Best Decorative Hanging File Folders for Filing Cabinet

Folders 26 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pendaflex Two Tone Folders Assorted 03086

Pendaflex Two Tone Folders Assorted 03086

An incentive for efficiency with lables. It's light on the inside, it's easy to label with an ordinary pen, it's easier to read, and it prevents accidental misfiles between folders. There are bright red, green, yellow and blue folders that let you spot the right file through color association and speed filing. Letter-SIZE FOLDERS fit standard 8-1/2" x 11" documents and 36 assorted color folders per pack in red, green, yellow and blue. 1/3-CUT TABS allow plenty of room for labeling, and various positions allow you to cascade the headers from left to right. If you want to double the color options, use two-tone folders reversed, vibrant side in.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤Wow! These are perfect! You have a piece of paper that you want to put between two thicker pieces of paper, VOILA! There are file folders! It's perfect for filing. If you have stray paper, you might need to put it into folders to file. It's a must have for anyone who wants to file papers.

👤Looking for sturdy colored file folders. The files were ordered based on the reviews. The package was opened and very disappointed that it was not sturdy. I buy a sturdy letter size folder at my local Walmart from Pendaflex. I received a refund from Amazon. Hope this helps.

👤The folders are perfect, I was looking for fun colorful ones.

👤There is a lighter color on the inside of the folder that is good quality. I wish they had labels, but they don't. The label is standard size. A file label would work well.

👤It has file folders. They work. It's a good thing. Nice colors.

👤I ordered all my hanging folders from this seller. It is a plus that the folders are two toned. All of them were very pleased with the price and item.

👤They are file folders. Do you really need to read the reviews? They're good if that's the case. What else do you want to read? They hold papers well, and are as durable as you would expect. If you're hoping for something that's more than one thing... You are out of luck. These are just some files. They work well with file folder holders.

👤The file folders have a pleasant, smooth finish. I use the colors to color-code the contents for quicker access and to help make the chore of filing a little more fun. There is a The product can be folded the other way to double the amount of colors if the interior of the folder is a lighter shade of the exterior color. It helps keep files nice and neat, as they are meant to be.

👤You don't know how much I enjoyed these when I found them and when they arrived. These types of folders are very common in North America, but it has been difficult to find them in the UK. Really grateful for these.

👤There is nothing I didn't like about these bright sturdy folders. They suit me well. I will probably buy more later this fall.

👤The tabs can be placed where you want them. Well made. I like the bright colors.

👤The colores y buen material of the hirsosos.

2. Smead FasTab Hanging Assorted 64054

Smead FasTab Hanging Assorted 64054

BOSS BABE: How can a boss survive without her files? The perfect gift for a new job, back to school or big event. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 10" H and are exclusive of rods. Each hanging folder has a 1/3-cut built-in reinforced tab and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. The tabs are permanently attached to the folder and are easy to label by writing on the tab or applying self-adhesive labels. This set of hanging file folders in 3 different colors will help you organize different types of files. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤I don't think I will be able to use them. The material is not thick as it used to be. The middle fold of the box is already folded when you get them. The middle is too tall for the drawer and the bottom is too high, so it forms a point at the middle where it came folded. It was a big waste of my money.

👤These are very high quality. They are very sturdy and thicker than the standard green ones. I bought these for a baby shower milestone. I was making Tupperware for someone. The pastels are neutral for genders. I prefer that the tabs are built in. The tabs were labeled with a sticker from the Avery company. These will be housed in a standard hanging Tupperware folder. Great purchase.

👤Get your files organized. I decided to organize my hanging files with these hanging folders this year because I was usually very particular about using a label maker for all my hanging files. I love them and they accomplished more quickly. I ordered a second box yesterday. Hanging files are more durable than expected. I like the pastels in my filing cabinet. I used a Sharpie to write on the hanging files. The sharpie did not bleed on the other side.

👤I came to Amazon for the supplies I needed to set up a file box, because I needed to organize all the paperwork for a new responsibility. These hanging folders have tabs built in. The old-fashioned method of dealing with documents, invoices, and other items is almost like having plastic tabs that never want to go into the slot you want them in. I will never buy the old style again and will replace them with these. If you want to be able to relabel for reuse, they come in a version that has erasable tabs.

👤These are perfect for your important documents if you love to organize files with ease. Over time, tabs get crazy from being used and end up making your files look messy. I bought white erasers from walmart and haven't been able to erase the ink yet. Will update if I do. I like the built-in tabs. There is a The only thing that would make it better is a greater variety of colors like purple and teal, but I'm still really happy with these folders I bought in January 2022.

👤I thought I would start with my office. I thought I would change it up. A single hanging file seems more efficient. They are pastel colored and I love them. There are more colors like lavender, pink, and yellow. I am happy with these. They are sturdy and durable. I will probably buy more of them.

👤I like the colors. It looks like the picture shown. There are no problems with this purchase so far. The paper box I bought was perfect for it. It comes with 18ct. There are 6 colors. It is a perfect amount and color for my twin boys.

3. Brands Classic Hanging Supplies Certified

Brands Classic Hanging Supplies Certified

Premium paper material is not easy to decay and degrade. The Classic Hanging File Folders Set is perfect for professional, personal or academic documents. The folders feature uplifting details like gold foil, geometric patterns and shades of black and white. This set is perfect for storing important documentation from birth certificates to pets' vet records. These stylish folders are a perfect match for their wire file baskets. Purchase with confidence, knowing that this folder is made from ethically and ethically managed forests.

Brand: U Brands

👤I need to make a memory box for my new baby and these work great. I love how they look.

4. Pendaflex Reinforced Jewel Tone 4152 ASST2

Pendaflex Reinforced Jewel Tone 4152 ASST2

These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Adding Poly-reinforced top edge and bottom fold provides added strength. Letter-sized files are violet, pink, aqua, gray and black. Lighter interior helps prevent time-wasting. A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤Just what I needed. I was sick of the basic and bland color options for hanging folders. They came out with pretty colors for me to organize my documents. Is it sad that I don't like these things? I take pride in being organized and having pretty things to do with is a bonus. You can put the tabs in your desired location. It's great for when you want to put the folders in any order you want, which isn't really an option with most folders in this style. They also provide a website for the tabs layout so you can print out your tabs labels. You have the option to choose any of the colors you want. When you put your labels in the plastic tabs, be careful of that. Not enough to get out, but enough to make you worry. The website was a little confusing and I had to search for the exact tab layout. I searched for the exact product name and found the layout. It comes with 25 folders and tabs and extra tab labels in case you make a mistake or decide to change some labels. My mom got me a small document case from Walmart. I'm sure it's on Amazon too, and these hanging folders will work great with anything. It's a little pricey but they're worth it.

👤In person, teal is more navy. If you are hoping for a bright teal like the picture shown, you are going to be disappointed. There is a They will do the job. I wish the colors were not exaggerated. There is no setting on my phone that turns teal when I use it.

👤The teal color in the stock photo is not close to what I received. I could have purchased the boring legal files that I received at a fraction of the cost, but I didn't.

👤After "KonMari-ing" my home, I needed to update my file folders. These light gray folders were a welcome addition to my office because they fit in with my new and natural aesthetic.

👤The shipment was short with only one folder and two tabs. I am stuck with these because I did not discover this until hours of filing had ended. Count before you order them.

👤I thought these wouldn't work because I have letter size filing cubes in my desk. I could see these work for the Pottery Barn desk file cabinets I have. I love the Pendaflex. The folders are hanging. I got the template and typed the designated sections, which were printed out with no need for adjustment within the Word doc. I am not sure what they were referring to, as this product does not seem to have any interior pockets. I am completely satisfied with this product. The previous review was done. I didn't know these were legal until I received them. I have everything regarding filing in a letter size.

👤There were only 18 tabs and no label sheet.

👤Any issue is unacceptable because a hanging folder is simplistic. For a good reason, the price of the product is the best. The hanging folder is terrible. The files are falling out of the box and many of the folders are starting to fall apart. I have to tape the top fold of each folder to make sure it doesn't fall apart. The glue used on the folder is either worthless or not enough. What is the point of a warranty for a cheap product? I would have to spend $5 to send these $10 folders to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement and hope it will be done right. Just get it right for the manufacturer. There is no need for a worthless warranty.

5. Blue Summit Supplies Reinforced Organization

Blue Summit Supplies Reinforced Organization

A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included. Their filing folders are reinforced to help you keep your important documents organized. Their hanging folders are reinforced to help you apply your colorcoded file system to a large number of files at once. The bulk pack of 25 extra capacity folders comes with 30 plastic tabs to make filing tasks quick and easy, right out of the box. Save time and money with their 25 value pack of letter size hanging file folders, which fit in standard file cabinet drawers.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤I have been using hanging file folders for over 20 years and they are 1000% better than any other brands I have tried, and the paper is very sturdy, well made, and honestly I am not sure if the paper is different than the green ones, but they are 1000% better than Will only use them in the future.

👤They came quickly and did not have any issues. They can hold a lot without bending. If you want to have them fold down for easier access to contrasting files, these are the ones for you. These seem like they will hold up.

👤I love these! The quality of the Pendaflex I bought in the past was not as good. A bright pink color. Overall, very happy.

👤It seems that file is a tad bit stronger on the smaller side than it is on the larger side. They work. Beautiful color.

👤This is a very high quality hanging folder. The paper is a good weight and rich in color. It is packaged very nicely. This is the third company that I have purchased black folders from. It is the best.

👤I didn't expect the pink fold folders to be so strong. These are better than I expected. It was definitely worth the purchase. I will buy the same brand if I ever need more.

👤I looked for hanging file folders that were higher quality. I was sent flimsy things and they came bent or damaged. The Summit ones were laid out flat. I returned all of the ones I bought and they were undamaged. It took a bit of thought. I finally found the perfect folder. The extra money is worth it.

👤The folders are what I needed. I received two tapes that had weird tape all over them and one that had the stane of the weird tape on it. I want my stuff organized and pretty and this takes away from that if I am using file holders. The folders were in good shape. I can't believe a company would send these.

6. Smead Hanging Adjustable Assorted 64056

Smead Hanging Adjustable Assorted 64056

The tabs of your folder are completely visible when the top rail is lowered. Hanging file folders are the most popular way to keep papers organized. It is easier to find the file you are looking for with the clear tabs. rod tips are easy to slide in the drawers. Different types of files can be organized by color-coding. There are 25 letter size hanging file folders (11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H exclusive of rods and tabs) with clear poly tabs and white tab inserts. The assortment includes gray, maroon, navy, purple, and teal. It is made in the USA. SFI certified contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material.

Brand: Smead

👤If you want colored tabs, don't order them. I could have saved $4 and ordered them from another listing. Disappointing. They seem to be of average strength. I just received the hooks and can't say for sure if they are strong.

👤The file folders were good. The package was torn open and there were no clear tabs or paper inserts. They will not replace missing parts when I try to comment.

👤Sturdy and nice folders. It was great for my needs. It was just what I wanted.

👤Tabs are not colored as shown in the picture. They are clear. I can't return the item I received because I paid more for it.

👤Great product. I would buy it again.

👤I love these! They needed the same kind of strength they offered, but they were sick of the tired old colors. The same sturdiness and a change in boring office decor were provided by these.

👤These files are pretty and functional.

7. Pendaflex SureHook Reinforced Standard 6153

Pendaflex SureHook Reinforced Standard 6153

These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. The SureHook rods have built-in tension springs that keep them hanging on the rails. Adding Poly-reinforced top edge and bottom fold provides added strength. There are 20 legal-sized green folders for general or color-coded filing. There is a sheet of paper with 20 clear tabs. There are two-tone folders that prevent time-wasting. There are two-tone folders that prevent time-wasting.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤What I don't like is not the only thing I don't like. The world of retail is getting smaller and there are less quantities in a box. There is a I don't have to tape them anymore because they are strong, and I don't think the hooks are going to sink down inside of the file cabinet. Thanks for the improvement. The price is worth it.

👤We've been using Pendaflex folders for a long time and this past year we ordered several boxes of legal size folders. The new ones have been improved and the top area where the identifying tag goes now has a strip of plastic over it. The folders held up well in the past, but with the new reinforcements they will hold up even better.

👤These are very sturdy and will last. It's better to pay more for folders that will hold up to use, and not fall apart like my old ones. I've had a bit of confusion with the color name of these. The standard size was sent once on reordering. I contacted Amazon to find out that I was sent standard size standard green instead of legal size standard green. The color name should be green. They corrected the order quickly. Amazon has the best price. Highly recommended!

👤These are sturdy file folders.

👤The Pendaflex hanging folders are better than the wire hangers. They stay in place.

👤The best files cost a little more but are worth it.

👤The files are so shallow that they stick up out of them and hit the cabinet when you try and close it.

8. Smead Erasable Hanging Assorted 64031

Smead Erasable Hanging Assorted 64031

The perfect fit for tight spaces is that each box measures 9 1/2 H x 12 1/3 W x 6 D, a practical size that can fit a variety of shelving units and file drawers. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 10" H and are exclusive of rods. It's possible to write directly on the tab and erase with a white eraser because of the erasable surface. Each hanging folder has a 1/3-cut built-in reinforced tab and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. This set of hanging file folders in 3 different colors will help you organize different types of files. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤These are great hanging folders. The package was bought to test the quality and color. They are a light green. These are nice hanging folders, even though color was wrong for my needs. Good weight, awesome re-writable tab, how cool is that? I would buy 50 of the things if these weren't available in the color I need. I was trying to match the normal folders to the ones shown in the left. Still looking.

👤We used these to hang files in our new storage container. They are perfect! Tabs and pressboard are erasable. I slip my folders inside the hanging file while I have not written on the tabs. The delivery was fast. You won't regret buying these hanging files.

👤I order from Amazon to save time. When I got these files, I found out you need a special eraser. Why? Why don't you come up with a product that uses alcohol or plain old water to erase? I don't have time to do multi step processes to get files because I am busy. Life is short. I'm sending these back and I'll hit the store to get low maintenance and high quality.

👤I love the color of these. They match my desk. If you don't have enough wiggle room in your drawer, they will hit the top and bend the tabs. I have to avoid one drawer that seems to have trouble, but they work in my other drawers. I am happy with the quality of the product.

👤These are the nice colors and erasable tabs. I have to erase things twice, so that's a useful feature. The folders seem to be of excellent quality. The per- folder price is higher when you buy fewer, but I didn't need thousands of folders so this was good for me. I was happy to purchase a made-in-the-US product from a woman-owned business. Win and win!

👤A black Sharpie marker works well. Erases with a white eraser. It is important to keep in mind that your eraser needs some cleaning before it can be used on other paper. You can clean the ink from the eraser by wiping it down with a piece of paper.

👤I liked everything about these hanging files, except for the tabs. They fit my file nicely, they seemed sturdy and liked the pale green color. The erasable tabs don't work. It is a good idea to have erasable tabs, but it needs more time in the lab. The marker rubs off. It won't stay. It smudged on the file itself. I will have to come up with a new label for these.

👤You can use a permanent marker to write on the tabs and if you need to use a folder for another subject, you just erase it with an eraser. I will never buy those plastic tubs again because they are so much better than those plastic tabs in a paper.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for.

👤I am very pleased with the article and I am happy that paket is what it advertised. I would order again from them.

9. Pendaflex Reinforced Hanging Folders BLA

Pendaflex Reinforced Hanging Folders BLA

China is the country of origin. Adding Poly-reinforced top edge and bottom fold provides added strength. There are hanging folders for general or color-coded filing. Lighter interior helps prevent time-wasting. A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I did myself a disservice by getting these to aid in home and business organization, but now I'm trying to discourage people from making the same mistakes, because I got these to aid in home and business organization, but I did myself a disservice by getting discounts opposed to studying the reviews. These are packaged in a box that is too small for the contents, as others have mentioned first and foremost. The box looks like a standard ream of printer or lined paper, and forcing the folders in to it caused significant and severe bending in the folder. It doesn't seem like the warping will be gone any time soon as I've spent the entire day trying to flatten them between textbooks. It's not great for sensitive documents, which will take on the curve as well. There is a The box I had came with a lot of damage. The Pendaflex box was barely held together, but the shipping box was flawless. It is decorated with two large holes, and a road map of rips between them, which makes me wonder if this is a used or refurbished product. I bought something. There is a The folders are disappointing. I have holiday cards that are thicker. There are plastic reinforcements on the bottom fold and metal hooks in the back, but they are not helpful or necessary when a thicker card could have solved all of the same issues. There is a Quality control needs to be worked on immensely with this product, and it was just an extremely disappointing purchase.

👤The metal hooks on the hanging folders shave off plastic from the bars in my filing drawers, so I searched forever to find the right one. I made sure to look for the right product number when I purchased the plastic tabs. Many buying options with metal hooks were returned when searching for 'Pendaflex 4152 1/5 ASST'. As you can see by the product pictures above, I thought I had found the right kind after finally finding this listing. Even though the box shows the smooth plastic, they were the metal kind after all. I've spent a lot of time researching these stupid folders and reading other reviews that said Pendaflex had changed the product over the years. They need to change the box as well. It's hard to find a brand. Any brand? Without the metal hooks?

👤The hanging folders I bought from Blue Summit were wonderful. They didn't have pink in stock, but they were able to replenish it. I took a shot at this brand and am very disappointed. The back of each folder has a simple brand stamp at the bottom. The folders were easy to read but still small. There is a huge stamp on the back of each folder that takes up a third of the folder. I get branding is important but it is annoying and over the top.

👤The metal tabs on the hanging files are not what the picture shows. I purchased this brand because I wanted the sturdy metal hangers that slide well. They are a flimsy stamped metal that sticks to the rails of the crate I am using and they bend easily. I bought the reinforced type because my students will be using them in the classroom for the entire school year. I don't know if these will hold up because of the cheap hangers. I buy hanging files from Pendaflex.

10. Pendaflex SureHook Reinforced 6152 BLU

Pendaflex SureHook Reinforced 6152 BLU

Save time and money with their 25 value pack of letter size hanging file folders, which fit in standard file cabinet drawers. The hanging rod has built-in tension springs that make it easy to slide and stay on track. 11 pt. is durable. Poly laminate strips across the top edge and bottom fold for superior durability. 5 tab positions. There are clear tabs and a printer ready label sheet.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I was looking forward to updating my files. I read the other reviews and thought it was ok. It was very disappointing. Pendaflex has always been my go-to brand. These files have less depth than the others, so they have less storage, and so they ride higher, so obscuring your view of colored tabs. The hangers are made of plastic. What a waste of time. I'm going to the office supply store to look at a quality product before I buy it.

👤If you are tired like I was, then this is the product for you, because the regular hanging file folder hooks will fall down if they are not set on the rail. I have to manage a lot of files. I had to scoot a folder to add another one or look for a file because the old, white, metal ones were bending and one side of the folder was falling down. A colleague bought them. I didn't know they existed. They are lifesavers. I have not had any issues with them since I swapped them out. They are completely worth it even though they are a tad more than regular ones.

👤I am kind of an Organized Office Geek. I like that my stuff is labeled and looks nice. My file cabinet is included. These files are hanging. They glide well in the cabinet. I have to access a lot of documents, so I'm constantly shifting the hanging files forwards and backwards. These files move ten times better than the regular hanging files.

👤This folder is very strong. The metal folders are a pain when they fail and all your papers fall to the bottom of the file. The color options allow you to sort items easily. I think this is a great idea.

👤I needed more after using this product. I bought their version because the chain office supply store was out of them. The hanging frame in each folder was not as good as Pendaflex's. I was happy to find a good price for the Pendaflex SureHook rReinforced Hanging Folders online.

👤If you hate the cheap metal rod ones, you should hang a hanging folder. The do have more space to spare than the traditional folders, but they still have a neatness that is different.

👤The buyer should beware. The thick plastic rails of these folders take up twice as much space as the filing cabinet does. They're supposed to be easier to slide than metal rails, but the fact that they're twice as bulky cancels out any perceived benefit. The idea makes sense for box bottom files, but not regular files. Pass on these and buy the regular Pendaflex 4152 or 4153. The cost of shipping would offset most of the refunds. I'll donate them to Goodwill.

👤These are better than the file folders I bought. The hooks are made of heavy plastic so they won't bend if they get heavy. The plastic hooks don't rip the folder if it gets heavy, because it's a little thicker with more reinforcement. I wish I had found them sooner. Good purchase!

11. Pendaflex Hanging Folders Letter Assorted

Pendaflex Hanging Folders Letter Assorted

It is made in the USA. SFI Sourcing Certified contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. Misfiled documents can be reduced. Every paper stands out with the bright colors of the Pendaflex Glow hanging file folders. The hanging file folders are made of paper. Files stand out with glow colors. There are 8 letter-size folders with 1/3 tab cut for daily storage. There are clear tabs and blank labels for each folder. Eco-conscious choice can have one or more meaningful eco-labels.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤We had to move our office recently and that gave us the chance to clean out and reorganize things. The variety pack of five bright vibrant hanging files proved to be a great help in implementing a new color-coding system to allow for easier location of different files. I suppose it isn't necessary to survive, but it has made the office more organized and that makes life easier. What a great purchase!

👤The dimensions listed are incorrect. The box is 13 x 9.6 x 2.3 inches.

👤After buying for a much cheaper price, I found some of the same things. Make sure you shop for them.

👤They are beautiful! It was fun to organize my papers. Thank you!

👤I was looking for a brighter folder. The price was good and the job was done well.

👤I love them because they are what I wanted.

👤I love these file folders. I bought them to store in a white crate in my classroom, and the colors really pop! Love!


What is the best product for decorative hanging file folders for filing cabinet?

Decorative hanging file folders for filing cabinet products from Pendaflex. In this article about decorative hanging file folders for filing cabinet you can see why people choose the product. Smead and U Brands are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hanging file folders for filing cabinet.

What are the best brands for decorative hanging file folders for filing cabinet?

Pendaflex, Smead and U Brands are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hanging file folders for filing cabinet. Find the detail in this article.

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