Best Decorative Hooks for Hanging Things Silver

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1. Shabby Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

Shabby Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

It is always the little details that set the tone in a home. Your guests will think they are in a farmhouse with these rustic wall hangers. The scrollwork was forged in cast iron. TheDecorative Wall Hooks are 7 inches high. It's made from high quality cast iron, a uniquely beautiful yet heavy duty accessory that you can use with confidence throughout your home. They are solid in their design and can last a long time. The hooks are secured to the wall with screws. You can hang your hat on these, and there is no limit to where you can use them. Your coat, handbag, keys, towels, and even your bathrobe are included. They have seen these in your hall or entryway holding back drapes and putting up picture frames. The era when functional items were expected to be attractive was inspired by vintage designs. Sturdy cast iron will go anywhere you can imagine, while softly rounded hooks will always treat delicate items like scarves, hats and sweaters with care. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤The look and feel of these hooks are authentic and perfect for my French Country bathroom decor. I was disappointed to see that the large screw heads were different from the antiqued finish of the hooks themselves. I wish they were made to hide the screw heads. I will keep the hooks. They are of high quality.

👤We found hooks in the stores that were cheap and we were able to hang the bags/coats. I was happy to hear these were the size we were looking for, and very strong. There is a They are perfect for our entry. I am very happy!

👤I like these. The ones that are on Amazon are pictured on the right. The ones for $17 come with screws and are on the left in the picture. It's worth the extra $2. It's great to be pictured as pictured.

👤I was surprised by both the size and resilience. If you like the rustic look, these are a good way to add a small accent to your home. I initially questioned if they would look good on my wall, but as you can see in the picture, they stand out nicely and make my essentials look like decorations.

👤This is the second set I have purchased. My Ukeleles used to be held by some for the bathroom. The hook is very sturdy and large. We painted the screw heads white after hanging and it looked great. Would buy more if needed.

👤I thought they would be much smaller. My intention was to use them to hang my dog leashes and backpack off of, but after seeing these beasts they will definitely have a heavier work load. The finish is great and the product is described. The odd texture that comes from a protective coating is my one complaint. I'm not going to touch them, so that means the look will hold longer.

👤I bought these for my entry way and the hope was that they would give me a shabby chic fancy feel. I painted a mirror to accentuate that style. The hooks are sturdy and feel like cast iron. They come with the hardware. Would definitely recommend this product.

👤I had to get the dud after nearly 2000 positive reviews. These hooks are very heavy. One of them did not have screw holes. I tried to make my own holes but the cast iron was too much for my small child. Will need to come back, but I will likely order. The chippy nature of the paint and the non matching screws are some of the minor complaints. I can fix or overlook these problems.

👤I had thought of these hooks as shabby chic, which is more expensive than plain white ones, and as rustic, which is what I had searched for. The relief parts have been painted with a glittery gold colour, making them look white and yellow. They are robust and solid.

👤The hooks are sturdy and good quality. They look great and I would recommend them.

2. Creative Mounted Hand Painted Hanging Decoration

Creative Mounted Hand Painted Hanging Decoration

Home decor. A classic vintage rustic copper finish appearance combined with attractive forest decor will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. The wall hook is made of metal and is used for a Key, Hat, Cloth, and Towel. Sturdy hooks will not rip or damage your belongings, and metal wall mounted hanger is easy to mount on any wall. A new design. It's perfect for decorating your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, patio, garden or cabin. The attractive design of this item makes it easy to use. The rounded edges on your clothes will not damage them. The package includes a pack of flower design hooks, but not the screws. There is a365 day warranty. There is a worry-free guarantee. For 90 days, you can get a refund or replace. Problems will be solved as soon as possible. If there are anything they can do for you, please let them know.

Brand: Opendgo

👤These hooks are adorable. We hung them outside in the hot tub area. We didn't have nails that large, so we just stapled the hooks to the wood fence, which worked well for us. They've held up well through the cold winter, snowstorms, heavy rains, and sun. We ordered a second set of them because we liked them so much.

👤One of the things arrived with was broken. The replacement arrived quicker than I could return them. I'm thinking about how to install them. What hardware to use for the circle attachment part? None was provided. They are pretty and perfect to motivate kids to wear masks when we get home.

👤I returned them because they were broken. The design was bad. The way the hook is attached to the flower is cheap. These need to be changed. It would be easy to do. These would be great if a simple change was made.

👤The hooks are cute but not very useful. One of the flowers fell off the hook before we installed it. Thank you Amazon for your service, I received another set at no charge. The ring for the screw came off the hook when the towel was put on it. I'm going to use these in necklace hangers in the bedroom, but I was disappointed they were so light weight. They are good for towels. I hope the ones I ordered work better.

👤These hooks were very nice and I would have loved them. I had to send them back because they didn't fit in with my project.

👤I put my hats up on the hooks. I get praised on them a lot.

👤These are very flimsy. One broke within 24 hours after I used them to hook it back on. It's better to hold light items indoors.

👤Cheaply made very small wont hold a small dish towel and will not return until late.

👤The hangers are well made and the colors are pretty.

3. LASSUM Connectors S Shaped Hanging Jewelry

LASSUM Connectors S Shaped Hanging Jewelry

It is easy to install by hand. The product is Mini s shaped hooks. These mini s shape hooks are 22.50 x. 16mm/0.87 x 0.63 inch These mini metal hooks are made of sturdy metal and can hang things firmly. You may need to hang documents, art pieces, photos, or anything else. You can use the mini s hooks to hang jewelry, keys, tags, or small wood pieces for making family birthday boards, wooden memorandum, calendar, etc.

Brand: Lassum

👤The mini S-hooks were made from high quality materials and had good weight. Too thick for what I needed. It was my fault that I didn't research the size better.

👤We hung necklaces from the bars. They are the right size to attach and stay attached.

👤I replaced some lights. It was difficult to remove the chains from which they were suspended. The S hooks allowed me to leave the old chains and place the lights at the perfect height.

👤I liked the size. I used it to store my craft transfers.

4. Marie Décor Blacksmith Handmade Mounted

Marie D%C3%A9cor Blacksmith Handmade Mounted

Hooks are packed in small boxes and are ideal for storing. It's easy to take out and it won't be cluttered. It's perfect for walls in rooms. Enjoy a lifetime of use with long-lasting quality. Their design is handmade with care. Hang your hats, coats, towels and more in any room. Get everything you need in minutes. The wall anchors and screws are included. The hooks are about 3 inches long and 2 inches from the wall. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind.

Brand: Stur-de

👤The hooks are nice. The curve in the hook and the curl on the end seem to be made by hand, in a good way. The screws fit perfectly within the countersink hole, but you may want to be careful with the ones that are one inch long. A #6 screw is a bit on the thin side, so you shouldn't use a powered device to screw them in. Your average drill could easily snap them.

👤I decided to hang some of my frying pans on wall hooks because I don't have a lot of storage space in my kitchen. The tops of the hooks looked slender enough to fit the holes in my frying pans' handles, so I thought they would serve the purpose well. I found the hooks very easy to install, and I was correct in that assumption. They are strong enough to hold large frying pans without the need for anchoring. Highly recommended!

👤The hooks are large and heavy. Not your average off the shelf variety of hooks. If you're considering these, but unsure of their quality, go ahead and get them. Absolutely worth it.

👤The images on the ad don't do justice. They are sturdy, well formed, and very good looking. I expected them to be a lot bulkier. I think they can hold several pounds if well mounted, but I'm using them for ornamental purposes.

👤These are what I needed. I hung my skillet from the hook in my kitchen. It works well. If you can't find a wall stud, use a dry mount.

👤We hang a quilt in front of our TV when it's not in use. It looks better than a shut off TV. Since we remove the curtain rod whenever we want to watch something, we have to take the curtain and rod off the hooks, and need something stronger than a generic hook. The knobs on the end of the curtains are perfect. I appreciate the workmanship on these, they're nothing fancy, but they're clearly made by someone who knows their hammer work.

👤I wanted to hang the sword on my wall. They work well and are not too thick, so they don't block a lot of the sword. They seem to hold well even with one screw per hook.

👤They are made well. There's only one hole for the screw, that's the only issue I have. There is a They would be perfect if they had 2 screw holes.

5. Hanging Mounted Rustic Decorative Holder

Hanging Mounted Rustic Decorative Holder

Don't lose your home and never misplace keys again. Do you find it hard to find your keys in your coat pockets or in your purse? With their wall hanging key holder, you'll know where your keys are so you don't have to look around the house for them. Heavy duty hooks for hanging. Heavy handcrafted cast iron is used to make Gecko hooks. It was easy to install. These wall mounted coat hooks come with mounting hardware. The key holder is rustic. It's for hanging keys, handbags, towels, hats, clothing, leashes, jewelry, and other essentials. There is a multi-scene. It's a good idea to use a Gecko wall hook in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, living room, or any other room in your house. Home decor. A classic vintage rustic copper finish appearance combined with attractive forest decor will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Brand: Chasbete

👤My order arrived very quickly. There were no complaints. I don't typically write a review after receiving an item, but this one doesn't need time to work out how it will work. These lizards are cute. They were easy to install on wood and I would buy better wall anchors if I were to install into drywall. I took about 5 minutes to get all 3 onto my bench. These are very strong. I like how you can install them in different positions and still be useful as hooks. We have a lot of lizards in the garden, so these hooks are a fun addition to my garden prep area. I was hoping to share pictures, but there is no option to add them.

👤I love these. Sturdy. The screws we used were too long. Other than that cute pieces. There are three posts. Three were placed on one side. We ordered another set for the other side of the post because we liked it so much. They are used for everything. There are hanging towels, robes, wet swim wear and goggles. It helps things dry by keeping everything off the ground.

👤It took me a long time to order this as I researched and compared machines. I wanted a sturdy buy for home use. The bonus was that I could get it in orange. It is loud, but I am not sure you could find a quiet one, it is perfect, easy to use, fast, very safe, and I just love it. I host neighborhood parties where I drop off my neighbors and we enjoy a treat many times since I opened the box. The price is affordable and I highly recommend it. I would buy again as a gift. Excellent. I didn't think it would be cheap to own a fun kitchen tool.

👤These hooks are cute. I was not sure if I would like them based on the picture they provided. They called them coat hooks. I thought the hook part would be smaller than I wanted. I live in the desert so I needed these gecko hooks to hang pool towel hooks outside. I love them! The size is perfect and the color is great, I was unsure if they would work. Even though they said the size was small, they still looked small. The hook it self is a good size for pool towel hooks. They include the hardware. Very happy with the purchase! I would like to thank you for adding character to my patio. I go to install them.

👤I live inside a fence that is hard to open and deal with dogs, so I wanted a way to hang my pickup on the outside, but not on the gate latch. I wanted it to be non-intrusive. These are cute. It's easy to leave bags for different parents of my troop on different hooks.

👤We love these! Once our grandkids moved in, it was installed behind our front door. They work well for backpacks. I spray painted them a turquoise and copper color and they look great. Purchase another set to continue walking up the wall. Very strong as well.

6. Industrial Pipe Decor Coat Hook

Industrial Pipe Decor Coat Hook

Easy to install wall hooks for hanging. If you want to Drying or Purse Hooks, put above the door. The Hooks for Wall in Multiple 3 Set are beautiful. Adding floating wall hooks to your home, garage, workshop, office, hallway, foyer, bathroom, bedroom, closet, lobby, waiting room, or space of your choice is a great way to build functional continuity. The coat hook adds modern appeal with a blend of convenience and fashion. The material is extremely sturdy and durable. It's strong enough for your heavy clothing. It's perfect for hanging everything. This kit is perfect for a pipe project that you were planning but never got around to because of the hassle involved in finding the right pieces; it comes with everything you need to assemble the hook, plus step-by-step illustrated instructions to make it even easier. You will know Pipe Décor parts and accessories when you hold them. Both beauty and beast. Both strength and style. This pipe is finished for use in your designs. Accept no replacements. Extra pieces and accessories can be used for your fixture projects. Plug and play as you please. There is a 3 pack now. The materials and threads used in the pipe are sturdy and meet the standards of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society of Testing and Materials. The parts included are: floor flange, 90 degree street elbow, 1/2 inch cap, and close connector. It was tested for resilience. The part number is 360 KitHOOK3. Cleaning and Sealing is a very high priority. They recommend that you clean and seal your hooks before they are put up to prevent rust. You will need to clean and seal these if you plan to install them in a bathroom. If you want to put the rust in rustic, you need to take this step because of the increased humidity in the restrooms. As desired. Cleaning and Sealing is a very high priority. They recommend that you clean and seal your hooks before they are put up to prevent rust. You will need to clean and seal these if you plan to install them in a bathroom. If you want to put the rust in rustic, you need to take this step because of the increased humidity in the restrooms. As desired.

Brand: Pipe Decor

👤When we renovated our master bathroom, I purchased two sets of pipe decor hooks. We mounted them to a board in order to hang them on a tiled wall so that we only needed to make two holes in the tile. Since they will be used for damp towels, I decided to coat them with a spray paint style clear coat to make sure they were protected from rusting before placing them on the board. They were a great product and were much cheaper than the individual parts at the hardware store. The hardware store pipes will transfer a black substance if not properly treated.

👤I didn't read that these needed to be treated before they were hung. The seller replaced my rusted hooks for free. The hooks look great and the customer service is great. I wish they came pre-treated. I was excited to get them because they went great with our newly decorated master bathroom. The one that my husband installed was a little crooked, but still looks great. I noticed a brown spot on one of our towels. I noticed that one of our new white towels had a brown spot when I saw another one. I am very disappointed that I didn't see this in any other reviews.

👤I had to coat these in poly. The towels were stained with rust. I know they are cast iron. They would have been coated. It looked like they were but it was just a thin coat of oil from the factory. Good luck finding American pipe for these, they are made in china. I will probably recoat them once a year.

👤The hardware they sent didn't work well for me. I put a big hole in my wall using their screws and anchors. The anchors are large for this application. I installed onto a wall. I used my anchors and screws after the first one and they all went in without a hitch. I like that they went with what they know and had a better experience.

👤I made my own bike mount with these parts, but it was much easier to figure it out. If you do it yourself, it was cheaper than going to the hardware store. Will buy from this shop again.

👤These towel hangers look like they are made of pipe. The elbows were not included in my first order. I was issued a new complete order by Amazon. Thank you Amazon. The units will need to be cleaned and sealed before they are used, so be aware of that. If you are going to put them in the bathroom.

👤They are definitely cool. Look great. They are actually decoration because they are downfall. Can't even put a hand towel on it. What is the point? I ruined all my hand towels. The seller didn't care.

👤We use these in the bathroom for towel holders. We sprayed them with a lacquer finish to protect them from the elements. It is easy to install. We put them on the wall stud so they are solid. If you go to a hardware store and buy all the parts separately, these are a bit more expensive.

7. Decorative Hanging Rustic Farmhouse Hanger

Decorative Hanging Rustic Farmhouse Hanger

Their 100% satisfaction service is available for one month. There is a set of three 8” X 4” X 3” Rustic Cast Iron Bronze Decorative Wall Hooks. 1.5 lbs is just as functional as it is beautiful. This piece can be used for anything you need to hang, from a coat rack to a door hooks for towels. The Cast Iron Bronze metal Wall Hooks can be used as a single Wall Hook or together to add more design. It was designed to be a beautiful piece for key hooks for wall or key holder for wall decorative to replace those old wall hooks that could use a style upgrade. The Cast Iron is great for the outdoors. It can be used as a towel rack for pool, indoor or outdoor hooks for hanging towels, general outdoor hooks, and strong backpack hooks. A decorative hook can be used for many scenarios. The anchor wall Decor that could be used to finish off the wall is Perfect Key Hooks Decorative for Wall. The anchor wall Decor that could be used to finish off the wall is Perfect Key Hooks Decorative for Wall.

Brand: Wallcharmers

👤The hooks are too big to fit in the holes of my pans, so I bought these to hang some of my cast iron muffin pans. I use them as towel hangers in the bathroom. They work and look great. These are sturdy. I am hoping that they don't rust because of the humidity. I recommend them for their strength.

👤I love these! I used them for hanging wall decorations, but they would be great for hanging on their own.

👤The screws that came with it do not work for this type of Hook. The screws are not long enough to hold your drywall in place. Get yourself some long screws if you buy these.

👤These are either big or different designs. I hung them on the wall. Work well. There are used screws and anchors. I love them!

👤I am using these to hang bath towels. These are sturdy and beautiful. These can be used for heavier things. The value is great.

👤Is it possible that the coating on the hold towels will wear off already? The coating came off, already showing white.

👤These are very sturdy and cute. I hang my coats and purses with them.

👤There were no screws to hang them from my wall.

8. Pieces Hanger Hangers Picture Hanging

Pieces Hanger Hangers Picture Hanging

The Elephant Style push pin hook hanger can hang many items. Your wall should be more attractive. The quality material is zinc alloy, safe and durable, can hold up to 20 LB, and is tough to hold many items securely. The wall hook is easy to pin and can be used for a long time, it just causes little harm to the wall and can be used for a long time. The hook hanger is designed with the shape of a plant, with a classic color, which looks like retro and bright, and it can match well with your furniture inside the room, bringing a stylish sense for you. Picture hanging hook pin can be widely applied for many places, such as home, office, classroom, and more, and you can pin it on the position you want. The package includes 20 pieces push pin hangers, enough quantity can meet your hanging needs, and it is packed in a transparent plastic box, which is easy to carry and store. The package includes 20 pieces push pin hangers, enough quantity can meet your hanging needs, and it is packed in a transparent plastic box, which is easy to carry and store.

Brand: Ripeng

👤They look good. The point in the back is slanted in my 2nd picture. I use a normal thumb tack to puncture the wall because they tend to bend.

👤I think they are slanted so that it holds me. The wall is better, but they are a little slow to push in. They are pretty and good quality. They make my jewelry look very fancy.

👤These are for the standard pin board. They are the perfect hooks for jewelry.

👤The product is sturdy. A great size and decorated nicely.

👤It looks good, but it keeps falling off.

👤I thought they would be large, but they are good for hanging fairy string lights.

9. Franklin Brass FBPAWHK SN C Print Nickel

Franklin Brass FBPAWHK SN C Print Nickel

Enjoy a risk free purchase and buy with confidence. Contact them if you don't like their product. You will get a hassle-free, easy return if you return any of their products within 30 days. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this product. If you have a problem with the product, you can contact them and they will either send you a new one or give you a money back. The casual style of home décor provides an abundance of space for hanging items in the entryway, laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. 35 lbs. The maximum weight capacity can be mounted into wood studs. When mounted, the overall dimensions are 4.9 inch x 2.5 inch x 3.9 inch. The zinc die cast material was used. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

Brand: Franklin Brass

👤These look nice and fit the bill for what I wanted them for. The plastic bag I opened had a hollow back. The paw print are hollow, but they built a small support bracing in there. They looked nice and looked like what I was looking for. I would keep them. I was pleased that they felt sturdy after hanging them. There is a Maybe I am a cheapskate, but for $10-1 each, I feel like that paw print could be solid metal. But...whatever. I'm pleased but thought you should know.

👤The hook looks great and has a solid feel to it. It's larger than I anticipated, but I can't just put the clasps of the leashes on it like I did my last one. The leash hooks can't fit over the hook when I hold it upside down, because the tip is wider. If you have smaller leashes with smaller clasps, the hook might be too thick for hooking them onto the bar. You would have to drape the leash over the hook or hang it by their handle. I think the product is great.

👤I scratched a hand towel holder I bought that matches the hardware in my bathroom. I went to the store and saw all the scratched ones on the shelf. I was so excited to find this hook in brushed nickel, I decided to look for an alternative. The paw print hook is very high quality. It's very heavy and solid. The material is so heavy that there is no need to worry about damaging the hook. The hook's screws are brushed nickel and match the hook perfectly. I recommend this hook for any purpose you might need it for.

👤This is a nice size. Our leash was taking up too much room on our key rack and this hanger was a good solution -- the hook curves out so you can hang the leash comfortably from the handle if you have a Flexi leash.

👤I was looking for a way to hang the dogs harness on. It is a very sturdy and well made. It was easy to install as it comes with the screws. Plugs may be needed depending on the wall, but they don't come with the screws. All in a great product!

👤I had the first one and needed a second. Really happy they are still being made. The hook is large enough to hold all that reasonably well, and it's easy to install because it stands up to a reasonable amount of weight. I bought the second one because I was tired of having to remove everything to get the gear for one dog. There are 5 stars across the board. A project to mount them under a shelf is in the works.

👤I love these! I originally purchased two of them from Lowe's and was happy to find more online. They can hold a lot of weight if they are anchored. The hooks are deep enough for a backpack, scarf, and one or two coats. I have a place to put my laundry backer when I'm not using it. That's helpful. There is a These are sturdy enough to hold the handle of the retractable leashes.

10. SumDirect Hanging Kitchenware Utensils Gardening

SumDirect Hanging Kitchenware Utensils Gardening

It is easy to mount with the included screws and anchors. Hanging personal items is easy. Thick, rounded hooks won't hurt your belongings. These heavy duty s hooks are a great way to store anything in your kitchen, garage, workshop, or any other space where space is limited, just hang them on pot rack,wall rails or shelves. The hooks are 5.7 inches. The hooks are made of premium metal steel and are Rust-Proof. The hooks are s shaped and will not rust. The S-hooks are great for cookware and can be applied to the wall to save space in the kitchen. Hanging hooks can be used in a closet, storage room, bathroom, garage, workshop and office. The package comes with 15 Pack S Hanger Hooks, great value and practical, enough for your spare or replacement, and you can assign them to hang cookware, spoons, pans, pots, coffee mugs, utensils. There is a life-time guarantee. If there is a problem with their hooks, please let them know. You can either get a full refund or a free replacement. If the rod is larger than 2.16 inch, it won't hang. There is a life-time guarantee. If there is a problem with their hooks, please let them know. You can either get a full refund or a free replacement. If the rod is larger than 2.16 inch, it won't hang.

Brand: Sumdirect

👤I'm in the bathroom. There are two shower curtain rods, one behind the shower curtain and one behind the curtain. The hooks fit over the second shower rod and give me a place to hang shower pillows. There is a Our water is hard as nails and usually stains things, so far, the pretty metal finish looks brand new. These hooks are not going away. Highly recommend for the bathroom! I have to find a place to put the rod.

👤They worked great for hanging my bike from the rod in the garage, I only needed two.

👤There were hooks for the pan wheel. These fit the bill.

👤I use these hooks for hanging planters and wind-spinners, but mostly for my bird feeders. I love that the large hook part can be used to hang a paint can on a ladder tray or over the sturdy framework of my canopy.

👤Well designed, helpful for what I was looking for.

👤Enough to hold a shower caddy or to use outside for wind chime and plants.

👤I use these in my pantry and garage to hang things. I hang mops, brooms, dusters, and other items in the broom closet. Everything is off the closet rail. These are made of steel and look like quality items.

👤This can be used to hang items that are too small to fit in a cupboard. I hang my splatter screens from the side of the range hood. They can be used in the closet as well.

👤I bought them for hanging towels on the shower door, but they are good for hanging pots, pans. These are a great value and I am happy I bought them.

👤I kept 3 of the 5 in my closet. I like the design. The other two were in the shower. They were rusted.

11. Mounted Hardware Decorative Classroom Backpack

Mounted Hardware Decorative Classroom Backpack

6 x Rustic Wall Hooks, 30x Screws,25 x anchor,Hook Size:135 x 66mm/ 5.3 x 2.6 inch are included in the package. Their hooks look good with longer screws so they can securely mount onto any wall. Their set of hooks will add style and sophistication to any room you put them in. It is a great way to save space in your home or office. Special design. The double hook is a good way to hang more things on the go. 5 pieces of wall mounted hooks with 10 pieces of long screws and 10 pieces of short screws are included in the package. It's perfect for hanging towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, cubicle, robe, backpacks in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, foyer, entryway, fence, classroom, Kitchen. The material is. The screws are made of iron and can hold up to 35 lbs of weight. It is hard and durable. The Classic wall mounted hook is easy to install.

Brand: Sufu Home

👤They look nice, but need better anchors. They could have included the stronger anchors. The ones included won't work. If purchasing just know that you need to go into the studs or purchase better anchoring screws.

👤I looked around for something that wasn't too farmhouse looking, but still had some character. These worked out well for us. We used the screws that we had laying around to hold the weighted items in the wall. It worked out.

👤The hooks are okay. The screws they have will not allow for the hook to hold much. We put a little pressure on the top part of the hook and were able to move it forward. My husband used screws that could hold up to 75 lbs.

👤Attempted to put these on the red oak. Half of the screws were sheared off while they were installed with a screw-driver. Absolutely terrible hardware. The project is not completely ruined but will require more time than I want to spend to fix it. The hooks are working. I regret the cheap Amazon solution that I went to the hardware store for.

👤Works well. They were used for hanging backpacks.

👤Sturdy and mounts to wall give you a nice look. Hold my case and other items. 10/10 would buy again.

👤The size listed is a little smaller than the actual hook and the two lower prongs are very close to the wall or door, just enough room for a belt-loop but not a towel.

👤Very happy with the purchase. We put in robes and bath towels. Look great. We are happy with the quality and price. There is a We plan on getting more for each bathroom we update. The pantry door was hung with lunchbags.


What is the best product for decorative hooks for hanging things silver?

Decorative hooks for hanging things silver products from Comfify. In this article about decorative hooks for hanging things silver you can see why people choose the product. Opendgo and Lassum are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hooks for hanging things silver.

What are the best brands for decorative hooks for hanging things silver?

Comfify, Opendgo and Lassum are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hooks for hanging things silver. Find the detail in this article. Stur-de, Chasbete and Pipe Decor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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