Best Decorative Hooks for Hanging Things Black

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1. Handcrafted Wrought Decorative Hangers RTZEN Décor

Handcrafted Wrought Decorative Hangers RTZEN D%C3%A9cor

J Hook Farmhouse Decor for Home is made of metal and has decorative hooks. Farmhouse or modern home design. The coat rack is smart and has a display. J Hook Farmhouse Decor for Home is made of metal and has decorative hooks. Farmhouse or modern home design. The coat rack is smart and has a display. Hooks for Hanging Coats, Keys, Hats, and Handbags are included in the multi-purpose organization for any room. For a bathroom or laundry room. The best hold is for essentials. The Wall Mounted Hooks and Space Saver is a great idea for small spaces. Premium quality durable wrought iron coat hooks are heavy duty. The metal wall hooks have an Antique Finish. There are towel hooks for the bathroom. Easy to install wall hooks for hanging. If you want to Drying or Purse Hooks, put above the door. The Hooks for Wall in Multiple 3 Set are beautiful.

Brand: Rtzen

👤These hooks are wonderful. They are strong enough to hang my cast iron pans. I had to find the narrowest of the hooks I could fit one of the pans, but it all worked out. These hooks are very good.

👤I used them as curtain tie backs. I like the look and feel of them. I like the way they look.

👤Well made, well finished, well packaged. The hooks that were shipped with the hardware were adequate. Normally, a heavy duty hook comes with a small screw. Not these! The screws were the right size for the hook. These look great in the bathroom and on the coat tree. Can't believe I'm writing a review. It is a nice hook.

👤They were easy to install and hold the weight of the cast iron skillets I hung with them. It was perfect for my purpose.

👤I wanted to hang my cast iron frying pans on my kitchen wall, so I took a chance on these hooks. I would use them somewhere else if they didn't work for that. They do! I'm happy. I know I will be able to hang my pans with them because they are thicker than they appear. There is nothing I dislike about them. This was a great purchase. Thank you for the amazing product.

👤These look like they were made by hand. They are strong. I put them on the side of the cabinets so I could give them to my friends. The pots are heavy. These hooks look great with the wood cabinet walls. There were many choices to choose from. These are not cheap and look handcrafted. They have black-coated screws.

👤I haven't installed them yet. I got them today. The seller included wall anchors and screws to hang them from, as they are great looking for any purpose. I am very pleased with these... You could hang anything from them. I will probably buy more in the future.

👤I ordered a toilet paper holder. You can order and have something show up that is cheap, but also, it goes beautifully with my "woods" themed guest bath. The product is good and the customer is happy.

2. LLPJS Aluminum Hangers Hanging Bathroom

LLPJS Aluminum Hangers Hanging Bathroom

The wire frame helps retain shape. There are MULTIFUNCTIONAHOOKS. The aluminum metal s hooks make it easy to organize your kitchen by hanging pots, pans, spatulas, cups and other kitchen utensils on your pot rack, wall rails or shelves. Hang clothes, jeans, scarves, hats, belts, and jewelry in your closet. There are towels and robes in the bathroom. Hang plants in your garden and organize your tools in the garage. There are two high-quality materials. After anodizing, the hook will never rust, because it is made of space aluminum. It is durable. Hanging weight up to 44 lbs can be done with s hooks. It is suitable for most poles, rack and shelves. SAFE & STABLE HANGING: The smooth curves on the edge make it easy to scratch your hands or items. The round design on each end makes hanging items safe. Heavy duty hanging requires 0.2inch thick hooks. The S shaped hooks are simple and friendly, they can be hung on bars, shelves,rod and so on, they don't need to be drill on the wall. Also, note: The Yof rod must not be larger than 1.0 inch or it won't hang.

Brand: Llpjs

👤It's light-weight and makes you uneasy. I could have mistaken it for plastic. I dropped one. It made a metallic noise. There is a I wasn't paying attention to the dimensions. I expected them to be smaller. They're not subtle or discreet. It was overt, or very vague. I'm only going to use these for hanging my shower brushes, so I can only attest to their sturdiness. I don't think I would hang a bicycle from a strong item in a common household.

👤I have hooks that I use to hang flower pots. They are perfect. Strong enough to hold a heavy pot. I would definitely recommend it.

👤These are better than I was expecting. Thanks.

👤These are great, I bought them for my kitchen pot rack. Not flimsy, it was very well made. They look great and are a good use for my pots and pans. Will buy again.

👤I only needed two hooks. I am about to order my second bag. These are versatile and can go anywhere.

👤Very strong! It's used for hanging microfiber Norwex cloths. It was what I needed.

👤I ordered hooks for my plants. These are small. If you plan to hang a small object, they are fine. I am always getting something different than I think it will be. The pictures are not what they seem.

👤These are very strong and light. I used them to hand my plants. Very pleased with the purchase.

3. TBMax Adhesive Hooks Towel Hook

TBMax Adhesive Hooks Towel Hook

It is possible to hang clothes, hats, bags, umbrellas, towels, and other items in children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom. STRONG ADHESIVE HOOKS -- The thicker the hooks, the stronger they are. It can support more than that. The weight of your stuff doesn't concern you. There is a square wall hook for shower loofahs sponge, towels, pictures, robe, coats, hats, jackets, scarves, keys, purses, kitchen utensils. The heavy duty bath hooks are made of 304stainless steel and have a brushed finish. It is waterproof and rust-resistance. It's perfect for towel hanging in a bathroom or kitchen. The wall hook is easy to install, it just has to be teal off the sticky strip and stick on the wall. There is a wide application. These wall hooks are compatible with any other modern designed home decor. There is a wide application. These wall hooks are compatible with any other modern designed home decor.

Brand: Tbmax

👤Absolutely love them! I highly recommend you mark your area prior to sticking or removing small tape area because the glue is very strong. It is not moving as soon as it is applied. I put this in my bathroom so I can update my review after a round of humidity and water exposure. There is a * No changes were made in the 12-13-21 update. The glue is holding just like it did on day one. There is a new word for it.

👤I ordered this because I wanted a simple answer to hanging towels by the shower. The installation was easy. They won't hold much more than a hand towel or a light piece of clothing.

👤These fell off the wall when the temp hit 95 degrees. Not heavy duty. I bought these because they are advertised as heavy duty and rated at 10 lbs weight. I wouldn't use these for more than 2 lbs. Or in cooler temperatures.

👤The design is very sleek and holds up coats and backpacks. Definitely recommend these.

👤I haven't been able to get them to stick on the walls. The shower walls have stayed in place. Depending on your intentions, it is a 50% product.

👤Strong! You should know where you want to put them.

👤It's easy to attach to the wall. Looks nice!

👤It works well for me.

4. Hooks 38 Farmhouse Included Decorative Organizer

Hooks 38 Farmhouse Included Decorative Organizer

This wall hanger is a perfect christmas gift for animal lovers and it makes the wall attractive. High quality material. The coat hooks are made of zinc alloy and have good bearing and rust proof. You can easily install this coat hook with the help of iron screws. The package included 38 coat hooks, 76 screws, and a reasonable size design can make them match with each other to fix this coat hook. A huge quantity of coat hook and screws can be used to hang your daily object. The smooth surface design of the coat hook makes it easier to install and improve the load-bearing capacity. The smooth surface of the coat hook makes it impossible for your clothes to be scratched. There is a wide application. This metal hook is very good for hanging hats,cups,clothes,keys,towels,backpack and so on. You can use this coat hook to make your own unique storage, such as hat rack,cup rack,jewelry rack or clothesline. You can install the hooks in your cabinet, kitchen, wardrobe,lobby,garage or outdoor. If you have a problem with their coat hook, please contact them for help. Customer satisfaction is the first thing they look at. They will reply to you immediately and give you a satisfactory answer, so make sure to use their hooks. If you have a problem with their coat hook, please contact them for help. Customer satisfaction is the first thing they look at. They will reply to you immediately and give you a satisfactory answer, so make sure to use their hooks.

Brand: Hajoyful

👤I ordered 3 boxes and only one came with screws and there weren't enough screws. This was not what I was expecting. I have to go to buy some screws. To be exact, 2 for each hook. There are 38 hooks per box and 2 screws per hook.

👤The hooks created the look I was going for. If the ones that are included break, you should get some backup screws. The screws broke into the wood. It didn't affect the rustic look of my reclaimed pallet board window treatments. I bought screws to finish my project.

👤Make sure you use a good pilot hole drill, use a good manual screw driver, and be very careful with delicate screws. I twisted the heads off of a number of the screws to make sure they were mounted correctly. These are brittle and need to be handled with gloves. If you can manage it, I would recommend getting a hold of some guitar tuning screws. They can be ordered in large quantities.

👤I don't think this would hold a jacket. The screws are a disaster, heads strip or break off. I am buying replacements. The hooks are cheap metal and easy to bend. If the price wasn't right, they would go back.

👤I love these! They worked well for my project. The small size was perfect for what I needed. It was easy to use. The screws were good for most of the time. Maybe 1 or 2 bad ones.

👤This is the coat hook that you should use if you have small coats to hang up. It's just little and it looks sturdy. Too big for a dollhouse but small for normal use.

👤The product is self, but the screws are small. You need to put them in a stud.

👤The hooks are cheap. The screws don't work at all. All snap when trying to screw into wood. Will ruin the project you are working on.

5. Decorative Heart Hooks Hanging Hanger

Decorative Heart Hooks Hanging Hanger

The Love Heart Shape hooks are made of Cast Iron and are strong. Wall anchor and mounting screws are included. It can hold up to 35 lbs. It is Cast iron black and adds to its rustic charm. These hooks are perfect for vintage decor. Such as a Farmhouse/schoolhouse style. A good gift for lovers, friends, and family is the Love Heart Shape Design, these impressive wall mounted coat hooks are designed in the shape of a loveheart. The big coat hook is 115 x 55 x 2.2 inches and is easy to install. These metal storage hooks are easy to install. You can mount the coat hooks directly to closets or doors by using the screws.

Brand: Zeyu

👤These are very cute and I ordered them for a client. They look strong and sturdy. When I took them out of the package to measure them, each one had already begun to develop rust spots, so I have not had a chance to install them on my client's piece yet. I'm not sure why they would oxidize all of a sudden, since they have remained in the packaging and not been exposed to any elements.

👤I liked the look of these but they were too big and didn't work with my wall. The black on the wall makes it look dirty and it's too large for keys. These are nice looking hooks for jackets. If you don't have a good wall to install them, they won't work. Only one was installed well and all the others spin because I wanted them on my wall. Disappointing.

👤I was attracted to the shape of the heart. I ordered two sets for the bathroom. My husband and I have old barn wood from our ranch barn that he wants to use for a border on our bathroom wall. It was important to honor the beauty of the wood. The heart hooks are simple and beautiful to hang.

👤These hooks are sturdy. I put one of these on the back of a bathroom door a long time ago because I wanted a robe hook. When I was looking for something else, I stumbled across this quartet. The price was right and people can hang something. There are aprons in the pantry, coats by the back door, tea towels under the kitchen sink, PJs in the closet and anything light weight you would like to keep accessible. They are pretty in their place and useful.

👤We made a new stocking holder by using these. These were sturdy enough to hold stockings even after Santa packed them full. If another project comes up where they would fit, would purchase again.

👤I made a key holder rack. Nice and heavy. Attach with screws.

👤The screws were not included. Went to this manufacturer and paid more for the same hooks that were listed from another vendor.

👤I use these to hold cookware. The size of the screw you need to fit into that hole is the only issue. I love having them. Measure!

6. Rierdge Ceiling Hanging Outdoor Chandelier

Rierdge Ceiling Hanging Outdoor Chandelier

The white ceiling hook can be used for hanging small objects or light objects with ropes, such as plants, lamps, lanterns, chandelier, macrame pieces, wind chime, transparent curtains, Mosquito net and other light decorations. The heavy duty swag ceiling hooks are made of Zinc alloy and can serve for a long time and be maintenance free, they have nice locking function and can bear heavy hook things. These hanging swag hooks adopt black color design, easy-matching many kinds of colors, won't affect the overall beauty, and the generous and simple appearance design can also be applied as decoration, they are practical in their daily life, may match well with your home interior. The ceiling hooks are suitable for hanging items in indoor and outdoor settings. The plant hanger can be used for home planter decorations. It's easy to install. The hooks with self-tapping screws can be screwed into wood, ceiling, wall or blends. It can hold up to 30 lbs on solid wood walls and 15 lbs on dry walls. The Rierdge Promise package contains 4 ceiling hooks. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you're not happy with your purchase. Within 24 hours, they will respond. You can return your product for a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days. That's the Rierdge promise. The Rierdge Promise package contains 4 ceiling hooks. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you're not happy with your purchase. Within 24 hours, they will respond. You can return your product for a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days. That's the Rierdge promise.

Brand: Rierdge

👤The hooks helped me install my lamp. The wood threads allowed for a very sturdy installation.

👤They were used to hang planters. It looks good and is very sturdy.

7. RTZEN Three Decorative Hammered Double

RTZEN Three Decorative Hammered Double

There is no need for a trip to the hardware store for easy installation. It was designed to be installed in Studs only. The handcrafted multi-purpose hooks are 1.77" x 0.79" x 4.53". You get 3 Double Hooks to hang your clothes and other items. It is easy to install with the color matching mounting hardware. These are made to last and are yours forever. Will never break. Adding style and charm to your home and office is possible with the handcrafted Clothes Hooks. They perfectly match other items in the set. Get space thinking clear and use these stylish hooks. It can be used for hand-made home design projects. Attach to a wall. Get space thinking clear and use these stylish hooks. It can be used for hand-made home design projects. Attach to a wall.

Brand: Rtzen

👤The back door locker area is where these were purchased. The are sturdy and have a nice weight. There are two places to hang items from each hook. It was well made.

👤Sturdy and look better than the run-of-the-mill hardware store hooks.

👤The hooks are heavy and beautiful. Well done. Would recommend.

👤Same as described. It is modern and beautiful.

👤Just like the photos. It is very sturdy and solid. I love them!

👤They hang towels very well and are easy to install on a wall.

👤They look great on the shiplap above my boot bench. I was looking for a perfect color.

8. TBMax Coat Rack Wall Mounted

TBMax Coat Rack Wall Mounted

The products can only be packed and shipped after a strict quality inspection. If you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can send an email and get a 100% money-back refund. They're so confident that you will love their products. The customer service you receive after the sale will impress you. The coat rack is heavy duty. The coat rack is made of 5 high quality hooks and can hold up to 35 lbs of weight. The functional coat hooks are designed to fit throughout the entire home. It's perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways and the garage. Adding coat rack to your space for backpacks, jackets, hats, purses, keychains, umbrellas, tools, and more makes it more durable. From classic to modern, the variety of designs and styles available to accent your home decor is designed with style. The hook rack is a great way to organize your home. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. The coat hooks can be used again. 2 pack coat hook rack with 5 tri-hooks and mounting hardware. If you have any issues, please contact them on your order page. They will make it better by learning from your experience. 2 pack coat hook rack with 5 tri-hooks and mounting hardware. If you have any issues, please contact them on your order page. They will make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Tbmax

👤The hooks are easy to use. The plastic anchors are not useful. The screw covers don't work. It's better to not use them.

👤These are sturdy, but toss the mounting kit it comes with and install metal Expanding holstering wall anchor screws. Wouldn't install them in another way.

👤It looks good, but it's not lined up right to hang on the studs. Had to mount on the wall.

👤It is easy to install and works well.

👤The product is ok, but not delivered as advertised.

👤The phrase "Heavy Duty" in the description is a stretch.

👤Is it heavy duty? I don't think it's true. It's light duty the most, able to hang some small back packs, coats, no problem. It's not heavy duty because of the thickness, screw holes size, and anchor that come with it. There is a The two mounting holes are fixed at a non-standard 10 inches, and the interior of most built houses is generally 16 inches. Since there are only two holes, it is almost impossible for both of the screws to be on the stud for maximum support, without any modification or wood frame behind it. It was not a heavy duty. There were no other major wrong with it. It works and you can hang coats and backpacks. To mount it correctly, use the given anchors or use some better ones yourself, for better support and improved weight support. There is a If you are not after the maximum weight support or a very stylish design, it is a good value pack to buy.

👤I like to put these on the backs of doors to increase the amount of storage space. I hang up my purses, lunch bags, umbrellas, and laptop cases from my bedroom door. They have a lot of stuff. If you are going to hang heavy material from your hooks, you need to make sure you get the screws through a stud, not through the hollow portion of the door. There is a The instructions were printed on the outside of the box. There is a The rack is made of smooth metal. It is easy to clean because it is coated in lacquer. The hooks are screwed to the back of the rack bar, so if you wanted to remove one of them, you could. I tried bending the rack frame and pulling on the hooks. The hooks do not bend. The back of the rack bar is flush, so you could try attaching this to a smooth surface using the Command heavy duty hanging strips. Attach it without damage and remove it later.

9. Rustic State Motris Railroad Spike

Rustic State Motris Railroad Spike

You can keep your space aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with the easy installation of the railroad spike hooks. The churchyard churchyard. The cast iron wall hooks are sturdy and built to hold a lot of weight. The mounting hardware is included. If you want to create a space that will spark joy and keep your entryway tidy, this coat hook is for you. It is compact yet functional with its one hook design. You can hang your coat, hat, bag, and many other items with this hook. TIDY UP THE SPACE: If you want to reach for your pet's needs, keep your leash at arm's length. The cast iron decorative and rustic wall hook will help you keep your space aesthetically pleasing to the eyes all the time. The cast iron decorative and rustic wall hook will help you keep your space aesthetically pleasing to the eyes all the time.

Brand: Rustic State

👤The style is called "Motris" and has 2 - one piece hooks. Put them up. I chose this style because of that. Looks good and seems sturdy. I like them a lot. Thebillow style is separate pieces that must be put up. I asked this question and got different answers so I hope that helps others decide.

👤The 2 hooks I was looking for were exactly what I was looking for at the end of my new cypress island. I needed them to hold the kitchen dish towels. I was hoping to find something I wanted in some of the local antique shops. These were perfect for what I needed.

👤We were looking for a hook. A departure from the norm. It was easy to install. There is room on the hook for a thick frame. It's a nice piece of decor and can be used many different ways. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or any other room. The iron has a carved look.

👤When I saw these, I knew I wanted them for my coffee station. I live in a mobile with a wall made of paneling and was worried that they wouldn't work to hold my mugs since they are on the heavy side. It works. The screws that were included did not fit in one of the hooks. I have a lot of screws around. It didn't end up being an issue.

👤I wanted to buy a cabin. The finish is black. They had to install from the front. They look like railroad spikes. The toilet paper holder is perfect. They are very heavy and have no sharp edges.

👤We used thes to hang an Oxbow harness on our accent wall, these fit the bill and gave us a solution to stay with the decor the wife is using. Perfect would recommend and purchase these again.

👤These hooks are strong and beautiful. I would suggest getting longer screws. I used the ones that came with it. It seems to be holding up. I use one of the hooks to hold up my mirror. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤Solid made. It is durable. It's functional. There is a They measure 2 inches from the cabinet compared to the regular drawer pull of 1/2inch. This could be a concern for injury. Our stove is next to it for hanging oven mitts. This may not be an issue for coats, bags, or towels.

10. SELEWARE Decorative Hanging Maple Leaf

SELEWARE Decorative Hanging Maple Leaf

It's a good way to save your home space, perfect for hang towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, robe, in bathroom, bedroom, closet, entryway storage. The hooks design added retro and plant elements. It's perfect for hanging coats, clothes, hat, jacket, backpack, towel and robe in your bedroom entryway, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, closet and office. It is possible to make a pellet coat rack. A great space saver. Easy installation. SELEWARE wall mounted coat hooks are easy to install. You could finish it in a few seconds. Attach a maple leaf hook to the wood set with a screwdrive. Expansion rubber stoppers can be mounted in concrete. High quality. Hooks and screws made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL are rust proof and wind proof and can hold up to 80 pounds. There are coat hooks with 8 screws and expansion tubes. The opening diameter is 0.8 inches, the height is 3.1 inches, and the hook diameter is 2.4 inches. The length of the expansion tube is 1.2inch, while the length of the screw is 1.2inch. Please check the picture. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund. There is a US patent pending. All rights are reserved. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund. There is a US patent pending. All rights are reserved.

Brand: Seleware

👤These hooks make a difference to a wall hanging. Very nice!

👤Sturdy hooks. I'm happy to see hooks with decorative backing plates, they add a stylish finishing touch to my decor. These are very strong and will not bend without a lot of weight and force. There is a The hooks are completely covered by the low textured satin finish. I can't use a house key to scratch it down to metal. Light is applied to medium pressure. There is a The silver head screws are included with wall anchors, but I knew this from the listing, so I'll color them with a black permanent marker. I'm very happy with them. There is a Thank you for helping!

👤The SELEWARE Decorative Wall Hooks are very sturdy. They have ridiculously long silver screws that don't match the brown color of the hook. You have to replace the screws if you want them to look nice. I am not sure why they would package silver screws with brown screws.

👤The hooks look really cool. I'm very pleased with them because they hold up great hanging backpacks and they're made well.

👤The fit and finish are great. The material is solid. Hopefully it will survive the external elements. The robe/towel hooks are near the hot tub.

👤Put up in 5 minutes. The gazebo is perfect for hanging towels and robes.

👤I didn't read the full description, but it was perfect and solid. Black screws would be the only suggestion.

11. Marie Décor Blacksmith Handmade Mounted

Marie D%C3%A9cor Blacksmith Handmade Mounted

Hooks are packed in small boxes and are ideal for storing. It's easy to take out and it won't be cluttered. It's perfect for walls in rooms. Enjoy a lifetime of use with long-lasting quality. Their design is handmade with care. Hang your hats, coats, towels and more in any room. Get everything you need in minutes. The wall anchors and screws are included. The hooks are about 3 inches long and 2 inches from the wall. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind.

Brand: Stur-de

👤The hooks are nice. The curve in the hook and the curl on the end seem to be made by hand, in a good way. The screws fit perfectly within the countersink hole, but you may want to be careful with the ones that are one inch long. A #6 screw is a bit on the thin side, so you shouldn't use a powered device to screw them in. Your average drill could easily snap them.

👤I decided to hang some of my frying pans on wall hooks because I don't have a lot of storage space in my kitchen. The tops of the hooks looked slender enough to fit the holes in my frying pans' handles, so I thought they would serve the purpose well. I found the hooks very easy to install, and I was correct in that assumption. They are strong enough to hold large frying pans without the need for anchoring. Highly recommended!

👤The hooks are large and heavy. Not your average off the shelf variety of hooks. If you're considering these, but unsure of their quality, go ahead and get them. Absolutely worth it.

👤The images on the ad don't do justice. They are sturdy, well formed, and very good looking. I expected them to be a lot bulkier. I think they can hold several pounds if well mounted, but I'm using them for ornamental purposes.

👤These are what I needed. I hung my skillet from the hook in my kitchen. It works well. If you can't find a wall stud, use a dry mount.

👤We hang a quilt in front of our TV when it's not in use. It looks better than a shut off TV. Since we remove the curtain rod whenever we want to watch something, we have to take the curtain and rod off the hooks, and need something stronger than a generic hook. The knobs on the end of the curtains are perfect. I appreciate the workmanship on these, they're nothing fancy, but they're clearly made by someone who knows their hammer work.

👤I wanted to hang the sword on my wall. They work well and are not too thick, so they don't block a lot of the sword. They seem to hold well even with one screw per hook.

👤They are made well. There's only one hole for the screw, that's the only issue I have. There is a They would be perfect if they had 2 screw holes.


What is the best product for decorative hooks for hanging things black?

Decorative hooks for hanging things black products from Rtzen. In this article about decorative hooks for hanging things black you can see why people choose the product. Llpjs and Tbmax are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hooks for hanging things black.

What are the best brands for decorative hooks for hanging things black?

Rtzen, Llpjs and Tbmax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hooks for hanging things black. Find the detail in this article. Hajoyful, Zeyu and Rierdge are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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