Best Decorative Hair Pins Black

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1. Colorful Vintage Flower Design Accessories

Colorful Vintage Flower Design Accessories

Matching with any outfits or occasions can be done with the help of these six colors in shades of pink, blue, purple, gold, multi-color, and black. The bright colors are great for summer dresses, and they look great in dress-up occasions such as weddings. There is a floral hair cut. The six hairpins are full of details. They are made from copper and have a special coating on them. You can see the veins on the leaves if you look closely. The total length of each pin is about 6 cm. The hairpins are great for keeping hair out of the face.

Brand: Lizzie Kay

👤I thought these might be young. I like them. Very sturdy and pretty. It was very easy to put in my hair. I put them in my pocket so I can pull my hair out when I'm angry. Not heavy for fine hair.

👤These are beautiful and stay until I take them out of my hair. They are not so tight that they pull out hair with them. Since they are all different, there is one to go with. I would like to be different if there were matching pairs. Some of the colors are not the same. I would have to give up one of the three pairs to make them. The solution might be to get 2 sets.

👤The hair pins are too heavy for my hair. I was expecting something smaller and more delicate.

👤I like them. There is not much one can do to feel pretty. This was an easy step. It was packaged well. I want to get more.

👤There are many different colors to choose from, and these are absolutely gorgeous. The form is not gaudy and has a bright gold-tone finish. I don't think they work well in my hair. I don't regret the purchase, even though another review mentioned it. I would like to see them in barrette form and a smaller size. I would buy a set for myself and a set for my granddaughter.

👤I ordered hair pins for Christmas. The flower design gems are pretty. I tried one in my hair and it was very tight to open, but I was able to slide my hair into the pin. I hope it will open easier after using more.

👤The hair pin slides are very sturdy. I use medium hair for a half head hair twist push-up. I use two hair pin slides to anchor the hair and then use one flower design hair pin slide to finish it off. A set of 6 pins is very reasonable. There is a It was on time for my birthday outing. Thank you.

👤Positive reviewers are correct. These barettes are made from high quality materials and hold fine hair in place.

👤It's pretty in hair and worth the price.

👤I will always use them in my hair.

2. Geometric Minimalist Decorative Hairstyles Accessories

Geometric Minimalist Decorative Hairstyles Accessories

The material is cute and durable. The snap-on style of the hair barrette makes it easy to clip on thick hair, and it is suitable for women or teen girls. There are a variety of shapes. The geometric hollow design of the hair clips and hairpins will make you charming, elegant and get more compliment for you. Occasions include a wedding, a party, night out, or a gift. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤I returned them because they were so bad. I was afraid of putting it in my hair. I would think that it would pull my hair out. They are swap meet quality. The material is either aluminum or cheaper. Don't buy these and save your time.

👤No se pueden abrir, en otras palabras estn tan duros. The person said, "Dinero tirado!" It's not good.

👤There are a lot of items. The clips I use hold up well.

👤They're fine until they become useless. They are so flimsy that they can't be put back into a position that holds hair again. I'm not surprised by the price.

👤TheBobby pins are flimsy, but the style is nice. The pins of Bobby are terrible. I don't think this set is a good idea.

👤Good choice. They are a little flimsy.

👤I have fine hair, but these have enough tension to stay in place. They are so slim that they can fit under hats. I have fallen asleep with them. It was fine.

3. Stretchy Hair Clips Fine Hairstyles

Stretchy Hair Clips Fine Hairstyles

For fine hair, use a cool comb instead of barrettes or claw clips. There is no pressure. The hair is not crushed between combs. The rounded surfaces protect delicate hair. There is a hair cut completely impractical. Hair moves independently so it can be softened with fingers. Add volume and softness. It is possible to create flattering hair styles that earn you praise. It's lightweight for your hair. HairZing prevents sweat from making your hair look limp and lifeless. It is possible to adjust your hair. Push the combs closer together if HairZing feels tight. It works with the hair you have. It never looks heavy or bulky. This hair clip is very comfortable. Most of their customers have fine, thin hair.

Brand: Hairzing

👤I have not been able to go to the beauty shop because of Covid-19. My hair is not bald since I was cancer free for 5 years. The stretchy combs are an awesome invention, but they get twisted and broken eventually. I hope the product in ventures is better than the one that came before it. The idea needs tweaking. Thanks.

👤If you have thin or fine hair, the elastic is not tight enough to hold your hair for long. I tried a lot of different hair styles and the combs and elastic gave up. I thought this would work great because my hair is not very thin. I am not sure if it would work on thick hair.

👤I have a bad time with my hair. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not. I don't think I can comb it right, so it's always better to leave it alone. I tried the pearl set in a simple top of the head catch, and I look great! I don't feel them. Since I have slick hair, I have to adjust them every half hour to 45 minutes. It's a huge win for me because I've already beaten that. Thank you.

👤Yes, it's cheap. They say that fine hair won't stay in. I have to redo them after wearing them for a couple of hours. I have good hair. The money? Not much.

👤I got some like this a long time ago and they broke. I didn't find them in the store. I checked Amazon and they were there. The new ones seem a bit stronger and better put together than the old ones. They work well with my long hair.

👤I have fine hair. It's hard to find hair accessories that look good. These do that. They compliment my head and are comfortable to wear. There are many different styles on the website. I will be happy to see them in different colors. I would love this style of jewelry.

👤I'm sad! I am lazy. I don't like figuring out how to do my hair. I am a wash, brush and air dry girl. Like, tie a knot with my hair, like a fisherman's rope kind of girl. I tried one greasy attempt in two days. I'm ready to walk down the aisle. For this, use a grunttag.

👤My granddaughter fell in love with the black one and it took up with her, so I will be ordering more of them. She would like to order more for herself. It is much safer to use long hair than it is to use pony tail bands.

4. Shaped Sevensun HairPin Storage 2 4Inches

Shaped Sevensun HairPin Storage 2 4Inches

The package includes 100 U shaped hair pins with a clear storage box, enough for your spare and replacement in daily. It's perfect for Salon. The salon hair pins are durable to be used many times. It's perfect for personal or professional use. The hair pins are made of good quality metal and not easy to break, with color and no easy to fade after use for a long time. It was widely used. You can use these bun hair clips to help with your makeup, they can be used to make all kinds of hair styles that suit you, and can be used to create professional evening wear or casual day wear. There are small balls on the ends of the hair clip, which can protect the hair from scratches. The smooth surface makes it easy to put it in. The wavy design of each hairpin makes it look beautiful and has enough force to prevent it from falling off.

Brand: Sevensun

👤Why did I purchase these? I'm bald. Damn it. These are lovely.

👤I was happy to find these hair pins with both quantity and quality because I like putting my hair up in hot weather. I end up losing a lot of work. This was a big deal for me. The box is great for travel.

👤The hair pins are great. I wear a bun everyday and they are perfect. The tips do not tangle with my hair. The case is an added bonus, and I will definitely recommend you to buy these Hair pins. I will order them again. I'm not paid to leave this review. I'm a satisfied customer. Thank you.

👤I use these pins to keep my hair in place and also to make decorative hair pins with 26 gauge wire and flowers/beads/rhinestones of my choice. If I try to pin a small piece of hair in place, they don't hold as well as larger pieces of hair, but have no issues with larger pieces of hair.

👤I love these pins. It holds updos, extensions, hair bumps, and volumizers in place. The case is small and convenient. Great purchase.

👤The pins are strong and good for thick hair. They come with a nice storage box and a card from the seller. Thank you!

👤They are a good value for holding hair. The paint rubs off after a few uses, so a lot of the silver is showing through, but once they're in my hair, you can't see them. I guess that doesn't matter as much. They are pretty good.

👤These hair pins are long. I place them there. They have not stretched out yet. Since I started using these, I have not lost one. I have another brand but I misplace them all the time. I ordered more because of that. Great product! Thank you!

5. Hawwwy 300 Count Storage Medium Styling

Hawwwy 300 Count Storage Medium Styling

I got 300 broccoli pins. I can't find one. The bulk hair pin set is not an issue. You can never miss out on your essential hair styling accessories again. You'll receive a free bobby pin holder and a case to store your hair pins with their 300 Hair Pins for Women. Their bobby pin organizers keep hair pins for buns in place. GENTLE to your hand. The rounded coated tips of their hair styling pins are designed to not hurt your head and are superior to competitors in terms of grip and ease of use. They decided to use a strong material and not use plastic pins. Their bobbie pins are made out of smooth-coated quality steel for the longest lifespan. It doesn't matter if you're looking for pins for thick hair, pins for thin hair, pins for wedding hair or even pins for wig pins, their bulk set has got you covered.

Brand: Hawwwy

👤He's better than the other ones. They're thicker and don't bend out of shape easily.

👤These were better than expected. The pins are good quality and the tin is solid. They didn't get bent out of position as much. I couldn't fill the entire tin because there were so many pins. When I lose some pins, I have some set aside. I am happy I bought it.

👤They twist when trying to put them in. It's difficult to put them in because they twist back straight.

👤I have my pins. The pins and case are very sturdy, which makes it a great value. I love the container and can use the pins.

👤I would have liked to have left my Bobby pins in the plastic bags until I was ready to use them, it would have made it easier to organize. The pins bend out of place easily.

👤Sturdy, cute, and tidy. The pin is still there. We need our pins again because we can draw her out during the Pandemic. It's funny.

👤I liked the color. They were very strong.

6. Vintage Barrettes REPEAT RANDOM PACKING


There are 10 different styles and color tones in the packed. Random packing is not allowed. The item you received may have a different look than the picture shows. Each has a size of 2.6 Inches. Not harmful to your skin. An ideal gift for young ladies and girls.

Brand: Teemi

👤The price is reasonable for 10 of these random mix hairpins, but I don't like the collection. I was hoping for more jeweled rather than metal, but this is my random mix. When you try to get the pins out without stretching them, they will rip your hair. I would go with the tiny stick pins since my hair is fine.

👤I like these! I received an assortment of silver and gold. They were cute and sexy. I'm afraid I'll get something too young or old. They pull your hair when you take them out. I took a star off only because you have to open it before taking it out of your hair, otherwise it will get pulled out or broken. I use them a lot as I grow out my hair. For the price, they are great.

👤This is my second purchase. There are hair pins in a cute box. The pins that hold my hair in place are very strong. I received 2 repeat pins that I received in the first order, but that was the only disappointment with the second purchase. I wanted all new pieces. The pins I received in the second order have large jewel pieces that I will likely never use. I wish there was a way to request a larger design. The pins are sturdy and fast to ship.

👤The price is reasonable. I believe everyone is getting the same pins, so this random mix isn't really random. I got half of the ones I was hoping for, but the other half is not as good. My daughter will love them. There is a way to get the other ones shown in the pics but not included. The seller was well packaged and delivered on time. If you're thinking about buying, take a look at the pics the people have posted because that's the most likely thing you'll get.

👤I haven't used them yet, but they look very nice. They don't do justice with pics. A great gift.

👤These are gorgeous! I got about 10 silver-y ones and 10 gold tone ones. The silver ones have a vintage look. These are 1920s art deco inspired designs. They would be gorgeous if they were scattered around. The gold ones are pretty, but the silver ones steal the show.

👤I didn't realize I was getting 10 random pins. I was so excited that I thought I was getting all of it. I opened my package after receiving it. Some were missing to my shock. Not quite. It was the correct amount. I just didn't understand what I was getting. We want to pick what we want. If I re-order, I may get the same picks. Which stinks. Love the pins!

👤The bobbies are beautiful. They seem to be very tight and difficult to separate, most likely because of the decorations at the other end. My hair is already thin and fine.

7. Crownguide Vintage Hairpin Barrettes Accessories

Crownguide Vintage Hairpin Barrettes Accessories

Women with thick hair can use vintage hair clips. The jewelry is 4.5 inches long. There are two shapes of hair clips, peacock and flower. Vintage hair clips are eye-catching and are perfect for weddings or daily life. Good for weddings, costume, parties, holiday dress up, and is comfortable to wear. Half up styles, Knot, Overlapping, Twists, and similar are included. As a present for someone. Crownguide Peacock hair accessories and flower hair clips are included in the package.

Brand: Crown Guide

👤These clips are very well made. The pictures do not do justice to the events. It's easy to use and holds my hair up. My grandson loves how bright and shiny they are. Had they been sent to her house, my daughter would not have given them to me. I will buy them for my daughter.

👤I received a package with two hair clips, one of which was malfunctioning. The spring in the clip fell apart when I used it for the first time. I need a functioning multi colors clip for the green one. Or call me.

👤I give this product a one star because it is heavy to stay clipped to hair. The item is heavy and the clip design is not tight enough to support it.

👤It was better than expected. In person, heavy duty and large. I wore it to a festival to add to my vintage look.

8. Bememo Pieces Simple Spiral Styling

Bememo Pieces Simple Spiral Styling

A hair styling tool made of plastic, light and convenient for carrying, won't take much place in a bag or purse. The two colors are easy to match with clothes and hair colors, and a suit for both girls and women. It's easy to use, just twist your hair to a shape you like, then put the clip pin on to keep your hair style for a period of time. Cute size: 3.5 inch/ 9 cm in length and 0.8 inch/ 2 cm in width, only 2 g per piece, which makes you have no feeling of weight when you put on. These hair pins are good for many activities indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Bememo

👤I bought these to replace high quality ones I've been using for years but can't seem to find anything. These aren't as strong as my other ones and are too flexible. I had to use SEVEN to hold my bun and it was so loose that it fell within minutes, whereas I only use 3 of the higher quality version to secure my bun all day. I got a small cut from the splinter that was sticking out of the closed end. Don't waste your money.

👤These are for people with long hair. Don't pull like clips, don't cause headaches, etc. I pull my hair up at night, even though I have a mask on. There is a I keep a couple in my wallet. It's easy to use. I wish I'd found them a long time ago.

👤The Bememo 20 Pieces Lady Style Grip Hair Pins, Magic Simple is a total waste of money. They are like toys. I would like to give these pins zero stars. During the second or third use, they break. Half of them are broken a few days after I started using them. I feel them breaking when I put them in my hair. I don't have thick hair. I never tried to make them hold my hair. I use a few to hold my hair. These pins are factory rejects which someone can sell. I wasted time buying them and wasted money. Disgusting! This review is to help other people.

👤It is a huge disappointment that there is cheap plastic. I need 5 of these to keep my hair in a bun at night. They are easy to crack and break when I try to add more. I use them to sleep so my hair stays in a bun, but when I wake up my hair is loose and I have to shake it to find the missing clips. I don't recommend this purchase. I was hoping these could be used to hold my hair at night.

👤I have very thin hair that is hard to put up. I use one of these in a bun. It stays up all day. They are comfortable and don't damage my hair. I don't use anything else.

👤Not what I thought. Plastic isn't strong like regular pins.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of hair pins I received. They were packaged well and have a strong hold. I don't think they will break easily like some hair pins are made for, which are cheap if you push them in your hair too hard. Would definitely recommend. I sat down and wrote this after struggling to find good hair pins.

👤These hair pins don't last very long. Even if you don't touch them, they break in half. A waste of money. The window to return them has expired and I only have four left. It was a disappointment. Get metal ones instead of using your money wisely. The 8 Pieces Metal U Shaped Vintage Hair Pin Hair Sticks Fork Sticks Hair chignon Hair Chopsticks for Woman Girls is one of the things I just got.

9. Handmade Japanese Chopsticks Sandalwood Barrettes

Handmade Japanese Chopsticks Sandalwood Barrettes

The hair clip has no damage. If you pay attention to it, it is very difficult to damage the scalp, and you can choose the number according to your hair volume. When rotating, pay attention to the direction of rotation. It is made of wood,durable, never fade, no scratch and rot free, and simple and elegant. The wood hair pin is good for health. The size is perfect for women or teen girls, the wooden hair stick is 7 inch long, so easy to clip on even thick hair, can safely hold and decorate your bun hair. The smooth edge and curved stick make it easy to slide into your bun without hair damage, these simple and elegant hair sticks will make you charming, elegant and get more compliment for you. There are occasions such as a wedding, prom, recital, night out or give out as a gift. If you need them, the wood sticks can be used as bookmarks. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤It is simple and does the job. I have long, thin, silky Asian hair and it looks dry and dead in the video. The video shows how it works for me. I would fall out if I kept bobbing my head. For most of the day, I have only had to adjust it twice. I am not sure how it would work with thicker hair. If it is within your budget, I would recommend it. Other cheaper products would probably work the same.

👤I am happy that I bought these because I use hair sticks and forks to put my hair up. I already have a lot of hair toys, but none like these. The traditional designs are very sturdy and easy to use. Each one has a different shaped stick with curves to help you glide it through your bun. I can put my hair up in a wrapped bun and it will hold up all day without any support. There are so many of them that you can easily give a few as gifts and keep the rest for yourself. Highly recommended!

👤I love the length and style of these, but one of them split after only 3 uses, which was incredibly disappointing, and I recently noticed that a second one has started to, and the top of the pin gets caught in my hair if I try to use it. I have long hair and always use an elastic and a hair pin to keep it in place. I have mixed feelings about them, they're pretty, but unfortunately haven't all held up well.

👤I bought this set because I liked the one that looks like an antler. My favorite one had a chip out of the working end that made it impossible to use. I sanded it down and refinished it, but I should not have had to do that work. They're hair sticks. There aren't many problems they could have. I'm upset that I had to work on my favorite one to get it usable.

👤The hair sticks were designed with a subtle wave in them that helped me understand how to use them. For the first time in a long time, I have a sleek, slippery, long hair that is easy to style while doing housework. My bun is tight and secure while I am making beds. I am happy!

👤The wood hair stick is not Sandalwood. There is a I don't know why they lie about it. There is a You can tell the difference between real and fake. There is a I provided a picture of it. The two on the left are real hair sticks. There is a The two on the right have hair sticks. There is a This is not a bad choice if you just want cheap cosplay and hair sticks. There is a If you want Real Sandalwood hair sticks, forget about this one.

👤Sturdy. Look good. I've used this method to put up my hair for a long time. And had many sticks. I haven't broken one yet. I have been using them for a month. That's saying something to me. I'm not easy on these things.

10. Kitsch Rhinestone Decorative Accessories Straight

Kitsch Rhinestone Decorative Accessories Straight

The Bobby pins are fun and cute. There is a shiny rhinestones. Add flair to your outfits. It is slip-proof and durable. Any hairstyle can be elevated with the ideal hair accessories.

Brand: Kitsch

👤There is a nice set of barrettes. I have seen other brands where the stones fall out and it looks ridiculous. Within 2 weeks, my others have ended up in the trash. I can say that the brand has held up well after a month of wear, with nothing missing. It was a good purchase.

👤They will last a long time and are pretty. If you have a lot of hair, they are the best for healthy hair, not thin or light weight.

👤There are many options for hair pins. Trust me when I say they are worth it. These are not expensive. You can tell a difference between these and lower priced options.

👤She loved them and stayed in place unlike other pins.

👤Bobby pins are cute and stylish. The hold onto the hair is perfect for a full day of work.

👤The pins are sturdy. I used hair accents for my maternity shoot. The price is a great value.

👤These are very cute. A lot to an outfit.

👤Your outfit looks very cute! Excellent quality!

11. Diane Bobby Pins Black Approximately

Diane Bobby Pins Black Approximately

The Diane Bobby Pins come in a 1 pound pack and hold 600 2-inch pins. The extra-long design grips hair. Ball tips protect hair. It's ideal for updos on thicker hair.

Brand: Diane

👤Five years ago, I bought two pounds of Diane pins. I thought I was buying the same thing again after I lost two pounds of pins. Nope. I broke four of them in the first week. This has never happened to me with any other brand. They're very smooth, so they don't catch on your hair, which I appreciate right up until they fall out of my hair. They don't spring back into shape because they have very little tension. I am really disappointed that this brand deteriorated from "you get what you pay for, it's fine, it's bobby pins" to something that barely functions as a bobby pin at all.

👤I have fine hair but it's too smooth for most hair ties to stay in place. I change my hair style often, shoulder blade length to pixie and everything in between, and I have an unruly toddler's hair, so I go through a lot of pins. I bought these because they were cheap, the same price as a pack of 50-75 Conair or Scunchi brand, and I figured, they always stretch out or get lost, so having a ton around is a good idea. These things are loud. Some of the reviews say they bend out of shape. I haven't seen that problem yet. I keep containers filled with pins in various places because I'm always losing them. I didn't notice any tips missing while filling my containers. I was playing with them and they are strong and springy, and they snapped back into shape, holding my hair super secure, unlike some cotter pins I've worked with. There is a My box was pink and white, so maybe I got a different bunch than everyone else, but the pins are top notch. Will buy again if I run out.

👤I moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest and have felt so amazing that I'm learning more about hair styles. I started with a few items from Dollar Tree and had to keep replacing the pins. I looked into Amazon in order to get something in bulk that may save me a few dollars, and found this product. The Dollar Tree "Salon Quality" is bronze in the photo. Diane is wearing black pins in the photo. Dollar Tree pins are very thin and bend out of shape on the first use. I have to cross them a few times to make sure it will hold for a few hours at a time, but my thin hair makes it hard to keep it in place. There is a The Diane pins are crimped at the end. The pins were in place for 6 hours. I'm impressed with the price I paid. I won't go back because these are more luxurious than what I've been used to. There is a I put a photo of the back in case anyone is curious about more info. If you're considering this product, it's highly recommendable. These feel great and stay in place, even though I don't know what "salon quality" is. I stretched one out to make it more difficult. Dollar Tree is flimsy.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins black?

Decorative hair pins black products from Lizzie Kay. In this article about decorative hair pins black you can see why people choose the product. Lawie and Hairzing are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins black.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins black?

Lizzie Kay, Lawie and Hairzing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins black. Find the detail in this article. Sevensun, Hawwwy and Teemi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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