Best Decorative Hanging File Folders Letter Size for Women

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1. Blue Summit Supplies Reinforced Organization

Blue Summit Supplies Reinforced Organization

A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included. Their filing folders are reinforced to help you keep your important documents organized. Their hanging folders are reinforced to help you apply your colorcoded file system to a large number of files at once. The bulk pack of 25 extra capacity folders comes with 30 plastic tabs to make filing tasks quick and easy, right out of the box. Save time and money with their 25 value pack of letter size hanging file folders, which fit in standard file cabinet drawers.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤I have been using hanging file folders for over 20 years and they are 1000% better than any other brands I have tried, and the paper is very sturdy, well made, and honestly I am not sure if the paper is different than the green ones, but they are 1000% better than Will only use them in the future.

👤They came quickly and did not have any issues. They can hold a lot without bending. If you want to have them fold down for easier access to contrasting files, these are the ones for you. These seem like they will hold up.

👤I love these! The quality of the Pendaflex I bought in the past was not as good. A bright pink color. Overall, very happy.

👤It seems that file is a tad bit stronger on the smaller side than it is on the larger side. They work. Beautiful color.

👤This is a very high quality hanging folder. The paper is a good weight and rich in color. It is packaged very nicely. This is the third company that I have purchased black folders from. It is the best.

👤I didn't expect the pink fold folders to be so strong. These are better than I expected. It was definitely worth the purchase. I will buy the same brand if I ever need more.

👤I looked for hanging file folders that were higher quality. I was sent flimsy things and they came bent or damaged. The Summit ones were laid out flat. I returned all of the ones I bought and they were undamaged. It took a bit of thought. I finally found the perfect folder. The extra money is worth it.

👤The folders are what I needed. I received two tapes that had weird tape all over them and one that had the stane of the weird tape on it. I want my stuff organized and pretty and this takes away from that if I am using file holders. The folders were in good shape. I can't believe a company would send these.

2. AmazonBasics Hanging Folders Letter Size

AmazonBasics Hanging Folders Letter Size

The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces. A recycled hanging file folder is used to organize and store documents. The letter size accommodates papers of up to 11 inches. The paper is made of 100% recycled fiber. 25 1/3-cut plastic tabs and label inserts are included.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The folders were loose inside the box and there were other items in it. Some of them were folded at the top or bottom. The paper inserts were not included with the plastic tabs. The price has gone down more than a dollar since I ordered them. Amazon doesn't price match. Their only other option is to return them and get a lower price. How silly is that policy? I will not reorder if I return them. I ordered some hanging folders from "Blue Summit" because the other color I wanted was not available from the other store, and they were delivered in a sealed box inside the Amazon box. The plastic tabs and the inserts you write on are vastly different in quality. The cheaper folders are6753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 There is a Even though I'm known for being a cheapskate, my recommendation is to spend the extra money to get the Blue Summit folders.

👤I bought these because I wanted to refresh my files. Many of my hanging folders are bent, curled, or the hanging part has come loose and won't work. I have been impressed with the quality of all the Amazon Basic products I have tried so far, and I thought these were a good price. There is a The box was too small for what they were. I wondered if I had been sent the wrong thing. Nope. They're crammed into a box that's too small for their size, so they're bent, curled, etc. They're very thin and flimsy. I don't think they'll be able to stand up to normal use. If you only keep a few sheets of paper per folder, they're not a problem. I have doubts about how long these will last. I was not happy with my purchase.

👤It was just 'ok'. There is a I think you get what you pay for, but they don't seem to be as nice of material, and they are around the same price as other brands. The color is rubbing off the crease in the box they are in. I wish they had a full page of label inserts so I could print on them instead of the folded up strip.

👤Look up. Old stock. Not packaged in their own box, they were thrown into the shipping box. This time of Covid19 is very dangerous. We clean everything that comes into our home. It was impossible to do with the way these were shipped. Terrible on Amazon. Shoddy product and unsafe handling. Shame on Amazon.

👤The folders arrived quickly. The color was gorgeous and all of them worked well. The top of the folders were hard to see in the photos, but the folder was medium-gray and the top was hard pressed against it, so there was a deduction for stars.

👤I liked the color of the folders and thought this was a good deal. I was shocked when I opened the box to find the folders were loose. The packaging was terrible, the folders were cheap and flimsy, and I found better deals at Target. Save your money.

3. Smead SuperTab Fashion Oversized 11954

Smead SuperTab Fashion Oversized 11954

Each colored file folder is approximately 11 x 9 inches. Find critical files with SuperTab. You can write larger or fit more lines of text by doubling the labeling area of standard folders. These stylish folders are great for bringing fashion into the office or home. A bright look is provided by gold foil and a satin finish. Each pack contains 2 designs, "Be Yourself", " Pink Heart" and "I Am Organized". 13 point paper stock is used for frequently used files. Each folder has a rating of 3/4" for storage capacity. There are 6 letter size folders. There is a large 1/3-cut tab in each folder.

Brand: Smead

👤They are sturdy, the fold foil is cool, and they look nice in my home office.

👤I was hesitant at first but decided to wing it. They are a little pricey but they are cute.

👤The folders are very stylish, however I wish it was more sturdy.

👤The folders are very thick and heavy duty. Not flimsy at all. I bought another set because I loved them so much.

👤Great products! Adding pizazz to my work routine is enjoyable.

4. Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64063

Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64063

The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H and are exclusive of rods and tabs. Each hanging folder has a poly tab and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. The clear poly tabs have replaceable white tab inserts and can be positioned in several locations on the front or back panel so you can create a custom filing system. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Use gray hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling.

Brand: Smead

👤I received them at my front door two days after ordering them. They arrived in perfect condition. It seemed like a great deal to me. It would be hard to find an equitable purchase at an office supply store. Colorado. 5 assorted colors are included in the Jewel Toned Collection. Each color was appealing to me. They're attractive without being overly feminine or masculine. They're colorfully neutral. The material is in a file. The papers stock is of good quality. It is thick enough to meet the demands of normal to heavy filing use. It's strong enough to hold up. All of my items arrived without any flaws. The hangers are in the folders. They don't slide around. I found that they work well on bars within a desk drawer that is designed for hanging and mobile hanging file containers. The folders were in the original packaging when I received them. Air pocket wrapping helped keep it protected. Tabs. My review gets heavy here. I don't like the tabs or the labels. The tabs are made from plastic. The translucent plastic makes the label writing difficult to read, so I prefer not to coordinate the color with the file. They're very flimsy. The box contained 25 tabs. There should always be a couple extras included. Without a way to label them, these folders are useless, so give the customer a little cushion. There is a hint of Smead. I don't think it would cost much to add a few more backups. The tabs are worse than the labels. In my experience, file folder labels are made from a long strip of thick card-stock that contains lines that can be easily torn. This was not the case here. The label strips were low quality and flimsy. They did not tear easily. Most of the labels had a "furry" edge after being detached. It took me more time to tear apart each label than I thought. The paper strips included enough material to create 3 extra labels, which is a positive aspect of the area. You have to mess up your labels 3 times before you can find alternative materials. Function It was easy to put the combined components into the folders after detaching the labels. There are enough slots to designate a position to each color without overlap. I'm not sure if that was planned or just how all Smead filing folders are designed. It worked out perfectly. 25 folders seems to be the ideal amount to fill most filing drawers. The entire set works well with my mobile hanging filing container and also fits in my desk drawer. There is a I rate the file folders as 5-star. The folders are well- worth the price. The tabs and labels are of poor quality, but they are easy to insert into the folders.

👤Hanging file folders are one of the most generic office supply items out there. Why would anyone have an opinion on that? I do. There is a Why is hanging file folders a shade of olive green? Why that shade? Who made that decision? It's an ok color but definitely not something that will perk you up when you are filing things, which is just about one of the most boring jobs one can have. These are the file folders to enter. They come in shades of purple, teal, grey, and maroon, which is a big step up from generic olive green. I used these at home to file personal documents, and chose a color for each person in our household. I know where to put each person's things. There is a You spend a lot of time shoving the labels into the plastic holders that are not open at the bottom because you get annoyed at them. The holders are open at the bottom so it is easy to put the labels in and then move them to the right place on the file folder. It seems like a small thing, but it made my filing experience easier. There is a It's still weird that the labels come in a strip that you tear off. They never tear off neatly. Precut pieces would be nice. I can't believe I spent 2 minutes of my life complaining about that. Good file folders. Do buy.

5. Reversible Decorative Folders Organizers Woodland

Reversible Decorative Folders Organizers Woodland

Their Amazon store has matching office supplies for women. A set of 6 letter size file folders have 1/3 cut tabs to easily label. There are 2 left tabs, 2 middle tabs, and 2 right tabs. There is a lined notes section on the front and a contrasting interior in the resurrection floral design set. The file organizers can be folded to reverse the design. The lined notes section on the front of the folder is for convenience. Simply fold the folder to the opposite side if you prefer the notes section to be hidden. Standard letter size folders are made of thick card stock and are 8.25 inches tall to hold letter size papers. There is brisk speed and efficiENCY. If you like organization, then this set of 6 letter file folders is a must. The lined notes section helps to clarify the contents, and the fun, pretty designs are easy to locate in crowded drawers/desks. Add some flair to your filing system with these cute file folders.

Brand: Steel Mill And Co.

👤They are beautiful and I have been able to pick out folders that I like. I am not buying them to replace my files. I buy again just for the colors. I was looking for something soft. They are perfect.

👤I think it's nice. Very feminine. The paper material used well. The flowers are pretty. The colors are beautiful. Just like the picture was advertised. The regular folder size is not so big. No gripe. I would recommend them to my friends. No photo, sorry. It's a good purchase. I am glad I bought it.

👤I love opening my purchase to find what I was expecting. These are adorable, good quality, and the perfect addition to my office. Office work can be boring, so why not liven it up with cute additions? Enjoy and indulge!

👤These are good file folders. They are strong. They are not easy to bend. The front has lines that I like to write on. They are pretty.

👤The colors on the folders are just what I wanted. I found them on Amazon.

👤I love them. The edges were bent backwards from the shipping and I can't smooth them out. They are a cute addition to my office.

👤I like the printed lines on the front of the folders for notes more than the dull manila folders and they are also more sturdy.

👤It arrived quickly and was super cute. I love them.

6. EOOUT Plastic Assorted Erasable Category

EOOUT Plastic Assorted Erasable Category

They can be used at home or in the office and can be dressed nicely. You will love it! You will get 30 pack 3-tab plastic file folders in 6 colors, 2 sheets of labels and 40 pieces of packaging. The poly file folders are more waterproof. The colored file folder is made of high quality polypropylene which is waterproof and acid-free. Rich colors: It has 6 classic colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. Matching with the labels will help you with your file management. Excellent design: EXPANDABLE. It's in hanging file folders. The folder will hold up to 150 sheets of letter size paper. WIDELY used. It's suitable for all staff and students. It's great for managing academic paper, profile, working document, contract file, etc. They will organize your work.

Brand: Eoout

👤None of them are equal quantities of a color in left, center and right tabs. This is the first time I've seen this before. It's pathetic! Because of this, it's overpriced. Very rude. The description should state that there is an odd assortment.

👤These folders are strong. The material is bright and I like it. I was very happy at first. When I pulled them out, I rearranged them but not backwards. I received 3 colors with left tabs, 2 colors with center tabs, and one with right tabs. They are functional and will work for what I bought them for. I will want to toss one of the left tab colors. I need more of these but will have to find them somewhere else.

👤The papers are in the folders. I'm very disappointed that they aren't wide enough. The material and colors of the folders are very good.

👤There are folders. I have nothing but good things to say about the product. I am in anal person. I enjoy organization. I like things to look neat. Maybe I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I had purchased the best paper folders I could find prior to seeing this product. I spent two days reorganizing my file cabinet. I had to use a label maker for every file. Somewhat of a large project. I ran across these folders after I finished the job. I wish I had found these before I spent all that time and money on my file cabinet. I had to try these because my paper ones were already showing some wear and I had to re-do them. I organize my bills, accounts and doctors. I said I am an anal person. I took my label maker from Amazon. I redid about 70 folders. I labeled them with clear packing tape. I think they will last a while. I am very pleased with them so far. I have a question for the seller if it would be possible to pick out your custom folders. I am aware of the large variety of colors you have. I am not complaining. I don't care for green and I hope I don't offend anyone. I would have liked to swap them out for red or orange. For people like me, they have a white paper label for every folder. I thought it would be cool if you sold clear tape for people who don't have a DYMO label maker that has plastic tape. I would have bought that. This is not a complaint? I would have liked to have that option. I know they all cost the same price, even if I had to pay a little more. I wanted to ask. I bought a 12 pack because I didn't know about the 30 pack. I bought 72 of these folders and so far I am happy with the plastic ones. That is a no-brainer. I have been telling my doctor's office about these. I commented on the paper files of my local hospital. I have sold Quiet a few and maybe I should start asking for commission. Thank you very much.

7. Brands Fashion Hanging Folders Assorted

Brands Fashion Hanging Folders Assorted

Hanging file folders are great for home and office use. The hanging rods are made of rose gold metal. Modern fashion prints add a touch of style to any office environment. Hanging file folders are great for organizing documents. U Brands is changing the workplace by offering a wide variety of office-supplies.

Brand: U Brands

👤I had to glue the flaps back together. I don't know if they sat in a warehouse for a long time, but they all came apart. I had to reglue them to be able to use them. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I spent a lot of money on these and they should not be falling apart. I had to glue the folders back together because they were already falling apart. The manufacturer keeps cranking out faulty folders despite multiple reviews stating the same thing over and over. You would think that the company could find a better glue to use to make the folders worth the price.

👤The wife reviewed it. Like the design of the folders. They are simple and love gold. They seem to be good quality and durable. I bought some from Walmart that were almost identical in price, but they are a bit more expensive. Walmart packages are smaller in quantity. I bought multiples to equal the amount of these ones and it was still cheaper. They are the perfect design to compliment my desk accessories. The look I was looking for. I wish they were also offered as a deep pocket version.

👤There are two filing systems in my house. These work in one but not the other. The standard size is 9.56 wide. They were just in one of my drawers. Keep popping off the rails. It's really annoying. Double check the drawer width. I don't have the glue issues other reviewers had.

👤These are very cute. I decided to get a neon pack as well. I am not using a combo of hanging files and file folders in my home office. I love how they are simple colors, but have a metallic detail. The neon ones that I ordered were almost double the price, but they seem to last a long time. I had to have them.

👤These filing folders are wonderful. They are very strong and cute. The price is the only complaint I have. They were in perfect condition when I bought them. I wouldn't spend the money to buy them at full price.

👤The folded seam does not stick very well. After a week of use, I had to tape many of them. They needed to be taped to not open.

👤Within one day of putting the papers in, they were pulled apart.

👤There are black smudges on the fronts and backs of the pink folders which is disappointing, I adore the colors, but there are black smudges on the fronts and backs of the pink folders which is disappointing. It's a good idea to watch out for that when other customers arrive. I love them.

👤All of the files I received were of the highest quality and my girls love them.

👤The tabs will get unglued with time. Half of them are like this. It's ridiculous.

👤Pricey but sturdy.

8. Pendaflex Folders Assorted Burgundy 02315

Pendaflex Folders Assorted Burgundy 02315

The folders are letter sized and are about the same size. The labels are 5.25" x 2.25". They are printed with gold ink. They aren't gold foil. The Pendaflex Two Tone Color File Folders have light interiors for filing, pretty jewel tones add a pop of color to files, and can be used with hanging file folders in a file system or alone. Their folders are lighter on the inside, they are easy to label with ordinary pens, and they help prevent accidental misfiles in the filing cabinet. The color file folders in teal, violet, gray, navy and burgundy give you a boost in speed and efficiency. There are letter size folders with 1/3-cut tabs that fit neatly within Pendaflex hanging file folders. If you want to make your file cabinet look better at work, in the classroom or in the home office, you need to organize it with Pendaflex jewel tone folders.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤The matching hanging file folders of the same color were put with these. The colors aren't as pretty as the picture shows. They are not as interesting. The one that is reddish is my biggest disappointment. It's a brown color. Bleh. Who would want that color? Why would they choose that color? It would have been better to have a greenish color. I was hoping this would be a kind of jewel tones. The gray has a greenish tint. A green is grey. It's a bit Meh. The box these came in was very flimsy. The corners and tabs are not straight. I'm still using them. I almost didn't use any of the brown ones, but I figured that would be a waste of a lot of folders. I'm using them. I'm not crazy about them. The inside color of the folder is better than the outside. I thought the Pendaflex name would be a good one. I don't like the idea of photos being brightened up to look better than the product. It's a lie. It is plain and simple.

👤I am not happy with the quality of these folders. I ordered them for the office and found them to be very flimsy and poorly constructed and the packaging was destroyed when I received the item. I will be returning the product and going to buy them at the store. I have always purchased their products due to the quality that is associated with the name.

👤I am not sure if these are real. They are not uniformly cut and some edges are white. I would expect them to be the same width. The bottom box had no edges. The box I bought at the office supply store was a tad off. I understand that color lots can be off a bit, but the cut not being the same makes me wonder.

👤The box that they all came in was ripped and looked like tape was placed on multiple times to try to fix it, but who knows if I got the actual amount stated, not worth counting when the storage box is shredded. There is a The colors are not as vibrant as the photo shows. There is a They do their job and can't be upset about that.

👤I assumed that the headline meant more than one color. There were 8 right tabbed and 2 middle tabbed folders leftover. I took off 2 stars for this. Another star was gone. The Pendaflex box was destroyed. Maybe this was a customer return. There is a The folders are what they are advertised to be.

👤The box was destroyed and some of the folders were damaged. I need them and don't want to wait for a replacement, so I don't know who to contact. It's not cool! The folders are described.

👤I would have liked something in the yellow spectrum. If someone grabs my folders for their own use, they won't be able to pretend that they own them, because these are different enough.

9. Hanging Folders Assorted Adjustable Box´╝îMarbling

Hanging Folders Assorted Adjustable Box%EF%BC%8CMarbling

Scored for expanding by up to 1/3-inch. Sturdy, durable and high-quality items are much more expensive than other cheaply made items. It has premium longevity if metal hooks are included. There are 12 clear plastic tabs. You files will be clear and ordered. The unique Marb designed folder is designed to organize your files faster and more efficiently. Making you feel good at work. The dimensions are fit. It is suitable for the most common sizes of documents. Their matching letter-sized interior file folders can be used at home or in the office. You can use it whenever you please.

Brand: Charavector

👤The U Brand hanging file gold organizers are beautiful and pairs well with the beautiful. It all looks stunning in my office if you put it all together.

👤I received this in the mail and fell in love with it again. It looks good to me. It is exactly the same as the pictures and description. The only problem I have is that the hanging part is upside down. Will add a picture for clarification. I love it, except for that.

👤These are a change from the boring hanging files of the past. They are not strong enough to hold a large amount of paper. The glue on one of my files broke after I loaded it. There is a If you only have a small number of papers to put in each file, then go for it.

👤I think these are pretty. They came with clear tabs so that you could label them. The seller sent the wrong design to me and I had it replaced. The plastic tabs in the inner flap of the folder were loose and not strong enough to be glue on. I had to tape the inside of the folds to keep them from folding.

👤A great hanging system. There is plenty of room to write and a nice file name. They make for a clean and organised file cabinet. There are a few files that have a lot of papers in them. If you have too much in this folder, you can't see the name of the file. I can't justify buying a whole box of them for just a few files. I am making these work and would probably buy them back. If you tend to overstuff your files, these might not be the right ones for you.

👤These are pretty. It's pretty and well made.

👤These files were purchased to be put into the rose gold file folder. The file folder on top of a desk acts as a decoration. I would have to think about spending the extra money on decorations if these were hidden inside a file cabinet. The files are sturdy and work well, even though they are very nice looking! They make everything look better.

👤The package was well packaged and undamaged. Woo-ho! The folders came in three different patterns. They had tab sheets/labels. These folders are very sturdy and do not show any signs of rapid degradation such as flimsiness, which is great. I have had them for a few months now and they are still good. Thanks for a great product!

10. Russell Hazel Hanging File Folders

Russell Hazel Hanging File Folders

There is a file brush. -- Their hanging file basket is great for matching these beautiful file folders. You can place an order for it. The metal bent wire design of this hanging wire basket will complement any room decor. Their bright white file reflect your taste and inspire your best. 10 hanging file folders are the size of a letter and will keep important documents in their place. The metal rods that fit letter-size hanging file systems are included in each hanging file folder. It is unique to hold a letter sized document of all types. These white hanging file folders are great for your workspace.

Brand: Russell+hazel

👤I wanted to get rid of all the plastic labels on my files so I bought these. The hanging folders are designed to have folders with labels in them. I use my label maker to make labels for the folders and these hanging folders allow for a great organization system. You won't have to use the plastic labels again if you get the folders to go inside the hanging folders. These hanging folders have allowed me to clean up my file cabinet and they are beautiful. I was hoping to purchase one of the boxes but have not found them yet.

👤The price on these is high. I got them after I bit the bullet. There were no inserts for label tabs. I think the company should note this in their descriptions because it is standard on most hanging files. I thought I would be fine with the star rating. Shouldn't reviewers have to read reviews to find out they are missing something. It's useless for my purposes and I can't return it. wasted $17

👤I wish I'd read the reviews. I wanted to redo my filing system. The white hanging folders were hard to find. When I returned them, they were flawed because I didn't open them quickly enough. I am labeling 200 folders by hand, using duct tape, scissors, and measuring tape. It's so ridiculous. Why don't hanging folders have a place to slide in labels? It's Rrrrr.

👤Agree with the previous reviewer. These foldables do not have labels to put in. I have never counted this. The purpose of more than one FOLDER is to separate the contents. R & H products are beautiful. I didn't want to go through the process of returning them.

👤I wanted my color coding to be in the folders in the white color. They look sturdy. I don't have the standard slots to insert 1/3 tab labels for hanging files, so these won't work for me. I don't understand why they were made that way. I'm going to give them to other family members who might use them. It's too difficult to find a way to pack them up.

👤It wasn't what I wanted. I was expecting the folders to come with plastic labels that you can put the name of the folder on. This doesn't have the ability to do that. I needed to label the internal folders with a separate file folder label protectors. It's not clear if it affected the description of the item. I made it work for me. I need to be careful about whether the hanging folders have slots for the labels.

👤These hanging file folders don't have tabs at all. It is a pocket folder without the pockets. The second photograph shows file folders with tabs. They are very deceptive. It only refers to the areas on the front of each one. R&H is a well-known brand, making this description even more offensive. Every hanging file folder listed on Amazon has tabs for attaching to it. There is a The manufacturer is not concerned about the lack of clarity in many reviews.

11. Pendaflex Recycled Hanging Folders 81604

Pendaflex Recycled Hanging Folders 81604

Extra large is 15.25" L x 12.5"W x 10.25"H. The color folders are made from recycled fiber. There is a box of hanging folders. There is a label sheet and 25 clear tabs. Time-wasting misfiles can be prevented by contrasting paper interiors. It's perfect for standard or color-coded filing.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤The paper is much thicker than the older Pendaflex folders I had. The recycled ones are very thin. There is a The metal hanger is not as good as the metal one. Older Pendaflex was designed to slide and stay on track. There is a It's ok, but is it worth more than five bucks? It looks like they're making money off their recycled paper. I will be buying more, but not this brand.

👤The folders I ordered are not burgundy. I had to check to make sure I didn't order the wrong color because they are so different from the product photo. They are a purple color. I will keep these since they are the ones that get the job done and it is not worth the hassle to return them.

👤There are photos of bright yellow hanging folders that are not the case. The quality of the paper is not depicted. The folders have a yellow tint with a green tint. The folders were jammed in a box. See my photos for green tint, an idea of paper quality and a jammed box. There is an update. The maroon is purple and the navy blue is a lightened worn-like blue. Same thing. There are folders that are over packing within the box. I am a picky guy. The colors are not depicted. It's ridiculous!

👤Hanging files should not be a new concept. The number of hanging file folder producers is small. The market has limited options, and prices for folders that are not green, blue, or gray are very high. This product is a bit lighter weight than I would have hoped for, and it arrived with a bag of clear tabs that were all wrong, and did not work, so after paying top dollar for the color orange I had to buy more clear tabs. The plant could have better quality controls. The metal hanging devices were allowed to tear the two folder upon arrival. It was not a great experience.

👤The folders seem to match the ones we already have, even though I don't think we bought the ones made with recycled paper. There is a The box had 13 instead of 25. It seems like this was a pilfered return that someone made, since the factory quality controls would have caught this overly light box. It was easy to make an online return request, but it doesn't mean I won't waste my time trying to get the product I need. There is a I applaud Amazon for their effort of processing and reselling returns, rather than just dumping them as has been covered in the news recently, but they should make a better effort to confirm the restocked items are suitable. The box was almost empty and sunken. There are a few items in the box.

👤I was very disappointed in these. I was expecting high quality, and these look like they have already been used from all the colors. I don't have a lot of faith that the hanger won't rip through if I put a lot of weight in them. Not like I get from Pendaflex.


What is the best product for decorative hanging file folders letter size for women?

Decorative hanging file folders letter size for women products from Blue Summit Supplies. In this article about decorative hanging file folders letter size for women you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Smead are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hanging file folders letter size for women.

What are the best brands for decorative hanging file folders letter size for women?

Blue Summit Supplies, Amazon Basics and Smead are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hanging file folders letter size for women. Find the detail in this article. Steel Mill And Co., Eoout and U Brands are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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