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1. RC ROCHE ORNAMENT Comfortable Multicolor

RC ROCHE ORNAMENT Comfortable Multicolor

The style includes premium glossy hair accessory for comfortable and secure grip hold, lightweight sturdy hairpin to keep hair away from your face, and trendy clip for women. Features include no slip spring hinge clips, fashion clips to avoid hair tangles, and hair jaw claws for teenagers. For all hair types, it's a good idea to use a hair clip in wig extensions or hair sectioning. It's possible to twist hair up and slide in from the side, as well as use yoga workout exercise shower, dressy clamp, and hair drawing accessories. 5 inches x 1.4 inches is the size of the value pack. A plastic claw clutcher with curve shape can fit in your purse bag.

Brand: Rc Roche Ornament

👤I ordered a small size for my hair and it was perfect. Holds it all up with ease. It stays secure all day, doesn't pinch or pull, and doesn't stick out like the jaw clips do. Highly recommended! If you have thicker hair, then a bigger size is better, but if you have thin, fine hair, it will probably slide out of a bigger clip.

👤The strongest side clip I've ever tried is not as strong as most jaw clips. I wish the seller would sell a mix of sizes. Six of one size is more than I can ever use. I would like to have all sizes since they serve different purposes. I don't want to buy a set of each because it would leave a lot of unused clips in my drawer.

👤I am very pleased with their strength and configuration. I can get my hair into a ponytail, twist it, flip it up, and pin it to the back of my head with a medium clip. It's perfect for yoga class. I can lay my head on the mat without wobbling or shifting, because these lie so flat.

👤These are my favorite hair clips. I wear them to work. I use them to put my hair up in a french twist.

👤I have been buying these clips in a fun gift shop in Oregon for the past five years. They have pieces of Kimonos covering them, but the material never stayed on. I love these clips so much that I was willing to pay $20 every time I ran out from them breaking, even though they are cheap plastic and I am clumsy. I have been trying to find these online for years, and just stumbled upon them. These hold my long hair, and I don't have to bend over. I don't like traditional claws because they stick out. These were against my head. It's exciting to finally find these for $2 a piece. This is the best way to get a lot of long hair. My hair is cut so much that I don't have to wear a messy bun.

👤I have straight hair a little past my shoulders, and I'm trying to grow it out. These clips are great for getting my hair out of the way. I bought a size medium that works well with my hair. It only takes a few seconds to get my hair out, twist it up, and put a clip in it. I end up with lovely waves when I let it go. After a couple of weeks of daily use, the clips and springs are still new, and the plastic is sturdy. Occasionally I get a strand of hair caught in the spring, but that's rare.

👤I was surprised by the quality. It was what I needed. I didn't want my hair to be too large or heavy and it weighed a lot when I held it up. It was perfect!

👤These hair clips are amazing. My hair stays put all day. It is flat, and I love that I can lay down with them. I exercise with it and have no problems.

2. Rhinestone Sparkling Barettes Decorative Accessories

Rhinestone Sparkling Barettes Decorative Accessories

The shiny and elegant design of the curved bobby pins makes them attractive to the crowd. These hair styling pins are easy to use and do not pull hair. The package includes 20 pieces of hair pins in silver and gold, each color has 10 pieces, enough colors for you to match your hair colors and outfits. This is what you need to simplify your style. Even the simplest of hair styles can be highlighted. The bobbie pins are suitable for all hair styles and can be used with other hair pins.

Brand: Btyms

👤I returned my set because they don't function the way I need them to. I realized it was a style of pin called a "bobbie pin", but it is very difficult to open. They don't slide when you open them and put them in your hair. If you have another adult place them in your hair, you would be better off. I would love to see a barrette with a similar style, but with a more flexible metal material. Two stars for the look and value.

👤These are sturdy and pretty. It is difficult to get them out without tearing your hair. I have fine hair, so these are not useful to me.

👤I imagined them having a hinge which could be opened and closed because of the title. My mental picture was off. These are not hair clips. I don't like pins because they tear out my hair. If you want hair clips, don't get them, but if you like pins, try them. I can't find decorated hair clips. I would like to see someone create them. Look at the pictures I included. How much harder would it be to decorate image two? I would buy them.

👤These are what I expected. They aren't very high quality but they are fun. They have two of each color. There were only two small flaws in the 12 I received. One had a piece of jewelry that was missing. It looks like there is metal coming off. I thought I'd mention it.

👤These are not your average hair pins. They are gorgeous! You will not be disappointed. I get a compliment every time I wear them. Add to your collection today!

👤These are perfect and a great price. I was tired of using generic pins at work. They stay in my hair all day long. Get many for the price. If you are looking for a little sparkle in your hair, then you are in the right place. I haven't worn them enough to see any wear, but there are many backups that aren't too worried.

👤I cut my hair to shoulder length recently and sometimes I want to pull it back to keep hair out of my face. Bobby Pins are perfect for my thick hair because of the headaches they give me. I'm happy with the look and price, I hold my hair in place.

👤They looked like they came from the jewelers.

👤When I take out my hair, I rip it. If there is no hair left, it is not possible to use.

👤These are exactly what I 888-276-5932s were supposed to be. They seem strong and nice. They were wrapped individually and came in a nice felt pouch. Very happy with the purchase!

👤These clips were very upsetting to me. It's hard to get into your hair.

👤I liked the packaging because it was wrapped individually. Not as vivid as pictured but very pretty all the same and arrived earlier than advertised.

👤Fast shipping and great service. A good one.

3. Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

Vintage Colorful Barrettes Decorative Accessories

The vintage flower hair pins are very chic hair accessories for young girls, they have a good looking in colors, attracting people's eyes at the first time and giving you a nice aesthetic experience. The metal gold French tone hair clips are made of metal, which is very durable and can prevent your hair from damaging, they also have a charming shiny surface, you can use them for a long time and have fun. You will receive 12 pieces of floral hair clip barrettes in a package, which include 2 sets in common, so you can choose from 6 different colors and styles to match your outfits and makeup. The correct size of the hair clasps is 2.36 x 0.59 inches, they can fix your hair in a position stably, helping you decorate your hair well. You can use the decorative accessories to match the summer dress and look attractive in the crowd, and they are suitable for occasions, you can wear them on weddings, parties, shopping, festivals and vacations, making you look attractive in the crowd, and you also can use them to match the summer

Brand: Willbond

👤CuTe Head TuRneR is excited to style my 90 year old Care Companion daily with these CuTe accessories that turn heads. She feels great getting some love. She lives at a Dementia Care facility. I love her so much and will always make her look the best. Yu will not be disappointed if you know how to style and match your clothing. Enjy.

👤The pins are vintage. I have long hair. I assumed these pins had texture edges like Bobby pins, but the underside is smooth metal so hair can cause it to slip down later in the day if I don't slide enough hair inside the pin. I don't know if I could use them if I had straight hair. However. The pins are good quality and sturdy enough to handle my abuse of pulling and opening. I am happy with the purchase. These are large enough to make a statement.

👤I ordered a set of these for myself and they were so beautiful that I ordered two more sets for my granddaughters. I got a compliment on the first time I wore them. My hair stays put as it is thin and tight.

👤If you open too wide they are harder to bend back into their original shape and fall out of my hair. I believe one has broken on me. They are great for the price and variety. I get praise on them all the time.

👤I bought two sets of flower pins to hold back my hair as I grow it out. They are as strong as they look. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤They are stylish and sturdy. I got a lot of praise for them. I will be buying more.

👤I have fine hair and these work well in it. They are pretty. I love how they hold my hair. Things usually slip right out.

👤My daughter will get these for Christmas. She loves them and is very fancy. Excellent quality, would recommend.

4. Xerling Wedding Decorative Jewelry Accessories

Xerling Wedding Decorative Jewelry Accessories

The color is white, pink, and yellow. The diameter of the flower is 2.5CM. The hair pins should be referred to in pic 2, 3,4 There are two 2.5CM and three 1.3CM hair pins. There are suitable places for daily wear, wedding, beach, party, Halloween, and Christmas. A wide variety of clothes and occassions can be matched with different styles. 100% brand new customer service. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Xerling

👤They were more orange than pink. I like them.

👤These pins are very difficult to open. Have no idea how they get in a hair piece.

👤It would come with more based off photo. It's still pretty.

👤The effect they have in the picture requires 3. The flowers are not large.

👤The number shown is not the one shown in 5 clips.

👤I tried to put them in my daughter's hair but it was not strong. She had to put them in her hair. They were in place. I bought them and I am very happy.

👤They look nice, but not what I expected.

5. Colorful Crystal Vintage Decorative Styles

Colorful Crystal Vintage Decorative Styles

The package includes 10 pcts for 5 styles and 2 pcts for each style. The grip is made of high quality alloy and easy to clip. The drill design is more attractive to wear in different situations. You can make yourself more attractive by matching your appearance with your dress-ups. It's suitable for any hair style. A good accessory for girls and women, a good gift for you and your friends.

Brand: Hanjiaoni

👤These were not what I expected. They are easy to add to your hair style. They add a finishing touch to a hair updo. I am happy I ordered them.

👤I like the look of the spins. Very pretty.

👤I bought two packs because I wanted 2 of each color, but only one pack has two of each color. I didn't understand it from the description.

👤It's super cool! Good quality and they are pretty.

👤These hair clips are large enough to not get lost in your hair.

6. InSowni Pairs Vintage Barrettes Accessories

InSowni Pairs Vintage Barrettes Accessories

The hair pin is made from metal. The hair clips look pretty and elegant because of their high quality material. Bright gold. Special color is for you. The good package contains 30pcs hair clips in 15 different styles, each style has one pair. Please see the size photo on the left for the correct weight and hair pin length for women and girls. The designs include a bow, flower, butterfly, leaf, fox, starfish and geometric figures. Well-made hair clips can hold your hair in place. Different styles and sizes of barrettes can be used to style your hair. These pins are suitable for daily wear or special occasions. It's a great gift for your friends or relatives.

Brand: Globalsupplier

👤Simple hair pins are easy to spread but can be difficult to slide. Don't use your teeth, these are a bit harder to place. They stay in place all day. The accents are pretty.

👤The color is dark gold. Very cheap.

👤I had to change my hairstyle because I broke my arm. I get a lot of praise for these pins.

👤Too big for what I was looking for. They were pretty.

👤The color is not as bright as I expected.

👤They're cute, but they're very hard to take out of your hair due to how sturdy they are. I can't use it anymore. My hair is being pulled out.

👤No son para nias.

7. Vintage Rhinestone Barrettes Accessories Hairstyle

Vintage Rhinestone Barrettes Accessories Hairstyle

You will receive 9 pieces of hair clips, including 3 pieces moon hair clips, 3 pieces big star hair clips and 3 pieces small star hair clips. The moon and star hair clips are made of durable alloy and look great with beautiful shimmer. These vintage moon star hair pins can hold your hair back curly or straight, you can wear them to attend parties, wedding, ceremony, engagement and so on, and make you more attractive and eye-catching. You can wear them at formal situations as well as casual occasions with the wonderful design, it is very gorgeous and exquisite to highlight your hairstyle, suitable for most kinds of hairstyle and dress. The gorgeous hair clips are wonderful gifts for girls and ladies, you can send them to your mom, wife, girlfriend, best friends, or yourself on important occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday or graduation, express.

Brand: Willbond

👤These are great if you remember that they're jewelry for your hair, and not something that's holding your hair up. The moon clip is very slippery, so if you have fine hair, you'll want to use something like a texturing spray, or backcombing, because the pins are very stiff and hard to remove without pulling your hair. I'm very happy with these. It took some time to figure out what worked for my hair.

👤Really pretty! They reminded me of Christine's hair pins from Phantom of the Opera or the painting of Empress Sissi. They have a nice shape. They're a little tight when you take them out. I love them all.

👤Just buy them if you are thinking about it. They are perfect! It looked so magical. I bought them for my wedding. They matched perfectly. Even though I only used a couple, you get a whole bunch for a good value. Even if they don't hold up perfectly, I can keep using them. I love them.

👤My daughter-in-law loves the moon and stars. I wish I would have bought them earlier, I didn't know they were so beautiful.

👤These are gorgeous! Pictures don't do justice to the light. I received a lot of praise for wearing them in a braid. They are sturdy and made well. I will wear these again at my next event. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The crescent clips won't stay in my hair so I took off a star. These are not for thin hair. The pins work.

👤They should just stay in the hair.

8. Pieces Metal Minimalist Barrettes Accessories

Pieces Metal Minimalist Barrettes Accessories

The package includes 16 pieces hair clips, 16 different styles, and 1 piece for each style. The hair barrettes are made of strong and durable metal and are pretty and cute. Variety of shapes: the geometric hollow design is pretty, simple and exquisite, will make you charming, elegant and get more compliment for you, the hair clip is suitable for women or teens girl, the practical style make it easy to clip on thick hair, can safely hold and decorate your hair You can use their chic clips as daily hair accessories, and they are also suitable for such occasions as party, ceremonies, birthday, banquet and so on, you'll look more pretty with these clips. You can give these earrings as anniversary gift, birthday gift, wedding souvenir, Christmas presents, Valentine's jewelry, Halloween gifts, etc.

Brand: Geyoga

👤When I opened them, they were exactly what I was looking for, but there were rose gold and regular gold colored ones in the mix. I ordered all regular gold. I couldn't get the part of the dress that was open after a long struggle, even though I picked it out.

👤I only use two clips, one with a clasp and one with a spring. Bobby pins pinch hard and pull your hair when you try to remove them because they don't have ridges. It is difficult to remove by opening them and trying to get rid of them without damaging my hair. I don't use most of these.

👤The quality was not pictured at all, except for one out of the package. They are brassy in an orange cast.

👤I will be returning them. Each piece is individually packaged and you can choose your own man options. A few pieces were broken. I used two and they held up well. One broke after an hour.

👤I bought these as a gift and they were really nice. They look lovely and the variety is really nice, but I can't speak to their sturdiness. It is worth the small amount of money. They are not the same as they are pictured.

👤The accent piece completely broke off when the Branch Pin was put in hair. My hair is long. The pins are very pretty and would go well with any outfit. Hopefully the rest of the products will last.

👤Cute but breaks easily. The hassle of returning the broken clips wasn't worth it when other people were fine.

👤These are small hair clips. I love them but one of them broke.

👤The way some of these slides are assembled makes it easy for hair to tangle with them. This is a real issue for anyone with afro hair, and I felt like I was getting hair out of my face as I tried to get it out. Overall recommendation. People with curly hair should be careful.

👤These are amazing! I was hesitant to order them initially as I thought the cheap price would reflect poor quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. The pins are strong and hold back my hair. Even prettier in real life.

👤Excellent value for money with the selection of hair clips.

👤Excellent items! There is a They arrived in time.

👤I come in foto, resistenti, and arrivati. Consigliati.

9. Lurrose Colorful Crystal Vintage Decorative

Lurrose Colorful Crystal Vintage Decorative

The grip is made of high quality alloy and easy to clip. The drill design is more attractive to wear. You can make yourself more attractive by matching your appearance with your dress-ups. It's suitable for any hair style. A good accessory for girls and women, a good gift for you and your friends.

Brand: Lurrose

👤These are sturdy and cute. The jewel is large. I am 36 years old and they look a bit young for me to wear. I give the larger ones to my daughter.

👤The extract is pictured. The quality is good, the colors are beautiful, and the size is great. It was received in good time. I wanted them to be a little more expensive. It's cheaper than a boutique or Target. I ordered a second set to have a pair of colors. They have also ordered more items from the seller. I am happy with the communication between the items and sellers.

👤It's a great statement in hair. These are really cute and hold your hair in place, unlike other products that fall apart before you even get them.

👤I ordered 2 sets of hair jewels for my up-do at my sister's wedding and I was so happy I did. Good quality and beautiful colors. The dancefloor was tested.

👤I love these. Second set. I have them if I can't find them anymore. The first set was bought a couple of years ago and the stones have not fallen off. I use them every day. I have tried many different products to hold my hair in a "up, off my neck, away from my face" style. Excellent price.

👤I received something that was not what I pictured. Instead of getting 5 different styles. I received two that were the same.

👤I didn't have high expectations for these hairpins, but they proved me wrong. They're the same as pictured. The mix was shown with no duplicate. There is a The jewels are held in by the prongs and are very stiff. They aren't glue in. I don't recommend these for children because they're not meant for silky hair.

👤These are hair pins. They don't cost a lot and they add an extra touch.

👤These are very nice. I like it. Thank you for the gift.

10. Artificial Barrettes Bridesmaid Decorative Accessories

Artificial Barrettes Bridesmaid Decorative Accessories

There are different styles of pearl hair clips. These hair clips can be used in many occasions, such as weddings, proms, evening, daily life, work, school, holiday and more. Quality control is strict. Each hair clip is inspected to the highest standards. If you are looking for fashion accessories, it's the best choice because of the hottest sale pearl hair barrettes. They do their best to give their customers the best products. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Tzoxal

👤These bows are strong and thick. It is very attractive for any hair texture. Excellent purchase.

👤They are really good hair pins. Not large or small. Right sizes. It's great for holidays or events.

👤The clips are too small to hold a lot of hair.

👤Like the color of the pearls.

👤It's nice. I like them. They're not like the typical white pearl pins. There are different things.

👤They look like the picture. I think they are too expensive.

👤It's cute and looks the same as the picture. They are a good price for how many you get.

11. Alligator Barrettes Butterfly Decorative Accessories

Alligator Barrettes Butterfly Decorative Accessories

The alligator hair clip and bobby pin are made from high quality metal. The hair clips look pretty and elegant because of their high quality material. Bright gold. Vintage color is special for you. The package contains 11 pairs of alligator hair clips and four pairs of bobby pins. Please see the size photo on the left for the appropriate size for women and girls. There are many beautiful hollow-carved designs, including bow, flower, butterfly, leaf, and dragonfly. Well-made hair clips can hold your hair in place. Different styles and sizes of barrettes can help you style your hair. It's suitable for daily wear or special occasions. It's a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Brand: Globalsupplier

👤These are hair clips and pins. They are a cheaper metal and a bit "snaggish" on the hair. The designs are fresh and current, I like them. I needed something to keep my bangs out of my face, so I bought these. These are perfect for the job.

👤It's a little difficult to handle. They are pretty. The clip didn't seem to be affected by the crooked ones. I found it difficult to work with thick hair. They do not hold hair well. I don't think they're great for practical use. I gave them to my mom, who has thin hair, and she loves them.

👤I have thin hair and they can't hold it in place. Sad.

👤These are both pretty and gold. I also bought the Bronze ones. They stay put in the hair when they take out. Very nice. I'm going to give my nieces some as a dainty gift in a cute box for Christmas and stocking stuffers.

👤I thought the clips were beautiful, but they click as I open them. It was expected for the price. The shapes are facing the wrong way. The back of the pin had a pendent on it. The ridge of the clip was facing the wrong way and it ripped my hair out. I will only be wearing two clips.

👤I love barrettes. They're pretty and sturdy. There is a nice selection of hair accessories.

👤These were everything I expected. They are sturdy, they hold well, and the gold is beautiful.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins gold?

Decorative hair pins gold products from Rc Roche Ornament. In this article about decorative hair pins gold you can see why people choose the product. Btyms and Willbond are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins gold.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins gold?

Rc Roche Ornament, Btyms and Willbond are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins gold. Find the detail in this article. Xerling, Hanjiaoni and Globalsupplier are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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