Best Decorative Hanging File Folders for Women

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1. Decorative Hanging File Folders Reinforced

Decorative Hanging File Folders Reinforced

Use gray hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling. The file is in style. The 12 pack of pretty designer tabs hanging file folders offer a modern spin on a simple organization necessity. Keep yourself organized at work or school by storing documents, receipts, and notes in style. There are two embellished gold foil designs with the words "I am very busy" and "big plans" written on them. The file folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are heavy. They changed the size of each file folder to fit the standard hanging cabinet. Their folders are now 8.25 x 11.75 Inches, which is better for letter sized documents. BOSS BABE: How can a boss survive without her files? The perfect gift for a new job, back to school or big event.

Brand: Fluytco

👤These are cute. They are sturdy and have great designs. I bought these to be file folders so I wouldn't use the weird pocket on the left size. I put these in my other folders. They were taller than my other folders. If I keep them, they will hide my other folders. I'm not sure if I can use them at the office.

👤The folders are attractive. The feel is sturdy. The problem is that the folders are not standard. The folder tab must be held on the left side and not the right side in order to hold the papers upright. This seems like a small thing but after 40 years of holding the same folder, it's throwing me off. The card inserts that should hold a business card are not standard. They are too far apart to hold anything. These are fun and attractive. I wouldn't revisit because of the function. I don't usually leave reviews but I think this is a good idea to know up front.

👤These are not your average file folder. Being from America, I like to open books, files, and folders. There are pockets on the right side of the file folders. You have to open them on the left if you want to. I would have liked to have seen a photo of this before I bought the folders. It's not nice to open the folders upside down.

👤If you don't need these to fit in a normal filing cabinet or box, that's great. The inside pocket is in the wrong location and the size is wrong, so they are just odd. They didn't make them normal size, but the designs are wonderful. I kept them but wouldn't order again.

👤The inside pockets are more for left-handed people. I get frustrated when I open it because the pockets are on the wrong side. It's a great product.

👤I was looking for folders that would stay on my desk. These are the solution to the problem. I have already seen these folders in my office and they are cute. The slots do not affect the effectiveness of the folders, so I don't use the slot inside them. The tags on the folders are sturdy and large for me to write on. If you want to add to your office decor, I highly recommend these file folders.

👤I ordered a set because of the cute pattern of the folders. The description doesn't mention that these are not a standard size file folder. Standard size file folders sit an inch higher. The tabs are shaped differently than standard file folders. The pocket on the inside is useless. Even though I like the pattern, I will probably return them.

👤I like them. They have a small pocket, but I thought they were just file folders. The meaning is slightly smaller than your normal pocket folder. They are cute on my desk. The colors make me happy. They tackle the tasks inside when I grab files. People see them on my desk and think they should touch them. Ha! Silly. I found them on Amazon.

2. Smead Hanging Folder Sliding 64092

Smead Hanging Folder Sliding 64092

Eco-conscious - Protect the environment by using tabs made with recycled paper. A hanging file folder is used to organize and store documents. The hanging file folders are exclusive of rods and tabs and keep your heavy files neatly in place. Seven times stronger than standard hanging folders, featuring heavier material and specially designed reinforced rods that resist bending and paper tearing. The hanging file folder has a 1/3-cut repositionable Easy Slide tab that slides smoothly and securely into any tab position, and replaceable white tab inserts. Their exclusive Easy Slide tabs are heavy-duty, oversized tabs that can be adjusted to any position and can be re-positioned again and again without wearing out the top of the folder. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤The file folders fit the description as sturdy, but the tabs used to label them leave something to be desired. These just fit on, unlike the plastic tabs that attach with "wings" into slots on the file. They pop off easily. I found them laying inside the file or on the floor because of their weak clamping action. There is a The solution is to tape them on. The files are ok, but the novel engineering of the tabs is not thought out.

👤There is no question that these are solid file folders. I noticed how expensive they were when I bought them again. It seemed like it was $19 for a pack of 20 file folders. Yes, and yeah. The price I paid four years ago was $13.49. That is a huge price hike. Maybe you can find them cheaper somewhere else. I recommend them, but not at this price.

👤These hanging folders are exactly what they say they are, heavy duty hanging file folder with easy to adjust label tabs. First thing. The paper is heavy. They are made just enough better than the cheaper store-brand hanging files I purchased which tend to rip/fall apart when I overload them with too many documents. The metal rods that are used to hang the folders into the cabinet don't bend easily, so these have held up to my over-stuffing abuse. There is a There's an easy slide tab. It took me a while to figure out how this works. The tab was snapped onto the folder easily, but I wasn't sure about the sliding part. The instructions say to move the tab away from you. It didn't budge on the first try, but I thought I had snapped the tab in too tightly, but apparently it was just the way I was trying to do it. You need to do it in one motion and then flex it back a bit. It is easy-peasy! I was able to get the paper label into the tab. The label should be put with the crease side down. The folded paper label can be accommodated by the bottom part. You can easily remove the label from the back by pinching the end of the paper label that sticks into the middle back of the plastic tab and then sliding it out. I ordered a second box for my small amount of home office files after liking these. It's a small enhancement to a product that is used by everyone in an office. Some things you can't improve on and some things you can make small changes to make a new version worth buying. These are the later ones.

👤The normal ones and these are the same. We will see how they hold up. The tabs are a force to be reckoned with. They are the best tabs they have ever made.

👤Unless I need more, well made, strong, great to use, these are the last ones I will buy. Not weak like most of the others. You'll be glad you did, spend a little extra and get these.

3. Hanging Folders Adjustable Waterproof Suspension

Hanging Folders Adjustable Waterproof Suspension

The hanging file box does not emit an odor in the room and can be used without care on the work table. It is suitable for A4 documents, 200 sheet capacity, 12pcs in 1 package. PP plastic is the material. It's not easy to decay and deform. It is more durable than paper. If you want to create neat and professional files, you can either design with a sheet of letter label inserts or do it yourself. It's easier to organize your files and documents. It's easy to use because of the wide opening. It's perfect in the standard A4 file cabinet drawers. Sturdy rod tips are used to hang and glide along rails. It's ideal for medical records, medical charts, important documents, product manuals, financial statements and archives for organization and storage of documents at home or in the office.

Brand: Le Papillion Jewelry

👤I ordered the VASAGLE file cabinet with lock, filing cabinet with 2 storage drawers, and hanging file folders, all of which were Rustic Brown and Black. This brand is perfect. Time will tell how well the A4s hold up. I also recommend the file cabinet.

👤American buyers need to be careful. The hanging file holders are too wide and do not fit in the American-sized filing boxes. I had to replace the metal hanging folders with plastic ones because I wanted this color so much. These will not work in American filing boxes when they arrive.

👤These files fit perfectly in my ikea cabinet.

4. Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64033

Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64033

These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The stock hanging file folders are SFI certified. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H and are exclusive of rods and tabs. The hanging folder has a 1/3-cut poly tab that makes it easier to find the file you are looking for and the coated rod tips that slide easily in the drawers. The clear poly tabs have replaceable white tab inserts and can be positioned in several locations on the front or back panel so you can create a custom filing system. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Use teal hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling.

Brand: Smead

👤How could something so simple be so bad? Apparently, in every way possible. I thought Smead would be higher in quality. Apparently not anymore. The files are flimsy and lighter in weight. The tabs are hard to tear, difficult to fold over and crease, and don't take ink that well. The quality used to be good, but not anymore.

👤I know these are durable file folders, but I am trying to flatten them so they don't fall apart in my box because there is space in the box. Each file is flat when you buy them at the store. That is not the case with these. Sorry for the poor review, but you should package them so they are in the box when they are delivered. Shrink the height of your box and it will fit. Thank you.

👤Exactly what I ordered was delivered. The hanging file folders look nice. The box was undamaged. Well packed.

👤Changed the old file hangers. The color was perfect.

👤The hanging folders were quality driven and I was very happy with them.

👤I ordered 5 boxes of hanging file folder. One box had no 1/3 cut tabs and the other had 1/6 cut tabs. The other three boxes were in good shape. I need more cut tabs to finish the year.

👤It was a perfect fit for my box. The color is perfect.

👤The color is great. Product was described. We've purchased many times.

5. MagDurnus Hanging Adjustable Practical Suitable

MagDurnus Hanging Adjustable Practical Suitable

These colored interior file folders are made in the USA and are SFI certified. The hooks are durable and can be hung in almost all files. Pack a box with 12 plastic lables. It can be adjusted. The organizer is the person who organizes documents or other critical paperworks. An incentive for efficiency with lables.

Brand: Magdurnus

👤The quality of the material is nice, but the hangers are not very good. I have included side-by-side pics with other hanging file folders I have bought. The metal hangers on the folders won't hang correctly because they aren't evenly distributed. Almost every one is different. It wouldn't be worth it at a third of the price.

👤I fell in love with the blue ones. I don't think I will use the file name tags. It has white file hooks so they won't fall in. You will probably need four sets to fit a file holder like this, it is a standard gold one.

👤I got these to flash on up here during my COVID-19Quarantine because I get tired of sitting at my desk and looking at the ugly office stuff. It worked. I get lost in thought about how much I love the color GOLD when I see these bling at me. Highly recommended. Make yourself happy while you work.

👤Not advertised correctly. The leaves are yellow and the logo is gold. I didn't have enough plastic tabs for all my files because I didn't receive a set of plastic tabs in my second box of hanging file folders. It's so frustrating. I was really looking forward to having the gold stand out and be really pretty and I am shocked that they would have their logo printed on each hanging file, but not the leaves. Disappointed.

👤I used to use green hanging files at work, but these are a different story. The designs look great in my clear file box. I just got them and they look good, but I can't say how sturdy they are. Will most likely order more after I am happy with my purchase.

👤I hate the logo, but these are just as sturdy as pictured. They would be much better if they printed every single one of them.

👤The other ones are similar. The other side is more pink than the other ones, but I bought this for the blue tones. It's cute but not what I wanted.

👤I have not had them long enough to speak for sturdiness or durability. I think they will hold up, because the material feels sturdy. Even though they are hidden away in a file box, I smile when I see my colorful files. I decided to treat myself and they're a bit pricey, but I'm glad I did.

6. Smead Hanging Adjustable Assorted 64056

Smead Hanging Adjustable Assorted 64056

The tabs of your folder are completely visible when the top rail is lowered. Hanging file folders are the most popular way to keep papers organized. It is easier to find the file you are looking for with the clear tabs. rod tips are easy to slide in the drawers. Different types of files can be organized by color-coding. There are 25 letter size hanging file folders (11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H exclusive of rods and tabs) with clear poly tabs and white tab inserts. The assortment includes gray, maroon, navy, purple, and teal. It is made in the USA. SFI certified contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material.

Brand: Smead

👤If you want colored tabs, don't order them. I could have saved $4 and ordered them from another listing. Disappointing. They seem to be of average strength. I just received the hooks and can't say for sure if they are strong.

👤The file folders were good. The package was torn open and there were no clear tabs or paper inserts. They will not replace missing parts when I try to comment.

👤Sturdy and nice folders. It was great for my needs. It was just what I wanted.

👤Tabs are not colored as shown in the picture. They are clear. I can't return the item I received because I paid more for it.

👤Great product. I would buy it again.

👤I love these! They needed the same kind of strength they offered, but they were sick of the tired old colors. The same sturdiness and a change in boring office decor were provided by these.

👤These files are pretty and functional.

7. EarthWise Pendaflex Recycled Hanging 74542

EarthWise Pendaflex Recycled Hanging 74542

The paper is made from recycled fiber. The letter size is 5 tabs. There are clear tabs and inserts.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I decorated my office with gold washi tape and used it to make a gold wire file basket. It all worked out well. The hanging file folders are warm tan and strong.

👤100% recycled material, neutral color. Not as thick as pendaflex. I just replace one when it gets bent out of shape.

👤My husband painted a 2 drawer filing cabinet red for me while I was redesigning my craft area. The hanging folders were what I was looking for. It is easy to use. I bought the same style of folders to go with them because I couldn't find the "kraft" folders I wanted.

👤I need to keep my papers organized. I wanted a more Earth friendly option, and I am glad I went with these. They fit in our filing cabinet very well.

👤These work well for home use.

👤These are worth the money. It's perfect in a standard filing cabinet.

👤I don't want new materials made because I like the recycled ones. The metal hangers are strong. I have nothing bad to say about them.

👤My new desk was ordered. They are different from the other colors I use for color coding because they are recycled paper and natural colors. I ordered the separate plastic tabs because I needed the 3rd cut.

8. Smead SuperTab Oversized Assorted 11961

Smead SuperTab Oversized Assorted 11961

WIDELY used. It's suitable for all staff and students. It's great for managing academic paper, profile, working document, contract file, etc. They will organize your work. You can easily spot the files you need with these letter size file folders, which feature a 1/3-cut oversized tab for labeling folder contents. You can write larger or fit more lines of text in your files if you have oversized tabs in various positions. The 11 point colored paper stock protects important papers and makes it easy to quickly find what you need while the 1/32” expansion allows for greater storage capacity, perfect for everyday use. This colorful solution is perfect for bills, recipes, projects, correspondence, vehicle records, client information and more. The top tab file folders are made in the USA and are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤I don't like the need to air out everything I buy from Amazon. Everything. We had a flood in my workroom and need to start fresh. Same day delivery is great. There is a Not great with weight. There is a It's definitely wimpy. I've felt better using cardboard and construction paper. What other choices do we have? Please let me know. The smell of the "Deodorizer" is overwhelming to me. I needed to use these immediately and had to air them out in my garage for weeks to get rid of my Migraine. Maybe we can get Amazon to stop using this if there are other sufferers out there. This will stop crime. There is a lot of nasty stuff. About the product. You can get a folder that feels like a younger one. These are just sirens. I used to make them. There is a Yes.

👤These things are cheap and a folder is a folder. They were damaged, not from the transit piece of the shipping. The box was not damaged. I assume these were damaged when someone shoved it into the smallest box they could have used. It looked like I had ordered a box of construction paper when I opened the box. These folders are folded in half. I like the colors so I get them 2 stars. I was fooled by the cover of a book and I got to read it again.

👤The reviewers said they are flimsy. The paper is soft and floppy, and has no finish. It rubs when you remove a folder from a drawer and replace it with a new one, because it used to be made of a lightweight card stock with a slick finish. What to do? If they're making crap, they're probably competitors as well as an old, good brand.

👤It was bought for classroom use. The tabs will bend quickly because they are very thin. Many were bent over when they got to the package. Too much of a hassle to send back so they will be used for short term storage in my classroom. When I buy mixed-color file folders, they come with an equal amount of each color. Not so with this package. It was random and not neatly packed. Disappointed.

👤I like the colors. It's nice to have something different, but flimsy. They won't last long. Several pieces of paper are stuck together. I won't get them again.

👤The weight is perfect for coding my files. I didn't need the larger area for file labels, but they didn't have the regular width colors. I didn't receive any of the 20 colors, but I did receive one of green and camel.

👤I like the fresh colors. I can color code my work projects with the different colors. I like the quality and the large tab gives me more space.

👤The colors are as described in the file folders I purchased. The folders are flimsy. The thickness is thin. The colors were described again and the shipping was quick.

9. Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64063

Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64063

The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H and are exclusive of rods and tabs. Each hanging folder has a poly tab and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. The clear poly tabs have replaceable white tab inserts and can be positioned in several locations on the front or back panel so you can create a custom filing system. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Use gray hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling.

Brand: Smead

👤I received them at my front door two days after ordering them. They arrived in perfect condition. It seemed like a great deal to me. It would be hard to find an equitable purchase at an office supply store. Colorado. 5 assorted colors are included in the Jewel Toned Collection. Each color was appealing to me. They're attractive without being overly feminine or masculine. They're colorfully neutral. The material is in a file. The papers stock is of good quality. It is thick enough to meet the demands of normal to heavy filing use. It's strong enough to hold up. All of my items arrived without any flaws. The hangers are in the folders. They don't slide around. I found that they work well on bars within a desk drawer that is designed for hanging and mobile hanging file containers. The folders were in the original packaging when I received them. Air pocket wrapping helped keep it protected. Tabs. My review gets heavy here. I don't like the tabs or the labels. The tabs are made from plastic. The translucent plastic makes the label writing difficult to read, so I prefer not to coordinate the color with the file. They're very flimsy. The box contained 25 tabs. There should always be a couple extras included. Without a way to label them, these folders are useless, so give the customer a little cushion. There is a hint of Smead. I don't think it would cost much to add a few more backups. The tabs are worse than the labels. In my experience, file folder labels are made from a long strip of thick card-stock that contains lines that can be easily torn. This was not the case here. The label strips were low quality and flimsy. They did not tear easily. Most of the labels had a "furry" edge after being detached. It took me more time to tear apart each label than I thought. The paper strips included enough material to create 3 extra labels, which is a positive aspect of the area. You have to mess up your labels 3 times before you can find alternative materials. Function It was easy to put the combined components into the folders after detaching the labels. There are enough slots to designate a position to each color without overlap. I'm not sure if that was planned or just how all Smead filing folders are designed. It worked out perfectly. 25 folders seems to be the ideal amount to fill most filing drawers. The entire set works well with my mobile hanging filing container and also fits in my desk drawer. There is a I rate the file folders as 5-star. The folders are well- worth the price. The tabs and labels are of poor quality, but they are easy to insert into the folders.

👤Hanging file folders are one of the most generic office supply items out there. Why would anyone have an opinion on that? I do. There is a Why is hanging file folders a shade of olive green? Why that shade? Who made that decision? It's an ok color but definitely not something that will perk you up when you are filing things, which is just about one of the most boring jobs one can have. These are the file folders to enter. They come in shades of purple, teal, grey, and maroon, which is a big step up from generic olive green. I used these at home to file personal documents, and chose a color for each person in our household. I know where to put each person's things. There is a You spend a lot of time shoving the labels into the plastic holders that are not open at the bottom because you get annoyed at them. The holders are open at the bottom so it is easy to put the labels in and then move them to the right place on the file folder. It seems like a small thing, but it made my filing experience easier. There is a It's still weird that the labels come in a strip that you tear off. They never tear off neatly. Precut pieces would be nice. I can't believe I spent 2 minutes of my life complaining about that. Good file folders. Do buy.

10. Oxford Hanging Folders Standard PFX81602

Oxford Hanging Folders Standard PFX81602

The gold metal rods help index documents and slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. Colorful folders help organize files. Two-tone color design helps prevent misfiling. Unless otherwise noted, the tabs and inserts are clear. Accommodates files and papers. Time-wasting misfiles can be prevented by Lighter interiors. The folders are made of recycled fiber. There are 25 folders in a box.

Brand: Pendaflex

11. Pendaflex Recycled Jewel Tone Foolproof 81667

Pendaflex Recycled Jewel Tone Foolproof 81667

Measures 36 inches long when hung; measures 10 by 14.2 by 1 inch when consolidated; and is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. Stay on top of office recycling goals. These jewel-toned folders have paper made from 100% recycled fiber with 60% post-consumer fiber, yet still offer brilliant color to liven up your space. Each box of folders has a sheet of blank label inserts and 1/3-cut tabs to create neat and professional files. The hanging files have a lighter interior to help prevent accidental time-wasting between folders. It's always a necessity to stock-up shop and have 25 letter hanging file folders per box. The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I stumbled upon this idea on TikTok. The folders made the dream come true.

👤I keep my paperwork organized with hanging folders. They work well for this purpose. The folders are made from high-quality materials. They don't have reinforced bottoms, but since I don't plan to file anything heavy, it really doesn't matter. They're made with recycled paper. The package I received was a light plum color and had the word "burgandy" written on it. I'm happy with them.

👤I picked these because of the color. I didn't want that army green to be boring or worse. I clicked Buy It Now when I found these. I didn't know filing cabinets were different sizes. I didn't know I was supposed to check it. I put them in my new filing cabinet and realized they were too short. The colors are pretty, but not the legal size I needed. It's easy to return returns.

👤I worked as a legal secretary for 38 years. My home filing system should not be different now that I am retired. I don't have big file cabinets to keep in order, but I like to tidy my home office. I used to own a file caddy bag that was easy to carry around the house. I need only 12 new folders, but 25 will suffice for me, and I can organize my sister's home filing system when the Pandemic is over, and we can visit each other again. I wish I could have found all of them, but these work.

👤These are sturdy and hold a lot of weight. I packed a half dozen or more full tax return folders into one and it held the weight. The colors are vivid. The folder paper is very dense. Good value. It was a good purchase.

👤I was looking for a file box, but there was a message that said " buy these with it." I bought the hanging files. What a waste of money. I'm using as many of my old files as possible. The folders are dark and drab, and the hanging files make the system look dreary. I think I should have looked more closely at the description. It was a disappointment.

👤The Pendaflex hanging file folders are recycled and of great quality. The colors allow you to organize your files. I can't comment on how good they are because I don't use the top part. I only needed about 10 folders for my purposes because they fit well in my desk. These are easy to find five star items. They hold my notes well. I have been using my folders for three months and they hold up. I don't abuse them, and they're still working well.

👤I bought this based on the brand. The paper doesn't seem as significant as my older Pendaflex files. They will work for a few papers. If you need them for that, find them. There are cheaper options for the quality that you get.

👤Los compré por los colores, por qué el precio es ms elevado, deberan ponerlos en cajas ms grandes.


What is the best product for decorative hanging file folders for women?

Decorative hanging file folders for women products from Fluytco. In this article about decorative hanging file folders for women you can see why people choose the product. Smead and Le Papillion Jewelry are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hanging file folders for women.

What are the best brands for decorative hanging file folders for women?

Fluytco, Smead and Le Papillion Jewelry are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hanging file folders for women. Find the detail in this article.

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