Best Decorative Hand Towels for Bathroom Blue

Bathroom 26 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. SKL Home Saturday Knight Ltd

SKL Home Saturday Knight Ltd

Saturday Knight is a leader in the home décor industry for over 40 years. 2 identical hand towels are in the set. There are shades of blue in a striped pattern. Use alone or with a coordinating bath towel. Saturday Knight is a leader in the home décor industry for over 40 years.

Brand: Skl Home

👤The towels looked nice but they fell apart after one wash. There were strings along the bottom that came undone. I had to throw them away. What a waste!

👤When I bought my blue bath towels, they didn't have hand towels available, so I've been trying to find one to go with them. I had bought three different shades of blue, but none looked right. I was reluctant to try again, but I was pleasantly surprised that these look great with my bath towels. They are thick and of good quality. I could do without the fringe. I am happy to have found these.

👤Due to the recent climate, we keep a low profile as a police family. The guest bathroom is blue. This fit it perfectly. The towels are high quality. It is soft and absorbent.

👤The blue hand towel set is beautiful. The fringe was on one end. Medium thickness butcent absorption. I love them!

👤I didn't expect these towels to look like a beach towel and feel like a beach towel, but they did and it felt like a beach towel. I should not have ordered these because of the bad photo.

👤The towels are thick. I needed hand towels in the bathroom. The absorbent is great. The color is great in my bathroom. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for quality hand towels.

👤They are being used for towels in my bathroom. They are thick and nice to look at.

👤Very happy. They are similar to the Cosy Homeer bath mat on Amazon. Good price. The fringe is only on one end.

2. SKL Saturday Knight Ltd Watercolor

SKL Saturday Knight Ltd Watercolor

x 26 inches There are 2 hand towels. The terry is absorbent and has a scale-like pattern. Matching towels and other items are sold separately.

Brand: Skl Home

👤I want a hand towel that is absorbent. A lot of decorative towels are hard and starchy and do a terrible job at that. These are perfect. It's nice and soft and fluffy.

👤The hand towels are thick. They are absorbent. I like the pattern. The color matches my bathroom decor. I would like another set to keep on hand because my kids are hard on hand towels, but the price point is too high. I can't justify spending more money.

👤I bought these based on the color they looked like, but they are not the turquoise color pictured. There is a They are rather dull. If I had known their true color, I wouldn't have spent that much money on them.

👤The towels have been washed many times. The shape is perfect, they are soft and fluffy, and you don't have to use them to dry your hands.

👤Quick delivery. The pattern is pretty and the color is gorgeous. Good purchase.

👤The towels were stiff to me. I put them in the washing machine. Nice color. I have washed these towels twice and they are still rough. Would not recommend it.

👤I am sending them back. The scales for my bath were too small. Not impressed with these. I can tell they wouldn't be very absorbent. I can find towels in many other places. Don't recommend.

👤Purchase when guests visit. They have only been washed three times. The side seam has already ripped and the color has faded. Attached is a photo. I will not be buying this towel again.

👤These are cute. I tried to get them to match some bath towels I have in the same colour, but they just aren't close to each other. They are a lot lighter blue than shown. It doesn't look like I was trying to match them. Hehe.

3. Great Bay Home Decorative Collection

Great Bay Home Decorative Collection

We will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the Towels in 30 days. Feel free to contact them. The quality of the hotel and the spa. Imported from Turkey, it is made of 95% genuine long-staple TURKISH COTTON and 5% Polyester for supreme comfort and luxury. Turkish cotton is one of the best cottons in the world. The CLASSIC STYLE adds a touch of class to the bathroom. Soft, absorbent and durable: 500 gis Turkish cotton provides ultimate softness, absorbency and resilience. Turkish cotton is fast drying and more absorbent than regular cotton. The option to buy as a 6-piece set is a great value. 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, and 2Washcloths are included. They are machine washABLE, long lasting and easy to care for. Choose from Glacier Grey/Cappuccino, Dark Grey/Light Grey, Eucalyptus/Grey, Gold/Grey, Sky Blue/Capuccino or Red/Grey. The colors match any bathroom decor. Easy care. The machine is long- lasting. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Their customer service team will work with you to make it right if you're not perfect.

Brand: Great Bay Home

👤This towel is very disappointing to me. First time washing. It ripped apart. I will not recommend anyone to buy it.

👤The towels don't absorb water. They aren't worth the money. Cheap material doesn't dry up much of anything. Terrible. You have to pay the return postage fee if you return it, so good luck. It was the worst experience with an Amazon seller.

👤I bought the hand towel set and the body towel set. A hand towel set and two body towels cost about $50. The hand towels are great for this purpose. I can get a similar towel for less than $8 at my local discount store. When the stores were closed due to COVID, paying more for cheap towels would have made sense, but not anymore. The decorative style of the hand towels is something I like. It is difficult to find decorative hand towels with a floral design that look modern, but I wouldn't expect these to hold up if used frequently by a busy household. The hand towels are great. Keep looking for a quality absorbent body towel.

👤The hand towels were for the color. I couldn't find a striped gray and gold towel. They were a bit pricey. I bought these because I was tired of looking. They are soft and pretty. I don't know how absorbent they are because they were purchased mostly for looks.

👤It's softer than a baby pink. It's still very beautiful and absorbant.

👤The hand towels made the bathroom look better. The price for 4 hand towels was $23, which was a reasonable price for the design.

👤I purchased these towels less than a year ago and I am shocked to see that the price has doubled in that time. I like to use bleach on my white towels to keep them bright, but the colors in the detail fade due to that. I was surprised that the price had gone up nearly 100% over what I paid last year. I guess I will be looking for something different. After spending more money on a set that ended up being too tiny and not returnable, I found these lovely towels at a much better quality and value. The white and grey colors match my bath and our other bath towels. The border pattern is still pretty, but it is a bit more diffuse in color. They come out of the washer/dryer looking great, but not always a guarantee with bordered towels.

👤Excellent towels. They are made in India. They loose a star for misinformation.

👤I decided to return the hand towels because I was not impressed with the quality, but I have not received a reply from the company. I requested a returns label, but they didn't reply. I will not pay the postage cost as I may not get a refund, so I am stuck with them. I was reluctant to return the towels because they were over $30. It is possible that the £20 postage and the £30 taken out of my account are out of pocket. The company has not bothered to reply to my e-mail, even though they offer a 3-year warranty. The company is called Great Bay Home. I wouldn't recommend this company.

4. SKL Home Saturday Knight Ltd

SKL Home Saturday Knight Ltd

Two ribbed towels in a 2-piece set. Premium, yarn-dyed Turkish cotton. Saturday Knight is a leader in the home décor industry for over 40 years.

Brand: Skl Home

👤I was very excited when I saw these towels, they are the most soft I have ever touched. My mother taught me to wash them. The binding on one of the seams was hanging after they removed them from the drier. We washed and dried them after trimming it. Both towels are without the binding on the seams. I am not impressed. These had a lot of potential but now look like they are ready for the rag-bin. I paid for them and feel like I'm out of money.

👤I am not happy with these. I bought them to match our bathroom, which we just finished, but I found out after one wash that they were already beginning to wear out. They are useless less than a month. There is no quality control.

👤These hand towels are gorgeous. I use them in the bathroom. They match my rugs and towels in the guest area. The towels wash up nicely and they do not pill, which is important to me. They come out soft when you wash them, unlike other towels that have a hard feel to them. These are soft on your face.

👤These towels are very soft. After one wash, the threads on one towel became entangled and ripped away from the binding. It was very disappointing.

👤It was really well made. It's perfect for the finishing touches in my bathroom. They were almost $30 after seeing them at target. My wallet was saved by Amazon. BUY THEM.

👤The color is perfect for my bathroom and I haven't used them yet. I am having trouble matching the bluish green and this towel has multiple colors which blend in and I am looking to complete the set. I don't see matching towels.

👤I expect the towels to be damaged, but not after one wash. I would like replacements. Thank you, C. Bidleman.

👤El tamao es para manos. De una calidad y aplicada.

5. Amrapur Overseas 6 Piece Oxford Jacquard

Amrapur Overseas 6 Piece Oxford Jacquard

The set includes bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. The material is made from 500 GSM, an ultra soft cotton. The set includes a solid bath towel, hand towel and washcloth. The material is soft and absorbent. Care instructions. The dryer is safe. Machine wash with cold water is recommended. Sun dry or tumble dry. DIMENSIONS The towel is 27"x54", the hand towel is 16x28", and the washcloth is 13x13

Brand: Amrapur Overseas

👤I was very disappointed and annoyed with this purchase. Poor quality. The Towels are thin and flimsy. There is nothing special about them. They are thin and don't look absorbent. When we received 3 pattered towels and 3 solid towels, we were surprised. The description didn't say the towels wouldn't match.

👤The towels are pretty. They didn't make it through the wash before the threads broke.

👤It is not durable. The patterned towel bleaches with each wash, like unbelievably. It's not worth it, save your money.

👤After reading the reviews, I was on the fence. I really liked the design of the towels but was hesitant after reading so many negative reviews. I was glad I bought it. There is a The towels are beautiful, the color is great, and the bath towels are long. There is a If you are a person that likes thick and fluffy towels... This isn't the towel for you. If you are like me and want to get dried off with a soft attractive towel, then this is it.

👤I only give 2 stars, because one of the towels is not good for use. I followed the directions after using the hand wash setting. I'm very sad. I bought these for my new bathroom and now I can't display them because of one towel.

👤I ordered the towels. I was hoping they were the orange that the picture showed, and they are in my decor. I wouldn't call them coral. The towels seem to be a dark peach and slightly different than the designed ones but compliment each other, or maybe just having the gray in it makes it look slightly different??? They are trimmed in gray with gray accents. They are good enough for a bath. Soft before washing. The first set had two bad pulled threads that caused runs and one had an edge that missed the fabric, so I ordered a new set. The next set should have better quality control. I don't know if the replacements will hold up or not because I haven't washed them yet. I will update my review if I feel they are of poor quality. I feel they are decent towels with bright colors that are good for a guest bath but not sure how long they would last if used daily.

👤When I received it, it was very thin and not very soft. If it weren't for the fact that I needed it for guests to stay over, it would not be returned. I washed them before use and they were not as good as I expected. They used bright pink thread, which makes no sense, as Stitching is already coming undone.

👤I like these towels. I don't expect them to last long because of the amount of fraying. It is expected for the price. I like thinner towels. These are not for people who prefer a thicker towel.

👤The product and colour were used in the bathroom.

👤The towels are very thin. The picture and description are not accurate.

6. Pidada Checkered Pattern Absorbent Bathroom

Pidada Checkered Pattern Absorbent Bathroom

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Their customer service team will work with you to make it right if you're not perfect. Pack of 2, not a standard size, 100% cotton, and free of harmful chemicals. Highly Absorbable; durable and quick dry; yet light-weighted. The body is given a soft and delicate touch. MULTI-PURPOSEPidada hand towels are very useful and decorative in many places. It can be used as a face, hair, dishcloth, gym, yoga and travel towel. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or iron as it may damage its quality, and wash the towels separately to minimize lint. If you are not completely satisfied with their Pidada Hand Towels, they will give you a full refund in 30 days. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Pidada

👤Large finger tip towels were smaller. The color was not vibrant.

👤I like to have a towel in my car that matches the interior of my vehicle, they are soft, nice and thick. The reverse side of the towel is patterned on both sides, which is a must for a high quality towel. Purchase these with confidence.

👤The towel is large enough for a hand towel. They look nice. They are soft but not absorbent. I wouldn't order again.

👤These are for my bathroom hand towels. They hold their shape after washing and drying. They don't move on the edges. They're great for drying hands or just looking pretty in the bathroom. I will purchase more.

👤I'm very pleased with the towels. They were purchased in brown. They are made to last. Quality fabric. They have retained their shape after five washings. I would definitely recommend them. At this price. . You can't go wrong.

👤I use these in the bathroom. They are too soft. The texture makes them feel good on my hands and they absorb water. I would buy them again.

👤The blue was the color I wanted and I bought these for a guest bathroom. Since they won't be used daily, they are good quality. They seem to do the job well. I recommend giving them a try, but not sure how long they will last.

👤I was looking for quality hand towels after our bath remodel. I bought these towels because they had a pretty design. I found them to be soft, thirsty, and made of quality material.

👤A standard tea towel is not as big as a tiny one.

👤These are the perfect size for a towel for drying hands. It's not clear what other reviewers think about it being a finger towel. We have a gray-and-white theme in our kitchen, so this was a nice subtle part of the colour scheme. I was pleasantly surprised by the absorbent nature of it. It's not amazing. Or anything. It's a nice thickness. Quickly. Exactly what I was looking for. I bought another towel set at the same time that turned out to be a waste of money, but these ones are good. They look new when they come out of the dryer. I'm thinking of buying a set for my mother.

👤It's the perfect size for kitchen hand towels, with an attractive pattern and not too thick. Love them. After the first set arrived, I bought 2 more sets.

👤My daughter and granddaughter were here with me and even she complemented on the softness on baby's skin by using the hand towels.

👤These are wonderful. The product is reasonably priced. They are soft and absorbent. They're luving them!

7. Smyrna Turkish Orientina Cotton Decorative

Smyrna Turkish Orientina Cotton Decorative

It is easy to wash the hand towels. Made in Turkey, 100% Organic Cotton is made with Anatolian yarn and imported from Turkey. Turkish Cotton hand towels are useful in many places, such as; bath, kitchen, bathroom, SPA and fitness. It can also be used as a towel. You will never believe how functional this fabric is. High quality. The Turkish hand towel is very functional and popular because of its soft feeling, light weight and easy drying features. Before use, wash it. After each wash, it becomes softer. It is larger than regular hand towels. Set of 2 with size and material. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified is a 100% genuine cotton, prewashed, organic, ultra- soft and scuplture dry, free of harmful chemicals, Eco-friendly, Orientina. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product in 30 days. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Smyrna Turkish Cotton

👤This towel is not what I expected. It looks like a picture and is long, but it is very thin and doesn't feel absorbent. I wanted to use this as a hand towel in my guest bathroom. I washed them and tested them out myself, and while it looks nice, it doesn't work as a hand towel at all. I had to use the whole towel to dry my hands and they didn't dry them completely before the towel was wet. They have the consistency and effectiveness of a medium grade 2-ply paper towel. I thought it would be a little softer. I wouldn't want to put these up for guests. I will have to find another use for them since I already used them. If you don't plan on using it for hand drying or heavy absorption, buy it, it looks nice and is exactly like the picture.

👤Love these towels. It is nice to have it looped around the towel rings so that my kids don't leave it in the ground when they use it.

👤Very nice. The gift is stylish and has hand soap in it. Good quality. Fine for a bathroom, kitchen or spa.

👤I ordered hand towels in two different colors, the cotton is soft, well made, and has a wonderful color saturation in the patterns. I ordered 4 bath sheets from their website because I love these towels so much. There is a After ordering one of the bath sheets, I was given the option of choosing a different style of towel or a different color in the pattern I chose. I am impressed with their commitment to genuine customer satisfaction, which is different from impersonal online transactions. Purchase anything from Smyrna and you won't regret it... If you don't go back for more, I will be shocked.

👤These towels came in a pair. They are larger than a traditional hand or dish towel, the perfect luxurious accent in my guest bathroom. I live in a humid climate and they don't stay damp all day. The quality is excellent, the colors are perfect, and I will buy more of these for my home and as gifts.

👤I received a similar towel from a boutique and liked it so much I wanted to get more. I was skeptical when I found them because of the low price, but they are very high quality. They are not very absorbent out of the package, but they get more absorbent with each wash. The entire set was cheaper than the individual towel from the boutique, but it was just as good as the high end towel I own.

👤I have them in all of my bathroom. I wanted to be more appealing to the eye, rather than the simple wash clothes I have always had before. After every wash, my kids wipe their hands on them and they look great.

👤Not bad. It's very long for a towel in a bathroom. okay A few threads are pulled out of one of the towels and you won't be able to tell.

8. SKL Home Saturday Knight Ltd

SKL Home Saturday Knight Ltd

Two toned woven jacquard hand towels have a design. Saturday Knight is a leader in the home décor industry for over 40 years.

Brand: Skl Home

👤Awesome towel! I hate hand towels that don't absorb the water on my hands, but this one is large and absorbent. The photo doesn't show that it's white with grey designs on one side, which is a plus. The towels are great.

👤I was very excited to see these towels, they are very pretty and the perfect thickness. When I washed them, they were all tattered and ruined, because they were not washed prior to first use. I wouldn't recommend them as they are not durable. It is sad that they are not practical for use, they are so cute.

👤The towels are perfect for decor. The tassels don't get messed up in the dryer. That is a plus!

👤I was expecting aqua and the color of these towels is sky blue, but it is not shown in the photo for these towels. The quality of the towels in thickness and softness seemed nice, but I had to return.

👤The towels are beautiful. It's a soft absorbent and it's great to wash. You don't have to worry about the fringe getting tangled up. They looked great after the wash.

👤I'm not sure if I'll mention it, but it's so soft, absorbent. It's gorgeous! I wanted to know if something was different after we re-did our bathroom floor. The make-over included these soft goodies.

👤The hand towels are nice. They were what I was looking for when I bought them.

👤I hung these on the bar for decoration. They are what I was looking for, but not over-the-top with beads or embroidery. I like the design of the tassels. I haven't laundered them since they're only for looks, but when I do I will use the delicate cycle because I can see the tassels getting messed up with frequent washing and drying.

👤talcual se ve en la foto

👤Increbles, el diseo es hermoso, la calidad es excelente.

👤Pense una calidad. Estn unas unos mis expectativas.

👤Secan super bien y son, tal esperaba.

9. Great Bay Home Absorbent Collection

Great Bay Home Absorbent Collection

A 6-pack of plush hand towels with a classic and simple pique border and woven detailed pattern is an affordable bundle. The Towels are 16 inch x 28 inch. Quick-drying, moist, weasel. Their towels are designed to absorb more liquid than ordinary towels, and they dry quickly and completely. It's super soft. The cotton bath towels are soft against your skin. They add a modern look to your bathroom. Easy care. The machine is long- lasting. The towels fluff right back up after being washed. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is free of harmful chemicals. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Their customer service team will work with you to make it right if you're not perfect.

Brand: Great Bay Home

👤I ordered 12 sets of handtowel, facetowel, and bath towel and it looks like something is wrong with the gray one. I wash the towels after unpacking them. There are pictures of the after wash. The money was wasted.

👤Never used towels. I washed them. The towels came out of the dryer. Sad.

👤Junk stitching. They are already falling apart after being washed. The quality of dollar general towels are the subject of these. Don't waste your money like I did. I purchased a whole set.

👤The lint trap in the clothes dryer was full after the 1st washing and I had to trim with scissors. The dryer lint trap is full after 4 washings. lint can be seen in the shower floor, bathroom floor, and overhead exhaust fan when we use these towels in our RV. You would think that the lint would be gone after a lot of use of the washer and dryer. I'll be replacing them because the lint is a huge issue for us.

👤The towels are very absorbent. The towels are dark gray and I love them. Highly recommend!

👤I bought this color and towel because I was looking for something with a slight texture. They were correct about the photo. There is a They were washed well. I'm happy with them.

👤They look great in my bathroom. I am happy I bought them. I am getting a set for my best friend for Christmas.

👤I ordered them in blue early in 2020. Needed a second set in the fall of 2020. The quality of the two sets is not the same. After around ten uses, 75% of the used, cream washcloths have found their way into the trash. I'm expecting the same from the rest of the pack. I will never order these again.

👤Amigos, tienes bsicas y poco durables.

10. SKL Saturday Knight Hydrangea Towel

SKL Saturday Knight Hydrangea Towel

This Holiday is a great time to decorate your home, office, caterers or churches. There are 2 hand towels. The cotton is soft and has embroidered designs. Shop coordinating hand towels. The measurement is 16 inches x 25 inches.

Brand: Skl Home

👤I like the look of these towels. The design is lovely. I chose them for the powder room because I was selling my home. They are not very practical to use. They were only for staging purposes.

👤This is a decor only. It is 3d like. I thought the flower was embroidered. A flower is on the towel. One of the petals fell off as it was going in a guest bath.

👤I wanted to use these towels for only decorative purposes. I washed them before use and they are not pretty. Even though it was only washed once, it looked like a dull blue. I do not recommend them.

👤A dirty looking blue. Practically paper thin. Will be returning them. The dollar stores have nicer towels.

👤Have had moderate use for a while. They are holding up. Covid is washing our hand towels daily. I like how they are holding up.

👤I didn't want a deep navy, so these are a bit lighter than the picture. I washed them 4 times and they are still intact. They're beautiful!

👤I only use these towels for display in my bathroom, so I can't comment on anything else.

👤You have to iron the fabric part of the flowers. Excellent color.

11. SKL HOME Saturday Knight Lavender

SKL HOME Saturday Knight Lavender

14 x 29 Inches is made in Turkey with 100% Turkish Cotton and Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety. There are 2 hand towels. The cotton is soft and has embroidered designs. It can be used in the kitchen or bath. It's a great gift for a host or hostess.

Brand: Skl Home

👤The towels are very soft. It's a great towel. I love them!

👤These towels are gorgeous. They are very soft and absorbent, and the embroidered design makes them look more expensive. I love them.

👤These hand towels are very nice. The embroidered wall colors match several different colors. I am glad I bought them.

👤These handtowels are cute. Highly absorbent and soft. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Our decor is perfect for our guest bathroom.

👤The quality is great and the bathroom looks nice.

👤The hand towels are cute.

👤I like the looks of them, but they are a bit pricey.


What is the best product for decorative hand towels for bathroom blue?

Decorative hand towels for bathroom blue products from Skl Home. In this article about decorative hand towels for bathroom blue you can see why people choose the product. Skl Home and Great Bay Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hand towels for bathroom blue.

What are the best brands for decorative hand towels for bathroom blue?

Skl Home, Skl Home and Great Bay Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hand towels for bathroom blue. Find the detail in this article. Skl Home, Amrapur Overseas and Pidada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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