Best Decorative Index Cards 3x5 Blank

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1. AmazonBasics Blank Index Cards White

AmazonBasics Blank Index Cards White

They can be used to decorate wreath, crafts, vase, Christmas trees and other things, and they are the right products to bring you a holiday spirit and foil the atmosphere. 10 packs of 100 index cards are ideal for home, classroom, or office. It was made of 11 pt. Economy weight paper is made from recycled fiber and post consumer fiber. blank on both sides for writing or drawing The card is 3 by 5 inches. Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These aren't index cards. These are sheets of paper. They're very thin, flexible, and worthless for anything you'd use index cards for. The surface of their cards is rough. Do not buy them.

👤I was not happy with their lack of thickness. I would be happy if they were normal thickness.

👤I should have read the reviews. I didn't think you could mess up 3x5 cards. Unless you have them sitting on a dark background, you can see them right through. You can see what's written on the other side if there is a light behind them. I think they're heavier than 20 lbs stock. Not as heavy as a common piece of paper. I was going to use my extras to make little flip books, but they're too thin for that. I don't know what they would be useful for.

👤This product is not strong. It is not durable. I bought these because I thought it would be better than using sheets of paper, but it seems I just bought it precut.

👤The stock used in these index cards is much lighter-weight than normal for index cards. They are not stiff enough to be used as index cards, and they bend very easily. The card stock is stiff, but they are almost like stiff paper. In my case, I had same day delivery, which is an advantage.

👤I bought this pack of a thousand because I use a lot of index cards. The thickness is better than I expected. These are not a very thick index card if you are looking for a heavy card. I can use the blank index cards with my laserjet printer. The index cards are fed through the printer just like any other stack of paper. I have had index cards that were thinner than these that my printer would pick up 2 at a time. The index cards are automatically fed through the printer one at a time, and I haven't had any issues with that. I use felt markers to draw on the cards. When using the marker to fill in an area, I have not had a problem with ink bleeding through to the backside of the card. There was no bleed through when I drew 4 layers of dark colored marker on top of the last one. I'm impressed.

👤Not much to say about these. They're blank and white. They are flimsier than I thought they would be. I don't know anything about paper weights. Economy weight paper is meaningless to me, but how do you measure a slice of paper? It's not card stock or stock thickness, it's thicker than printer paper, so for everyone who doesn't know that, that's what that means. When you bend a piece of paper or stock back and forth and it makes a paper popping sound, I would put it in the higher pitch range.

👤The index cards are getting bad reviews. The people buying them are not regular buyers of index cards. I have been buying index cards for 30 years. The quality isn't what it was 30 years ago, but that's the sad reality with everything. 30 years ago they were thinner. All modernly manufactured index cards I've purchased are like this. Don't expect heavy linen stock from pre- WWI if you buy them. Sheesh.

2. Oxford Blank Color Index Cherry

Oxford Blank Color Index Cherry

100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you an exchange or money back. Use bright, color-coded cards to store it. You can study and prepare in the classic 3 x 5 size. You can draw on each side of the blank cards. A pack of 100 cards in cherry. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Esselte

👤These are small notecards. There is a They are thicker than paper, but not as thick as card-stock. I folded one in half to make it look like a table. There is a The seller's photo makes them look darker than they are. I adjusted the exposure on the photo to make it look like they are in person. They are a shade of DUSTY ROSE and look lighter in the light. Please don't expect them to be any type of red or cherry. I was hoping they'd be red to go with Christmas cards this year. I will use them for other purposes, as they are your basic notecard.

👤I bought these for a wedding tradition in my family, every guest gets 2 cards, one for the back of the wedding album and one to say out loud and toss in the fire pit as a blessing, and these were perfect, and we had to buy 2. You don't feel disappointed.

👤Not impressed with the cards. They were being used for a word wall in the classroom. They will be laminated to make them more durable. These cards are paper thin. The color is pink and not red.

👤I ordered them because of feedback that they are more rose colored than cherry. They are a dark rose. Not enough light to be pastels, but not as dark as cherries. It was perfect for my needs. Good weight. They hold up to a lot of handling. I use various colored index cards to make flash cards for study. I'm always studying. These are good quality cards.

👤These are flimsy and not red or cherry. They are pink.

👤The index cards are thick. Words don't come out when I write in ink.

👤I bought these to use in my classroom. I bought 3 different colors. It's great to use for name tags. On both sides they are blank.

👤It's perfect for the recipes I download.

👤This was a well made product which was thicker than I thought. This one was a decent price compared to other similar products.

3. Oxford Blank Index Cards 10013

Oxford Blank Index Cards 10013

Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon. Blank cards are perfect for studying. You can study and prepare in the classic 3 x 5 size. The pack is in classic white. Stock up on school supplies. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Oxford

👤The paper is slightly heavier than copy paper. I have wasted my money. It would not have occurred to me that an index card would be so light. I can't use them and I don't think I can return them. I will if I can.

👤Is it possible to sell this as index cards? Someone cut a heavier than generic printer paper into smaller rectangles and put "Index cards" on it. Ball point pens have no back light. Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip bleeds through even if there is no back light. Flat on the table or surface.

👤When we got our shipment of these Bright Beautiful index cards, we decided that they might not be good for holding back the water because they were not so thick as we thought. Even though we like the white color and thought it might help bring in more light during the day, they wouldn't hold back the water because they're too self-absorbed. If you're one of the many families that own a baby beaver, I would recommend buying thicker wood so your baby will have a dry place to sleep this winter. We made paper airplanes with them and we shot them at the birds to keep them away from us, so they wouldn't catch us and eat us for dinner. Thank you for your love for the family.

👤If you're looking for a stiff card, look elsewhere. These are not as thick as my printer paper. The felt tip marker bleeds. This is a pre-cut index card sized paper that is low cost. I don't mind how thin and sheer these are because I'm using them to teach my child to read. It's not a big deal to replace cheap cards as they inevitably become wrinkled, folded, or lost, and I can try new words without fear. I wouldn't use these for flashcards where the answer needs to be hidden.

👤The cards are low in weight and quality. I can't return it because I opened it. They're cheap and rough to the touch, which means ink will bleed. Don't get these if you want smooth note cards. Maybe my kid can use them for school projects. You get a lot of them, but what's the point?

👤These are not actually index cards. They appear to be copy paper. The paper is flimsy. If you want to write answers on the back, they are useless. I opened the packages and the cards were already curling. They crease easily while handling. It was too inexpensive and used to return. I will not buy them again.

👤Absolutely not an index card. Everyone knows what an index card is. They have not changed in 50 years. These are pieces of paper. An index card is the best. I am not happy.

👤I should have read the reviews before buying this pack, it seems like other customers have the same issue as I do. These are not "index" cards. The paper stock is very thin. I was going to use these as flash cards, but they are too thin. The stock is slightly heavier than regular paper. They are not very rigid. They are in the middle of something. This product is a waste of money.

4. Penta Angel Kraft Business Message

Penta Angel Kraft Business Message

It is made in the USA. The paper card is 3.5 x 2.1inch. Can be used as a name card, thank you card, luggage tags, message notes, bookmarks, hanging tags and more.

Brand: Penta Angel

👤The product is not of good quality. The cards are advertised as business cards, but they are not of the quality that is advertised. These cards are cut from construction paper. They appear dirty. I like their size and will keep them. I won't order any more. I hoped to do that.

👤I originally described it as a wooden box for keeping them well until all used up. It was a hard to keep plastic bag. Where is my box?

👤They are not the color online. I bought these because they looked bright, like neon blue or aquamarine, and they were a dull Baby blue. Would have bought another color. I have to spend more money for another color.

👤These would be great for the price tags on furniture. There is a hole in the string or tie. One side is smooth and the other side is rough. A standard business card has the same size. The thickness is the same as a printed business card. It would be great to leave notes around the house for a high maintenance spouse. It's easy to use as "Thank you" notes. These were great bookmarks with notes.

👤These cards are a huge time saver for me because I am a crafter. I use my stamps on these cards. I don't have to die cut pieces of paper. The price is worth it for 100 cards. The white and beige cards were ordered by me.

👤There is a glossy side. It has rounded edges that I like. The thickness of a business card. You can't use gel ink because it will smudge. I only use a regular roller pen. I have a marker that works for me. I ordered a new pack.

👤These were used as thank you notes. One side is glossy while the other is dull. When writing with a pen, you must allow time to dry so it doesn't smudge. The paper looks more opaque when the ink is dry on the matt side.

👤I had no issues writing with various ink on both sides. Don't let the gel ink dry unless you want it to smudge. The size and shape was perfect for what I needed. The card stock is durable. It's a good thing.

5. Spacious Recipe Cards 3x5 Kraft Like

Spacious Recipe Cards 3x5 Kraft Like

The green floral design of Mint flowers is featured on the back of the index cards with ring. Everyone can use this study buddy set. The smallest version of their most spacious recipe card design is perfect! The layout is simple and elegant and has enough space for bigger handwriting. There are lines on the back of the design. Premium blank recipe cards are 3 X 5 inches. The design is attractive. Extra savings can be achieved by having 50 recipe cards in a set. It is made in the USA. It's easy to write on. It is possible to write on a special 14pt thick card stock with any type of pen, marker, or pencil without being smudged or bleeding to the other side. DISCLAIMER: This is not an official statement. The paper is printed on heavy cardstock with a kraft-like look. It's perfect for home, gift, or trinket shower, and includes: recipe book, recipe binder, recipe covers, recipe box, and 3x5 recipe cards. It's perfect for house-warming parties or to send with invitations. 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you an exchange or money back.

Brand: Neatz

👤These cards are what I was hoping for. I bought them to use with a recipe book binder that came with cards because I preferred the more spacious layout, subdued tones, and warm design. The pink and white cards have less space on the front than the Neatz cards, which have more space. The features at the top are more thought out than just a notes section. These are sturdy and cute. I think they will age well and become a trademark of my kitchen.

👤I ordered the recipe cards because I wanted a way to keep my family's favorite recipes organized. I was surprised by the quality of the cards. They are the perfect thickness for handling in the kitchen. The front and back of the book are for the ingredients and cooking directions. The small leaf detail in the upper right hand corner is lovely, but the card does not have a lot of valuable space taken up with graphics. These are the best recipe cards I have tried, and I will be ordering them again when I need more.

👤I started a cookbook in a scrap book. I had been cutting out paper and writing my recipes on them, but I wanted something more structured and uniform. I thought about making a template and cutting them out, but decided I would have to buy the paper anyways so it wouldn't be that much more frugal. I enjoyed writing down all the recipes that I had printed. It made me want to bake and cook again. There is a The paper is thick and the printing is good. I like the way the cards are decorated. There are two columns on the front that can be used for recipes with wet and dry ingredients. There was enough space for normal recipes, but my sourdough and canning recipes have enough steps that I had to be strategic. I think it's reasonable that I'll have to use two cards for the more complicated ones. I am very satisfied with the cards, even if there were a few that had only the back instructions printed.

👤These cards are great. The fill in fields at the top are meaningful, the lines are plentiful, and I love how you can separate ingredients from directions on the front of the card. The back of the card is lined and can hold more notes and directions. The thickness of the card stock is amazing. The design is simplistic. They are excellent.

👤My mom has always been a great cook, but with her age she has been struggling to remember how to make certain dishes. I got her these so we could sit down and enjoy her cooking for a long time.

👤I like more room for ingredients and directions, and I prefer not to have the section for time needed. I used a Sharpie gel pen and didn't have any trouble with it.

👤I was looking for recipe cards that had information at the top of the card, such as prep time, total time, where the recipe is from and how many it serves. The preheat oven temperature was missing. The directions section is separated from the ingredients section. It also has minimal designs, which can take up too much space when you are writing a recipe. I was looking for a card that was close to what I was looking for, and this one was the closest I could find.

6. Home Advantage Index Cards Blank

Home Advantage Index Cards Blank

The product dimensions are 5 5/8" X 8 1/4" X 4. ADVANTAGE: Enjoy unleashing your creativity with these blank note cards. Each revision card is a blank canvas that can be used to create a variety of applications. There are 50 index cards per pack. The card stock paper is thick and heavy duty. Function: These pocket note cards can be used to make plain recipe cards, flash cards, invitations, postcards, record cards, and greeting cards. You can use horizontal index cards or vertical index cards to organize and file data. It was designed and made in the U.S.A.

Brand: Home Advantage

👤These are heavy. The description says they are not covered. They definitely have a coating, as a photographer who prints at home. I would describe them as between luster and semi-gloss, leaning more towards the luster finish. These are not photo quality cards, so they won't absorb the ink in the same way. I made a test out of it. It took a while for the ink to dry. I would not return the package for an $8 item, it would not be worth the time and postage.

👤The Brother printer will work with the 5" x 7" card stock, but it will have a slight curl that can be removed by bending the cards in the opposite direction. It works well with ink jet printers because of the smooth, bright white finish on the card stock surface. The 5 x 7 card stock can be accommodated with ease by the 5 x 7 envelope. USPS standard rates can be used for these. It's a great option for the creative type who wants to send a personal note to a friend.

👤I've been looking for index cards that don't smudge and these are hands down the best! The felt tip pens and fountain pens were tested and the ink was immediately dried. The quality is excellent.

👤I used these to make postcards that met USPS standards and were qualified for postcard rate. I used colored ink and Sharpies to write on one side and on the other side. The colors and text on the card stock were not bleed through. The card stock was free of flaws. These cards are recommended by me.

👤The index cards are blank on both sides. I would not want them to be any thicker. They're great, they slide over each other easily enough to rifle through my flashcards that I made from them for class, but they also stay in a neat stack when I place them on the table. Excellent product. They were wrapped in plastic to keep them that way.

👤I liked that it was strong. The marker ink did not bleed through. This is a great product. I used it to make identification badges for my students. It was perfect in the ID holder.

👤Walmart is out of stock, but it is overpriced. These were delivered within 24 hours. There were no complaints from me.

👤These cards are amazing. I used them for my nursing clinicals and they are very sturdy, thick, and the perfect size.

👤50 4x6 inch index cards were described. I received small cards. What should I do with these?

7. Color Paper Business Cards Cr04

Color Paper Business Cards Cr04

Each of the blank flash cards is made with a high-quality paper material that won't easily carry ink to the other side. Acid free paper. There are 10 colors: cream, yellow, pink, light purple, red, and sky blue. There are 11 colors: ivory, cream, yellow, pink, light purple, red purple, yellow green, sky blue, red, andKraft.

Brand: Ppappappiyo

👤I use these little cards for a lot of different things. The paper is thick and light, and it's great for taking ink, marker, and even paint. Even the dark ones like brown and forest green will show blue and black writing with plenty of contrast. I leave my kids a quote of the day and they use those cards as bookmarks.

👤I only gave it 3 stars because I can't use them for business cards. I bought them because of that. They will work well for price tags for my gifts. There is a I will have to draw and write them all, because they don't work with Cricut machines for printing. They might come with different markers. There is a If it takes longer to write them out with my information, I will not buy them again.

👤I needed to write a brief hello on them and put in announcement cards for friends and family. A small colorful card was written to say "Have missed seeing you" because a bigger card or letter would have been too much in the envelope. "Here's our news!" or something like that.

👤These are great when making homemade greeting cards. When I need a quick card, I just take an already stamped card and adhere double sided tape to one of the already stamped little greetings, and the card is finished. I have purchased 2,000 of these to use.

👤I would have liked them to come on a sheet of paper so they could be printed. They are large enough for my needs.

👤I wanted to do something with the business cards so they were perfect. Some of the colors are too dark for the ink I'm using, which is the reason for the 4 star rating.

👤The color and quality were beyond expectations. The edges are clean. Membership cards are perfect for my use. I'm not sure what to do with printing on cards.

👤I used them to make scratch offs. I have never used a printer. They worked well for me.

8. AmazonBasics Ruled Assorted Colored 300 Count

AmazonBasics Ruled Assorted Colored 300 Count

A pack of neon index cards. It's ideal for color-coding projects, creating flash cards, studying, and more. Quality is engineered with edges that are perfect for uniform size. Ruled for easy note taking. Measures 3 by 5 by 2.5 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Is it possible to read reviews for index cards? C'mon. I'm writing them, but I don't know what to say. These are cards that are used. They are bright colored. They feel like index cards. I would like to add some meat to this review. Did you know that Carl Linnaeus created index cards? He needed a way to organize information in the 1760's. He innovated with index cards because he was considered the "Father of modern taxonomy" and because he was tedious in categorizing an enormous amount of data. How cool is that? These have been around for hundreds of years. I think it's safe to say that index cards have reached their peak.

👤The paper is barely thicker than the printer paper. Sending back. Someone needs to tell these people that index cards are supposed to be strong.

👤I ordered 2 sets of this product at the same time I ordered 4x6 white, 500-count index cards. This was a part of our purchases for twins. The package for the NEON cards is mislabeled, so I now have 4,000 white index cards. I have tried before with Amazon Customer Service. I have not received the advertised product I paid for, and my first two attempts have not been successful.

👤AmazonBasic's cards are pre-sorted to fit inside a small, white tea bag insert box so that they can be used every day. The importance of index cards to review unit terms, definitions, theories, vital facts, and citations for upcoming quizzes and exams is underscored. Medical and law students use index cards more than any other tool to memorize. A study tip is to draw a simple symbol next to each word written on a unlined side of an index card so that the learner can instantly associate the symbol next to the word which will come to mind faster. I am coining this study tip at in the style of Mnenomics. Have a great year. Signed, Scotspiration.

👤It's not thick enough to handle permanent marker. They were used for flash cards, where the Vocab word was written on one side in permanent marker and could be seen through the other side. I wrote the definition on the other side with permanent marker and it turned out to be ugly. I used a pen instead. It was kind of a disappointment.

👤It serves the purpose to use as flash cards. It is a bit too bright colored for me and not as sturdy as a paper, it is mid way through. It's fine for me to use flash cards. The marker could be seen through the other side. The other inks worked well. There are 25 cards in each of the 4 colors.

👤I needed a lot of lined note cards to help an international university student with their English skills. There is a They are packaged 100 per pack, three packs. I don't want to have all these loose cards around when I need them. Four bright colors help me if I am grouping words together for a great price. There is a One caveat now. These are light and not very heavy. They bend more easily than most. These are a good buy if that isn't an issue.

9. Tupalizy Business Double Sided Vocabulary Scrapbookings

Tupalizy Business Double Sided Vocabulary Scrapbookings

Each color is 20 pieces, the total is 100 pieces. There is a double-sided card available. The sides of the cards are writable and you can leave a message, paint a mini cartoon picture, keep these in a purse and so on. Blank paper cards can be used for business cards, word card, message card, inspiration card, listing card, name cards, place address cards, flash cards, little notes, reminders, craft labels, gift tags, wedding favour tags, birthday gift tags, clothing tags, bookmark tags, necklaces Business cards with blank paper are great for many occasions. It can be done according to your idea.

Brand: Tupalizy

👤The white paper was the only color I could write on. The other colors made any pen to smudge. My sharpie didn't work well. I thought I would be able to write small thank you cards, but couldn't use a pen.

👤I decided to make my own cards. I thought these cards would make it easier to make die cut cards for the outside and inside of my cards. My hunch was correct. The cards are better than I expected. They are the right size to use as sentiments for my cards and the thickness is the same as using my stamps. The ink from the stamps won't come through. I don't need to bring out my dies anymore to make these small cards.

👤These little cards were what I needed to make decorative memory verse cards. I attached the memory verse printouts to the cards and put them in a decorative holder. These cards are multi functional and can be used in many different ways. Quality little card for projects, not thin and flimsy.

👤These little cards are adorable. The thickness is similar to a card stock paper. One side is glossy and the other is matt. The value is great for the price.

👤Appropriate size and varied colors. The pen ink smudges on the shiny surface and it's difficult to write on it.

👤Excellent quality, nice and thick colors are pretty. I love them!

👤These cards are not useful, we purchase them to do a project for my daughter, they will get messy as the ink won't dry up, and they are not good or useful. We were very disappointed in this purchase.

👤It isn't right for certain pens because of a bit more "sheen" than I anticipated. Good for felt tips. Nice cards.

10. Primbeeks Premium Double Sided Available Business

Primbeeks Premium Double Sided Available Business

Text and images can be added to both sides of the printing. What's inside? The package comes with 300 pcts of premium cards. Each card can be used twice, with the double-sided option. The quality is high. The word cards are made from high quality paper and have no bleed through. BLANK KRAFT CARDS These blanks cards are great for helping with homework and studying difficult words. There is multi usage. These index cards can be used as student words cards, business cards, name cards, message cards, thank you card, gift card, inspiration card, listing card, message notes, bookmarks, luggage tags, thanksgiving card, ideal for Christmas, Halloween, wedding, engagement, baby shower and exhibition Nostalgia style cards are great for home, office, party, and more.

Brand: Primbeeks

👤The blank business cards did not arrive as ordered. Small micro businesses have a lot of work to do on late 1 day. There is a The cards were supposed to be rounded, but some have sharp edges and some have rounded edges, as you can see in the photo attachment. Very bad quality. I have no choice but to use them because they are late. I will not be ordering from you again.

👤The quality is not very good.

👤I couldn't use them for earring backings like I had with the same product from a different seller. Business cards are even flimsy. Won't buy again.

👤I was willing to give it a try because I knew it wouldn't be easy to print on already cut out cards. There is a The cards are small and can't be fed through a printer, so we used our cricut to print them. The ink will smudge and blur after it has been printed. They are not very good for writing on to them.

👤I have only used two of them so far. They make perfect name cards. You can tie the card to the wire with a hand punch.

👤These are better than I thought. They are perfect for the project I have in mind and came very fast. We have begun using them. Thanks! The size of a credit card is larger than a business card. The coating is semi flat.

👤I bought these thinking they were the same thickness as some other cards I've bought before. I was not happy with the way I compared them. When you stack 10 cards together, you can see the difference. I will probably go back to the thicker cards on my next purchase because these cards will work for my purpose.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I am using these cards as flash cards and they are perfect. I needed a size and material that I could use for a long time. I needed small cards that were comfortable for me to sort through quickly and easily. The specifications of these small cards are ideal for me. I'm very happy to have found them. They come in packs of 50.

11. Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

It was designed and made in the U.S.A. The blank cards are a great option for homework, study routines, notes, recipes, presentations, and projects. You will receive 250 blank flashcards in the value pack. The perfect size is 2 x 3.5 inches and is ideal for studying on the go or for easy storage. Add these blank notecards to your studies. Each of the blank flash cards is made with a high-quality paper material that won't easily carry ink to the other side.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought these cards to practice for the exam. I hate having white flash cards, but I really like the look of them. I like studying with a neutral color. They are easy to carry and work well for what they are. I wish the color was a little bit lighter. The dark brown hides the regular pen ink.

👤These are what I need for my thank you cards. There is a They are the size of a business card. I know they will fit any package I use.

👤The cards were not in the packaging. The thickness is not the same as credit cards. I bought a lousy quality item.

👤They are blank cards. Not too thin and not too thick. I don't know what I'm going to use them for. They will come in handy someday.

👤There was a pack of cards in the delivery box. The cards seem to be in good shape. I was annoyed they weren't sealed together and didn't bother to count if all of them were included in the delivery.

👤Not bad. Good card for what you need. There is a An easy shuffle is doable if you want to use these at a blackjack table.

👤I need these cards for different gifts. They are great! Will buy again.

👤You can use these for a lot of different things. I like how easy it is to write on them.


What is the best product for decorative index cards 3x5 blank?

Decorative index cards 3x5 blank products from Amazon Basics. In this article about decorative index cards 3x5 blank you can see why people choose the product. Esselte and Oxford are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative index cards 3x5 blank.

What are the best brands for decorative index cards 3x5 blank?

Amazon Basics, Esselte and Oxford are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative index cards 3x5 blank. Find the detail in this article. Penta Angel, Neatz and Home Advantage are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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