Best Decorative Indoor Lights for Living Room

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1. JMEXSUSS Christmas Wedding Decoration Approved

JMEXSUSS Christmas Wedding Decoration Approved

The string lights are made of strong construction and waterproof, which makes them perfect for outdoor decorations, such as Christmas, wedding, party, home, bedroom, wall, garden or balcony decorations. Their Christmas string lights are bright and warm. Each crystal clear light bulb shines with a view angle of at least 180 degrees. The design of the plug greatly improves the stability of the bulb. These lights are warm, soft, and not flashy, making them a great addition to your Christmas decoration. The Impressive Light Modes are designed to fit different occasions and moods. These Christmas lights can be used to surprise your loved ones, be it for a romantic anniversary, a holy wedding, or a joyous Christmas. You can switch between the 8 lighting modes by pressing the button on the adapter. The Christmas tree light with 100 led bulbs is perfect for indoors and outdoors. There is transparent wire that can be hidden inside Christmas trees. It can be matched with any background, which is great for room, wall, garden, porch, or adding a sparkling glow to your patio or balcony, making every corner a new look. A 10-foot lead wire can be used to plug the light in. The Christmas lights have passed safety and waterproof certifications. The safety voltage for the human body is 30v. All of the minis are filled with hot melt glue and have anti-freezing and anti-oxidation performance. The plug needs to be protected from water. To provide better products and meet more needs is their goal. The products they sell are durable. If there is a problem with their indoor Christmas lights, please contact them, they will not let you lose money because of the quality problem.

Brand: Jmexsuss

👤The lights are not a 50ft strand. There are 34 feet of lights with a 16 foot empty length. When the product arrives, the box from the manufacture clearly states. It wasn't listed on the specifications on Amazon. You can't double up the strands of 16 feet of empty wire.

👤Put these up and love them! Can't say if they are durable or not. The clear cord is great because you don't notice it when the lights are off. They look like old-school Christmas lights. The old-school lights are on in the picture with the two strands of lights. They are much lighter in weight. They sent the lights back because they had a weird green-yellow glow. These don't. I want to buy more sets for other parts of the house. Will look great outside.

👤The Christmas lights have horrible flickering. The cheap Chinese power supply does not convert 60Hz electricity to 120Hz, the light is being driven by 30Hz flickering, they switch + and are very fast, if the switch stops then only half of the LEDs remain lit. You will not be able to stay in the room where this light is on, you will see the flickering with the corner of your eye, and you will get a headaches. There is a The flickering in the 3rd mode where it blinks from one to the next does not bother some, but the switch on and off could be annoying to some. Adding a DC Capacitor will not work because you will need an AC Capacitor, even if it works. If this light was built correctly, it would have a power supply that doubled the Hz from 60 to 120 and then split it between 60 and 60 each cycle, but Chinese are saving money by giving you headaches. If you watch my video, you will see that the flickering is real, even if it isn't noticeable to some people, it will give you headaches, or cause you to leave the room. There is a The second way to fix this would be to require 50 light emitting devices.

👤We hung them around the edges of the room using little thumbtacks after I ordered them. I believe they have different lights settings. I would use the small lights for home decor for the holidays or a wedding in a mason's jar, they are dainty and are perfect for this setting. The product is inexpensive and good.

👤These are small lights. The 10 feet of extra cord at the bottom made them work perfectly, I bought them to finish a tree I made for my house. There is a lot of cord to reach my outlet. Would recommend for people with limited outlets.

👤They made a little after about a month of daily use. The stretch of cord between the end of the lights and the plug is too long. So yeah. You still get a decent amount of actual lights, but it's too much cord. I can see how it's convenient to hide the end of the cord. I have a bundle of extra cord hanging around, but for the price, length and durability, you really can't go wrong. I bought 2 more strands. It's better than any I've gotten from Walmart or Target.

2. Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

The bulbs have a dia of 0.7 inch. The string lights have 80 Super Bright crystal globes. The globes have a diameter of more than 17mm, which is larger than the others. What is the difference? You can get more beautiful lighting effects. Unlike other black wire fairy light, this battery string lights use transparent tube to wrap string, which is not weird, it is consistent with the crystal ball style. There are 8 different lighting modes to choose from, including combination, in wave, sequential, slow glow, chase/ flash, and Twinkle/Flash. When you set the white lights for 6 hours on and 18 hours off with a timer, you will get the current lighting mode. It's a nice idea for a bedroom, fireplace, dorm, living room. There are outdoor lightings that have battery-operated lighting. Plug-in string lights and solar string lights do not provide high brightness lighting and are not safe. The Christmas lights are powered by 3 AA batteries and have a low 4.5V low voltage that is free to touch and provides high brightness. The string lights are waterproof and can be immersed into water, the battery case is waterproof and can resist the rain. The led firefly light could be used all year long. Awesome outdoor decorative lights. Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc.

Brand: Metaku

👤The size of the globe/bulb is much smaller than the pictures make it look, so beware. They are the size of a large marble. The plastic of the globe shimmers. They look pretty in the daytime. The length is longer than most battery operated lights, which made it easier to hang, and the lights looked better. They have several options for lighting effects, which is a nice added feature, and it's easy to switch up with the remote. The remote won't work if the battery box isn't easy to access. We tried to hide it in a tree, but it was too far away for the remote to work.

👤The deck has decorative lights on it. They don't produce a lot of light, but they help create a fun atmosphere. The remote control works well, but you need a direct line of sight since it uses IR. 6 hours on, 18 off is how long the timer function is. The brightness settings don't make much of a difference. There are 8 different modes that are worth playing with. There is a If you are looking for lighting, look elsewhere. These aren't bright enough to replace the lights. These will do just fine if you're looking at a decoration.

👤It is very easy to use. Put the first set on the patio and the second set in the living room. Would buy again and recommend. A few weeks later... I have used this for a few weeks. The energy draw is high, but still an awesome product. It only lasts for 6 hours at a time per day in the time mode. Each set of batteries lasted less than a day. They are lasting less time every time I change them. Since I have no place to plug anything in on my balcony, they are battery operated and can be used for a while. It kills the batteries faster if you put it in the modes where they change color. The lights are still pretty but are better suited for special occasions.

👤It was perfect on my umbrella. I live in Western Australia. It's raining and sun is shining. I only had these for a couple months but they are still going strong.

👤I had to replace batteries twice in a week because the lights are colorful and lovely. It takes 3 AA batteries to work so returning it can't spend on batteries.

👤Not really outdoor lights when it rains.

👤I was expecting the bulbs to be on the small side but one person's large marble is another person's small marble. These are the size of a marble. Period. They look nice after you hang them. I used them in my outdoor dining area, and now it looks like we are dining on the patio of our local Italian restaurant. I like the look. Time will tell how long they will last. I'll update my review after the misters in the same area have worked for the season, and the outdoor creatures have time to run over them.

3. String Outdoor Commercial Decoration Voltage

String Outdoor Commercial Decoration Voltage

The Globe string lights have 27 clear G40 Edison bulbs, end to end connectable. Light bulbs have candelabras. The cord is flexible and thicker than a traditional cord so that you can leave the commercial string lights on the tree. CONVENIENT: 6 lead with male plug and 12 spacing between bulbs. There is a spare fuse in the male plug. Each bulb has a hook up on the side which makes it easy to attach it to a branch or a nail. The water reactor. White string lights are commercial-strength and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can hang the string lights with zip ties or cup hooks. The string lights should be plugged in as dry as possible. The outdoor white string lights are suitable for lighting applications. It's great for patio, backyard, deck, bistro, café, pergola, garden, market, wedding party, Christmas decoration and many other occasions or events. It's easy to install empty sockets. In case of high wind, every bulb should be separated. Set up your lights in a few minutes. End-to-end connections are offered by each 25 foot strand. It's easy to install empty sockets. In case of high wind, every bulb should be separated. Set up your lights in a few minutes. End-to-end connections are offered by each 25 foot strand.

Brand: Romasaty

👤They were hung today (see attached pictures). I gave them 5 stars because they did the job as expected. The bulbs do not come attached, so you have to screw them in. There are 100 bulbs on the string. They are brighter than I thought, so instead of being intimate at night, it is more like an interior room with all the lights on. Some may like that and some may not.

👤The first time I plugged them in the unit blew and fried it. They replaced me the next day. The same thing happened after I used the second set. I contacted the seller as it was past the return date, but figured I had similar lights from another seller that worked for 2 years outside without an issue that they would replace them as they must be faulty. I was told by the seller that they will not replace them and that I should remove the electrical plug and buy a new one. I am not an engineer or a handyman. Why should I spend more money to fix a low quality product? I shouldn't have to. I would give these 0 stars if I could, but I would spend a little more from another seller if the fuse wasn't bad.

👤The second time I plugged them in, they were a problem. Each set came with two spare bulbs. Most of the bulbs are soft and warm, but there are a few that are bright and hard to see. The next day the bulbs started burning out, but I used the spare bulbs. The bright white bulbs were used in their place. It has been two days since I hung these up and I have three bulbs that are no longer usable. These are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for, but they don't work. I will be returning them today.

👤We have had the black lights up for months in Colorado where it's been snowing and freezing, and haven't had any issues. I wonder if my neighbor gets annoyed by how bright they are. It's perfect for lighting up a dark yard.

👤The lights are an excellent choice. The quality is excellent. I hung them in a screened porch that gets a lot of wind gusts. I have not had any issues with the lights, they have not come loose. The price of these lights is better than the ones sold at local stores. This product is something I would recommend.

👤I was looking for something to light up the room. The price of LEDs was twice or more than what I thought. I think they are right for the price. It's easy to extend. You can plug in extensions with one end of a male and female pronged plug. I might buy another one. I don't think it's the best, but it looks sturdy and the white color makes it look neat indoors. There is a I like the fact that it has an extra fuse inside the power sockets. I would know what to do if I came across a problem. It has only been a few days. I would definitely recommend it so far.

4. Koxly Christmas Waterproof Decoration Strings

Koxly Christmas Waterproof Decoration Strings

It's widely used. You can install led outside string lights with a cable tie or cup hook. Warm white globe lights are suitable for outdoor use. Please search B07DN94P21 for bulbs replacement. For the suspension kit, please search. The Christmas globe string lights are good quality. When used, the input and output voltages are more energy-saving. The holiday decoration light string is waterproof and made of translucent plastic to keep it at a low temperature. After a long period of use, it can still be safely touched. It's cheaper than glass globe string lights. There is a remote control. The Christmas globe string lights have a maximum coverage of 5 meters and can be turned on or off. Christmas globe string lights have 8 light effects, including a combination, in wave, sequential, sloth, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, and Steady on. There are different modes for different occasions. The built-in memory chip can save your last mode setting, which is simple and convenient to use, and the timing function is added to the light string. Perfect decorative Christmas globe string lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration, suitable for most places, such as bedroom, terrace, porch, pergola, bistro, backyard, balcony, pavilion, deck, and many other occasions. Adding sparks to your decorations will make you feel happy. The fairy light is a good Christmas gift. You can use the sockets directly. The globe string lights are a great gift. You can give them to people you care about. Let the lights make their lives interesting. The fairy light is a good Christmas gift. You can use the sockets directly. The globe string lights are a great gift. You can give them to people you care about. Let the lights make their lives interesting.

Brand: Koxly

👤One big problem with the lights. The features are great and they work well. When you turn them off, it resets itself to go back to DEMO mode, and you have to do it again every time. There is a I put these lights on a timer and hope for a nice mood lighting at night and again in the morning. It is like a disco light show when they come on. The lights were fast and obnoxious. Not very relaxing or enjoyable. They would be perfect if they just came on with the last setting. There is a They work well when you want them to.

👤I connected them after buying the 2 set. I tried them out individually to make sure they worked well. They work for each set so I can have a remote in two different places in my room and still use it to control the lights, which is really cool. Since I'm not using one of the plugs/sensors it'll be a nice backup in case the one I'm using stops working later on. It was very easy to install them. Plug it into a wall and the remote will work. You need to remove a black metal piece to connect the light sets. Attach the set you're using, unplug it, screw the little black piece back on, and you're good to go. The strands work from one plug. There is a The light settings are nice. The flashing ones are more festive for Christmas. I plan on using these in my room a lot. I'll be using the stay-on mode most of the time. The white light these give off is peaceful and energetic compared to the warmer lights in my opinion. I've grown up with warmer lights most of my life and I've noticed they don't keep me in the best mood compared to white light. This way it's more uplifting. Video is provided for my bedroom. I just moved and have been doing a lot of work on my new place so my bedroom looks a bit messy. The mess is not permanent.

👤The 49-foot Koxly Remote Control Twinkle Light Star String Lights have 8 modes. They are gorgeous. I had Christmas in mind when I purchased them, but they are good for all year, even if the plug is not waterproof. I went through all the modes in the video, but my favorite are the slow fade and solid on. I would have loved having these in my room when I was younger. The lights are bright, but you can fade them if you want them to be a night light. Really, really pretty. They have a long lead-in before the lights start. It's just beautiful!

👤These lights were bought to decorate my display of chicken tea pots. The lights added flare and pizazz that I was hoping for. The display is much nicer because of the string lights. They are easy to install and operate. There are a lot of different setting options for the remote control.

5. String Lights Outdoor Wedding Christmas

String Lights Outdoor Wedding Christmas

The string lights are made out of plastic and are shatterproof. A warm white light is given off by 100 led bulbs. The lights come with an ul listed power adapter. The spacing between the bulbs is 4 inches. There are 8 lighting modes, timer functions and dimmers. The lights have 8 lighting modes, which include combination, in waves, sequential, slo-glo, chasing or flash, slow fade, twinkle and flash, steady on. The lights have a timer function that can be used to turn on the lights for 6 hours and off for 18 hours a day. The brightness can be set to adapt to special occasions. Their plug in string lights are waterproof, which makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The bulbs around the lights are reliable and safe. The string lights can be used indoors or outdoors. The lights make the atmosphere festive. The best choices for christmas trees are listed. It's ideal for ambience mood decoration in your bedroom, living room, balcony, garden, patio, tent, awning, hotel, etc. It's perfect for family and friends. The bulb string lights are easy to use and install. The bulb string lights are easy to use and install.

Brand: Minetom

👤I just plug it in and these are a steal for the price. The globes were smaller than expected but still cute and practical. The timer is nice and they have a soft light color. I have them under my dorm bed which is perfect.

👤These are great for hanging in a room. I think the lights are not as fragile as others I have had because it has a hard glove that covers them. Very pleased with the product. It's just a plus.

👤I love the lights. I have gotten several types of lights to hang up in my room before, and out of all of them, these are the best. The packaging was exactly what I wanted, the lights were the same tone I wanted. I got two strands for the perimeter of my room. They come with a remote. I don't have to turn them off every time. The bulbs were not out. It takes more than one time to push a button to make it work. I would highly recommend these lights for anything. They were what I wanted.

👤These are easy to use and look great on my patio. You can use the same remote control to program both sets of lights. There are 8 different settings for the lights. The one that runs through all 8 is my favorite. You can control the lights with the remote control. The timer goes for six hours when you set it. The lights have a long lead section that you can plug into an extension cord or wherever you want to. I am leaving them up all year. They are waterproof, there was no problem, the timer worked, and the lights worked fine after two days of rain.

👤The product is great and the remote is great. My daughter's castle house is hung above her bed and I bought them to hang on it. It looks beautiful. I need to get more for my room. It's so dreamy.

👤I like the product. I used to have battery-operated ones, but only one setting. The plug-in lights have 8 settings from twinkly to Disco, and are powered via remote control. Really enjoying these!

👤The globes are not glass so they won't break like other lights I have used. Came quickly and love the lights. And they twinkle! The remote control has a lot of settings for the lights.

👤The lights are nice, but I wouldn't use them for decorating a room. The seller stopped responding to my messages when I asked for help because the remote doesn't work. The lights are not as bright as my standard Christmas lights and having to cycle through all the modes just to get them to stay on is annoying, on top of having to get up to plug them in or turn them off. If the remote worked for turning them on and off and selecting mode, I would like it, but I followed all their instructions and the battery still doesn't work. The product was junky. The lights will no longer be on after one month. I would love to return it. It's outside the window.

6. QZYL LED Dimmable Lighting Adjustable

QZYL LED Dimmable Lighting Adjustable

Their 75 feet of lights feature 405 LEDs that can be used to light up a bedroom, computer desk, kitchen, living room mantle, or other personal space. QZYL bright strip lights feature 16 million different color combinations, 8 lighting modes like flash, fade, and jump, and a more personal lighting experience. The 44-key remote allows you to adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%, which allows for a more relaxing, energetic, or vibrant atmosphere. These long RGB strip lights can be used for a variety of purposes, from adding light to your bedroom space, to creating a warm glow in your kitchen cabinets, to dressing up for a holiday party. Their high-quality led lights feature a flexible strip design that makes it easy to stick them to almost any clean, dry, flat surface. They can be powered by a power adapter. Their high-quality led lights feature a flexible strip design that makes it easy to stick them to almost any clean, dry, flat surface. They can be powered by a power adapter.

Brand: Qzyl

👤The white box is buzzing with high pitch noise. The lights are made of garbage. Do not buy them.

👤These are a bit higher quality than the run of the mill strips, but they are still worth it. If you want to chain them together on a single strip, it's not as easy as connecting them together with a connector. If you know what you will need, you should watch a video. There is a The remote is different from other cheaper strips so I'd make sure you don't mix them.

👤I was nervous about the lights, but I have had them for about a month now and I adore them. It is great to control them from your phone. The remote can be lost easily. The app programming is difficult to work with, I can't figure out how to add more music to sync or how to set a sleep timer, but over all the lights are great.

👤The lights are bright and can be applied to the wall in a few easy steps. You can either use the app or the remote that comes with the lights to change the color, brightness, and pattern of the light. I use the app almost every time I use the lights, but the remote doesn't always work. Sometimes I have to use the lights for a while before the remote connects to them and I can change the settings. When you use the power down button, the lights don't turn all the way off. There may be an issue with the circuit, but I don't know why this happens. When I'm done using the lights, I have to go and turn them off, instead of just using the remote. I really like these lights, but I wish the remote was more responsive.

👤There are a few led lights in the kids rooms. These are the worst. They are very dim at night. The lights are twice as far away as the other three sets, which makes them look very different. They look like a bunch of Christmas lights. The remote doesn't work to make them worse. One out of 20 attempts to press a button was recorded by the remote. These will be returned immediately. These lights are trash, so most of the reviews must be from the review farms.

👤The dimmer only works on individual preset colors, not custom colors, or the fade/ jump options. The leads for the lights are short. It's not helpful to have all three ends of a receiver in the same room. The pig tails for the lights are only 5 inches from the receiver, so it's inconvenient that it needs to be in line of sight of the remote to work. There is a I think I will not replace this product until some of the LEDs start to burn out. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤The led lights are easy to install, but it isn't meant to come back off easily, and can take the paint off the wall. If you want to have no problems, make sure the line is straight before you stick the lights. We have a lot of lights left, but they must be connected or they won't light up. We connected all of them and put in an extra line of lights around the door to the main one. They have several options to choose from, and they work well with the remote. You can have them flash different colors. The first set of lights we bought didn't work, so I was skeptical about ordering these, but they are longer, so maybe we just needed more lights to make the other ones work, but now I know how to properly install them. If you take your time, make sure you have the right amount of lights for the room you are doing, line up the strips eventually before sticking them on, and make sure everything plugs in to the 3 outlets. I would measure the room before buying so you know how much will cover the room. I will buy more of these.

7. MyCozyLite Waterproof Perfect Transformer Extendable

MyCozyLite Waterproof Perfect Transformer Extendable

The Globe led light chain has a timer and plug, 15m long, 10m string lights, 5m lead wire, and a 30V transformer with 7.2W rated power. 8 functions plus timer and memory. The measurement is 17mm/0.7 inch. The auto timer allows a simple press and go, 6 hours running and 18 hours off following by another 6 hours running, 24 hours cycling. The function will be saved until the next light up. The extension has male and female safe plugs to fit different size Christmas trees. There are small mini led heads. It's bright, perfect for indoors and outdoors, ideal for Christmas, Wedding, Party, House decoration, Bedroom, Living room, wall, garden, backyard, back porch or balcony. Customer service from myCozyLite is available for 12 hours fast email reply, 15 months warranty and 45 days return service. Customer service from myCozyLite is available for 12 hours fast email reply, 15 months warranty and 45 days return service.

Brand: Louis Choice

👤These are gorgeous! Even the packaging they came in, I have to say, is not just the finished product once they are hung up and turned on. A thank you note is the first thing you notice when you unbox them. It's a nice touch, it's not necessary. It came with a dozen twist-ties to hang them up. Again, not necessary, just another nice touch. This helped me out a lot since I thought I would use zip-ties, but when the time came I couldn't find the ones I thought I had, and it turned out the included twist-ties worked out better in the end. I connected 3 total sets end-to-end after my box worked out. The light strands have a lot of lead wire, which was handy for running the first strand, but not necessary for the other sets. I tucked the extra wire out of the way and used one of the twist-ties to keep it neat. I wanted to hang these around my pool deck fencing, so I wanted something plastic and not glass, so these were perfect. The LEDs don't get hot, so I like them for their efficiency. The color is white. They look great! One party guest commented that they looked nice, but they didn't look like Christmas lights. The diameter of the globes is about the size of a dime. I put my nose up to them to make sure they weren't bad, but since I hung them outside, I didn't think it was a problem. If you want to hang them indoors, be aware that it's possible that they will off-gas and you won't find this to be an issue. The lights have different modes, where you can have them flash or blink or fade in and out, but I found those kind of obnoxious for the look I was going for and think they are just being lit solid. I haven't used the timer function since I only plug them in when needed. I would buy more of them and recommend them.

👤The ceiling lights look great. The strands were easy to connect. There was too much lead wire before the second and third strand started. The first strand can go from the ceiling to the outlet without an extension cord. The other two strands were not good. We had to hide behind book shelves or curtains to get rid of the excess wire. The plastic bulbs are very safe. It is very easy to change the light modes on the outlet plug. One negative thing about the excess cord is that it makes the lights look long.

👤The lights are nice. They were hung in each of my children's bedrooms. They globes are a nice size and give off a nice warm light. The effect in each room is different. My son's room is larger than my daughter's, so the lights make it brighter. My daughter's wall color is yellow, while my son's is blue, so the lights look warmer in my daughter's room. I'm pretty happy with them, but I'm very disappointed in the 8 effects. I find the rest to be useless and disappointing, other than the regular "steady on" mode. The modes are too crazy. I'm looking for a calm atmosphere. If they didn't turn completely off, the settings where they actually dim would be great. The lights dim until they go off and then come back on again. I wish there was a plain "twinkle" setting that didn't switch over to flashing and a steady dim setting. It would be a 5 star product.

8. 200LEDs Waterproof Ambiance Lighting Included

200LEDs Waterproof Ambiance Lighting Included

The waterproof and bendable copper wire could be shaped into any symbol. They are durable, work in synergy to offer greater coverage, and give off a light fairy effect in night without overheating. You can use the string light with theusb port to apply the lights with the power bank or computer. The 12APM starry fairy lights are cost effective and energy efficient, they use premium quality LEDs and cast with golden copper wires, which are more resistant to break than other string lights. There is a bonus with the power adapter for string lights. It is backed by a quality warranty of 1 years. The string light has 66 feet of copper wire with a plated and 5 feet power cord which is more capable and shapeable for daily applications. The string light has 66 feet of copper wire with a plated and 5 feet power cord which is more capable and shapeable for daily applications.

Brand: 12apm

👤My room is now so peaceful because of these. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I hung mine with the thumbtacks. It was very easy. The white is true to color.

👤These lights are wonderful. These lights fill the room with a nice dim and warm white light and I like them. I didn't rate them with a 5th star because they flicker on occasion, depending on the way she is sitting. It's not really a problem! There is a The picture shows a 66 ft. string running along the wall next to my bed. They are the only lights in a dark room.

👤66 feet long. Smaller package than I expected and was a little tedious, probably because of the margaritas. The lighting is easy to put up. If I can find a place to put them, I will probably buy more.

👤I love these lights. I only bought one strand because I wanted to. It turned out to be a million times cooler than expected. They're very simple and have some cute little fairies on them. I live in a dark attic bedroom and it provides perfect ambient lighting, so I attach them to my ceiling. They were so cool that I had to buy another one. If you want to hang pictures from them with clothespins or something, they are sturdy enough to clip. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants cute subtle lights on their walls or ceiling. I used my old laptop for the picture. I have 2 strands that are 66 feet long connected together. Since they're copper wiring, they don't connect together, but they look seamless when put end to end. The beginning of my second strand was where my first strand ended.

👤I decided to buy this set for my daughter after reading tons of reviews and looking at different types of lights. They arrived quickly, were small, and didn't look the way I had 888-276-5932 When my daughter put them up, they looked pretty. I am her wall. Within a few days, they started to fail. If you didn't have the right cord, the different settings would stop working and they wouldn't stay on. In less than a month. I have a teenager who is very disappointed. I will buy a new set for her.

👤I wasn't expecting anything spectacular with how inexpensive these lights are. I assumed that they'd get the job done and look pretty but that they wouldn't be very durable and that I'd probably experience a few deadbulbs. There is a I am shocked by the quality of these lights, after owning them for a little while. They are the perfect color to add some warmth to my apartment and I have been getting tons of compliment whenever someone new comes over. The wire is thin and resistant, and I have not experienced any damage to my lights because I have bent it every which way. At one point, I woke up to find my cat chewing on the wire as if it was a toy, and I had changed the setup. I chose these lights because they're waterproof, so my cat won't be killed when she pulls them down. I took a close look at where she had been gnawing and I didn't see a single sign of wear and tear. I'm positive I'll be using these for many years. There is a I will definitely purchase a second set of these lights if I move into a bigger apartment.

9. Merdeco Birthday Christmas Wedding Decoration

Merdeco Birthday Christmas Wedding Decoration

These lights are easy to install and do not require any additional work. If you have any problems, please contact them. Warm white globe string lights, cute plug in string lights, good choice to create a warm and romantic atmosphere to enjoy your happy hours. The Globe light is made of premium plastic material that won't break or get overheated, and it has 20 light bulbs. You can put or hang the lights to make your space your own. A night light for kids bedroom. Globe string lights with American standard sockets can be turned on and off by plugging in. It was easy to use. The waterproof rating of the safety voltage is to prevent short circuit caused by electric shock or safety problems. The plug and controller are not waterproof to prevent rain from splashing. There are great string lights for indoor decorations such as room, wall, sofa, chair, dinner table, tapestry, bedroom, tent, Christmas trees, garlands or other holiday decorations. string lights are ideal for outdoor decorations like garden, balcony, patio for wedding, birthday, holiday, party, Christmas and so on.

Brand: Merdeco

👤I was hoping for these to add some decorative lighting to my entertainment center. I tried to connect them. The plug is so basic that it can be cut into 2 pieces. The plug won't stay in the outlet or extension cord. It flickers and falls out. This product is a fire hazard and should not be used.

👤I was excited to see the lights on the trees. Got these lights set up. The light intensity and size are great. The plugs used for the lights are cheap and change dimensions enough that the entire plug connection becomes loose, which causes intermittent to no connection for the string of lights. We received these lights the day before we were going to entertain some friends and started smelling an electrical smell at one point in the evening. The return process was started by a unplugged light.

👤I got a 5 star rating even after reading some of the negative reviews. These are lights for the utility room. They had a tendency to go off and on. They were fine if we just jiggled the wire. I took apart the little white box because they just went out. Very poor assembly. One of the wires came loose. It's no wonder that it's so inexpensive. We really liked the look and it was too bad. The photo is on the right. Something else was ordered.

👤I didn't have a remote control, timer function or brightness that was high. The plug is very weak and falls out of my plug all the time. I wanted them to be low in brightness because I like to have them over my bed while I sleep. You get what you pay for.

👤They went straight to the trash. I don't feel comfortable using these in my home, I'm an electrician by trade. I didn't know the metal was used for a conductor. This is an example of what you get when you pay most of the time.

👤I bought these lights to illuminate the inside. I was looking for a price that was right for what I was looking for. Quality was not what they were. They were packaged in a cheap Christmas bag with a plug that looked like a spare piece of metal. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and plugged them in, but the plug kept going off. The lights are being returned because it looks like it could be a fire hazard. I would have liked to have read the reviews before buying. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The plug was only two pieces of scrap metal according to another review. They are not wrong. These seem very dangerous. I wouldn't recommend them. It feels like they could fall apart at any moment.

👤The bulb covers were falling off as I tried to un string the lights. The plug will not stay plugged in if you can't get it to stay in the outlet. It's a total waste of money to go to the trash.

10. Hanging Dimmable Connectable Lighting Included

Hanging Dimmable Connectable Lighting Included

A warm white light with 300 leds lights for energy saving and cool to touch. Dimmable lights are great for relaxing. College birthday decoration indoors and bedroom weddings wall party. You should not unwrap the individual strings until you have set up the main string of lights. The Lighted Length is 9.8 feet. Make the lights look better by adjusting the distance between strings with a zip tie. The hanging lights can be controlled from a distance. 6 hours on and 18 hours off. C.8 display options include combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing, slow fade, twinkle, steady on. There are D.4 options of brightness. Four strings connect to cover a larger area. If strings are connected, keep the controller on the first set so that you can control the lights with one remote. The plug is waterproof. The power cord is over 12 feet long. If you lose the remote, the lighting modes are adjusted. The controller is not waterproof, please seal it. The plug is waterproof. The power cord is over 12 feet long. If you lose the remote, the lighting modes are adjusted. The controller is not waterproof, please seal it.

Brand: Brightown

👤I ordered a second time and it didn't work at all. Don't order that thing again.

👤I installed these on Friday and now they are blinking but not working to adjust the settings. The remote is malfunctioning or the lights are malfunctioning. The money is wasted.

👤Half of the lights are on. I was so excited to hang them up. There is a I was frustrated because I hunted for the right set from a seller. I'm going to try to get in touch with the seller. I don't want to deal with it.

👤I love them! They finished my room.

👤The lights look lovely on, but they let off a warm yellow light, not the description indicates. I like their warm yellow tone over white. I was happy to discover that the cord is plastic, not white or frost. I was worried that they would look strung on the wall when turned off, and that the clear-ish cord would make them look bad when not shining. It was easy to position them where I wanted without the need for an extension cord. The positioning and appearance of the little black controller box made me rate these 4 stars instead of 5 stars. It's attached to the top strand of the lights by a very short cord, so there's no way to position it in a way that's not unattractive. It's a black box that can't be detached without breaking the strand's wiring. They didn't realize that most people wouldn't want a black box hanging out on the wall, so they gave it a short cord. It's not a big deal that you have to cycle through all the motion settings to reach "Always On". I'm hoping it's possible to get that box into a better position by using an extension strand.

👤The strings of lights are not a curtain. I was expecting a sheer white curtain with embedded lights, since the photos show a curtain with lights attached. That wasn't the case.

👤I use this for my curtain. There is a grey and silver theme. Changing the volume on my fire tv cube with the remote can change the light settings. I think it's the IR signal. The remote works. Looks great. The camera and video were shaky but you can see the settings.

👤I ordered these on a recommendation from a friend. The remote control is ok, but you have to aim it at the control box. There is a The first night I was with them, I noticed that the lights still lit up even after I turned them off. The lights can't be fully turned off with the remote because they draw electricity constantly.

👤Excellent product. I love the remote. There is a It's a great nightlight. It can be used for parties as well. There is a Also, note: When you open the package, be sure to hang the main large wire first and then slowly open the dangling lines. You will end up with knots and tangles if you don't. We tied the main line to the curtain rod. We untied the lines. We put a curtain over the lights. Looks amazing!

11. Changing Crystal Control Lighting Halloween

Changing Crystal Control Lighting Halloween

Pack of 6units of OakHaomie led starry string lights, OakHaomie After-sales service card, operating manual, and screw driver. The lights are safe to touch. Keep away from fire and hot objects. They will try their best to solve your issue if you are not happy with their fairy lights. Fashionable unique design. The fairy lights are made of 16.4ft anti-oxidation, tangle-free and durable silver wire and 50 bubble balls. A new crystal bubble ball has a clear color and contains many small bubbles that can help to light up the room. Fantastic Colorful Lighting There are 16 fantastic colors and 4 dynamic multi-color modes in this starry string lights. Crystal Light Bulbs allow multicolor light sources to be reflected through bubbles, creating pleasant romances and fairy-tale lighting effects that make the environment out of the ordinary. There is a memory function and a remote timer. You can use a remote control to turn on/off, adjust modes and speed, and choose your favorite colors. 6 hours off the timing function is provided. The multi-color ball lights have a function. Even if the power is turned off, it can remember the last mode and color it previously set. It's not necessary to manually reset and operate every day. The benefits of the plug-in design give it a lot more possibilities. You can use the power bank to operate the colored string lights which can be used in almost any place suitable for home decoration, such as Christmas tree, tent, girls bedroom, wedding party,Garden, etc. The Christmas lights can make a warm glow, gorgeous and soft, and can be viewed from all directions. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree. You can give it to your family. It is a fun Christmas gift. Adding warmth to their Christmas. The Christmas lights can make a warm glow, gorgeous and soft, and can be viewed from all directions. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree. You can give it to your family. It is a fun Christmas gift. Adding warmth to their Christmas.

Brand: Omika

👤The lights are beautiful. There are many options for settings. It makes my tree look great. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I had to think about it when I gave it a 5 stars, but in the end I decided to give it a value for what it is. The wires are thicker and the leds are protected from common knocks and bangs. I think I will get several years of use from them. The colors might be a factor in determining a Four Star rating. If you already own a bridge for those lights, these are 1/3 the cost, but they are not as intense or deep. Some people may prefer the pastels of these colors. The green and blue are different. The orange and yellow are pretty. To me, the red borders are deep orange. It is the kind of thing that people will debate. There is a The color effect fades from one color to another slowly. There are other settings that I can choose from and the transition speed is also variable. The plug in, non-lighted section of the light strand is about 8' long to reach the outlet. This is on top of the lights. I want to hide the wire that is unlighted at the outlet.

👤The lights are the best. There is a They glow! They look like little Crystals. The controller is working great! My 8 year old left a comment.

👤These lights are very heavy. The balls will not break or shatter. They are installed in my bus as mood lighting. They draw a lot of attention. The best part of these lights is that they can be connected to a battery bank. You can install the lights without having to plug in an outlet. The lights look like they can handle a lot of bouncy roads and still hold up nicely. The remote has a nice touch.

👤The lights are beautiful. The plastic bulbs are hard to harm. They sparkle. I am loving it! They worked perfectly for my breezeway window because they have a good weight. The 16 feet listed is not by much. The breezeway in the video is 4 feet top, 4 feet bottom and 3.5 degrees each side. The length of the plug end cord is large so you don't have to be close to a plug-in with this set. The remote is amazing. It works from a long distance. There are many different speed settings. I want to keep this light up for a long time. For St Patrick's day, red or green, and everything in between! There are many options. Jump options and a timer! This light set is highly recommended. I am completely impressed! I need to buy more sets. As tree lights, this would be stunning. November 18, 2021. Our Alpine style tree has the same strand of 50 lights. The tree is not measuring that tall. The lights are used for decorations on St Patrick's day and for the tree lights on February 14th. This strand of 50 is the same size as the tree. We will probably keep it green, but you can change it up whenever you please. It's still highly recommended for any time of the year.


What is the best product for decorative indoor lights for living room?

Decorative indoor lights for living room products from Jmexsuss. In this article about decorative indoor lights for living room you can see why people choose the product. Metaku and Romasaty are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative indoor lights for living room.

What are the best brands for decorative indoor lights for living room?

Jmexsuss, Metaku and Romasaty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative indoor lights for living room. Find the detail in this article. Koxly, Minetom and Qzyl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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