Best Decorative Index Cards 3x5

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1. Find Assorted 288 Pack Chevron FT07589

Find Assorted 288 Pack Chevron FT07589

It is made in the USA. Their tabbed index cards help organize your contacts and recipes. Ruled like standard index cards, but with 3 tab positions. Tabs on index cards can be used as guides. Tabs make it easy to view and retrieve. The metal box is ideal for storing index cards, recipes, pictures and more.

Brand: Find It

👤I like to gather my notes on index cards because it's easier to organize and sort them. I prefer to organize my boxes by task, such as "To-Do", "Ideas", "Shopping", or something specific such as the name of a project I'm working on that week. I can create a tab for a project and then toss it when it's done, that's the nice thing about these. They're under $2 per pack.

👤5 inches wide. The main part of the card is 3 inches tall. The tabs can be read above 3 inch cards if the tab is 3.5 inch tall.

👤I used these to organize my postcards. Some postcards are bigger and cover the name on them, but the dividers are great. They feel flimsy compared to postcards. They are slightly thicker than your usual loose leaf paper. Your typical index card thickness. I was expecting them to be at least equal to my postcard. I am not sure how well they will hold up over time, but it doesn't prevent them from doing their job with the help of how they're colored.

👤I kept my reference lists, contacts and recipes on my computer until a virus corrupted them. I use a paper filing system for travel, but I still use computer files. I'm happy with the color and tabs. I organize my groups by title and color. I plan to order more of these. My friends found my file system old fashioned, but they had trouble locating files on their computers. They are going back to the paper reference. They are taking a little space. My husband installed a shelf for this type of files. It's easy to find what I'm looking for when I grab the box. These cards are recommended by me.

👤I'm very happy with this purchase and I'm looking forward to an organized life... I plan to number the tabbed index cards and file individual white 3x5 cards behind them so I can get everything done that day. Pay bill, mail birthday card, appointments, etc. Every month I will leave a white card for the task to be checked on, and I will date and note it on the individual white card. The card file will last as long as necessary. The white file cards can be changed. It will work like a "Day-Timer" for those who don't carry a "Day-Timer" and my notes will help me remember that it was accomplished.

👤It's super thin. I bought manilla file folders and cut my own dividers. Five of these are not as strong as one manilla divider. Terrible for actually dividing. They are good for sorting cards. I used them between my manilla dividers for a double tier organization system because I cut the bottom off of them all.

👤I thought they would be thicker than they are. These are not thicker than a sheet of construction paper. My expectation was that they wouldn't be used as dividers. If you are just using them as notes or recipes and they are okay, but not for everyday use as dividers in an index box, then they are okay. They are like normal sheets of paper.

2. Tupalizy Business Double Sided Vocabulary Scrapbookings

Tupalizy Business Double Sided Vocabulary Scrapbookings

Each color is 20 pieces, the total is 100 pieces. There is a double-sided card available. The sides of the cards are writable and you can leave a message, paint a mini cartoon picture, keep these in a purse and so on. Blank paper cards can be used for business cards, word card, message card, inspiration card, listing card, name cards, place address cards, flash cards, little notes, reminders, craft labels, gift tags, wedding favour tags, birthday gift tags, clothing tags, bookmark tags, necklaces Business cards with blank paper are great for many occasions. It can be done according to your idea.

Brand: Tupalizy

👤The white paper was the only color I could write on. The other colors made any pen to smudge. My sharpie didn't work well. I thought I would be able to write small thank you cards, but couldn't use a pen.

👤I decided to make my own cards. I thought these cards would make it easier to make die cut cards for the outside and inside of my cards. My hunch was correct. The cards are better than I expected. They are the right size to use as sentiments for my cards and the thickness is the same as using my stamps. The ink from the stamps won't come through. I don't need to bring out my dies anymore to make these small cards.

👤These little cards were what I needed to make decorative memory verse cards. I attached the memory verse printouts to the cards and put them in a decorative holder. These cards are multi functional and can be used in many different ways. Quality little card for projects, not thin and flimsy.

👤These little cards are adorable. The thickness is similar to a card stock paper. One side is glossy and the other is matt. The value is great for the price.

👤Appropriate size and varied colors. The pen ink smudges on the shiny surface and it's difficult to write on it.

👤Excellent quality, nice and thick colors are pretty. I love them!

👤These cards are not useful, we purchase them to do a project for my daughter, they will get messy as the ink won't dry up, and they are not good or useful. We were very disappointed in this purchase.

👤It isn't right for certain pens because of a bit more "sheen" than I anticipated. Good for felt tips. Nice cards.

3. Jot Mark Decorative Recipe Hundreds

Jot Mark Decorative Recipe Hundreds

It is made in the USA. The sturdy tin box protects your recipes from spills and stains during your busy holiday baking sessions. The decorative tin adds a graceful note to any modern kitchen. The tin is compatible with standard 4 x 6 inch recipe cards and also works with standard index cards or pre-printed recipe cards from your supermarket or housekeeping magazines. Print out your favorite recipes and give them to the next generation. Excellent gift. This recipe tin is a wonderful gift for a wedding, a bridal shower, or any other special occasion.

Brand: Jot & Mark

👤A cute recipe box. The description is not accurate. The description doesn't say that cards and dividers aren't included, which is misleading because the pictures show them. The box it comes in has cards and dividers so you can't gift it in it.

👤I used to pick daisies in our backyard and give them to my grandmother. She would always put them in a vase. She taught me how to cook and I wanted to keep her recipes safe. I knew I had to have this box. It feels pretty in person and will last forever. Every time I look at it, I think of my grandma. I was fine with that because I wanted a specific style of both and I was able to purchase those separately to suit my tastes. It is large. I think that means a lot of room for future recipes. It's a good thing.

👤I love it! It is cute and durable. It's not going anywhere when seal is on. The color of the photo is incorrect. There is a beautiful assortment of deep teal shades in the print. I like it. Very pleased! The soft gold accent is so cute. It was adorable. It works perfectly with my 46 cards.

👤I bought this tin for a friend. I am certain that she will like it. This is a beautiful tin. It is much bigger than expected and will fit many recipe cards. The design on this tin is more beautiful in person, it's a really high-quality print and rather than a shiny exterior, it has a lovely matt texture. The front of the ton has a recipe card. A friend of mine is getting into cooking and making her own recipes and I believe that along with some recipe cards is a great gift. There is a The only thing I would make sure everyone knows is that the lid is not on a hinge and therefore it is hard to take on and off. This doesn't bother me at all.

👤My granddaughter is a senior in high school. She wanted me to give her copies of her favorite recipes. The box seems to be well-made and should last a long time. The design is the same as online. The lemons have a fresh look to them. I bought a lot of 4x6 recipe cards, and it is tall enough to hold them. The snug fit of the lid is a plus. The cards and dividers are not included. They are available on line, or you can do what I do and type up the recipes and cut them to size.

👤I love the box. It's big and bright with a lemon pattern on it and gives my little kitchen a big pop of color. It doesn't come with the matching blank cards or dividers, so you'll have to buy them separately.

👤My old box was cracked when I bought this tin. It's too deep for the cards and they sink down so you can't flip through the recipes. I thought about adding a piece of Styrofoam to the bottom to raise the recipes up, but because the lid is so difficult to remove and the capacity is less than my old one, I decided to return it and look. I have over 200 laminated recipe cards and 33 divider index cards with categories which are pretty thick. The capacity of this box is insufficient for my needs because I love to add new recipes.

4. Vovoo Clear Vinyl Recipe Protectors

Vovoo Clear Vinyl Recipe Protectors

There are many uses for 5 x 7 photos, pictures, a book, autographs, recipe cards, postcard sleeves, note cards, flash cards, index cards, and more. Dunwell supplies archival supplies. The recipe cards are easy to read. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. The recipe card covers are perfect for 3x5 inch cards. The recipe cards are kept away from water spills and Kitchen stains. You can contact them at any time if you have any quality problems.

Brand: Vovoo

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I think they said streaks or lines. I think they meant what they said. It looks like a manufacturing type thing, but it is very minor on my skin and wipes off when I put the cards in them.

👤The protectors are 4x6 inches and measure just over 6 inches. 4x6 inch index cards or photos will fit into them easily and they don't fall out of them. They are very thin and clear. There are a couple of light opaque lines that run vertically on the protectors, but they don't interrupt the reading of the information on the cards. I would buy them again.

👤The last envelopes I bought were so small that it was hard to get a 3X5 card in them. These are the right size for cards to slide in. It is nice that they are a little thicker. Good purchase.

👤These little sleeves are very cute. I mostly use them in my teaching, but occasionally I use them for a recipe on a 3x5 card. I write words on a 3x5 and put a sleeve over them so my students can read them. The student who repeats the process can quickly clean the sleeve. These sleeves save me from writing word card stacks for each student, and I use the same pristine word cards in the future.

👤The recipe card protectors are used to cover the vaccine I D cards. I am giving them to my family and friends because they are the perfect size.

👤A hand-written recipe is an heirloom that brings back wonderful memories. I hope to give the same recipes to my children and grandchildren. When you share those recipes with your family, you should use protectors to preserve them. They are easy to read and keep your recipe card safe. I like them.

👤I like them because they fit my cards. They were clear so that you could read the recipe.

👤I have years of family cards that show their age with various splatters and bits of goodies. My cards will last many more years and still be legible as I pass them on to the next generation, thanks to the sleeves I bought.

5. Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

It is made in the USA. Use the kraft index cards to create custom save-the-date cards for weddings, baby showers, and engagement parties. Add their brown index cards to your arts and craft supplies to make personalized gift tags. Their brown note cards are made from high-quality paper that won't make it difficult to carry ink to the other side. The brown paper card is 3 x 5 inches. 100 blank index cards are included.

Brand: Juvale

👤The picture online makes them look thick and sturdy, but they are not as thick as a regular price of computer paper. They didn't work for the project we were supposed to have them do. The picture is of the same sizes bracelets, the same width paper, and a piece of paper I had on hand. They are too flimsy.

👤These sheets of paper are not made with card stock. There is a scam.

👤I ordered from a previous purchase. I still have a few flash cards from the previous purchase. There is a These new ones are thin, not sturdy, and cut to a rectangular shape. It's all over. There is a I need these to hold up for my purpose, so I have to glue three together to make them even stronger. Three. These are very thin. Will not buy again and will not recommend it.

👤I wanted brown craft paper already cut in this size so I could staple over my baggies for my smudge kits. These were perfect for my needs. They are not thick card stock. Standard index cards are thinner. If you need a thicker paper or card, keep that in mind. They are very thin and flexible. These would make good place holders for events or papers, but wouldn't be a good idea for weddings or outdoor events because they're very lightweight.

👤The paper is die-cut. I was hoping they would work for display cards for barrettes, but they were not sturdy enough to do that.

👤These were good for what I was using them for, but if you need to use them for Save the date or invitations, I would not use them. I stuck the save the date magnet to the paper after I stamped it. It is not sturdy and very thin, so you would need something else.

👤These are very thin and flimsy. I don't expect anything listed as index cards.

👤Nice cards. The color is correct. A little thinner than the normal white ones, but will work for what I want.

👤I would not give this product a star rating. To call them cards is misleading. I should have never returned them. A frustrating waste.

6. AmazonBasics Blank Index Cards White

AmazonBasics Blank Index Cards White

They can be used to decorate wreath, crafts, vase, Christmas trees and other things, and they are the right products to bring you a holiday spirit and foil the atmosphere. 10 packs of 100 index cards are ideal for home, classroom, or office. It was made of 11 pt. Economy weight paper is made from recycled fiber and post consumer fiber. blank on both sides for writing or drawing The card is 3 by 5 inches. Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These aren't index cards. These are sheets of paper. They're very thin, flexible, and worthless for anything you'd use index cards for. The surface of their cards is rough. Do not buy them.

👤I was not happy with their lack of thickness. I would be happy if they were normal thickness.

👤I should have read the reviews. I didn't think you could mess up 3x5 cards. Unless you have them sitting on a dark background, you can see them right through. You can see what's written on the other side if there is a light behind them. I think they're heavier than 20 lbs stock. Not as heavy as a common piece of paper. I was going to use my extras to make little flip books, but they're too thin for that. I don't know what they would be useful for.

👤This product is not strong. It is not durable. I bought these because I thought it would be better than using sheets of paper, but it seems I just bought it precut.

👤The stock used in these index cards is much lighter-weight than normal for index cards. They are not stiff enough to be used as index cards, and they bend very easily. The card stock is stiff, but they are almost like stiff paper. In my case, I had same day delivery, which is an advantage.

👤I bought this pack of a thousand because I use a lot of index cards. The thickness is better than I expected. These are not a very thick index card if you are looking for a heavy card. I can use the blank index cards with my laserjet printer. The index cards are fed through the printer just like any other stack of paper. I have had index cards that were thinner than these that my printer would pick up 2 at a time. The index cards are automatically fed through the printer one at a time, and I haven't had any issues with that. I use felt markers to draw on the cards. When using the marker to fill in an area, I have not had a problem with ink bleeding through to the backside of the card. There was no bleed through when I drew 4 layers of dark colored marker on top of the last one. I'm impressed.

👤Not much to say about these. They're blank and white. They are flimsier than I thought they would be. I don't know anything about paper weights. Economy weight paper is meaningless to me, but how do you measure a slice of paper? It's not card stock or stock thickness, it's thicker than printer paper, so for everyone who doesn't know that, that's what that means. When you bend a piece of paper or stock back and forth and it makes a paper popping sound, I would put it in the higher pitch range.

👤The index cards are getting bad reviews. The people buying them are not regular buyers of index cards. I have been buying index cards for 30 years. The quality isn't what it was 30 years ago, but that's the sad reality with everything. 30 years ago they were thinner. All modernly manufactured index cards I've purchased are like this. Don't expect heavy linen stock from pre- WWI if you buy them. Sheesh.

7. Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

It was designed and made in the U.S.A. The blank cards are a great option for homework, study routines, notes, recipes, presentations, and projects. You will receive 250 blank flashcards in the value pack. The perfect size is 2 x 3.5 inches and is ideal for studying on the go or for easy storage. Add these blank notecards to your studies. Each of the blank flash cards is made with a high-quality paper material that won't easily carry ink to the other side.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought these cards to practice for the exam. I hate having white flash cards, but I really like the look of them. I like studying with a neutral color. They are easy to carry and work well for what they are. I wish the color was a little bit lighter. The dark brown hides the regular pen ink.

👤These are what I need for my thank you cards. There is a They are the size of a business card. I know they will fit any package I use.

👤The cards were not in the packaging. The thickness is not the same as credit cards. I bought a lousy quality item.

👤They are blank cards. Not too thin and not too thick. I don't know what I'm going to use them for. They will come in handy someday.

👤There was a pack of cards in the delivery box. The cards seem to be in good shape. I was annoyed they weren't sealed together and didn't bother to count if all of them were included in the delivery.

👤Not bad. Good card for what you need. There is a An easy shuffle is doable if you want to use these at a blackjack table.

👤I need these cards for different gifts. They are great! Will buy again.

👤You can use these for a lot of different things. I like how easy it is to write on them.

8. RSVP International Collection Reusable Biodegradable

RSVP International Collection Reusable Biodegradable

There is a product details. Bigso John is a paper storage box with a lid. The box has a flat grain bamboo pattern. The product is eco-friendly. It is 7 inches by 5-5-8 inches and 4 inches tall.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤This box should not be called an "Amazon's Choice". The ad for this box has photos of a box full of recipe cards and dividers, and in the photos those cards fill the width of the box. The box doesn't hold index card dividers. The dimensions stated in the ad are 7 inches by 5-5 8 inches by 4 inches tall. I assumed it would hold an index card with a tab and a card of 4 inches tall. It doesn't. The inside of the box is only 6 inches wide by 5 inches tall. I'm returning the box because I'm not happy with Amazon for promoting it. There is a This is the description of the seller in the ad: "Rsvp strives to offer quality kitchen products and cooking tools at competitive prices." Our box is made of bamboo. This recipe box is made from green bamboo and it will hold all of your favorite recipe cards. It is 7 inches by 5-5/8 inches and 4 inches tall. The recipe cards and dividers are not included. The art of gathering is when all the right people, ingredients, kitchen tools, and food come together.

👤The box looks nice on the shelf. I created and printed my own custom recipe cards. They look great. There is a The item arrived within two business days. If this review helped you, please say so below.

👤The box was too small for the plastic tab-dividers that were listed. The lid doesn't have enough space for the dividers that are taller than 4. There was a crack along the top of the box, which was not packaged in bubblewrap or anything. If you're looking for a simple, sleek, plain bamboo box, this would be a great one.

👤The box is not sturdy as it is simply glue together. I was able to glue the pieces back together. It's stuck together, but now it's a bit crooked. I expected better for the price. The description says it is for 3 x 5 inch or smaller cards, but people are complaining that it is not big enough for their 4 x 6 inch recipe cards. The coordinating tab dividers fit well when you use 3 x 5 inch index cards. The photo provided must use 4 x 6 inch cards because the cards fill the width of the box and protrude from the bottom. If you store the cards front to back, they fit flush with the top edge of the base. You will be left with about 1 inch more space to the side. I put the cards front to back and filled the gap with extra cards left to right. Things wouldn't fall around. There is a The box is attractive and fragile for storing 3 x 5 inch index/recipe cards. If you buy one, make sure you reglue it at some point. A few nails should be used to keep it together.

👤I liked this because it was simple, the right size for me, and didn't have any silly text on it. You have to finish the wood or it will stain. A good finish increases the required investment for the item.

9. AmazonBasics Ruled Lined Index Cards

AmazonBasics Ruled Lined Index Cards

The medium-weight card stock is 72 lbs. 120 gsm. There are 10 packs of index cards. Solid white on one side and black on the other. It's ideal for notes, lists, study cards, and more. Measures 3-inches x 5-inches. Paper stock. Made of 10% recycled content.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I assumed the options for quantity were the same as for the product when I re- purchased the "Amazon Basics Heavy Weight Ruled Index Cards". This is not the case. Only the 1pk and 3pk options will ship the "Heavy weight" index cards, while the 10pk will switch to the "light weight" cards. The light weight of these cards makes them hard to study because you can see the answers in the ink on the cards.

👤I chose my quantity, in this case, 1000 cards or 10 packs of 100, after reading "Premium-weight cardstock: 114 lbs. paper." I should have checked that the description changed when the quantity changed. The flimsy $1 store cards were the same price as the one I got. I am not happy about that. Shame on you. Mr. Bezos, if those same practices are used to make space rockets, there will be some setbacks in your program. You need Amazon to skim us here and there to make money. We will keep that in mind. Lesson learned.

👤These cards are good. They are blank on the other side. The card surface is a little rough, but I like it. The cards are on the thin side, that's the real problem. The thinness of the pens and markers makes them show right through. They don't hold up very well. For my uses, they are okay, but for many, the flimsiness would be a deal breaker. They are a little heavier than regular paper, but not as thick.

👤I bought them to use as flash cards. They are too small. I can still use them for things like shopping lists, but they are not the same as the standard index card weight.

👤Not as stated. The cards are listed in the description as 11pt. The basis size is equivalent to 186 GSM. These cards are not fakes. 80# offset vellum is equivalent to 130 and has an approximate caliper of 6.0. These are not heavy weight index cards. These are cheap cards that can be found in any store. It can be found at

👤Very thin. It's easy to see through. The lines are very light, barely visible, just as I needed them. I can see through the flash cards, rendering them useless. There is a It's waste!

👤These are no frills index cards that are useful for reading. They are very thin so they won't spread the pages of my older books. I use them for book markers so I can remember new words when I get home. They are good for recording questions and ideas that are fresh in my mind. I use them as a sort of card file. There is a coffee mug on the table next to my recliner. Whatever I do there, I do it. I put it in the mug after writing it on a card. Simple. Clean. It's easy. The card goes into the mug. I check the cards 2 or 3 times a day. I use both sides of every card, and let no space go unused. I've been known to turn the card upside down to use all the space available. Why not?

10. Oxford Ruled Index Cards White

Oxford Ruled Index Cards White

Ruled on one side for legible notes. You can study and prepare in the classic 3 x 5 size. Premium-weight paper is durable enough for any assignment. 10 packs of 100 cards are perfect for school, home or office. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Oxford

👤These are not good. There are pieces of shit. They think they stick together. Returning. Amazon basic index cards are very popular.

👤The only thing I liked about these cards was that I don't have to buy more for a long time. I don't like them. I could have made my own cards. The pen ink leaks through to the back. They're not as thick as paper.

👤I am dumb. I ordered 1000 of these thinking 11.97 or something like that. I found the exact same thing when I went to one of those mini targets that were like the size of a drugstore. The packs of 100 were.49 cents each. Pre tax for 10 is 4.90 dollars. Not a big deal. I think it's how they make up for the cost of shipping, and how Amazon takes from them for putting it in their fulfillment center. There is a The cards were the same brand, just different. If you have an errand to run, it's a better deal to go to a Target store. There is a They are a bit thin and barely card stock, so they are a bit harder to slide apart when studying. If you have to order something like this from Amazon, you should look for something with a thicker stock. I am not using a sharpee or thicker permanent marker and I haven't noticed anything bleeding through from front to back. The markets bleed through a bit. I have to write lightly and make sure I write over the bleed on the backside if I want to make out the answer when I study. Either get thicker cards or not use permanent markers unless ultra fine point is used.

👤I should have read the reviews of these cards. They are very thin. I used to buy index cards from Staples, which was much higher quality, and they had great sales at back to school time. You can save yourself the disappointment by buying index cards at your local office supply store.

👤I'm using these for flash cards, but I'm constantly defeated because I can see the writing on the other side. I will double the thickness by folding them in half. I wouldn't buy these again. I would spend a bit more money for it. There is a The cards are thicker than normal paper. They bend easily and can be bent unintentionally. The cards were curved like chips. Disappointed.

👤I am about to take my real estate exam. I used notebooks to write down the million things I need to learn in order to pass the NC exam. notebooks don't work for me I am running out of space because I feel disorganized. I bought multiple packs of this index set. I shouldn't worry about running out anytime soon. They are thin, but that doesn't bother me. I am organized and confident as I transfer my study notes to the cards. Small size cards are very large. I use both sides to write. I am reading and studying essential information. Yes, five stars indeed.

11. Recipe Polite Society Otomi Blue

Recipe Polite Society Otomi Blue

The wired edge ribbons are durable and not easy to wear or tear, lightweight and convenient to carry, fadeless and odorless, can provide you with a long-time service. Their tin boxes come with labels for both recipes and trickets, along with 12 dividers and 24 dual-sided cards. Each recipe has a tin. Choose one of their three stunning colors to add a brighter look to your kitchen, pantry or bedroom. Their tin recipe box, recipe cards and recipie dividers keep your recipe safe from spills and stains. The recipe box is an ideal gift for Mother's Day, housewarming, birthday, Christmas gift card tin, or gift card holder. Durability quality. The recipe organizers are made from tin materials with a gold finish.

Brand: Polite Society

👤The cards are beautiful. It would be nice to have more. I am not going to use this box because I have to wiggle the lid to open it and I am used to a recipe box that props open and it is easier to flip through the recipes that way. I am going to give it back to someone else.

👤I did not use the box as intended but it is the perfect size for seed packets. I turned the dividers around and labeled them. I need a dark environment to preserve my crop for next year. I don't need any of the boxes anymore. There is a I am impressed with the construction and appearance. A blue green color. Thinking to buy another item for its intended purpose. The cards are the right size. I love a recipe card that I can pull out quickly and not have to restart my phone or laptop, I can finish making a meal when the screen goes dark, and I can use my phone less. There is a Shipping was fast. I highly recommend this item. Thank you for the beautiful product.

👤I received my recipe box today. It is pretty to look at. It comes with blank sheets for recipes. I can't wait to use mine. It is a very good way to organize your recipes. The tin box is easy to open, but I will put my own recipes in it.

👤A nice tin with a cute recipe. My husband and I can keep all the recipes. I can make a lot of recipes with it. I think this is a great gift. The tin looks pretty in my kitchen counter. It would be a very cute gift. If you don't want to use it as a recipe box, you can keep tea and other trinkets.

👤This comes in a box that matches the color of the tin you bought. You will not want to throw it away. I might use it as a secondary recipe box. The included cards are nicely organised and divided, which makes it easy to add in recipes. I've acquired a lot of my favourite recipes over the years.

👤I was excited and disappointed at the same time when I received this recipe tin. There is a The tin is beautiful. I am very pleased that it is larger than I anticipated. The color is a pattern. This is a great value for the money, compared to other options. The metal is a bit thin, but for the recipes I plan to use it will be just fine, if you are planning to store heavy things in here. There is a Unfortunately, the item arrived open. It was shipped in a beautiful floral box with only a tiny piece of decorative tape hiding the top. It was almost as if they forgot to put it in a box. The shipping label was put on the packaging. The inner cards and dividers were not in the package when I received it. I think the situation was a mistake. I was hoping to buy another tin in an additional color, but will likely look elsewhere just to be safe.


What is the best product for decorative index cards 3x5?

Decorative index cards 3x5 products from Find It. In this article about decorative index cards 3x5 you can see why people choose the product. Tupalizy and Jot & Mark are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative index cards 3x5.

What are the best brands for decorative index cards 3x5?

Find It, Tupalizy and Jot & Mark are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative index cards 3x5. Find the detail in this article. Vovoo, Juvale and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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