Best Decorative Hair Pins for Updos

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1. Rhinestone Barrette Sunflower Accessories Decoration

Rhinestone Barrette Sunflower Accessories Decoration

You will receive 10 pieces of vintage crystal hair pins in 5 different styles, sufficient quantity and various styles can meet your demands of application and change to decorate your hair in daily life, you can also share with your friends and family. There are different size tone hair pins that you can choose from, they measure approx. It is appropriate for your hair to be from 2.5 inches to 3 inches. The vintage bobby pins are made of quality material, light weight, not easy to break, and can last for a long time. The crystal hair barrette is made of fine workmanship, with a variety of styles you can choose, and it may glitter on the sunshine, showing your charm. Their metal hair clips can be used for decorating your hair, fixing the position of your hair when making up, and cleaning your face, and they are suitable for many hair styles.

Brand: Waydress

👤They're pretty. I had a hard time using them. Not enough. Difficult to open. It's not right.

👤Beautiful hair pins! They are a great gift.

👤It was supposed to arrive before the 31st. I can't wear my hair as planned because I didn't update that it wouldn't until the day.

👤The hair pins are worth the money.

2. InSowni Butterfly Alligator Barrettes Accessories

InSowni Butterfly Alligator Barrettes Accessories

The bobby pin is made from high quality copper and alloy. Vintage hair clips are made from high quality material. The color is Bronze. It's special for you. Please see the size photo on the left for girls and women to wear. Various beautiful patterns include flower, bow, butterfly, leaf, feather, note and geometry meet different demands of you. It's suitable for daily wear or special occasions. Also can be used as a gift for a loved one.

Brand: Insowni

👤The pin was hard to open. It doesn't hold a lot of hair. I threw them away.

👤I really liked these. I thought they were cute. I think they would dress up. I will order more because I will lose them. Not on purpose. For $13? It is much cheaper than anything you would buy in a store.

👤I have long hair. The barrettes are pretty. If I got my hair all in the barrette, it pulled it out. My friend with straight, thin hair is very pleased with them.

👤The hair pins were too tight. It almost pulls your hair out if you have to remove them.

👤I have multicolor hair and these decorative bobby pins are perfect for giving it a little twist and holding it all day. I have to be careful when I remove them because they are very sturdy and I don't want to rip my hair out. One of the pins is a little longer and wider than a regular bobby pin, and has no ripples, which is something I have never seen before. It holds as well as the other pins, perhaps holding a little more hair because of its size.

👤It is beautiful and study. It was too tight to use with comfort. I will use them for special occasions, but not everyday. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤Too heavy. Don't hold well. A bead is missing. Will come back.

👤I damage my hair and throw it in the trash.

3. Twister Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Special

Twister Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Special

A set of white flowers with a crystal center accent. Each flower is set in a silver tone light weight coil for convenience and comfort. The spirals make it easy to add a flower to a hairstyle. The decorative hair coils are great for both long and short hair. This is a great accessory for a wedding, communion, party, prom, birthdays, and any other special occasions.

Brand: Cb Accessories

👤Two of eight were broken. Amazon thought it would be great to put them in a big box with other hard things and just a little bit of air padding, since they come in only a ziplock bag. Just five stars for the twists, but make sure you order them alone, or only with soft stuff.

👤My sister's wedding was attended by me as maid-of-honor. The flowers looked perfect, I used these and did a dual faux-waterfall-braid. It was clear that the white acrylic was high quality. There is a picture of one side attached. Both sides were the same. There is a I used too much hair spray, but it stayed in well. The only downside was that they were hard to spin into all the scuplture I used, and that they occasionally get caught and are hard to remove without messing up the hair. I tried to prevent fly-aways by turning her head to plastic. Sometimes curly hair is hard. I was not the one wearing them. It is definitely worth the price.

👤It was used for a party. It can be difficult to remove if you don't secure it, because if you don't it will fall. I put it under the elastic of the hair band and it stays put all day.

👤They broke my daughter's hair when they put them in. They would break if you touched them.

👤These are high quality materials. It looks great in messy hair. It's great for pictures of any kind.

👤It's nice if you can get them in and out without hair being tied up. The head will come off if you put a lot of pressure on it.

👤I got a second set of these. I used these in my hair on my wedding day, and my hairdresser bragged about how nice they were. I like that they twist into your hair. It keeps my hair from falling out of my hair. The parts of my hair that were slippery stayed put. When my bangs were smooth, I was particularly interested. If your hair is slippery, they can slide down. Even though I was dancing all night, most of my friends stayed put. I am a crazy dancer. Lots of people jumping around. I will definitely keep them, but not sure when I'll use them again.

👤The product looks just like the picture. It was difficult to get them in your hair without the spring part showing. I used them for my nephew's 8th birthday.

4. Pieces Simple Hairpins Chignon Accessories

Pieces Simple Hairpins Chignon Accessories

The package includes 6 pieces metal U shaped hairpins in a bright color, enough for long time use. The U shaped hairpins are made of quality metal and are not easy to break, rustproof and not be deformed easily. These fork sticks are nice-looking and vintage, can be an elegant addition for party, fit for many occasions such as wedding, themed party, birthday, ceremony, anniversary, dancing prom and so on. The grips with proper length hold hair in place firmly and will not fall out as they are very close and tight, while the clip is easy to remove without pain or struggle, helping girls and women to design different hairstyle, such as chignon, bridal updos, hair These fork sticks are a great Christmas present to send to your friends, sisters, girlfriend, wife and mom, they can wear them when attending parties or other celebrations, also suitable for daily life.

Brand: Willbond

👤The tips of my hair get caught in them as I set them in place. If I don't put them on the top of my bun, they will slip off. They are strong and sturdy.

👤These are pretty. They are not flimsy at all. They are not slick but they are not rough at all, sliding nicely into your hair and holding it. They are the right size for a french twist or bun, and I use two for those to hold it. I made a french twist with three showing the end and it looked very nice. Overall, recommend! For less than a single hair fork, you can get three silver, three gold, and three gold coins.

👤I have a lot of long hair and have been trying to use them while doing chores around the house. At and below the back. If your hair is slick, they will slide out of it. I don't have textured hair. They are heavy for their size, but there is a bit of a learning curve when using them and keeping them in your up do, if you are active with chores. These would work well in formal settings, where you are waiting on someone and not wiping around.

👤I've used hair clips/picks like this before but they are really great. The finish and metal give me a better grip on my hair. One alone tends to hold it, two make it pretty secure and three would nail it in place. I have long hair and it's great!

👤I have to use at least two hair pins with my long hair. It is the middle of my shoulder blades and over all a fine texture. I would buy these again, but I wanted to add that you need to use two to get a nice firm hold.

👤These are love, love, love. I have long hair. Bobby pins come back out. Thea are strong enough to hold my hair in place. I wish I had known about them earlier.

👤The hair forks were supposed to be gold and silver. The package says 6. There are three gold. There was no silver. Half of the content is missing so they are going back to normal.

👤The French twist in the air. I don't have to worry about damaging my hair from elastics because I have these pins.

👤I spent $18 for one hair pin when it said it was a set of six. There are three silver pins missing and two gold ones missing from my order. It was honestly scam.

👤Capelli ricci e decisamente. There is a Duravano ben poco, dovevo usarne almeno due e risistemare. I capelli pi. I capelli ha l'abitudine di raccogliere. Non hanno malleabilit, ovvio, essendo di metallo. Non possano essere sui capelli lisci, ma la mia massa ricciuta, resta in ordine per tutto il giorno.

👤Angenehm, tragen. Ihren Haare drauf ist das, manchmal brauche 2-3. Ihren klasse aus, qualitt finde I gut, sondern leicht biegsam. Is ist angenehm. Man ist damit mal eben schnell, die Haare wegstecken und es ist klasse aus. 3x gold and 3x silber. There is a Ich bin!

5. Cellulose Acetate Tortoise U Shaped Chignon

Cellulose Acetate Tortoise U Shaped Chignon

The U shaped hair pins are made of quality cellulose acetate and are rot-free and easy to clean. The smooth edge of the hair pins makes them easy to slide into your bun without hair damage, and they feature classic tortoise shell patterns. If you need bookmarks, this hair sticks can be applied as they are. The chignon pin is about the same size. 4 inch long, so easy to clip on even thick hair, can hold and decorate your bun hair well, proper size that is suitable for women, teens or girl. The package includes 4 pieces tortoise shell U-shaped hair pins in 2 colors, nice for wedding, birthday, themed party, anniversary, ceremony, dancing prom and so on.

Brand: Willbond

👤The item looks good, but it did not work for me. I have thick African hair that is relaxing and these pins fell out when I tried to use them. I returned them.

👤It was very niceley made, but it was a lot less expensive than Nordstrom. The price is also great.

👤I won't stay in long hair. They fall out.

👤These work well. No complaints!

👤I only gave 4 stars because they wouldn't stay in my thick hair. I wanted them to work for me.

👤I tend to lose my hair. I can secure the pins.

👤I can put my hair in a bun.

👤I was a bit hesitant to order as I was unsure about the quality of the product. I was very happy to find that they are thick and made of nice, thick acetate. I have spent a lot more on hair clips that are useless. There is a The only other thing that will hold my thick, waist length hair in a bun all day is the hair pins. I don't mind if I have two in my bun. I had to order a set of one for my mum because she loved it so much. They look classy in the tortoiseshell colour. If you're trying to find clips or hair ties that will hold your bun, these are the ones for you.

👤Good quality product, sleek and stylish. How much pakcaging it comes in? Each individual pin is packed in a small plastic bag and then 4 of them are put into another bag. The bags are not recyclable. There is a They should know more about the impact of 1 of these sets on the environment.

👤Unfortunately, do nothing for my hair. I don't have a bun for more than 10 minutes until I move from my desk, and I have waist length straight hair. I love the idea and they are well made, so I was hoping they would work for me.

👤I did not like the quality of these and they would not stay in my hair. I've tried the twisting backwards technique and it's fantastic. I would buy them again as they were great value.

👤They couldn't hold it in my thick long hair.

6. Chinese AUHOKY Decorative Chopsticks Accessory

Chinese AUHOKY Decorative Chopsticks Accessory

Premium Material is made of quality bronze with refined crafts, durable and sturdy, not easy to fade, serve for a long- lasting use. Classic and VintageAdopt elegant and retro elements, simple but dainty, not only embellishes your hair, but also achieve graceful and sweet temperament, make you looks more attractive and win much compliments when wearing anywhere. It's for fixing your hairstyle in place firmly, suitable for an assortment of different hair styles. For most women and girls, a wedding, party, festival, ceremony is a good time to apply. They can be used as a bookmark. Antique hair pins with delicate patterns can be aAdorable Gift for Mother. They will love it. You can also share the package with your family and friends.

Brand: Auhoky

👤One of the designs has a small break/casting flaw and many arrived slightly bent, but I'm not entirely dissatisfied and quite like some of the designs. I was able to bend them mostly back into shape with my bare hands, but I'm concerned about the quality of the metal. It's not bronze, but cheap iron or steel with a chemical finish to achieve the color. If you sand them back, the metal underneath is silver in color and no longer matches the rest. It's not terrible for cheap bulk hair accessories, but a sturdy pair of chopsticks will probably serve you better.

👤My daughter has long hair. She had plastic ones that were bendy. I was hoping metal would be good. These must not be metal all the way through because they snap in half. For someone with thin hair, they may be ok.

👤I put a hair stick in my hair and it pulls it. They are pretty, but painful. Some of them are not smooth and some are bent, but they are not unhappy with the purchase. Not happy either. I'm going to see if I can file the edges down.

👤I really like these! The designs with two prongs are more flexible than the ones with one, but I like them more because I am more able to get away with just one. I think it's more about my skill level than the product. I wear these a lot as I love having my hair out of the way. I can not compare this set to any other set I have purchased, but I am a fan of this collection.

👤I like them. There are a few that are not strong. The two prongs and the ones that aren't flat are the only ones that won't break. I like them. It wasn't a big deal to me because I suspected something was wrong with a couple from the price and quantity. I wanted to let it be known. I wear them everyday and love them. Because they are metal, some fall out of you, no matter how tight they are.

👤I tried to put it in my hair but it broke. Most hair accessories slide out of my hair, it's not thick but a lot there. I was hopeful, but they don't hold. I had to put my hair in a bun.

👤I love these hair sticks. They are strong and easy to use. The smooth hair sticks won't cause any breakage because they don't catch on your hair. These are heavy duty, so if you have thick or long hair, they will hold it in place in a bun or any other style you may use. It is well made and will last a long time.

👤The hold my hair. I don't need a ponytail or pins. The semi antic bronze color makes them look nice. You get a lot of them for the price.

👤Tiene una calidad superior. Material de metal is durable. Recomiendo.

👤Hermosos de prcticos de usar me encantaron excelente material tipo acero.

7. Keadic Crystal Rhinestone Assortment Accessories

Keadic Crystal Rhinestone Assortment Accessories

Due to their simple and elegant design, they are very suitable for weddings, prom, party, date night and even daily wear. 1. The multicolor shiny crystal hair pins are different to other single color hair pins set in the market, their bridal hairpin assortment kit prepared 10 popular colors rose flower rhinestone hair clips for you, as picture shows, containing all classic colors suitable for various formal occasions. 2. The bright color of the flowers will make the updo hairdo sparkle. These crystal hairpins accessories are a great choice for your daughter's dance recital, or for your best friend's wedding. 3. The curves texture of the U shaped hairpins make them not easy to fall off even on slippery hair, and they fit for all ages. Adding items to your hair will make it more sturdy. 4. These crystal hair clips are suitable for women of all ages, they are easy to make your own hairstyle, stylish on various parties, and suitable for women of all ages. 5. Are you still confused about what kind of gift to give to your friends on major festivals like christmas, birthday party, and thanksgiving? The hair pins are a great gift for all the women and girls. 5. Are you still confused about what kind of gift to give to your friends on major festivals like christmas, birthday party, and thanksgiving? The hair pins are a great gift for all the women and girls.

Brand: Keadic

👤This was a great find for me. Every color is attractive because you get so much for your money. They stayed put for 12 hours. A lot of the pins that you get are gorgeous and work great. I found a good deal for hair bling.

👤I will probably never use the brown ones, but it is nice to have variety. This is the only option that I found that would allow me to get multiple colors.

👤I bought multiple sets of all the colors so I could go rainbow or monopolize. They work well. I plan to buy again.

👤This hair jewelry is gorgeous. The price is great. It's perfect for both casual and formal. There is a serious requirement.

8. Unicra Wedding Decorative Accessories Bridesmaids

Unicra Wedding Decorative Accessories Bridesmaids

The Pack of 2 contains alloy wire, rhinestones and pin. Approx Size: 4.2 * 3.4 Inches (10.6 * 8.6 cm); Color: Silver. There are handmade hair pins for weddings and other occasions. The bridal hair pins are made from silver wire, rhinestones and pins. You can wear this in your hair style. The floral pins give you a unique look. Due to hand measure, the size may be 2 cm/1 inch inaccuracy, and the color may be little different, thanks for your understanding!

Brand: Unicra

👤The first two photos with the blonde model are small and dainty for my bridesmaids. If you look at the third photo with darker hair, it's either a different item than the first two, or the first two pics were altered to appear smaller. Don't order if you are expecting the item in the first two photos. Returned for a reason.

👤These were amazing. I spent over $200 on a hair pin for my wedding. I bought a few for my maid of honor. I used this one for our ceremony. This is just as beautiful as the $200 pin. I only needed 1 because they are a set. You can't beat the price. I had to secure it with Bobby pins, but once they were in place, I was good to go. A touch of sparkle adds to your hairstyle.

👤Beautiful hair pins! They were used for my wedding. They were all the same product and looked gorgeous in pictures. They look very high end compared to the price. I would recommend them to anyone. My sister and I used one pack for our hair, and my flower girls had one in their hair.

👤I used these on my wedding day, and I had so many nice things to say about them. They were of great quality. They are bendable so you can form them to your head or another direction. The options were a bonus.

👤I love this! I did not need to put it down with Bobby pins. It's easy! Bobby pins could help with some styles. It's as light as it could possibly be. There is a The second picture has both hair pins in it. It was a bit much. I prefer the first picture.

👤They are pretty and bend to form how you need them to be. I made them for a mother-of-the-groom touch.

👤I was worried that these would stay. They stayed all day because of the quality. I got a lot of praise for them. The gemstones are not cheap or flimsy like most things of this nature.

👤The two pieces were perfect for my hair. They had long comb pins when they went in. They stayed in the entire night because my hairdresser used extra pins to secure them. They are ideal for any hairstyle.

👤This was pretty and delicate. This price is a steal. The silver work around it makes it so beautiful, perfect for my wedding. My friend wore it on her wedding day.

9. EBoot Crystal Rhinestone Storage Accessories

EBoot Crystal Rhinestone Storage Accessories

The hair pins are packed in a plastic box, you can store them in the plastic box or carry them in a bag. The flower crystal hair pins are easy to handle and carry. Occasions include proms, parties, wedding, daily life and more special occasions. These flower hair accessories are made of alloy and have a beautiful design, good assistant for your make up and easy to style your hair. The white hair clips are glitters in the light and make you look more attractive.

Brand: Eboot

👤The flowers on the top of the pins point upwards, unless we could put the pins in a different position. The flower came off when we tried to bend them. It was difficult to bend the pin. I'm going to try to do that with some pliers, and see if I can do it. The pins are long, so they kept pushing out when I moved. Maybe cutting them would help. If I can figure out a way to fix these issues, I'll update them.

👤The product was described and shipped well. The ends of the pins pull fine hairs. The pins we bought at the store have a smooth rounded ball on the end, which helps them slide into the hair. I have attached a photo to show the difference. I used these to make a braid. My daughter's hair is thick and she was hurt by pushing the puns into it. I am reluctant to use the word "injury" because it is not an injury and the little girl is getting her hair fixed. If you plan on using this product on someone who is tenderheaded, consider the blunt ends.

👤We're always looking for hair accessories that are cheap and durable, and stay in for dance conventions. We were pleasantly surprised when we bought these for my daughter's last convention. The pins can be used for a full day of dancing. We can use them again because they stayed put and didn't bend. Even though they were small, they had a nice sparkle and were easily seen in the style. The pins were in a flimsy plastic container, but had a velvet-like pouch to hold them after. I'm sure we'll be using them again.

👤I bought it for the wedding where I was. They did a nice job. You get what you pay for because the decorations came off. I had to check my hair before putting it in. Since there was more than enough it served its purpose.

👤These star shaped hairpins are the perfect accessory for updo's and buns. They are strong enough to pin up hair on their own. They are perfect for dancers.

👤They were adorable and looked great. I didn't know how many came in one unit. I had a lot to do. The bag they give to keep them together was perfect for my purse and not the bottom of a bag. If I had time, I would have made these by hand. These were great and on time.

👤Very beautiful. I leave a trail of them all over because they don't tighten at all. If wearing in a wedding, make sure they are fastened with a bobby pin. They need alot to make them stay and they are more for up do's.

👤Many of them were broken in a ripped box. I need them for an event in 2 days. I don't have a back up plan, so I will have to get a new one. I don't recommend.

👤I bought these for my friend and she said she needed something to jazz up her hair for a wedding. It can be difficult to use things with curly hair. These were held in place without the diamant√© catching. I could practice where I wanted them without ruining my hair.

10. Pieces Hairpin Styling Accessories Assorted

Pieces Hairpin Styling Accessories Assorted

The hair stick is made of quality metal alloy material with glossy and smooth surface, comfortable and lightweight to wear, sturdy and wear resistant for long time using. 6 pieces of hair fork clips in 3 classic colors, including 2 pieces of gold, 2 pieces of silver and 2 pieces of rose gold, they are simple but decorative, will match with your various dresses and give you an elegant look. The hair fork is a versatile styling tool, it can be used for a variety of hair types, like thick or fine, long or short, and is suitable for most women and girls with various hair types. You can wear the hair side comb for work, dating, school, and more, it's nice for you to create a quick and easy hairstyle. Simple yet chic hair fork clips in wave shape design will be a good gift for your family, friends, girlfriend, wife, mom, daughter, sister and yourself.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤I have long hair because it grows fast. I'm too lazy to cut it as frequently as it would need. I put it up in a high bun and don't do anything with it. I use hair pins and hair sticks. I was looking for new hair sticks. They are amazing! I use 2, one side for extra security. I can make a bun without a hair tie. My hair does not slide out with hair sticks or pins. It's a problem to have smooth hair. It doesn't hang lose very well and it doesn't curl.

👤I have long hair that I keep up all day. I have been happy with these hair forks. I have had this set for a few months now and have bought more to share with my sisters in law. There is a There were no headaches from these- no torn hair, no poking my head or neck. I don't put these in my hair. It is interesting how they work and feel. I only need one at a time for my buns, but if you have thicker or curly hair two at a time on opposite sides would work great. These have been in my hair for a long time and have not faded or cracked. I left a couple in the shower and they are perfect. I was skeptical of the finishes when they arrived. They have and are still. I used to wear a lot of things, but these hair forks have worked as well as anything else. It's seriously. I recommend these to anyone that wears their hair up.

👤My hair is not damaged. These keep my hair in place. I love them!

👤I don't think I'll buy another hair accessory again. I can make a bun that will hold it in place all day.

👤I have been trying to use less hair ties. This was the perfect answer to the question. I can sleep with it and my hair is still in a bun when I wake up because they stay in place. Don't judge me. I will buy more.

👤After my hair became damaged, I put it up into a french bun, but regular bobby pins didn't really do the job unless I used 50! I'm very happy I bought these. Because they have 4 power sources. You use less to hold your hair in place because you can catch more hair. You can either push them in under your bun or leave the edges showing. They don't lose their shine when they put on their hair products. I love these! I would have preferred a pack of all rose gold.

👤I bought these because I wanted to use a claw clip instead of bun up my hair. I had to watch a few videos on how to make these work for my hair, but once I got the hang of it, they worked perfectly. Most clips don't hold my hair. I use one on either side of the bun to hold the bun for most of the day. There is a I suggest you make your own combs, there are other styles you can use.

11. Diane Hair Pins Assorted Black

Diane Hair Pins Assorted Black

The Diane hair pins include 100 pins per card, providing 30 - 3-inch pins, 30 - 2;5-inch pins, and 40 - 1;75-inch pins to handle and hold various hair styling needs. The black hair pins are made of premium quality metal and feature a waved spiral design that won't easily break and will hold hair securely in place. If you want to go for a fancy updo for a wedding or formal event, use their hair pins for it. It is safe and convenient. The pins are easy to remove without damaging your hair and the coated ball tips prevent scratching. Women and girls with long hair or short hair can use these hair pins to style their hair.

Brand: Diane

👤I love using hair pins. People who didn't pay attention to what they bought and assumed they were getting Bobby PINS were the ones who wrote the negative reviews. These hair pins are used for buns and updos. I like the size assortment because it allows me to pin up my natural hair in two different sizes, while the small ones are great for my daughter's hair or a wig. I have long hair and can put my hair in a bun with a few long pins. The ball ends of these pins are very smooth and do not catch in the hair like cheap pins do. They are sturdy and hold their shape well. It is an unbeatable value and I will order more packs. I only used the pins once when I wrote the review. The pins can only be used once or twice before all of the black coating is gone. For the low price, I didn't expect a premium product, so I'm still giving three stars for the ball ends. I use these to put my hair in a bun all day long and even sleep in. I can't even feel them because they are so comfortable.

👤I bought these by mistake. I have long, thin hair and regular bobby pins don't always hold it in place. I have to redo them all the time. I can tuck my hair away with these hair pins. It's great for pinning my hair up. When I do a bun, I can tuck in any shorter bits without affecting the overall shape. I have never used hair pins. I am now a converted person. They are not damaging. The pins distribute the weight over a wider section of my head, which makes them less painful than other methods. I feel like I could pull off a really soft updo with these pins and that it would last. How to use. I place the section between the pins if I want to, by twisting a piece of hair. I put it where I want it to go and slide it sideways. Another way to do it is by flipping it over completely and securing it back into the original section of hair, which creates additional volume and poof, something I need... I can use them to refresh my hair without using a mirror. There is a I wish they were available in brown. The pins are pretty much invisible once you slide them in, but I couldn't find a brown one, that would work better with my hair color.

👤I didn't buy these for my hair. They're going to put my plants in the soil to grow more fully. I used wire-cutting pliers to get them to the right size. I used long pieces to make a new pin. I wouldn't waste them. It bends easily. I'm not sure how they work for hair. I am thankful to find these. There are hair pins in stores.

👤A lot of the reviewers don't know how to use hair pins. There are hair pins. You slide it in a little, then turn and slide it in another direction. They are not as damaging as bobby pins, which can cause damage. If you are looking for something to use as a barrette, you will probably want to use hair pins. They are great for buns and updos and are best for long hair. There is a The balls are smooth and sturdy. The black coating does wear off, but it doesn't affect the performance. These are better than other hair pins I've tried, and are cheap as well.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins for updos?

Decorative hair pins for updos products from Waydress. In this article about decorative hair pins for updos you can see why people choose the product. Insowni and Cb Accessories are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins for updos.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins for updos?

Waydress, Insowni and Cb Accessories are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins for updos. Find the detail in this article. Willbond, Willbond and Auhoky are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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