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1. Decorative Heart Hooks Hanging Hanger

Decorative Heart Hooks Hanging Hanger

The Love Heart Shape hooks are made of Cast Iron and are strong. Wall anchor and mounting screws are included. It can hold up to 35 lbs. It is Cast iron black and adds to its rustic charm. These hooks are perfect for vintage decor. Such as a Farmhouse/schoolhouse style. A good gift for lovers, friends, and family is the Love Heart Shape Design, these impressive wall mounted coat hooks are designed in the shape of a loveheart. The big coat hook is 115 x 55 x 2.2 inches and is easy to install. These metal storage hooks are easy to install. You can mount the coat hooks directly to closets or doors by using the screws.

Brand: Zeyu

👤These are very cute and I ordered them for a client. They look strong and sturdy. When I took them out of the package to measure them, each one had already begun to develop rust spots, so I have not had a chance to install them on my client's piece yet. I'm not sure why they would oxidize all of a sudden, since they have remained in the packaging and not been exposed to any elements.

👤I liked the look of these but they were too big and didn't work with my wall. The black on the wall makes it look dirty and it's too large for keys. These are nice looking hooks for jackets. If you don't have a good wall to install them, they won't work. Only one was installed well and all the others spin because I wanted them on my wall. Disappointing.

👤I was attracted to the shape of the heart. I ordered two sets for the bathroom. My husband and I have old barn wood from our ranch barn that he wants to use for a border on our bathroom wall. It was important to honor the beauty of the wood. The heart hooks are simple and beautiful to hang.

👤These hooks are sturdy. I put one of these on the back of a bathroom door a long time ago because I wanted a robe hook. When I was looking for something else, I stumbled across this quartet. The price was right and people can hang something. There are aprons in the pantry, coats by the back door, tea towels under the kitchen sink, PJs in the closet and anything light weight you would like to keep accessible. They are pretty in their place and useful.

👤We made a new stocking holder by using these. These were sturdy enough to hold stockings even after Santa packed them full. If another project comes up where they would fit, would purchase again.

👤I made a key holder rack. Nice and heavy. Attach with screws.

👤The screws were not included. Went to this manufacturer and paid more for the same hooks that were listed from another vendor.

👤I use these to hold cookware. The size of the screw you need to fit into that hole is the only issue. I love having them. Measure!

2. Acrylic Mounted Decorative Organizer Clothes

Acrylic Mounted Decorative Organizer Clothes

First-class production technology is the best interpretation of comfortable life. 6 pieces of coat hooks, a nice helpers to hang your coat, towels or other accessories, enough quantity to meet your diverse using needs are included. The coat hook is made of quality acrylic, durable and not easy to break, light in weight, easy to assemble and hang, can provide you a long-term service. Check the dimensions: each coat hook is about the same size. The hook is 1.6 inches in length, there is glue on the back of it, and it should be hung on the wall for 24 hours. It's suitable for all kinds of bags, coats, headphones, hats, baseball caps, jackets, scarves, belts, backpacks, cups. They can help you save space and organize things, and can also be used as ornaments to decorate your home. Appropriate for a variety of places: nice decoration and creative style, appropriate for office, classroom, home, entryway, living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, shops, coffee bar, etc. Appropriate for a variety of places: nice decoration and creative style, appropriate for office, classroom, home, entryway, living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, shops, coffee bar, etc.

Brand: Jetec

👤My son's guns and hats were hung from mine. These are all light weight items that hold up well. It's easy to put up and the glue is really good so make sure you put it where you want.

👤These are very sturdy and can be hung inside the master bathroom closet. It is easy to put up and clean. Love!

👤My 4 year old tried to take her coat of the hook but it cracked off. It was still connected to the wall. There is a It is sturdy. If you drop aggressive it's not a great choice for you.

👤They were perfect for what I needed. To see the background, you have to have a clear color. Very sturdy.

👤Love. These hooks are clear. It is easy to install and offer great strength. These are a great way to hang anything from your purses to hair towel wraps.

👤I had already made plans for all 6 of them, but one piece was broken. Upon initial installation on a smooth painted wall, the glue feels good.

👤Cute idea, but didn't work to hang backpacks or sweaters. A waste of money.

3. Brainerd B46145Y BSP CP Dragonfly Brushed Pewter

Brainerd B46145Y BSP CP Dragonfly Brushed Pewter

This vinyl siding light hooks set comes in a generous pack of 25 no-hole vinyl hooks, which will allow you to decorate your walls with signs, wooden plaques, outdoor lights, ornaments, holiday decorations and more. The tools are perfect for adding vivid colors to your walls. It's ideal for use in bedrooms, bathroom and closets. It gives a lot of space for hanging items. The brushed pewter finish is perfect for a classic look. Solid zinc is used for style and resilience. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

Brand: Franklin Brass

👤The hooks are very solid and beautiful, larger than I had thought, but still very happy with their size and appearance. I used them to replace my towel bar in my bathroom. The shower curtain looks nice. They don't have a line down the middle from a cast mold. Someone said that their towels don't stay on them. My towels are thick microfiber and they stay on. Highly recommend.

👤I have ordered them before for a previous house, and they worked well. I used them as coat hooks and they were able to hold several heavy coats at once, along with scarves and the occasional purse. The hooks themselves look good, but only one of the three that I ordered came with two screws. I have to go to the hardware store to buy screws for the two that came with one screw each. It was disappointing and time wasting.

👤I needed a hook by the door for my keys and purse to keep my house neat. I am very happy with this purchase. It's bigger than I thought and that means it's an obvious dragonfly on the wall. I think it adds interest to my wall. It is very strong. It looks like quality pewter and the fine details make it look like art. It is an extremely good deal for the quality of the hook and the interest it adds to my wall. If I had paid 3 times what I had paid, I would have thought it was a good deal. I'm going to buy a mirror with a ribbon and aprons to hang from a kitchen wall.

👤I use this product to hang towels in my bathroom. I used anchors because I couldn't get it into a stud and I wanted to make sure the heavy wet towels wouldn't pull the screws out of the wall. The hook has screws that are about 1 in. The hook seems sturdy and just as pictured.

👤Adding a bit of beauty and quirk is what I love about it. These are very well made and bring a smile to everyone who sees them. I plan to order more of them today because I used them for coat hooks near my kitchen door. I need hooks for other places.

👤I created a tile border around my bathroom. I decided to use hooks for the towels because the towel bars on the market are not large enough. The gems were attached to the tile border. They look great! The tail-hook and size of the dragonfly were perfect for what I wanted. There were no problems with the craftsmanship.

👤I like hooks. I collect them. I have a large room where one wall is empty and the other is hooks. I like hooks. I like quality hooks. This hook is of the highest quality. It may not be unique, but I love dragonflies. I love this one.

👤Nice hook. The iron ones don't need to be painted. Would buy again. It was used for custom driftwood hangers. Pewter is nice. No painting is required. I live on the Oregon Coast and wanted to make a coat. I hot glue on the driftwood and put hat hangers on it. The sea star hangers were painted, but the crab and other iron ones were not made for easy hanging so that the hook stayed put, and the iron ones would rust on the coats, hats, scarves, etc... I hang coastal damp clothing on them to dry them out. There is a These seem to be large and don't rust. I can't speak for the "Styrofoam inside" as they have never broken.

4. Magnifico Premium Mounted Coatrack Decorative

Magnifico Premium Mounted Coatrack Decorative

It can be used on smooth surfaces, such as tiles, glass, wooden furniture and metallic. It's not suitable for wallpaper or painted walls. The minimalist, modern wall hooks are a premium solution to hang your clothes, plants, hats, purse and more. Strong and swift. Sturdy wooden construction allows you to hang up to 30 pounds. Bring a little bit of nature to your interiors and make your entrance, doors and washrooms look better. The word "decorative" is used in this case. The beech wood coat hanger hooks are elegant and Retro. Hang anything with confidence from baseball caps, towels, scarves, purses, backpacks to guitars. The simple mechanical insert mechanism makes it easy to install within 5 minutes. The simple mechanical insert mechanism makes it easy to install within 5 minutes.

Brand: Magnifico

👤The wall anchors that come with the product are not good enough to mount the product consistently. You might get lucky and get both items onto the wall. The mounting was loose because one of the anchors did not open. The product was wobbly. The minimalist look is nice, but they need a better anchor to ship with it. If you want to try it, go for it. You could get lucky. You may end up with damage to your wall. The latter is more likely.

👤I was trying to achieve a modern aesthetic in my home, and I wanted these hooks to go with it. I love them! They look great and serve their function.

👤We love it, it matches the toy kitchen we got, and it's not cheap, which I was afraid of. There is a We are ordering more.

👤The front of one of the hooks was damaged. They look nice, but I think my fault.

👤The hooks seemed to work. The second one will not tighten all the way. I put the anchor in the wall and then tried to screw the hook into it, but it has a small gap between the wall and the base of the hook, and it keeps spinning.

👤The item was broken as if it had been used. The first time I ordered these, they were fine, but I wanted two more hooks.

👤The provided screw is poorly supported, and the hunger doesn't sit flush with the wall. The dry wall damage was caused by the collapse of the hanger, which was unable to support a jacket.

👤It's easy to install. I love the style.

5. Wall Mount Rustic Farmhouse Coat Hooks

Wall Mount Rustic Farmhouse Coat Hooks

The gold painting hangers are appropriate for wooden walls or dry walls, and the concrete walls or ceramic walls are not appropriate for applying the nails. The Heavy Duty, Strong, Cast Iron Coat Hooks are not flimsy, cheap metal and will not bend or break when hung by your family, unlike other wall mounted hooks. It can stand up to the elements and be used indoors or outdoors. Antique Black Patina is a vintage inspiration. Reproduced authentically. My Farmhouse coat hooks are perfect for shabby chic decor. The item was made to look antique, and built to add to its rustic charm. Adds a touch of shabby chic to any home. Farmhouse style. The coat hooks are both useful and decorative. It's a perfect accent for your entryway, bathroom, closet, or any other place where backpacks, jackets, hats, heavy garments, dog leashes, or any other gear is kept. They can be mounted to a piece of wood or built into a floating shelf. The measures are as follows: height (4 1/2), width (1 1/4"), top hook extends (2 1/3). The bottom hook extends. Hardware for coat hooks. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your satisfaction is my priority. If you are not completely satisfied after receiving your Cast Iron Hooks, they will give you a money back guarantee. Ships from the US!

Brand: My Fancy Farmhouse

👤These hooks are really nice. They're heavy duty and look great on the coat rack I made. The double hook is useful.

👤I love these hooks. The clothes hooks board was shorter than this one. There are 5 double hooks on a pine board. There are 5 smaller, double white hooks below. Only $1 from Ollie's. The hooks point in a different direction. The smaller ones are pointing at the opposite side. I had 4 hooks in a narrow space. There are 20 hooks. More than any other board I've seen. The screws were too long for my deep board. My board was 1 8". However, it is actually 7 feet tall. I scrounged around for screws. Each screw hole is predrilled. The longer screws were saved. I put a rock solid board on the side of my furniture. Antique style clothes hooks are beautiful. We'll be worth it.

👤I was looking for hooks to hang towels next to the hot tub. The hooks are not great quality but work if you are careful. It's a good idea to drill pilot holes. They are cast iron and I applied a quick clear coating to prevent future rusting. I have them outside. They are sturdy and look great. It's better than the cheap stuff. Recommended!

👤I needed these for our bathroom. I put them under the shelves to make the perfect hooks. It's easy to install. I like the weathered look to them. I found that some of the screws weren't painted very much, but that didn't bother me. The weathered character is added.

👤Sturdy and heavy hooks. I like the look, they seem well made, and coats don't slide off of them. There is a The screws they send with the hooks are positive and negative. The do include screws makes it easy. Two of my hooks are only being held by one screw because the heads of two broke. It was worth mentioning, but not a huge deal.

👤The hooks seem to have been made well. The round portion is a little smaller than I had hoped for as we're trying to replace some broken hooks on a coat rack, but overall very happy with this purchase and would buy again for additional.

👤Very nice looking. I painted them brown. They look great in my mud room.

👤I made a wooden towel rack for my cheap towel rack in the bathroom and ordered these to hold the towels. I'm very pleased with the look and feel of the project. The item was the same as it was described. These were a good value for the money and what you get. The hooks are hung with the screws.

👤Our towels are hung out side under our gazebo.

👤The barn board in our bathroom looks great with the hooks on it.

👤Buen producto, mis expectativas. Bien hechos, slidos y con excelente.

6. Antique Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

Antique Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

It is always the little details that set the tone in a home. Your guests will think they are in a farmhouse with these rustic wall hangers. The scrollwork was forged in cast iron. It's made from high quality cast iron, a uniquely beautiful yet heavy duty accessory that you can use with confidence throughout your home. They are solid in their design and can last a long time. The hooks are secured to the wall with screws. You can hang your hat on these, and there is no limit to where you can use them. Your coat, handbag, keys, towels, and even your bathrobe are included. They have seen these in your hall or entryway holding back drapes and putting up picture frames. The era when functional items were expected to be attractive was inspired by vintage designs. Sturdy cast iron will go anywhere you can imagine, while softly rounded hooks will always treat delicate items like scarves, hats and sweaters with care. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤The color, weight and size were all great. I used it to hang some cups for a wall decor.

👤Beautiful and sturdy! I hung mine in my living room because I was tired of losing it. It allows me to use the remote while it is hanging on the wall and not lose it. It is perfect!

👤The product is great. It fit my needs. Love the color.

👤There was a chip on one of the hooks. I was able to fix it with a paint pen.

👤I love the look of these and they match my decor. Shipping was on time. The screws that came with them were shiny silver, a contrast to the antique blue hook. I will have to buy paint to fix them. They are no longer economical.

👤They do their job. Everything was going to be drilled into the wall.

👤I am happy with the hangers. They add a pop of color to my bathroom and are sturdy enough to hold wet towels and clothes.

👤I know cast iron is heavy, but these hooks are very sturdy. They were amusing as hat hangers. They add a touch of class to the room.

👤I have 2 sets of these, both white and light blue, and I absolutely love them. Excellent quality and pretty!

👤These are even more beautiful in person. The turquoise blue is exactly what it is described as in the product description. They seem very sturdy.

👤I needed to hold up the towel rack in my trailer. They are heavy duty and have a lot of weight on them. They are pretty and have the same color as the pictures show.

👤Sono belli, con un peso non eccessivo. Io ho weati.

👤The screws were so weak that they were twisted off with a screwdriver. I replaced the screws after that.

7. WarmHut Adhesive Decorative Entryway Bathrooms

WarmHut Adhesive Decorative Entryway Bathrooms

Your purchase is safe. The product is packed and shipped directly to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the US, and fulfilled using the very best logistics partners. The Amazon returns, refunds and replacement policy protects your purchase. Buy with confidence and add to your home living room decor, birthday gift, housewarming gift or anniversary gift. strong capacity for glue. 3M tape is the strongest glue. The wall hooks can hang keys, but they can also hold bags, garments, towels, hats, robes, mops and brooms, etc. Not recommended to hang fragile or overweight stuff. Wall damage free hooks. The hooks don't need to be nailed or drilled to attach to a wall, and you don't need to worry about damaging the wall before hanging them. WarmHut hooks are made of brass and are rustproof and waterproof if hung in a bathroom, restroom, entryway, kitchen, door, etc. The stylish design adds a modern vibe to the room and it also functions as a hook. It's easy to use. Pull off the 3M tape from the back and then stick it on a smooth surface, gently and firmly push the hook against the wall to make sure the tape is completely stuck on. Specification and friendly notes. The overall size is in a pack. The hanging sticky hooks are not suitable for painted or bumpy walls. Specification and friendly notes. The overall size is in a pack. The hanging sticky hooks are not suitable for painted or bumpy walls.

Brand: Warmhut

👤I chose these hooks to hang some circle mirrors that are light weight, and I am confident that it worked out because it has been weeks. They are still up! I was looking for something that helped with the esthetic.

👤I was skeptical at first because it was a hook. I didn't know how much weight it could hold because I needed these to hold my purses. It is made of a nice quality metal and heavy. It can hold my heavier purses and is very durable.

8. Hardware Decorative Bathroom Classroom Backpack

Hardware Decorative Bathroom Classroom Backpack

Specification and friendly notes. The overall size is in a pack. The hanging sticky hooks are not suitable for painted or bumpy walls. The material is made of zinc alloy and can hold up to 45 lbs. A smooth brushed finish can protect your garments. This hardware has a modern spin on a classic design and is versatile enough for many applications. The hooks were pre-installed on the coat rack. It can be mounted on a wall or door. One person can finish in 10 minutes. It's perfect for hanging towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, cubicle, robe, backpacks in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, foyer, entryway, fence, classroom, Kitchen. What you get is a hook for hanging a coat. Let them know if you are not satisfied. They would get back to you within 24 hours. What you get is a hook for hanging a coat. Let them know if you are not satisfied. They would get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Molidan

9. Decorative Vintage Mounted Entryway Bathroom

Decorative Vintage Mounted Entryway Bathroom

Fish Hook for cap hat hook is an application. The size is 3.5 (L) x 3.5 (W) Inches. The structure can be rested on a wall with the help of a set of 2 Wall Hooks and a pre built facility on the back of the wooden slab. Simply place the wall hook onto the nails and begin using immediately. The way to get organised is USAGE. When you can place your things neatly and consistently in a location, you won't have to worry about losing things. Hang coats, towels, clothes, keys, hats, and other items in your hallway, entryway, living room, bedroom, or bathroom door. Hand made and eco friendly, it is made using simple artisan tools and high quality Mango Wood, procured from authorized government channels with the objective of sustaining both the environment and the livelihood of the artisans. Your purchase is safe. The product is packed and shipped directly to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the US, and fulfilled using the very best logistics partners. The Amazon returns, refunds and replacement policy protects your purchase. Buy with confidence and add to your home living room decor, birthday gift, housewarming gift or anniversary gift. Your purchase is safe. The product is packed and shipped directly to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the US, and fulfilled using the very best logistics partners. The Amazon returns, refunds and replacement policy protects your purchase. Buy with confidence and add to your home living room decor, birthday gift, housewarming gift or anniversary gift.

Brand: The Great Indian Bazaar

👤There is no room on the back of these. A nail isn't going to work.

👤Most conventional screws did not fit this and it did not come with mounting hardware.

👤I am very happy. The style and size was what I was looking for.

10. Yueton Vintage Carving Screw Ceiling

Yueton Vintage Carving Screw Ceiling

The total length is 43mm, the open mouth is 12mm, and the screw is 9mm. Installation is easy for hanging lanterns or other things. There is a pack of ceiling hooks. Fit for the handle of the cup.

Brand: Yueton

👤I would like to hang cups from the shelf. The hooks are too small for that. L ordered another brand in different sizes. It would be nice to include both inches and millimetres.

👤Don't use them for hanging. They are only for decoration. They say 10 lbs for a reason. The hooks are made of cementious material and the screw part can snap off with the right force applied, so I'm scrambling to make sure I don't exceed. Anything over 10 lbs. The project was almost ruined by 2 breaking off. Be careful! The screw tip is not sharp and the actuall thread is hard to catch wood.

👤The bulk hooks are a great purchase for simple things like hanging lights or a key holder. I used my set to build a key holder. I learned a lot from using this product. The hooks are very sturdy and bend easily, but they are also very easy to twist with your hands. I had to use pliers to get them straight again. If you want to drill holes just as thick as the shaft, you should use soft wood. The drill bit can be held parallel with the screw end. You should only be able to see what's happening. This kept me from bending the hook.

👤I bought these to hang my necklaces from, so they wouldn't get tangled. They are easier to see when I need one. Thank you for that.

👤The hooks are great. It was smaller than I was expecting. Too small to hold cups.

👤It's smaller than I wanted but it will work.

👤I can't imagine what 43mm looks like. I saw the dims in inches as 2.9x1.4x.09 So. It would be nice to have a big hook. The hooks are just over 1.5 inches long and the hook is about.75.

👤The product is garbage. I was making a black walnut jewelry hanger for a customer. The project was ruined completely. Even with pre-drilled hooks, they wouldn't fit into the wood, so they bore a huge hole into it. I was twisting the material between my fingers to get it into the black walnut. You should be ashamed of yourself.

11. Mandala Life ART Boho Decorative

Mandala Life ART Boho Decorative

There is a multi-purpose hook. You can add style to your home. nautical decor accents can be used to decorate your bathroom. You can hang your robes on the towel hook next to your shower or sink. Add a bohemian vibe to your living areas. These Vintage wall hooks are perfect in patio, kitchn, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, and children's play areas, providing a creative, useful, and luxurious accent to any space. You are sure to find the perfect hanger to match your style, with so many designs, shades, and sizes to choose from. Premium natural materials. All-natural materials make for an eco-chic decor item that is sure to start conversations. The mango wood and black metal are hand-crafted and come with lots of love and attention. It's free and one-of-a-kind bohemian wall art is perfect for a birthday, wedding, or Christam.

Brand: Mandala Life Art

👤The hooks are beautiful and will fit perfectly in my bathroom. The quality control on these is non existent. The holes in the back were hung up with hardware. It could have been spotted by a 6 year old. I am so disappointed. They are gorgeous. I am returning the ones that I ordered because I hope the next set will be perfect. Please, please! I want them to work for me. The quality of the wood was better than I expected. I flipped them over. The second set was the same as the first. Will need to cut new holes in the back. I will find a way to make them work, but please pay attention to the products you are sending out! Disappointing!

👤The heart hook I ordered was dark in color and had a natural finish. It looks like a nicely built, easy to hang picture. The reason I am going with 4 instead of 5 stars is because the finish color was not what was ordered, which seems to have been an issue for other reviewers as well.

👤I was excited for these to arrive. I have a few other pieces in my house. You could pick up this set for 5 bucks at Ross. There is no quality control, the back hangers are not centered and have to be changed. The hooks are not straight. I would expect better quality for the price.

👤The key hook is beautiful and unique. The hooks are poor quality and it was broken and damaged when it arrived. The paint on 3 of the hooks is chipping and one hook was broken off when I opened the box. The hooks are weak and will not hold the keys long. I expected it to arrive in one piece and be able to hold keys. Hardware is not included.

👤This item is gorgeous. It's a perfect addition to any home. The wood has strong hooks. You can use screws or nails, but we chose to hang with command strips. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Returned. Cheaply made. It was a shame.

👤The hooks don't work well in the mandala part. One of the hooks was not fastened in there. The hooks are glue rather than screws, so they won't hold anything heavy.

👤Wrong color was sent but will keep them.

👤I love how this looks and it looks gorgeous on my wall, but it isn't the best quality, the hooks were loose when it arrived and couldn't take the weight of anything hanging off them, so I had to glue them all in before use. I love it now that it is done. The glue I used is strong enough to last.

👤I was going for a bit cutesy. These are perfect for a lot of applications. I used one to hang up some shelves. My bathrobe will have a hook. I might order more.


What is the best product for decorative hooks small?

Decorative hooks small products from Zeyu. In this article about decorative hooks small you can see why people choose the product. Jetec and Franklin Brass are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative hooks small.

What are the best brands for decorative hooks small?

Zeyu, Jetec and Franklin Brass are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative hooks small. Find the detail in this article. Magnifico, My Fancy Farmhouse and Comfify are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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