. Good luck! There is a If you have fine hair, a little hair spray will not hurt.

6. Piece Vintage Combs Hairstyle Accessories

Piece Vintage Combs Hairstyle Accessories

The package contains 4 pieces vintage alloy paint U shape black hair side combs, which come in 2 sizes to meet your different hair styling needs, 2 pieces for each size; Sufficient quantity is enough to meet your daily needs. The small hair side comb is about the same size. A lot of convenience is provided by the different sizes of the hair comb, it is suitable for most women and girls. Black hair tools hair combs are made of hard to break alloy material, so they have a long service life, and the smooth surface will not hurt your hair when using. These hair side combs updo combs are suitable for women with medium or long hair, practical hair accessories to help you make your own beautiful hairstyle or many occasions, such as daily office life, dance parties, dances, weddings, parties and other occasions. Fix the hair with one hand, pick up the comb with the other, and insert it into the coiled hair.

Brand: Patelai

👤I have butt length hair, allllll one length, and my hair is thick enough that I still get comments about how thick it is, even though I shave 1/3 of it for an undercut. The entity that I've nurtured to the point it feels like an extra limb has met its match. Absolutely done. Unstoppable force is met by hair and comb. It's as simple as twisting it around and shoving it in, and then it disappears. Not. Move. If you have tried every other variation of the clips and combs, or if the choice is to put your hair up or chop it off, buy the Dang comb.

👤The large combs were very sturdy and smooth. I rated the product 2 stars because I ordered the smaller combs for my smaller bun, and I have fine hair. The smaller combs went straight into the trash with many sharp edges. I don't want my hair to be damaged.

👤I like these. I have long hair. I like to wear my hair in a roll. I tried to hold my hair. I have one clip that holds my hair all day. Keep short hairs in place with the help of a little hair spray. Love them.

👤I had my hair cut in a pixie for over 20 years. I have decided to grow up. I have the option of either up or down. I was surprised by the weight of the box, however one smaller one will hold my hair up nicely. I highly recommend. I can only speak to my hair, which is fine. I've bought a lot of junk. These work!

👤My hairdresser did not know how to use the combs. I will pass on the instructions on how to create this hairstyle to a friend who will be able to figure them out. It was a waste of money for me, but if you have long hair, you may like them more than using many hairpins.

👤I gave them to someone else. No matter what I do, they slide out of my hair. Oh well. It was worth a try.

👤It was exactly what I hoped for, and I was happy with it. It was easy to use. Even with my hair being shorter.

👤If you have long hair like I do, you can't buy a plastic comb. If you buy these, your search will be over. It was well made. Thanks!

7. KuuGuu Wedding Crystal Rhinestones Accessories

KuuGuu Wedding Crystal Rhinestones Accessories

The Crystal Hair comb are made of alloy. It's very easy to use, you just need to insert the comb in your hair and it will stay on your head. Your women's beauty, elegance and charm will be enhanced by the flower design with colorful rhinestone inlaid. It will win you many friends. There are wide uses for weddings, Mother's day, anniversary, birthday, party, prom, Christmas, and casual wear. A nice present for your mom/daughters, sisters and best friends, they will be happy to receive such a delicate headpiece.

Brand: Kuuguu

👤It was worth repeating. I still rated high despite the broken piece. It isn't obvious that the piece is missing. The combs are strong and the area with stones is fragile.

👤If you have thick hair, these are great, but I have fine hair and it didn't hold well.

👤It's easy to put in your hair. Good for all occasions.

👤One product is broken and I love it.

👤No, I didn't gust porque parte. No recomiendo.

👤We received the package this morning. So far, so good. Thanks.

👤The arrangement of flowers and stones is elegant.

👤They're gorgeous! They're what I expected.

8. Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Jewelry Accessories

Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Jewelry Accessories

The package includes 4 pieces of side hair combs and multiple hair combs, which can be matched to make your dress look more beautiful. The flower crystal hair clips are silver, which is very suitable for the bride's dress, and the white veil with a silver hair clip and rhinestone dress will definitely make your wedding dress look better, make you become the eye-catching one in the wedding. The wedding hair combs can be used in a variety of ways, from the wedding bride's dress to daily life. This bridal jewelry hair clips comb is elegant and beautiful, and you can use it to match your daily clothes. These french hair accessories are made from quality alloy and beautiful rhinestone, they will not fade or change color after long-term use, and the coating with a smooth surface is not easy to scratch the scalp, provide you with a secure wearing experience.

Brand: Geosar

👤Don't stay in on their own. I had to use hair elastics or pins.

👤I bought a set of these in rose gold. The design is the same, but not sure if this is the same company. There is a One comb was broken when this package arrived. These are better than my first ones, but hold fine hair. The pins around the crystals can come loose easily.

9. Good Hair Days Combs 40072

Good Hair Days Combs 40072

There are 2 small clear colored side combs. The small combs are 1 1/2 long. It is designed to hold hair securely. The side combs are the only ones that hold all hair types. The hair is locked in above the teeth. Made in the USA out of plastic.

Brand: Good Hair Days

👤These things are amazing. I need something to hold my hair back when I make a ponytail because I am growing out some layers. I found these on Amazon after throwing out a lot of hair combs because they broke or slipped out of my hair. These stay in your hair. - You have to carefully position them, otherwise they are too tight. What other hair comb can say that? They are made in the USA. I will buy them again. I have shoulder length, medium thickness, straight hair. The combs I received are a dark brown tortoise color.

👤I have thick hair and have tried every comb I could find. All-day hold only worked for the Good Hair Days ones. My local beauty supply store doesn't carry a lot of their items, but they do carry a few items in the clear which I use to blend with my salt and pepper. I'm not an expert with updos, but I have been able to get French Twists, chignons, all kinds of buns and braids with the help of combs, videos, and books. These are my favorites. They do the job well and are not flashy. If you're trying to keep your hair long but want it to look neat and elegant, they're very useful. In the summer they're the biggest help as I garden, walk 2 high-spirited Coonhounds, etc. Highly recommended! They also work for fine hair. My mother likes to keep her hair swept up on the sides when she is in between salon visits, so I bought some for her. These combs are just plain work, even with different hair types.

👤I've found that combs have an excellent bite for thinner hair. The clear color is perfect for gray hair. Hadn't been able to find this smaller size in the area. Very pleased with the product.

👤My daughter is a ballerina with long hair. The only thing that holds her hair in a french twist is these combs. These little combs do all the heavy lifting when we put a clear comb in the middle.

👤You can't live with these combs if you put up your hair. These have been around for a long time and for a good reason. They keep your hair in. They are soft and not brittle. If you tried, I don't think you would be able to break them in your hair. They have a lot of hair. I swooped up the sides of my hair, and they held the small hair on the low side of my part, and the large hair on the large side of my part. I will try them on my roll. They are good for Rock a billy styles, but I am not using them for that. How to Handle Long Hair is a book I have ordered. There are some hair styles. Handle-Recreating-Glamorous-1950s-Hairstyles/dp/1934268720?ie is a product of Amazon. They are recommed by that book.

👤I lost the brand I purchased in "tortoise" because they were much stronger. I bought the clear ones because I don't like paying a higher price for the same item I bought a few months ago. I don't think the clear side combs are a good idea. The teeth fell out of my hair when they bent on the first use. I have a lot of hair. The colored comb was able to grasp both sides of my head without sliding out. The clear combs can't keep up with one side for an hour.

10. Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Headpiece Accessories

Rhinestone Barrettes Decorative Headpiece Accessories

The material is made of durable alloy metal, artificial pearl, shiny rhinestone and 100% handmade. The side comb is lightweight and easy to pin into curly, thin or thick hair, can hold and decorate your hairstyle well, and the size is perfect for women or teen girls. The multipack includes classic plain style, bowknot with pearl, vintage leaf, flower with pearl fit for wedding bridal hair ornaments, the minimalist style is also charming and elegant, bulk different style choices to match your hairstyle and outfit easily, very valuable based on the price of 8 pack. Dress up for a wedding bride, party, night out, or give out as a gift are some of the occasions. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you are not satisfied with their product or service, please contact them for a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤It's pretty to look at. Don't put well into hair. They can hurt your head if you force them into your updo. They do not hold your hair in place. I apologize for ordering these.

👤It's pretty but not functional for my hair type. It might work for curly hair.

👤These combs are very nice. The two combs are a little flimsy but the rest are great.

👤Cheaply made. The combs slide out of clean, smooth hair without any texture or grip.

👤They fit perfectly in hair.

👤There is a great variety. Not cheap.

11. Catery Wedding Rhinestones Decorative Accessories

Catery Wedding Rhinestones Decorative Accessories

The wedding hair jewelry for bride and bridesmaids are available in silver. The size of the bridal hair comb is variable. It is easy to wear and stay stable. The bridesmaid hair accessories look gorgeous in almost any wedding day hair style. Special for wedding, party, prom, party, engagement, anniversary, prom, evening, event, photo-shooting or other special occasions. You can change the shape of the bridal decoration by changing the crystal. It's a great hair accessory for brides to be, mother of bride,bridesmaids or flower girl. A school girl is the mother of a bride.

Brand: Catery

👤The items of the same cost more.


What is the best product for decorative hair combs small?

Decorative hair combs small products from Chuangdi. In this article about decorative hair combs small you can see why people choose the product. Ruwado and Camila are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair combs small.

What are the best brands for decorative hair combs small?

Chuangdi, Ruwado and Camila are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair combs small. Find the detail in this article. Btyms, Ear Mitts and Patelai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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