Best Decorative Hair Pins and Clips

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1. Hairpins Ladies Headwear Styling Accessories

Hairpins Ladies Headwear Styling Accessories

The package comes with 10 different hair pins and a small bag. Most of the hair styles for women and girls can be found in fashion, elegant and simple. The retro bronze clips are lightweight and durable, the appearance is elegant and beautiful, it is easy to carry, not easy to fade and damage. The vintage metal barrette is easy to use, it can help you create a variety of styles, keep your hair clean and delicate, and it won't hurt your hair. The pins are easy to clip and can hold your hair well, they are well made, and the decoration tips will not be easy to fall off the base. They strive to provide the best products and service. You are always welcome to contact them if you have an issue.

Brand: Cloveru

👤I have purchased other pins, but they are not as good as these Retro Hair Clips. These are sturdy, gorgeous and loosen up beautifully even though they are a little tight in the beginning. They are worth every penny, even if the value is only around $l a pin. If you're looking for something to add to your hair without being overpowering, then these vintage pins are for you.

👤The design and quality of these hair clips have to be the best I have seen in the market. They are truly beautiful. I got them so I don't know how they will hold up or how long it will take for them to loosen up, but I would rather have that than the opposite. The whole pin is securely made and the decorative part is not glue on. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤These hair pins were on sale for $40. They are so unique that I bought them. Found them on Amazon for the same price. So happy with the pins. Looking forward to wearing several at the same time. Full refunds from sellers on Etsy. Thank you!

👤These are pretty and do look antique, I got them today. They are not too tight and seem sturdy. I knocked off one star because of the black smudges on the pins, which I think is paint that was used to make the settings aged. There was a human hair stuck in one of the pins, so I'm a bit grossed out that my set was used.

👤These are nice and stay put. It's perfect for when I want to have fun.

👤They have a cute vintage look to them.

👤I like them. They are beautiful and different.

👤The pins are very nice, but hard to open.

2. Geometric Minimalist Decorative Hairstyles Accessories

Geometric Minimalist Decorative Hairstyles Accessories

The material is cute and durable. The snap-on style of the hair barrette makes it easy to clip on thick hair, and it is suitable for women or teen girls. There are a variety of shapes. The geometric hollow design of the hair clips and hairpins will make you charming, elegant and get more compliment for you. Occasions include a wedding, a party, night out, or a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤I returned them because they were so bad. I was afraid of putting it in my hair. I would think that it would pull my hair out. They are swap meet quality. The material is either aluminum or cheaper. Don't buy these and save your time.

👤No se pueden abrir, en otras palabras estn tan duros. The person said, "Dinero tirado!" It's not good.

👤There are a lot of items. The clips I use hold up well.

👤They're fine until they become useless. They are so flimsy that they can't be put back into a position that holds hair again. I'm not surprised by the price.

👤TheBobby pins are flimsy, but the style is nice. The pins of Bobby are terrible. I don't think this set is a good idea.

👤Good choice. They are a little flimsy.

👤I have fine hair, but these have enough tension to stay in place. They are so slim that they can fit under hats. I have fallen asleep with them. It was fine.

3. Gold Pearl Hair Clip Decorative

Gold Pearl Hair Clip Decorative

If you want to be outstanding and charming, just choose the hottest sale pearl hair barrettes. These artificial pearl alligator clips are made of faux pearl and alloy, gold plated on metal, strong and durable, and can handle thick or thin hair, straight or curly hair. The hair clips suit for girls and women can be applied in various occasions, like wedding,party,sandy- beach,ceremonies,proms,banquet,School,work, Holiday and daily wearing and cute gifts for birthday. Ponytails, top knots, half knots, half up half down, braids, buns updos and more are all possible with simple yet shiny pearl bobby pins. Show yourself on a variety of occasions. Keeping you satisfied is their top priority and they offer you the best customer service possible. The hair pins are risk free.

Brand: Kchies

👤These are pretty but not usable. The pearls are strung on the barrette so they don't slide on or off. I did not bother returning them. I should have. I might cut them off and glue them on. It won't be a complete waste.

👤I bought these to wear to all my bridal events. These are great. They can hold a lot of hair. They stayed all night and looked more expensive than they are. If you are a bride to be, I would recommend these.

👤I ordered these pins to jazz up my hair. There are 5 great options to choose from. The pin was in place all night long. No issues taking the pin out. The pearls are secured individually around the pin, but I didn't want to ruin the clip or pull my hair. I am very pleased with the purchase and will wear it again.

👤These are very heavy and hard to bend. Would work in long hair. I bought it for growing out bangs that were too heavy.

👤They will pull out hair if you take them out. So cute.

👤I love these! Cute and stylish!

👤These are bigger than you think. Very pretty.

👤I should have paid more attention to other reviews. It is difficult to put the pearls in and take it off because the plastic wire wraps around the top half of the barrette. Not like other barrettes. I am giving them away.

👤They're pretty. Different sizes to suit your preferences.

4. Rhinestones Decorative Handmade Barrettes Accessories

Rhinestones Decorative Handmade Barrettes Accessories

You will receive 10 pieces vintage crystal hair pins in 5 different styles, 5 pieces dark green color rhinestone hair clips and 5 pieces light green color rhinestone hair clips, enough for you to show various different hair styles, you can share them as a gift. The vintage crystal bobby pins are made of quality rhinestones, faux pearl and alloys, which are very strong and durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the smooth surface will not pull or damage your hair. The crystal hair barrettes have retro styles and bright colors, with a shiny green top, which may glitter on the sunshine and make you attractive, suitable for summer dresses, and you can wear these hair clips at weddings and other fancy. It's easy to loose or fall off of the Rhinestone hairpins, but they're light in weight and compact in size, so they're comfortable to wear. You can carry them out in your pockets, purses, bags and in your pockets. These crystal metal hair clips are suitable for decorating your hair, but also can be applied for fixing the position of your hair when making up, styling hair and cleaning face, suitable for wedding, party, proms, photo props and other occasions.

Brand: Messen

👤I was surprised by how beautiful these decorated pins are. I prefer the darker shade of green. I would buy more in different colors.

👤I like how strong these are. They are sturdy enough that they can grab your hair.

👤The barbie pins have stones on them. I don't have a complaint about how it pulls my hair. The quality of barbie pins is not the best.

👤They were small and dainty in the picture.

👤These pins are beautiful. They worked well and were what I was going for.

👤I wish there was more purple than pink.

5. Lurrose Colorful Crystal Vintage Decorative

Lurrose Colorful Crystal Vintage Decorative

The grip is made of high quality alloy and easy to clip. The drill design is more attractive to wear. You can make yourself more attractive by matching your appearance with your dress-ups. It's suitable for any hair style. A good accessory for girls and women, a good gift for you and your friends.

Brand: Lurrose

👤These are sturdy and cute. The jewel is large. I am 36 years old and they look a bit young for me to wear. I give the larger ones to my daughter.

👤The extract is pictured. The quality is good, the colors are beautiful, and the size is great. It was received in good time. I wanted them to be a little more expensive. It's cheaper than a boutique or Target. I ordered a second set to have a pair of colors. They have also ordered more items from the seller. I am happy with the communication between the items and sellers.

👤It's a great statement in hair. These are really cute and hold your hair in place, unlike other products that fall apart before you even get them.

👤I ordered 2 sets of hair jewels for my up-do at my sister's wedding and I was so happy I did. Good quality and beautiful colors. The dancefloor was tested.

👤I love these. Second set. I have them if I can't find them anymore. The first set was bought a couple of years ago and the stones have not fallen off. I use them every day. I have tried many different products to hold my hair in a "up, off my neck, away from my face" style. Excellent price.

👤I received something that was not what I pictured. Instead of getting 5 different styles. I received two that were the same.

👤I didn't have high expectations for these hairpins, but they proved me wrong. They're the same as pictured. The mix was shown with no duplicate. There is a The jewels are held in by the prongs and are very stiff. They aren't glue in. I don't recommend these for children because they're not meant for silky hair.

👤These are hair pins. They don't cost a lot and they add an extra touch.

👤These are very nice. I like it. Thank you for the gift.

6. QIUTIMIY Vintage Decorative Accessories Flower1

QIUTIMIY Vintage Decorative Accessories Flower1

There are 6 vivid colors of gold, blue, purple, pink, and black. It is possible to meet your daily needs with enough styles. pearls can be applied to a lot of occasions such as weddings, proms and parties, and so on as a nice hairdo addition. The total length of each pin is about 6 cm. The flowers are hand-made and have beautiful colors. It's suitable for all your dresses. The six beautiful barrettes is a great gift idea for girlfriends, wives, girl friends, and female colleagues at work.

Brand: Qiutimiy

👤These are gorgeous. Pictures do not do justice to these. If I broke off a flower, I was afraid to do anything. I dropped one. It was fine. They stay in my hair all day long. I get a lot of praise. The seller helped me with my issue immediately. Shipping was fast. I plan on buying more gifts. These are giftable. I can't tell you how pretty they are. You won't be disappointed. They are hidden in my bedroom away from my girls. Thank you so much for the great customer service!

👤These are gorgeous. They look pretty and delicate in my hair, but they are very durable. They were more than I anticipated.

👤Not a clip, but a nice hair attachment.

👤This is a great deal for clips, but they are hard to use. If you're looking for a matched set of anything, this isn't it. There is a The gems are matched well and look great. The old style flat pins have almost any other type of clip style. I end up with some hair on the wrong side of the clip if my hair isn't wet because these are hard to open. I have the same issues when I use them on the girls. I can't get it to go back to snug because I over stretched it. There is a These are not good for thin hair. They look great against straight flat hair, but they tend to slide down and loosen for us.

👤The pins are beautiful. It is hard to pick a favorite design. The pins have a base color of rose gold, which isn't usually my favorite, but it looks great on them. I would be curious to see these in silver. There is a It can be difficult to get hair out of the flower designs without taking your hair with you, so it is important to keep your hair out of the flower designs. I think it is still worth it for a special occasion. It is difficult to get the pins into your hair if you hold them open. It is still doable considering they are a special occasion piece. They come in a small plastic container, which I will keep in my closet, so I can find them easily and prevent them from getting tangled with my other hair accessories.

👤I like to keep short hairs out of my eyes. I usually wear a braid, but do I have a lot of hair that won't reach it? I like that they are not the same. There is a The quality is good and the feel is substantial. Good sparkle. I opened the package and found the stones still there. There is a If I put a pin in my hair and am not happy with the placement, I have to be careful because the ornaments are large enough to catch in my hair if I'm not paying attention. There is a I am liking these floral hairpins. Keepers!

👤There are 6 vivid colors of gold, blue, purple, pink, multi-color, and black. It is possible to meet your daily needs with enough styles. These pearl hair clips can be applied to a lot of occasions such as weddings, proms and parties, and so on as a nice hairdo addition, adding glamour to your appearance. There is a The total length of each pin is about 6 cm. The flowers are hand-made and have beautiful colors. It's suitable for all your dresses.

7. Geometric Minimalist Alligator Hairclips Accessories

Geometric Minimalist Alligator Hairclips Accessories

It is made of durable alloy. 100% handmade, cute and vibrant. The snap-on style makes it easy to clip on thick hair, and it's suitable for women or teen girls. There are a variety of shapes. The hollow geometric design is pretty, more stylish and will make you look good. Occasions include a wedding, a party, night out, or a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤These are good for holding back hair. They are large enough to hold back hair, but small enough to look elegant. I am growing my hair back after having lost it all to a medical condition, and right now it is in a pixie cut, which makes you want to cut it short again. There is a The clips allow me to pull back one or both sides of my hair. It has made my hair look more styled as I move through regrowth. I feel like I can wear these to work and not have any problems, and people usually comment on how nice they look.

👤I get a lot of praise for these barrettes. These are the perfect conversation pieces because they are subtle ways of incorporating my own sense of style and personal touch into my professional wardrobe.

👤I love these. There are several sizes and styles. Some alligator clips a pin. It was a great choice for me.

👤The clips are cheap and will cause problems. Don't use them if you can't afford it.

👤These clips have lasted a month or so, I like them. There was no chipping of the silver. There is a Half of them are great for soft, fine hair, the others I use to adorn my messy up-do, like a bun. Cute. It's great for every day.

👤Some of the clasps stopped working after I wore them for a day or two.

👤The barrettes are sturdy and well priced. They also work with thin hair.

👤The pins are very attractive. Go with a lot of things.

8. Tortoise Fashion Geometric Accessories Decoration

Tortoise Fashion Geometric Accessories Decoration

Sufficient quantity is enough for sharing with others, but also make it possible for long time use, as there are two pieces for each color in the decorative bobby pins set. There are seven colors for the decorative bobby pins for women, two of them are the color of tortoise shells, the other three are mixed colors, and the last two are beautiful white and pink, which remind you of soft feathers. Sturdy holder: these bobby pins can help you hold the hair in place tightly, suitable for different hairstyle, and they are flexible, which can be removed easily. The wide application of these fashion bobby pins is that they can be applied for daily wear or special occasions like anniversary, birthday and different festivals. The tortoise shell bobby pins are made of high quality material that can last for a long time and is very comfortable to wear.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤I took it out of the packaging and it broke as I wore it for 2 hours. Here's a photo of a broken one. They're cute and a nice size for my hair, but I'm completely disappointed someone would make a product like that for $10+. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤The piece pops off quickly. Unless you want to repair them yourself, you should not spend your money.

👤The first time I used them, the colorful strip broke. They're barely following it. The entire set fell apart in my hands. I have 14 gold hair pins with glue on them. Don't buy them! I know they're cute, but they're not.

👤I received them a few weeks ago. I love the variety of colors that I received. I tried putting in my hair and 3 of them broke. It was disappointing that the top separated from the glue. I can fix them with some glue, but still not good.

👤The decorative part of them snaps off when you put them in your hair. I will try to hot-glue them back on, otherwise it will be a regular gold tone barrette.

👤The Bobby pin has no protective coating so it can break your hair if you are not careful.

👤Cute but cheap. I tried to use one and it fell apart. Total waste of money! Purchase something made in the U.S.A. and save money.

👤The tortoise shell decorations came unglued, leaving me with tacky gold bobby pins. They are not well made.

9. HYFEEL Tortoise Cellulose Hairstyle Accessories

HYFEEL Tortoise Cellulose Hairstyle Accessories

The thicker hair pin are not easy to break. Light hold with no hair damage. They are blue and tortoise shell and come in a pack of 3. These Hair styling Pins are the perfect choice for an elegant look. Match today's trends, great for both women and girls. A medium large hairpin is perfect for everyday styles. French updo hair pins are a popular hair accessory for women. The gift is lovely. It's a great gift for your family, friends, girlfriend, wife, mom, sister and yourself.

Brand: Hyfeel

👤I was worried that the hair forks might be too short or lightweight to hold my bun securely, but they are great. They're lightweight, but sturdy and long enough to get the job done. The material is very smooth and easy to slide in, with no irritation or damage to my hair. The fork is held in place by the curved shape. I'm happy that I can get 3 of these cute forks for $12. If your hair is very long and thick, two of the forks that are worn together would probably work.

👤I have a lot of long, thick, wavy hair and I am able to corral it into gorgeous updos with just one hair fork. I can sleep with just 1 in my hair, even though the photos of the product show a long hair fork. A review stated that an individual couldn't get her bun to stay in place, but I don't agree. There is a way to do it. If you're having trouble with hair sticks, I would recommend a quick lesson.

👤It was small and perfect. I thought they were too small. It's super comfy. I can put on and remove clothes and hats without using the hairpins. They are easy to put on. I have a long hair and I love it.

👤I have thick hair and until I figured out how to keep it in my hair without it falling out, I kept losing them.

👤The hair forks are not as large as they appear in the pictures. They don't secure my bun or twist. I have other forks that work better. I like the blue one.

👤Sometimes I want to put my hair up quickly. I can push it in one of the pins with a quick twist. Love the colors.

👤These are slick, as is my hair, but once I twist them over and set them in place they stay better than any similar item I've had before. It was well made and thick. It was worth the price.

👤I really like the heavy, thick pieces of colored plastic, they are not too long and have enough space for my fine hair to get through and twist down. It's just pretty using for function.

👤I didn't hold my hair well and the gap wasn't large enough to hold it.

10. Lurrose Crystal Rhinestone Stylish Accessories

Lurrose Crystal Rhinestone Stylish Accessories

The pin will match your hair style. The crystal hair clips are great for any hair style. The hair clip is very smooth in the surface. These pins can be used as decorations for many occasions.

Brand: Lurrose

👤These are pretty. I bought them for my baby shower and they are perfect. I thought they might be cheap. They have a pretty pretty sparkle and are not cheap to look at.

👤I have a collection of hats. These add a nice touch to keep the nets attached.

👤The flower was bigger than I was expecting. It's about the size of a quarter. I have short thick hair and it did hold it down but it wasn't the look I was going for. I was going for a casual daily style, but this is more for dressing up.

👤I don't use them because they catch my hair when it's straight or curly.

👤I like the bling, but it's hard to open and place in my hair.

👤They are pretty and durable. They look more expensive than they are.

👤They wouldn't stay in my hair due to their heaviness, so I couldn't use them.

11. Messen Geometric Minimalist Accessories Barrettes

Messen Geometric Minimalist Accessories Barrettes

Gold hair pins are made of high quality metal alloy,Surface plated, with attractive metallic luster, lightweight, non-fading, durable, is the best way to your beautiful hair style, so that you are charming and elegant. 8 pieces geometric hair pins come in different styles and are great for making your own hair styles. STYLISH DESIGN Simple and fashionable design hair clips are delicate and shining and can be used to style different hair styles, whether you want a simple look or an updo for an elegant evening. It's easy to use different styles hair pins. You can also make your own hair accessories, and these barrettes are great to use as a base. The life time warranty. If you find that the product you received is not good, please contact me and I will give you a solution without any reason.

Brand: Messen

👤These hair pieces are easy to apply, but you have to pay attention to removing them. There is a These are good for thick hair and are very strong, which is good for my hair. There is a I decided to let my hair go back to its natural color. White hair is different when it comes to care. There is a The hair clips are great for keeping the hair in place, but when I want to remove the pins, they grab hold of my hair and pull on it. There is a White hair is more fragile than other hair colors because it has little to no pigmentation. There is a I would love these hair pieces if this was not a concern for me.

👤These are very cute and well made. My issue is that they twist when opening them to put in your hair making it a pain in the butt and the pins pull your hair out when you remove them. I think they are not coated like typical Bobby pins. They stay put and look great, but they pull your hair out when trying to remove it. I like them, but I need to figure out a plan to avoid losing my hair when I have to remove a pin.

👤The quality of these hair pins was good, but the Bobby pins were not the same. The gold Bobby pins I received were the same color as the ones in the picture. The Bobby pins hold their shape even though it is the case, because they pull your hair if you are not careful.

👤My teenager is tossing her hair jewelry around. She likes the size and weight of them, so she has been careful to keep them neat. She says they don't tangle her hair and she can barely feel them.

👤These hold up well. It was a challenge to get them in and out but once you get it right they are not going anywhere. They look great. Especially for the price.

👤They are well made and pretty. They tear my hair out no matter what I do. I try not to do too much with oil. I still pull my hair out.

👤I don't want to make the time for styling my hair, so I bought these to jazz up my simple hair styles. They dress up any style by adding sophistication, which is what I bought them for, but to my surprise they can hold a decent amount of hair, and I don't need to add any hair pins. Which I enjoy. I highly recommend these for anyone who is looking for an easy way to add flare to their hair.

👤I thought these were clips that you open and close. They are not. There is no movement to them. They are more like a tight Bobby pin that you have to pry open, too much, and they won't hold, too little, and there's no room for your hair. They get in my hair when I try to use them.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins and clips?

Decorative hair pins and clips products from Cloveru. In this article about decorative hair pins and clips you can see why people choose the product. Lawie and Kchies are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins and clips.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins and clips?

Cloveru, Lawie and Kchies are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins and clips. Find the detail in this article. Messen, Lurrose and Qiutimiy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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