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1. Silver MORGLES 120Pcs Secure Inches

Silver MORGLES 120Pcs Secure Inches

There is a value pack. 120 metal bobby pins are included in the package. You can store and carry it with a storage box. High quality. The silver bobby pins are made of good quality metal and not easy to break, no easy to fade after applying for a long time. All hair pins are made with smooth edges and no sharp ends, giving you extra comfort to use. The wave design of the bobby pins secures your hair in place on any occasion. You look charming with your silver gray hair. It's a style with ease, it's suitable for long hair, short hair, and curler hair, it'sfect hold for all hair types, and it helps you create a fashion styling.

Brand: Morgles

👤The pins have been reviewed and I have an opinion on them. I have long hair that makes it difficult to find bobby pins that are strong enough to hold my hair without using so many that I have set off a metal detector. Do you know how many pins it takes to set off a metal detector? I can messy bun my hair with 3-4 pins and it holds all day. The pins kept my hair where I wanted it while I was on the motorcycle. I use them every day and have not had to throw them away because they are still functioning. I will buy these pins again when I have to replace the ones I have. The case these came in is very sturdy and I can toss it in my purse without any issues. The case was a big part of why I bought them.

👤It was crazy good. It was very comfortable! The grip is perfect. I have a baby with fine hair. It's gorgeous to look at. The weight is nice. Everything was excellent. No negatives, not one. There is a A lot of pins. Came quickly and well packaged. Forget the reviewer who said that bobby pins were better. The "Goody" brand is a joke compared to the gems. I will never return.

👤These pins are lovely, but they don't work well with my thick hair. They do not open easily. I wanted to use them to pull my hair up, but I am sad.

👤The pins break off hairs when they are taken out of my hair. They are hard to open. They are sturdy, and the color is right, but they are useless for me. This is my second order of pins from Amazon. I have a set of bobby pins that don't tangle my hair, but they are the wrong color for me. Where can one find decent bobby pins that don't tangle hair in the joint between the pin and the end coating?

👤This is the second purchase for me in two weeks. These are great! I had to throw them away because they broke my hair. This brand keeps my hair in place all day long. I found a wound that destroyed my hair. They come in a plastic container so they are all in one place.

👤Wow, I can just say that. I have long hair and it can be difficult to hold my hair in place. I used to laugh when I saw women secure their hair with bobby pins, because that never would hold my hair. I would have to adjust my hair because other bobby pins would slip out of my hair. I tried to secure my high bun with these pins, but not one of them moved. I didn't have to change anything. Very impressed. None of them got damaged. I went to the gym and ran on a treadmill, but the end of my hair did not move, even though I had a bobby pin in my hand.

2. Kitsch Rhinestone Decorative Accessories Straight

Kitsch Rhinestone Decorative Accessories Straight

The Bobby pins are fun and cute. There is a shiny rhinestones. Add flair to your outfits. It is slip-proof and durable. Any hairstyle can be elevated with the ideal hair accessories.

Brand: Kitsch

👤There is a nice set of barrettes. I have seen other brands where the stones fall out and it looks ridiculous. Within 2 weeks, my others have ended up in the trash. I can say that the brand has held up well after a month of wear, with nothing missing. It was a good purchase.

👤They will last a long time and are pretty. If you have a lot of hair, they are the best for healthy hair, not thin or light weight.

👤There are many options for hair pins. Trust me when I say they are worth it. These are not expensive. You can tell a difference between these and lower priced options.

👤She loved them and stayed in place unlike other pins.

👤Bobby pins are cute and stylish. The hold onto the hair is perfect for a full day of work.

👤The pins are sturdy. I used hair accents for my maternity shoot. The price is a great value.

👤These are very cute. A lot to an outfit.

👤Your outfit looks very cute! Excellent quality!

3. SUMAJU Pieces Rhinestone Crystal Decorations

SUMAJU Pieces Rhinestone Crystal Decorations

They are made of metal and rhinestone and can serve you for a long time. Enough hair pins for your daily use. The hair pin is 2.2 inch in length and easy to fix. Each of the 4 Rhinestone bobby pins has a single roll of rhinestones, which makes them attractive to the crowd. They can be used for weddings and parties, they can match with other hair pins and present unique styles.

Brand: Sumaju

👤These pins are cute and hold my hair well. I have a person with thick hair. They hold my bangs up. Since the bobby bins hold the hair well, be careful when taking them off, because you don't want to rip out any strands of hair. If you open the tip of the pin, your hair will glide out. Don't take it off! I gave it 4 stars because one of the pins was missing a rhinestone. It came in a pack of 12 and one defect is fine. I can still use the other 11. Good buy!

👤I like a bit of bling on myself and these looked like they would fit that bill. They are too rigid to place in your hair. It's difficult to remove them without taking a lot of your hair. I use them to decorate my shirts. They are too unfriendly to use, so they are too bad.

👤It works for what I need for my daughter. These clips are modern and have hair jewelry on them.

👤The SUMAJU 12 Pieces Clear Rhinestone Bobby Pins, Silver Metal Hair Clips, and Crystal Hair Pin Decorations for Lady Women Girls add a touch of class to your hairstyle. They hold hair in place. They are small and dainty, but they have a nice, subtle bling. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤They look like the picture. My hair is short so they are the perfect size. Not big. It is enough bling to be noticeable. Take them out of your hair with care. They are durable and not cheap. No stones have fallen down. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Product is used to keep flies out of my hair. They are pretty and effective, but do they ever hold on? They pull my hair, but I keep trying.

👤They are made well and you get a lot of them. They are tight and tear my hair out when they are not in.

👤I like that they are pretty. And strong. It was hard to open at first. They hold well so they need to be a little tight. It was nice and shiny. I love them!

4. Pieces Rhinestone Crystal Double Barrette

Pieces Rhinestone Crystal Double Barrette

8 Pairs of bobby pins: you will get 8 pairs of pins in different bright colors, which are easy to match most outfit and hairstyle. The details have been carefully handled, give you a good wearing experience, and the pins are made of durable metal and sparkly rhinestone. These shiny hair pins will help you stand out in the crowd and make you more beautiful. Each hair pin is roughly the same size. It works on all hair types with a length of 6.5 cm and width of 0.2 inch. These hair clips are a great present for women and girls, great choice to mother, daughter, wife and any other female friends on Birthday, Mother's day, Christmas, anniversary and other important moments.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤All 16 came. They are wrapped in rose gold and gemstones. They go in and stay there. These hold in really well with thin hair. They are beautiful and cute at the same time.

👤They are pretty. The second time I wore it, one strip of gems came unglued. At least one strand of hair gets pulled out when you remove hair. I am no longer using them, but I haven't thrown them away yet.

👤My hair is straight and thin, and I can't find pretty things that will stay put. These are beautiful and stay in place. The price is great and there are many different colors. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤These are much smaller than the picture shows. They are pretty, but you have to make them look like a normal size. They should be called skinny barrettes.

👤I was surprised by how strong they are. I won't worry about them slipping off because they are strong.

👤They are great to pull back the bangs when I need a haircut. They sparkle. I like the bling.

👤It was well made, strong and attractive. It's nice for any age. Holds hair in place. Carefully packaged. It adds a bit of glamour.

👤The barrettes are comfortable. I like that there are two different colors. They were wrapped individually and packaged. Highly recommended!

👤I like a bit of sparkle. I find them too tight to fit in my hair. I would prefer snap on style, but it appears you can't get'sparkly' clips of this type.

👤The pins are easy to use. Very pleased with them.

👤The hair grips were what I was looking for. They hold hair in place all day. Thank you.

👤Excellent quality and really lovely.

👤The presents arrived on time. Very shiny. I was happy with my purchase.

5. Pieces Vintage Rhinestone Barrettes Accessories

Pieces Vintage Rhinestone Barrettes Accessories

6 pieces star and moon hair clips, including 2 pieces moon hair clips, 2 pieces big star hair clips, and 2 pieces small star hair clips are included in the package. Their vintage hair clips are made of quality alloy which is stable and durable, not easy to fade or rust, and can maintain its original glossy surface even after a period of use. The romantic moon and star style is suitable for most kinds of hairstyle and dress. Sending these vintage star hair pins to your mom, wife, girlfriend, friends on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday or graduation is a good way to show your love to them. Their star and moon hair clips can hold your hair back curly or straight, you can wear these glittery hair pins to attend parties, wedding, ceremony, engagement and so on.

Brand: Willbond

👤My husband's account is being used to write a review. There is a I have had these pins for a long time and I really like them. I wanted them to be gold. They are a nice aesthetic, but not what I wanted them to be. There is a It broke my heart that one came broken already. It was my favorite star as well. There is a I stuck with these ones because I didn't want to have to return it and get a new pair. I wish it wouldn't come already broken. Everyone can see how big they are. If you like a more rustic gold look, these would be great for you.

👤The product looks good for the price. The stars held my daughters hair up without using any hair clips. I used a moon clip on my hair and it kept sliding off. It might work with updos, but not as it is.

👤The grip is not there because they have a lot of tooth to them. The first time they slid all day. I have thin hair which makes it hard. I did a twist in my hair for the second time and used Bobby pins to make something for them to grab on to.

👤The clips were hard to open and the ends were hard so I had to clip my hair back. I don't use them anymore. Too bad because they are pretty.

👤I like to add accents to my hair for photos. It's easy to use and sturdy. My guests love them.

👤These clips are very cute. Well made and sturdy. I wore them to my brother's wedding. They were beautiful and classy.

👤I can't believe I was able to get these on Amazon for such a low price. I have fine hair and have no problem getting it to stay in with a couple sprays of hair spray. These clips are very sturdy and look great when worn.

👤Completely useless. I tried to keep my hair out of my face, but the hairs on my forehead were too small.

6. PAGOW Fashion Decorative Accessories Pin´╝łGold3

PAGOW Fashion Decorative Accessories Pin%EF%BC%88Gold3

The set contains 3 gold hair clips, 3 rose gold hair clips, and 3 silver hair barrettes. The pins are easy to wear and take off, and can catch different styles of clothing to show a more unique and beautiful look. Simple and stylish design can modify your hair, but also achieve an elegant and sweet temperament, suitable for women and girls of all ages. Perfect Gifts: Casual design, suitable for a variety of scenes and hair styles. Perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, mother's day, and so on. The size is 2.76 If you have any questions about hairpins, please contact them and they will be happy to help.

Brand: Pagow

👤Very pretty. They work well.

👤Terrible quality. I would not purchase from this seller again.

👤The clips were difficult to remove because they caught in my hair. Couldn't use them.

👤They don't have anything to give them. They pull my hair when I try to put them on.

👤It is hard to use them without pulling your hair out. My house has become very decorative with these chip clips.

👤These are functional and decorative. They keep my hair in place and Bobby pins don't stretch.

👤I have very thick hair and it was difficult to find Bobby pins that would stay. These hold my hair in place. I have thick curly hair and I like to use these to smooth it out.

7. Barrettes Jewelry Accessories Vintage Decorative

Barrettes Jewelry Accessories Vintage Decorative

The package includes 2 pieces golden snake hair clips, 2 pieces silver snake hair clips, and 2 pieces bronze snake hair clips. You can use one or several hairpins at a time to create different hair styles. Their hair accessories are made of high quality material. They are light so you can wear all day without feeling tired. Their hair clips are unique, they are designed like snakes, and they will make your hair look better. Unique design can adapt to a variety of hair style, beautiful and elegant appearance can match your different dressings, let you more charm. It's perfect for decorating braids, ponytails, dreadlocks and twists. It's suitable for parties, fashion shows, photos, weddings, dances and so on. It is a great gift for women and fashion cool girls, and you can share it with your friends and family.

Brand: Luckjuju

👤A pirate costume. They were great. If you want to stay, you need to watch the videos on how to use and make stay. They are heavy.

👤If you have braids and think they might work, they don't stay in your hair and get tangled up easy.

👤This was awesome for the price and amount. I used this for a costume and only made a braid and wrapped it around it. It stayed like that all night. I would wear this if there were more reasons to do so.

👤The clips look great in my hair. It doesn't hold up my hair very well.

👤I was not happy with the product. It was very difficult to put in my hair.

👤I loved these for my costume.

👤One of them broke for me, so be careful with them.

👤These pieces are gorgeous. They are best with bigger braids.

8. MIAO JIN Barrettes Accessories Geometric

MIAO JIN Barrettes Accessories Geometric

The product size is Approx. It is 6.5 x 0.6 cm and 2.6 x 0.2''. It is made of premium alloy and high quality acrylic. It can be used for a long time. Can handle thick or thin hair. You become the focus of the crowd with Fashionable, vintage and elegant ornament. The hair clips are for girls and women. It can be applied in a variety of occasions, like weddings, bridesmaid, party, birthday, ceremonies, banquet and daily wearing. Each package has 14 pieces for 7 designs.

Brand: Miao Jin

👤These are well-made. It was just the right amount of bling for an old lady like me. The manufacturer should include in the title that these are not barrettes. I wouldn't have known to buy these if another reviewer hadn't posted a photo, they were exactly what I was looking for. The bobby pins work better than alligator clips. Those poke out too much.

👤These are the clips that don't stay in my thick hair. It was misleading and disappointing.

👤I was excited to receive these, since they looked pretty. I need something to deal with my hair. Six out of fourteen clips were broken. The plastic piece was unglued from the metal clip. One of the clips was partially unglued and would have come off the rest of the way, since you have to pull the clip open to slide it onto your hair. I don't think I should have to glue the pieces back together when they're brand new. The clips are tight. I pulled out a hair when I tried one of them. I'm sending them back for a refund.

👤It's a fancy pin. I thought it would be a clip/Barrette. It isn't. I still wear them. No 2 are the same. Maybe it says they are just Bobby pins. I missed it. Oh well.

👤I love barrettes. They are long. The barrette on the opposite side would keep long hair in place. I wear a barrette on the top to keep my hair out of my eyes. The colors are not nice.

👤The product was falling apart when it arrived. Not a single one was in good condition. The plastic top is not very strong. I will keep them and modge podge them back together because it is not worth the hassle of returning. It's cheap.

👤I like these pins, but they fall out at a time, which is a downfall. The decorative pins still slip out even though I put a bobby pin on each side. The hair on my head is no longer secure at the end of the day. Otherwise, very pretty.

👤I gave these as a gift and they were very popular. One of my friends wanted a set as well. They are pretty. I can see that they are well made and that they stay in place.

9. Casdre Wedding Silver Crystal Accessories

Casdre Wedding Silver Crystal Accessories

The wedding hair accessories are made of soft and durable alloy and crystal. The wedding hair updo is about 3.25 in. Product size is compatible with most hair styles. There are silver hair clips. It can be worn on either side. The pack of 2 bridal hair pins have high quality and are flexible to bent. The best hair pins for weddings are crystal.

Brand: Casdre

👤It's cute and durable, and it's pretty.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter. She was able to have a little sparkle because her older sister was having a party and crown.

👤Cute. My hair is for a wedding. They stayed all day in an updo and looked nice. Buy them.

👤I wore these for my brother's wedding. A set of three. I wore one and my sister wore another. They were stunning. It was perfect for my brother's wedding.

👤I ordered these to add some flair to my hair on my wedding day and they are very sturdy and beautiful.

👤Where are these in my hair on my wedding day? It turned out great!

👤Really pretty hair accessories. The bridesmaids used them in their hair.

10. Hawwwy Accessories Perfect Bobbypins Fashion

Hawwwy Accessories Perfect Bobbypins Fashion

The new way to pin hair is with the Spin Pins. The hair spirals make it easy to tame your hair into a bun, the bun maker for hair that you need in your life. Their twist pins are unlike the old-fashioned ones. If you spin them into your hair, your bun is secured with rounded tips and flexible material, which you will barely notice. SECURE The hair twists are great for keeping your hair in a straight line. The unique form keeps a firm grip on your strands of hair. The hair twist pins are made of a strong alloy which will last more than the plastic used by competitors. Try it out for yourself and see how long their hair screws last. Their hair screws for buns are made for every type of hair, and they are gentle to your hair.

Brand: Hawwwy

👤It's too short to fix hair. I have been using this type of hair pins for over 8 years and I usually get another brand. I was tired of this packet on Amazon. I threw them out after a couple of tries. The pins are too short to hold a bun of hair. I think it's good to let other people know that the buyer can't tell the length from the pics.

👤Goody Spin Pins are higher quality. I was very excited to find these on Amazon. I noticed a few issues when I started using them. The balls on the end of the spiral pins are not placed properly, this means they don't blend into your hair as well. The pins have a slightly jagged end with an offset ball. The pins don't spin in or out smoothly. They get stuck and pull on my hair when I put them in or out. I don't think they are as gentle on my hair as the name brand ones. There is a I wouldn't buy again because of this issue. These pins don't crease my hair and I like them. The issues with these pins make it hard for me to get those benefits.

👤I've bought spin pins for years, I've bought cheap imitations from China and everywhere else, and these fall into the in between area. The quality is not consistent. If you've used spin pins before, it's important that they are smooth and have rounded edges to make it easier to remove them from your hair. The two pins pictured came from the same pack today and haven't been used, one looks great but the end... A witch is catching hair on removal. The other's black coating is very rough to the touch. It wouldn't go into my hair. I would like them to be functional, not the first two out of 3 that I take out of the pack, because they are useless.

👤I work in a grocery store and have hair that reaches my butt. My hair is stuck in everything. At the end of the day my hair is a bit greasy and I have to use patience and pins when using those weird donut bun things. I keep a few in my purse because the screw type pins are my more common go to, and because of the value compared to the 2 or so you can buy at target. All you have to do is twist your hair into a rope and then screw in one pin to the loose ends and another to secure it, I usually put mine in at opposite directions. No pins, no problem. It is so fast and easy. There is a If you buy a smaller size, they do a nice job at a french twist and hold the ends of braids to your head, meaning less pins in your laundry, on your floor, in the couch. There is a These are the go to go to for a lazy lady who wants her hair out of her way and also to look fancy.

11. Hair Decorative Accessories Clips Silver

Hair Decorative Accessories Clips Silver

The hair pins are made from acrylic pearls, zinc casting, and shiny silver material. Cute pearl hair clippers keep your girls in fashion look. The Triangle pearl clip is 3.54" in length. The width is 1.05 and the length is 3.15. The width is 1.05. The hairpin can be used in many ways to satisfy your needs. The hair accessories are perfect birthday party gifts for girls teens, family, friends and anyone you loved. These hair clips are perfect for daily life, work, school, night out party, wedding, graduation, prom, ballet recital, yoga practice and many more.

Brand: Kchies

👤During an awkward grow out stage, I used these to clip back my bangs. They add a lot of charm. They received tons of praise. It was kind of a Gwyneth Paltrow look.

👤It is easy to take down my hair.

👤I love these babies. The silver clip has a beading part that does the job. I wore a white dress for my legal ceremony. Can't wait to wear them again.

👤Love them. Look great in your hair.

👤It comes as advertised. It is so cute. The pearls don't fall of the clip, which I am happy about, and it's not cheap.

👤These are the same as pictured. Love them. I have black hair and they show up well.


What is the best product for decorative hair pins silver?

Decorative hair pins silver products from Morgles. In this article about decorative hair pins silver you can see why people choose the product. Kitsch and Sumaju are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hair pins silver.

What are the best brands for decorative hair pins silver?

Morgles, Kitsch and Sumaju are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hair pins silver. Find the detail in this article. Yaomiao, Willbond and Pagow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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