Best Decorative Index Cards 4x6

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1. AmazonBasics Ruled Assorted Colored 300 Count

AmazonBasics Ruled Assorted Colored 300 Count

A pack of neon index cards. It's ideal for color-coding projects, creating flash cards, studying, and more. Quality is engineered with edges that are perfect for uniform size. Ruled for easy note taking. Measures 3 by 5 by 2.5 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Is it possible to read reviews for index cards? C'mon. I'm writing them, but I don't know what to say. These are cards that are used. They are bright colored. They feel like index cards. I would like to add some meat to this review. Did you know that Carl Linnaeus created index cards? He needed a way to organize information in the 1760's. He innovated with index cards because he was considered the "Father of modern taxonomy" and because he was tedious in categorizing an enormous amount of data. How cool is that? These have been around for hundreds of years. I think it's safe to say that index cards have reached their peak.

👤The paper is barely thicker than the printer paper. Sending back. Someone needs to tell these people that index cards are supposed to be strong.

👤I ordered 2 sets of this product at the same time I ordered 4x6 white, 500-count index cards. This was a part of our purchases for twins. The package for the NEON cards is mislabeled, so I now have 4,000 white index cards. I have tried before with Amazon Customer Service. I have not received the advertised product I paid for, and my first two attempts have not been successful.

👤AmazonBasic's cards are pre-sorted to fit inside a small, white tea bag insert box so that they can be used every day. The importance of index cards to review unit terms, definitions, theories, vital facts, and citations for upcoming quizzes and exams is underscored. Medical and law students use index cards more than any other tool to memorize. A study tip is to draw a simple symbol next to each word written on a unlined side of an index card so that the learner can instantly associate the symbol next to the word which will come to mind faster. I am coining this study tip at in the style of Mnenomics. Have a great year. Signed, Scotspiration.

👤It's not thick enough to handle permanent marker. They were used for flash cards, where the Vocab word was written on one side in permanent marker and could be seen through the other side. I wrote the definition on the other side with permanent marker and it turned out to be ugly. I used a pen instead. It was kind of a disappointment.

👤It serves the purpose to use as flash cards. It is a bit too bright colored for me and not as sturdy as a paper, it is mid way through. It's fine for me to use flash cards. The marker could be seen through the other side. The other inks worked well. There are 25 cards in each of the 4 colors.

👤I needed a lot of lined note cards to help an international university student with their English skills. There is a They are packaged 100 per pack, three packs. I don't want to have all these loose cards around when I need them. Four bright colors help me if I am grouping words together for a great price. There is a One caveat now. These are light and not very heavy. They bend more easily than most. These are a good buy if that isn't an issue.

2. Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

It was designed and made in the U.S.A. The blank cards are a great option for homework, study routines, notes, recipes, presentations, and projects. You will receive 250 blank flashcards in the value pack. The perfect size is 2 x 3.5 inches and is ideal for studying on the go or for easy storage. Add these blank notecards to your studies. Each of the blank flash cards is made with a high-quality paper material that won't easily carry ink to the other side.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought these cards to practice for the exam. I hate having white flash cards, but I really like the look of them. I like studying with a neutral color. They are easy to carry and work well for what they are. I wish the color was a little bit lighter. The dark brown hides the regular pen ink.

👤These are what I need for my thank you cards. There is a They are the size of a business card. I know they will fit any package I use.

👤The cards were not in the packaging. The thickness is not the same as credit cards. I bought a lousy quality item.

👤They are blank cards. Not too thin and not too thick. I don't know what I'm going to use them for. They will come in handy someday.

👤There was a pack of cards in the delivery box. The cards seem to be in good shape. I was annoyed they weren't sealed together and didn't bother to count if all of them were included in the delivery.

👤Not bad. Good card for what you need. There is a An easy shuffle is doable if you want to use these at a blackjack table.

👤I need these cards for different gifts. They are great! Will buy again.

👤You can use these for a lot of different things. I like how easy it is to write on them.

3. Vera Bradley Dividers Stickers Binder

Vera Bradley Dividers Stickers Binder

There are 100 lined index cards that are hole punched and have colorful dividers that help keep your notes organized. You can add labels to each section with the set of 52 colorful stickers. You can assign and reassign the contents on the tab sticker sheet. The silver hoop that unhooks the flash cards allows you to rearrange them. The elastic band closes when you travel between classes. The colorful lines on both sides of the notecard correspond with the tabbed divider of the section to make the study session a little more fun. 3x5 cards are made of a thick material that prevents ink from bleeding through so you can write, highlight, and erase as you please. The multicolored design of Bonbon Ditsy, by Vera Bradley, is on the back of the index cards with ring. Everyone can use this study buddy set.

Brand: Vera Bradley

👤I bought two of these and I love them! I bought two different designs, but I am only able to locate one of them, so I will share photos of that one. They are the same as the outer covers. They both look cute. I like that they are replaceable. I can swap out the index cards that came with it for new ones once I use up all of them. If you put one hole in the new index cards, you can buy them with the hole in the right place. There is a band that keeps it closed and there are small stickers on the tabs so you don't have to write on them if you want to change them. There is a The quality was just as expected, and the price was perfect, so I would definitely recommend this item to anyone!

👤The note card set is perfect. I didn't have the time to make my own set, but by the time I bought all the supplies, this was worth every penny. The cover is very strong. The packs you buy from the store are not as strong as the note cards. There are stickers that can be used to label the tabs. There are a lot of good things about this set. It saves me a lot of time and headaches. Highly recommended.

👤Not worth $11. Office Depot had similar ones for $3.99. I use them as flash cards and study cards, and I wish they had blank front and back.

👤The barcode says what the product says on the back, but the divider came bent and was $2 more. I will not buy again and I am glad I didn't buy more than I planned.

👤The pattern and color look great and the dividers are sturdy. The sides of the cards are lined. The metal hook is at risk of notlatching properly, which means you're at risk of mixing up or losing your notecards. I usually use this to study at home. It's not a big deal, but I would be hesitant to bring this with me for studying on the go.

👤I was looking for a couple of note card type products to list ingredient recipes for essential oils and incense. These are functional and beautiful.

👤Nice flashcards. I bought them to use as flashcards to study for the exam.

👤I wish it had double rings. The cards move a bit in the ring, but it looks cute and will work for the intended purpose.

4. Home Advantage Blank Plain Postcards

Home Advantage Blank Plain Postcards

The 5x7 envelopes are the perfect size to hold a photo print and bring a smile to your friends and family. These blank note cards are multi-purpose. The heavy sheets can be used to complete a variety of functions. There are 50 revision cards per pack. The thick 14PT heavy duty un-coated card stock paper is suitable for writability and printing. Function: Recipe cards, flash cards, crafting, vacation postcards, thank you cards, thinking of you, get well notes, congratulations, graduation, happy birthday, record cards Made in the USA.

Brand: Home Advantage

👤These are heavy. The description says they are not covered. They definitely have a coating, as a photographer who prints at home. I would describe them as between luster and semi-gloss, leaning more towards the luster finish. These are not photo quality cards, so they won't absorb the ink in the same way. I made a test out of it. It took a while for the ink to dry. I would not return the package for an $8 item, it would not be worth the time and postage.

👤The Brother printer will work with the 5" x 7" card stock, but it will have a slight curl that can be removed by bending the cards in the opposite direction. It works well with ink jet printers because of the smooth, bright white finish on the card stock surface. The 5 x 7 card stock can be accommodated with ease by the 5 x 7 envelope. USPS standard rates can be used for these. It's a great option for the creative type who wants to send a personal note to a friend.

👤I've been looking for index cards that don't smudge and these are hands down the best! The felt tip pens and fountain pens were tested and the ink was immediately dried. The quality is excellent.

👤I used these to make postcards that met USPS standards and were qualified for postcard rate. I used colored ink and Sharpies to write on one side and on the other side. The colors and text on the card stock were not bleed through. The card stock was free of flaws. These cards are recommended by me.

👤The index cards are blank on both sides. I would not want them to be any thicker. They're great, they slide over each other easily enough to rifle through my flashcards that I made from them for class, but they also stay in a neat stack when I place them on the table. Excellent product. They were wrapped in plastic to keep them that way.

👤I liked that it was strong. The marker ink did not bleed through. This is a great product. I used it to make identification badges for my students. It was perfect in the ID holder.

👤Walmart is out of stock, but it is overpriced. These were delivered within 24 hours. There were no complaints from me.

👤These cards are amazing. I used them for my nursing clinicals and they are very sturdy, thick, and the perfect size.

👤50 4x6 inch index cards were described. I received small cards. What should I do with these?

5. Tupalizy Business Double Sided Vocabulary Scrapbookings

Tupalizy Business Double Sided Vocabulary Scrapbookings

Each color is 20 pieces, the total is 100 pieces. There is a double-sided card available. The sides of the cards are writable and you can leave a message, paint a mini cartoon picture, keep these in a purse and so on. Blank paper cards can be used for business cards, word card, message card, inspiration card, listing card, name cards, place address cards, flash cards, little notes, reminders, craft labels, gift tags, wedding favour tags, birthday gift tags, clothing tags, bookmark tags, necklaces Business cards with blank paper are great for many occasions. It can be done according to your idea.

Brand: Tupalizy

👤The white paper was the only color I could write on. The other colors made any pen to smudge. My sharpie didn't work well. I thought I would be able to write small thank you cards, but couldn't use a pen.

👤I decided to make my own cards. I thought these cards would make it easier to make die cut cards for the outside and inside of my cards. My hunch was correct. The cards are better than I expected. They are the right size to use as sentiments for my cards and the thickness is the same as using my stamps. The ink from the stamps won't come through. I don't need to bring out my dies anymore to make these small cards.

👤These little cards were what I needed to make decorative memory verse cards. I attached the memory verse printouts to the cards and put them in a decorative holder. These cards are multi functional and can be used in many different ways. Quality little card for projects, not thin and flimsy.

👤These little cards are adorable. The thickness is similar to a card stock paper. One side is glossy and the other is matt. The value is great for the price.

👤Appropriate size and varied colors. The pen ink smudges on the shiny surface and it's difficult to write on it.

👤Excellent quality, nice and thick colors are pretty. I love them!

👤These cards are not useful, we purchase them to do a project for my daughter, they will get messy as the ink won't dry up, and they are not good or useful. We were very disappointed in this purchase.

👤It isn't right for certain pens because of a bit more "sheen" than I anticipated. Good for felt tips. Nice cards.

6. IScholar Index Unruled Inches 04602

IScholar Index Unruled Inches 04602

It was made in North America.

Brand: Ischolar

👤These cards are very thin. They are not close to the colors shown in the picture. I needed them for a file box project where they will be used for a long time, and I'm sure they would be fine for a project where you use them once and toss them. I need to find something else.

👤I like that they are light and come in lovely colors. I like them for taking notes for different apartments, and I keep a list of the important points. There is a They are sturdy when I am reading a book that I will review later. I keep one in my book until I need to use my notes, and I'm big so I never run out of room. I can draw a flow chart on either side.

👤Disappointed by the cost. I thought there were at least 2 packs of 100 cards. Target has colored index cards, 100 pk, 3x5 for only 99 cents. The extra 2 inches of paper are not worth $5. They were a little thinner than the index cards. My pack had a consistent color. I am in school for nursing. I paid too much for one pack because I will be writing out hundreds of index cards. I think that's correct.

👤The colors are not close to what is pictured. They look like a bright, neon color. I wish I would have listened to the other reviewers. They are being returned. The colors are dull.

👤I should have read the review, but I didn't think I needed to. It is definitely not a WYSIWYG. The colors are muddy. The packaging broke when they were shipped in an envelope and the cards were bent on one of the edges. It was a hard pass.

👤I bought these for writing scriptures. I am very happy to have found this product. This is a definite choice for the future, having only used the others with only neon color option. The colors are vibrant but not bold.

👤I chose this item based on the picture I saw. The colors in the package are not those.

👤You would think that out of 100 index cards, you would end up with 20 of each color. Not the case. There were two different shades of green cards. They're very light. I originally bought them for the purpose they were intended for, but they didn't end up being used for that. I won't buy them again.

👤The colored pack was not compatible with the photos. I threw away the yellow and orange shade of the pack. The other colors were not neon. There are no green cards in this pack. I wish I had gone with the cheaper brand. I could have bought this pack from a local store for a quarter of the price, but I needed the colors.

👤Sirven para lo. Aunque yo los compré pensando, seras ms vibrantes.

👤I made my own coloring books for Christmas. I'm going to find more uses.

👤Theses are thick and sturdy. You can write with a sharpie, but you can't see it on the other side. Get good size index cards.

7. AmazonBasics 6 Inch Ruled Lined 500 Count

AmazonBasics 6 Inch Ruled Lined 500 Count

It's possible to use it in 4th of July crafts. A pack of white index cards was ruled on one side for easy note taking. It's ideal for making lists, studying for an exam, and more. Quality is engineered with edges that are perfect for uniform size. Ruled for easy note taking. Measures 4 by 6 by 3.75 inches. The medium-weight card stock is 72 lbs. 120 gsm.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Horribly small. If you hold one up, it is see-through, making it useless as a flashcard for studying.

👤Flimsy cards. They are similar to construction paper. These are very flimsy for an index card and you get excellent value because you get so many. The average folder is much thicker and stronger than these cards. If you want to make flash cards or something more sturdy and easy to flip through, then look for something with heavier card stock weight.

👤I can't believe they are calling it stuff card stock. It feels the same as my letterhead paper, even though it's described as "medium weight card stock". I would ignore the flimsiness, but highlight it to make it look better. I don't know what to do with 500 sheets of garbage.

👤I agree with the other reviews that these are not card stock. The ad says "medium-weight card stock: 72 lbs. paper", but it doesn't feel like it, it's just the thickness of 3 sheets. The price and quantity are good and it works for me as more will fit in the recipe box, so my use will be primarily for recipes. 3 stars is enough. There is a I weighted the 5x8 index card and the 5x8 copy paper the same, 0.1 oz., as an experiment. I wrote on the index card with two different types of pens, one with no bleed through and the other with a fine pen. There is a product called "oh-aui" on the website.

👤These cards fit my flip recipe album perfectly. They are not as thin as standard index cards, but they are still usable. I can use new ones to rewrite recipes and add new ones without spending a lot of money. The spaces between the lines are called "narrow ruled". I have a lot of lines for the recipes. They are also used for bulletin board notices and crafts. If the cards are held up to the light, the pen and pencil can be seen through the back. Not a problem for me.

👤The cards will work in your printer. I use them to print out everything I want to keep handy, from recipes to instructions to photos. They don't get easily buried if they are printed on regular paper. Printing on these cards uses less ink than stretching out information with diagrams and other types of pictures on paper.

👤The AmazonBasics Ruled Cards are a great option for an affordable price. They are the cheapest cards I have ever purchased, and they work just as well as any other brand including Oxford. There is a The AmazonBasics card is slightly thinner than a traditional index card, but they work well when I put them through the manual feed tray on my computer. I haven't had a problem yet. I put these cards on a white board and they hold up. I have not seen a curling match in 3 months. Highly recommended.

👤I need cards for my classes. These cards are perfect for not having to cram a lot of information into a small print. I can use a felt pen because they are thick. I am able to use them for other things because I have so many. These would be great for writing recipes.

8. Zen Earth Eco Friendly Certified Notecards

Zen Earth Eco Friendly Certified Notecards

Preserving your family's traditional recipes is like leaving love letters for future generations. Zen Earth's blank recipe cards have a stunning design and layout. Zen Earth Cards feature a timeless design that does not make the space feel cramped. It can accommodate ingredients, instructions, and extra notes. The recipe index cards set is made in the USA and has a high-fiber grade card. It makes writing with a pen, pencil, or marker easy. Their card set is a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. It can be used to inspire someone to start a new cooking tradition. "Zen Earth Recipe Box" can be found on Amazon. Premium 4x6 recipe cards are guaranteed to fit in your recipe box. They at Zen Earth are here to make sure you are completely satisfied with their recipe dividers and cooking cards.

Brand: Zen Earth Inspired

👤Next day, it was so beautiful. The paper stock is very Sturdy. There is enough room on both sides of the cards for a full recipe. I am very pleased with my purchase, as I can now share my own recipes with my children, and have them last for years. Highly recommended!

👤I thought recipe cards were more expensive than they are. The price was pretty good compared to others. It was the best choice for how I like my recipe card format and how much room there is to write. They're cute.

👤When I find a recipe that I want to use again, I like to put it on these cards. I don't have as many recipes lying in a box as loose pieces of paper. The cards are sturdy and attractive. I would buy them again.

👤I have been looking for quality recipe cards for a long time. These fit the bill. I got the lemon ones and they are bright and beautiful, and they are laid out well for inputting the information. I highly recommend.

👤The bright yellow lemons, friendly fonts and thick card stock make these cards good looking and they have plenty of lines and space to write down ingredients and directions. The back is lined and there is plenty of room to write even the longest of recipes. I love the new look of my recipe box and have rewritten my old recipes.

👤My granddaughter loved them. It made her happy.

👤I've ripped my handwritten recipes from magazines and put them on these cards. I preferred the tin over the wooden box. It took me a few days to use 75 of the 50 cards I bought. They are in the tin. I made my own separators. I had to make a real effort in getting everything on them because I am not a small writer. This would be the case with any recipe card system. It's nice to pull a recipe from this system instead of having to go through a pile of different types of paper recipes.

👤These cards are bright and beautiful. They are thick and high quality. Very impressive! I have family recipes on a framed cork board in my dining room. I would buy this product again.

9. Pacon PAC1721 Unruled Bright Colors

Pacon PAC1721 Unruled Bright Colors

You can organize notes, files, project lists and contact information with index cards. It is made of sturdy tagboard. The measures are 4 x 6 and include 100 index cards. There are hot pink, hot yellow, hot blue, hot orange and hot lime colors.

Brand: Pacon

👤I bought these cards to separate my lined white index cards that are filled with ideas for the future. The system works well and keeps me organized. I used notes from some of my seminars on film and screenplays.

👤I love these cards. I write to 25 children each month and use these cards for my messages a lot. They are sturdy, brightly colored, and the price is unbeatable. The sparkle pen does not leak through.

👤No problem with this product. The price went from $4.79 per 100 cards on August 9, 2021, to $10.60 today. Is my math correct that this is a 121% increase in price? I bought it at the store for $5.58 a pack.

👤The card went through my printer without a hitch.

👤These were bright and colorful and didn't have lines on them so they were what I wanted.

👤It was perfect thickness for printing up recipes. The colors are bright.

👤It's perfect to use in a photo album and flash cards. Love the size and colors.

👤I would like to suggest that they offer individual neon color packets in a mixed color package. Also, add lavender.

👤Excellent for using when you don't want a lined card.

10. Recipe Cards Double Sided Watercolor Occasion

Recipe Cards Double Sided Watercolor Occasion

Durability quality. The recipe organizers are made from tin materials with a gold finish. The set contains double-sided printed index recipe cards with enough space to fill in even the most complex recipes. It's perfect for any occasion, and you can use the recipe index cards at home to make your own meals. Each colorful recipe card is printed on the same type of paper for extraDurability. The small recipe cards are perfect to have handy when you need to make a special recipe. 60 watercolor recipe index cards are included.

Brand: Juvale

👤I love these! I'm trying to find recipe cards that fit my style. I was going to purchase them, but they were unavailable. I was not able to find a replacement so I was happy they became available again. There is a There is enough space for the entire recipe in these. There is a lot of room for long ingredients. I like the different colors. Most of the recipe dividers don't work for me because I'm on a healthy eating lifestyle change. I can color coordinate the recipe cards for snacks, veggies, low-cholesterol desserts, and guiltless desserts. The thickness of the cards is also perfect. The delivery was delayed due to the carrier not being from the seller, but these were worth the wait.

👤I usually make a recipe a couple times before copying it onto a recipe card to keep in my recipe box. I needed these cards for the recipes I'm keeping because I've been doing a lot of cooking this year. They work well.

👤I like the design of these cards. The plastic bag that they were shipped in was split so that the cards wouldn't stay in a stack. Many cards had bent corners and the corners on a few were dirty.

👤I bought a box with recipe cards. The person I gave the gift to ran out of cards. I bought more because they were the same cards. They match the originals.

👤The paper is very strong. I like that colors are not bright. It's great that size and spacing are great. These are perfect for what I need. I just got them and they seem durable.

👤These are okay. I wish they didn't write "from the kitchen" in one line. The colors are not loud. They get the job done.

👤These are on heavy paper. The colors are not as vibrant as the ad would suggest. I wasn't expecting them to be so pale and muted.

👤I liked these because they give me plenty of space to write and yet still have something cute to look at.

👤Exactly as described. Wasn't very fond of the print. I knew it when I bought them. There is a Good quality will last. People colour code their cards for things like meat, side dishes and so on. I used a recipe box and they fit perfectly.

👤They can be used to keep recipes in a system.

👤Some recipes were added for the daughter.

👤I had to send the cards back as they weren't what I needed.

11. Paper Junkie Invitations Cardstock Envelopes

Paper Junkie Invitations Cardstock Envelopes

Their set of 50 blank invitations with envelopes are a great way to send a message to your loved ones. The elegant design of the 5x7 invitation paper is perfect for sending thank you notes, holiday greeting cards, "open when" letters, and announcements. For any occasion, the blank note cards and envelopes are ideal for designing custom invitations. Their envelopes can be decorated with calligraphy pens or stencils to create custom lettering for your recipient. The 5x7 envelopes are the perfect size to hold a photo print and bring a smile to your friends and family.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤These were perfect for my daughter's birthday invitations. The quality of the paper was good and the color was nice. After you adjusted the size, it was easy to insert the printer. Everything worked out well.

👤Absolutely love this set! This was perfect because I was making my own Christmas cards. The paper is thick. The pretty edges make it even better. There is a The thick card stock type paper worked well for my cards. My special pens glided over the surface of the paper and didn't spread or bleed into the paper at all. I wish the seller had the same set. I inquired about it. I was impressed with the quick reply from them and the fact that they would mention the idea of a white set to the production team. There is a The set is a great value. I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you.

👤I ordered them to make baby shower invitations. I was very pleased with the results. They were very nice quality card stock and they were shipped quickly. Definitely recommend.

👤These were not advertised as postcards, but they are. They are too small for the envelopes if you fold them. I don't have time to send them back since they have ruined my project. My inserts and envelopes won't match. Why don't they say they're postcards? The box they come in says "post cards" on the top.

👤The card fits into the envelope with ease. The envelope and card are printed on a laser printer. There is a We have to make the cards since there is a shortage of suitable cards for the holidays. I have used this card to make many cards.

👤The paper quality is good. The unexpected color was the only thing we didn't like about shopping online. They turned out great after we added lace to offset the color. They are a good deal if you need to save money.

👤The cards are gorgeous! I was helped make my Halloween cards. Sturdy and thick. I will be purchasing again.

👤They forgot to run mine through the "vintage die cutter". I couldn't find a contact seller that I could reach. There is no time to return and wait for the correct ones.


What is the best product for decorative index cards 4x6?

Decorative index cards 4x6 products from Amazon Basics. In this article about decorative index cards 4x6 you can see why people choose the product. Juvale and Vera Bradley are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative index cards 4x6.

What are the best brands for decorative index cards 4x6?

Amazon Basics, Juvale and Vera Bradley are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative index cards 4x6. Find the detail in this article. Home Advantage, Tupalizy and Ischolar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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