Best Decorative Ice Chests and Coolers

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1. Coleman 3000000112 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler

Coleman 3000000112 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler

The retro design of the cooler is high-capacity and heavy-duty. The 54-quart capacity can hold up to 85 cans. The drain plugs, hinges and handles are plastic. Retention ice can be found in temperatures as high as 90F. It was built to deliver years of performance. Steel handles allow for easy, controlled lifting and carrying.

Brand: Coleman

👤It is of excellent value for what you pay and what you get. I looked at the Yeti's and dreamed, and I was drooling. My wife slapped me across the face when she thought I might pay $600 for a cooler. Those prices are ridiculous and cannot be justified by anyone other than a mountain man or a hunter who needs ice for 10 days. Most of us normal guys who go weekend camping don't fall into either of those categories, so we turn our search into a "what cooler is also awesome but doesn't cost me my first born child" search. I've only ever owned Coleman and Igloo coolers, so that search began with them. I switched to Coleman after I was unimpressed with what Igloo had to offer. There is a My search criteria were metal hinges, solid handles and locking mechanisms, and props to Igloo, a 30yr old cooler with plastic hinges that finally blew out on me. The Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler was available for a modest price. The 54 quart was deemed to be of substantial size based on the can capacity in the description. Coleman knows their customers and we will want to know how many beer they have. The cooler can fit soda cans. I've beaten this thing up to the point where it has performed well on my camp trips. It can take a hit and keep on going, washed of easily with a hose, the hard lining wipes out quickly with a paper towel, and it kept my ice frozen for 2 days straight. It's a sturdy seat for when your cousin takes your chair.

👤Blocks of block ice lasted for 7 days. The cooler was drained once a day. There is a mix of being in the car and outside. Fantastic cooler. If you want a good camping cooler, this is a great alternative. Purchase two blocks of ice and put them in a cooler. The garbage bag is next to the cooler. Line it with a second one. The garbage bags should not hold the ice. Place your food in the garbage bags. That will keep your food dry. You will need to change the garbage bags after 3 days because of condensation from the food packaging. The food won't get wet because of the melting ice.

👤I won a steel belted cooler in a contest. I took it on a cross country trip from Wisconsin to the states. The front of my pop up campers storage tray is where this cooler was strapped to. The southwests have 100 plus degree days. It was 114 degrees in Zion. I had a cooler in my van that was better for exposing ice to the elements. I camped in Zion after leaving Yellowstone. Two days of travel. The inner cover of the lid came unglued because of the sun. It was melted off. It's easy to fix. The ice was still frozen. If you buy the std silver one for $70, you will save money on ice and pay back the money you would have spent if you had bought a cheaper plastic cooler. Have had issues with the door. I had this for three years. It was quite a beating.

2. Coleman Xtreme Portable Cooler Quart

Coleman Xtreme Portable Cooler Quart

Ice can be kept up to 5 days in high temperatures. The capacity is up to 100 cans. The closed lid supports up to 250 lbs. Cup holders. It was molded into the lid to keep drinks close. The no-crush design has a positive stop for pinch-free carrying. It is easy to clean. Smoother surface wipes clean easily.

Brand: Coleman

👤I looked at every ice chest. I was caught up in the yeti trend. I looked at similar products. I remembered my childhood. Simple ice chests were involved in many of the wonderful memories I have. I took this ice chest fishing. I had cold beverages all day for my friends and I put a bag of ice in it. For me no. I dumped out some water and ice when I got home. If you are a hunter, and you need to drive a thousand miles with what you have killed on ice, and you can't stop when you get fuel, then buy an ice chest that costs five times as much. I don't worry about my drinks freezing because I'm not Walt Disney. The ice chest is solid and performs well for a month. The price I got was better than the prices of the competition. I had issues with shipping in the past, but Amazon made it right. People love the black finish.

👤The ice was solid for 3 days. I still had icy water for my drinks. I was told that I would need to spend a lot of money on a Yeti if I wanted to have ice for 4 days, but this did great.

👤Prime Day is when I bought this. I was not spending hundreds of dollars on a cooler. I don't need to keep things cold for a long time. I used this for the first time yesterday. I got home over 24 hours ago. I want the ice to melt before I dump it. The ice is not completely melted. Despite being open. It would exceed my expectations if it were shut. There is a I don't know what the people who said their ice melted in one day were doing. It took two bags of ice over 24 hours to melt in my garage, which was at least 80 degrees. The photo is above.

👤I wanted to drink from this cooler. I decided that this cooler was a good value after a lot of research. The Yeti is a better quality rotomolded cooler, but it costs more for the same capacity. We aren't going on any expeditions to the Australian Outback, so I thought the Coleman would work. There is a That's not the case. Coleman is using sheet metal screws to hold the hinges. Coleman has a "Xtreme" cooler that I expect more from them. Even if the hinges were attached more securely, they are that design that relies on a thin piece of plastic flexing for the 'hinge' action. There is a They did not show the hinges in the photos. There is one picture where you can see them, but you can't see the screws or how flimsy the construction is. When I left it open for a while, there was a plastic smell and I discovered how bad the design was. The lid was more open when I looked at it. The screws had pulled out from the weight of the lid. The lid is very light. If someone was dragging a full cooler around by the lid, that would be one thing, but just leaving the lid open with no force on it should not cause the screws to pull out. Coleman should be embarrassed. Coleman is an example of a company that is killed by this kind of design.

3. Igloo Polar Cooler 120 Quart White

Igloo Polar Cooler 120 Quart White

The Backsaver shoulder strap has a shoulder pad. (L x W x H) 10.25′′ Ice can be kept for 5 days at 90 degrees. The handles have a tie-down loop feature. Two snap-fit latches secure the lid. The drain plug is threaded and easy to drain. The exterior dimensions are 38.31" L x 17.38" W x 17.75" D. The bottom is 33 x 13.25 x 13.25 inches.

Brand: Igloo

👤The Igloo Wire Basket is perfect for this cooler, and it fits inside perfectly. Pictures are included for reference.

👤The bad: it's too big for the money. I used it for hunting and it held the deer. There is a The plastic hinges are bad, they broke the first time I used the cooler. You can add the replacement hinges to the order if you buy this. You will thank yourself. There is a The hinges are not ugly. Buy the metal hinges.

👤This was my mom's cooler. It's for me to use and not for my husband or boys to abuse on the boat. It was great. They took it fishing one day. I wanted to slice them the same way they sliced it up. There is a I would get the same deal again if I could. I would trade a kid for one. It was perfect in my SUV. I plan on taking revenge on their cooler.

👤The lid hinges did break within the first year, but I contacted Igloo and they shipped me the STAINLESS steel ones free of charge. I really would like to ask for more.

👤There is a big gap on the left side of the lid. The right side is okay. I don't think it will keep the cool for long.

👤Shortly after I received this cooler, I wrote a very positive review. The latches fell off. The cooler worked for us without the latches, but yesterday the lid fell off. I understand that things wear out, but we don't handle this cooler very well. It should have lasted more than a year.

👤The ice was gone 7 days before that. It was easier to hunt deer this year. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stay longer. I stayed for a few weeks. I went into town to get more ice. I used to go in for ice more often with my smaller cooler. I left my milk and pop set in the top open door so I could easily access it. I have nothing bad to say about this. I left the large ice bags outside on my trailer until I got the cooler set up in my cabin, then I carried the ice in. Other wise. I don't think I would have been able to handle it myself, but I was able to forget about it for a week in my living room with the exception of a short hose I left hooked up. Thanks to the extended cooler, we guys can spend our time hunting instead of driving into town every few nights for more ice.

👤I increased my rating after doing more research. There are two versions of the 100 quart. There are other sizes of Igloo coolers as well. The "Maxcold" and the "Quick and Cool". I have been happy with the Maxcold version for the last 10 years. I think it's the best performing cooler. I've owned. I bought the "Quick and Cool" thinking it was the same as the other one. The price of the "Quick and Cool" is much cheaper due to the different guts. The hollow hatch lid of the Q&C is a joke. It's hollow. The Q&C should hold ice half as long as possible. The Maxcold version is better in warmer weather. I don't understand why a company would make a cooler that doesn't have proper insulation just to hit a price point. If you want to get the Maxcold, I suggest avoiding this cheap version and spending more money. If you have the Q&C version, you will be happy to know that you can keep your stuff cold on camping trips, even if you don't have a lot of water.

4. Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler Quart

Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler Quart

The performance was leak proof. Ice can be kept up to 5 days in high temperatures. The capacity is up to 84 cans. Heavy-duty terrain wheels are easy to roll over. The have-a-seat lid supports up to 250 pounds. Cup holders are put in the lid to keep drinks close. The telescopic handle is for easy pulling and storage.

Brand: Coleman

👤I don't write reviews. The cooler's performance changed. I was looking for a cooler to keep my stuff cool. We have a tent camp and pop up camper, as well as a pontoon boat for lake days. I couldn't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a cheaper version of the popular sports coolers. It paid off because of the chance that was taken. Everything is cold the entire time during the weekend. The most recent trip was 3 days and it was humid. The temperature was still cold when we got home. There is a I recommend the Cooler Shock ice packs on Amazon because they are pre cooled. Depending on the outside temperature, you will be set for 3-6 days. If you need a cooler to keep things for more than a few days, then you should spend a lot. If you are like me, and the majority of everyone, you will get at least 3 days. Purchase this cooler and save your money. I have seen a few complaints about the handle, but as long as you don't try to use it to lift the cooler when it's full, then it will work.

👤From a name that used to mean quality, it should be great. It's mediocre and plastic. There is a The size is nice. It's a good size cooler that Walmart sells in-store for just $15 less. It's really hard to open a lid. There is a The plastic is not terrible, but everything wobbles. The moving parts are not secure. The back wall is slanted and it compromises the space inside. The construction and insulation claims seem dubious since it looks like they used off-the-shelf expanding foam in between the inner dark grey It's oozing out of every injection point and wasn't cleaned up well. There is a If the insides were more square, it could have been something special. It's not a bad price, but it's almost 100% plastic and there's no metal on it. It would be fine if it felt like a more premium plastic, but it feels like milk jug plastic. It's not thick plastic because of the way it bends on pressing.

👤I was going to go camping in Florida. It was in the 80s at day and 60s at night in October. I leave the cooler in my SUV so it doesn't get cold while I'm camping, but it does get warm in there. I put 15 lbs of ice in with my drinks and food on Thursday. The water was still cold on Sunday, but there was no ice. It didn't last 5 days like they said, but 3 days is better than my older coolers, which only last one day under the same conditions. It's a much better value than Yeti. The cooler is built to last and has a positive seal. I would recommend one to anyone.

👤The cooler is great, but it feels cheap and rarely goes up or down with ease, even though it is great. Not sure the product designer thought through the color. The black is reflecting heat from the sun. There is a We like the smaller footprint, the tight seal, and the cup holders on top. It was held in the well on the camping trip. There is a I'm not sure if I'd buy it again, but for the price, this will work.

5. Igloo Glide Cooler 110 Quart White

Igloo Glide Cooler 110 Quart White

If you prop the lid open, you can grab drinks with one hand. The cooler protects against sun damage. MaxCold 5 Day performance is provided by thick Ultratherm foam in the body and lid. Another industry. 50% less lifting effort is required for the horizontal telescopic handle. Soft-ride wheels make transportation easy. The handle has a cushion grip. The hinges are made of steel.

Brand: Igloo

👤I've used this product for about two and a half years and I've used it on many hunting and fishing trips. There is a The pros are affordable. The extendable handle is convenient. There is a large capacity. Light weight. It doesn't keep items cold for long. Ice can last a day or two. It isn't durable. I've used this cooler many times and it has served me well. This is not a multi-day cooler and will not keep ice for more than a day. The latches are not of good quality. After about 18 months of use, the first latch on my cooler broke. After 24 months of use, the second latch broke. There is a The wheels are sturdy. I rolled this cooler through some rough terrain and they have held up well. The slide-out handle is a nice addition, however, within the first 6 months it became difficult to pull out and push in. Would I recommend it? Only for light use and not extended trips. If you are going to buy a 120 dollar cooler, you should probably buy a 300 dollar cooler that will last you 10 years and hold ice longer. This is a viable option if you don't have the money to spend on one of those expensive coolers.

👤The cooler has some great features and does a good job of keeping food cool, if one uses a few tricks. We just finished a four day camping trip where the cooler stayed in the back of our minivan to prevent animals from getting to it. I iced the cooler with a layer of 11 x 11 cooler blocks in the bottom and three one gallon drinking water containers in the freezer. Meat products were separated from other items in a small painters bucket. There was 1/2 gal milk for the kids. It's a tip. Wrap the ice and food items with a blanket or thick towel and lay it over the top of the food. We had ice in the gallon jugs and ice cold milk for breakfast at the end of the fourth day, which was in the 80 degree range. On the fifth day, a temp probe showed 41 degrees in the cooler. I think it did great for the $'s and a little prep. There is a CON: When it's heavy, be aware of where and how you move the cooler, as you must be careful not to puncture the bottom exterior with rocks. The extension hands are amazing.

👤Works well. The place was filled with 50 lbs of ice, cold food and cold beer/wine coolers/soda on Wednesday. I did drain twice. The day was in the 80s and the night was in the 55s. I opened and closed it a lot. The top should be insulated. I'm happy with what it provides, and it's less likely to be stolen from a campsite, because it's $400 less than a similarly sized Yeti. Good hinges and locks. This cooler should last me a long time because I am not a power user or abusive.

6. Igloo Profile Quart Cooler Sandstone

Igloo Profile Quart Cooler Sandstone

Steel handles allow for easy, controlled lifting and carrying. Convenient bail handle folds into liner for easy stacking and storage. The portable cooler is perfect. The media slot is molded into the lid to hold a notebook or cell phone upright. The bail handle folds into a liner for easy stacking and storage. Cool riser technology improves cooling performance by elevating away from hot surfaces.

Brand: Igloo

👤I bought this cooler to use for a few days at a time. It's small enough to carry around. The sides and top are thick. I didn't have to take a loan to get one of the crazy cost roto molded 170 to 300 something coolers. I'm out only 28 bucks if someone takes this cooler. I did an ice test with 8 bottles of water from Saturday morning to Monday morning. The cooler was left on the back porch all the time. During the whole test, the cooler was opened maybe 8 times. The ice was completely melted. The drinks were still cold. The ice was pretty good on Sunday, but there were some chunks in it. It's an American made cooler. I don't want to spend 300 bucks on a cooler. Or even 189.00.

👤I use this cooler for my daytrips to shoot photos. It is able to keep everything cold for days at a time, on a single bag of ice, in hot weather. It is a medium size cooler that can fit 2 gallons, three 6 packs and lunch, or a couple bottles of wine and cheese. The people taking off stars because they are too large or small should have researched the dimensions online. It is unfair to give a poor rating because of customer error. A small tarp should be put over the leaking in the rain. Who leaves a cooler out in the rain? It's not fair to remove stars when you leave your cooler out in the rain. The handle is strong and I have no problem carrying this cooler loaded with ice and beverages. I love this cooler and it is made in the USA. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤Huge improvement! I work in the heating and cooling industry. You get hungry. I couldn't fit a salad container in my old box. The choice is yours.

👤My husband was looking for a cooler that he could sit on during breaks. The ones that felt like they were going to snap when you sat on them were not as sturdy as this one. He loves the cooler. A very happy customer.

👤This was sent in the mail. Fast delivery. The reviews are valid. This thing is offensive. I'm able to fit two gallon milk jugs side by side with a couple inches left over. I sat on it and it was very sturdy and didn't make any stress noises. The handle is sturdy and carries well. It's a steal for $20

👤Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a cooler? The cooler does its job. It sits in my truck all day long.

👤I like the cooler. A nice shape. There is a When it rains or snows, the water leaks right in as I work construction outside. The water in the cup holders runs into the cooler when you open the lid. There is a This will be a nice cooler if you are inside.

👤The mid size cooler is excellent. It's easy to carry big and deep. I use it to bring my lunch and drink to the beach. I keep my food and drinks nice and cold. Well made and sturdy. I paid $20 and it was a great value. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to my friends and family.

7. Igloo Playmate Industrial Diamond Exterior

Igloo Playmate Industrial Diamond Exterior

The cup holders are easy to access. It is engineered for performance and sturdiness. Excellent cooling performance. The performance was leak proof.

Brand: Igloo

👤This is the best lunch box I can find. It has a side button that you can use to open and close the lid. I hope they don't change because it's hard to find a side button in the past. The stupidest idea they have ever come up with is the change of the design to the easy push button on the handle up on top, because it was supper easy and effortless to open and close the lid. The push down button on the top handle would always open on its own and dump everything out of the lunch box. Here is the story, every single time, it is frustrating. My dad used to need a lunch box of this size on a daily basis because he worked at physically demanding jobs and needed a lunch box to bring to work. After 20 years of using the same lunch box, he decided to get a new one because it became so old and used that it was starting to chip. My boyfriend needs a lunch box for work and I found an amazing design again. I bought my dad and my boyfriend a lunch box that my dad used for 20 years and he immediately threw the other one away, because he was so happy that I got him the lunch box design that he remembers and used for 20 years. I hope this doesn't go away, because I have this one on my wish list. I don't like when they change a design that works so well and make it worse, like don't change the wheel to a square you idiot. Only get the design of the lunch box, not the top handle button.

👤Just got this. I haven't brought it with me yet. There is a I wanted to let you know that this is a nice buy. It has a lot of room, nice construction and doesn't weigh a ton. I didn't care if it came with "the boss" or "big boss", I didn't care. There is a It is large enough to hold enough drinks, food and snacks for me when I am out on the road driving my truck. Take a look at the pictures.

👤My son is working in the hot Missouri summers and I bought this for him. It's working out great for him so far. The lid slides and doesn't come off completely because he lost the lid to his last cooler and forgot to lock it, but I liked that it came off and out of the back of the truck. A person working outside without a refrigerator can use this cooler. He takes a Igloo Sport water jug with him, but by midday it's empty, so he uses a cooler to keep his extra water nice and cold. You can get at least eight bottles in the cooler if you just carry water. My son usually has a lunch that includes two bottles of Powerade, two bottles of water, and a cooler that has ice on it. I purchased several Igloo Maxcold Medium Ice Blocks to go in the cooler and four fit almost perfect on each side of the cooler, we also add a bit of ice over the top of everything once the cooler is completely packed for. If you're looking for a cooler that's big enough to hold food and drinks for a full day of outside work, this is a good option, if you just need something to hold a couple drinks plus your lunch, I'd go with the smaller 7 quart option. There is a If you're looking for a cooler that says "THE BOSS", you need to order ASIN# B07WH7YY4N.

8. Cooler Shock Lunch Size Packs

Cooler Shock Lunch Size Packs

The ideal size is 22 x 26 x 34. Their ice packs are lasting cold and can keep your favorite foods and drinks chilled for 48 hours. It is easy to fill these thin cooler packs. Once you add water, shake, screw cap on, and freeze, you're done. The Strong ice packs were voted the #1 ice pack in the competition. LUNCH COOLER - Use these small ice packs for lunch bags and small coolers to keep your favorite sandwich or salad cool throughout the day at work, school, or on an outdoor adventure! These ice packs are intended to make life easier on-the-go. Reach out to their support team if you have any questions about the freezer pack set.

Brand: Cooler Shock

👤I love this product. I work from 12 to 20 hours a day and I can keep food cold for 20 hours a day. Which is amazing. I was expecting them to last as long as I expected. I bought two of them in April and they are leaking out the gel stuff. See the photo. I want to contact the company to see if they can replace the two that broke in less than 3 months. These are great. There is an update. The seller replaced the two that had cracked with no questions asked after I contacted them. They arrived in perfect condition after they shipped out. It would be a good idea.

👤If you are like me, you have been waiting for Cooler Shock to release a small-size version of their cooler pack for lunch bags, this is what you need in your life right now. Two months ago after I bought the medium pack, I came across a comment from a Cooler Shock rep that they are working on a small size, and that they are currently working on it. After an entire day at the office, I'll come home and my drink is still frozen. I had to fold the edges of the pack to get it to fit in my lunch bag because it was too large in both dimensions. There is a The solution is here. This lunch bag size cooling pack uses the same tried and true material as other Cooler Shock packs, which can absorb an enormous amount heat without itself warming up. I had all 5 small packs set up in 10 minutes, which was less than the time it took to prepare 4 medium packs with an iron. Unless you have a lunch bag for ants, this size will fit all lunch bags. This cooler pack will fit if you put a typical-sized tupperware in your lunch bag. I can confirm 10 hours of cooling after using it for a few days. If you work 9 - 5, you can keep food at a safe temperature all day long. It won't have the same cooling duration as the medium pack, but it's enough for lunch bags. There is a Not ideal for use in ice chests. The large and medium versions of the Cooler Shock are for that. There is a If you've used Cooler Shock's other packs before, you know how good they are, and you won't be disappointed in the lunch bag packs. It's the same thing. The results of my test of the Cooler Shock in an insulated lunch bag, sitting in a room kept at 70F, were shown in the picture. The ice pack began at 4F, reached 32F at 10 hours, and reached 40F after 12.2 hours, corroborating reviews from others who reported the ice packs lasting up to 12 hours.

👤The ice packs stayed frozen for 8 hours in my insulated lunch boxes. They worked great for traveling with frozen breastmilk. I was hoping that I could empty, refill and freeze again so that I could travel with these packs, but they don't meal-refill, so you can't.

9. Arctic Zone Freeze Zipperless Hardbody

Arctic Zone Freeze Zipperless Hardbody

The garden has decorative pebbles. The Rock Garden has a Zen Garden. Deep Freeze high performance insulation has a heat barrier. Patented, "flip open" lid allows for quick access to food and drinks. Ultra Safe leak proof interior lining and insulated front pocket. The Rhino-Tech water and stain resistant, wipe clean exterior will not crack over time. The Backsaver shoulder strap has a shoulder pad. (L x W x H) 10.25′′

Brand: Arctic Zone

👤I had this cooler shipped overnight and paid an extra 6.98 for it. The reviews were good and told me not to spend my money on expensive ones. My mistake. I traveled to the campground with twelve cans and three trays of ice in my cooler. The ice was already melted when I opened the cooler for the first time at 5pm. I was angry that the description of the ice holding up to 2 days was not accurate. I bought ice for a while and it melted after a few hours. I'll be buying a bison or yeti. I hope this is helpful and that Amazon posts it.

👤I decided to purchase after reading reviews. Many people claim it keeps ice for a while. Maybe it would happen at a football tailgate. I like the toplatch. One handed operation is easy. I just keep my beer cold and I don't care about appearance. Which it doesn't. 30 already cold cans and 10 lbs of ice. It was placed in my boat. The ice on the lake was gone by the time you got to the lake. It was a warm day, but my food cooler which was right next to this one had all of its ice still. By the time the campfire came, my beer was warm, the food I had to grill from my other cooler was still frozen solid, and I felt deceived.

👤The previous version of this cooler failed because of the zip. The only soft sided cooler I could find that had the hard plastic liner was this one. The liner is perfect so you can stuff this cooler where a hard plastic wouldn't fit and a soft liner wouldn't get crushed along with anything inside that wasn't a bottle or can. The plastic divider that helps keep items near the top is the only thing we don't like about this cooler. It used to be a tray with sides that blocked the full inside height of the cooler. If you want to stack containers to the top of the cooler, you have to remove the tray every time you want to get something out of the bottom, because the new cooler divider is just a flat plastic tray. We have an old tray that we will use. This cooler is a great one with no zip to wear out and extra storage pockets, it should be with us for a long time.

👤I love the cooler. I have been shopping for a great cooler for the boat and found this one, I bought several and then found this one. It's the best! It's easy to carry to the dock. It has a hard liner on the inside so it won't leak. Medium size is perfect, not huge but not small. I love this... It has a flip-open lid like a hard plastic cooler instead of a zip up like all other soft-sided coolers you can carry with a should strap. It's so awesome. When I need a separate drink and food cooler for larger groups, I will buy a second one.

10. Coleman Performance Cooler 48 Quart Blue

Coleman Performance Cooler 48 Quart Blue

The telescopic handle is for easy pulling and storage. Tall enough to carry 2 liter bottles upright. HCFCs, HFCs, and CFCs are not contained in Therm ozone insulation. Getting to your favorite treats is easier with the hinges on the lid. 2 way handles for easier carrying.

Brand: Coleman

👤The cooler is advertised as having low CO2 insulation. It is insulated with air, that is a lot of words. There is no foam insulation in this cooler. The walls are hollow. There is a A hollow sound is caused by tapping the cooler. I put a low power flashlight against the outside of the cooler to see if the light could go through to the inside. You can see it in my pictures. The pics were taken in a bright room.

👤The cooler is great for the price. I used it to make a cooler box.

👤I ordered two Coleman ice chests to back up my older 100 quart ice chests. It's just a small thing for a day trip. It was a disappointment. There is nolatch on the lid. It was difficult to open and I'm strong. The hinges on the back of the ice chest are cheap and not long for this world. The most annoying thing is that the lid won't stay open. Coleman, gee. It would be a royal pain to load and unload this ice chest. Over the years, I've bought a lot of Coleman things, from camp stove to water jugs to tents. Coleman thinks that this product represents what they used to stand for. I don't know if this would have kept things cold for a long time. I ordered two of them at the same time, opened one box, and put them in for a return within 15 minutes. I never opened the other box.

👤I really expected more out of a Coleman cooler. I expected a bird's nest to come out when I removed it from the box. I gave it a chance. I was beginning to question the quality of the product, as the handles felt flimsy to me, especially given the weight they advertised it would support. I carefully lifted my cooler from the dock onto my boat. When the handle snapped in two, almost half the contents ended up in the locker. Several fish were burping and swimming crooked after my loss. I never buy cheap stuff, but I thought it wouldn't be a problem. The reason I bought this product is because of the name and the size, and I wanted to make sure that it fit comfortably in the compartment behind the steering column. I'm wondering if Yeti makes the same thing. I know that would work. My only recommendation for this product is not to use it.

👤I needed a basic cooler that I could build a rolling patio cooler cart from. There is a drain that could be plumbed into a hose spigot. There is a I filled the cooler with expanding foam to help insulate it because the lid is hollow plastic. I found the idea at Fix

👤It was bought 2. Made a cheap cat house for our cats. Needed something to keep them warm when it was cold. A quick and affordable solution is to cut a hole and drape the end with a heavy material. I suppose you could use it to keep beer cool.

11. Igloo 40369 Iceless Thermoelectric 28 Quart

Igloo 40369 Iceless Thermoelectric 28 Quart

The swing-up bale handle has a comfort grip. Two handed carrying or lifting can be done with these side handles. There are 32 cans and 26 quarts. Good universal fit in 12V outlet for 8' long power cord for portable use. The cigarette lighter in your car can be used to cool off without ice, as well as keeping the contents fresh and dry. The temperature is taken down to 36F below the surrounding air. You have more room for food and drinks without ice.

Brand: Igloo

👤I'm happy with the cooler so far. I had a 40 watt light bulb. Coleman cooler. I like the size of this one because I can put it on the passenger side or back seat. The other one was too large. I am going to debunk some of the reviews I read. The thermoelectric coolers are not designed to keep food and drinks cold. I use frozen ice packs for those who are disappointed. They keep things colder than the thermoelectric cooler. Natural seams in the plastic are what caused the cracks in the lid. When the lid is open and closed, the seams open slightly. That is normal. It's not a design flaw. The plug was getting too hot and melting in one review. I'm pretty sure that was a bad plug. After running for 8 hours, I found it to be warm. I will keep an eye on it to see if there are any cracks.

👤It works well. Good size. I've used coolers like this for 20 years. Keep your expectations realistic. There is a The coolers draw around 4 Amps. There is a The Amazon price is better for Igloo coolers than the two larger Truck Stop chains. You can usually find a replacement power cord at the truck stops. There is a The cooler will take 4-5 hours to cool down. Plug it in and expect miracles, don't fill it with warm items. If you wipe out the condensation in the cooler when it's running over long periods of time, you can avoid the ice problems you sometimes experience. I will periodically unplugged my cooler and let it 'drefrost' a bit, and then wipe it out with a few paper towers. I keep canned soda and bottled water in the bottom of the cooler. The cooler's carry over capacity is extended by this. It's unplugged for a while. There is a If you keep items in the cooler, you want to make sure the cooler is running. The power plug has a light on it. I try to position the plug so I can see the light when driving, and also place my hand over the exhaust vent at times to feel the fan is working. There is a The fan is the only moving part of the cooler that will wear out eventually. I get 1-2 years of use before the fan dies, or slows down enough to need to be replaced, if I use them in a truck for 300 days a year or more.

👤Since summer is coming in, I had to buy a cooler for my truck. I chose this one over many others. There is a It's solid and operates quietly. It does what it's suppose to do. I usually start it in the morning after I plug it in. I have had it for over a week now and it has not been a problem. There is a It's a bit small for me. I'm buying a big 40 quart one for my brother and I'm giving it to him. There is a It was so good. There were no problems. I haven't had an issue with the power melting down and not being able to handle it, though I have read reviews about it. The cord is strong. There is a If you just drop the lid, it won't shut. You have to push it to close. Take a look at the pics.


What is the best product for decorative ice chests and coolers?

Decorative ice chests and coolers products from Coleman. In this article about decorative ice chests and coolers you can see why people choose the product. Igloo and Cooler Shock are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ice chests and coolers.

What are the best brands for decorative ice chests and coolers?

Coleman, Igloo and Cooler Shock are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ice chests and coolers. Find the detail in this article.

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