Best Decorative Indoor Lights String

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1. Vigdur Multicolor Connectable Waterproof Decorative

Vigdur Multicolor Connectable Waterproof Decorative

The total length of the decorative fairy string lights is almost 10 feet. The end-to-end connection allows this multicolor patio lights to illuminate a larger area. Vigdur indoor light string can be hung on the patio, bedroom, window, wall, classroom, birthday party, whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. The metal mesh outside the bulb could protect the novelty string lights from damage. The mason festival lights string have a nice soft glow, it's a cute gift for family. It is a good idea to put it in the bedroom. Your satisfaction is their primary goal. If you have a question about this vintage rustic string lights, please contact them on the Q&A page, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is their primary goal. If you have a question about this vintage rustic string lights, please contact them on the Q&A page, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Vigdur

👤Walmart sells the same set of lights for half the price.

👤I wanted to make my home office look better since it looks dreary and these lights do a good job of lighting it up. The lights themselves are a little bigger than I thought, but I think it's because I wasn't looking at the whole measurement, rather just a one side measurement. I was able to put these above my desk to give me some decoration but I didn't think they were going to work on lighting my area the way that they do. They're not blinding bright, but they do add a little light of color to my work area which has brightened my mood when it comes to doing work at home. I thought it was cool that the color hit my face when I was online doing meetings. The lights are really bright. I love the look of them. If they get a little dusty, I just give them a light dusting and they're good to go again.

👤I loved the lights for three months. So pretty! We have these on a deck that isn't covered, and although several bulb covers/globes got water in them, it tended to evaporate and the lights continued to work all summer. I pulled off the glass cover to empty the water and the bulbs flickered a few times if I touched any part of the string, but I got the water back on. I took out the bulb from the one I removed the cover from and replaced it with one of the two extras that come with the set. There is a The whole string is extremely dim, not even enough light to show the glass colors. I tried to replace the fuse, but I couldn't get the cover to budge. I've never seen a light string do this, have a bit of current with the lights off. I don't have enough bulbs to replace them all. I will probably save the glass globes and put on another string. The set was not worth the price due to only lasting one summer and being best used indoors or in a covered outdoor area.

👤I like my new pineapple lights. It makes my small apartment feel like a fun place to eat. They are great!

👤I thought the lights were too big, but they are actually right. I strung them on my fireplace mantel and they are bright and pretty. I would definitely recommend them.

👤Cute and simple. I thought they were glass, but they are plastic. It was worth the price for the effect. Enjoy.

👤I put these on my gazebo. Definitely recommend.

👤I love the lights. It's fun. They look great.

👤The set was not usable. There is a I threw the box out and could not return it, but the lights do not make sense. The length of the cord between the plug and the first light bulb is very short. You would need two sets to wrap the patio door. They are not outdoor lights. I don't think they could survive the elements.

2. String Outdoor Commercial Decoration Voltage

String Outdoor Commercial Decoration Voltage

The Globe string lights have 27 clear G40 Edison bulbs, end to end connectable. Light bulbs have candelabras. The cord is flexible and thicker than a traditional cord so that you can leave the commercial string lights on the tree. CONVENIENT: 6 lead with male plug and 12 spacing between bulbs. There is a spare fuse in the male plug. Each bulb has a hook up on the side which makes it easy to attach it to a branch or a nail. The water reactor. White string lights are commercial-strength and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can hang the string lights with zip ties or cup hooks. The string lights should be plugged in as dry as possible. The outdoor white string lights are suitable for lighting applications. It's great for patio, backyard, deck, bistro, café, pergola, garden, market, wedding party, Christmas decoration and many other occasions or events. It's easy to install empty sockets. In case of high wind, every bulb should be separated. Set up your lights in a few minutes. End-to-end connections are offered by each 25 foot strand. It's easy to install empty sockets. In case of high wind, every bulb should be separated. Set up your lights in a few minutes. End-to-end connections are offered by each 25 foot strand.

Brand: Romasaty

👤They were hung today (see attached pictures). I gave them 5 stars because they did the job as expected. The bulbs do not come attached, so you have to screw them in. There are 100 bulbs on the string. They are brighter than I thought, so instead of being intimate at night, it is more like an interior room with all the lights on. Some may like that and some may not.

👤The first time I plugged them in the unit blew and fried it. They replaced me the next day. The same thing happened after I used the second set. I contacted the seller as it was past the return date, but figured I had similar lights from another seller that worked for 2 years outside without an issue that they would replace them as they must be faulty. I was told by the seller that they will not replace them and that I should remove the electrical plug and buy a new one. I am not an engineer or a handyman. Why should I spend more money to fix a low quality product? I shouldn't have to. I would give these 0 stars if I could, but I would spend a little more from another seller if the fuse wasn't bad.

👤The second time I plugged them in, they were a problem. Each set came with two spare bulbs. Most of the bulbs are soft and warm, but there are a few that are bright and hard to see. The next day the bulbs started burning out, but I used the spare bulbs. The bright white bulbs were used in their place. It has been two days since I hung these up and I have three bulbs that are no longer usable. These are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for, but they don't work. I will be returning them today.

👤We have had the black lights up for months in Colorado where it's been snowing and freezing, and haven't had any issues. I wonder if my neighbor gets annoyed by how bright they are. It's perfect for lighting up a dark yard.

👤The lights are an excellent choice. The quality is excellent. I hung them in a screened porch that gets a lot of wind gusts. I have not had any issues with the lights, they have not come loose. The price of these lights is better than the ones sold at local stores. This product is something I would recommend.

👤I was looking for something to light up the room. The price of LEDs was twice or more than what I thought. I think they are right for the price. It's easy to extend. You can plug in extensions with one end of a male and female pronged plug. I might buy another one. I don't think it's the best, but it looks sturdy and the white color makes it look neat indoors. There is a I like the fact that it has an extra fuse inside the power sockets. I would know what to do if I came across a problem. It has only been a few days. I would definitely recommend it so far.

3. BOHON Fluorite Operated Decorative Christmas

BOHON Fluorite Operated Decorative Christmas

Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc. The string lights are made of natural Fluorite and have a size of 2 - 4 cm. They combine natural and artificial fluorite by using various techniques. Finally, create an amazing string lights ornament effect. 20 beautiful 3D Real Fluorite stones for summer and beach themed fairy Christmas tree decoration is a perfect gift. A hint of luxury is added to the room. This string light is powered by a low voltage and will stay cool. Perfect decoration and unique romantic gift for all occasions, including Christmas, Birthday, Home Wedding, Party and other occasions. It can be hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, trees, Pianos, gardens and more. The items are waterproof and portable. You can place the led lights anywhere you please with the small waterproof battery box. 3 AA batteries could last 30 hours. It was included in the package. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. It can be used to make a unique present for your family or friends. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. It can be used to make a unique present for your family or friends.

Brand: Bohon

👤I bought medium, large, and large amethysts. 1. The medium is gorgeous. It was perfect in every way. 40 lights and 10 feet. The color is gorgeous when lit. 2. The large fluorite is larger than the large amethyst, which is a very odd color when lit. If you are using this string of lights in a large area, pass them on. They look great in a jar or small basket. There are 30 lights. 3. The large fluorite are gorgeous. There are 20 lights and 5 lights. They had 30 lights, but they were 888-270-6611 There is a The large fluorite and medium amethyst are the prettiest. The large amethyst are not appealing.

👤I bought these lights because I thought they were going to be small, but they are very nice and the quality is amazing, I thought they were going to be small, but I was wrong, they are genuine amethysts stones and perfectly sized, and the price is amazing, I was wrong I would definitely buy again for myself or gift them, I am a fan of these now.

👤My zen has increased by 460% since I put up the lights. 10/10

👤Put these in my daughter's big girl room to keep her out of the house at night. I found a small piece of glass on her bed as I was laying them out to stick onto the wall. I am a bit nervous. I put them up well and will get better hooks later, so they are not over her bed. There is a She will play with them. I am concerned she may cut herself. It is okay for tonight.

👤The fairy lights have genuine illuminating stones. A lavender white light is cast. The Easter tree is covered in unique egg lights. There is a remote for different light sequences. I love the lights.

👤The wires are not secured in a well manner, which makes them barely work. Cheaply made. They would look better if it was made better. The few that work are well lit.

👤My child's Frozen 2 birthday décor was intended for the Birch Tree that I purchased to add blue color. They look great. I was a little worried that the fluorite crystals would break in shipping but they are in great condition with beautiful and natural variations. The product comes with a variety of light function, but I didn't notice it, since I was mostly going for a color theme. The lights were easy to position on the little tree. I will likely use the lights in the house even after the birthday celebrations are over.

👤It has a beautiful raw amethyst and a cool remote, but mine doesn't work very well. If you touch the wire, it will turn off. I got a dud that is wired poorly but it would be beautiful if it wasn't so sensitive. They would make a great gift.

4. Outdoor Vintage Hanging Backyard Porches

Outdoor Vintage Hanging Backyard Porches

The complete led string lights kit includes 49ft globe lights, 29V Low Voltage Transformer, and a remote. If you have an issue, you can contact their customer service team. Black indoor string lights are stylish and modern. Glass bulbs are protected from damage by metal lantern shades. Warm white light creates a nice atmosphere. There are outdoor lanterns for 20 feet with 12 clear g40 bulbs, metal shades, and plastic clips. You can connect up to 6 strands. The lead has a male plug and a female one. The total length is 20 feet. The lanterns shape gazebo lights g40 string light inspire a feeling of nostalgia and are great for deckyard decor, pergola, cafe, gazebo, pavilion, porch, wedding, tents, gatherings, barbecue, city rooftops, umbrella, dinner, Christmas, party decoration. Their bulbs are compatible with dimmers. The atmosphere is enhanced by the wire lights to a dimmer switch. There is a listed for indoor and outdoor use. Their bulbs are compatible with dimmers. The atmosphere is enhanced by the wire lights to a dimmer switch. There is a listed for indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Brightown

👤Awesome lights! It is very unique. It was bright enough, but not too bright. I bought two sets for my gazebo. I still give 5 stars even though it was missing three hooks. The lights were still working after a bad wind storm.

👤It's cheap. If you hang them high out of reach, your wife won't notice. We will find out if they are water proof when it rains again. There is a They look good in the bar I am building.

👤I purchased 3 strands less than a month ago and already have 2 bulbs burnt out with less than 3 hours a day of use, which is not near the 1000 hours advertised. Very disappointed.

👤The box was faulty right out of the box. It was on and off on them. The lights are not secure, so you have to check and make sure they are all screwed in, and whoever packaged these did a horrible job of tangling them, so it was hard to untangle them. I bought these for indoor use above my kitchen bar area, but I don't think they will hold up outdoors. It was very flimsy. They are pretty, but sadly will be back.

👤The design is attractive and charming, but the unit arrived with a non functioning bulb. The bulbs don't fit through the opening in the cage when I tried to replace it. There is no way to take away a burnt out bulb and replace it with a new one. This design is flawed.

👤These lights are a great value, stylish, and bright, and they might actually be a little brighter than we wanted. They can be on an outside porch with an awning. They come with hooks and clips that make hanging them easy. You can plug in one string after another with the female plug. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤These lights are wonderful. Bright but subtle.

👤The product is very good. It's an attractive set of lights, but I didn't hook it up until 30 minutes after I received it. Disappointing. I think it happened during shipping transit. I wouldn't hold this against the seller. The product was shipped quickly.

5. Ehome Waterproof Decorative Christmas Interface

Ehome Waterproof Decorative Christmas Interface

The led string lights are made of 33ft long ultra thin silver coated copper wire. You can bend it to any shape you want or tangle it on anything you want. Plug in fairy lights are powered by ausb interface, but the power port is not included. Compared with battery operated fairy lights, theusb fairy lights are safe to touch and use is low energy consumption. The fairy lights string can be immersed into the water to create amazing and wonderful effect, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. Please keep the interface away from the water. The led fairy lights have been certified. 5V power supply and insulated paint copper wire keep it cool even after 15 hours of use. The firefly lights with 100 micro led ambiances can create elegant and romantic decor for bedroom, window, curtain, patio, garden, yard, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, birthday party, etc. The firefly lights with 100 micro led ambiances can create elegant and romantic decor for bedroom, window, curtain, patio, garden, yard, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, birthday party, etc.

Brand: Ehome

👤I'm a big fan of fairy lights. I decided to buy this set of fairy lights for myself after I went to Amazon to see what the prices were for things like this. I decided to hang the fairy light wire up against the ceiling corners of my room and plug in ausb to use the warm light that shone from it. There is a It's the ultimate. There is a mood. Setter. There is a I'll just pop these on and crawl back into bed to get a feel for it. These get my seal of approval. You should get more fairy lights in your life. You know you want to.

👤Have used these as a night light and timer. My phone makes them look like a normal white, they do look more warm in person. If your plan is for a night light, use these lightly. I tried running them back and forth along the top of my canopy bed to look like stars, but they lit up the bed too much. I only run them along the bottom edge of the mattress and behind my computer desk because it's just right for me.

👤I bought this for my artificial tree. The photo is pretty at night. It would be great if the manufacturers of these lights could allow a longer extension to the power source without adding lights to the end.

👤I missed the Christmas lights after taking down the decorations. I searched and bought these. So far, so happy. I was happy to read the review about using an old phone charging station since it comes with ausb instead of a plug. I read that these were not durable. I waited a week before writing this review, but have had no problems with this purchase.

👤I bought these lights because of the great price and thought they looked nice. I have had them for about 2 weeks in my room and have had them on a few hours a day and the other day they started smoking and caught fire. I don't know if it was mine or not. If you are buying them for children, I would be cautious with them.

👤I bought these for my daughter but didn't like them because they were flimsy. It was pleasantly surprised. The cord is very strong and the lights are bright. There is a My daughter put the pictures on the wall with the help of plastic sticky hooks and paper clips. She definitely recommends them and they make a great addition to her room.

👤My daughter likes christmas and fairytales. She is cheerful. She was sad when her christmas lights went out. I found these. She is happier now than she was before. She said that she now has real lights. Her room is now her palace. Thank you!

👤My 13 year old loves them. She has a big room and took it all around the top of her walls, but still had some left over to go around her window. It's nice that they don't run off a battery like most do, because they give off good light and are easy to plug into a wall plug. It's in a small package, but it's 66 feet of awesome fairy lights. My 6 year old wants some in her room. My 6 year old will be getting these soon.

6. Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

The bulbs have a dia of 0.7 inch. The string lights have 80 Super Bright crystal globes. The globes have a diameter of more than 17mm, which is larger than the others. What is the difference? You can get more beautiful lighting effects. Unlike other black wire fairy light, this battery string lights use transparent tube to wrap string, which is not weird, it is consistent with the crystal ball style. There are 8 different lighting modes to choose from, including combination, in wave, sequential, slow glow, chase/ flash, and Twinkle/Flash. When you set the white lights for 6 hours on and 18 hours off with a timer, you will get the current lighting mode. It's a nice idea for a bedroom, fireplace, dorm, living room. There are outdoor lightings that have battery-operated lighting. Plug-in string lights and solar string lights do not provide high brightness lighting and are not safe. The Christmas lights are powered by 3 AA batteries and have a low 4.5V low voltage that is free to touch and provides high brightness. The string lights are waterproof and can be immersed into water, the battery case is waterproof and can resist the rain. The led firefly light could be used all year long. Awesome outdoor decorative lights. Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc.

Brand: Metaku

👤The size of the globe/bulb is much smaller than the pictures make it look, so beware. They are the size of a large marble. The plastic of the globe shimmers. They look pretty in the daytime. The length is longer than most battery operated lights, which made it easier to hang, and the lights looked better. They have several options for lighting effects, which is a nice added feature, and it's easy to switch up with the remote. The remote won't work if the battery box isn't easy to access. We tried to hide it in a tree, but it was too far away for the remote to work.

👤The deck has decorative lights on it. They don't produce a lot of light, but they help create a fun atmosphere. The remote control works well, but you need a direct line of sight since it uses IR. 6 hours on, 18 off is how long the timer function is. The brightness settings don't make much of a difference. There are 8 different modes that are worth playing with. There is a If you are looking for lighting, look elsewhere. These aren't bright enough to replace the lights. These will do just fine if you're looking at a decoration.

👤It is very easy to use. Put the first set on the patio and the second set in the living room. Would buy again and recommend. A few weeks later... I have used this for a few weeks. The energy draw is high, but still an awesome product. It only lasts for 6 hours at a time per day in the time mode. Each set of batteries lasted less than a day. They are lasting less time every time I change them. Since I have no place to plug anything in on my balcony, they are battery operated and can be used for a while. It kills the batteries faster if you put it in the modes where they change color. The lights are still pretty but are better suited for special occasions.

👤It was perfect on my umbrella. I live in Western Australia. It's raining and sun is shining. I only had these for a couple months but they are still going strong.

👤I had to replace batteries twice in a week because the lights are colorful and lovely. It takes 3 AA batteries to work so returning it can't spend on batteries.

👤Not really outdoor lights when it rains.

👤I was expecting the bulbs to be on the small side but one person's large marble is another person's small marble. These are the size of a marble. Period. They look nice after you hang them. I used them in my outdoor dining area, and now it looks like we are dining on the patio of our local Italian restaurant. I like the look. Time will tell how long they will last. I'll update my review after the misters in the same area have worked for the season, and the outdoor creatures have time to run over them.

7. Addlon Outdoor Dimmable Commercial Weatherproof

Addlon Outdoor Dimmable Commercial Weatherproof

Each strand contains E26 based hanging sockets, which are shatterproof. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The outdoor lighting is ideal. The market lights are weatherproof and heavy-duty. They are listed as a commercial. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. The heavy duty light cord is rubbery, flexible, and thicker than a traditional cord so that you can leave these ultra-durable string lights on display year round. A dimmer switch that is compatible to set the right mood is a must for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. Yard / outside lighting can be connected with another simply use grounded cord plugs. You can link up to 30 strands. If you have a reason for not being satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have a reason for not being satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Addlon

👤I only had the light for two days, so I can't comment on the product's longevity. I was very happy with my choice. I use paracord for my installation as the lights have a hole in the top for screws, and using a cord or cable will keep the tension off the electrical cord. Before you install the bulbs, you should run your cord or cable through the lights and string them on the high side.

👤3x sets were bought for installation in the back patio, but only 2x were installed. First impression is that they are bright. The light from the bulb is not as warm as I had expected, but it's not really an issue. It has only been up for a few days and has not received any major precipitation. I had one bulb that didn't light the second time I turned them on, but it was not properly installed. The flicker that occurs in all LED bulbs, but it's usually not noticeable, is due to the bulbs being LEDs. My only recommendation is to get a dimmer so that you can adjust the brightness. There is a I've had the lights up for over a year and have had no issues. The bulbs are exposed to rain, wind, snow, and ice. The dimmer I added made a huge difference. I'm going to raise my rating to 5 stars.

👤The string lights make any outdoor area feel special. The wire and fixture are of good quality. If you put up your lights without the bulbs, it will be less likely to be damaged. If you are happy with the positioning, you can add the bulbs.

👤I was looking forward to it. Quality construction, and packaging were what these looked like. The good things stopped there. This is advertised as two important things to me. Dimmable and over 3000k. A warm Edison type glow is given by 3000k or lower. These are not under 3000k. They seem to be more light than I think. To make sure I took out the 3000k light source, and what a difference it made. They need to be less than 3000k, but these are not close. These lights are not dimmable. I have not found a dimmer that dims the one build by the same company that is typically ordered with this item. Unless you are talking about a stage that goes off. It doesn't dim or have anything in between full on and then off. This is a losing choice because there are fewer bulbs per ft. There is an update. If you pull more than 15 bulbs from the pack, these lights are not dimmable. The color of the lights and the fact that they wouldn't dim made me dislike them. I got replacement bulbs that pull more power. The dimming function works for the LEDs when one bulb is put into the system. I've seen it before where you need a certain amount of "Draw" before they can sense or work. The smaller 15 bulb system does not dim. If you use a longer chain or swap one bulb out for a regular bulb, this will dim. It would be perfect if the lights were 2200k.

8. ZOUTOG Operated Controller Decorative Christmas

ZOUTOG Operated Controller Decorative Christmas

100% SATISFACTION! If you have a question, please let them know and their customer service team will help you get your money back. The battery powered wire can be used in dark corners or around a tree. The distance between the lights is small. The battery powered wire can be used in dark corners or around a tree. The distance between the lights is small. The high quality wire can keep the lights cool to touch, it's water resistant. They are bright to create a warm, joyful, romantic sentiment.

Brand: Zoutog

👤The battery operated means you can place these anywhere without an extension cord, and the remote control makes me feel like a high-end Apple device. The dimmer switch turns off the lights completely and then back on. - I was expecting a warm yellow, with an orange tint. I got a blue-ish yellow that ended up with a greenish cast. They are definitely yellow, but not warm. There is a I liked the shape and construction of these lights, and I love that they have a remote. I don't like the color and will never use them. It was a waste of money. Someone else who isn't bothered by a greenish cast may enjoy these lights.

👤These mini global lights are amazing. I got them on a whim to add some light to my backyard deck, and have really enjoyed using them, especially at night. When I opened the box after the set arrived, I found a lot of neatly packed white bulbs, which looked like a nest filled to the brim with eggs. The bulbs are thick and durable and the perfect size, making them easy to hang anywhere without being weighted down. The lights are strung together with flexible wiring that is triple twisted for extra strength and durability. The string lights are wired to a heavy duty battery powered box that can be controlled manually or with a handheld remote that comes with it, and can operate 8 different modes. The materials in this set are of the highest quality. I enjoy playing with the different modes to change the patterns and brightness, and also enjoy looking at them and enjoying the mood they create.

👤It's easy to hang. These lights are not easy to untangle. It doesn't look like Christmas lights. It is long and durable. They are lightweight enough to use on command hooks. It came with a remote so I can turn it on from my couch.

👤These are cute and I put them around my trailer. The lighting is soft.

👤The light bulbs are hard on the outside. Excellent quality. The remote control helps a lazy person turn it off. There is a I have it on every day. It makes my room feel very romantic. I love it so much. I just bought more string lights to decorate my room because of its effects.

👤Absolutely love it. It was purchased for a camping trip to add light and ambience to the bungalow. It exceeded my expectations. The light bulbs are hard plastic. My husband would have been in the woods right now if he hadn't left the remote on the battery pack portion. I would purchase again if they were a bit brighter. The pictures are sideways. You get the whole story. There is a I've used these lights on multiple camping trips and they were wrapped around the rope that the tarp was attached to. There was no water damage. We made a small case to hold it in our packs when we go back to country. It's been a year now. We are in back country and we are about to order two more but not soft white. Highly recommended.

9. Bulbrite 810006 STRING10 BLACK S14KT Outdoor

Bulbrite 810006 STRING10 BLACK S14KT Outdoor

40 moroccan light globes with 16 ft transparent cable are cute and decorative. The warranty is 15 months. There is a box with a single strand of clear incandescent bulbs. There are 10 socks and 10 clear S14 bulbs in the string. There are bulbs along the cord. The bulbs are 11 watt and 100 watt. The bulbs are not dimmable. Waterproof: The string lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Even in wet conditions, the cord and bulbs are long lasting. Even after rain, the bulbs will hold up. In cold climates, weatherproof bulbs are a must. There are multiple uses. Perfect for patio lighting, gazebos, porches, outdoor events, parties, restaurants/bars, weddings, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. The hanging lights cast a perfect mood and vibe to any event, neighborhood cafe or to your average night at home. It's perfect for residential or commercial applications. It is comparable. The string of bulbs is designed to work with other string lights. Plug in an outlet or hook up your string lights to continue lighting the area. They can be used as a continuous string. These lights can be seen indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings. You can use it for a party. Light the wedding tent. Light a pathway to your home or illuminate an apartment. These lights can be seen indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings. You can use it for a party. Light the wedding tent. Light a pathway to your home or illuminate an apartment.

Brand: Bulbrite

👤The lights have a warm glow that makes it easy to see a meal on the patio. The cables are thick and sturdy, with connection points at each bulb. Multiple lights shouldn't be overpowering because one strand was enough to illuminate our patio. The light is pleasant, but not glaring, and evenly distributed thanks to the placement of the bulbs. The bulbs don't seem to like the shipping process. We ordered a box of replacements because three of ours were already out. The bulbs seem to hold up well once installed. I recommend this outdoor switch for controlling the lights if you have a Z-wave automation device. There is a We wanted to create an inviting, festive atmosphere on our back patio. I think they're a good choice.

👤A string of 10 lights looks great on the balcony. I connected it to the dimmer cord to be able to dim them continuously. I ran an additional metal cable through the built-in holes on the lights to support them. It might work without the light string for short distances, but there's less tension on it. If you don't want to spend a lot of time setting up, it could be quicker.

👤The seller on Amazon is not reachable, as one of the bulbs arrived with a broken filament. I can't really ask my friend to return it because it was a gift and he discovered the broken bulb after hanging the whole string. I don't want to give something that is faulty. He's very happy with the way it looks and the lighting. Is there a way to get a replacement bulb?

👤Do you need a ceiling with beams? This one has 10 bulbs. Unless you have a higher plug, you will need an extension cord. The last bulbs are too close to the plug.

👤I like the 16” spacing between the lights in the strand, it's better than most other products that have 36” spacing. These are more heavy duty than other stands I have bought before. These can't be shipped to California because of our energy regulations.

👤It's perfect for our back porch. It's easy to hang.

👤These led bulbs get warm. The lights are bright and perfect.

👤The bulbs are very fragile and looks bad. They are made of very thin glass and will break into a million pieces if they get into anything.

👤The spacing is perfect, I ordered these to match my current string. Solid design and build. These will last.

👤These are the same lights you see on the patio of a bar. It's great to be able to buy that quality for a reasonable price.

👤Did the job well. I was impressed with the quality.

👤Our deck has lights over it. There is a There are three strings strung together. There is a The installation was easy. There is a An extra bulb or two would have made this better.

👤Bonne longueur de fils puis luminosité.

10. NIOSTA Decorative Lanterns String Lights

NIOSTA Decorative Lanterns String Lights

Come with 30 days of worry-free money back. If you have any questions after your purchase, please contact them. Their service team would be happy to help. The patio string light is suitable for any ordinary household power sockets. The plastic material paper lantern is waterproof and can illuminate your patio, deck, garden, porch, gazebo, or pergola. The lantern string lights are safe to use. The string is plug powered and more bright than the solar or battery powered lights. No worries about bad weather or battery failure. It is suitable for home and festival decoration. The end-to-end type has a total length of 8.7 ft and a lantern space of 8 inches. Plug-in style string lights help you to work a long time as you need, and reduce the trouble of battery. There are 2 spare bulbs and 2 spare fuses in each string. These lights are easy to install and do not require any additional work. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Niosta

👤I ordered this early in the spring and checked them out, they worked fine, but I didn't hang them until after the cold of the late spring and they stopped working. There is a Fast forward to today. I thought I was going to be stuck with non working lights. NIOSTA would not allow that. They sent me an email apologizing and then sent me new lights. At this point they are working great, and this was beyond the warranty date. I highly recommend them and their products because of their great customer service.

👤There is an update. The strands that I bought from the store are still strong even in a rainy season. The strand I bought from Amazon barely lasted for 5 uses. There is a The store-bought lights were up for a full year before I bought them from Amazon. When I took down the original lights and came up with a different plan for hanging them, I added this Amazon string. The string ended up in the middle of the strands. When I opened my pool for the season in the spring of last year, they were inside after being taken down during the summer. When I go to the pool at night, I only turn on the lights. After about 5 uses, this strand went out and came back on. This happened many times during the 5 uses. It would work for about 10 minutes, then shut off, then come back on a little later, but the power was still on because the store-bought strands remained lit. After about 5 uses, it went out completely, but still sent power through the wire to light the strands further down the line. When I took the lights down at the end of summer last year, I put them back up this spring without addressing the problem. I bought them over a year ago, so I didn't bother contacting the seller. It's disappointing that they didn't last long. The run time was spread over a few months. --- I bought 3 strands of similar lights at OSH when they went out of business. I needed 4 strands to put them up. I found these. They are close enough. They are cute. I put them above the fence.

👤I have lanterns hanging under a roof overhang that don't get rained on unless the rain is really whipping around from the wind. lantern lights on a wire is the only one that has lasted more than a few weeks, and is the only one I've tried that is similar to Amazon'slantern lights on a wire. The lights have been on for a few months and are still working. They look good.

👤The lights are bright and pretty. They are always eye-catching when hung from my mantle for birthdays and Summer months. I don't know if they are weather proof or not. It has a male/female end to the cord. It was a great purchase.

👤These lights are gorgeous. The crackle glass shimmers. These are very heavy. I need to secure them with something other than the greenery I normally use on the stairwell. The weight of the product is explained by the thickness of the glass. They give off a soft light.

11. Twinkle Star Waterproof Extendable Decoration

Twinkle Star Waterproof Extendable Decoration

The string lights are made of solid construction plastic and have a high quality. The string lights have been certified for safety use. The power line length is 10 cm. The light string is 10m/33ft. It's extendable. The maximum number of light chains could be extended from 49.2 ft to 344.5 ft with the help of the male and female safe plug. The transformer is waterproof, so it can meet normal use outside, but not enough to put under water. There are waterproof and energy saving bulbs. Little star string lights are more energy efficient than traditional lights. Service time can be extended. There are waterproof wire and bulbs that can be used to decorate indoors and outdoors. Functions to fit different occasions, moods, feelings, holidays, festivals, and anniversaries. It was satisfied with a different requirement. In waves, Slow Glow, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, and Steady on. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor events, such as weddings, festivals, shows, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor events, such as weddings, festivals, shows, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers.

Brand: Twinkle Star

👤Not what I was expecting. The box says to keep transform inside at all times. It is advertised as waterproof. I read reviews and the product description. I didn't see a note that the transformer can't be outside. I was going to use the stars on the fence. Send it back. There is a The review was updated on 11-16-18. The seller contacted me after I sent back the package because it was misleading and gave a one star review. I received another box and tried it out. The transformer and lights have been snowed on. They work well. They are not as bright as the string of regular white lights, but I like them. I ordered a second strand to connect because they are on a patio fence. So far, so good, happy with them, and happy with their customer service. 1-23-19 It has been amended. They rust a bit too.

👤I ended up returning it. The product was not what it was advertised to be. I was not happy with this. 1. The light is not a "warm white" or "yellow" as indicated by the picture. It's not black. There is clear white. 2. 49'? About 1/3 of that is plain wire. The lights are 3.8 inches apart. Only 32.50 feet are covered by the lights at 100 lights, which means that out of 588 inches in 49', only 390 have lights on them. This is just wire. 3. The wall plug is heavy. It won't work in a strip unless the outlets are empty on either side. 4. The stars are not easy to untangle. You have multiple wires that are all wound together. All those stars have more opportunities to tangle, and they take full advantage of that. There is a Even though this claims to be waterproof, it says that the transformer must be kept inside at all times. If part of the product must be kept inside at all times, why bother trying to make an outdoor product? There is a Maybe I'll find some use for it, I decided not to return it. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤This would be a good accent for my display. I unwound them and realized that there were two lights that had no stars on them. Okay... I decided to take a look at the string. It did not light up. I tried changing the mode, but it didn't work. One of the stars was not attached to the cord. The star was jammed into the box because the wired was broken. There is no way this string will work. It's a waste of time and money.

👤I've been looking for a set of cheap outdoor lights to string up on my back porch for a while now. I didn't want anything bright but soft that we couldn't see. The only light we have on our back porch is an overhead fan that is also our porch fan and it wasn't ideal for a porch love that likes to go out and enjoy nights with friends and family. The overhead light was too bright. I like string light. I saw these on Amazon and it was an amazing price. I got them in my cart two days ago and they arrived today and I had them up by tonight as the weather in Florida is perfect for nights. There is a Light weight and easy to hang. If you own your house, you could use thumb tacks or even command hooks to hold these. It's great to look at turned on and in the dark. The light is warm and inviting. -- A single button on the plug controls 8 different settings, including on, blinking, and my favorite: a sort of twinkling. Very long! They almost encompassed half of my porch. It is possible to connect this string with another string of lights without using a battery. I don't think it's a good idea to constantly purchase batteries. I prefer the outlets on my porch. It is said thatLED lights are longer lasting and use less electricity. I hung them before I started work. My husband put hanging hooks on them after taking them down. He told me that when he came out to move them, they had gone off. The wires connecting a few lights had to be removed from the box they were delivered in within an hour. My husband had to cut and connect the wire in three different places before hanging them. -- Two lights are broken and cannot be fixed. You can't connect these with any other lights. For lights that claim to be "indoor or outdoor," they are not hardy enough for either. -- Within 8 hours of opening the box, I have two lights. Recommended? Yes, if you can't afford lights in the 30 dollar range. Do not expect them to stand up to much. Too cheap made. I will only use these lights until they fall apart, and then I will look for a better, better built outdoor light. I don't recommend them. They are pretty, but that doesn't mean they are worth the money. It's very much "I got what I paid for."


What is the best product for decorative indoor lights string?

Decorative indoor lights string products from Vigdur. In this article about decorative indoor lights string you can see why people choose the product. Romasaty and Bohon are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative indoor lights string.

What are the best brands for decorative indoor lights string?

Vigdur, Romasaty and Bohon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative indoor lights string. Find the detail in this article. Brightown, Ehome and Metaku are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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