Best Decorative Hooks for Hanging Things Outdoors

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1. Creative Mounted Hand Painted Hanging Decoration

Creative Mounted Hand Painted Hanging Decoration

Home decor. A classic vintage rustic copper finish appearance combined with attractive forest decor will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. The wall hook is made of metal and is used for a Key, Hat, Cloth, and Towel. Sturdy hooks will not rip or damage your belongings, and metal wall mounted hanger is easy to mount on any wall. A new design. It's perfect for decorating your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, patio, garden or cabin. The attractive design of this item makes it easy to use. The rounded edges on your clothes will not damage them. The package includes a pack of flower design hooks, but not the screws. There is a365 day warranty. There is a worry-free guarantee. For 90 days, you can get a refund or replace. Problems will be solved as soon as possible. If there are anything they can do for you, please let them know.

Brand: Opendgo

👤These hooks are adorable. We hung them outside in the hot tub area. We didn't have nails that large, so we just stapled the hooks to the wood fence, which worked well for us. They've held up well through the cold winter, snowstorms, heavy rains, and sun. We ordered a second set of them because we liked them so much.

👤One of the things arrived with was broken. The replacement arrived quicker than I could return them. I'm thinking about how to install them. What hardware to use for the circle attachment part? None was provided. They are pretty and perfect to motivate kids to wear masks when we get home.

👤I returned them because they were broken. The design was bad. The way the hook is attached to the flower is cheap. These need to be changed. It would be easy to do. These would be great if a simple change was made.

👤The hooks are cute but not very useful. One of the flowers fell off the hook before we installed it. Thank you Amazon for your service, I received another set at no charge. The ring for the screw came off the hook when the towel was put on it. I'm going to use these in necklace hangers in the bedroom, but I was disappointed they were so light weight. They are good for towels. I hope the ones I ordered work better.

👤These hooks were very nice and I would have loved them. I had to send them back because they didn't fit in with my project.

👤I put my hats up on the hooks. I get praised on them a lot.

👤These are very flimsy. One broke within 24 hours after I used them to hook it back on. It's better to hold light items indoors.

👤Cheaply made very small wont hold a small dish towel and will not return until late.

👤The hangers are well made and the colors are pretty.

2. Decorative Bracket Shepherds Lantern Hanging

Decorative Bracket Shepherds Lantern Hanging

The length is 6 inches and the height is 4 inches. It looks great in a variety of environments. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers. Their mounts make great indoor broom holders. The vintage hanger design adds a touch of rustic style to your home and garden. There are 6 decorative wall hook brackets and 12 of ourEZ thread mounting screws for hanging. The curved brackets are ideal for baskets, bird feeders, and lanterns. Why is it called StoutMax? Every wall hook has a Quality Assurance Guarantee.

Brand: Stoutmax

👤I was hoping to hang some plants on them, but I didn't like them. If you are going to use them for other reasons, there is no reason not to get them, they do not offer enough space to push the plant out far enough so that it is not hanging out an angle and touching the deck.

👤I think my own fault is that I didn't pay attention to these, they were much smaller than I thought. They're great for a lantern and two hummingbird feeders because they won't work to hang a standard hanging pot against a fence. I was happy to find the screws that come with them hold up better than some of the other products I've received.

👤I expected it to be a bit larger. The size is not comfortable. I didn't worry about them being too close to the wall because they were inside. I would have a problem if they had a large pot hanging on these, as they will not get a large pot very far away from the wall. There is a I'm not hanging large pots on them because they aren't as sturdy as I would like. I feel ripped off by them since they aren't better quality. I'll pick up the sturdier ones from the local big box store.

👤I installed these for the abundance of plants I have, but they are shorter than I thought they would be, and I wish they came out another half inch, but you can't beat the price. They are strong.

👤These are very cost effective. The pack of 6 were outstanding. I mounted it in my wood poles with a couple of small screws, and I have a bird feeders, wind chime, and plant hanging. There is a I will buy more from this seller if I need more of them.

👤I bought the hooks because I wanted to hang some plants. I was having trouble hanging a large shelf that is held together by rope. I didn't know how to hang it close to the wall. I installed 2 hooks on each side to support the trinkets I wanted to add to the shelf. They are very easy to use. I'm going to keep them on hand for all my projects. I highly recommend. They are a great value and sturdy.

👤Very small. The hanging is from the center of the curve. If you don't mind the back side of the plant smooshed against the wall, a 6” pot will work. Before buying, know what you want to use it for. An air plant might be okay with the screws to mount with. Pull out a heavy pot that has been watered.

👤The brackets were in a small plastic bag. I won't be using them for their intended purpose because they are so small. Will hang the tools in the garage after cleaning them. It's not nice to display my items indoors.

👤Pues la verdad, no m fije. No m sirvieron para mis colgantes.

3. Elwiya Lanterns Heavy Duty Artworks,Vintage Included

Elwiya Lanterns Heavy Duty Artworks%EF%BC%8CVintage Included

Premium quality hooks can last for a longer time with ease. Heavy duty door closet hooks are made of high quality aluminum and can hold up to 25 lbs. 2 x silver hooks and 2 x gold hooks are included in the package. The hooks they use to hang their bathroom essentials are the same hooks they use to hang their wall hooks. You can use it upside down, it's simple and elegant. Solid construction and a Rust-proof surface make Heavy-duty and Study. It is easy to install with screws. It's great for hanging wall planters, lanterns, wind chimes, flower baskets, bird feeders, string lights, decorations. The Rustic & Vintage Touch is great for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, entryway, patio, porch, garden, backyard wooden deck fence and any other indoor outdoor place. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Elwiya

👤The product is of good quality. Well made and sturdy. The product is described by my beef. I thought this would be able to hold a basket. It would be a very small one. It would be great if the company put the dimensions in the description.

👤It was perfect for my project.

👤I use these to hold lanterns in my shed. The pull down lanterns are the kind that you apply pressure to the bottom to open and extend the light. The lantern hook is not a sturdy iron because it does not hold the pull without bending. The shape of the hook has not become distorted, and it is cheaper than other options on Amazon. If it is for decorative purposes, I would recommend this product. If you need to apply pulling pressure to it, I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I wanted to hang some bird feeders with hooks because the plant season is winding down. I ordered these from the parking lot after hitting out at 3 home improvement stores. They're decent hooks, but they seem strong. I was surprised how small they were. That's my fault for not paying attention. These aren't long enough to hold a hummingbird feeders, but they will hold a small one. The price is nice, and these would be great for lanterns.

👤I used these hooks for a project.

👤I needed something that could hold 175 lbs. I pushed these little guys to the max because of their insane weight. I created a template of my piano harp, used Spax screws with fat heads to spread the load, and tested each hook with a full bucket of popcorn kernels. The ones that bent out of shape still held up. I decided to double them up after removing the two on the bottom. That worked. I love my new studio centerpiece. See the pictures and video.

👤The hooks seem to be good quality. They provided the accessories like a screw and suff. There is a The coat of paint is fine to me. There is a I can test those features over time. There is a All looks good to me. Hopefully this is good product-time. This looks promising to me so far. There is a If you need to hang a plant, lights, or decorations inside or outside, you should. This is a perfect product for that.

👤I ordered these hooks a couple of days ago and they are here. Two days early, I got some solar hanging lanterns and a lantern to hang on my trees. They work well with my lanterns and look great on my trees. The screws were easy to install. You can't beat the price. The four hooks were only $899. These are a great deal, and I am very happy.

👤They have panel hanger that works great.

👤We didn't pay attention to the size. They were small when we received them.

4. RTZEN Three Decorative Hammered Double

RTZEN Three Decorative Hammered Double

There is no need for a trip to the hardware store for easy installation. It was designed to be installed in Studs only. The handcrafted multi-purpose hooks are 1.77" x 0.79" x 4.53". You get 3 Double Hooks to hang your clothes and other items. It is easy to install with the color matching mounting hardware. These are made to last and are yours forever. Will never break. Adding style and charm to your home and office is possible with the handcrafted Clothes Hooks. They perfectly match other items in the set. Get space thinking clear and use these stylish hooks. It can be used for hand-made home design projects. Attach to a wall. Get space thinking clear and use these stylish hooks. It can be used for hand-made home design projects. Attach to a wall.

Brand: Rtzen

👤The back door locker area is where these were purchased. The are sturdy and have a nice weight. There are two places to hang items from each hook. It was well made.

👤Sturdy and look better than the run-of-the-mill hardware store hooks.

👤The hooks are heavy and beautiful. Well done. Would recommend.

👤Same as described. It is modern and beautiful.

👤Just like the photos. It is very sturdy and solid. I love them!

👤They hang towels very well and are easy to install on a wall.

👤They look great on the shiplap above my boot bench. I was looking for a perfect color.

5. Hanging Bracket JUNBEI Rust Resistant Decorative

Hanging Bracket JUNBEI Rust Resistant Decorative

Each iron hook is approximately 6 inches in length. It looks good in a variety of environments. TheLeaf-shaped Hanging Plant Bracket is a stylish retro and artsy design, primitive swirls with leaf-shaped, elegant curve and clean finish, as is mid-century design, create attractive displays and add some three-dimensional style to your garden and home, let your inner gardener thrive. The retro iron art wall hanging planter hook is made of durable material with performance weather resistance, which is sturdy and not easy to rust, vintage beauty plant hanging hooks are suitable for indoor and outdoor application. The heavy-duty iron construction of the plant Hanging Hooks makes it sturdy and resistant to rust, while the eco-friendly black vinyl coating makes it rust- resistant. The package includes a set of black wall mount plant hanging brackets. This complete plant hooks kit includes screw mount hardware for easy installation on walls, posts, or decks, 2 mounting screws, and a dimensions of 12 H x 8 W x 0.7 D. The length is 1.2 inch/30mm. The length is 1.1 inch. Hanging plants are a great way to liven up a room. Hanging plants, wild bird feeders, plant baskets, flower pots, lantern hooks, wind chime brackets and other fixture hanging and mounting are all done with these plant hangers outdoors.

Brand: Junbei

👤A bunch of fruit was dumped on the kitchen floor because of fatigue cracks in the brackets. This one is strong enough to hold around 10 pounds. It's good that they would rather bend than pierce the skin because of the potentially hazardous edges, but too sharp a bend will leave an ugly crease. There is a Oh. It works well mounted upside down. It was necessary in my case because the ceiling was only 7 feet high. I think I will get a decade or so of use from this.

👤It was much lighter than expected. I could bend it with my bare hands.

👤The purchase was decided upon by design. It's very cheap and will work for indoor users with light pots.

👤We added a little color to them. They can handle large hanging plants in the wind.

👤I used it to hang a wind chime off my deck, but bought another to hang a plant. It goes with my indoor leaf theme.

👤Hanging baskets in my new seating area is perfect. Just waiting for the temperature to warm up so that I can buy the plants.

👤I thought it was pretty. It's easy to install. It's exactly what I expected. It is very beautiful.

👤Excellent quality and decorative.

6. Hanging Mounted Rustic Decorative Holder

Hanging Mounted Rustic Decorative Holder

Don't lose your home and never misplace keys again. Do you find it hard to find your keys in your coat pockets or in your purse? With their wall hanging key holder, you'll know where your keys are so you don't have to look around the house for them. Heavy duty hooks for hanging. Heavy handcrafted cast iron is used to make Gecko hooks. It was easy to install. These wall mounted coat hooks come with mounting hardware. The key holder is rustic. It's for hanging keys, handbags, towels, hats, clothing, leashes, jewelry, and other essentials. There is a multi-scene. It's a good idea to use a Gecko wall hook in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, living room, or any other room in your house. Home decor. A classic vintage rustic copper finish appearance combined with attractive forest decor will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Brand: Chasbete

👤My order arrived very quickly. There were no complaints. I don't typically write a review after receiving an item, but this one doesn't need time to work out how it will work. These lizards are cute. They were easy to install on wood and I would buy better wall anchors if I were to install into drywall. I took about 5 minutes to get all 3 onto my bench. These are very strong. I like how you can install them in different positions and still be useful as hooks. We have a lot of lizards in the garden, so these hooks are a fun addition to my garden prep area. I was hoping to share pictures, but there is no option to add them.

👤I love these. Sturdy. The screws we used were too long. Other than that cute pieces. There are three posts. Three were placed on one side. We ordered another set for the other side of the post because we liked it so much. They are used for everything. There are hanging towels, robes, wet swim wear and goggles. It helps things dry by keeping everything off the ground.

👤It took me a long time to order this as I researched and compared machines. I wanted a sturdy buy for home use. The bonus was that I could get it in orange. It is loud, but I am not sure you could find a quiet one, it is perfect, easy to use, fast, very safe, and I just love it. I host neighborhood parties where I drop off my neighbors and we enjoy a treat many times since I opened the box. The price is affordable and I highly recommend it. I would buy again as a gift. Excellent. I didn't think it would be cheap to own a fun kitchen tool.

👤These hooks are cute. I was not sure if I would like them based on the picture they provided. They called them coat hooks. I thought the hook part would be smaller than I wanted. I live in the desert so I needed these gecko hooks to hang pool towel hooks outside. I love them! The size is perfect and the color is great, I was unsure if they would work. Even though they said the size was small, they still looked small. The hook it self is a good size for pool towel hooks. They include the hardware. Very happy with the purchase! I would like to thank you for adding character to my patio. I go to install them.

👤I live inside a fence that is hard to open and deal with dogs, so I wanted a way to hang my pickup on the outside, but not on the gate latch. I wanted it to be non-intrusive. These are cute. It's easy to leave bags for different parents of my troop on different hooks.

👤We love these! Once our grandkids moved in, it was installed behind our front door. They work well for backpacks. I spray painted them a turquoise and copper color and they look great. Purchase another set to continue walking up the wall. Very strong as well.

7. WINCANG Aluminum Lightweight Hanging Hangers

WINCANG Aluminum Lightweight Hanging Hangers

There is a hassle-free after-sales guarantee. If you encounter any problems after purchasing this wall tail hook, please contact them immediately, they will be happy to exchange or give you a full refund. The hook is 5mm thick and can be hung on a pole that is too thick. The hook is made of space aluminum and is lightweight, so you can hang heavy pots and pans comfortably. These S-type hooks are well-made and are suitable for use in closets,storage rooms,bathrooms,garages,workshops and offices. It's easy to install. You don't have to drill holes in beautiful houses and walls with these S-shaped hooks. You can hang them on shelves and railings. There is a wide range of applications. These hooks are used to hang pans, pots,shovel,cups and other kitchen utensils on the pot rack, wall rails or shelves. There is a lot of space in the kitchen.

Brand: Wincang

👤These are very cute. They are small. I got creative and linked 3 of them together for my orchid that I hung and it actually looked like that, because I couldn't find longer ones in aluminum. I will use a new look for other plants in the future. The look is different, but I liked it. I bought these because I am tired of my S hooks rusting and I hope they will not rust since they are aluminum. There is a They are really nice looking and should be made in a larger size.

👤The clothes are not in the right size for the closet. I thought I could hang purses from the clothing rack. I don't know what you would use these for or what type of rod they could hang on.

👤These were purchased to hang plants. I need a hook that was short and had a larger diameter on both ends. The seller said an individual hook would hold up to 40 lbs. I could easily change the hook with my arthritic hands, since I underestimated the diameter. I don't think it can hold up to 40 lbs. I will keep the package and try to glue several together to increase strength after I manipulated two of the hooks.

👤I never thought I would find what I was looking for, but these were perfect. I was worried that I wouldn't find hooks that would fit in my mug rack because I was making it out of a bathroom towel bar. These are exactly the right size and I was happy to receive them. I like that they are all black. It's going to look great in my kitchen renovation.

👤The jeans hanging photos are misleading because the hooks are tiny and won't fit over a standard closet rod. I was able to bend them with my hand.

👤I'm Hi. My first thought was that they were light. It was almost like a plastic feel. The hooks are the same size on both ends and I thought one side would be bigger. They do the job. I hope I don't have any break or I will return and get better ones. I think the picture I posted came out differently. Sorry! Ha! I used them as towel hooks. Very cute.

👤The hooks are made of plastic. A flimsy plastic hook won't hold anything. They are hard to use.

👤I like that they are flat-sided. Beautiful and strong.

👤Well made hooks. We used to have cast iron pans on the rack. Looks good and holding up.

8. Marie Décor Blacksmith Handmade Mounted

Marie D%C3%A9cor Blacksmith Handmade Mounted

Hooks are packed in small boxes and are ideal for storing. It's easy to take out and it won't be cluttered. It's perfect for walls in rooms. Enjoy a lifetime of use with long-lasting quality. Their design is handmade with care. Hang your hats, coats, towels and more in any room. Get everything you need in minutes. The wall anchors and screws are included. The hooks are about 3 inches long and 2 inches from the wall. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind.

Brand: Stur-de

👤The hooks are nice. The curve in the hook and the curl on the end seem to be made by hand, in a good way. The screws fit perfectly within the countersink hole, but you may want to be careful with the ones that are one inch long. A #6 screw is a bit on the thin side, so you shouldn't use a powered device to screw them in. Your average drill could easily snap them.

👤I decided to hang some of my frying pans on wall hooks because I don't have a lot of storage space in my kitchen. The tops of the hooks looked slender enough to fit the holes in my frying pans' handles, so I thought they would serve the purpose well. I found the hooks very easy to install, and I was correct in that assumption. They are strong enough to hold large frying pans without the need for anchoring. Highly recommended!

👤The hooks are large and heavy. Not your average off the shelf variety of hooks. If you're considering these, but unsure of their quality, go ahead and get them. Absolutely worth it.

👤The images on the ad don't do justice. They are sturdy, well formed, and very good looking. I expected them to be a lot bulkier. I think they can hold several pounds if well mounted, but I'm using them for ornamental purposes.

👤These are what I needed. I hung my skillet from the hook in my kitchen. It works well. If you can't find a wall stud, use a dry mount.

👤We hang a quilt in front of our TV when it's not in use. It looks better than a shut off TV. Since we remove the curtain rod whenever we want to watch something, we have to take the curtain and rod off the hooks, and need something stronger than a generic hook. The knobs on the end of the curtains are perfect. I appreciate the workmanship on these, they're nothing fancy, but they're clearly made by someone who knows their hammer work.

👤I wanted to hang the sword on my wall. They work well and are not too thick, so they don't block a lot of the sword. They seem to hold well even with one screw per hook.

👤They are made well. There's only one hole for the screw, that's the only issue I have. There is a They would be perfect if they had 2 screw holes.

9. Decorative Bathroom Farmhouse Hooks Can Concrete

Decorative Bathroom Farmhouse Hooks Can Concrete

The zinc alloy material used in the push pin style picture hooks is not easy to rust or break. The push pins are easy to store and use. What are you waiting for? Wall hooks for coats have a total length of 2.4 inches. It is suitable for hanging clothes, hats, towels, handbags, keys, light strings, curtains, ropes and other indoor and outdoor hanging decorations. The black wall hooks farmhouse is made of zinc alloy and the surface is painted black. The round nail head is durable and enlarged. The object is hard to fall off. The screws can be quickly and easily entered into the wooden structure, and the wall hooks decorative is easy to install. There are holes in the concrete wall that can be used to install the extension plug. The wall hooks for coats are 2 inches in length, with a width of 0.8 inches, hook length of 1.25 inches, and screw length of 1 inch. Each wall hook for hats can carry up to 30 pounds of weight. Each wall hook for hats can carry up to 30 pounds of weight.

Brand: Wanlian

👤The hooks that hold my bags in my home office are not as ugly as those from the 70s. They were easy to get into the pre-drilled holes in my office doors.

👤It is stylish. I wanted a hook that had a flat base and this was exactly what I was looking for. I used to hold pot holders and wall hangings in the RV I bought.

👤The bulb at the end of the hook made me smile. I was very excited to find these hooks when I was looking for a key rack. I returned them because the screw was too long for the thickness of the wood I was using.

👤Needed hooks to hang curtains. The hooks are large enough for the rods to fit in.

👤Nice hooks. I recommend them.

👤It's easy to put up and looks nice.

10. DUOUPA Upgraded Decorative Lanterns Ornaments

DUOUPA Upgraded Decorative Lanterns Ornaments

Hanging plants are a great way to liven up a room. Hanging plants, wild bird feeders, plant baskets, flower pots, lantern hooks, wind chime brackets and other fixture hanging and mounting are all done with these plant hangers outdoors. The plant hanger brackets are made of high-quality iron steel. The cutting process is stronger than other hooks. It cover a nice gloss black powder coat to make it resistant to rain, snow and sunlight. The plant brackets are about 7.1"L. The 5.9''H design comes with upgraded screws and wall anchors, which makes it easy to hang any product below 30 pounds. Don't worry. The plant hanger can be fastened either vertically or horizontally. It can be installed indoors, outdoors or in the garden. It could be used on a lot of walls. The simple and innovative line design can match all kinds of home furnitures and surroundings. You don't need to worry because it may mess your home furnishings orders. These wall hooks are perfect for hanging planters, bird feeders, flower baskets, lanterns, string lights, wind chimes, candle holders, ornaments, mason jars, holiday decorations and more. Adding beauty and elegance to your home or garden is something you can do.

Brand: Duoupa

👤This isn't strong enough for a wind chime. I bought it for solar light/windchime and it will work just fine, the design is light and thin.

👤It was perfect for hanging my wind chime.

👤This is something that I love. I bought a basket to hang on my deck.

👤It is what we wanted. The product is well made. Very happy. Thank you.

11. Shabby Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

Shabby Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

It is always the little details that set the tone in a home. Your guests will think they are in a farmhouse with these rustic wall hangers. The scrollwork was forged in cast iron. It's made from high quality cast iron, a uniquely beautiful yet heavy duty accessory that you can use with confidence throughout your home. They are solid in their design and can last a long time. The hooks are secured to the wall with screws. The height is 7 and the width is 3.15. You can hang your hat on these, and there is no limit to where you can use them. Your coat, handbag, keys, towels, and even your bathrobe are included. They have seen these in your hall or entryway holding back drapes and putting up picture frames. The era when functional items were expected to be attractive was inspired by vintage designs. Sturdy cast iron will go anywhere you can imagine, while softly rounded hooks will always treat delicate items like scarves, hats and sweaters with care. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤I bought two sets of hooks for a project. They arrived on time and did not damage anything. They are gorgeous. The only problem I had with this item was the screws. They are not all the way into the precut hole. I bought rounded head screws and they worked perfectly. There was no biggy. The hooks are strong. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I love them! The screws are placed in a good place. They would hold more than the towels we bought. Each piece is unique and makes a nice set.

👤The quality cast-iron wall hangers I used were very classy. I chose the black and silver color because I was happy with it. I was impressed with the weight and size of the hangers. I put it up myself, I am not very handy-girl savvy. I am considering buying another set because the price was perfect. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤These are gorgeous! They're strong. 100% happy with them.

👤It's easy to install and the price is great.

👤It matches my decor very well.

👤Excellent buy for the price. I bought two sets so that I could match the hooks up in a more precise manner. I can have two sets with matching ends. They are made to last a long time.

👤I use these for tie-back holders. They are gorgeous! It was far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

👤I was sad to open the box and see that one of my hooks had been snapped. It's the same hook for most people. I returned the product without any issues. There are two heavy hooks. Nice size too. I think the packaging should be more.

👤The product is good enough for the price, but the finish is not, and I received a Christmas tree that looked like silver. The picture shows the difference between what was received and what my chair was.

👤I was wondering how to hang up my art. I wanted something that was unique and pretty. The hook is strong enough to support it.

👤Me encantaros, se ven hermosos, pero don't worry.

👤Excellent quality and sturdy. Love the look.


What is the best product for decorative hooks for hanging things outdoors?

Decorative hooks for hanging things outdoors products from Opendgo. In this article about decorative hooks for hanging things outdoors you can see why people choose the product. Stoutmax and Elwiya are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hooks for hanging things outdoors.

What are the best brands for decorative hooks for hanging things outdoors?

Opendgo, Stoutmax and Elwiya are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hooks for hanging things outdoors. Find the detail in this article. Rtzen, Junbei and Chasbete are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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