Best Decorative Index Cards with Lines

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1. Paper Junkie Invitations Cardstock Envelopes

Paper Junkie Invitations Cardstock Envelopes

Their set of 50 blank invitations with envelopes are a great way to send a message to your loved ones. The elegant design of the 5x7 invitation paper is perfect for sending thank you notes, holiday greeting cards, "open when" letters, and announcements. For any occasion, the blank note cards and envelopes are ideal for designing custom invitations. Their envelopes can be decorated with calligraphy pens or stencils to create custom lettering for your recipient. The 5x7 envelopes are the perfect size to hold a photo print and bring a smile to your friends and family.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤These were perfect for my daughter's birthday invitations. The quality of the paper was good and the color was nice. After you adjusted the size, it was easy to insert the printer. Everything worked out well.

👤Absolutely love this set! This was perfect because I was making my own Christmas cards. The paper is thick. The pretty edges make it even better. There is a The thick card stock type paper worked well for my cards. My special pens glided over the surface of the paper and didn't spread or bleed into the paper at all. I wish the seller had the same set. I inquired about it. I was impressed with the quick reply from them and the fact that they would mention the idea of a white set to the production team. There is a The set is a great value. I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you.

👤I ordered them to make baby shower invitations. I was very pleased with the results. They were very nice quality card stock and they were shipped quickly. Definitely recommend.

👤These were not advertised as postcards, but they are. They are too small for the envelopes if you fold them. I don't have time to send them back since they have ruined my project. My inserts and envelopes won't match. Why don't they say they're postcards? The box they come in says "post cards" on the top.

👤The card fits into the envelope with ease. The envelope and card are printed on a laser printer. There is a We have to make the cards since there is a shortage of suitable cards for the holidays. I have used this card to make many cards.

👤The paper quality is good. The unexpected color was the only thing we didn't like about shopping online. They turned out great after we added lace to offset the color. They are a good deal if you need to save money.

👤The cards are gorgeous! I was helped make my Halloween cards. Sturdy and thick. I will be purchasing again.

👤They forgot to run mine through the "vintage die cutter". I couldn't find a contact seller that I could reach. There is no time to return and wait for the correct ones.

2. Oxford Ruled Index Cards White

Oxford Ruled Index Cards White

Ruled on one side for legible notes. You can study and prepare in the classic 3 x 5 size. Premium-weight paper is durable enough for any assignment. 10 packs of 100 cards are perfect for school, home or office. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Oxford

👤These are not good. There are pieces of shit. They think they stick together. Returning. Amazon basic index cards are very popular.

👤The only thing I liked about these cards was that I don't have to buy more for a long time. I don't like them. I could have made my own cards. The pen ink leaks through to the back. They're not as thick as paper.

👤I am dumb. I ordered 1000 of these thinking 11.97 or something like that. I found the exact same thing when I went to one of those mini targets that were like the size of a drugstore. The packs of 100 were.49 cents each. Pre tax for 10 is 4.90 dollars. Not a big deal. I think it's how they make up for the cost of shipping, and how Amazon takes from them for putting it in their fulfillment center. There is a The cards were the same brand, just different. If you have an errand to run, it's a better deal to go to a Target store. There is a They are a bit thin and barely card stock, so they are a bit harder to slide apart when studying. If you have to order something like this from Amazon, you should look for something with a thicker stock. I am not using a sharpee or thicker permanent marker and I haven't noticed anything bleeding through from front to back. The markets bleed through a bit. I have to write lightly and make sure I write over the bleed on the backside if I want to make out the answer when I study. Either get thicker cards or not use permanent markers unless ultra fine point is used.

👤I should have read the reviews of these cards. They are very thin. I used to buy index cards from Staples, which was much higher quality, and they had great sales at back to school time. You can save yourself the disappointment by buying index cards at your local office supply store.

👤I'm using these for flash cards, but I'm constantly defeated because I can see the writing on the other side. I will double the thickness by folding them in half. I wouldn't buy these again. I would spend a bit more money for it. There is a The cards are thicker than normal paper. They bend easily and can be bent unintentionally. The cards were curved like chips. Disappointed.

👤I am about to take my real estate exam. I used notebooks to write down the million things I need to learn in order to pass the NC exam. notebooks don't work for me I am running out of space because I feel disorganized. I bought multiple packs of this index set. I shouldn't worry about running out anytime soon. They are thin, but that doesn't bother me. I am organized and confident as I transfer my study notes to the cards. Small size cards are very large. I use both sides to write. I am reading and studying essential information. Yes, five stars indeed.

3. Primbeeks Premium Double Sided Available Business

Primbeeks Premium Double Sided Available Business

Text and images can be added to both sides of the printing. What's inside? The package comes with 300 pcts of premium cards. Each card can be used twice, with the double-sided option. The quality is high. The word cards are made from high quality paper and have no bleed through. BLANK KRAFT CARDS These blanks cards are great for helping with homework and studying difficult words. There is multi usage. These index cards can be used as student words cards, business cards, name cards, message cards, thank you card, gift card, inspiration card, listing card, message notes, bookmarks, luggage tags, thanksgiving card, ideal for Christmas, Halloween, wedding, engagement, baby shower and exhibition Nostalgia style cards are great for home, office, party, and more.

Brand: Primbeeks

👤The blank business cards did not arrive as ordered. Small micro businesses have a lot of work to do on late 1 day. There is a The cards were supposed to be rounded, but some have sharp edges and some have rounded edges, as you can see in the photo attachment. Very bad quality. I have no choice but to use them because they are late. I will not be ordering from you again.

👤The quality is not very good.

👤I couldn't use them for earring backings like I had with the same product from a different seller. Business cards are even flimsy. Won't buy again.

👤I was willing to give it a try because I knew it wouldn't be easy to print on already cut out cards. There is a The cards are small and can't be fed through a printer, so we used our cricut to print them. The ink will smudge and blur after it has been printed. They are not very good for writing on to them.

👤I have only used two of them so far. They make perfect name cards. You can tie the card to the wire with a hand punch.

👤These are better than I thought. They are perfect for the project I have in mind and came very fast. We have begun using them. Thanks! The size of a credit card is larger than a business card. The coating is semi flat.

👤I bought these thinking they were the same thickness as some other cards I've bought before. I was not happy with the way I compared them. When you stack 10 cards together, you can see the difference. I will probably go back to the thicker cards on my next purchase because these cards will work for my purpose.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I am using these cards as flash cards and they are perfect. I needed a size and material that I could use for a long time. I needed small cards that were comfortable for me to sort through quickly and easily. The specifications of these small cards are ideal for me. I'm very happy to have found them. They come in packs of 50.

4. Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

Juvale Blank Flash Cards Study

It is made in the USA. Use the kraft index cards to create custom save-the-date cards for weddings, baby showers, and engagement parties. Add their brown index cards to your arts and craft supplies to make personalized gift tags. Their brown note cards are made from high-quality paper that won't make it difficult to carry ink to the other side. The brown paper card is 3 x 5 inches. 100 blank index cards are included.

Brand: Juvale

👤The picture online makes them look thick and sturdy, but they are not as thick as a regular price of computer paper. They didn't work for the project we were supposed to have them do. The picture is of the same sizes bracelets, the same width paper, and a piece of paper I had on hand. They are too flimsy.

👤These sheets of paper are not made with card stock. There is a scam.

👤I ordered from a previous purchase. I still have a few flash cards from the previous purchase. There is a These new ones are thin, not sturdy, and cut to a rectangular shape. It's all over. There is a I need these to hold up for my purpose, so I have to glue three together to make them even stronger. Three. These are very thin. Will not buy again and will not recommend it.

👤I wanted brown craft paper already cut in this size so I could staple over my baggies for my smudge kits. These were perfect for my needs. They are not thick card stock. Standard index cards are thinner. If you need a thicker paper or card, keep that in mind. They are very thin and flexible. These would make good place holders for events or papers, but wouldn't be a good idea for weddings or outdoor events because they're very lightweight.

👤The paper is die-cut. I was hoping they would work for display cards for barrettes, but they were not sturdy enough to do that.

👤These were good for what I was using them for, but if you need to use them for Save the date or invitations, I would not use them. I stuck the save the date magnet to the paper after I stamped it. It is not sturdy and very thin, so you would need something else.

👤These are very thin and flimsy. I don't expect anything listed as index cards.

👤Nice cards. The color is correct. A little thinner than the normal white ones, but will work for what I want.

👤I would not give this product a star rating. To call them cards is misleading. I should have never returned them. A frustrating waste.

5. Oxford Ruled Index Cards 10022

Oxford Ruled Index Cards 10022

Ruled on one side for legible notes. You can study and prepare in the classic 3 x 5 size. The pack is in classic white. Stock up on school supplies. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Oxford

👤The front and back are both so thin and flimsy. Completely useless as flashcards. The 300 cards are about 10 ounces. A pack of 48 tabbed cards is only 2.2 ounces. 300 cards should be 20 ounces. This 300-pack of index cards is half the size of regular index cards.

👤These are not thick enough. They are not as thick as binder paper. I wouldn't recommend them. I still would go with different ones even though it was only $5. They don't work well as flashcards.

👤These were purchased to make flash cards. They are the worst index cards ever. The paper is not better than regular paper. Flimsy, see-through and worthless. If you write with a marker, it bleeds through. Don't waste your money.

👤These are paper thin, not card stock like normal index cards. I use index cards for recipes, and they are useless for anything else. I threw them away because they are worthless.

👤The product is offered in two different types of paper. If you're thinking flash cards, get the big one. The 'durable' may be okay for reminders. What about flash cards? It was barely. If you have a firm writing pressure, the imprint might show through.

👤You get what you pay for. These are cheap imitations of real cards. I don't know what to say. Cheap, thin product. They are not index cards. I would not give a single star.

👤I had to order more because I ran out of my old stock and used a lot of index cards. The index cards have been reduced in thickness. The slick finish makes it hard to thumb through them quickly because they stick together. The heavy duty version is too thick for me. Don't know what the answer is.

👤Not as advertised. There's a reason why the price is low. This is advertised as a brand of note cards. Check out the attached picture. They are not a brand of Oxford and one package of 100 only weighs 4.1 ounces, and 300 cards only weigh 12.4 ounces, which is still not the advertised weight. They claim to be "Oxford Ruled" on the sticker, but that doesn't mean they're any better than the brands they're advertised to be. I'm in need of good quality notecards so I bought these. I got flimsy cards. Don't buy heavier weight notecards if you're looking for something. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤I am very disappointed. The material on the cards is so thin that it looks like pages. These are not good quality flash cards. They need to make better products.

👤The packs are in good condition.

👤They feel like poor quality.

👤Great! Basic does the job.

6. AmazonBasics Ruled Lined Index Cards

AmazonBasics Ruled Lined Index Cards

The medium-weight card stock is 72 lbs. 120 gsm. There are 10 packs of index cards. Solid white on one side and black on the other. It's ideal for notes, lists, study cards, and more. Measures 3-inches x 5-inches. Paper stock. Made of 10% recycled content.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I assumed the options for quantity were the same as for the product when I re- purchased the "Amazon Basics Heavy Weight Ruled Index Cards". This is not the case. Only the 1pk and 3pk options will ship the "Heavy weight" index cards, while the 10pk will switch to the "light weight" cards. The light weight of these cards makes them hard to study because you can see the answers in the ink on the cards.

👤I chose my quantity, in this case, 1000 cards or 10 packs of 100, after reading "Premium-weight cardstock: 114 lbs. paper." I should have checked that the description changed when the quantity changed. The flimsy $1 store cards were the same price as the one I got. I am not happy about that. Shame on you. Mr. Bezos, if those same practices are used to make space rockets, there will be some setbacks in your program. You need Amazon to skim us here and there to make money. We will keep that in mind. Lesson learned.

👤These cards are good. They are blank on the other side. The card surface is a little rough, but I like it. The cards are on the thin side, that's the real problem. The thinness of the pens and markers makes them show right through. They don't hold up very well. For my uses, they are okay, but for many, the flimsiness would be a deal breaker. They are a little heavier than regular paper, but not as thick.

👤I bought them to use as flash cards. They are too small. I can still use them for things like shopping lists, but they are not the same as the standard index card weight.

👤Not as stated. The cards are listed in the description as 11pt. The basis size is equivalent to 186 GSM. These cards are not fakes. 80# offset vellum is equivalent to 130 and has an approximate caliper of 6.0. These are not heavy weight index cards. These are cheap cards that can be found in any store. It can be found at

👤Very thin. It's easy to see through. The lines are very light, barely visible, just as I needed them. I can see through the flash cards, rendering them useless. There is a It's waste!

👤These are no frills index cards that are useful for reading. They are very thin so they won't spread the pages of my older books. I use them for book markers so I can remember new words when I get home. They are good for recording questions and ideas that are fresh in my mind. I use them as a sort of card file. There is a coffee mug on the table next to my recliner. Whatever I do there, I do it. I put it in the mug after writing it on a card. Simple. Clean. It's easy. The card goes into the mug. I check the cards 2 or 3 times a day. I use both sides of every card, and let no space go unused. I've been known to turn the card upside down to use all the space available. Why not?

7. Vera Bradley Study Buddy Flowers

Vera Bradley Study Buddy Flowers

There are 100 lined index cards that are hole punched and have colorful dividers that help keep your notes organized. You can add labels to each section with the set of 52 colorful stickers. You can assign and reassign the contents on the tab sticker sheet. The silver hoop that unhooks the flash cards allows you to rearrange them. The elastic band closes when you travel between classes. The colorful lines on both sides of the notecard correspond with the tabbed divider of the section to make the study session a little more fun. 3x5 cards are made of a thick material that prevents ink from bleeding through so you can write, highlight, and erase as you please. The green floral design of Mint flowers is featured on the back of the index cards with ring. Everyone can use this study buddy set.

Brand: Vera Bradley

👤I bought two of these and I love them! I bought two different designs, but I am only able to locate one of them, so I will share photos of that one. They are the same as the outer covers. They both look cute. I like that they are replaceable. I can swap out the index cards that came with it for new ones once I use up all of them. If you put one hole in the new index cards, you can buy them with the hole in the right place. There is a band that keeps it closed and there are small stickers on the tabs so you don't have to write on them if you want to change them. There is a The quality was just as expected, and the price was perfect, so I would definitely recommend this item to anyone!

👤The note card set is perfect. I didn't have the time to make my own set, but by the time I bought all the supplies, this was worth every penny. The cover is very strong. The packs you buy from the store are not as strong as the note cards. There are stickers that can be used to label the tabs. There are a lot of good things about this set. It saves me a lot of time and headaches. Highly recommended.

👤Not worth $11. Office Depot had similar ones for $3.99. I use them as flash cards and study cards, and I wish they had blank front and back.

👤The barcode says what the product says on the back, but the divider came bent and was $2 more. I will not buy again and I am glad I didn't buy more than I planned.

👤The pattern and color look great and the dividers are sturdy. The sides of the cards are lined. The metal hook is at risk of notlatching properly, which means you're at risk of mixing up or losing your notecards. I usually use this to study at home. It's not a big deal, but I would be hesitant to bring this with me for studying on the go.

👤I was looking for a couple of note card type products to list ingredient recipes for essential oils and incense. These are functional and beautiful.

👤Nice flashcards. I bought them to use as flashcards to study for the exam.

👤I wish it had double rings. The cards move a bit in the ring, but it looks cute and will work for the intended purpose.

8. Oxford Ruled Index 100 Pack 31

Oxford Ruled Index 100 Pack 31

Cloud cards come in sets of 40 and 80. 80 packs have one black and one green set of 40 Cloud Cards. Ruled on one side and blank on the reverse. For making lists, studying, and presenting. The paper is made from recycled fiber.

Brand: Oxford

👤These cards used to be thicker and closer to cardboard, now they are thin and paper-like. The edges are easily bent and they don't hold up like the old ones. It's whatever is cheapest to make but the most profitable, so I wish they'd go back to the old way. Very disappointed.

👤The Oxford Ruled index cards are a must have in high school and college, I am sure we all have tried them. The reviews are not making a huge decision in your purchase, but here is mine. There is a The set is a white ruled index card pack. There are 100 pieces of paper in this pack and they are made from recycled and post-consumer fiber. The other side is blank. These are great for any project. It's great at home to keep up with recipes and addresses. This set is thin, but that is not a bad thing. These are not like the thick card stock material that you get in stores. There is a We used these for my son's review cards and alphabet and numbers as well. They have been reliable and durable.

👤We bought a few packs of index cards to throw in the emergency school supplies because we never seem to have them on hand. They will get the job done in a pinch, but they are not as good as previous index cards. There is a I can roll these up into tube shapes in either direction because they are similar to a piece of construction paper. They are lined on both sides. I wouldn't use these thin cards for making flash cards that you want to use over and over.

👤The "cards" are now called "papers". I guess that's better if you want to help the earth, but don't call them cards.

👤These cards were a bit disappointingly thin, floppier and flimsier than index cards I've had before. They weren't what I was looking for. They are great for short-term work, but I don't think they'll hold up well to regular use, and I wanted to use them to write novels. I don't see the "weight" of the paper listed in the item description. I gave them 4 stars because they were cheap. I can't be disappointed for a buck fifty. There is a These are well made but thin index cards. If you want cards that are thick, look elsewhere.

👤I don't know how to review index cards. I don't know. Straight like a line should be! There are some things that are referred to as "shrugs."

👤The paper is bad and worse than other brands.

👤It's great for helping your kids. It's a great way to teach your kids how to study for an exam or to remember important factors in a subject.

👤When you want to write a quick note, use flashcards. There is a If you want to study with this product, you should invest in a thicker card because your pen ink will show through the product. There is a If you want to write a speech, it's a good idea to use a product with lines to ensure you write consistently throughout the entire card. There is a I would buy it again as it was the best product I could find. I will definitely switch if there are thicker card options.

9. Rocketbook Cloud Cards Eco Friendly Note Cards ColorStick

Rocketbook Cloud Cards Eco Friendly Note Cards ColorStick

You will be good to go as soon as your binder arrives with 50 pre-punched cards. The last index cards you need - stop using traditional note cards! The cloud cards are replaceable. You can write your flash cards, reminders, and speech notes. Reuse and erase over and over again. The free Rocketbook App is compatible with many of your favorite cloud services. Digital learning is built for the digital age, with the Rocketbook App you can Scan your handwritten index cards and have your handwriting transcribed into titles for your files. Use the study mode in the app to take a quiz and flip between questions. If you want Pilot FriXion ink to bond to Cloud Card's specialized paper, you should reuse your index cards. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth. Cloud cards come in sets of 40 and 80. packs have one black and one green set of 40 Cloud Cards.

Brand: Rocketbook

👤When certain Frixion pens didn't flow well and the Rocketbook surface wasn't accepting the ink well, I was never thrilled with the pen-skipping that occurred. The issue seemed to have been eliminated by the change in Rocketbooks, until these index cards. They are too thin to last with repeated wiping and ink not completely wiping off. I had to throw out one of the cards because it smudged when I waited for the ink to settle. Kiyubeie is a competitor that I bought on Amazon, and as much as I like supporting American companies, this Reusable Book is better than Rocketbook. I hope this review helps them make a better product line as I will likely not buy another one until they do.

👤The ink stays wet for a long time, which adds up quickly when you are studying and trying to take notes. It was part of the price to have wipe off cards. I decided to write the answers on the back and then write the questions on the front once the back dried. Not ideal. It worked. There is a After letting them dry for over an hour, I put them all in a stack and went for a walk to review. I noticed the ink was starting to rub off when I read about four cards, it wasn't where my hands were on the cards, it was from the cards sliding past each other. Very disappointed. Will probably use them to make lists or something on, but as far as flash cards go, I don't think they're a good idea. I don't want to spend hours taking notes then watch them disappear as I try to review them

👤These cards are great. I'm not sure if they have used something different in terms of materials, but the ink flows from the pen to the card/paper much smoother than it does for past rocketbook notebooks that I've tried. See my side-by-side comparison of cloud cards and everlast. I used the same pen to show the difference in ink flow. I hope the notebook materials are updated to what is used for the cards. They do not leave a mark when I wipe them off, and sometimes they will leave a faded beige'scar' in the notebooks I have found. There is a I have tried both their fusion pens and their markers, and while this is not a review for those items, you may end up buying them to add a little color to your notes, and so I would say a fair warning that the markers are a lighter color than they are. I would not recommend their notebooks to others, but I would recommend the index cards! They can do so many things. Not really meant as a large note-taking medium, but definitely useful for those who write to-do lists for the day or little notes to themselves on sticky notes. The larger 80 card pack is more useful for students who need to memorize a lot of terminology. The 40-card set was more than adequate as a working professional. It would have been great if it came with a pouch, but I had one lying around so that was not a problem.

10. IScholar Index Unruled Inches 04602

IScholar Index Unruled Inches 04602

It was made in North America.

Brand: Ischolar

👤These cards are very thin. They are not close to the colors shown in the picture. I needed them for a file box project where they will be used for a long time, and I'm sure they would be fine for a project where you use them once and toss them. I need to find something else.

👤I like that they are light and come in lovely colors. I like them for taking notes for different apartments, and I keep a list of the important points. There is a They are sturdy when I am reading a book that I will review later. I keep one in my book until I need to use my notes, and I'm big so I never run out of room. I can draw a flow chart on either side.

👤Disappointed by the cost. I thought there were at least 2 packs of 100 cards. Target has colored index cards, 100 pk, 3x5 for only 99 cents. The extra 2 inches of paper are not worth $5. They were a little thinner than the index cards. My pack had a consistent color. I am in school for nursing. I paid too much for one pack because I will be writing out hundreds of index cards. I think that's correct.

👤The colors are not close to what is pictured. They look like a bright, neon color. I wish I would have listened to the other reviewers. They are being returned. The colors are dull.

👤I should have read the review, but I didn't think I needed to. It is definitely not a WYSIWYG. The colors are muddy. The packaging broke when they were shipped in an envelope and the cards were bent on one of the edges. It was a hard pass.

👤I bought these for writing scriptures. I am very happy to have found this product. This is a definite choice for the future, having only used the others with only neon color option. The colors are vibrant but not bold.

👤I chose this item based on the picture I saw. The colors in the package are not those.

👤You would think that out of 100 index cards, you would end up with 20 of each color. Not the case. There were two different shades of green cards. They're very light. I originally bought them for the purpose they were intended for, but they didn't end up being used for that. I won't buy them again.

👤The colored pack was not compatible with the photos. I threw away the yellow and orange shade of the pack. The other colors were not neon. There are no green cards in this pack. I wish I had gone with the cheaper brand. I could have bought this pack from a local store for a quarter of the price, but I needed the colors.

👤Sirven para lo. Aunque yo los compré pensando, seras ms vibrantes.

👤I made my own coloring books for Christmas. I'm going to find more uses.

👤Theses are thick and sturdy. You can write with a sharpie, but you can't see it on the other side. Get good size index cards.

11. Color Paper Business Cards Cr04

Color Paper Business Cards Cr04

Each of the blank flash cards is made with a high-quality paper material that won't easily carry ink to the other side. Acid free paper. There are 10 colors: cream, yellow, pink, light purple, red, and sky blue. There are 11 colors: ivory, cream, yellow, pink, light purple, red purple, yellow green, sky blue, red, andKraft.

Brand: Ppappappiyo

👤I use these little cards for a lot of different things. The paper is thick and light, and it's great for taking ink, marker, and even paint. Even the dark ones like brown and forest green will show blue and black writing with plenty of contrast. I leave my kids a quote of the day and they use those cards as bookmarks.

👤I only gave it 3 stars because I can't use them for business cards. I bought them because of that. They will work well for price tags for my gifts. There is a I will have to draw and write them all, because they don't work with Cricut machines for printing. They might come with different markers. There is a If it takes longer to write them out with my information, I will not buy them again.

👤I needed to write a brief hello on them and put in announcement cards for friends and family. A small colorful card was written to say "Have missed seeing you" because a bigger card or letter would have been too much in the envelope. "Here's our news!" or something like that.

👤These are great when making homemade greeting cards. When I need a quick card, I just take an already stamped card and adhere double sided tape to one of the already stamped little greetings, and the card is finished. I have purchased 2,000 of these to use.

👤I would have liked them to come on a sheet of paper so they could be printed. They are large enough for my needs.

👤I wanted to do something with the business cards so they were perfect. Some of the colors are too dark for the ink I'm using, which is the reason for the 4 star rating.

👤The color and quality were beyond expectations. The edges are clean. Membership cards are perfect for my use. I'm not sure what to do with printing on cards.

👤I used them to make scratch offs. I have never used a printer. They worked well for me.


What is the best product for decorative index cards with lines?

Decorative index cards with lines products from Paper Junkie. In this article about decorative index cards with lines you can see why people choose the product. Oxford and Primbeeks are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative index cards with lines.

What are the best brands for decorative index cards with lines?

Paper Junkie, Oxford and Primbeeks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative index cards with lines. Find the detail in this article. Juvale, Amazon Basics and Vera Bradley are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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