Best Decorative Indoor String Lights Plug In

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1. Minetom Waterproof Included Christmas Decoration

Minetom Waterproof Included Christmas Decoration

It is bright. The led string lights are composed of warm white micro leds with big chips. It's a perfect decoration for weddings, parties and kids' rooms. The wall lights bedroom string is waterproof and safe, no need to worry about damage to the string or shorting the string. The lights are cool to the touch, no worry of overheating. High quality 3 strands wire is sturdy, helps keep stable brightness. These mini lights are so flexible that they can be wrapped around a pole. The wire lights should be Reel in to keep it tidy. A great mood lifter. Adding romantic atmospheres to your party, restaurant, shops, Christmas, holiday, wedding, and wrapping around outdoor patio, porch railing, or indoor furniture, plants and anywhere else is possible with accent lighting. A misty and dreamy lighting effect, like the firefly dancing in your garden, is created by numerous led wrapped with epoxy. A misty and dreamy lighting effect, like the firefly dancing in your garden, is created by numerous led wrapped with epoxy.

Brand: Minetom

👤I don't remember getting a remote, but I leave them plugged in so they are always on. I can't remember what the end looks like because theyPLUG IN to an outlet behind my entertainment center. I love the way they show off my junk tools and kitchen gadgets. There is no heat generated. The length was perfect for my collection. It would've been a bit more if it had been any more.

👤The picture shows them as a golden glowing color, like a candle flame. These are blinding to the eyes. I will return them. The plug is not the same as in the picture, the picture shows a plug that's folded so it's more flat, and this one is way to large and in the way. The plug needs to be large. It's insane.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bunk bed. She loves it and it worked perfectly.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I plugged it into a power strip with individual on/off buttons for each outlet and it works perfectly. Warm white is not yellow. The strong tends to hold its shape. Will buy more for the house. You can't connect it to another string of Christmas lights, so it wouldn't work well. Maybe if your tree is small...

👤I give these 4 stars because they are beyond bright. These are for you if this is what you want. I wanted something in the living room to give a little light, but these are beyond; they light up the whole room. You can't tell in the photos. I was able to string them across three times. I put the rest of the lights on the ground behind the sofa to cut down on the brightness. One string is still so bright. They are plug in and no need to buy batteries.

👤These are great for the price. I haven't had them in a long time. They are wonderful for the price I paid. The balcony poles have a beautiful color wrapped around them. I am obsessed with them. It will be worth it even if they don't last long. I will keep this up to date. Since I wrote the review, it has snowed and had wind storms, and we got hit hard with the wind on the third floor. I was worried about these little guys but they are still holding on. The lights have not malfunctioned. They are doing perfect. I think they are weather proof. I am shocked at how long they have been. We will see how time affects it. I am shocked by the 4 month update. I kept them plugged in and on 24/7. I have not turned them off in months. It has been snowing a lot and the snow hangs on the railing of the balcony, but not a single light has gone out. These lights are tough and bright, and I am shocked at how long they last. BUY!

👤There is a set of lights. It comes with a power supply, so it's a plug in set, not a battery powered one. I put it into the wine bottle. I drilled a 1 inch hole in the bottle's lower side and used a light string to get into the bottle. This is used as an indicator of whether the entertainment system power strip is on or off. Love it.

2. HAHOME 200LEDs Changing Outdoor Multi Colored

HAHOME 200LEDs Changing Outdoor Multi Colored

30 days money back, 18 months warranty. It's ideal for a garden, living room, dining room, bedroom, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, or any other event. You can use the controller to switch different colors to fit your special occasions like Party, Xmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Birthday, and so on. The built in timer is. The fairy string lights will be turned on for 12 hours and then off for 18 hours. It is safe to use. The outdoor rope lights are certified by UL without any worry of short circuits. It is easy to do. The string lights are made from tough and sturdyPVC pipes and can be twisted into any shape. Excellent waterproof. The outside rope lights are waterproof and can be used to decorate your garden, pool, lawn, patio, balcony, pergola, andGazebo. Excellent waterproof. The outside rope lights are waterproof and can be used to decorate your garden, pool, lawn, patio, balcony, pergola, andGazebo.

Brand: Hahome

👤I chose this set of lights since they looked larger and brighter than others I have looked at. The reviews were better. The main picture seems to show a larger spool than the remote does. Not the case. There is a The remote is taller than the spool, the lights are not as bright, and the strings are encased in clear plastic. The regular cheap Christmas lights are 10 times brighter than these. I will keep them even though I don't think they are worth the money. There is a Something else less deceptive is suggested.

👤The little lights are bright and a great value. Some reviews don't like that they are cheap. No way. It's nice that they are thin, this allows you to use smaller clips to hang them, the clips seem to disappear, the light is nice and bright. The lead wire from the plug to where the lights start allows you to hide the plug. I am very pleased with the lights.

👤The lights are amazing. They survived 3 rainstorms, despite the many settings you can use. They were perfect, even though I was convinced they would die. I have set them on a fade setting in the attached video. Great product, so impressed with their brightness and brilliance.

👤Good quality lights with many colors and settings. I bought 8 sets of these lights and they work great. Very happy so far!

👤The strand is very thin. It's a lot smaller than regular rope lights. About a tenth of the diameter. This is good and bad. All of the colors are vibrant and should be. The purple looks right. They look a bit cheap. It looks like a bunch of sections were mass produced and then heat was shrunk into one section at a time. I am worried about how long they will last. I like them all. Hopefully they will last a few years. It's a good thing.

👤The light strand in the photo is a regular rope type, but it is actually a small string light. The lights work well, the remote works well, but the value is questionable. There is a There was an update to 4 stars on November 5th. The light is great. It's easy to work with. So far it works well. I will have a final opinion after this season.

👤I love the lights. It was easy to take up and break down. The wire is visible in the picture, but the other lights are not. There are many different modes, straight always on one color. CV can't be reset all the time because they work with a timer.

👤The product performs as stated. I have had two good rain storms. They worked well. The fade affect only works with all colors. The dimmer resets when you turn off the lights. The Leds are bright and I prefer the lowest setting. Since the control unit needs to be protected from the rain, I had to leave it uncovered so that the remote could function. I will need to set the dimmer to it's lowest setting each evening if the lights don't retain the dim setting.

3. LED String Lights USB Plug

LED String Lights USB Plug

The white string lights for bedroom with remote are more sturdy and solid than the colored globe lights. 16 colors can be set by remote to reach all your decorative lights idea. 4 colored modes are used with a speed button to increase the atmosphere of rhythm and dynamic, led string lights multicolor let your home more beautiful and outstanding. The Globe string lights are portable and work easily when you plug in power, power bank, or other with ausb port, remote design, and the distance is 5m. This string lights color changing is attractive and fantastic for the living room. Hanging lights for bedroom wall, around the fireplace and beams, spread to the tent or carpet, make your house more cozy, warm and unforgettable. The indoor string lights are perfect for room decor. No worry purchase. You will get a timer, a remote control, and a manual in the package. They will reply in 24 hours if there is a reason for the unhappiness of this string globe lights. No worry purchase. You will get a timer, a remote control, and a manual in the package. They will reply in 24 hours if there is a reason for the unhappiness of this string globe lights.

Brand: Eoako

👤They're easy to use. There are a lot of fade and color options. I didn't know that you have to plug them into a port on a computer to power them. It worked out. The lights are bright and are roughly the size of a marble.

👤I was looking for small globe lights with a clear or white string. These lights are wonderful. They look great on my tree. The colors light up the tree and make it look different from the center out. The tree has a hidden cord. There is a The remote stinks about these lights. It worked for less than 24 hours. Not all of the functions responded with the remote, which worked. There is a It worked for a long time for me to get them on the tree and decorate it, but then the remote stopped working. Half of the functions worked for the first 24 hours. I really liked all the different functions, color options, and the ability to turn them on/off by remote, but it didn't work as it was supposed to There is a If the remote worked, they would get a 5 star review. The remote only gets 3 stars because it is faulty.

👤I loved these at first but they broke after 2 months because the remote only turned them on and off, and the only color was a crazy strobe effect, and they just started glitching like crazy.

👤I have a dark room tent and I got these for camping. There is a lot of light in the tent. I tried to trick them by setting a timer on the remote, but they weren't happy to wake up with them off. The kids bedrooms will be getting 2 more. The fairy lights are so delicate that they break easily. Each time we pull them out, they are just fine. There is a There is a button on the remote that can be used to change colors.

👤Just what we wanted. There is a pastel option that is pleasant and unusual, but the default color patterns and pallets are well chosen. There is no weird flicker when the pulse width is set. The bulbs have no visible hot spots. Well done, will probably buy again and get more length.

👤There are nice lights for indoors. There are lights on a pergola. The battery box leaked after the rain. The lights won't stay on when the box is dry. The seller offered to replace my lights. Great customer service. If could be completely waterproof, it would be changed to 4 stars. The seller was appreciated for making it right.

👤I put these in a large glass jar on my counter for extra lighting. The colors are neutral and sweet. I love this for every holiday because it's aPLUG in not a battery.

👤These things are the best. Over the past few years, I've ordered many and these are my favorites. I have several different lights in my room, including a very vibrant light up rainbow, and my granddaughter is about to turn 1 years old, and she is fascinated with them.

4. Christmas Decoration Waterproof Transformer Extendable

Christmas Decoration Waterproof Transformer Extendable

The total length of the indoor string lights is 43ft (10ft for led wire, 33ft for string lights) and the interval between the led bulb is 5.6 inches. Warm white light is created by the string lights in the bedroom. The outdoor string lights are made of plastic. The output voltage is 29V. No worries about the safety. The string lights are waterproof and shatterproof. They can work perfectly in the rain. The hanging lights can save more energy than other products. 8 light modes are available to meet your different needs. The fairy lights for room decor have a memory function. 5 sets can be connected to the male and female safe plug. Perfect outdoor and indoor decorations are suitable for most places, such as bedroom, terrace, porch, pergola, bistro, backyard, balcony, pavilion, deck, and many other occasions. Adding sparks to your home decorations will create a festival atmosphere. It's a good choice as a light for a room. The lightweight christmas lights can be easily installed around christmas trees, curtain, furniture. If you have a problem with the globe string lights, please contact them. Within 24 hours, their team will give you a satisfactory solution. The lightweight christmas lights can be easily installed around christmas trees, curtain, furniture. If you have a problem with the globe string lights, please contact them. Within 24 hours, their team will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Y Yuegang Vggfdy

👤These little lights are really nice. They were perfect for what I wanted. The length of the strand allowed me to create a layer effect. My photo looks like other photos of this product. I had to buy the same tapestry and lights because I loved it so much. I would buy again and it would be a 100% recommend.

👤Absolutely love the lights! They sent me a remote with a bad battery. They told me that I could return the whole set after I had hung everything up, instead of refunding three dollars that I had to use to buy a new battery. I had to spend $3.80 on a new battery because they didn't give me a working one. The lights are longer than you think. There are settings that I would never use, but you condemn them. I have gotten positive feedback on them.

👤The lights are beautiful and the color is opaque white, which makes it feel like a warm, comfortable place. The length of the lights is the most important thing. I love the fact that I can add more brightness to my tapestry to make it look bigger and still have enough to wrap it around the wall. There is a The remote needs to be very close to the plug in order for it to work as it should, but other than that I love the idea of a remote, it is very convenient.

👤I put them up in the family room. It's like watching a movie under the stars if you turn these on and turn off the other lights. I don't use the controller, so I plug in and pull the plug, since I don't use any of the blinking modes. 3M makes good mini hooks that are perfect for stringing up. When you bring your family together to watch your favorite movies or shows, a little bit of effort will be appreciated.

👤This product is one of the best I have seen. Even though my room is small, the lights are so bright that it's amazing. I've been looking for something like this to make my room look better. It can be a medium to small room and it can cover around a room. The quality of light that comes from the bulbs is what makes them so great. I have had them for about 4-5 months and they are one of the best products.

👤The lights are not too bright or dark, so they are perfect for Christmas tree or night lights. The instructions are given. You can change the way the light is shown with the remote control. It's a good idea to give one during Christmas.

👤These string lights were perfect for the extra light I wanted on our deck. These were what I was looking for, because I didn't want the large-size bulbs that are trendy right now. The remote control with 8 different "twinkle" and fade settings was unnecessary, but it does work well and is fun. Sometimes we try out the other settings, but we usually just have them on with no special effects. We've only used them a few times, but so far they've been great.

5. ALOVECO Dimmable Lighting Waterproof Decorative

ALOVECO Dimmable Lighting Waterproof Decorative

The average bulb life is 25,000 hours. That is 1041 days. It is close to 3 years. These lights are made to last an entire holiday and many more hours to come. It'sdurable too! The bulbs are break, fade and chip resistant. REMOTE DIMMABLE 8 MODES The wireless remote control can be used to control the string lights. If you have a problem with the remote, please contact them. Automatic timeRS The product will be on for 6 hours a day. It is safe for use. The power supply is listed. DC 29V transformer is really safe for use in your home. Water Stewardship: WATER-RESISTANT. This string lights are waterproof. 30 days money back, 18 months warranty. It's ideal for a garden, living room, dining room, bedroom, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, or any other event.

Brand: Aloveco

👤These are the same as described. It is on an automatic timer and hangs around the top of my porch roof. I don't want it to run through different modes. When it turned off, it didn't have any memory to turn it on. I have to use the remote every night to set it up in "steady on" mode. If anyone knows how to make it stay on one mode, I would appreciate it. ALOVECO US contacted me after I posted the review to give me instructions on how to get the results I was looking for. I am able to give this product a 5 star rating because of their advice. Thank you!

👤This is a light string with multiple colors of LEDs, in the same way that string-lights using incandescent bulbs have single-color lights, so this is not a string where every LEDs has multiple colors. That seemed to be a point of confusion in some reviews. I assume that there are some items that have multiple LEDs in each "bulb", but that would run the price up a lot. It's easy to find things that cost an arm and a leg if you can afford it. The radio controller doesn't work well from the inside of the house to the outside. I have these on timers, and the program seems to default to "Option 1," which is far from circus-like with one fast-flashing pattern after another. The slow fade is what I prefer. I'll see if using the button to adjust the setting makes it stick if I can get up onto the ladder. I have two "spares" because one controller can operate all the sets. The controller has a Dimmer option, which is nice. These aren't as bright as I've had, but it's still nice to have the option to adjust the brightness to fit one's situation. I stepped on one of the balls because I had laid the strings out on the patio. It didn't break, which was great! , yeah! They are translucent, white, and "frosted" in texture, which makes them look larger than a bare light. They look like glowing balls. I liked the way the photo looked, so I tried them. I like it. - The cord is a silver colored wire that is inside a clear tube. It's more subtle in the daytime than in the evening. I like that my siding blends in well, it's light tan hardi-plank and light-tan-tones brick. I'll revise my review if anything bad happens, but I'm completely satisfied with this purchase.

👤The prettiest string lights I have ever seen were used in the garage man-cave. There is a There are pros and cons. There is a They are all red, orange, blue, and green. I like this because they look more like a beach bar than Christmas lights. There is brightness. There is a They are bright enough to work. Even with only these on, I can see in my garage. They have a dimmer feature that makes them more like candle brightness, but I have never found a need for this. There is a They are very well made. I stepped on one when I was setting them up. The most delicate part is the connection from the plug to the light string. The remote. There is a I didn't think I would need a remote, but it brings it all together, I love being able to turn these on/off from my chair. There is a I suggest cracking open a cold beer before untangling the lights. There is a 10 feet away is where the remote works. This wasn't an issue for me, but if you depend on the remote, this might be an issue for you. The size of the lights. I was expecting them to be bigger than they are, but I am happy with them. They are the same size as a quarter or water bottle lid. The light effects it talks about are not very pretty, they just flash/strobe, or turn off certain colors. I don't really use them. There is a The light effect patterns are too fast and crazy if there was a speed setting. There is a I am very happy with this purchase, and I think I will want a few more strings of these in the future. Cheers!

6. Impress Life Seahorse Starfish Decorative

Impress Life Seahorse Starfish Decorative

10 ft wires with 30 LEDs, the size of icon is 1.5x1.25 inch, seen clearly from a distance. Silver-plated copper is a thin and flexible material. It could be bended and shaped around things. You could control it with a remote if you chose battery powered. You could use the cord included in the package to save yourself from the hassle of changing batteries. The batteries from the box should be taken out when using the power supply. This string light is safe for children and pets. The wire and light bulb is water resistant and can work in a humid environment. 3D Costal Starfish Sea Horse Sand Dollar lights for summer and beach themed fairy Christmas tree decoration are the Cutest 3D Under the Sea Creature with lots of details. It's a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom, dinner centerpiece, dorm, table display and back to school décor. It is a great gift for kids and adults, because it is a unique design and function. It's unique, special and safe. It's perfect for your bathroom porch and bedroom decoration, and can be used with other items to make a unique gift. You will get a full refund if you have a quality issue. It is a great gift for kids and adults, because it is a unique design and function. It's unique, special and safe. It's perfect for your bathroom porch and bedroom decoration, and can be used with other items to make a unique gift. You will get a full refund if you have a quality issue.

Brand: Impress Life

👤Cute little lights illuminate the stairway to the nautical themed bedroom. It's easy to use the remote.

👤These are great. It was better than I imagined. I hung them on the tree. They are strung on thin silver wire which makes it easy to manipulate how they are hung and they look like ornaments on the tree. They are a great touch to my tree. They have a remote control that can turn them on and off and they have a "candle feature" that makes the lights look like they are glowing but not actually blinking. These lights have features that I love. The colors make for a soft coastal look.

👤The nautical lights were very nice. I used them to make a wreath.

👤Beautiful! Bright or dim. The remote is cool. Adds a touch of coastal art. The wire strung beachy ornaments allow creativity. Do it!

👤There were a lot of bad reviews about these lights. I decided after hesitating. They're only fifteen dollars. Lesson learned if they don't work. The way these little lights look and perform has made me very happy. You have to be very gentle when taking them out of their packaging. I am not surprised that some people who said they didn't work pinched the wire or handled them in a way that was too similar. They are very delicate. The remote is tucked up on the mantle over the stove, so it is not visible from the street. I was not sure if it would work far from the control. In the picture, they are turned up to medium brightness. They look lovely in the evening. I can't comment on the other features because I haven't used them. I am very happy I took a chance on these lights. They are doing a great job and making my kitchen look better. Doesn't she look happy? That's right! Remember to be very gentle when handling them.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that this comes with a remote control, there's a built-in timer, and the battery pack is easy to open while still latched. My kids want the lights to be on when they sleep. The room is pretty and cozy. I'm happy with them.

👤Cute and well-made lights! The packaging they came in was very good. I love them.

👤Very bright. A candle feature makes them flicker or steady. You can dim them and put on a timer with the remote. There are starfish, crabs, shells and seahorses. The light is very bright. I used them to make a beachy wreath. Really cute.

👤Tena un led desconectado that impeda la continuidad. voy a volver a pedir, pero tuve, regresar. Ahora es un encendido.

👤It was great for the price. I wish they were warm white and not fluorescent bright, but they work for adding some cute decor.

👤Me gusto mucho, tienes arbol de navidad alternativo, se vea super bonito.

👤These are unique and great.

👤Mi arbol de navigation, mas perfectas.

7. MYHH LITES Outdoor Connectable Weather Resistant Backyard

MYHH LITES Outdoor Connectable Weather Resistant Backyard

Your satisfaction is their primary goal. If you have a question about this vintage rustic string lights, please contact them on the Q&A page, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. 10 Mini-Bulbs with Brown Wire; Warm Ambiance Light for your outdoor patio, garden, entertainment, and all out-building settings. The beaded copper wire ball style covers are stylish and modern. The evening garden has an exciting mood. The total length is 8.5 feet, the lead cord is 24 inches, the bulb spacing is 8 inches, and the tail is 6 inches. It is weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Wattage: 120V Power, U.S. listed, has a power output of 0.96W per bulb. Four extra mini bulbs are included. A quality guarantee for one year. If there is a quality issue, please contact the seller. Four extra mini bulbs are included. A quality guarantee for one year. If there is a quality issue, please contact the seller.

Brand: Zhongxin

👤I found them in my craft closet when I bought mine. They give the perfect amount of light, because I placed them in the perfect spot. The beads shimmer when the fan hits them. I searched the internet to see if they were still being sold. I bought them for my neighbor's tree because I was so happy to find them. We love them so much.

👤The strings we installed were perfect. The end string went out. We tried to get it to work but couldn't. I decided to try one string again. It went out in 3 days after it was installed. If one light goes out, you have to find which one to pull out. Everybody loves them. They're not fun to replace.

👤It is a string of white "christmas lights" with a glass bulb shaped cover and metal around that. It is good. I thought I was buying a real bulb when it was actually a fake. We like the look of it. The light is dim. Every glass "bulb" has a small hole on the end. I showed everything I could. Five stars for overall unique look and seems more stable than other glass bulb/globe strings that can break quickly. It seems like it will last longer. My husband is a musician, he is a drummer. These are nice and dim lights to add to his other small lights. It was perfect.

👤There is an update onJUNK. Don't waste your money. There is a They are pretty and match the decor I want. I had to buy a second strand after these arrived, I wish they were spacing them apart a little more. I'm happy with my purchase so far. There is an update 1/19. The second string of lights arrived today. When I unplugged the first one, it didn't work again. I have to figure out what happened. I only had it for a couple days. There is an update on 2-21. We unplugged the second string of lights and plugged them back in. The cut-off for returns was 3 days after this. These are not worth much.

👤They look great. Our patio is perfect. We got them up on Saturday.

👤I read reviews to find the perfect patio lights. I am deeply disappointed that the lights arrived today, but I trusted the reviews. The string of lights doesn't reach across the entire length of the patio. What a waste of money.

👤The light I bought for the holidays was put atop the bathroom mirror. The design is neutral on all days. It's perfect to give a subtle glow for a relaxing bath or to light the way at night instead of a night light. It's a light that doesn't make you sleepy in the morning. We will keep it up year after year.

👤I found these lights several years ago at Fred Meyer, but could not find them anymore. I paid triple the price, but I really like these. When the sun shines, the copper beads sparkle. Nice! Even though I had to pay more for these lights, I am still very pleased with them. The shipping speed was amazing. I highly recommend.

8. Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Bedroom Christmas

Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Bedroom Christmas

The copper string lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. A decorative fairy light with 200 strong and durable leds is ideal for decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, party, wedding, etc. Flexible and bendable. The soft copper wire is easy to make into many different shapes, it can be wrapped around plants, staircases, dressing mirror, Christmas wreath and almost everything else. It's easy to operate because it has a ON/OFF switch and the leading wire is less than 6 feet. The string light can't be connected together. It is safe to use a transformer with a low voltage. It is safe to touch and will not cause harm to your children or pets. It can be immersed into water to present a vivid and beautiful light, perfect for indoor or outdoor usage. The transformer and switch are not waterproof. It can be immersed into water to present a vivid and beautiful light, perfect for indoor or outdoor usage. The transformer and switch are not waterproof.

Brand: Lighting Ever

👤Where have these been for my entire existence? I am a woman who loves Christmas lights and they are all over my house year round. I slowly transitioned myself to LEDs because of the huge electric bill. There is a I wanted lights that were easy to string up and bright. I have bendable wire, electric, and PRETTY WIRE. They leave too soon. These fit everything I wanted. There is a I wanted them to string along the ugly 1970's spindles in my ugly dining room, but sadly they didn't. Needed to make things look pretty. I ordered one strand. When I saw how far they went, I was so happy that I could double it up on the ceiling with plenty of drape. I made a dried orange wreath. If you're into oranges and crafting, you should put that up after I hung the lights. The bendable wire worked around the oranges. No more ugly spindles! I bought two more strands the next day for my finished basement stairwell, which is all new and shiny, but still, no light and darkness. How to find a solution? I had a strand of fairy lights on the wall and ceiling of that stairwell. Beautiful and bright! I keep them plugged in because they illuminate the dark stairwell to the magical place known as "our wet bar", and my dragonflies suddenly came to life with those beautiful lights! The bendable wire is lightweight and easy to get up onto the wings and tails, and even the husband liked it. I digest. The criss-cross pattern would be so beautiful strung up by themselves on the ceiling. I'm going to have a dark room next to my dining room. The best lights ever. I want more of them. D.

👤If you want a "magical" fairie-land experience around your home, these are fantastic. The lighting is soft and relaxing. The warm glow makes us look better, instead of making us look bad. There is a When the bulbs are lit, the copper wire is barely visible. This was my first time using these. I am amazed at how elegant everything looked when lit up. I think they are great. If they only last four months, then I would be happy for $3 a month, which is worth every penny. I'm a happy customer and hopefully they will last longer. The company is very clear about what they do outside. The string of lights is safe from the elements, but the connecting plug is not. I only needed a $2 electrical tape wrap. Treat yourself! I would buy them again.

👤My mom and mother-in-law have been turned onto these lights by my love of them. In my home, in my bedroom, and in the 'nook' area of my kitchen, have them. I don't use the overhead lights in my home during the evenings, nights and mornings. The oldest set I've had for 3-4 years now, and they may not be as bright as they once were, they still look great and eventually I'll replace them with another one of the same lights. It was a must for me that they plug in. The batteries last 2 weeks. I have fairy lights in smart plugs that I can turn on and off just by saying "Alexa, turn them on." The price of these lights is worth it.

9. Anlaibao Moroccan Powered Bedroom Decoration

Anlaibao Moroccan Powered Bedroom Decoration

Warm white led bulbs, 12 feet long, 20 Golden color moroccan globe fairy lights with a leading line, bring you perfect decorative lighting. It can create an enchanting light atmosphere for your evening, it has a unique hollow globe design with amorous feelings of classical. In waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on, create a joyful lights atmosphere for you. There are 8 lighting modes to choose from, as well as multiple levels of lighting brightness adjustment, and 6 hours on and 18 hours off timer function. Plug and play power supply, such as mobile phone, computer, and other devices, is available. When using battery power, don't change batteries frequently. You can use string lights in any venue you want. Plug and play power supply, such as mobile phone, computer, and other devices, is available. When using battery power, don't change batteries frequently. You can use string lights in any venue you want.

Brand: Anlaibao

👤I would love for these lights to work for me. The technical design is terrible. To get to the constant on setting, you have to click through every blinking and pulsing setting you see. Simply setting the constant on the first time would be an easy way to avoid this. You can't use these on a timer because of the design flaw. Even though I love them, I will be back.

👤Most "fairy" lights are not bright enough. I want something that is going to provide light and not just a decoration. I was hesitant but they are awesome string lights that are very bright. They are a plug-in and I like that they are super bright. The batteries run out fast. I'm glad I can plug these in and not worry about it. I was surprised that these lights have a remote. If you're on the fence, get them.

👤These didn't leave me disappointed. They are not too dim or bright. I am covering my sofa with them. The remote works well and the lights use the same signal as all my other lights, which is nice. I have used this strand with batteries for three weeks now and the batteries are still going strong, even after 10 hours a day.

👤There is a change to be made. I was offered a full refund by the company after they reached out. The color is not a true warm. There is a The two stands are the same length as my other strands. The light is not as warm as it could be. The metal globe units were broken in half upon arrival. The whole thing looks tacky.

👤If you don't want to burn batteries all winter, it uses ausb plug. The battery case is only 1 ft from the first light, and the plug is only 1 ft from the battery case. If you hang them across the top of a window, you need an extension cord with ausb port to connect to the lights. They should have spent more money to give you more lead. There is a I agree with the other reviews that it's dumb to have the steady on mode be the eighth mode when it's most used. The other flashing modes are loud. There is a The lights are pretty. The other issues are nice.

👤I didn't do enough research before buying these lights. I would have known that the reviews wouldn't meet my needs if I had read them. Let me explain. The lights are pretty. They would work well on our mantle, where we had hoped to use them. They have a feature that is silly and annoying. There are 8 settings which is fine. When you turn them on, they default to setting #1, which is a combination blinking pattern. We want them to stay on top of things. It seems like they could make it so that when you turn them on they remember the previous setting, or at least make the steady-on setting. We will be returning them because they don't meet our needs, but we are disappointed to have to do so.

10. Holiday Essence Christmas Lights White

Holiday Essence Christmas Lights White

It's safe for indoor and outdoor use. It's perfect to decorate your Christmas trees, patio, lawn, garden, home and parties all year round. Bulbs are Cool to the touch. The kids are around the house. They have the answer with their cool touch bulbs, you can display it anywhere without hurting a child or adult. The total length of the lighting string is 16 feet. No worries if you need something longer. Multiple light strings can be connected. A maximum of 45 light strings can be connected to illuminate your tree. It can be difficult to decorate your home for Christmas. The professional grade Cool White string lights are great for decorating. The average bulb life is 25,000 hours. That is 1041 days. It is close to 3 years. These lights are made to last an entire holiday and many more hours to come. It'sdurable too! The bulbs are break, fade and chip resistant. The average bulb life is 25,000 hours. That is 1041 days. It is close to 3 years. These lights are made to last an entire holiday and many more hours to come. It'sdurable too! The bulbs are break, fade and chip resistant.

Brand: Holiday Essence

👤The lights are nice. You need to know a few things. They are bright but the temperature is 6000-6500K which means they border on blue. I used them outside because they looked purple inside compared to the rest of the room lighting. It's nice and sturdy. There is a Cool White is what the description says. I assumed that. 5000K. The temperature should be included by the seller.

👤I like that they use less power and can be strung together on a single strand. I'm happy with these, but I have one caveat, two strands are not as warm white as the others. The boxes all said warm white. I had already untangled the lights so I didn't want to have to re-box them, and I had enough strands to mix with other lights. It's not much of a deal, except maybe to me. Plug them all in before unraveling so that you can easily return one with a different tone.

👤I was looking for a cool white for my outside porch tree, but after reading some reviews that it was more blue looking, I decided to go with the warm white. It was not warm white after plugging it in. I double checked the package. I originally wanted it to be a bright white, but it is now more of a bright cool white. I think they may be packaged in a way that is incorrect. The lights are great.

👤The old cheap import incandescent strings are just as bad as these. Two of the six sets I bought had a part of the string dead. You would think it would be easy to find the bad light. These are not easy to fix. The best way to test each light is to use a sockets from the string. I discovered that some of the lights on the string don't work as expected. You can have dead LEDs in a working string if you use some LEDs that don't light. Half of the spare LEDs were malfunctioning. Some LEDs are half brilliance. The pins were intermittent. It took me about an hour to get both sets up and running. There is a The glass bulbs are less durable than the LEDs. There is no problem with rough handling breaking them. The low power usage is a positive. There is a The quality of manufacturing is better than the cheap lights, but the sockets, connectors and lamp holders are the same as the older incandescent lights. Time will tell if these sets will last. The glass won't break over time.

👤The lights are more bright white than they are warm white. I plan on keeping them because they are on a small tree in the kitchen that is used for ambient lighting and not close to any of the warm whiteLED lights that we decorate with during the holidays. Please ship this item in a box instead of the textured white Amazon envelope/bag. The lights were a bit tangled and the box was torn and mashed. I don't know if the lights I received were from a previously returned order or if they were just beat up in the shipping process. I'll be keeping them since they appear undamaged.

11. BOHON Fluorite Operated Decorative Christmas

BOHON Fluorite Operated Decorative Christmas

Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc. The string lights are made of natural Fluorite and have a size of 2 - 4 cm. They combine natural and artificial fluorite by using various techniques. Finally, create an amazing string lights ornament effect. 20 beautiful 3D Real Fluorite stones for summer and beach themed fairy Christmas tree decoration is a perfect gift. A hint of luxury is added to the room. This string light is powered by a low voltage and will stay cool. Perfect decoration and unique romantic gift for all occasions, including Christmas, Birthday, Home Wedding, Party and other occasions. It can be hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, trees, Pianos, gardens and more. The items are waterproof and portable. You can place the led lights anywhere you please with the small waterproof battery box. 3 AA batteries could last 30 hours. It was included in the package. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. It can be used to make a unique present for your family or friends. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. It can be used to make a unique present for your family or friends.

Brand: Bohon

👤I bought medium, large, and large amethysts. 1. The medium is gorgeous. It was perfect in every way. 40 lights and 10 feet. The color is gorgeous when lit. 2. The large fluorite is larger than the large amethyst, which is a very odd color when lit. If you are using this string of lights in a large area, pass them on. They look great in a jar or small basket. There are 30 lights. 3. The large fluorite are gorgeous. There are 20 lights and 5 lights. They had 30 lights, but they were 888-270-6611 There is a The large fluorite and medium amethyst are the prettiest. The large amethyst are not appealing.

👤I bought these lights because I thought they were going to be small, but they are very nice and the quality is amazing, I thought they were going to be small, but I was wrong, they are genuine amethysts stones and perfectly sized, and the price is amazing, I was wrong I would definitely buy again for myself or gift them, I am a fan of these now.

👤My zen has increased by 460% since I put up the lights. 10/10

👤Put these in my daughter's big girl room to keep her out of the house at night. I found a small piece of glass on her bed as I was laying them out to stick onto the wall. I am a bit nervous. I put them up well and will get better hooks later, so they are not over her bed. There is a She will play with them. I am concerned she may cut herself. It is okay for tonight.

👤The fairy lights have genuine illuminating stones. A lavender white light is cast. The Easter tree is covered in unique egg lights. There is a remote for different light sequences. I love the lights.

👤The wires are not secured in a well manner, which makes them barely work. Cheaply made. They would look better if it was made better. The few that work are well lit.

👤My child's Frozen 2 birthday décor was intended for the Birch Tree that I purchased to add blue color. They look great. I was a little worried that the fluorite crystals would break in shipping but they are in great condition with beautiful and natural variations. The product comes with a variety of light function, but I didn't notice it, since I was mostly going for a color theme. The lights were easy to position on the little tree. I will likely use the lights in the house even after the birthday celebrations are over.

👤It has a beautiful raw amethyst and a cool remote, but mine doesn't work very well. If you touch the wire, it will turn off. I got a dud that is wired poorly but it would be beautiful if it wasn't so sensitive. They would make a great gift.


What is the best product for decorative indoor string lights plug in?

Decorative indoor string lights plug in products from Minetom. In this article about decorative indoor string lights plug in you can see why people choose the product. Hahome and Eoako are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative indoor string lights plug in.

What are the best brands for decorative indoor string lights plug in?

Minetom, Hahome and Eoako are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative indoor string lights plug in. Find the detail in this article. Y Yuegang Vggfdy, Aloveco and Impress Life are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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