Best Decorative Hanging File Folders Letter Size

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1. Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64063

Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64063

The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H and are exclusive of rods and tabs. Each hanging folder has a poly tab and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. The clear poly tabs have replaceable white tab inserts and can be positioned in several locations on the front or back panel so you can create a custom filing system. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Use gray hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling.

Brand: Smead

👤I received them at my front door two days after ordering them. They arrived in perfect condition. It seemed like a great deal to me. It would be hard to find an equitable purchase at an office supply store. Colorado. 5 assorted colors are included in the Jewel Toned Collection. Each color was appealing to me. They're attractive without being overly feminine or masculine. They're colorfully neutral. The material is in a file. The papers stock is of good quality. It is thick enough to meet the demands of normal to heavy filing use. It's strong enough to hold up. All of my items arrived without any flaws. The hangers are in the folders. They don't slide around. I found that they work well on bars within a desk drawer that is designed for hanging and mobile hanging file containers. The folders were in the original packaging when I received them. Air pocket wrapping helped keep it protected. Tabs. My review gets heavy here. I don't like the tabs or the labels. The tabs are made from plastic. The translucent plastic makes the label writing difficult to read, so I prefer not to coordinate the color with the file. They're very flimsy. The box contained 25 tabs. There should always be a couple extras included. Without a way to label them, these folders are useless, so give the customer a little cushion. There is a hint of Smead. I don't think it would cost much to add a few more backups. The tabs are worse than the labels. In my experience, file folder labels are made from a long strip of thick card-stock that contains lines that can be easily torn. This was not the case here. The label strips were low quality and flimsy. They did not tear easily. Most of the labels had a "furry" edge after being detached. It took me more time to tear apart each label than I thought. The paper strips included enough material to create 3 extra labels, which is a positive aspect of the area. You have to mess up your labels 3 times before you can find alternative materials. Function It was easy to put the combined components into the folders after detaching the labels. There are enough slots to designate a position to each color without overlap. I'm not sure if that was planned or just how all Smead filing folders are designed. It worked out perfectly. 25 folders seems to be the ideal amount to fill most filing drawers. The entire set works well with my mobile hanging filing container and also fits in my desk drawer. There is a I rate the file folders as 5-star. The folders are well- worth the price. The tabs and labels are of poor quality, but they are easy to insert into the folders.

👤Hanging file folders are one of the most generic office supply items out there. Why would anyone have an opinion on that? I do. There is a Why is hanging file folders a shade of olive green? Why that shade? Who made that decision? It's an ok color but definitely not something that will perk you up when you are filing things, which is just about one of the most boring jobs one can have. These are the file folders to enter. They come in shades of purple, teal, grey, and maroon, which is a big step up from generic olive green. I used these at home to file personal documents, and chose a color for each person in our household. I know where to put each person's things. There is a You spend a lot of time shoving the labels into the plastic holders that are not open at the bottom because you get annoyed at them. The holders are open at the bottom so it is easy to put the labels in and then move them to the right place on the file folder. It seems like a small thing, but it made my filing experience easier. There is a It's still weird that the labels come in a strip that you tear off. They never tear off neatly. Precut pieces would be nice. I can't believe I spent 2 minutes of my life complaining about that. Good file folders. Do buy.

2. Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can be assured of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The file folders are decorative. This 12 file set is used to organize papers, documents, notes, and bills. The bohemian files feature 12 designs with colored tabs. The 3 tab filing cabinet folders are made of high quality paper. There are various positions tabs and colors in letter size file folders. Each colorful paper file folder is about 11 inches in diameter.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤The folders have nice prints on them. I needed two more packages to cover the 36 I need for CY2022, since they are a pack of 12 only. I can relabel and reuse the file folders for less than $50.

👤I am impressed that these are a bit thicker and stronger than your standard folder which will help them stand the test of time. I was not sure about the designs based on the pictures, but they look better in person. The outside of the folder is not laminated but has a shiny finish that makes it a bit slippery when stacked in a pile, but overall I love them!

👤The folders are very strong. I expected them to be much thicker and they are! I have used them in a folder rack. All the folders in the rack have been bent over, but these don't!

👤There are different designs and coloring on these folder dividers. There are so many to choose from.

👤The folders are sturdy. The printing was rushed. A number of the folders are smudged with ink where there should be no ink, and I'm assuming that one ink color was not dry before another was added. I wouldn't buy them again, but I wouldn't return them.

👤I have bought them twice. There are unique patterns, pretty colors and durable. I have a bag in my office that I hold up while traveling back and forth to meetings.

👤The designs are cute.

👤These are just files, but they look nice in my office. What you see is what you get. These are a decent price, because they are marked up just for being pretty.

3. Decorative Hanging File Folders Reinforced

Decorative Hanging File Folders Reinforced

Use gray hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling. The file is in style. The 12 pack of pretty designer tabs hanging file folders offer a modern spin on a simple organization necessity. Keep yourself organized at work or school by storing documents, receipts, and notes in style. There are two embellished gold foil designs with the words "I am very busy" and "big plans" written on them. The file folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are heavy. They changed the size of each file folder to fit the standard hanging cabinet. Their folders are now 8.25 x 11.75 Inches, which is better for letter sized documents. BOSS BABE: How can a boss survive without her files? The perfect gift for a new job, back to school or big event.

Brand: Fluytco

👤These are cute. They are sturdy and have great designs. I bought these to be file folders so I wouldn't use the weird pocket on the left size. I put these in my other folders. They were taller than my other folders. If I keep them, they will hide my other folders. I'm not sure if I can use them at the office.

👤The folders are attractive. The feel is sturdy. The problem is that the folders are not standard. The folder tab must be held on the left side and not the right side in order to hold the papers upright. This seems like a small thing but after 40 years of holding the same folder, it's throwing me off. The card inserts that should hold a business card are not standard. They are too far apart to hold anything. These are fun and attractive. I wouldn't revisit because of the function. I don't usually leave reviews but I think this is a good idea to know up front.

👤These are not your average file folder. Being from America, I like to open books, files, and folders. There are pockets on the right side of the file folders. You have to open them on the left if you want to. I would have liked to have seen a photo of this before I bought the folders. It's not nice to open the folders upside down.

👤If you don't need these to fit in a normal filing cabinet or box, that's great. The inside pocket is in the wrong location and the size is wrong, so they are just odd. They didn't make them normal size, but the designs are wonderful. I kept them but wouldn't order again.

👤The inside pockets are more for left-handed people. I get frustrated when I open it because the pockets are on the wrong side. It's a great product.

👤I was looking for folders that would stay on my desk. These are the solution to the problem. I have already seen these folders in my office and they are cute. The slots do not affect the effectiveness of the folders, so I don't use the slot inside them. The tags on the folders are sturdy and large for me to write on. If you want to add to your office decor, I highly recommend these file folders.

👤I ordered a set because of the cute pattern of the folders. The description doesn't mention that these are not a standard size file folder. Standard size file folders sit an inch higher. The tabs are shaped differently than standard file folders. The pocket on the inside is useless. Even though I like the pattern, I will probably return them.

👤I like them. They have a small pocket, but I thought they were just file folders. The meaning is slightly smaller than your normal pocket folder. They are cute on my desk. The colors make me happy. They tackle the tasks inside when I grab files. People see them on my desk and think they should touch them. Ha! Silly. I found them on Amazon.

4. YOMA Hanging Folders Reinforced Letter

YOMA Hanging Folders Reinforced Letter

Each file folder has a letter size. Hanging file folders are ideal for keeping important documents organized. There are 12 folders with different designs. Each hanging folder has a sheet of blank label inserts and a 1/3-cut transparent trim tabs that can be used to create custom labels. The built-in rose gold metal hooks help index documents and slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. These folders are made of high quality material and are tear-free.

Brand: Y Yoma

👤It was damaged and not described. The tabs are plastic and not black as advertised. If it is going to be junk, I don't want a replacement. There is a I returned the files for a new set that was delivered today and they were damaged without the properly advertised tabs. I can't figure it out. This is the most frustrated I have ever been with Amazon. I have messaged the seller but haven't received a response yet. There is no reason I should have received two damaged orders without the advertised tabs. I received the third order with incorrect tabs. I am sick of this company. I received three incorrect or damaged orders after waiting over two weeks since placing the original order. Why?

👤It was super cute and it was shipped fast. I feel that it is a bit pricey, but I am annoyed that I need to purchase more. I would probably order a different brand. It is absolutely perfect if you do not have a lot of things to file. Adam is the same as described.

👤I was looking for cute office folders and they stood out to me. They are very beautiful in person, but after a few months the glue holding down the flaps that cover the metal hanger started to wear off. I had to use tape on 8 of the 12 folders. The quality should be better for over $20, but they still look nice.

👤These file folders are cute and stylish and I bought them because I wanted to organize paperwork. My only problem so far is the same as in the previous reviews. They do not come with the correct labels. I am not making this a big deal because of the type of file box I have, it goes with a lid, and the folders with the gold bordered labels will not be seen or displayed by others. They should give the ones that are advertised.

👤I bought a rose gold hanging file organizers for these and they look wonderful. I would have bought them if I had found similar ones elsewhere. They aren't worth the money. They are just folders and not worth much. I tried to send them back but could not find rose gold ones to replace them. I like the rose gold tabs that come with it and add a nice finishing touch, but the amount of hanging folders that are 15$ tops is stupid.

👤These are exactly what hanging files should look like. They seem durable and good quality, but so far I have used them lightly, not sure how they will hold up over time. I do not regret getting them.

👤The cute folders look like they would last a while. They are not flimsy at all. I am very disappointed. I have a standing wire basket like the one pictured by the seller, but the folders don't fit. They are short about a half inch from hanging. I'll see if they fit my standard file cabinet. I did not need dividers for that. I have to find something else for my computer at work.

5. Pendaflex Reinforced Hanging Folders BLA

Pendaflex Reinforced Hanging Folders BLA

China is the country of origin. Adding Poly-reinforced top edge and bottom fold provides added strength. There are hanging folders for general or color-coded filing. Lighter interior helps prevent time-wasting. A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I did myself a disservice by getting these to aid in home and business organization, but now I'm trying to discourage people from making the same mistakes, because I got these to aid in home and business organization, but I did myself a disservice by getting discounts opposed to studying the reviews. These are packaged in a box that is too small for the contents, as others have mentioned first and foremost. The box looks like a standard ream of printer or lined paper, and forcing the folders in to it caused significant and severe bending in the folder. It doesn't seem like the warping will be gone any time soon as I've spent the entire day trying to flatten them between textbooks. It's not great for sensitive documents, which will take on the curve as well. There is a The box I had came with a lot of damage. The Pendaflex box was barely held together, but the shipping box was flawless. It is decorated with two large holes, and a road map of rips between them, which makes me wonder if this is a used or refurbished product. I bought something. There is a The folders are disappointing. I have holiday cards that are thicker. There are plastic reinforcements on the bottom fold and metal hooks in the back, but they are not helpful or necessary when a thicker card could have solved all of the same issues. There is a Quality control needs to be worked on immensely with this product, and it was just an extremely disappointing purchase.

👤The metal hooks on the hanging folders shave off plastic from the bars in my filing drawers, so I searched forever to find the right one. I made sure to look for the right product number when I purchased the plastic tabs. Many buying options with metal hooks were returned when searching for 'Pendaflex 4152 1/5 ASST'. As you can see by the product pictures above, I thought I had found the right kind after finally finding this listing. Even though the box shows the smooth plastic, they were the metal kind after all. I've spent a lot of time researching these stupid folders and reading other reviews that said Pendaflex had changed the product over the years. They need to change the box as well. It's hard to find a brand. Any brand? Without the metal hooks?

👤The hanging folders I bought from Blue Summit were wonderful. They didn't have pink in stock, but they were able to replenish it. I took a shot at this brand and am very disappointed. The back of each folder has a simple brand stamp at the bottom. The folders were easy to read but still small. There is a huge stamp on the back of each folder that takes up a third of the folder. I get branding is important but it is annoying and over the top.

👤The metal tabs on the hanging files are not what the picture shows. I purchased this brand because I wanted the sturdy metal hangers that slide well. They are a flimsy stamped metal that sticks to the rails of the crate I am using and they bend easily. I bought the reinforced type because my students will be using them in the classroom for the entire school year. I don't know if these will hold up because of the cheap hangers. I buy hanging files from Pendaflex.

6. Cute File Folders Geometrical Decorative

Cute File Folders Geometrical Decorative

It's your money back if you love it. Merry expressions is a company that stands for love and joy. They want you to get in touch with them if there is anything wrong with your set and they will give you a full refund. They can replace it if you prefer. There are 9 packs of cute foldables. Each filing folder has 1/3-cut tabs that make it easy to organize. The file is in style. The bulk of pretty designer top tab file folders offer a modern spin to a pure organization necessity, and are great for storing documents, receipts, and notes in style and keeping yourself organized at work or school. This cute stationery kit comes with 9 different outside prints in a unique combination of natural shades for a colorful yet delicate palette, and the interior comes in a random variety of yellow, light and dark green. These cute office supplies are made of heavy-duty 350gsm paper stock with a thickness of 17 points, which is a durable and tear-free experience unlike most on the market. It is easy to identify. Their file cabinet folders have different designs and positions to help you organize your files with ease.

Brand: Samic

👤These are sturdy and beautiful. I like the oriental prints. I made filing labels for them, put them in two hanging file bins and gave them to my daughter so she could get organized in her new apartment. She was very excited about the surprise. It will be a while before we know the rating.

👤The quality is good. I thought the colors would be bright, but they are still nice. The dark tabs aren't useful to write on. I can't use regular ink to write the name of the folder.

👤I love the variety of designs in the file folders.

👤I like the strength of these file folders and the many choices of designs. I will definitely be ordering more. I like using these for my new clients instead of the beige ones of the past. When entering into the difficulties faced by my clients, it brings a bit of a lift. I will take it even if it is a small thing.

👤These are sturdy and cute.

👤My office supplies have a great addition. I get a lot of praise. Purchase more. There is a It is worth the price. Sturdy and colorful!

👤It is beautiful, durable, and stylish. Buy them!

👤They are sturdy and well built, but I was shopping based on color. The 'Vintage Green' is very blue on my screen. I was surprised when it arrived. I was hoping for blue for a baby boy craft, but I'm still using them.

7. Russell Hazel Hanging File Folders

Russell Hazel Hanging File Folders

There is a file brush. -- Their hanging file basket is great for matching these beautiful file folders. You can place an order for it. The metal bent wire design of this hanging wire basket will complement any room decor. Their bright white file reflect your taste and inspire your best. 10 hanging file folders are the size of a letter and will keep important documents in their place. The metal rods that fit letter-size hanging file systems are included in each hanging file folder. It is unique to hold a letter sized document of all types. These white hanging file folders are great for your workspace.

Brand: Russell+hazel

👤I wanted to get rid of all the plastic labels on my files so I bought these. The hanging folders are designed to have folders with labels in them. I use my label maker to make labels for the folders and these hanging folders allow for a great organization system. You won't have to use the plastic labels again if you get the folders to go inside the hanging folders. These hanging folders have allowed me to clean up my file cabinet and they are beautiful. I was hoping to purchase one of the boxes but have not found them yet.

👤The price on these is high. I got them after I bit the bullet. There were no inserts for label tabs. I think the company should note this in their descriptions because it is standard on most hanging files. I thought I would be fine with the star rating. Shouldn't reviewers have to read reviews to find out they are missing something. It's useless for my purposes and I can't return it. wasted $17

👤I wish I'd read the reviews. I wanted to redo my filing system. The white hanging folders were hard to find. When I returned them, they were flawed because I didn't open them quickly enough. I am labeling 200 folders by hand, using duct tape, scissors, and measuring tape. It's so ridiculous. Why don't hanging folders have a place to slide in labels? It's Rrrrr.

👤Agree with the previous reviewer. These foldables do not have labels to put in. I have never counted this. The purpose of more than one FOLDER is to separate the contents. R & H products are beautiful. I didn't want to go through the process of returning them.

👤I wanted my color coding to be in the folders in the white color. They look sturdy. I don't have the standard slots to insert 1/3 tab labels for hanging files, so these won't work for me. I don't understand why they were made that way. I'm going to give them to other family members who might use them. It's too difficult to find a way to pack them up.

👤It wasn't what I wanted. I was expecting the folders to come with plastic labels that you can put the name of the folder on. This doesn't have the ability to do that. I needed to label the internal folders with a separate file folder label protectors. It's not clear if it affected the description of the item. I made it work for me. I need to be careful about whether the hanging folders have slots for the labels.

👤These hanging file folders don't have tabs at all. It is a pocket folder without the pockets. The second photograph shows file folders with tabs. They are very deceptive. It only refers to the areas on the front of each one. R&H is a well-known brand, making this description even more offensive. Every hanging file folder listed on Amazon has tabs for attaching to it. There is a The manufacturer is not concerned about the lack of clarity in many reviews.

8. AmazonBasics Hanging Organizer File Folders

AmazonBasics Hanging Organizer File Folders

It's ideal for filing documents at your organization, home, office or school. Hanging file folders keep your files organized. Clear plastic tabs and white inserts are included. There are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue colors. Smooth gliding is ensured by the coated rod tips. Made of 10% recycled content. Each folder is 11.75 x 8.25 x.01 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I was disappointed with the folders for a number of reasons, but mostly the tabs that were included. The plastic tabs were cheap, but when you put them in your labels, they don't stay in shape. When you put the tabs in the folder, the labels slide around inside the tabs, making it look sloppy. The paper labels are not sanitary. I had to cut them all apart because they were weak. It seems like a small quibble, but when you have to put together a lot of folders, it's quite annoying. I don't like how shallow the hooks on the ends are, they make your drawers a mess. I'll spend a few more dollars to get a better brand for these.

👤The folders are well made and are great for the price. The paper tabs for writing are terrible. Throw them out and start over. They are too thick, the perforations are terrible, and they had a weird fold that made me want to go crazy. I gave them a 4 because of the folder. I considered a 3 because they were so bad.

👤I was expecting to have to tag them myself, but they come with labels that are easy to remember. They are not Legal size, they are standard Letter drawers length. The colors are green, red, blue, and yellow.

👤The folders were as expected, but I only received 19 plastic tabs to use. I was disappointed because I ordered a second set before setting up the first.

👤They will get the job done, but they are the same thickness and weight. A regular folder. They're not going to be very useful.

👤These are great! I ordered these because I was angry with the box that I picked up. Many of the folders that I ran into had bent holders and didn't have the slots cut for the label. These were fun and had no issues. They were packed well, alternating sides, so that the group of them didn't bow too much in the center, and I had no issue with them while moving my papers over. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good set of hanging folders at a reasonable price.

👤I bought these folders to hold laminated papers for my daycare. They are in a package of 25. I ordered the plastic crate letter/legal size black to hold them and they fit perfectly inside. I also have a desk that has the same things inside.

👤Everything looks like a product image. No complaints! The package has a number of items and fun colors. Why file things in boring folders when you can have fun with them? Would recommend!

👤Su funcin tienes carpetas. Obviamente son de tamao standard. Los materiales se tienes. De rigidez media para el grosor. There is a El etiquetas son de mucha ayuda. There is a Las compré junto con ese. Archivero de la foto. There is a No es comercial, pero hasta el momento. I ha decepcionado, ninguno de los productos. The compra was called buena compra.

9. FasTab Colored Hanging Folders Letter

FasTab Colored Hanging Folders Letter

L12.6 x W4.13 x H16.14 are the dimensions. It's perfect for home, office and school. A great gift for friends and family. The large tab has more labeling area. 10% of materials are recycled and 10% are post-consumer. The SFI is certified.

Brand: Smead

👤I'm very happy that Amazon started carrying this. I used to have to drive an hour away to shop for them. These are more heavy duty than the flimsy manilla folders, they are hanging, and the tabs are perfect. If I reuse, I write on them with a sharpie and then flip it inside out. After that? Use file labels. These are perfect for my home business and I have been using them for over 30 years. Great product! This is a better buy than I was expecting.

👤These are great for printing labels for my files to stick on. The Pendaflex hanging label holders take a lot of time to print and connect.

👤Great product. A plus is self tabs.

👤They fit my family room end table, which was hard to find.

10. Brands Classic Hanging Supplies Certified

Brands Classic Hanging Supplies Certified

Premium paper material is not easy to decay and degrade. The Classic Hanging File Folders Set is perfect for professional, personal or academic documents. The folders feature uplifting details like gold foil, geometric patterns and shades of black and white. This set is perfect for storing important documentation from birth certificates to pets' vet records. These stylish folders are a perfect match for their wire file baskets. Purchase with confidence, knowing that this folder is made from ethically and ethically managed forests.

Brand: U Brands

👤I need to make a memory box for my new baby and these work great. I love how they look.

11. Pendaflex Ready Tab Reinforced Standard 42590

Pendaflex Ready Tab Reinforced Standard 42590

There are clear tabs and inserts. There are 5 tabs for faster file setup in ready-Tab letter-sized hanging folders. Adding Poly-reinforced top edge and bottom fold provides added strength. There are two-tone folders that prevent time-wasting. A box of 25 green folders. Write directly on tabs or use printer-ready labels.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I got a few of the ready-tabs that were given to me and I will not use anything else. They are much better than having to make tabs and place them on my hanging files.

👤I'll buy these again as soon as I need to, they save lots of space and are very durable.

👤The tabs on the outside won't go back in all the way once they are pulled up on a couple of the hangers.

👤How genius is it to put the tabs on the hanging file folder? Genius! I've always thought they should have done this a long time ago.

👤I spent more money to get reinforced hanging folders so they will last longer and not get limp after a short time like the regular ones. The tabs are ready. Pull it up and write something on it. Simple and fast, but effective!

👤I love these folders, but the ones I got were sitting in a warehouse and had to be opened with a knife.

👤Pestaas integradas, tiene prcticos.


What is the best product for decorative hanging file folders letter size?

Decorative hanging file folders letter size products from Smead. In this article about decorative hanging file folders letter size you can see why people choose the product. Best Paper Greetings and Fluytco are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hanging file folders letter size.

What are the best brands for decorative hanging file folders letter size?

Smead, Best Paper Greetings and Fluytco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hanging file folders letter size. Find the detail in this article. Y Yoma, Pendaflex and Samic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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