Best Decorative Hooks for Wall Mount

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1. PERFECTIONSHOP Natural Wooden Single Decorative

PERFECTIONSHOP Natural Wooden Single Decorative

1. It is safe and eco-friendly and does not harm the human body. The place where they placed the nice decor. Simple and creative style is ideal for home. Solid wood structure and hard wall hook. Can hang a lot of things. Don't worry about falling. 4. Hang your headphones on the wall, it's nice for a hat rack, display Baseball Caps, winter coats, scarves, purses, Belts, backpacks, Robe, for a cup rack, coffee mugs. Your home gets organized. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact them or Amazon and they will replace it for free.

Brand: Perfectionshop

👤I bought these to keep my baby away from my purses. I don't like the look of metal hooks if there's nothing hanging on them. They are a great deal for wooden hooks. They are not easy to install in a stud. There is no easy way to screw into a stud with the double sided installation screw, machine screw type thread for the wood and sharper screw for the drywall anchor. I have had some heavy backpacks hanging from them and they have done fine. If nothing is hanging from them, they don't look hideous.

👤These knobs were what we were looking for. They were easy to install but felt a little loose after we put them in. They are cute if you don't hang heavy things on them.

👤I ordered these to hang some planters and they came together perfectly. These hooks are sturdy enough to hold the planters up. It was a great price and worth it. I use these planters and the Succulents.

👤I was looking for something to keep my hanging lamps cables from getting tangled. It is very easy to install. Highly recommended!

👤They're easy to install, even though they're unique, gorgeous, wood/mid-century-modern style. I want to hang them everywhere because they're so pretty. They could be used as an accent to larger pieces. It's important to screw it in as straight as possible for the strongest hold.

👤The butterfly mechanism cannot be expanded because the screw is too deep inside the wooden chuck and only a small amount of space is available to tighten into the anchor. The anchor was pulled out of the wall. I had larger screw-in anchors but they didn't work with the rod diameter on the chuck screw, which ruined the wall as it eventually just turned in place. I have a hole in my wall that I don't know how to hang this item from.

👤It's easy to install and the wood finish is nice. I am happy with how it turned out, it matches other wood finishes in the space. For reference, I used a drill bit to install the anchor and hammered it in.

👤I like how these look. I bought them to hang some pictures and they were exactly what I needed. I used the third one to hang a huge wreath. There is a The installation is easy. Looks great. There is a There were no cons.

2. TBMax Adhesive Hooks Towel Hook

TBMax Adhesive Hooks Towel Hook

It is possible to hang clothes, hats, bags, umbrellas, towels, and other items in children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom. STRONG ADHESIVE HOOKS -- The thicker the hooks, the stronger they are. It can support more than that. The weight of your stuff doesn't concern you. There is a square wall hook for shower loofahs sponge, towels, pictures, robe, coats, hats, jackets, scarves, keys, purses, kitchen utensils. The heavy duty bath hooks are made of 304stainless steel and have a brushed finish. It is waterproof and rust-resistance. It's perfect for towel hanging in a bathroom or kitchen. The wall hook is easy to install, it just has to be teal off the sticky strip and stick on the wall. There is a wide application. These wall hooks are compatible with any other modern designed home decor. There is a wide application. These wall hooks are compatible with any other modern designed home decor.

Brand: Tbmax

👤Absolutely love them! I highly recommend you mark your area prior to sticking or removing small tape area because the glue is very strong. It is not moving as soon as it is applied. I put this in my bathroom so I can update my review after a round of humidity and water exposure. There is a * No changes were made in the 12-13-21 update. The glue is holding just like it did on day one. There is a new word for it.

👤I ordered this because I wanted a simple answer to hanging towels by the shower. The installation was easy. They won't hold much more than a hand towel or a light piece of clothing.

👤These fell off the wall when the temp hit 95 degrees. Not heavy duty. I bought these because they are advertised as heavy duty and rated at 10 lbs weight. I wouldn't use these for more than 2 lbs. Or in cooler temperatures.

👤The design is very sleek and holds up coats and backpacks. Definitely recommend these.

👤I haven't been able to get them to stick on the walls. The shower walls have stayed in place. Depending on your intentions, it is a 50% product.

👤Strong! You should know where you want to put them.

👤It's easy to attach to the wall. Looks nice!

👤It works well for me.

3. Liberty 129854 10 Inch Scroll Nickel

Liberty 129854 10 Inch Scroll Nickel

The package includes 30 pieces of wall mounted hooks and 60 pieces of screws. Storage is great for backpacks, coats, hats, umbrellas, towels, and more. There is a place for it. It adds stylish organization to your home. The weight capacity is up to 35 lbs. When the coat rack is mounted on a wall. The coat and hat hooks have a white, high quality medium density fiberboard base. The 10-inch hook rack base is 3 inches in height. Each hook has a total hook height of 4-5/32 inches. Installation. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. Installation. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

Brand: Liberty Hardware

👤We spend a lot of money with Amazon Prime and sometimes we have terrible results. This is one of those times. The two that were put on the back of the bathroom doors were in terrible condition. Look at the picture. Both were ruined. Great price! It's good! Quality control is not important. These are like the plague. It's so sad to have to return things.

👤The wall mount and hook kit was packaged perfectly. These hooks were perfect for creating a space for our kids to hang up their coats, book bag, and umbrella. It is easy to install and sturdy. Since my kids are 2 and 4 years old, I wanted a thicker piece of wood to screw into the wall and strong hooks to hold up through time, so far these are holding up! If you were to build these yourself, you would spend the same amount as if you already have the materials, plus the work of assembling it together, and they are very well made. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a sturdy coat rack or book bag command center.

👤The product looks good. Quality appearance and craftsmanship. I can only say that it is positive. The first of the 2 I bought failed when I tried to install it. I had to use plastic inserts to screw the piece into the studs because the holes are too close together. I inserted the tip of the insert into the drill and then began to screw it in. Not a full turn of the screwdriver. I cleaned it. It's still sticking over a quarter of an inch out of the wall and can't be driven in any further. There is a I thought I had drilled a too narrow starter hole, so I tried a larger one. As I turned the screwdriver, I pressed the insert harder. Nope. Less than a half twist and stripper. Don't bother. There is a different product. That is what I am doing.

👤I installed them in my spa. They work well. They look good and are sturdy. The price was cheaper than what I found elsewhere. I'm ordering even more of these because I already installed 8 of them. There is a The wall anchor that comes with the product are not very good. I was not able to get them to put in the screws. You would think a wall anchor is a wall anchor. I have a lot of experience with construction, so I don't think it was a user error. I used my own wall anchors from the hardware store, which worked out fine.

👤It is easy to install. The hooks work well for holding any type of clothing because of its elegant look. Very happy with the design! The only problem they had was that they weren't packed tightly enough, so they arrived with a number of grey-colored scratches. They were for the inside of a large closet and I kept them because they were not as noticeable. The wall anchors are very unforgiving towards even a small fraction of a difference to one side or the other, so holes have to be drilled perfectly. We're happy with our product, it's a very good one.

4. Decorative Hooks Shabby Country Vintage Hanging

Decorative Hooks Shabby Country Vintage Hanging

We will provide a quality after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will deal with it as soon as possible. There is a note. The wall is strong enough to hold the key holders. It is not suitable for installation in a place that is not strong enough. All large gold hooks have a 1 year replacement warranty. Their coat hooks are waterproof, oilproof, rustproof, re-usable, and thick and long lasting. Material: brass, color: gold. The size of the wall hook is 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. Their shabby chic wall Decor can hold up to 30 lbs. 3 Piece Floral Boho Wall Hooks are included. The kitchen accessories for hanging are sturdy enough to hang multiple things at the same time.

Brand: Indian Shelf

👤These are large brass hooks. They have a mount on the back that can slip over a screw. It sticks out a bit, about 1/2 inch or a bit more. I was going to hang something heavy and didn't want the hook to move. You can use a hacksaw to saw off the brackets. I used brass screws and two Molly type fastenings to make two of the outer holes in the design. The installation is secure and the screws are not visible. I don't recommend using the included plastic type drywall fasteners on the wall with a large hook. Small to medium pictures that you don't move around can have plastic drywall screws. That is a bad idea with a large hook. Attaching it to a stud in the wall is another thing. There is a The bad: The good The brass hook is attractive and sturdy. It will hold up well if mounted to a stud or Molly type fastenings. It's not a fan of the built in mounting brackets on the back as they will cause the hook to stick out from the wall and force a single point mounting. That saw is easy to use with a hacksaw. There is a If you don't like the hand made look, then you might be dissatisfied with the brass casting. I liked it for my purpose and my wife liked the hook.

👤It was pretty quickly out of shape. It was really unfortunate, but not very sturdy. These hooks are gorgeous. The seller included screws and anchors. I bought these to hang a tent for my cat in a weird space in my house, and they are perfect. Absolutely delighted with my purchase.

👤I am decorating my camper van and these fit it. I wish the designs could be ordered separately, as the oval one did not match what I was looking for. They are beautiful and will serve my purpose.

👤I didn't think the product was so detailed. I can't wait to get more.

👤I like the pictures. They were used to hang shelves and a plant. Definitely recommend.

👤Good weight, good for the price.

👤I ordered two sets and it only came with one set of screws. I swapped them out for prettier screws, so it wasn't a big deal. I absolutely adore these! I hang cups over my coffee bar.

👤It was nice but a little larger than expected.

5. Decorative Mounted Hanging Farmhouse Brownish

Decorative Mounted Hanging Farmhouse Brownish

Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. It's 2W x 3.5D x 4T. It is made of cast iron. This metal bird hook is great for hanging a variety of household items or as a wall decor accessory. Hardware with a rustic black/brown finish.

Brand: Colonial Tin Works

👤The hook is very sturdy. I was looking for a hook for my grandmother's dinner bells and this one was perfect. The little bird is going to represent my grandmother in heaven.

👤This hook was perfect to allow a hanging vase in front of the window. I like that the bird sits sideways when the hook is tight. Looks natural. The screw holes are not level, but they are screwed into a good sized header. I had to use longer screws. The heads were colored with a marker to match the hook. The price was great and it was perfect for my use.

👤We got four of these to use as coat hooks for kids jackets. They are lovely and hold their own. Happy with the purchase. The bird and hook are connected using a threaded screw type attachment and it can seem loose at first, but I was able to twist to get it tight. The bird may or may not be facing the direction you want. We have two birds that look out at us and two that look to the side, so it worked out well for our home.

👤It's perfect for holding our dogs by the door. My husband painted my red bird. So cute! Very strong. Great purchase!

👤I can get the bird sideways, even if I tighten it up, because it does not face forward as shown. The hook is not painted all the way up, it is not J shaped, and the whole thing is dark brown, which is a big selling point I purchased it for, to match my other wrought iron knick knacks. I won't return because of price and I won't recommend either because it's not what I paid for.

👤Nice hooks. We put the baskets in the bathroom and the 4 on the hall tree. Very happy.

👤These are okay. I thought they would be larger. One bird is tightened and the other is not. The bird and hook are moving. I've tried a million times to fix it. It's not happening.

👤This is cute. The mounting screws should be a bit longer. There is a I was told that I could add a wall insert. I only used the hook to hold up the wreath. I will order a second one now. The base is hand forged. These screws will probably work if you are mounting in wood. Adding a wall insert is more likely if you are mounting on drywall. Stuff crashes and it stinks. Ha.

👤De extraordinaria calidad, bonito, lleg antes de lo estipulado. I hubiera gustado, pero le pongo es ms pequeito de lo.

6. Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks Multicolored

Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks Multicolored

It is unique and functions. Put the fun in functional with these unique wall hooks that feature Umbra's popular Buddy character, who can be seen climbing the walls in various positions. TILE & DERIVER: If you want to add a fun touch to your entryway, bedroom, bathroom, dorm room or office, use Buddy wall hooks to hang scarves, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, bathrobes, towels, and more. Buddy wall hooks are easy to set up and use, and they serve as fun wall décor. Sturdy and hardy. The Buddy wall hook is made of durable molded plastic that supports a max load of 5 lbs and is available in 4 stylish finishes. per hook. The fun, easy to mount wall hooks are part of the best-selling Buddy Collection that also includes a clock, bottle opener, cork screw, paper towel holder, tea infuser and more. The material is plastic.

Brand: Umbra

👤I was looking for some hooks for my project. They were perfect. If you want to put these on your walls, you need screws and drywall anchors.

👤I like these guys. I put the hooks in my adult closet and they make me happy. The colored guys were purchased by me. They were easy to install and came with a cut out to tape on your wall to see where you need to drill the holes. Nice. They are bigger than I anticipated. I didn't measure because I didn't care about the size, but I was surprised how large they are. The clothing wouldn't say on the hook if they were smaller. I would buy them again. I like Umbra products. Umbra has unique designs. Go Umbra!

👤We love it. The colors are great for our kids room, but we don't put it in the wall. If you can, you would love to have it in the room or play room.

👤Los ganchos ms divertidos, tiles, and nicos! Queramos decorar el Cuarto de Mi hijo diferente. Nos en vencantaron y se sper divertidos.

👤The kids were excited to use the hooks and they looked great. The set comes with everything needed, including screws, anchors, and a template for where to drill the screws. The hooks sit on top of 2 screws, which doesn't make them the most stable. We are going to use it in the bathroom for towels with 2 toddlers. I am not sure how long they will hold up. At the end of the day, the kids are really excited to hang up their towels.

👤I got these for my husband. He put them on top of things. I wanted to hang them so they wouldn't get bent and have a hook that looked fun. My husband usually does all of the installation. I wouldn't let him do it because it was a gift to him. They are easy to install if you measure it out correctly. I'm responsible for not having the nail out far enough, but I know they are sturdy. After a couple falls from my stairway onto hardwood floors, it never broke or fell apart.

👤These are cute, but the instructions don't match the wall anchor size, so either they sent the wrong anchor or the instructions have a mistake. I would have expected it to be more durable, since I accidentally cracked one by stepping on it lightly. The ones with their arms up feel like they need their anchor points more spread out to be more secure, though I installed them now and they look great.

👤They are so cute and fun to paint. When taking towels off of them, they fall off the screws. I suggest securing them with something inside before putting them on the screws.

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7. WIDELUCK Stainless Kitchenware Bathroom Entryway

WIDELUCK Stainless Kitchenware Bathroom Entryway

You can use the mini s hooks to hang jewelry, keys, tags, or small wood pieces for making family birthday boards, wooden memorandum, calendar, etc. The hooks are 14x2x 1.5 and the packs are 2 packs. Inches. The product should be taken as the standard. STAINLESS STEEL The product is sturdy and durable and can last for many years. There are 5 tri hooks. It's a good help for home storage and organization. The coat rack is perfect for hanging heavy duty in your entryway, laundry room, bathroom, closet, office. Only a few steps are needed to fix this utility hanger onto the wall. Only a few steps are needed to fix this utility hanger onto the wall.

Brand: Wideluck

👤They are hooks to hang things. They are what I needed. I have a set at home and a set at the office, because I didn't know there were two in a package.

👤I was looking for hooks to hold my BBQ tools. These worked well.

👤It's perfect for my teenagers closet to hold sweatshirts. I bought two. Absolutely recommend.

👤The rack is great. It was a piece of cake that we put up.

👤Nothing to complain about. It's easy to install and attractive.

👤The silver cover won't fit on the head of the screw if you tighten it to much.

👤I was going to use the coat hook at the back door. I decided that it wasn't strong enough to hold several coats. The back plate is thin and when held against a wall it tends to bow out in the middle. The hooks don't seem to be attached in a sturdy manner. I wonder how long they would last with heavier coats. The included dry wall anchors are not large enough to hold any weight, and the screws on the rack are short. Leaving a hole in the wall could be caused by the anchors pulling out. There is a I guess I'll use them for less heavy items. I can't recommend this set of hooks for anything other than belts, hats or clothing lightweight.

8. Liberty 128734 Acrylic Facets Design

Liberty 128734 Acrylic Facets Design

A good helpmate for home storage and organization, this wide application is suitable for holding a wide variety of items, like coats, hats, handbags, umbrellas, towels or robes. Any room can be added with a decorative accent. It's ideal for use in foyers, hallways and bathroom. Zinc die cast and acrylic base materials are used. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. In one easy step, organize and decorate.

Brand: Liberty Hardware

👤The hook looks nice. They have 2 screws. There's not much to say about them. Designers don't test their products before they go to production. The screw holes are in a bad place when I get a product. The bottom hook is in the way of your tool, so you have to screw the screws in at an angle. A regular drill isn't very effective. I used a tool. It wasn't wide enough for the job. It was annoying, but it was done. The purchaser can't lower the bottom hook to solve the problem.

👤Beautiful! I replaced the old plain towel bar with these beautiful faceted acrylic hooks in order to give my master bathroom a makeover. It's functional and decorative. I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm thinking of buying more.

👤Large hooks. I made a coat rack out of a few of them and put it on an ikea shelf board.

👤My girlfriend picked them out because she liked what they looked like, but they turned out to be a great buy. The hook is made of steel and the "crystal" parts are plastic. The plate with the screw holes is wide enough that the hooks don't move after being screwed into a solid surface. The crystal ends don't move at all, they seem to be formed on the end of the metal rather than attached.

👤We were able to hang wet towels because of those purchased for my bathroom door. They were placed and ready to go within 30 minutes of receiving the package. It's very easy to mount, pretty and sturdy for the purpose we bought them for.

👤I love these! They are pretty. I searched for hooks online and in stores for a long time, and these were the prettiest that were reasonably priced. One knob fell off the same night I hung it, but it was easy to glue it back on, and it has happened again since. I didn't think about it before, but if you use the small loops on the inside of coats or sweaters for hanging, they won't fit. I love them and hang the collar. It's adorable!

👤Went shopping online and saved a lot of money. I am happy that the box stores wanted more. I used them to hold big towels and wash cloths. They look similar to the expensive ones. I got more with the extra savings because it was easy to install.

👤It's not much to say. It's a sturdy hook. It is larger than we expected. It can hold some serious weight if you anchor it right. If you want to pull this out of your wall, you should use a wall stud or a drywall tap.

👤The coat hook is nice. I was going for an upscale "spa" look in my bathroom and it fit well. They look like a quality product. If you're going to hang them on a wall without a stud, you'll have to buy anchor for them. I had several spare anchors and that was not an issue for me. The hooks were mounted in a stud and the other two were mounted in the wall using the anchors, and so far everything is holding up. I had no problems with the screws. I use my hooks for towels and a shower cap, which is not heavy, but I feel like the hooks could do more than what I put on them. Two people are happy with this product.

9. NAUMOO Natural Wooden Wall Hooks

NAUMOO Natural Wooden Wall Hooks

What do you think about wood hooks? Hat hooks for wall? Is there coat hooks for the wall? A coat rack on the wall? A towel hook for the bathroom? How about wall hooks for hanging things? The choice is yours. The set of wooden hooks is multi-functional, unlike metal wall pegs. It can be used as a wall hook for coats, hat hooks, and all you can imagine. They can be placed in your bathroom, bedroom, entryway and more. The L-shaped design of their wood wall hook makes it a thoughtful design. Everyone will love the design of these wall hooks. Black walnut wood is handcrafted with great value and quality. Their wooden pegs are strong and can hold heavy items. You'd be surprised at how pleasant the wood pegs are. The wood wall hooks are easy to install. The coat hooks can be mounted to the wall by beginners. It is recommended to use a drill with a small diameter.

Brand: Naumoo

👤These look great. I should have paid more attention to the poor quality of the mounting hardware. The screw diameter is too large for most wall anchors to hold tightly to the wall and they loosen to the point they do not secure tightly to the wall. They look nice, but they are not functional for our use. I wouldn't purchase these again. All the best.

👤These are some nice hangers. There is a I was looking for ways to hang a number of devices for easy access in the Man Cave. There were still things that needed hanging after being satisfied with other products. Something bigger than the small pegs that fall off of my hats. I tried these wall pegs. Installation was simple, but complicated by my mistake in drilling a large hole for the first one. I used one of the 50lb screw-in anchors I had laying around, which fit the supplied screw as well as the original did, to correct the problem. You drill a hole, hammer in the molly, and screw in the peg. The pegs had a rough finish around the front edge, but a quick hit with some sandpaper and some olive oil fixed that. The finish was excellent and the color is lovely. They're made of solid wood, and appear to have a natural finish, so I expect them to wear well and recover from any scratches/misuse with some furniture polish or oil. The ends are endgrain, not caps, as some similar products seem to have. They weren't perfect, but neither was my drilling, and they were well worth the low cost to obtain and low effort to install securely. They hold my hats well. I nearly gave up hope of using the two shelf supports in the space between them. They are even more attractive when they are exposed. There is a I have two pegs that are too tight for those multi-peg boards, and are in view so there is no utility hooks like in the basement or garage. I would use these in the living room if I needed to.

👤The product's anchors didn't work right. The photo on the left is of the hooks. The photo on the right is of an anchor and it worked well. The supplied anchors may have worked if my drywall was larger. The tabs on the anchor's shaft did not grab the inside of the hole, but the anchor spun around as I tried to install the hook. I used the anchor I purchased at the hardware store. I was able to install it. There is a difference between the collar and the fin at the anchor's shaft. The fins keep the anchor from spinning after it is gently tapped into the hole. The screw shown at the top of the photo was used to anchor the anchor inside the wall. The screw at the bottom needs to be removed before the hook can be put into the wall. The manufacturer should not suggest that the supplied anchors will work with no modifications. Show different photos of different methods of installation. Once installed, these hooks will work well.

10. NELXULAS Classic Stainless Single Hanger

NELXULAS Classic Stainless Single Hanger

Solid steel construction ensures quality and longevity,Classic fashion black perfect match your furniture, practical design saves your space, and can be better done by yourself. The bathroom balcony bedroom kitchen is easy to install and clean. It is designed to hold a wide variety of items. Ensure safe long-term use, all screws are made of Stainless Steel, and the anchor is made of high quality non-recycled material. First-class production technology is the best interpretation of comfortable life.

Brand: Nelxulas

👤Great looking product! It was easy to install. They were a bit thinner than I had thought, but still work well. I put mine into the stud to make sure I could hang large coats and backpacks on them. I used screws. One of the screws was 2.5” and the other two were 1.5” I think that made them more secure. I didn't think the anchors would hold up to the heavy coats and backpacks.

👤I recommend these hooks if you're looking for something that looks trendy and doesn't break the bank. I bought another pack of metal hooks because I was happy with the look and quality. My husband said it was easy to put them up.

👤It looks great and is very sturdy. The laundry bag was held on our laundry room. Sometimes that bag is full of towels and those hooks hold up. Would definitely recommend.

👤These were a little smaller than I thought, but they are still strong. I would highly recommend them. They are very strong and easy to install.

👤They're great replacements for normal towel rack. They are sturdy and don't loosen up. It looks great in our bathroom.

👤We hung some stained glass panels in a window. The hooks were mounted between the window frame and ceiling. We would have to get purchase in the wood behind the sheetrock after buying some wood screws. Very discreet and secure. The product was very good and was quickly shipped.

👤These are the easiest things to do. If you want to screw the hook into the base, you have to screw the bottom off. Three minutes.

👤These hooks are low-profile and work to hang a bathrobe or sweater behind your bedroom door. They are easy to install and look modern.

11. Spectrum Diversified Sweep Single Nickel

Spectrum Diversified Sweep Single Nickel

You can change all your essentials. Every room has essentials in the hooks. There are coats, hats, handbags, scarves, purses, and backpacks in the bedroom or closet. There are mugs, grocery bags, and light skillets in the kitchen. There are towels, robes, and headbands in the bathroom. There are coats, scarves, purses, bags, and jackets in the entryway. Walls can be used for storage. Storage doubles as Decor: stylish hooks turn storage into art. Show off your collection of mugs, scarves, and cookware for a unique touch to any room. The empty rack is chic and looks good on your walls. Steel is strong enough to support your items without bending or breaking. The hooks are supported by horizontal rods in the Hook rack. Attach the wall mounted storage to your wall. Simply secure the rack to the wall with screws and a pre-drilled hole in the wall, then tighten the screws until the rack feels firmly fastened. There is mounting hardware included. Alternative surfaces may require specialized hardware. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤I looked at photos from other customers, but the pegs are not very long. I was hoping to display sunhats and wide brimmed fedoras, but they are not there. If you have structured brims, I would pass on this. My husband's hat won't be joining them. It's easy to install and it's great for a clothes peg. I wouldn't put bath towels on it.

👤When it was delivered with nothing broken off, it only had 4 hooks. No mounting materials were sent. There is a neat little nail covering the area where it is mounted. There is nothing in this package. Sending back was sad.

👤It's easy to install, it's attractive, and there are multiple hooks handy. If you hang it on clothes or towels, it must have a wide enough circumference to fit around the flat round "stopper" which is good for preventing slide offs.

👤It is aesthetically pleasing. We have three of them. The one in the kitchen has been through a lot. We bought two more at different times. The washer that is welded to the wall hook came undone after a few months of use. We were able to force it with a larger screw and washer. The most recent one broke and will be put into the wall. It's a pity. One great purchase. There is a A purchase broke after being used. There is a One that broke first use.

👤I chose this over the other coat/hat rack devices based on cost, but then I found several in the same price range, so I went for style. The brushed nickel in our home compliment the modern furniture in our home. It's sturdy and easy to fit several jackets in, so you don't have to worry about it when you fill the rack. The style of the individual posts is like giant nail heads, so it grips the clothes hung on it, unlike some styled with a round ball shape on the end. It's small enough in our tiny house to fit in the small area we had available and now I have an attractive coat closet, where I used to have none. It resolves the problem of coats being thrown over a chair. You can't hang it crooked with the styling. Its natural shape makes it hard to screw it up. You need to make sure that the installation is sturdy. Have had it for a while. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I took it out of the box and was really excited about it. It looked as if someone took some of it. I will have to paint it before I put it in my bathroom. The review won't let me add the pictures to my collection.

👤The style, the big round easy-on-clothing hooks, the quality, and the ease of installation are all things I like about these items. I had nothing like that happen when I read other reviews. I like that I was able to hang the units at a diagonal angle so that they fit where I wanted them. I am really happy with this purchase.


What is the best product for decorative hooks for wall mount?

Decorative hooks for wall mount products from Perfectionshop. In this article about decorative hooks for wall mount you can see why people choose the product. Tbmax and Liberty Hardware are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hooks for wall mount.

What are the best brands for decorative hooks for wall mount?

Perfectionshop, Tbmax and Liberty Hardware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hooks for wall mount. Find the detail in this article. Indian Shelf, Colonial Tin Works and Umbra are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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