Best Decorative Hanging File Folders with Tabs

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1. Smead Hanging Adjustable Assorted 64056

Smead Hanging Adjustable Assorted 64056

The tabs of your folder are completely visible when the top rail is lowered. Hanging file folders are the most popular way to keep papers organized. It is easier to find the file you are looking for with the clear tabs. rod tips are easy to slide in the drawers. Different types of files can be organized by color-coding. There are 25 letter size hanging file folders (11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H exclusive of rods and tabs) with clear poly tabs and white tab inserts. The assortment includes gray, maroon, navy, purple, and teal. It is made in the USA. SFI certified contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material.

Brand: Smead

👤If you want colored tabs, don't order them. I could have saved $4 and ordered them from another listing. Disappointing. They seem to be of average strength. I just received the hooks and can't say for sure if they are strong.

👤The file folders were good. The package was torn open and there were no clear tabs or paper inserts. They will not replace missing parts when I try to comment.

👤Sturdy and nice folders. It was great for my needs. It was just what I wanted.

👤Tabs are not colored as shown in the picture. They are clear. I can't return the item I received because I paid more for it.

👤Great product. I would buy it again.

👤I love these! They needed the same kind of strength they offered, but they were sick of the tired old colors. The same sturdiness and a change in boring office decor were provided by these.

👤These files are pretty and functional.

2. Smead 64102 FasTab Hanging Straight Cut

Smead 64102 FasTab Hanging Straight Cut

The dimensions are:12''*4.1''*8.6 There are 20 letter size hanging file folders that are exclusive of rods that keep your papers neatly upright in desk drawers and file cabinets. The hanging folder has a built-in tab that provides a large visible labeling area and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers. The tabs are permanently attached to the folder making it easier to write on them. This set of white hanging file folders feature heavy-duty tabs to help you identify different types of files. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The product is high quality and delivered on time.

👤The best price out there is on Amazon. These file folders are very good.

3. FasTab Colored Hanging Folders Letter

FasTab Colored Hanging Folders Letter

L12.6 x W4.13 x H16.14 are the dimensions. It's perfect for home, office and school. A great gift for friends and family. The large tab has more labeling area. 10% of materials are recycled and 10% are post-consumer. The SFI is certified.

Brand: Smead

👤I'm very happy that Amazon started carrying this. I used to have to drive an hour away to shop for them. These are more heavy duty than the flimsy manilla folders, they are hanging, and the tabs are perfect. If I reuse, I write on them with a sharpie and then flip it inside out. After that? Use file labels. These are perfect for my home business and I have been using them for over 30 years. Great product! This is a better buy than I was expecting.

👤These are great for printing labels for my files to stick on. The Pendaflex hanging label holders take a lot of time to print and connect.

👤Great product. A plus is self tabs.

👤They fit my family room end table, which was hard to find.

4. Blue Summit Supplies Reinforced Organization

Blue Summit Supplies Reinforced Organization

A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included. Their filing folders are reinforced to help you keep your important documents organized. Their hanging folders are reinforced to help you apply your colorcoded file system to a large number of files at once. The bulk pack of 25 extra capacity folders comes with 30 plastic tabs to make filing tasks quick and easy, right out of the box. Save time and money with their 25 value pack of letter size hanging file folders, which fit in standard file cabinet drawers.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤I have been using hanging file folders for over 20 years and they are 1000% better than any other brands I have tried, and the paper is very sturdy, well made, and honestly I am not sure if the paper is different than the green ones, but they are 1000% better than Will only use them in the future.

👤They came quickly and did not have any issues. They can hold a lot without bending. If you want to have them fold down for easier access to contrasting files, these are the ones for you. These seem like they will hold up.

👤I love these! The quality of the Pendaflex I bought in the past was not as good. A bright pink color. Overall, very happy.

👤It seems that file is a tad bit stronger on the smaller side than it is on the larger side. They work. Beautiful color.

👤This is a very high quality hanging folder. The paper is a good weight and rich in color. It is packaged very nicely. This is the third company that I have purchased black folders from. It is the best.

👤I didn't expect the pink fold folders to be so strong. These are better than I expected. It was definitely worth the purchase. I will buy the same brand if I ever need more.

👤I looked for hanging file folders that were higher quality. I was sent flimsy things and they came bent or damaged. The Summit ones were laid out flat. I returned all of the ones I bought and they were undamaged. It took a bit of thought. I finally found the perfect folder. The extra money is worth it.

👤The folders are what I needed. I received two tapes that had weird tape all over them and one that had the stane of the weird tape on it. I want my stuff organized and pretty and this takes away from that if I am using file holders. The folders were in good shape. I can't believe a company would send these.

5. Brands Fashion Hanging Folders Assorted

Brands Fashion Hanging Folders Assorted

Hanging file folders are great for home and office use. The hanging rods are made of rose gold metal. Modern fashion prints add a touch of style to any office environment. Hanging file folders are great for organizing documents. U Brands is changing the workplace by offering a wide variety of office-supplies.

Brand: U Brands

👤I had to glue the flaps back together. I don't know if they sat in a warehouse for a long time, but they all came apart. I had to reglue them to be able to use them. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I spent a lot of money on these and they should not be falling apart. I had to glue the folders back together because they were already falling apart. The manufacturer keeps cranking out faulty folders despite multiple reviews stating the same thing over and over. You would think that the company could find a better glue to use to make the folders worth the price.

👤The wife reviewed it. Like the design of the folders. They are simple and love gold. They seem to be good quality and durable. I bought some from Walmart that were almost identical in price, but they are a bit more expensive. Walmart packages are smaller in quantity. I bought multiples to equal the amount of these ones and it was still cheaper. They are the perfect design to compliment my desk accessories. The look I was looking for. I wish they were also offered as a deep pocket version.

👤There are two filing systems in my house. These work in one but not the other. The standard size is 9.56 wide. They were just in one of my drawers. Keep popping off the rails. It's really annoying. Double check the drawer width. I don't have the glue issues other reviewers had.

👤These are very cute. I decided to get a neon pack as well. I am not using a combo of hanging files and file folders in my home office. I love how they are simple colors, but have a metallic detail. The neon ones that I ordered were almost double the price, but they seem to last a long time. I had to have them.

👤These filing folders are wonderful. They are very strong and cute. The price is the only complaint I have. They were in perfect condition when I bought them. I wouldn't spend the money to buy them at full price.

👤The folded seam does not stick very well. After a week of use, I had to tape many of them. They needed to be taped to not open.

👤Within one day of putting the papers in, they were pulled apart.

👤There are black smudges on the fronts and backs of the pink folders which is disappointing, I adore the colors, but there are black smudges on the fronts and backs of the pink folders which is disappointing. It's a good idea to watch out for that when other customers arrive. I love them.

👤All of the files I received were of the highest quality and my girls love them.

👤The tabs will get unglued with time. Half of them are like this. It's ridiculous.

👤Pricey but sturdy.

6. Tropical File Folders Tabs Letter

Tropical File Folders Tabs Letter

These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. There are decorative file folders. These cute file folders offer a modern spin on office organization, and can be used to store documents, receipts, and notes in style. The set comes with 12 file cabinet folders with vibrant palm leaf, foliage, and tropical floral designs. The quality is high. The file folders are made of heavy-duty paper and have double-sided printing. Identification is quick and easy. The 1/3 cut file folders have tabs in various positions and colors for easy organization. Each folder is perfectly sized to fit letter size documents.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I use folders frequently to send papers to my clients and I plan on ordering them again soon because I'm almost out.

👤Sturdy and holds up to daily use. The printing was well done and the pop of color was nice. I love them and bring some cheer to my cubicle.

👤These folders are very strong. Love the bright colors and designs. Also great value for money.

👤The product is great and makes organizing more fun.

👤I was happy to find some pretty folders. Thank you.

👤These are the folders that I like the most. They help with organization because of their colors. Love them.

👤These are the file folders that I love. The colors are bright. I used them to make a lap-book for a study on the states of Hawaii and Florida.

7. Office Depot Hanging Folders Assorted

Office Depot Hanging Folders Assorted

These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Office Depot hanging file folders are great for basic filing tasks. The folders are designed with hanging rods so they can be slid along the file drawer to quickly access the documents you need. The stock was made for a lightweight folder. The tabs provide organization.

Brand: Office Depot

👤I am very happy with the quality of the files. The new keepers liked the idea of moving our records from plastic to fire resistant fabric boxes, which were a perfect fit. They look great and will make it easy to sort through the files. I am very happy with the results of my do-over.

👤It was a perfect fit for my cabinet. Good variety.

👤The material is thick and will hold up over time.

👤A gift to a neighbor. Working well. Her bills were better organized.

👤I like these. The colors are what I wanted and they are true to the photo.

👤I love these folders. There was no weird smell. I wish they were cheaper. You get what you pay for. Hope they stick around. Will be buying more.

8. Colored Multi Color Assorted Supplies Documents

Colored Multi Color Assorted Supplies Documents

Eco-conscious choice can have one or more meaningful eco-labels. The open folder has 11.6"W x 9.0"H tabs. 1/3 Cut Tabs can be erasable using a pencil or whiteboard marker. There are labels included. The plastic file folder can be expanded to fit in hanging file folders. The poly folder has 3 expansion scores at the bottom that allow it to hold up to a stack of letter size documents. Poly file folders are made of plastic. It is flexible and tear- resistant. It is easy to clean and water resistant. It is acid-free to protect your documents. Reusable and recycled. The set includes 2 folders each of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Magenta and equal numbers of left right and middle tabs. Sturdy plastic file folders like paper manila file folders can be used in hanging file folders, hanging file organizers, hanging file frames, or filing cabinet.

Brand: N\a

👤They were cracked at the seam before being used.

9. Decorative File Folders Letter Size

Decorative File Folders Letter Size

It is made in the USA. It contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. The designer file folders decorative collection can be used to liven up boring home bills, bring life to lesson plans, and turn office docs into ornamental delights. There is a cute filing party with 16 unique pattern colors. Theirs is heavy 400 gsm card, which makes it extra thick and strong. They are sturdy, but the design feels more satisfying to flip open and slide paper inside. The tabs are made from a non-bleed card, so you can write on them with any pen you choose. These tabbed folders are true letter size and are 11.6” x 8.25” They are true letter size file folders to fit papers of that size. These cute file folders fit perfectly in your hanging file folders and you can close the filing cabinet drawer with the slim, streamlined tab. The office accessories love attention to detail. Unlike other brands, they put theirs on the right side so you don't have to flip your paper folders upside down, or drop stationery all over the floor. Thank you for choosing this set of 16 colorful file folders, designed here in the USA! Do you need a different color? You can see the range and choose the folders you like the most. You can always make filing a work of art with Baby Nest Designs because each one is vibrant and original.

Brand: Baby Nest Designs

👤The floral/stripes file folders are pretty. The paper is good. They come without tabs on the right side. Half of the people have middle tabs and the other half have left tabs. That's not nice. I will keep them because they're nice, but I would like to see a portion with left tabs or something. That's the reason for the 3 stars.

👤I thought these folders were nice. The inside pockets are torn and can't be used. The cheap folders are not worth the money.

👤These are the folders that I like the most. The colors are bright and there is a pocket inside. The pocket was a big plus.

👤These are better than standard file folders and are also cute. I am happy to use that pocket on one side now that I know there is a pocket on the other side. I want more.

👤I love these! The paper is great and fun. They look great on my desk.

👤I bought the folders for my staff and they like them. They don't use it for their work assignments, they use it for their personal use.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy and pretty. I live in a place where they are so expensive that Amazon had an excellent price.

10. Pendaflex Hanging Folders Letter Assorted

Pendaflex Hanging Folders Letter Assorted

It is made in the USA. SFI Sourcing Certified contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. Misfiled documents can be reduced. Every paper stands out with the bright colors of the Pendaflex Glow hanging file folders. The hanging file folders are made of paper. Files stand out with glow colors. There are 8 letter-size folders with 1/3 tab cut for daily storage. There are clear tabs and blank labels for each folder. Eco-conscious choice can have one or more meaningful eco-labels.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤We had to move our office recently and that gave us the chance to clean out and reorganize things. The variety pack of five bright vibrant hanging files proved to be a great help in implementing a new color-coding system to allow for easier location of different files. I suppose it isn't necessary to survive, but it has made the office more organized and that makes life easier. What a great purchase!

👤The dimensions listed are incorrect. The box is 13 x 9.6 x 2.3 inches.

👤After buying for a much cheaper price, I found some of the same things. Make sure you shop for them.

👤They are beautiful! It was fun to organize my papers. Thank you!

👤I was looking for a brighter folder. The price was good and the job was done well.

👤I love them because they are what I wanted.

👤I love these file folders. I bought them to store in a white crate in my classroom, and the colors really pop! Love!

11. EOOUT Plastic Assorted Erasable Category

EOOUT Plastic Assorted Erasable Category

They can be used at home or in the office and can be dressed nicely. You will love it! You will get 30 pack 3-tab plastic file folders in 6 colors, 2 sheets of labels and 40 pieces of packaging. The poly file folders are more waterproof. The colored file folder is made of high quality polypropylene which is waterproof and acid-free. Rich colors: It has 6 classic colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. Matching with the labels will help you with your file management. Excellent design: EXPANDABLE. It's in hanging file folders. The folder will hold up to 150 sheets of letter size paper. WIDELY used. It's suitable for all staff and students. It's great for managing academic paper, profile, working document, contract file, etc. They will organize your work.

Brand: Eoout

👤None of them are equal quantities of a color in left, center and right tabs. This is the first time I've seen this before. It's pathetic! Because of this, it's overpriced. Very rude. The description should state that there is an odd assortment.

👤These folders are strong. The material is bright and I like it. I was very happy at first. When I pulled them out, I rearranged them but not backwards. I received 3 colors with left tabs, 2 colors with center tabs, and one with right tabs. They are functional and will work for what I bought them for. I will want to toss one of the left tab colors. I need more of these but will have to find them somewhere else.

👤The papers are in the folders. I'm very disappointed that they aren't wide enough. The material and colors of the folders are very good.

👤There are folders. I have nothing but good things to say about the product. I am in anal person. I enjoy organization. I like things to look neat. Maybe I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I had purchased the best paper folders I could find prior to seeing this product. I spent two days reorganizing my file cabinet. I had to use a label maker for every file. Somewhat of a large project. I ran across these folders after I finished the job. I wish I had found these before I spent all that time and money on my file cabinet. I had to try these because my paper ones were already showing some wear and I had to re-do them. I organize my bills, accounts and doctors. I said I am an anal person. I took my label maker from Amazon. I redid about 70 folders. I labeled them with clear packing tape. I think they will last a while. I am very pleased with them so far. I have a question for the seller if it would be possible to pick out your custom folders. I am aware of the large variety of colors you have. I am not complaining. I don't care for green and I hope I don't offend anyone. I would have liked to swap them out for red or orange. For people like me, they have a white paper label for every folder. I thought it would be cool if you sold clear tape for people who don't have a DYMO label maker that has plastic tape. I would have bought that. This is not a complaint? I would have liked to have that option. I know they all cost the same price, even if I had to pay a little more. I wanted to ask. I bought a 12 pack because I didn't know about the 30 pack. I bought 72 of these folders and so far I am happy with the plastic ones. That is a no-brainer. I have been telling my doctor's office about these. I commented on the paper files of my local hospital. I have sold Quiet a few and maybe I should start asking for commission. Thank you very much.


What is the best product for decorative hanging file folders with tabs?

Decorative hanging file folders with tabs products from Smead. In this article about decorative hanging file folders with tabs you can see why people choose the product. Blue Summit Supplies and U Brands are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hanging file folders with tabs.

What are the best brands for decorative hanging file folders with tabs?

Smead, Blue Summit Supplies and U Brands are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hanging file folders with tabs. Find the detail in this article. Paper Junkie, Office Depot and N\a are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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