Best Decorative Hair Pins for Buns

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1. French Cellulose Acetate Tortoise Chignon

French Cellulose Acetate Tortoise Chignon

The women have hair. These large hair pins are made from a non-petroleum plastic derived from plants that has been found to create less static in hair. Light hold with no hair damage. The tortoise shell has pins in 2 colors, one light and onetortoiseshell. The smooth edge of the U-shape hairpins makes it easy to slide into your bun without hair damage. Most hair styles are compatible with U-shaPED HAIR FORK. Ladies style french twist hair pins. It's perfect for creating elegant chignons and twists, partial quick updo or bun or full updos, holding your hair securely and tightly in place without any awkwardness. There is a multi purpose. The large french pin is easy to use. They are good helpers for your makeup and hair. Can be decorated on a headband or hat. Make women and girls graceful. Long hair forks are a good choice for women ladies to dress up. There is a service guarantee. If you don't like their hair styling pin, please contact them. They offer a 30-day return policy on all items to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience.

Brand: Fsmiling

👤These work well for me with long thin hair. They go all the way through my bun.

👤I have a few types of hair pins and they fall out easily.

👤I have medium length hair that works well for me, but I wish they were longer. I put both of them in for added security because one is barely able to hold my hair in a bun. They have a tendency to slide out, but they haven't fallen out. They are pretty. I will be using them.

👤I have very short hair and it becomes oily very quickly. My biggest concern is that my hair won't stay up. These are perfect for me. For extended periods of time, they keep my hair in place. They're flexible enough that I can work them through my bun. Thank you!

👤The hair sticks are pretty and the best I've been able to find, but they don't hold all my hair. I have very heavy hair. I've yet to find something that can hold my hair in a bun for an entire day.

👤These are gorgeous in person. It's very comfortable to wear. They are a bit too slippery, but I am happy with them.

👤These are a good size and easy to use, so I wanted to like them. I have better luck with a single wooden chopstick than with one of these, because the tines are too bendy to feel secure and will slip back out sometimes. A single rigid chopstick will do the trick compared to my thick, long hair.

👤My hair is thin and breaks easily, so I love these. These hold my hair up nicely. There were no problems. It's a good idea to recommend it. They are pretty.

👤I have long hair. These work great once I got the knack.

👤I don't know if it's because my hair is thick, but these chignons just kept sliding out

👤Prompt delivery. Appropriate package. A storage box is very useful. The colors and size were expected. A very happy customer.

👤Really nice product. I haven't tried them yet, but they are good quality.

2. Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

The vintage flower hair pins are very chic hair accessories for young girls, they have a good looking in colors, attracting people's eyes at the first time and giving you a nice aesthetic experience. The metal gold French tone hair clips are made of metal, which is very durable and can prevent your hair from damaging, they also have a charming shiny surface, you can use them for a long time and have fun. You will receive 12 pieces of floral hair clip barrettes in a package, which include 2 sets in common, so you can choose from 6 different colors and styles to match your outfits and makeup. The correct size of the hair clasps is 2.36 x 0.59 inches, they can fix your hair in a position stably, helping you decorate your hair well. You can use the decorative accessories to match the summer dress and look attractive in the crowd, and they are suitable for occasions, you can wear them on weddings, parties, shopping, festivals and vacations, making you look attractive in the crowd, and you also can use them to match the summer

Brand: Willbond

👤CuTe Head TuRneR is excited to style my 90 year old Care Companion daily with these CuTe accessories that turn heads. She feels great getting some love. She lives at a Dementia Care facility. I love her so much and will always make her look the best. Yu will not be disappointed if you know how to style and match your clothing. Enjy.

👤The pins are vintage. I have long hair. I assumed these pins had texture edges like Bobby pins, but the underside is smooth metal so hair can cause it to slip down later in the day if I don't slide enough hair inside the pin. I don't know if I could use them if I had straight hair. However. The pins are good quality and sturdy enough to handle my abuse of pulling and opening. I am happy with the purchase. These are large enough to make a statement.

👤I ordered a set of these for myself and they were so beautiful that I ordered two more sets for my granddaughters. I got a compliment on the first time I wore them. My hair stays put as it is thin and tight.

👤If you open too wide they are harder to bend back into their original shape and fall out of my hair. I believe one has broken on me. They are great for the price and variety. I get praise on them all the time.

👤I bought two sets of flower pins to hold back my hair as I grow it out. They are as strong as they look. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤They are stylish and sturdy. I got a lot of praise for them. I will be buying more.

👤I have fine hair and these work well in it. They are pretty. I love how they hold my hair. Things usually slip right out.

👤My daughter will get these for Christmas. She loves them and is very fancy. Excellent quality, would recommend.

3. Artio Wedding Accessories Rhinestones Silver

Artio Wedding Accessories Rhinestones Silver

The hair pin is made of crystal. There are 3 pieces of hair pins. The colors are silver, blue and green. Women's hair accessories are chic. Any special occasion is suitable. If you want to return it. Please keep the product new. There are two conditions that you can't Refunds, one of which is a product that is used and damaged. The package is damaged.

Brand: Artio

👤I used something blue for my wedding and these ended up being perfect. Two days before my wedding, a pair of earrings I had ordered from Etsy were stolen in the mail. I panicked and went to Amazon to find something blue that I could use for my wedding ceremony, but found these hair pins. They arrived the morning of my wedding after I Primed them. They added the most subtle, yet really special pop of blue I was looking for, and they were very vintage. It wasn't my original plan, but it wouldn't change anything. I only used two of the three that came with the pack.

👤Wow! These hair pins have a vintage look and feel. They are unique and well-crafted. I love them! Will be buying more.

👤A custom piece was created using many of these pieces. It's definitely worth the money.

👤I like them a lot. I'm getting married in November. I've been looking for things to put in my hair for a special occasion and I think these will work.

👤Very pretty pins. Matched my jewelry. My son is getting married.

👤The flimsy ones got the job done. On my wedding day, I used 2 in my hair. If your hairdresser knows how to work your hair, then you don't need to spend a lot of money. Minor adjustments were needed for them to last the entire day and night.

👤They were very nice in person and came very quickly. I tucked them into an updo for a client.

👤These hair pins are very delicate. I love how they add sparkle to my hair. They are easy to style in a variety of styles. Would buy again.

4. Diane Hair Pins Assorted Black

Diane Hair Pins Assorted Black

The Diane hair pins include 100 pins per card, providing 30 - 3-inch pins, 30 - 2;5-inch pins, and 40 - 1;75-inch pins to handle and hold various hair styling needs. The black hair pins are made of premium quality metal and feature a waved spiral design that won't easily break and will hold hair securely in place. If you want to go for a fancy updo for a wedding or formal event, use their hair pins for it. It is safe and convenient. The pins are easy to remove without damaging your hair and the coated ball tips prevent scratching. Women and girls with long hair or short hair can use these hair pins to style their hair.

Brand: Diane

👤I love using hair pins. People who didn't pay attention to what they bought and assumed they were getting Bobby PINS were the ones who wrote the negative reviews. These hair pins are used for buns and updos. I like the size assortment because it allows me to pin up my natural hair in two different sizes, while the small ones are great for my daughter's hair or a wig. I have long hair and can put my hair in a bun with a few long pins. The ball ends of these pins are very smooth and do not catch in the hair like cheap pins do. They are sturdy and hold their shape well. It is an unbeatable value and I will order more packs. I only used the pins once when I wrote the review. The pins can only be used once or twice before all of the black coating is gone. For the low price, I didn't expect a premium product, so I'm still giving three stars for the ball ends. I use these to put my hair in a bun all day long and even sleep in. I can't even feel them because they are so comfortable.

👤I bought these by mistake. I have long, thin hair and regular bobby pins don't always hold it in place. I have to redo them all the time. I can tuck my hair away with these hair pins. It's great for pinning my hair up. When I do a bun, I can tuck in any shorter bits without affecting the overall shape. I have never used hair pins. I am now a converted person. They are not damaging. The pins distribute the weight over a wider section of my head, which makes them less painful than other methods. I feel like I could pull off a really soft updo with these pins and that it would last. How to use. I place the section between the pins if I want to, by twisting a piece of hair. I put it where I want it to go and slide it sideways. Another way to do it is by flipping it over completely and securing it back into the original section of hair, which creates additional volume and poof, something I need... I can use them to refresh my hair without using a mirror. There is a I wish they were available in brown. The pins are pretty much invisible once you slide them in, but I couldn't find a brown one, that would work better with my hair color.

👤I didn't buy these for my hair. They're going to put my plants in the soil to grow more fully. I used wire-cutting pliers to get them to the right size. I used long pieces to make a new pin. I wouldn't waste them. It bends easily. I'm not sure how they work for hair. I am thankful to find these. There are hair pins in stores.

👤A lot of the reviewers don't know how to use hair pins. There are hair pins. You slide it in a little, then turn and slide it in another direction. They are not as damaging as bobby pins, which can cause damage. If you are looking for something to use as a barrette, you will probably want to use hair pins. They are great for buns and updos and are best for long hair. There is a The balls are smooth and sturdy. The black coating does wear off, but it doesn't affect the performance. These are better than other hair pins I've tried, and are cheap as well.

5. Rustark Crystal Rhinestone Hairpins Accessories

Rustark Crystal Rhinestone Hairpins Accessories

The crystal hair pins color assessment set contains 10 colors, and they are all white, red, green, blue, pink, gold, and black. 50 pieces of each color. All of the hair pins are packed in a plastic case. Reliable after-sale service is also offered. Feel free to contact them if you are dissatisfied. The pin length is approximately 6.5 cm and the flower width is approximately 1.2 cm. The U shape hairpins are pretty ornaments. You can design your own unique hairstyle, such as chignon, bridal updos, hair bun,french-style,braid,ect. Special and stylish design. The metal rose flower is surrounded by a ring of clear gems. You can add sparkle and glamour to your hair. It is suitable for different hair styles. The grips are easy to use and hold hairs in place. Curves along the pin hold in the hair straight. They are very close and tight and can hold the hair securely. It is easy to remove them. Women of all ages can use elegant and beautiful hair pins, they are suitable for many occasions, such as wedding wearing, proms,birthday,anniversary,honeymoons, dance recitals, and many more. These hair pins are an elegant and versatile gift for your friends and family who are interested in make-up and do-it-yourself hair styles.

Brand: Rustark

👤Muy mala calidad. No me gust, no me delgados, no me mal grosor. No recomiendo.

👤These are very cute and work well. I love them! They are dressed up for many styles of updos. Very affordable. I use them all the time. Most hair accessories just slide out of my thick, straight hair. These don't. It's adorable!

👤There are tons in the package for the money, but a couple of these broke. My daughter likes to put as many in her bun as possible.

👤These break quickly. Not glue or welded together was very good.

👤The product is cheap. Will be back.

👤The Crystal stones fell off.

6. Bememo Pieces Simple Spiral Styling

Bememo Pieces Simple Spiral Styling

A hair styling tool made of plastic, light and convenient for carrying, won't take much place in a bag or purse. The two colors are easy to match with clothes and hair colors, and a suit for both girls and women. It's easy to use, just twist your hair to a shape you like, then put the clip pin on to keep your hair style for a period of time. Cute size: 3.5 inch/ 9 cm in length and 0.8 inch/ 2 cm in width, only 2 g per piece, which makes you have no feeling of weight when you put on. These hair pins are good for many activities indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Bememo

👤I bought these to replace high quality ones I've been using for years but can't seem to find anything. These aren't as strong as my other ones and are too flexible. I had to use SEVEN to hold my bun and it was so loose that it fell within minutes, whereas I only use 3 of the higher quality version to secure my bun all day. I got a small cut from the splinter that was sticking out of the closed end. Don't waste your money.

👤These are for people with long hair. Don't pull like clips, don't cause headaches, etc. I pull my hair up at night, even though I have a mask on. There is a I keep a couple in my wallet. It's easy to use. I wish I'd found them a long time ago.

👤The Bememo 20 Pieces Lady Style Grip Hair Pins, Magic Simple is a total waste of money. They are like toys. I would like to give these pins zero stars. During the second or third use, they break. Half of them are broken a few days after I started using them. I feel them breaking when I put them in my hair. I don't have thick hair. I never tried to make them hold my hair. I use a few to hold my hair. These pins are factory rejects which someone can sell. I wasted time buying them and wasted money. Disgusting! This review is to help other people.

👤It is a huge disappointment that there is cheap plastic. I need 5 of these to keep my hair in a bun at night. They are easy to crack and break when I try to add more. I use them to sleep so my hair stays in a bun, but when I wake up my hair is loose and I have to shake it to find the missing clips. I don't recommend this purchase. I was hoping these could be used to hold my hair at night.

👤I have very thin hair that is hard to put up. I use one of these in a bun. It stays up all day. They are comfortable and don't damage my hair. I don't use anything else.

👤Not what I thought. Plastic isn't strong like regular pins.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of hair pins I received. They were packaged well and have a strong hold. I don't think they will break easily like some hair pins are made for, which are cheap if you push them in your hair too hard. Would definitely recommend. I sat down and wrote this after struggling to find good hair pins.

👤These hair pins don't last very long. Even if you don't touch them, they break in half. A waste of money. The window to return them has expired and I only have four left. It was a disappointment. Get metal ones instead of using your money wisely. The 8 Pieces Metal U Shaped Vintage Hair Pin Hair Sticks Fork Sticks Hair chignon Hair Chopsticks for Woman Girls is one of the things I just got.

7. HYFEEL Tortoise Cellulose Hairstyle Accessories

HYFEEL Tortoise Cellulose Hairstyle Accessories

The thicker hair pin are not easy to break. Light hold with no hair damage. They are blue and tortoise shell and come in a pack of 3. These Hair styling Pins are the perfect choice for an elegant look. Match today's trends, great for both women and girls. A medium large hairpin is perfect for everyday styles. French updo hair pins are a popular hair accessory for women. The gift is lovely. It's a great gift for your family, friends, girlfriend, wife, mom, sister and yourself.

Brand: Hyfeel

👤I was worried that the hair forks might be too short or lightweight to hold my bun securely, but they are great. They're lightweight, but sturdy and long enough to get the job done. The material is very smooth and easy to slide in, with no irritation or damage to my hair. The fork is held in place by the curved shape. I'm happy that I can get 3 of these cute forks for $12. If your hair is very long and thick, two of the forks that are worn together would probably work.

👤I have a lot of long, thick, wavy hair and I am able to corral it into gorgeous updos with just one hair fork. I can sleep with just 1 in my hair, even though the photos of the product show a long hair fork. A review stated that an individual couldn't get her bun to stay in place, but I don't agree. There is a way to do it. If you're having trouble with hair sticks, I would recommend a quick lesson.

👤It was small and perfect. I thought they were too small. It's super comfy. I can put on and remove clothes and hats without using the hairpins. They are easy to put on. I have a long hair and I love it.

👤I have thick hair and until I figured out how to keep it in my hair without it falling out, I kept losing them.

👤The hair forks are not as large as they appear in the pictures. They don't secure my bun or twist. I have other forks that work better. I like the blue one.

👤Sometimes I want to put my hair up quickly. I can push it in one of the pins with a quick twist. Love the colors.

👤These are slick, as is my hair, but once I twist them over and set them in place they stay better than any similar item I've had before. It was well made and thick. It was worth the price.

👤I really like the heavy, thick pieces of colored plastic, they are not too long and have enough space for my fine hair to get through and twist down. It's just pretty using for function.

👤I didn't hold my hair well and the gap wasn't large enough to hold it.

8. Butterfly Octopus Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Butterfly Octopus Barrettes Decorative Accessories

The metal spring is made of plastic and ribbon fabric and is strong enough to hold hair in place without damaging it. The large rose flower hair claw clip is larger than the average woman's hair and can hold on to buns as decoration. You will get 4 pieces of hair claw clips. The pack will fit all your needs, from hair color to outfit. The flower claw hair clips are usually used for women, girls, or teens to hold their top buns. The colorful colors can be used for different occasions, such as prom. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤I thought they would look good from the back. The side looks good but the back is not. The black plastic clip is all you see. I was very disappointed that they did not conceal the clip.

👤These are gorgeous. You can get a fancy hairstyle with these. I haven't had many occasions to wear them yet, but they seem to be of good quality. The area that holds hair is wide, so I think these are best for people with thicker hair. My hair is not damaged. I have to use a regular hairband first and add a flower clip on top of that, because I use it more for decoration than holding the hair. There are 3 additional mini teeth on each side of the clip, so people with thicker hair won't have this issue. These clips are gorgeous. It is definitely worth the money. I just wanted to say that they've been holding up well, after more than a year of wearing them. I still love them. Normally, I just twist my hair in a small bun and place the clip over it, because I am pretty lazy with my hair. It looks pretty and holds up well. The flowers are undamaged. One of the clips has lost its first tooth after a year of use. Considering how much I use them, I think that's good.

👤The clips are small for a child or small haired person. The pincher of the clip is not covered with ribbon. It looks like it has three pieces, one in the left, one in the right and one in the center.

👤I bought the same thing off of WISH. I liked it. It is hard for me to keep my hair up with my hair down to my hips. Thankfully for the company, I took my WISH off in the bathroom, but my finger slipped and it fell. The danged thing shattered when it crashed to the floor. I searched high and low for a replacement after that. There is a I found these! You get four of them. I wear the red one mostly because it looks great with my long blonde hair. These are not dead. It keeps my hair secure, and I get many comments for it. The hinge is tight and firm.

👤The bows are cute but the clip is too large. I pulled all the bows off and put a bobby pin on them.

👤One came undone. Any suggestions?

👤The flowers don't cover the hair clip in the pictures. They are well made and comfortable. I have been wearing them without any problems. They should have covered the clips in the pictures.

👤The picture shows that it doesn't create a full rose with normal hair. I should have thought about the fact that it has to be open all the way to make a rose. I am happy I only got 4 packs, they are bigger than I expected. The photo gives misleading proportions. Unless you have a mountain of thick hair.

9. Pieces Hairpin Styling Accessories Assorted

Pieces Hairpin Styling Accessories Assorted

The hair stick is made of quality metal alloy material with glossy and smooth surface, comfortable and lightweight to wear, sturdy and durable for long time using. You will get a 3.5 Inches metal hair fork, 8 pieces hair fork clips in classic color, simple but decorative, will match with your various dresses and give you an elegant look. The hair fork is a versatile styling tool, it can be used for a variety of hair types, like thick or fine, long or short, and is suitable for most women and girls with various hair types. It's suitable for most occasions, from daily wear to wedding, party, meeting, and more, it's nice for you to create a quick and easy hairstyle. Simple yet chic hair fork clips in wave shape design will be a good gift for your family, friends, girlfriend, wife, mom, daughter, sister and yourself.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤I have long hair and have been looking for something that would hold it in a bun. I use two of them to hold the back of my hair up and they don't slide out.

👤It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. It stays in my hair.

👤I have long hair and have to keep it in a bun. I have to redo my bun every now and then because the hair ties don't hold all my hair. These were life saving. I do my bun in the morning when I'm getting ready. Even after I get home, it holds.

👤This was my second purchase. I am free of headaches caused by pins. One comb was enough to hold my twist in place.

👤I only received 7 of the 8 combs because the colors didn't match. They do a good job.

👤They did not hold in my hair. They were very nice. I didn't pull hair out when I removed it. Well made, not flimsy.

10. EBoot Crystal Rhinestone Storage Accessories

EBoot Crystal Rhinestone Storage Accessories

The hair pins are packed in a plastic box, you can store them in the plastic box or carry them in a bag. The flower crystal hair pins are easy to handle and carry. Occasions include proms, parties, wedding, daily life and more special occasions. These flower hair accessories are made of alloy and have a beautiful design, good assistant for your make up and easy to style your hair. The white hair clips are glitters in the light and make you look more attractive.

Brand: Eboot

👤The flowers on the top of the pins point upwards, unless we could put the pins in a different position. The flower came off when we tried to bend them. It was difficult to bend the pin. I'm going to try to do that with some pliers, and see if I can do it. The pins are long, so they kept pushing out when I moved. Maybe cutting them would help. If I can figure out a way to fix these issues, I'll update them.

👤The product was described and shipped well. The ends of the pins pull fine hairs. The pins we bought at the store have a smooth rounded ball on the end, which helps them slide into the hair. I have attached a photo to show the difference. I used these to make a braid. My daughter's hair is thick and she was hurt by pushing the puns into it. I am reluctant to use the word "injury" because it is not an injury and the little girl is getting her hair fixed. If you plan on using this product on someone who is tenderheaded, consider the blunt ends.

👤We're always looking for hair accessories that are cheap and durable, and stay in for dance conventions. We were pleasantly surprised when we bought these for my daughter's last convention. The pins can be used for a full day of dancing. We can use them again because they stayed put and didn't bend. Even though they were small, they had a nice sparkle and were easily seen in the style. The pins were in a flimsy plastic container, but had a velvet-like pouch to hold them after. I'm sure we'll be using them again.

👤I bought it for the wedding where I was. They did a nice job. You get what you pay for because the decorations came off. I had to check my hair before putting it in. Since there was more than enough it served its purpose.

👤These star shaped hairpins are the perfect accessory for updo's and buns. They are strong enough to pin up hair on their own. They are perfect for dancers.

👤They were adorable and looked great. I didn't know how many came in one unit. I had a lot to do. The bag they give to keep them together was perfect for my purse and not the bottom of a bag. If I had time, I would have made these by hand. These were great and on time.

👤Very beautiful. I leave a trail of them all over because they don't tighten at all. If wearing in a wedding, make sure they are fastened with a bobby pin. They need alot to make them stay and they are more for up do's.

👤Many of them were broken in a ripped box. I need them for an event in 2 days. I don't have a back up plan, so I will have to get a new one. I don't recommend.

👤I bought these for my friend and she said she needed something to jazz up her hair for a wedding. It can be difficult to use things with curly hair. These were held in place without the diamant√© catching. I could practice where I wanted them without ruining my hair.

11. Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Hairpin Hairstyle

Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Hairpin Hairstyle

You will receive 5 vintage hair sticks in 5 different colors. You have more choices because of the quantity and colors. The Vintage design of these double prong hair pins make them ideal for any hair styling. The crystal rhinestone hairpin is made of alloy and is durable. The top surface is decorated with jewels. The metal hair forks are designed to show your elegance. It's a good fit for most formal and casual occasions. The double prong hairpin is an ideal gift. You can send it as a gift to someone on a holiday or occasion.

Brand: Waydress

👤Love them. They are easy to use. There were a couple of missing sticks. If there had been no flaws, it would have made them an obvious 5 stars.

👤The pins are not dangerous to look at. They are not perfect. When you put it on and off, they have small indents on the edges. It takes out your hair every time you try to pull it out. Not a good product. Do not recommend it. It received 2 stars for the looks and timely shipping.

👤I have a similar style one that I bought years ago and it was wonderful. I get what I paid for when I see these, 5 for the price of one amd, but I won't keep my hair. It is a shame that they are beautiful. That's right.

👤Love the hair forks.

👤The ones that I received had rough spots in the design so you can't get it in and out of your hair easily.

👤They are beautiful, but make my hair hurt.

👤The product doesn't hold hair well when used with both pins. The color is now black.

👤Very pretty. There was bling on both sides. I still love the forks, but I wish they had a bend design.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins for buns?

Decorative hair pins for buns products from Fsmiling. In this article about decorative hair pins for buns you can see why people choose the product. Willbond and Artio are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins for buns.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins for buns?

Fsmiling, Willbond and Artio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins for buns. Find the detail in this article. Diane, Rustark and Bememo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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