Best Decorative Hooks for Wall White

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1. Felidio Natural Mounted Organizer Handmade

Felidio Natural Mounted Organizer Handmade

These wall hooks are perfect to use in your college dorm, apartment, home, and office. 100% Premium walnut is natural and handmade. The wood wall hook is beautiful and elegant. Natural Wood Oil is healthy and eco-friendly. The wooden coat hook is more durable. Solid wood construction with a coat rack wall mounted. It helps to hang a lot of things. Hold up to 30 lbs. Don't worry about falling them off. It's great for hanging. Hang your swimsuit on the wall. Heavy duty wall hooks for coats purses and dog leash hooks for wall are nice. It's good for guitar wall hanging. Your home gets organized. There are nice decorative wall hooks where they placed. A free style wood peg. It's ideal for your entrance organize, it keeps the coats off the couch, bathroom towel rack and robes, clothes and purses rack in the bedrooms, and kids room PJs holder. It's a great addition to your home. It's easy to install, just drill a hole, knock into the wall anchor, install screw in the hook, and tighten it on the wall.

Brand: Felidio

👤I'm going to put hooks on the door. Wife: you're not. No hooks, never. The hooks are on the back of the door. Wife: Those are very nice.

👤It was easy to install. Really like the minimalist look. There are a few hints in my video about how I installed these guys. There is a These things are made of wood. I like the wood grain.

👤It's easy to install and should work well. The pictures they show and display have "4' mounts" in them. The fine print says they will only ship two. They are trying to fool you when you compare them to the others because most of them are 4 pegs. It's better to be able to place them seperately, but I think they should be more upfront with the text over the photo that says only 2 per order at that price. I would recommend it.

👤We were converted from towel bars to pegs a long time ago and I think the towels dry quicker. These pegs are gorgeous. The beechwood finish looks great. These are casual but elegant, and we live in a cottage. The wood grain is pretty. I sprayed my facecloths with clear polyurethane because they were damaged by hanging them. Problem solved. We decided we needed two more after buying six.

👤I'm obsessed with these. I initially bought a set so my kids could have a place to hang up their backpacks, but I love them so much I got more. We could hang out coats. They have an elegant look. We plan on buying another pair for my kids coats. There is a The install was very easy. No need to add this to your husband's list. I used a drill and vacuum to clean up the dust. I took about 5 minutes per hook. I wish these were black. There is a Their customer service was great. I messaged them because I needed to relocate my anchors and couldn't find replacements at Home Depot. They replied to my email and sent me their reply. The screws were included at no charge.

👤Do not use the anchors to carry these. You are too small. When you try to screw these in the wall, the anchors will turn inside the wall and leave a gaping hole. I had placed all the anchors before trying to screw in the pegs, so I had to patch, sand and paint 4 big holes before I could place the studs I wanted. They still look nice, but they are more work than necessary.

👤We never got a wall hook for our apartment. I'm happy we chose this hook, it's simple and nice looking. There is a The package arrived on time. It was packed with two hooks. The hook is protected by a bag. The mounting hardware was on the way. A quality poly bag is used to pack the hardware. Also with instruction. I like wood-themed furniture. I was looking for something that was strong enough to hang heavy coats on and that looked rustic. The wood wall hooks are perfect for me. I put it in the entrance of my apartment and it looks great. I hang my hats and jackets from it and when I take my jacket off it looks good and matches my home. There is a It was very easy to install. I like the idea of a screw-mount hook. Make sure to mark the wall with my pencil and mount it on the wall stud. Second, drill a hole. The wall anchors were hammered in. Attach the screws to the wall by twisting the hook. It looks very strong once fixed. No worry, you can hang anything on. There is a The wood is well made. It was a great finish. The design is very simple, but after installation on the wall, it matches any decor. The hook-size is also good. It is strong and sturdy and not very long on the wall. I bought two hooks at the same store. There are 4 hooks. I'm a bit worried about the wood grain with spots or small defects. It was totally out of my expectations. They are pretty and practical. The price is great with the quality. I am very happy with my purchase. It is highly recommended to all my friends.

2. Franklin Brass B59103M W C Single Prong

Franklin Brass B59103M W C Single Prong

You don't need a skill set or experience to hang like a pro, just place over the top of your door. It's ideal for use in bedrooms, bathroom and closets. This bathroom hardware set will help you develop a classic style. Keep your bathroom organized with minimal space by using their robe and towel hooks. The hook can be used in any room in the house. It's great for laundry rooms, entryways, bedrooms, and more. Installation is easy. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. Installation is easy. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

Brand: Franklin Brass

👤It was exactly what I needed to put my grandma's rolling pin on my wall. I was thrilled to find the exact hooks on Amazon, I had leftover hooks from a project. It was made very well. Strong. Black is a great color.

👤The person who designs these hooks had no common sense. The hook where one hangs clothes on is directly in the way of where the nail is supposed to be hammered and screwed in, and the nails are long. Absolutely no sense. The hook should be lower so that it doesn't get in the way when someone is trying to screw a nail in. The person had no sense. The simplest, most common sense way to get the nail in without any distraction is what whoever designs these types of products needs to think about. It wasn't easy, but should be. There is no reason for the nail to be so long. It's a challenge to put it into the wall. It's unbelievable. When you get a chance, buy some common sense at the pharmacy store. Thank you so much!

👤We needed to display all of our Harry Potter items for Halloween. We converted an old wardrobe into a witch's spell cabinet for Halloween, and we celebrate Halloween like it's Christmas in our home. The hooks came with all the screws needed to install them. They were used on a couple of our hanging shelf units in the kitchen and hallway to replace the gaudy ones that came with the shelf units. Great looking hooks at a fair price. Highly recommended.

👤I didn't want to waste cabinet space filling them up with pots and pans when we moved into a house with very little cabinet space. I decided to hang them on the wall. The hooks look nice. They are holding up well after being handles on for a long time. I put them up the day before and they look just as good. I hung them up in other areas after I ordered 2 packs. I keep forgetting. I will definitely be riding these again if I need more hooks.

👤I wanted to hang my daughters artwork on the curtain rod, so I bought these. Fast shipping as described!

👤I try not to be negative, but who in the world needs 2” screws with a small hook? The screws on my doors are too long. I'll be able to buy some long screws to go with my hooks. The hooks seem to be in good shape. Poor judgement in the screw length selection.

👤There are hooks to support a robe, purse or both. Due to the angle of the hook with the screw holes, you should use a screwdriver extender to tighten it against the surface. The screws are perfect and will not break if you have the proper tool. It was well molded with no ugly lines or sharp edges.

👤The hooks are perfect for what I need. I will use them to hang towels in my kitchen. They're a bit more expensive than others on Amazon, but it's worth it. It is a case of getting what you pay for. The quality and heft of these hooks are better than the cheaper options. I can't wait to get them installed. Each one has its own package with the hardware. It's a nice touch that they're all in one bag. I don't have to worry about losing pieces if I don't use them all.

3. Liberty 129854 10 Inch Scroll Nickel

Liberty 129854 10 Inch Scroll Nickel

The package includes 30 pieces of wall mounted hooks and 60 pieces of screws. Storage is great for backpacks, coats, hats, umbrellas, towels, and more. There is a place for it. It adds stylish organization to your home. The weight capacity is up to 35 lbs. When the coat rack is mounted on a wall. The coat and hat hooks have a white, high quality medium density fiberboard base. The 10-inch hook rack base is 3 inches in height. Each hook has a total hook height of 4-5/32 inches. Installation. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. Installation. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

Brand: Liberty Hardware

👤We spend a lot of money with Amazon Prime and sometimes we have terrible results. This is one of those times. The two that were put on the back of the bathroom doors were in terrible condition. Look at the picture. Both were ruined. Great price! It's good! Quality control is not important. These are like the plague. It's so sad to have to return things.

👤The wall mount and hook kit was packaged perfectly. These hooks were perfect for creating a space for our kids to hang up their coats, book bag, and umbrella. It is easy to install and sturdy. Since my kids are 2 and 4 years old, I wanted a thicker piece of wood to screw into the wall and strong hooks to hold up through time, so far these are holding up! If you were to build these yourself, you would spend the same amount as if you already have the materials, plus the work of assembling it together, and they are very well made. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a sturdy coat rack or book bag command center.

👤The product looks good. Quality appearance and craftsmanship. I can only say that it is positive. The first of the 2 I bought failed when I tried to install it. I had to use plastic inserts to screw the piece into the studs because the holes are too close together. I inserted the tip of the insert into the drill and then began to screw it in. Not a full turn of the screwdriver. I cleaned it. It's still sticking over a quarter of an inch out of the wall and can't be driven in any further. There is a I thought I had drilled a too narrow starter hole, so I tried a larger one. As I turned the screwdriver, I pressed the insert harder. Nope. Less than a half twist and stripper. Don't bother. There is a different product. That is what I am doing.

👤I installed them in my spa. They work well. They look good and are sturdy. The price was cheaper than what I found elsewhere. I'm ordering even more of these because I already installed 8 of them. There is a The wall anchor that comes with the product are not very good. I was not able to get them to put in the screws. You would think a wall anchor is a wall anchor. I have a lot of experience with construction, so I don't think it was a user error. I used my own wall anchors from the hardware store, which worked out fine.

👤It is easy to install. The hooks work well for holding any type of clothing because of its elegant look. Very happy with the design! The only problem they had was that they weren't packed tightly enough, so they arrived with a number of grey-colored scratches. They were for the inside of a large closet and I kept them because they were not as noticeable. The wall anchors are very unforgiving towards even a small fraction of a difference to one side or the other, so holes have to be drilled perfectly. We're happy with our product, it's a very good one.

4. Creative Squirrel Adhesive Bathrooms Decorative

Creative Squirrel Adhesive Bathrooms Decorative

The package is perfect and the size is perfect. The wall mounted wood has coat hooks on it. The coat hook rack has a weight of 1.29 lbs. The second picture on the left gives more information about the measuring. For all kids, friends and yourself. The little squirrel loves to play with you. He will pop out of his box when you hang an item on his tail. A cute squirrel is always ready for a surprise and will look after any item you decide to hang on his tail. It's perfect for all kids. MATERIAL: The wall hook is made of superior material, which can give it extra strength. The hooks can hold up to 5.5 lbs. It can be installed within a minute without damaging the wall. There are two holes on the back of the hooks that hang from the wall. The hook can hold up to 10 lbs. COMPATIBLE: Squirrel wall hooks can be used to hang towels, hats, jackets, coats, stockings, caps, scarves, car keys, cups, purses, bags, soup ladles, and more. You can hang whatever you want. It is convenient. SATISFACTION: The package includes 4 different color squirrel hooks, it is enough for all kinds of use. SATISFACTION: The package includes 4 different color squirrel hooks, it is enough for all kinds of use.

Brand: Webos

👤The hooks are cute. I used them to hang towels in the shower. After a day or two, most of them fell off. The one that stayed is still doing well. I plan to buy stronger glue to put them back up, as other reviewers mentioned.

👤Cute. It's easy to install. They are a lot stronger than I thought. My purse is heavy due to the contents and it has never fallen or even signaled that it was going to fall. Should I move, will definitely purchase again.

👤I did not give this product a 5 star rating because it is hard to get off the wall and could potentially damage your walls. I don't know if it will come off easily since I don't need to remove it. My keys have not fallen off yet, but it comes as advertised.

👤I wanted to hold up my mats in my crafting room. They are cute. They are easy to install and do not move. 10/10 would buy again.

👤We needed a way to hang up a backpack. The daughter loved them. My daughter's backpack might be too heavy for the glue to be stronger.

👤No usar artculos pesados en ellos, son practicos. The boy is adorable. Me encantan.

👤The cute animal pops his head out when my grandson hangs his coat up. It stuck to my coat rack and he could grab it to put it on. The glue is very strong. I bought 4 of them for each grandchild. 5 stars!

👤The key holders are cute. The double sided sticker it comes with isn't super sticky so you can hang it with a strip.

5. Beautiful Flower Ceramic Wall White

Beautiful Flower Ceramic Wall White

Purchase with confidence. They love their hooks and they're sure you will too. Each hook is wrapped in a small box to protect it in transit. The gold hooks in their product pictures are larger than you think. Don't overload them, they hold about four pounds of weight. If you're not completely satisfied, you can return them for a full refund. The color is Camellia White with gold-plated edge. The distance from the hook to the wall is 3.15 inches. The max weight capacity is 10 lbs. This is a special notice. Their hooks are not suitable for shower curtain hooks. They can't hang clothes, towels, bags, hats or kitchen supplies. The ceramic part of the hook is handmade of high-quality ceramics, multi-layer polished finish, no worry about any rust or tarnishing, it is a special element to your plain. Matching screws help you install. You can purchase other screws or glue to secure the hook. Their MDPLY hooks are suitable for installation in many places back packs in bathroom, bedroom, closet, foyer, entryway, fence and more. The double hooks are a good way to save space. Their hooks are perfect for hanging towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, robe. They're so confident that you'll love their product that they have a great quality guarantee. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can fix it. There is no risk to try the product if you have an install question. They're so confident that you'll love their product that they have a great quality guarantee. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can fix it. There is no risk to try the product if you have an install question.

Brand: Mdply

👤Usually don't leave reviews, but just had to for this one. I exclaimed "Oh wow!" because it is so beautiful. When I opened it. It was bought for a handy hook in the garage. I told my husband that the garage just needed to get up to par. ;D The reviews about not being able to hang it are hilarious. There will be a bit of movement because it is a round hole. It is possible to install properly. The three easy steps are: drill a hole, drill a hole and drill a hole. Step 2 is to insert the screw into the hole. Simply slide down the back hole of the rose hook onto the screw. The hook will be firmly held by the screw. I love it! Highly recommend it. The photo is pretty much the same as this one.

👤We needed a new towel hook. This was great. There are two issues in the design, one of which is the brackets behind the flower. The flower should have been lower. The hook can't be firmly attached, so it swings back and forth as the towel is put in.

👤These were cute. They are the same as pictured. The way they attach doesn't work. You have to hang the screw from the drive. There is no way to get it tight enough so that it doesn't move when you hang and remove items. I don't understand it.

👤The picture was hung flush to the wall on the hook. The wall anchor is garbage, but still give 5 stars.

👤The hooks were not tight against the wall and were hard to install. When touched, they would wiggle. I had to use different hardware because the anchors they provided were not of good quality.

👤My wife bought 3 of these to replace the towel rack in our bathroom. A wooden plaque for $10 at Michaels was the right size to be able to mount through the wall. The things were marked on where they should be mounted and the pilot holes were drilled for the screws to hold them to the wall.

👤Very pretty. It's easy to install and beautiful to look at, I use it to hang my lavender colored towel in my room. Instead of a boring hook. This is it. Love the different colors. I think the pink one is the best. White goes with everything.

👤I didn't think this hook would be as beautiful as it is. It is beautiful, elegant, and high-class. I just bought 2 more and I am very happy with this purchase.

6. Hooks Seashell Decorative Hanging Clothes

Hooks Seashell Decorative Hanging Clothes

It is easy to install, they included a mounting hardware. There are multiple uses for hanging towels in the outdoor beach shower or bathroom, in the kitchen for hanging hand towels, pot holders, or utensils, and in the coat room/mudroom for hanging coats, hats, brooms, etc. A Mediterranean style coat hook is hanging on the wall. It's suitable for bathroom doors, bedrooms, wardrobes, cabinets, and other smooth surfaces. The hooks are self-adhesive and do not have to be drilled for coat towel buttons. The package includes a Clothes Hook. It's suitable for hanging towels, coats, kitchen gadgets, keys, and many other things.

Brand: Lovt

👤They are very nice looking, but terrible design. It hangs on a hook from the back so if you pull up on something that is hanging on the hook it will fall off the wall. One was also broken.

👤The product is still great and I would have liked the hooks to be a little bit longer.

👤The hooks were installed with rusted metal pieces. The finishing of the hooks is not worth the price.

7. AHDECOR Mounted Entryway Floating Organizer

AHDECOR Mounted Entryway Floating Organizer

The coat rack is cute and can make your clothes more organized. You can hang coats, keys, letters and towels. Incoming mail, flyers, bills to be paid, and to-do lists add to your kitchen counter or dining room table to create a sense of chaos. The mail shelf and key holder give everything a place. It's great for the dog leash. It is easy to assemble. Premium mounting hardware makes it easy to assemble the wall mounted hanging shelf. PREMIUM QUALITY: The coat shelf is made of premium material. It is strong enough to last for a long time. A hanging wall display shelf can match any decor in a home, office, coffee store, and shop. They are a great gift for your relatives and friends.

Brand: Ahdecor

👤The item is light and easy to install. It arrived with a crack inside, almost the same as in a photo supplied by another reviewer. Either this is a recurring manufacturing problem or I was shipped an item that was returned by someone else. This is concerning. There is a The crack is very visible, as it is just above eye level, so it will be staring you in the face. There is a The crack on the inside is probably caused by the mounting hardware on the back being attached. The front of the car has a scratch that would not rub off easily. I am returning the item because I am not going to spend time repairing it. Hopefully, they don't send it to someone else. There is a I will update this review if I get an undamaged item.

👤I put this on our pantry. It is strong enough to hang aprons and brooms. The only downside is that the hanging holes are not standard stud size apart, so we had to drill a hole in the product to hit the other hole. It never seems to be the safest idea to use a sheet rock hanging set.

👤It was repacked because someone else didn't want it. One of the anchors was broken. What a waste of time. The reason for the free return? I have to take it to my local store. Another waste of time. I will be avoiding this seller and brand. The reviews that say the template is useless are correct. There is a piece of trash all around.

👤I like how it was ready to install. It looks nice and you can tell what you pay for. The template included is not good. I should have gotten the level and tape measure out and then used part of the box it shipped in to make sure the holes I drilled into my wall were in the right place. The discovery came after I used the best template I could and found that it didn't align properly, so I was happy to have more holes in the wall. There is a I've been searching for days for a way to contact the company that makes the shelf for an extra hook. I caught the shelf before it fell, even though it slipped when I was installing it. I caught it by grabbing the hook which snapped under the minimal pressure of it, so I have to start with a broken hook. There is a Again, I realize that is my fault, but there needs to be a better way to contact the store to get a replacement hook.

👤I agree with other reviewers that the paint on this item is poor. There is a chip on the outside corner. The unit is built well, but the paint is not great. I am not returning it, but buyer beware, I can see why people returned it.

👤We looked at a lot of these and chose this one because it was the perfect size for my small area by our door to the garage. The unit is sturdy and the wood is thick. It was easy to put it up, but we needed to swap out the anchors for a shorter one because our heat vent was behind the wall.

8. Vintage Hooks Antique White Finish

Vintage Hooks Antique White Finish

The hook is easy to install and work well, it is 4 inches in height and 3 inches from the wall. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers. Their coat hooks are crafted with care to give a unique accent to your home decor. Their sturdy wall hooks are forged from cast iron and coated with a protective finish that provides an antique appearance. The wood screws are the same as those that are included. You can hang your coats, hats, scarves, purses, backpacks, towels, robes or anything you want. The hooks in your entryway, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room will help you stay organized. Extra Tall is 6 1/8" height, 1 3/8" width and 3 1/8" depth. At Craftsman Road, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products.

Brand: Craftsman Road

👤We made some adjustments to these. It was disappointing that they were more on the white/blue side. I had the spot paint them so they matched my bathroom better. I painted the screws that they sent me because they were short and heavy. They are sturdy and beautiful. I would definitely buy them again even after the adjustments. The blue tint, the fact that I had to spot paint to get it white, and the fact that the screws were short made me give it 4 stars.

👤Today, I received hooks. Wife very happy. The look was very French Country. The screws that were provided for installation were not easy to use. I provided my own that can be painted to match. The hooks are pretty. Quite unique. I noticed that 2 of the hooks were slightly bent. I tried to fix them but it broke. Snapped in half. I am not a muscle guy. I'm not that strong. I was trying to get it straightened out. I installed them on a wood shelf to hold our guest clothing, but my wife is not happy with me. We waited 10 days for the first set to be delivered but somehow Amazon lost that set in transit, so I ordered more. Those who ordered these got a refund. The 2nd set was on time. I will post an update when I find something that will work.

👤I have a home with Craftsman trim. I ordered traditional curtain rods because I thought they would ruin the look of the mill work. I use these hooks for easy-to-lift-off curtain rods.

👤The design is beautiful. It seems to be high quality. They are used for coat and purse hooks. The screws that come with them are not very long. To reach any depth. They need to be longer. They only work in the room we put them in, because we attached them to a wall with 1/2 inch thick panels. Longer screws could be used for standard drywall. Very nice hooks!

👤They're thinner than I would have liked, but they're made of cast iron and should hold up. It is very easy to install. It might be a good idea to invest in longer screws for more stability if the winter coat is hung on these.

👤I got these to make a coat and back pack holder and it works great for my 1st graders and looks great in my living room since I don't have a mud room. I painted the hooks black to make them look real old, they love them. The price is great. I love them and have ordered more to make other things.

👤They were used to make a wall clothes rack. The hooks are strong and sturdy.

👤The generic hooks for my pajamas have been upgraded. I hang my knapsack and outfit on the hooks for the next day. Very strong! My house is a small contemporary shack in the woods. My eclectic and artistic Craftsman Victorian colonial mix of stuff is nicely complemented by these hooks.

9. Vintage Hooks Antique White Finish

Vintage Hooks Antique White Finish

The cast iron decorative and rustic wall hook will help you keep your space aesthetically pleasing to the eyes all the time. Their coat hooks are crafted with care to give a unique accent to your home decor. Their sturdy wall hooks are forged from cast iron and coated with a protective finish that provides an antique appearance. The wood screws are the same as those that are included. You can hang your coats, hats, scarves, purses, backpacks, towels, robes or anything you want. The hooks in your entryway, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room will help you stay organized. The dimensions are 5 1/8" height, 1 3/8" width, and 2 1/2" depth. At Craftsman Road, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products.

Brand: Craftsman Road

👤The quality and look of the Wall hooks are what I like the most. I bought a lot of stuff. The screws I was mounting the pilot holes with were larger than the ones I drilled. The screws were tight and several of the screw heads broke. This is not the first time I have had screw heads broken on Amazon products imported from China. It's nice that screws were included, but when they break off, it makes a simple project into a job. I will use quality screws from the local hardware store in the future.

👤I love the hooks. They have to know that the screws are a joke. They would leave immediately. Make sure to use #8 wood screws if you need to get these.

👤The hooks are nice. They seem sturdy and well made. The screws that they used were terrible. What should have been a simple installation became very difficult when they stripped out. We went to the hardware store to get the useless screws.

👤The screws that came with the hooks snapped when I tried to put them in. The wood I was using for my project was ruined by 4 of them. The screw snapped like that.

👤I just completed a mud entry and bought this set for the second time. The first set was from a different vendor, but they were not available when I bought these. The set is slightly more rustic and the screws had an oily smell but overall, both sets are nice and the difference is barely noticeable. Pre-drilling holes is recommended to not strip the screws.

👤Excellent quality. Exactly what I was looking for. If you secure through a sheetrock wall, you may want to order longer screws.

👤Paint is a chalk paint. I might repaint them someday. You can get brass screws at the hardware store. The screws are fake.

👤These hooks are sturdy. They hold a bit of weight if you anchor them into a stud or board. They are very nice looking, just like the picture. We used different screws than what was given to anchor it. I would buy them again.

👤Le fini est exceptionnel, pas rugueux, et un look rustique.

👤Ich ist die Haken. Sieht gut. Aus.

10. QIEGL Hanging Shepherds Decorative Lanterns

QIEGL Hanging Shepherds Decorative Lanterns

It's easy to install, just drill a hole on the wall, knock into a wall anchor, install a screw in the hook, and tighten it on the wall. There are required mounting screws and anchors. The hanging plant brackets are made of solid and lightweight aluminum alloy. The surface of the plant wall hooks is made of a matt coating, which makes it smooth and more textured, and it is more resistant to rust than ordinary hooks. Don't worry about scratching your hands, the design is rounded. retro hanger design is simple and elegant, add retro beauty to your home and garden. You can use a hanging plant hook to decorate your home or place of business. The QIEGL wall plant hanger can easily hang wall hanging flowerpots, lanterns, wind chimes, flower baskets, bird feeders, lamp strings, coats, festival decorations, etc. The package includes 2 plant hooks, 4 screws and 4 wall anchors, and a maximum load of 22 lbs. The M5 screw is 1.2 inches long. You don't need to do anything else, just screw the screws into the wooden fence posts, deck posts and interior walls. It looks great in different environments. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them immediately, they will help you solve the problem.

Brand: Qiegl

👤The hooks are amazing. I was having trouble finding a hook that matched the look of my room and I needed a hanging plant hook. I found this and it is perfect. I put my plant hanger on it. And it is gorgeous! It was easy to find a stud using a stud finder, but I had to drill into the stud based on where the hanger sat on the wall. I found the method very easy. I bought 2 of them because it was a great deal. I will put another plant up somewhere else in the house. Don't hesitate to buy these now.

👤It works and looks great. It's very light. It took 5 minutes to install. It can support the planter's weight and keep it from touching the wall. You need to drill into a stud and measure the planter you're putting in. I needed a planter that was lighter to be on the safe side.

👤The plant was hung on the wall. I wanted it to look like it was hanging from the ceiling, but the stud on the ceiling was not in a good spot. This solved the problem.

👤I used this for my bird feeders and a small hanging bird bath. Doing well so far!

👤It's easy to install. Holds to my tomatoes.

👤It's very easy to install and hold my big babies.

👤I have it hanging a hummingbird feeders.

👤Exactly as described. It's easy to hang. It looks perfect.

11. Acrylic Mounted Decorative Organizer Clothes

Acrylic Mounted Decorative Organizer Clothes

First-class production technology is the best interpretation of comfortable life. 6 pieces of coat hooks, a nice helpers to hang your coat, towels or other accessories, enough quantity to meet your diverse using needs are included. The coat hook is made of quality acrylic, durable and not easy to break, light in weight, easy to assemble and hang, can provide you a long-term service. Check the dimensions: each coat hook is about the same size. The hook is 1.6 inches in length, there is glue on the back of it, and it should be hung on the wall for 24 hours. It's suitable for all kinds of bags, coats, headphones, hats, baseball caps, jackets, scarves, belts, backpacks, cups. They can help you save space and organize things, and can also be used as ornaments to decorate your home. Appropriate for a variety of places: nice decoration and creative style, appropriate for office, classroom, home, entryway, living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, shops, coffee bar, etc. Appropriate for a variety of places: nice decoration and creative style, appropriate for office, classroom, home, entryway, living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, shops, coffee bar, etc.

Brand: Jetec

👤My son's guns and hats were hung from mine. These are all light weight items that hold up well. It's easy to put up and the glue is really good so make sure you put it where you want.

👤These are very sturdy and can be hung inside the master bathroom closet. It is easy to put up and clean. Love!

👤My 4 year old tried to take her coat of the hook but it cracked off. It was still connected to the wall. There is a It is sturdy. If you drop aggressive it's not a great choice for you.

👤They were perfect for what I needed. To see the background, you have to have a clear color. Very sturdy.

👤Love. These hooks are clear. It is easy to install and offer great strength. These are a great way to hang anything from your purses to hair towel wraps.

👤I had already made plans for all 6 of them, but one piece was broken. Upon initial installation on a smooth painted wall, the glue feels good.

👤Cute idea, but didn't work to hang backpacks or sweaters. A waste of money.


What is the best product for decorative hooks for wall white?

Decorative hooks for wall white products from Felidio. In this article about decorative hooks for wall white you can see why people choose the product. Franklin Brass and Liberty Hardware are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hooks for wall white.

What are the best brands for decorative hooks for wall white?

Felidio, Franklin Brass and Liberty Hardware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hooks for wall white. Find the detail in this article. Webos, Mdply and Lovt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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