Best Decorative Hair Pins for Women

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1. Pieces Rhinestone Bobby Crystal Decorations

Pieces Rhinestone Bobby Crystal Decorations

The simple design of the Rhinestone bobby pin makes you attractive in the crowd. They can serve you for a long time due to their durability. They can be used for wedding and parties, they can match with other hair pins and present unique styles. Each hair pin is 6 cm/ 2.36 inches long and easy to fix. Enough hair pins for your daily use.

Brand: Tecunite

👤Very pretty. The pictures don't do it justice. They hold the hair back better than pins. I only need one on both sides, not the two that I need. They are easier to put on and off than bobby pins. I think it's worth it because they hold my hair better than bobby pins.

👤These are functional and keep my style in place on my thick curly hair. These pins are a steal, other pins that I have bought for aesthetic haven't held up in my hair.

👤I loved these. They held my hair in place and added a sparkle.

👤When I get dressed for a party, I like to wear bling. I wore them for the prom and they looked beautiful when the lights hit them or brought class to my look, but they also held up well while I danced with more energy and enthusiasm than any other person on the dance floor. The jewels pull on the hair when you take them out, but the strength of their hold makes them worth it.

👤It's pretty. The stones are smaller than expected. They are pretty and have good hold. They are more curved than normal pins, but that doesn't seem to affect their effectiveness in either way. They get 3 stars instead of 5 because they don't sparkle as much as expected when you order something with rhinestones.

👤Don't waste your money. This is a product. When you get it onto your hair, it's aclhallenge. Do not use this on a child's hair. This product was very disappointing. It is not smooth on both ends. Your hair is wrapped around. I would like to return this item.

👤These pins don't have the "Give" they need to securely hold onto your hair, unlike regular bobby pins which can easily expand to grab onto your hair. One pin wouldn't open. I'm not sure if I will keep them or not. I was somewhat disappointed with the overall look of the pins, they looked a bit smaller than they looked in the pictures.

👤I wear my hair in a bun or pulled back because of the thin hair and I have problems opening the pins due to arthritis and lack of strength in my fingers and hands. When I pull them out, my thin hair tends to break since I can't open them and allow my delicate hair not to be pulled. For people with normal hair, these would be great, but for me, it's not enough, I need something to help my hair.

2. Colorful Vintage Flower Barrettes Accessories

Colorful Vintage Flower Barrettes Accessories

There is no problem in matching these four colors with any outfits or occasions. The bright colors are great for summer dresses, and they look great in dress-up occasions such as weddings. There is a floral hair cut. There are four barrettes with details of flowers, leaves, and butterflies. They are made from copper and have beautiful colors. You can see the veins on the leaves if you look closely. The total length of each barrette is 3.3in. For keeping hair out of the face and for half-up hairdos, the barrettes are great. Medium to thick hair can use the barrettes. They are strong and can hold up all day. It may feel heavy for people with thin hair. There is a gift box. The barrettes are packaged in a gift box. It is a great gift idea for a girlfriend, wife, girl pal or female colleague at work and is perfect for birthdays and Christmas.

Brand: Lizzie Kay

👤I bought a collection of 4 colors. They are so much better in quality and beauty than I had thought, for the price of $3.38 each, which is more or less what I had expected. There is a They were nestled in the protective wrapper of the gift box. The mechanism is better than most of my other barrettes, and they were stunning. I hope you will give yourself this gift as well because I am very pleased with these beautiful ones.

👤I bought 2 different sets of barrettes, they are sturdy and big enough to hold my thick hair, nice heavy feeling. My hair is very thick and curly, but I blew it dry in the photos. All of them are beautiful. Is it a stretch? They are metal! I don't understand the question or they don't stretch. You can't see through them, isn't that the point? It's easy to close and open. These have turned into my favorite barrettes. I have bought many that break at the drop of a hat. The person pictured went through a test. She pulls all my hair out, but she couldn't get this one out. It's good! She was given it to play with. It is brand new when she returns it to me. My hair is well held and beautiful. I can not recommend these enough. It's worth every penny. I bought both of them because I couldn't decide which set I liked better. I believe these will last for a long time if not forever.

👤Excellent purchase for thick hair. The French double clasp is free from movement. There are two or three on either side or back. There is a Quarantine hair needs a haircut but is very pleased with the look of hair jewelry for the upcoming event. These are not for people with thick hair. There is a The price is good, but can still be matched.

👤These are very pretty. The bottom clip that is supposed to slide under the hair is shaped in a way that makes it difficult to get through. The bottom clip came off when I was trying to get in my hair. It went back together quickly. I used it up top with a small amount of hair in the clip. It was easy to remove. My hair is not very long. If you're trying to hold up your hair, they're not really functional. It works better as an accessory.

👤The barrettes are pretty. I thought that receiving four is a good cost for the price. These aren't the "most expensive, or best quality type barrettes" out there, but they are pretty. They have a major flaw. I'm not happy about it. It's a click/snap shut type. It would be fine. It is not made as well as the more expensive barrettes. It gets stuck and jams when I try to open it or close it, and I had a hard time taking the barrette out of my hair. I got it out of my hair after a few minutes, but it was stuck in my hair. This took more than a minute and a half. It's too long to take out a barrette. I would have given it a rating of four stars, but I had to give it less because of the reasons mentioned. I'll keep them because returning this would be a nuisance. I'll probably use them in crafts, but not in my hair. These are not worth the lower cost. I assure you.

3. Hedume Pieces Rhinestone Bobby Crystal

Hedume Pieces Rhinestone Bobby Crystal

48 pieces hair pins, 24 pieces gold hair pins, and 24 pieces silver hair pins are included in the value pack. Simple design hair clips made of shiny rhinestones will make you attractive and elegant. They can serve you for a long time due to their durability. The hair pin is 2.2 inch in length and easy to fix. Due to their simple and elegant design, they are very suitable for weddings, prom, party, date night and even daily wear.

Brand: Hedume

👤I was happy with the idea of adding bling to a regular pin. I knew my short hair would be exposed and now it looks pretty. They were the same to use as a regular pin. Not tacky looking.

👤I had a few with defects and it was not that bad. The crooked welds on the stones made them hang off the end. There were 2 missing stones in the whole pack. Hold very well.

👤These are practical and can dress my hair up any day. I purchase these.

👤It was nice for the money. It was used in a Christmas performance.

👤I'm going to order more of these gifts for friends.

👤Really nice. Getting off was difficult because of the tight fit. They look great.

4. Barrettes Butterfly Alligator Decorative Accessories

Barrettes Butterfly Alligator Decorative Accessories

The alligator clips are made of iron and have no rust or corroding. The small clips can be used for holding fine hair, and the long clips can be used for grip bun, bangs, or holding fine hair. The side combs can be used for buns, braids and thick hair. Variety Shapes The pack includes flower, butterfly, feather, leaf, and triangle shapes. The vintage bronze hair clips are great for themed-party, proms, or wedding bridal hair decorations. It's a great gift for your friends. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you are not satisfied with their product or service, please contact them for a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤You get what you pay for. I was not happy with the packaging. They were loose in a padded envelope. One of the Bobby pins was broken. There was a Bobby pin with 2 leafs bent. I was able to bend them back, but they are cheap. I will be returning them.

👤The clips are cheap and easy to break.

👤I'm a little annoyed that the bobby pins are placed upside down, but for the money, they're really pretty, elegant little accents to my hair. Don't expect this to hold your hair in place, but it works as a decorative element to be added after you put something stronger in.

👤I like the designs and the different styles. I don't like how easy it is to break them and when I took them fresh from the package one was broken and the other had a scratch. I was not expecting high quality, but I expected them without being damaged.

👤The verdict was: It's a great addition to any outfit. Work in thin hair will work for small or large head. It's a good idea to blend in with any brown hair color. None

👤More than half of the package was broken when it arrived.

👤Not comfortable. It was much bigger than I thought. I wouldn't purchase again. Not wearing more than half of them.

👤It's a plus for thin hair.

5. Tortoise Fashion Geometric Accessories Decoration

Tortoise Fashion Geometric Accessories Decoration

Sufficient quantity is enough for sharing with others, but also make it possible for long time use, as there are two pieces for each color in the decorative bobby pins set. There are seven colors for the decorative bobby pins for women, two of them are the color of tortoise shells, the other three are mixed colors, and the last two are beautiful white and pink, which remind you of soft feathers. Sturdy holder: these bobby pins can help you hold the hair in place tightly, suitable for different hairstyle, and they are flexible, which can be removed easily. The wide application of these fashion bobby pins is that they can be applied for daily wear or special occasions like anniversary, birthday and different festivals. The tortoise shell bobby pins are made of high quality material that can last for a long time and is very comfortable to wear.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤I took it out of the packaging and it broke as I wore it for 2 hours. Here's a photo of a broken one. They're cute and a nice size for my hair, but I'm completely disappointed someone would make a product like that for $10+. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤The piece pops off quickly. Unless you want to repair them yourself, you should not spend your money.

👤The first time I used them, the colorful strip broke. They're barely following it. The entire set fell apart in my hands. I have 14 gold hair pins with glue on them. Don't buy them! I know they're cute, but they're not.

👤I received them a few weeks ago. I love the variety of colors that I received. I tried putting in my hair and 3 of them broke. It was disappointing that the top separated from the glue. I can fix them with some glue, but still not good.

👤The decorative part of them snaps off when you put them in your hair. I will try to hot-glue them back on, otherwise it will be a regular gold tone barrette.

👤The Bobby pin has no protective coating so it can break your hair if you are not careful.

👤Cute but cheap. I tried to use one and it fell apart. Total waste of money! Purchase something made in the U.S.A. and save money.

👤The tortoise shell decorations came unglued, leaving me with tacky gold bobby pins. They are not well made.

6. Alligator Barrettes Butterfly Decorative Accessories

Alligator Barrettes Butterfly Decorative Accessories

The alligator hair clip and bobby pin are made from high quality metal. The hair clips look pretty and elegant because of their high quality material. Bright gold. Vintage color is special for you. The package contains 11 pairs of alligator hair clips and four pairs of bobby pins. Please see the size photo on the left for the appropriate size for women and girls. There are many beautiful hollow-carved designs, including bow, flower, butterfly, leaf, and dragonfly. Well-made hair clips can hold your hair in place. Different styles and sizes of barrettes can help you style your hair. It's suitable for daily wear or special occasions. It's a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Brand: Globalsupplier

👤These are hair clips and pins. They are a cheaper metal and a bit "snaggish" on the hair. The designs are fresh and current, I like them. I needed something to keep my bangs out of my face, so I bought these. These are perfect for the job.

👤It's a little difficult to handle. They are pretty. The clip didn't seem to be affected by the crooked ones. I found it difficult to work with thick hair. They do not hold hair well. I don't think they're great for practical use. I gave them to my mom, who has thin hair, and she loves them.

👤I have thin hair and they can't hold it in place. Sad.

👤These are both pretty and gold. I also bought the Bronze ones. They stay put in the hair when they take out. Very nice. I'm going to give my nieces some as a dainty gift in a cute box for Christmas and stocking stuffers.

👤I thought the clips were beautiful, but they click as I open them. It was expected for the price. The shapes are facing the wrong way. The back of the pin had a pendent on it. The ridge of the clip was facing the wrong way and it ripped my hair out. I will only be wearing two clips.

👤I love barrettes. They're pretty and sturdy. There is a nice selection of hair accessories.

👤These were everything I expected. They are sturdy, they hold well, and the gold is beautiful.

7. Messen Geometric Minimalist Accessories Barrettes

Messen Geometric Minimalist Accessories Barrettes

Gold hair pins are made of high quality metal alloy,Surface plated, with attractive metallic luster, lightweight, non-fading, durable, is the best way to your beautiful hair style, so that you are charming and elegant. 8 pieces geometric hair pins come in different styles and are great for making your own hair styles. STYLISH DESIGN Simple and fashionable design hair clips are delicate and shining and can be used to style different hair styles, whether you want a simple look or an updo for an elegant evening. It's easy to use different styles hair pins. You can also make your own hair accessories, and these barrettes are great to use as a base. The life time warranty. If you find that the product you received is not good, please contact me and I will give you a solution without any reason.

Brand: Messen

👤These hair pieces are easy to apply, but you have to pay attention to removing them. There is a These are good for thick hair and are very strong, which is good for my hair. There is a I decided to let my hair go back to its natural color. White hair is different when it comes to care. There is a The hair clips are great for keeping the hair in place, but when I want to remove the pins, they grab hold of my hair and pull on it. There is a White hair is more fragile than other hair colors because it has little to no pigmentation. There is a I would love these hair pieces if this was not a concern for me.

👤These are very cute and well made. My issue is that they twist when opening them to put in your hair making it a pain in the butt and the pins pull your hair out when you remove them. I think they are not coated like typical Bobby pins. They stay put and look great, but they pull your hair out when trying to remove it. I like them, but I need to figure out a plan to avoid losing my hair when I have to remove a pin.

👤The quality of these hair pins was good, but the Bobby pins were not the same. The gold Bobby pins I received were the same color as the ones in the picture. The Bobby pins hold their shape even though it is the case, because they pull your hair if you are not careful.

👤My teenager is tossing her hair jewelry around. She likes the size and weight of them, so she has been careful to keep them neat. She says they don't tangle her hair and she can barely feel them.

👤These hold up well. It was a challenge to get them in and out but once you get it right they are not going anywhere. They look great. Especially for the price.

👤They are well made and pretty. They tear my hair out no matter what I do. I try not to do too much with oil. I still pull my hair out.

👤I don't want to make the time for styling my hair, so I bought these to jazz up my simple hair styles. They dress up any style by adding sophistication, which is what I bought them for, but to my surprise they can hold a decent amount of hair, and I don't need to add any hair pins. Which I enjoy. I highly recommend these for anyone who is looking for an easy way to add flare to their hair.

👤I thought these were clips that you open and close. They are not. There is no movement to them. They are more like a tight Bobby pin that you have to pry open, too much, and they won't hold, too little, and there's no room for your hair. They get in my hair when I try to use them.

8. Decorative Barrettes Headpiece Accessories Rhinestone

Decorative Barrettes Headpiece Accessories Rhinestone

The fancy and rustic hairpins decorations are made from 100% handmade material and use last long time without fade. You can add glamour to your hair with shiny crystal, rhinestones, and flowers. There are 20 pieces of rose flower hair pins, 12 pieces of spiral hairclips, and 6 pieces of handcrafted side combs and hairpins, all in a 38 pack. The packing is great. The long U-shaped hairpins can be stored in a plastic box with a lid, and the pearl spiral pins can be clipped on the plastic card without loss. 38 hair pieces are packed in a plastic bag with other charming leaf and flower side combs and hair pins. These hair accessories and hair clips can help you get ready for your wedding, and you can use them to clean your hair out of your face. They always strive to provide a great satisfaction shopping experience and offer service guarantees. If you're not happy with their product or service, please let them know and they can give you a fast solution.

Brand: Lawie

👤Next week I will try them.

👤They were used for my wedding and niece's wedding.

👤They were used for my wedding. They are pretty and stay in my hair.

👤There is a great assortment of hair jewelry. It was exactly as described and arrived quickly.

👤It was bought for my sister's wedding. The pins are not worn yet. The colors haven't changed. Good quantity as well.

👤I bought these for my aunt.

9. Rhinestone Sparkling Barettes Decorative Accessories

Rhinestone Sparkling Barettes Decorative Accessories

It is simple and shiny, which makes you attractive in the crowd. They are easy to use and do not pull hair. 18 pieces in 9 colors, each color has 2 pieces, enough colors for you to match your hair colors and outfits. This is what you need to simplify your style. Even the simplest of hair styles can be highlighted. They are suitable for all hair styles and can be used with other hair pins.

Brand: Btyms

👤I returned my set because they don't function the way I need them to. I realized it was a style of pin called a "bobbie pin", but it is very difficult to open. They don't slide when you open them and put them in your hair. If you have another adult place them in your hair, you would be better off. I would love to see a barrette with a similar style, but with a more flexible metal material. Two stars for the look and value.

👤These are sturdy and pretty. It is difficult to get them out without tearing your hair. I have fine hair, so these are not useful to me.

👤I imagined them having a hinge which could be opened and closed because of the title. My mental picture was off. These are not hair clips. I don't like pins because they tear out my hair. If you want hair clips, don't get them, but if you like pins, try them. I can't find decorated hair clips. I would like to see someone create them. Look at the pictures I included. How much harder would it be to decorate image two? I would buy them.

👤These are what I expected. They aren't very high quality but they are fun. They have two of each color. There were only two small flaws in the 12 I received. One had a piece of jewelry that was missing. It looks like there is metal coming off. I thought I'd mention it.

👤These are not your average hair pins. They are gorgeous! You will not be disappointed. I get a compliment every time I wear them. Add to your collection today!

👤These are perfect and a great price. I was tired of using generic pins at work. They stay in my hair all day long. Get many for the price. If you are looking for a little sparkle in your hair, then you are in the right place. I haven't worn them enough to see any wear, but there are many backups that aren't too worried.

👤I cut my hair to shoulder length recently and sometimes I want to pull it back to keep hair out of my face. Bobby Pins are perfect for my thick hair because of the headaches they give me. I'm happy with the look and price, I hold my hair in place.

👤They looked like they came from the jewelers.

👤When I take out my hair, I rip it. If there is no hair left, it is not possible to use.

👤These are exactly what I 888-276-5932s were supposed to be. They seem strong and nice. They were wrapped individually and came in a nice felt pouch. Very happy with the purchase!

👤These clips were very upsetting to me. It's hard to get into your hair.

👤I liked the packaging because it was wrapped individually. Not as vivid as pictured but very pretty all the same and arrived earlier than advertised.

👤Fast shipping and great service. A good one.

10. Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Hairpin Hairstyle

Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Hairpin Hairstyle

You will receive 5 vintage hair sticks in 5 different colors. You have more choices because of the quantity and colors. The Vintage design of these double prong hair pins make them ideal for any hair styling. The crystal rhinestone hairpin is made of alloy and is durable. The top surface is decorated with jewels. The metal hair forks are designed to show your elegance. It's a good fit for most formal and casual occasions. The double prong hairpin is an ideal gift. You can send it as a gift to someone on a holiday or occasion.

Brand: Waydress

👤Love them. They are easy to use. There were a couple of missing sticks. If there had been no flaws, it would have made them an obvious 5 stars.

👤The pins are not dangerous to look at. They are not perfect. When you put it on and off, they have small indents on the edges. It takes out your hair every time you try to pull it out. Not a good product. Do not recommend it. It received 2 stars for the looks and timely shipping.

👤I have a similar style one that I bought years ago and it was wonderful. I get what I paid for when I see these, 5 for the price of one amd, but I won't keep my hair. It is a shame that they are beautiful. That's right.

👤Love the hair forks.

👤The ones that I received had rough spots in the design so you can't get it in and out of your hair easily.

👤They are beautiful, but make my hair hurt.

👤The product doesn't hold hair well when used with both pins. The color is now black.

👤Very pretty. There was bling on both sides. I still love the forks, but I wish they had a bend design.

11. EBoot Crystal Rhinestone Storage Accessories

EBoot Crystal Rhinestone Storage Accessories

The hair pins are packed in a plastic box, you can store them in the plastic box or carry them in a bag. The flower crystal hair pins are easy to handle and carry. Occasions include proms, parties, wedding, daily life and more special occasions. These flower hair accessories are made of alloy and have a beautiful design, good assistant for your make up and easy to style your hair. The white hair clips are glitters in the light and make you look more attractive.

Brand: Eboot

👤The flowers on the top of the pins point upwards, unless we could put the pins in a different position. The flower came off when we tried to bend them. It was difficult to bend the pin. I'm going to try to do that with some pliers, and see if I can do it. The pins are long, so they kept pushing out when I moved. Maybe cutting them would help. If I can figure out a way to fix these issues, I'll update them.

👤The product was described and shipped well. The ends of the pins pull fine hairs. The pins we bought at the store have a smooth rounded ball on the end, which helps them slide into the hair. I have attached a photo to show the difference. I used these to make a braid. My daughter's hair is thick and she was hurt by pushing the puns into it. I am reluctant to use the word "injury" because it is not an injury and the little girl is getting her hair fixed. If you plan on using this product on someone who is tenderheaded, consider the blunt ends.

👤We're always looking for hair accessories that are cheap and durable, and stay in for dance conventions. We were pleasantly surprised when we bought these for my daughter's last convention. The pins can be used for a full day of dancing. We can use them again because they stayed put and didn't bend. Even though they were small, they had a nice sparkle and were easily seen in the style. The pins were in a flimsy plastic container, but had a velvet-like pouch to hold them after. I'm sure we'll be using them again.

👤I bought it for the wedding where I was. They did a nice job. You get what you pay for because the decorations came off. I had to check my hair before putting it in. Since there was more than enough it served its purpose.

👤These star shaped hairpins are the perfect accessory for updo's and buns. They are strong enough to pin up hair on their own. They are perfect for dancers.

👤They were adorable and looked great. I didn't know how many came in one unit. I had a lot to do. The bag they give to keep them together was perfect for my purse and not the bottom of a bag. If I had time, I would have made these by hand. These were great and on time.

👤Very beautiful. I leave a trail of them all over because they don't tighten at all. If wearing in a wedding, make sure they are fastened with a bobby pin. They need alot to make them stay and they are more for up do's.

👤Many of them were broken in a ripped box. I need them for an event in 2 days. I don't have a back up plan, so I will have to get a new one. I don't recommend.

👤I bought these for my friend and she said she needed something to jazz up her hair for a wedding. It can be difficult to use things with curly hair. These were held in place without the diamant√© catching. I could practice where I wanted them without ruining my hair.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins for women?

Decorative hair pins for women products from Tecunite. In this article about decorative hair pins for women you can see why people choose the product. Lizzie Kay and Hedume are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins for women.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins for women?

Tecunite, Lizzie Kay and Hedume are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins for women. Find the detail in this article. Lawie, Yaomiao and Globalsupplier are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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