Best Decorative Indoor Lights with Timer

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1. Sanniu Operated Christmas Centerpiece Decoration

Sanniu Operated Christmas Centerpiece Decoration

The string lights are great for any project. 50 tinyLED chips are housed in a slim wire. They illuminate in every direction with a steady viewing angle. This light atmosphere is necessary for a party, wedding, Christmas, and it is super bright. The battery box that is easy to Hide requires 3 AA batteries. The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. The ultra slim thin copper wire is energy efficient. They offer a 1-year quality guarantee. If you have quality problems, please contact the seller.

Brand: Sanniu

👤I ordered the wrong ones because I thought they had an off timer. Unless you turn off the battery pack, they're always on. I ordered another set with a timer, which is less expensive than these, but I'm keeping them because I'll find a use for them. The battery pack adds a bit of weight, but it would work well with the wire strand, so be aware of that. If someone doesn't care about a timer feature, then these are probably going to be fine for what you want.

👤The tiny lights look great on our tree, and we don't need to add anything else. The lights are batttery and can be right next to the tree, so you don't have to worry about tripping over the cord. A real Christmas bargain!

👤I have a small gas fireplace that hasn't worked in a long time. I tried to get it fixed, but the electric company said the gas company had to fix it before they could touch it, and the gas company said the electric company had to fix it before they could. I have used votive candles in it for 15 years. I thought the lights were small enough to fit in my fireplace to give it a little more light. My eyes appeared but there were lights everywhere. It was in a small box and I was very impressed with it. The box is sturdy and not like your usual box. The string of lights is longer than I thought. I wrapped them around the logs and they lit up the fireplace. I don't need any candles. The copper string is very delicate, so be very gentle when using it. There is a box at the end of it that has 3 AA batteries. They are worth the money and provide a lot of light.

👤One of the three lights sets I bought had a short circuit and I started to make a terrible smell. The batteries were so hot that they melted the plastic when I took them out.

👤The lights are pretty and the price is lower than similar items, but in this case, you get what you pay for. The lights drain batteries quickly. I can only use the batteries for 2 full days before I have to change them. I can change the batteries on the lights on the trees and wreath a week before they need to. I would have bought a different product if I'd known this. The only setting is on. It doesn't have a timer. A way to set them to "blink" is not available.

👤I wanted to add some sparkle to my wreath in the living room, so I was looking for some lights. I am very pleased with the quality of the lights. I was worried that they would start a fire and that the lights would go off, but after checking on it multiple times throughout the night, I didn't feel any heat coming off the lights or battery pack. It took me a while to keep the lights from tangling as I put them on the wreath. I would do it again for the low price I paid. I've received a lot of praise so far.

2. Outdoor String Lights Battery Operated

Outdoor String Lights Battery Operated

The fairy lights have 16 single colors and a total of 132 modes. There are 8 lighting modes for each of the 16 single colors. It has 4 multicolor modes that are suitable for all kinds of festival and home decor. Each strand of lights has 3 high-quality insulated silver wires. It can be twisted into any shape. You can put them in a vase or bottle, hang them, wrap them around various places, and make a beautiful centerpiece. The outdoor string lights come with a waterproof battery box and ausb cable. It can be used by 3 AA batteries, but also run via a power bank or computer, which provides more possibilities and is suitable for more occasions. Dimmable and remote Timers are used. The remote can be used to turn on/off, adjust the brightness, easily adjust modes, and choose the color you want. 6 hours off the timing function is provided. It is possible to make every night light you desire, add soothing and dreamy ambiance for bedroom sleep, party, wedding and more. The waterproof silver wire is perfect for outdoor decorations. The firefly lights are light-weight and easy to install, which makes them suitable for garden, camping, balcony, outdoor party, Halloween, Christmas tree, etc. The waterproof silver wire is perfect for outdoor decorations. The firefly lights are light-weight and easy to install, which makes them suitable for garden, camping, balcony, outdoor party, Halloween, Christmas tree, etc.

Brand: Omika

👤Our daughter's room has these lights. She was excited to see so many combinations. The remote can be used to control the LEDs. I will be uploading a small video of how these work.

👤These work well. I ordered 3 sets and put them up under my home and around my front door to use as red, white, and green Christmas lights, but because the cords are very fine and the LEDs are tiny, they disappear during the daytime and when not lit. I set them with team colors when there are football games on TV for my favorite teams as well as on other holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and St. Patricks Day. I can pick colors that are appropriate for each use. I like the fact that I can set them to go on and off automatically for 6 hours and that I can control everything from the remote. The only cons are that the instructions for buttons on the remote could be better and that they used a dark gray background on buttons for function settings. I need a flashlight to see what the buttons do in a dark room, even with some light in the area, because the contrast is so bad. The red and green lights under the roof in the photo are plenty bright, but you can adjust the brightness if you want. When you set them to flash, fade, jump, etc., you could do that for a single color. The functions only work for alternating between all the colors and the directions are not very detailed. Overall, very satisfied and recommend these!

👤When I first tried it, the yellow color worked, but now yellow is getting mixed with green. Some led bulbs will be yellow and others will be greenish. It doesn't look right when orange is mixed in with yellow. I'm pretty sure it's a defect that could be found in these products. I think this is a good choice compared to the other options. I accidentally used the fairy lights remote to change colors when I used the led strips behind my TV, so I think you can use it if you have similar strips. The remotes are the same size and have the same options, but they look different. One remote controls all! I think that's correct.

👤I bought these lights on Jan 27, 2022. They worked well. I liked the different light settings. They were no longer working as they should after a few nights. The seller asked if I was satisfied with my purchase. They offered me two options for a refund or replacement after I explained the defect. I was not able to meet their 2 options. I threw out the packaging because I couldn't provide a photo of the package label. 2. I couldn't return it because the mail station that takes Amazon returns was temporarily closed due to Covid infections, and I couldn't get into town to the post office since I don't drive. I was willing to accept the loss and look for something else. I was not expecting a full refund from the seller. Their excellent and professional customer service is what keeps my 5 Star rating the same. They wanted to make things right and they cared about their customer. Thank you very much. I used a metal lantern with glass panels to illuminate thebby Lobby and they looked pretty. The range of colors and patterns is what I love. The remote is easy to use. I always have batteries when I need them. If you have a few other fairy lights throughout your room, this was a good investment because you go through regular batteries too quickly. It's a good thing. I'm very happy with the purchase. There is a Rechargeable batteries with charger on Amazon.

3. Koxly Waterproof Christmas Operated Decorations

Koxly Waterproof Christmas Operated Decorations

The small waterproof battery box can be used indoors and outdoors without trailing cables or an external power supply. The timing program provides a set-and-forget operation, but the timer function only works when you switch to 'TIMER'. Before you switch to 'Timer', please set the mode you need. To adjust the brightness of the lights to fit your eyes, you can press DIM- or DIM+. Variable mode and brightness settings are the perfect solution for your lighting needs. With 13 keys remote control and 1 button on the battery box, you can adjust the brightness or switch to in waves,combination, sequential, slo glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. The Twinkle Firefly lights are waterproof and can be applied both indoors and outdoors, like a bedroom, dormitory, bar, window, goblet, Christmas tree, curtain, galleries, staircase, patio, teepee, backyard, porch, bookcase or pergola. It can be used in a variety of places, from a birthday party to a fashion show. The outdoor string lights are waterproof and can be used in places where rain, spraying water, and snow are likely. Please contact them if you need assistance within 24 hours. They will provide you with a better shopping experience.

Brand: Koxly

👤I got these lights on the day I got them, and I am in love with them. Highly recommended. The remotes don't work right away, you have to press them right and hold them right That is not a big deal to me. I got a pack of the soft white and a pack of the bright white ones and I like them the best. I don't know if I'll use the brighter white ones or put them on the tree.

👤I love my new fairy string lights. The photos show how I put together my lights and the garlands I bought to make a beautiful display for Thanksgiving and fall. I'll switch out the lights for the next season when the winter holidays come. The lights are exactly what they are described on Amazon. You just plug in after unrolling them, because they arrived packaged nicely. I love the flexibility of having multiple settings on the remote. This product is very good. Also, note: The greenery, garlands, and other accessories are not included in the photos. This is how I use the light strings in my home.

👤Loving the Koxly fairy lights. These were purchased to light bottles on the patio. There is a pack of 2 for a great price. When I ordered these, I was expecting them to be exactly what they are. It is easy to follow directions. They were ready to go when the package was opened. On a timer, the remote can be turned off and on. I will be ordering more to add to my decorations.

👤The battery powered lights are great. The ability to be dimmed is super bright. There are 8 light functions and a timer. It comes with a remote and a waterproof battery case. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought several different types of lights for my daughter's room and I'm really happy with how they look. She likes to sleep with them. It is important that the light emits a warm glow and not a harsh white light. Really happy! The video only shows one strand.

👤These were perfect for what I needed. I put these in candy canes that we got from Lowe's and without them you couldn't see them. The lights come with a variety of settings. The first time I untangled the bundles, it took me five minutes. I recommend that you untie the wire and walk out with the wire unraveling from your finger. It was easy to follow that. I bought the Amazon AA batteries to see how long they will last.

👤I am in Lve because these little lights just arrived. The first set was hung around the plants. The lights don't get warm, so I don't worry about them burning leaves. The dimmer and remote are great. You don't need to be on top of the battery base in order for the remote to work. There isn't any instructions on the timmer, which is annoying, but the note that arrives with the lights gives you a list of the settings, so you can pick which pulse suits your fancy, and takes 3 AA batteries that are not included. There is a The fairy dance is calming to me. I will be ordering more and wrapping them around my canopy bed. I bought the 'warm white'.

4. Indoor String Remote Dimmable Voltage

Indoor String Remote Dimmable Voltage

The 200 LEDs string light gives out a warm glow, which creates romantic and warm atmosphere in the air. It makes a party more festive and full of joy. The set-and-forget function will let you forget about Christmas as it will power off when you set the switch to timer. 8 blinking modes and memory function 8 variable blinking setting provides endless possibility for various decorative demands, bringing you a perfect visual feast. The Christmas lights will work in this mode next time and you don't need to worry about reset until it's powered off. Dustproof and waterproof means you can operate the lights outdoors even in bad weather. The waterproof performance is enhanced by the rubber ring in the battery box. They don't advise you to immerse the lights in water for a long time. The warm white 69ft fairy string light is long enough for any indoor and outdoor decoration, which is widely used for holiday season, wedding, proposal, engagement ceremony, birthday, bedroom or room decoration for an elegant tone and warm vibe. The warm white 69ft fairy string light is long enough for any indoor and outdoor decoration, which is widely used for holiday season, wedding, proposal, engagement ceremony, birthday, bedroom or room decoration for an elegant tone and warm vibe.

Brand: Koopower

👤It was as advertised. I bought these to hang over my bed, and they look great. I bought the larger size because I thought I needed it, but 100 LEDs will suffice for anyone who wants to hang lights over their beds. I have a coil of lights under my bed that I overestimation the amount of lights I need.

👤I received these lights on time. I wanted the lights to be calm. The lights are nice with different settings. I keep my lights on. The brightness is in the middle. I showed a picture of the lights at night. I showed the fairy lights off and the main light on. The lights are hard to see when not on. It's nice that they have some lights that look bulky when they're not on. I got a 69' with 200 lights so I could have 2 strands on each side of the window. I pinned them to the back of my chair because I knew I would have more. The remote is very useful. I can turn them off from my bed if I fall asleep with them on. I am not sure if I will use the timer yet. The lighting is very similar to what it is described as. The main picture has a yellow light, which I am fine with. I rate these lights a 5, but that may change depending on how long it takes for them to die out.

👤The lights are bright, festive, and low power, and they are easy to cover a 6 foot tree with. I don't think you can see the white wire in the pictures provided. Some friends thought they were ugly when they were on a green tree. I don't think they're that bad, but I don't think the pictures do a good job of visibility. A flash on/off cycle where the flash gets faster until it's completely spasmatic and then it's back to a slow flashing and repeating the cycle. It keeps going through these cycles because it doesn't seem to have an ability to lock it into the current speed. The only mode we can really stand is steady on, and it only works if you set it on the internal timer. Dimmer doesn't really work if you turn the lights on/off manually. If you plan on 6 hours on, 12 hours off every day and you don't mind a white cable, then these would be perfect. We like a few hours on. You have to turn it on/off and change the pattern every time because there is no way to set that. We'll keep them and use them, but I think the timer function hurts more than it helps.

👤These lights are wonderful. I had enough to line the ceiling of my 12.5'x12.5' room with extra to go up and down the walls in a couple places. I like max brightness and mode 4 with all the other lights off. It feels peaceful. Very happy. There is a There's a long end of the wire without bulbs near the plug, so you can start the lights where you like and wrap up. If nothing is in between the plug and the remote, I think it's about 3'. It will turn on with medium brightness and mode 1. There is a * If you have a family member with scurvy, do not use mode 1, 7 or 8. When turning on the lights, just switch the mode before it cycles to the fast blinking mode, which takes about 30 seconds.

5. Dimmable Certified Christmas Centerpiece Outdoors

Dimmable Certified Christmas Centerpiece Outdoors

40 feet of 120 watt led copper string lights with ausb connection and 4-inch spacing are great for crafting, Christmas lights for family, friends, colleagues or yourself, they are waterproof and not easy to break. There are 8 lights modes. slo-glo is a slow glow. There is a remote control. Press the ON,OFF button to turn on or off the fairy lights, press the numeral button to switch to 8 lighting effects, 2H, 4H, 6H, 8H timer for timing lighting, and the speed or DIM button to cancel timing. It is easy to install on flowers, shrubs, dead branches, twig, fences, and banisters. It's easy to install with tape, screw hook, cable tie, or suction cup hook, and it's also easy to position or hang it. Splendid copper wire string lights for kids room, living room, window, bedroom, wall, roof, bistro, pub, cafe, restaurant, office, shopping window, flower shop, mall, New Year, birthday, gathering, potted landscape, dinner party, evening party are widely used. Splendid copper wire string lights for kids room, living room, window, bedroom, wall, roof, bistro, pub, cafe, restaurant, office, shopping window, flower shop, mall, New Year, birthday, gathering, potted landscape, dinner party, evening party are widely used.

Brand: Minetom

👤I was so enamored with these lights when I put them up. I called my friends to come see them. I like the different settings on the remote. I have it set up so the remote is pointing towards the receiver so I don't have to remove it from the wall. I can just lie in bed, reach my arm out and click on the settings without ever forgetting the remote. There is a I can't believe how well the lights work, how good the remote is, and how many settings these lights are capable of. It can dim down to 10 different levels so you can start out on the bright side as you get into bed and then you can sleep. It has a strobe light setting, a slow blink setting, and different speeds for each. I looked at a lot of different lights before choosing this one. I was worried that these would be too white because I love warm yellow light. I think if I had them against my wall, they would be too white, but against a tapestry they are perfect. They're easy to put up. They haven't fallen in 2 months since I used blue tac. They're on a wire so you can mold them into whatever shape you want. These are definitely worth the money. I would have liked to have gotten them sooner. They're the most fun light I've ever had.

👤The night lights were busy and weren't helping my toddler. The hall light was not bright. My child will not fall asleep on her own. I put fairy lights on her ceiling. The lights turn on and off softly, like a heartbeat, and my child was fascinated by it. She lay in her crib and watched the lights. I haven't had a peaceful night since I took the pregnancy test. So thankful for this product. You made my child feel comfortable in her bed.

👤They died out of nowhere after two months of gentle/light use, so they were changed to a one star review. Very upset. - I have two complaints about these. One is the remote, which works like garbage, and has to be on the little box to react. There is a plastic wrapped portion that is about two inches long and they soldered one strand to another to make it longer. It's wonderful. I put them over the bed frame.

👤I used these to illuminate my TV. Very nice effect. I strung them up with a few command type hooks. I had a problem when I wrapped multiple coils around the two hooks on the TV. They were rattled by the loud sound. I wrapped some thread around the coil to keep it quiet, but that was an easy solution. The installation was difficult. The string is so thin that it's hard to see and I had to untangle it a few times before I stretched it out over the couch and into the next room. Don't have pets or children running around while you hang these up.

6. Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Bedroom Christmas

Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Bedroom Christmas

The copper string lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. A decorative fairy light with 200 strong and durable leds is ideal for decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, party, wedding, etc. Flexible and bendable. The soft copper wire is easy to make into many different shapes, it can be wrapped around plants, staircases, dressing mirror, Christmas wreath and almost everything else. It's easy to operate because it has a ON/OFF switch and the leading wire is less than 6 feet. The string light can't be connected together. It is safe to use a transformer with a low voltage. It is safe to touch and will not cause harm to your children or pets. It can be immersed into water to present a vivid and beautiful light, perfect for indoor or outdoor usage. The transformer and switch are not waterproof. It can be immersed into water to present a vivid and beautiful light, perfect for indoor or outdoor usage. The transformer and switch are not waterproof.

Brand: Lighting Ever

👤Where have these been for my entire existence? I am a woman who loves Christmas lights and they are all over my house year round. I slowly transitioned myself to LEDs because of the huge electric bill. There is a I wanted lights that were easy to string up and bright. I have bendable wire, electric, and PRETTY WIRE. They leave too soon. These fit everything I wanted. There is a I wanted them to string along the ugly 1970's spindles in my ugly dining room, but sadly they didn't. Needed to make things look pretty. I ordered one strand. When I saw how far they went, I was so happy that I could double it up on the ceiling with plenty of drape. I made a dried orange wreath. If you're into oranges and crafting, you should put that up after I hung the lights. The bendable wire worked around the oranges. No more ugly spindles! I bought two more strands the next day for my finished basement stairwell, which is all new and shiny, but still, no light and darkness. How to find a solution? I had a strand of fairy lights on the wall and ceiling of that stairwell. Beautiful and bright! I keep them plugged in because they illuminate the dark stairwell to the magical place known as "our wet bar", and my dragonflies suddenly came to life with those beautiful lights! The bendable wire is lightweight and easy to get up onto the wings and tails, and even the husband liked it. I digest. The criss-cross pattern would be so beautiful strung up by themselves on the ceiling. I'm going to have a dark room next to my dining room. The best lights ever. I want more of them. D.

👤If you want a "magical" fairie-land experience around your home, these are fantastic. The lighting is soft and relaxing. The warm glow makes us look better, instead of making us look bad. There is a When the bulbs are lit, the copper wire is barely visible. This was my first time using these. I am amazed at how elegant everything looked when lit up. I think they are great. If they only last four months, then I would be happy for $3 a month, which is worth every penny. I'm a happy customer and hopefully they will last longer. The company is very clear about what they do outside. The string of lights is safe from the elements, but the connecting plug is not. I only needed a $2 electrical tape wrap. Treat yourself! I would buy them again.

👤My mom and mother-in-law have been turned onto these lights by my love of them. In my home, in my bedroom, and in the 'nook' area of my kitchen, have them. I don't use the overhead lights in my home during the evenings, nights and mornings. The oldest set I've had for 3-4 years now, and they may not be as bright as they once were, they still look great and eventually I'll replace them with another one of the same lights. It was a must for me that they plug in. The batteries last 2 weeks. I have fairy lights in smart plugs that I can turn on and off just by saying "Alexa, turn them on." The price of these lights is worth it.

7. LED String Lights USB Plug

LED String Lights USB Plug

The white string lights for bedroom with remote are more sturdy and solid than the colored globe lights. 16 colors can be set by remote to reach all your decorative lights idea. 4 colored modes are used with a speed button to increase the atmosphere of rhythm and dynamic, led string lights multicolor let your home more beautiful and outstanding. The Globe string lights are portable and work easily when you plug in power, power bank, or other with ausb port, remote design, and the distance is 5m. This string lights color changing is attractive and fantastic for the living room. Hanging lights for bedroom wall, around the fireplace and beams, spread to the tent or carpet, make your house more cozy, warm and unforgettable. The indoor string lights are perfect for room decor. No worry purchase. You will get a timer, a remote control, and a manual in the package. They will reply in 24 hours if there is a reason for the unhappiness of this string globe lights. No worry purchase. You will get a timer, a remote control, and a manual in the package. They will reply in 24 hours if there is a reason for the unhappiness of this string globe lights.

Brand: Eoako

👤They're easy to use. There are a lot of fade and color options. I didn't know that you have to plug them into a port on a computer to power them. It worked out. The lights are bright and are roughly the size of a marble.

👤I was looking for small globe lights with a clear or white string. These lights are wonderful. They look great on my tree. The colors light up the tree and make it look different from the center out. The tree has a hidden cord. There is a The remote stinks about these lights. It worked for less than 24 hours. Not all of the functions responded with the remote, which worked. There is a It worked for a long time for me to get them on the tree and decorate it, but then the remote stopped working. Half of the functions worked for the first 24 hours. I really liked all the different functions, color options, and the ability to turn them on/off by remote, but it didn't work as it was supposed to There is a If the remote worked, they would get a 5 star review. The remote only gets 3 stars because it is faulty.

👤I loved these at first but they broke after 2 months because the remote only turned them on and off, and the only color was a crazy strobe effect, and they just started glitching like crazy.

👤I have a dark room tent and I got these for camping. There is a lot of light in the tent. I tried to trick them by setting a timer on the remote, but they weren't happy to wake up with them off. The kids bedrooms will be getting 2 more. The fairy lights are so delicate that they break easily. Each time we pull them out, they are just fine. There is a There is a button on the remote that can be used to change colors.

👤Just what we wanted. There is a pastel option that is pleasant and unusual, but the default color patterns and pallets are well chosen. There is no weird flicker when the pulse width is set. The bulbs have no visible hot spots. Well done, will probably buy again and get more length.

👤There are nice lights for indoors. There are lights on a pergola. The battery box leaked after the rain. The lights won't stay on when the box is dry. The seller offered to replace my lights. Great customer service. If could be completely waterproof, it would be changed to 4 stars. The seller was appreciated for making it right.

👤I put these in a large glass jar on my counter for extra lighting. The colors are neutral and sweet. I love this for every holiday because it's aPLUG in not a battery.

👤These things are the best. Over the past few years, I've ordered many and these are my favorites. I have several different lights in my room, including a very vibrant light up rainbow, and my granddaughter is about to turn 1 years old, and she is fascinated with them.

8. Lezoey Battery Operated Christmas Decorative

Lezoey Battery Operated Christmas Decorative

If you have a question, their team members are available for 24 hours. The diameter of each globe is 0.7 inch/17.5mm and the battery operated string lights have 80 Leds Bulb. Easy operation. The globe string lights with 13 keys Dimmable Remote Control are battery operated. There are 8 modes of lighting and flashing. In wave/Sequential/Slo glo/Chasing. The string lights will be on for 6 hours and 18 hours per day if you press the "Timer" button. There is a wide range of uses. These fairy string lights are a great addition to your garden, balcony, porch, patio, lawn, bedroom decor, or as festive ornaments on Christmas, New Year, Wedding, Party, Easter, etc. Warm white atmosphere lights are great in setting the mood for weddings, birthdays, diner parties, and led lights for bedroom room wall decor. It's perfect for family and friends. The string light with waterproof mini battery box can be carried anywhere you like, and it's powered by 3 AA batteries.

Brand: Lezuoey

👤It has a battery powered motor. If you are interested in traditional plug-ins. Those are not going to work. I got them for my front door because I am too lazy to get extension cord. This works well in my situation. There is a It is considered decent quality for what you pay for. It comes with a remote. I don't have to go outside to turn it off at night because you can set a timer.

👤I have been happy with the lights since I figured out how to use the timer button. There is a I thought having them come on for 6 hours every night would exhaust 3 AA batteries quickly, but the lights look good every night after a week. It was very easy to string them on the patio. It's great to be able to put them anywhere without having to worry about electrical outlets being nearby.

👤The string lights I brought for the holiday season turned out to be a nice buy. There is a There are pros. The light is portable because it is battery operated. The remote has a battery too. That is useful when the lights are not open. There is a They can't be linked together. There is a Overall satisfied with the product.

👤I bought these star lights for my kitchen for the holiday season, but my little girl asked me to keep them up all year because she likes them so much. We don't have to use anything else in the kitchen in the evening because they give great light. The setting that looks like the stars are dancing the fade in and out is what we love. I tried to include a few photos. I was having issues. If you want to see the lights in action, the video is on Shawna Who. The length was perfect to run the lights around the windows and 1 door. The star lights were one of the best purchases. The price is affordable and you get a good deal. These lights are very good.

👤The crystal globe bulbs are really popular. They look very nice. The remote control is very easy to use. It was difficult to decide whether to use it indoors or outdoors. The entryway is fancy looking and we finally used it. Nice products.

👤I purchased these lights to hang on my patio cover and have to say I absolutely love them. They are a nice size, but not as I 888-276-5932s They are just like pictured, but I was so afraid they would be tiny. The battery case seems to be weather proof. I want to put 2 more strands under my outdoor stair rails to light up my stairs at night when I have company. Highly recommend these lights.

👤It feels like a waste to use these lights. The remote control is not easy to use. We have to press the button multiple times to get the lights to light up. I think we flushed our money on this purchase. You should find another product.

9. Multicolor Waterproof Decorative Christmas Decoration

Multicolor Waterproof Decorative Christmas Decoration

Their customer satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you don't like the lights, return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked. Click the Add to Cart button if you want your string lights shipped today. The party ball string lights have 16 fantastic colors, 2 mixed colors, and 7 dynamic multi-color modes. The double silver wire design makes the color more stable. You can choose from a variety of colors to make your home and shops look nice. You can use a remote control to turn on/off, adjust modes and speed, and choose your favorite colors. The timer function is also provided. The multi-color ball lights have a function. Even if the power is turned off, it can remember the last mode and color it previously set. It's not necessary to manually reset and operate every day. USB Fairy lights are more energy-saving and won't heat up after a long time of use. The safe and touchable Christmas lights won't shock your family. The ball lights have a total length of 26.4ft, with 10ft lead wires and an waterproof design. It's perfect for outdoor and indoor decorations. It's ideal for weddings, festivals, holiday, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center, backyard or balcony. The ball lights can be used for gifts and costumes. It would be an amazing gift for teen girls' bedroom, wedding, engagement, anniversary day, birthday, housewarming, Christmas, and Halloween. The ball lights can be used for gifts and costumes. It would be an amazing gift for teen girls' bedroom, wedding, engagement, anniversary day, birthday, housewarming, Christmas, and Halloween.

Brand: Omika

👤The lights are beautiful. There are many options for settings. It makes my tree look great. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I had to think about it when I gave it a 5 stars, but in the end I decided to give it a value for what it is. The wires are thicker and the leds are protected from common knocks and bangs. I think I will get several years of use from them. The colors might be a factor in determining a Four Star rating. If you already own a bridge for those lights, these are 1/3 the cost, but they are not as intense or deep. Some people may prefer the pastels of these colors. The green and blue are different. The orange and yellow are pretty. To me, the red borders are deep orange. It is the kind of thing that people will debate. There is a The color effect fades from one color to another slowly. There are other settings that I can choose from and the transition speed is also variable. The plug in, non-lighted section of the light strand is about 8' long to reach the outlet. This is on top of the lights. I want to hide the wire that is unlighted at the outlet.

👤The lights are the best. There is a They glow! They look like little Crystals. The controller is working great! My 8 year old left a comment.

👤These lights are very heavy. The balls will not break or shatter. They are installed in my bus as mood lighting. They draw a lot of attention. The best part of these lights is that they can be connected to a battery bank. You can install the lights without having to plug in an outlet. The lights look like they can handle a lot of bouncy roads and still hold up nicely. The remote has a nice touch.

👤The lights are beautiful. The plastic bulbs are hard to harm. They sparkle. I am loving it! They worked perfectly for my breezeway window because they have a good weight. The 16 feet listed is not by much. The breezeway in the video is 4 feet top, 4 feet bottom and 3.5 degrees each side. The length of the plug end cord is large so you don't have to be close to a plug-in with this set. The remote is amazing. It works from a long distance. There are many different speed settings. I want to keep this light up for a long time. For St Patrick's day, red or green, and everything in between! There are many options. Jump options and a timer! This light set is highly recommended. I am completely impressed! I need to buy more sets. As tree lights, this would be stunning. November 18, 2021. Our Alpine style tree has the same strand of 50 lights. The tree is not measuring that tall. The lights are used for decorations on St Patrick's day and for the tree lights on February 14th. This strand of 50 is the same size as the tree. We will probably keep it green, but you can change it up whenever you please. It's still highly recommended for any time of the year.

10. String Lights Decorative Indoor Outdoor

String Lights Decorative Indoor Outdoor

Their bulbs are compatible with dimmers. The atmosphere is enhanced by the wire lights to a dimmer switch. There is a listed for indoor and outdoor use. A string of lights creates a relaxing atmosphere. It's great to put up around a room or outside the house. The lighting solution adds elegance to both indoors and outdoors. Plug in string lights. The battery replacement is perfect. Multiple settings give more than just a'steady' light. The string lights can be used anytime of the year, not just for Christmas. The light is warm and inviting. Long lights string with perfect flexibility to drape a tree or equal. The string lights don't have to be plugged in every day like regular Christmas lights. It turns on and off at the same time each day. The lighting is festive and bright. It is easier to reach plug-ins when there is an unlighted cord. Even work as a soft nightlight that provides enough lighting without having to turn on the overhead light. 200 mini LEDs lights with 66ft clear string, nice and delicate string lights to decorate a room or outdoor screened porch to create a perfect ambiance.

Brand: Louis Choice

👤They are easier on the eyes than Christmas lights. The functions are cool. Sometimes they seem to be malfunctioning. I rarely use anything other than the twinkle or constant lights. It makes my room feel warm. The remote is three inches long and sticks out from the plug. It would be difficult to keep furniture in front of it. Since they are by my bed, I just plug them in when they are not in use.

👤All the neighbors asked me to share the link after I installed it. There's a length of wire without lights so you can get them from the outlet to wherever you want the lights to start without drawing attention to the outdoor plug. There is a The plug/transformer box is larger than typical Christmas lights so make sure you have enough room for it wherever it's getting power. Enjoy!

👤The lights are perfect for my use. I used the small command hooks to string the lights on my train display cabinet so that my Dad's trains are illuminated. They are the perfect shade of white and give the perfect amount of light. I love them! If I choose to use them somewhere else, I feel like they will work well there as well. I like the fact that this set has flashing and fading, but I prefer them to be a solid light. The lights have a timer feature that will keep them lit for 6 hours and then turn off.

👤I had to return the lights. There was no male to female connection at the end of the lights. Very disappointed.

👤I purchased these lights to use as indoor lights to hang around my common room, but it was hard to find a set of lights that worked because my school does not allowisy-chain lights. They were the perfect choice. They are bright and stay cool. They have a built in timer that is very helpful. If you push the green button on them, it turns on the 'effects mode', but it cycles through a couple of different ones, I wish I could pick which one I wanted to use. It's worth the buy in my opinion.

👤The exchange of the first set went smoothly, but that may be because of Amazon's great return policy. There is a The lights are soft white and huge, perfect for low-level lighting and really great for my application. The assembly quality is not good. The first set was returned within a week because the sections were flickering randomly and sometimes going out. The replacement set worked well for a month but just started flickering in one section. The crimping or soldering between the string segments is problematic and 2 for 2 indicates bad Quality Control at the factory. Other cons are 1. There is an auto-off feature after a few hours but there is no way to change it. 2. The flickering modes can be set. The 6 foot segments are wired in a way that makes the "chasing" effect more flashing. 3. The power adapter is a 3.5 inch block that sticks straight out from the sockets, so either you buy a 90 degree sockets adapter or it is a mistake. You can't put it behind furniture that is flush to the wall. 4. There is no remote control for this product, so I was asked to rate it. It's not acceptable if the lights fail after a few weeks of moderate usage, because the lights are perfect for my room. The wiring is only good for a short time, even though the LEDs are rated to last tens of thousands of hours.

11. HSicily Christmas Control Wedding Decorations

HSicily Christmas Control Wedding Decorations

The outdoor string lights are waterproof and can be used in places where rain, spraying water, and snow are likely. Please contact them if you need assistance within 24 hours. They will provide you with a better shopping experience. Plug the led string lights into a power source. Plug and play options free you up from the hassle of replacing batteries, with the added benefit of being better for the environment. Fairy lights with remote control, it's simple to adjust the brightness of the lights and switch between 8 lighting modes. There is a timer function that can be used for auto on/off. Dimmable lights for indoors or outdoors. These led fairy lights can be bend to any shape you want. The starry lights are made of high-quality thin copper wire and long- lasting LEDs, which are safe to touch after many hours of use. The twinkle lights are water- resistant and are perfect for outdoor areas. Perfect for parties, bedroom decoration, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, New Year Eve decoration, creating a happy and romantic atmosphere, and making every corner a new look. Perfect for parties, bedroom decoration, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, New Year Eve decoration, creating a happy and romantic atmosphere, and making every corner a new look.

Brand: Hsicily

👤The lights are bright, easy to manipulate and mount, and the various light modes, dimming, and timer features are fantastic. The length of the lights wasn't what I expected. The strand of these that I got for the room was supposed to be 33 feet long, but it was 34 feet long. The actual length of the wire that lights up is only about 28 feet, since the 5 foot lead wire is included in the measurement.

👤This was a cheap way to light up my camper shell. I wanted to address a couple of other reviews. If the remote doesn't work, the demo mode can be turned off from the buttons on the light string itself. It is two bare wires, which is scary to think about, but they won't shock you, and the amount of electricity going through them is minimal. I'm only using the bank to power my money. I would be scared to leave them plugged in for a long time. 5 stars, based on my first impressions. If you want it to be dim in the middle of the night, it will still be dim when you turn it back on.

👤I bought these to use in my daughter's bedrooms. Most of the competitors have the same controller and remote. I have some issues with these being 1 The wires between the light and items are bare, making them easy to break. 2. They go to a flashy blinky mode when you turn them on. The demo mode would not be defeated by a combination of buttons. 3. You can't add strings for a continuous line because each string is independent. Each set needs a power supply. 3. If the eye is not blocked, one remote can control multiple strings. 4. When all is said and done, they don't go very bright. The controller is limiting the power output to the rest of the string. It comes with a power source. I tried to replace the 5v 1w transformer with a 5v 2w in the hopes that it would increase the overall output, but it doesn't. 5. The instructions are not compatible with each other. Even online. I've tried to find explanations online, but they don't explain the functions that are available. There is a If you like blinky flashy, these would work, but there are other, cheaper options out there.

👤A competing brand has the same components. I bought a string from a brand that was $1 less. The difference is close to daylight to dark. The remote and switch were unreliable due to an intermittent short. The set is better packaged, has a better and brighter switch, and is more responsive to customer needs. Even though many of these brands of lights may look the same, for $1 more you can get a better product. I will be back for more.

👤The copper color wiring is so shiny and fine that when the lights come on, it disappears. I'm confident that these lights will stay even if you wrap them around something, because they are very bendable and can go anywhere you want. I was surprised when I said in the lease that I had been playing on the lowest dimming setting the whole time. The lights are very bright. I guess that's where they get the name from. I will put these in my fairy garden for the kids.


What is the best product for decorative indoor lights with timer?

Decorative indoor lights with timer products from Sanniu. In this article about decorative indoor lights with timer you can see why people choose the product. Omika and Koxly are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative indoor lights with timer.

What are the best brands for decorative indoor lights with timer?

Sanniu, Omika and Koxly are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative indoor lights with timer. Find the detail in this article. Koopower, Minetom and Lighting Ever are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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