Best Decorative Items for Bathroom

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1. Sorbus Floating Collectibles Decorative Bathroom

Sorbus Floating Collectibles Decorative Bathroom

Store and display items with decorative wall shelving. Useful for organizing and de-cluttering small items, space-saving wall storage, and convenient wall shelf for studio apartment, dorm, or small living quarter. Multi-purpose display shelves for products, collectibles, small plants, toys, jewelry, frames, Christmas decor, spice jars, and more are great for bathroom bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, or to exhibit family photos gallery style in a long hallway. Adding character to modern, traditional, industrial, farmhouse, or nature inspired style with refined rustic appeal can be done by decorating empty wall space above desk, fireplace, entryway, between windows. It is easy to hang, each floating shelf supports up to 10 pounds, and is constructed of beautiful MDF wood with black metal frame. It is easy to hang, each floating shelf supports up to 10 pounds, and is constructed of beautiful MDF wood with black metal frame.

Brand: Sorbus

👤These shelves are adorable. I put them in the bathroom.

👤The wood on one of the shelves looks like someone pulled it off the screws when I removed them from the box. Wood is cheap and not as nice as shown in the pictures. The frame is a nice metal. I will use the one that isn't broken and make a new one for the frame because it's not worth the hassle of returning it. Will not purchase again.

👤The cheap wood on the bottom of the shelf works. You don't notice the wire in the back is not straight when you put things on the shelf. They look good in my living room.

👤It was easy to put up. I recommend this to everyone who is interested in it. It's a good thing. There is a If you don't like the color of the wood, you can use wood stain or black walnuts.

👤It's cheap! It was broken! The wood fell off the metal frame when it was taken out of the box. There was a plastic bag for the screws but nothing in the box. If you want better quality, buy a set of shelf for $10 more. Super disappointed.

👤I will eventually order another set because of the decent price. I used one in our bathroom that held 2 candles on each side and a few essential oils in the middle. I used the other one in our room to hold a stack of my games, a snow globe, and a medium size crystal. When I first opened it, I thought the wood part of the shelf looked cheap, but once I put my knickknacks on it, it actually looks good. I tried to get the plastic bit in the wall to help secure the screws and make sure the shelf was sturdy, but the plastic pieces kept bending and not going in properly. I like these for the price and would purchase more in the future.

👤These shelves are perfect for a dorm room. I used wire command hooks instead of the mounting supplies. I had to try and fix the board after it was ruined, but I just let it sit on the top so it wasn't too heavy. They're not mounted to the wall so they're not completely flat to put stuff on, but they were cute to resist and light decorations are good on them.

👤They are not high quality, but they do the job and are fine for the price. Considering their 'footprint', they're lightweight, spacious and ideal for my needs. Don't expect perfect. One of the shelves had a wire that skewed the grid, but I will put something in front of it and you will never notice.

👤The shelves are too small for what I need.

👤L'item est arrivé, soit par dessus le cadre. Representante d'assemblage médiocre.

👤J'imaginais, plus,

2. Emibele Jewelry Organizer Bathroom Cosmetic

Emibele Jewelry Organizer Bathroom Cosmetic

There is space for saving. The tray can help you organize and easily access your jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. Keeping your space disorganized can make it hard to manage your time and space. The rounded corners and sleek surface are protective to your precious jewels or other essentials. It is scratch-proof, water-proof, and easy to clean, and it is made from a premium material. The marble coloring is classy and unique to your room. There are multi-purpose uses. It can be used in a variety of places, including a toilet tank, wash basin, bathroom, Vanity countertop, linen closet, bedside table, kitchen and other places. It is also good for small potted plant and other items to keep things organized. DIMENSIONS It is about 19 x 10 x 1.9 cm. The size of the product is slightly different because it is handmade. Please prevail.

Brand: Emibele

👤The bathroom is beautiful. I put my bottles on the counter so they don't leak. I think it was better that the mouthwashes did stain it than my counter. I thought I looked at the measurements first, but it's smaller than I thought. I put it on top of a q-tips box to see how big it was.

👤I use this in my kitchen sink to hold my detergent and hand cream. I love this with my decor.

👤The actual item in Inches is 6.75 x 3.25 or 6 1/2 x 3 1/2. The dimensions of the item are incorrect and the pictures are deceiving. I measured and posted the results for reference.

👤I bought this tray to put in my kids bathroom. It looks smaller than I thought, but I accommodated what I wanted. The material is well designed and looks expensive.

👤I use it for the sink. This is a good size for the space. I like that it is plastic. It costs a bit more for a plastic.

👤I used it in my kitchen. I didn't want it to be too big. This is the correct size for my dish and hand soap. It arrived a day early. I will purchase this again.

👤I was hoping to like it. It is much smaller than expected. It only holds my toothbrush holder. There were small specks of white in mine. The design is not close to the picture. -The The price is too high. I can find larger trays for the same price.

👤I wanted to keep the bathroom counter clean but it is small. I put toothpaste, soap, and face wash on this tray. That is all that fits. The seller offered a credit, which is nice, but not necessarily. I should have read it better. The tray is small. It's better suited as a catch, but I like it. It serves its purpose on the bathroom counter.

👤The product is good for the price. It looks plastic on its own, but once set up with things in it and on your bedside table, it blends in and looks nice. There is a To make sure it's big enough for you, check the size. If needed, there are more on Amazon. In my picture, you can see what can fit inside.

👤The jewellery tray is made of resin. The marble effect is attractive. When I have a shower, I use the tray on the bathroom sink as a jewellery tray. There is a It's easy to clean and doesn't scratch.

👤The person in charge of this tray fell asleep. While the tray is useful to have, it's just a plastic tray with a black streak on one corner that is meant to look like marbling. Would I purchase another? Nope.

👤The markings look like marble. The side of the bath is very expensive.

👤The product was half the size that was advertised. Will send it back for a refund.

3. AOZITA Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

AOZITA Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

It's been used. There are balls for centerpiece bowls that can be used for coloring. The faux moss balls and wicker balls can be used as Christmas ornaments. These vase fillers are perfect for outdoor garden weddings, woodland parties, shelf/ table decor, aisle decor, home moss garden decor, farmhouse rustic decor, bowl decor, vase filler. A 16 ounce mason jar and soap dispensers are included. The pump and lid are coated with a substance that prevents rust and corrosion for a long time. It's suitable for dense conditioner, liquid soap, dish soap, and more. There are 8oz regular mouth mason jars and heavy duty 304stainless steel lids. The qtip holder jars are an attractive way to organize Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton round pads, flossers, bath salt or any other bathroom accessories. It's easy to store and open. Most sizes of electric toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, flossers, razors and more can be found in the jar. It is made of thicker, rust-proof STAINLESS STEEL, so it is safe to use. Tooth brushes are not included. The jars will be a beautiful space to home, home decor clearance. The ideal decoration can be either rustic decor, industrial style, western decor, or morden style. The ideal bathroom accessories set is for home decor. It's great for the kitchen and bath. 100% SATISFACTION is included in the SAFE PACKAGE. The carved patterns in the 4 jars look more decorative. It is superior to other jars. The jars are packaged in a heavy bubble holder and thick carton box to prevent damage in transport. They will help you in 24 hours if you have a damaged product.

Brand: Aozita

👤These are very helpful. I love having these in my bathroom. I have everything I need in one place, it's easy to get to! I'm a stickler for organization, but I also like being creative with it. I used to tie little ropes around the jars to decorate them, they came with a bunch of neat labels with different fonts to choose from. The only thing I use for my hand soap in the largest jar is that the pump is removed, and there is a piece of the pump that falls into the jar when the pump is removed.

👤My bathroom accessories were falling apart and I needed to replace them. There is a The next day was the Pros. It looks like the picture. It took about 5 minutes to unpack and assemble. Assembly instructions were clear. -The The jars are made of plastic and easy to clean. They look cute. Excellent. Price Cons: I noticed that the jars scratch easily when assembled. It is very noticeable. It's not good for a guest bathroom. I like that it says soap on the jar but not on the rest. It would have been nice if they were labeled. There is a This is a nice set for the price. This will work out for you if you don't mind minor scratches.

👤I wanted this for the toothbrush holder, so I decided to get the set. I was worried that everything would break, but nothing did. The small jars have the perfect height for q-tips to be put in. I would recommend this set to anyone who would like to use it or get a nice home gift for someone.

👤I would give it a single star. It is pleasing to look at and I am giving it 2. If you accidentally knock over the jar's lid, be prepared for everything to spill out. I have tried to pick them up by the lid, but the jar detaches from the lid and falls on the counter. The soap dispensers are also garbage. My boyfriend and I fight about who will change the soap. The tube inside always comes off, so it is hard to get back on. The piece that connects the pump to the lid and the white ring under it always come off. There is a The toothbrush holder is the only positive thing I have to say about it. You can remove the lid and clean the inside.

👤I was excited to get the same day delivery on this bathroom set. It works well with my bathroom decor. I was in love with the package I received. I noticed that my toothbrush holder was cracked. It's a pity. I threw the box and packaging away because I couldn't return it through Amazon. I'm not happy with myself. I need to check everything before tossing the box because I saw the reviews. Many people received damaged sets. You learn.

👤This product comes with jars and not just the lid. Our new bathroom has a perfect fit. I will not have to refill it as often since the soap dispenser was bigger than expected. A great buy, great quality and great look. Definitely recommend.

4. Yankario Hanging Floating Shelves Rustic

Yankario Hanging Floating Shelves Rustic

A cool gift for any occasion is the chain link decor. A coffee table decor is one of the fun ways that friends and family can use this chain decor. The complete set of 2 shelves include 2 torched finish dark brown floating shelves and 4 mounting cup hooks for easy hanging to a wall or ceiling. Stable wall hanging shelving is made of two thick jute ropes and two rope in a triangle shape. Jute ropes are perfect for hanging shelves in various ways, and they're easy to use. Sturdy and functional is a beautiful addition to any home decor and useful for adding additional storage space to display house plants, collectibles, pictures and more. SPECS - 16.2" L 6.0" D. 100% satisfactioin gurantee. If you are dissatisfied with this item, please contact them immediately, they will give you a full refund or replacement for free.

Brand: Yankario

👤Heavy but lightweight. There are lots of nice things to say.

👤I love my shelves. I'm still working on the dining room wall. I want to let people know how great the product is. If you have a farmhouse theme, buy this. The wood has a rustic finish and the ropes give it character. We had to use the ropes to get the shelving aligned. I like the way it is. I put a chalkboard in between the shelves to write scriptures, I like the way the wall is coming along. If I had to give a tip to the buyer, I would offer to pre-knot them and pre-measured so the align was right. The seller had a great idea when creating the style and had the perfect vision for the farmhouse theme.

👤The picture on Amazon was cute, but it had 2 pieces of wood and 2 long ropes. I have to follow the instructions on how to tie the knots, but my nephew was a Cub and Boy Scout, so I will have him put them together. There is a I will get that problem solved. I will post a review on the look and use of this product, along with the sturdiness of the product. They are not cute at this point. There is a They don't come assembled, it's easier for me.

👤I could only hang 1 because my rope was not 4. I couldn't get it right for my daughter's nursery because I don't have a level. I'm going to return and buy something already put together. You have to tie yourself over and over to get it level, it's wood with 4 holes, a hook and rope.

👤The quality is nice, but it was difficult to get the ropes to be the correct length at the knot. It would be great if the knot came before the wedding. The ropes were not the same length so they had to be remeasured.

👤I bought these late at night, it was one of those quick purchases, it was dangerous after 11pm, but I didn't really think about them. I was very nervous when they arrived because I didn't want to look at the ropes all day. I was worried that I would have to get it perfect to hang them up. It was easy to adjust the height. I put some books on it. It looks nice. I'm very happy with it.

👤It's a perfect little shelf for superheros. I was worried that it would be hard to get them to level after I assembled them. It was not as hard as I thought. I used a ruler and a level to make sure the shelf was even, but everything else is provided with instructions. It's an easy knot of the rope at the top and the ends of the shelves. The hooks are provided for you, which is great. It's very easy to screw into the wall. Very pleased with the purchase! In the future, I would like to switch out those superheros with awards.

5. Duoer Storage Organizing Decorative Countertop

Duoer Storage Organizing Decorative Countertop

The storage bins are handmade with paper rope. Their workers take a long time to weave each knot. It's a perfect gift that is handmade. When you don't know what to give as a gift, it will be a great idea. A gift basket can be a present for friends or family. Your friends or family will love this gift. It will be a great finishing touch to your home. Storage cubes can be used in living room, guest room, kitchen, office and bathroom. This basket can be used to store all the things in daily life. The tank tray is designed to fit on top of the toilet tanks for a handy place to keep bathroom items and accessories, and the raised sides keep items contained. Product size:11.8* 7.8*3.*9 inche.

Brand: Duoer

👤How can you tell people that this is a wicker basket? Do you think people are stupid to not know what wicker is? These baskets are made from thick yarn or macramé material. They are so small that they are useless to put on the back of a toilet. This was too expensive for something made from yarn. It isn't attractive. The wood handles have different colors on them. One was unfinished and the other had a treatment put on it. The liners look flimsy. I am not happy with this purchase and with Amazon.

👤It is nice and sturdy. It was good for a decorative item. It comes in a pair, one big basket and one smaller. I used the big ones for my bathroom and the smaller ones for refreshments in the front door. I would buy again.

👤The small basket is useless and I ended up returning them. I needed two of the same size of the larger basket and they were well made. I wish they had the option to only buy one size.

👤If you have them sink side, they may not weather getting wet frequently.

👤The baskets are very nice. The smaller of the two is the perfect size to hold a roll of toilet paper and a package of wet wipes.

👤I thought they were the same size. They are not. They are moving. I could have gone to the Christmas Tree Shop and gotten a better bargain. Amazon is really high. It's cheap plastic from China.

👤I had to come back for more because I wanted to outfit my bathroom with them. They look nice and help gather various knickknacks to keep a surface looking cleaner.

👤I have a guest bathroom. There are two sizes. Both are sturdy. They are perfect for my needs, I found specific uses for them. The package was well packaged and delivered quickly. We would highly recommend.

6. Primitives Kathy 4 Inch 5 Inch Toilet

Primitives Kathy 4 Inch 5 Inch Toilet

Kathy has a mini box sign. The sign is 4 x 5-inches and can be hung on a wall. You never know what you have until it's gone. There is toilet paper. For Instance. The frame has a distressed look. Look to Primitives for fun, sarcastic, and heart-warming gifts.

Brand: Primitives By Kathy

👤This is a cute addition to bathroom decors. Guests were nice about it. The caption is funny. It is a little taller than tissue rolls. The price could be a little more than I was willing to pay, but I don't regret buying it. I still think it's good.

👤Guests love it and it adds personality to a small space. It makes me happy every time I read it. Not to mention the fact that it is true. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I was disappointed that this is so small, as I was expecting it to be around 5 x 7 in size, but I may not have checked the dimensions. The small signs from Kathy's Primitives are overpriced for what you get.

👤This came to me yesterday. It looks like it was sold to someone and then used by them for a while. The faded "F" character and worn out left corners are just terrible. Trust me. I know the difference between a used item and a vintage design. The concept was great, but the condition it came in... They did me a disservice. I was disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤The sign looks cute. I'm happy with it.

👤I ordered this to be in the guest bathroom. Have I received the comments? Most people leave that bathroom with a smile on their face, and about 1/3 of them make a comment about it. It's a bit of truth that I could use in that room. It's honest, but it's a little "comentary" to 21st century life. It is not a flimsy sign. I have placed it everywhere I have found it so far. It has a "well worn" look to it, as the brown finish looks as though it's been "worn-down" with age and elements. It was packed nicely and delivered as promised. I would use this seller again.

👤I put this in the bathroom shelf behind the toilet. It is cute. She makes a lot of little signs. Excellent quality was delivered quickly.

👤It is the small things that make love work. I like it. It is small. I would like it to be a little bigger. It is in my bathroom. There is no way to sit. It is wood. It can't be near the sink. The picture frame mount was screwed into the back. I had all the supplies and did it myself. I love adding quotes to my bathroom. I am glad I bought it.

👤It's a great decoration to add to your bathroom. I think I should have known something was up since I purchased it before theplague. It has been a real conversation starter.

👤The sign is nice but overpriced. Unfortunately due to covid Amazon is the only source for this, we would get it at Homesense for half the price. I would recommend a farmhouse bathroom decor.

👤It looks cheap. Not worth what I paid. The dimensions were listed on the ad and I am responsible for not seeing them correctly.

7. Fantastic Ryan Decorative Originality Furnishing

Fantastic Ryan Decorative Originality Furnishing

The Owl Statue Figurine is a great gift for owls, birds, and animal lovers. Unique owl birthday gifts for grandma grandpa dad mother men women. Gifts for mothers day, teacher gifts, and friendship gifts. The year 2022. Happy new year. There are decorations for Thanksgiving. The year 2021. White Owl Christmas decorations are unique. The ornaments are made from ceramics and coated with gold. It is easy to scratch. Please care for fragile product. If the product you received is damaged, please contact them. Small golden blessings birds bring them peace and love. Medieval Retro Style Small Animal Statues can be used to decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom, bookshelf, TV cabinet, nightstand, mantelpiece, and more. It's a good small gift choice for your loved ones to celebrate special and precious moments in the life. Golden bird M: 3'H; Golden bird L: 3.7'H; Golden bird XL: 4'H; Bull: 3'H; Giraffe: 7.5''H.

Brand: Fantesticryan

👤I like them very much. The birds are a darker gold than the picture shows. It was almost leaning towards bronze.

👤I love these! I found a better price on Amazon when I searched for it after seeing it on a competitor's site.

👤The birds are delicate. The gold colored ceramic is very light. There is a The shipping box was too small for the delicate nature of the product, and the packaging was not adequate. I was not given the option of a replacement shipment. I have to return the product at the location where I bought it, then I will get a credit. Once I get the credit and re-order the product, I will update my review.

👤The giraffe is nice, the quality is good, and the color is the same as I expected. I might order another one.

👤I thought these were very cute. My rolled over and fell off the table and shattered into tiny pieces. The bottom is rounded and should be balanced by three tiny stickers. I don't think my stickers were strategically placed. They were cute, but too bad. I added more felt stickers to the gift and hope it doesn't break yet.

👤The product is exactly what I wanted, but I was disappointed to see the scratches on it. I'm not sure if the damages occurred before or after the package was shipped. I would have returned them and requested a new set if I had displayed them on a table where they were more visible.

👤One bird was cracked when I received my order. The seller replaced the product and I have two birds to display. The value I received was very nice. The birds are beautiful.

👤It's so cheap. There is a hollow. Not worth more than $5. It's not ok as a gift. Too cheap. I am very disappointed.

👤I bought these for my parents for their golden wedding anniversary present, they love them so much they are just perfect.

👤It was a nice concept but not nice material after a week.

👤There are cute and light pieces of decoration.

👤It's small and a bit brassy compared to some other golds I have, so it's probably not worth the price. It is cute.

8. Kate Aspen Distressed Decorative Centerpiece

Kate Aspen Distressed Decorative Centerpiece

A metal lantern with a distressed blue finish is the perfect centerpiece for vintage themed parties, weddings, or home decor. The tea light holder is a mini lantern. The lid of the lantern can be removed for easy access to the tea light. The lantern is 2.5” x 2.5” x 4.5” without a handle. One lantern will be given to you per order.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤The Kate Aspen Distressed Metal Vintage Decorative Mini Lantern, Centerpiece, Party Favor, 2.5 x 2.5 x 6.5, Blue is the item I am reviewing. I know we all skim over the dimensions of things we buy on Amazon, but this is one of those items that you really need to get out the measuring tape for. Take a look at the pictures I have attached of our lantern. There are disagreements. It is not just small. The Gala Apple is not much larger. There is a There are sharp metal edges inside the candle where the glass inserts are placed. There is a The glass inserts have rough edges. There is a I am not sure how you can get the lid off again without burning your hand, if you solve the logistical puzzle of how to get the handles set into place while the candle is lit. Or how you blow out the candle. There is a The holes intended for the handle's prongs are not the same as on mine, and other people have experienced this as well. Throwing the handle away will change the look of the candle. There is a There are pros and cons. I am not unhappy with this candle, but I know it sounds that way. I like it. There is a It is not polished or perfect because it is affordable. There is a The candle has a sticker on it that says to keep away from things that cause fire. Good advice in any situation. There is a Next to a plant and a Gala apple, it looks nice on the mantle. If you want to read one sentence in a booklet, it will light up a small area in the room. It will light up your face with a smile. It will give your cats something to do. There is a I go into detail about the potential negatives so that you know what to expect when you open it. The candle has a real issue with the handle, but if you want a small decorative touch, it is worth the money. Take care!

👤I wanted two more after purchasing one. I ordered two more. These two came in different colors and different sizes without candles. The candle was the first to arrive. I needed 3 matching ones for where I wanted to put them. I loved the first one but the others are not as bright. If there was a way to know I could get the original ones, I would send them back and get them, but I'm afraid I'll get something even less appealing this time around.

👤The little lantern is cute. I need to read more about the size. It was a little bigger than a pub glass, for whatever reason.

👤I ordered two of them. They are not the same. The taller one had a tea light. The other has a longer handle and no tea light. They are not the same color. One is more green than the other. Since they won't be next to each other and I have tea lights, I will not be exchanging them. But, be careful! You might not get the same thing if you order more than one.

9. Artificial Succulents Realistic Decoration 2 5 2 75in

Artificial Succulents Realistic Decoration 2 5 2 75in

Trigg can be used to hold everything from greenery to office supplies, and comes complete with easy to follow instructions. Artificial plants are designed for home and office decoration. It's perfect for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bookshelf, desk, counter or any other place you want to add vitality. The plants included are Echeveria laui and Haworthia coarctata f. greenii. The fake Succulent potted plants with vivid color and exquisite workmanship give you a realistic feeling when you touch them. Premium quality non-toxic PE&EVA material made leaves, soil and PP pots are safe and durable. They are eco-friendly, safe for humans and pets, and will remain beautiful for a long time. They are easy to maintain, you don't need to take care of them often. It is perfect for people who love Succulent but don't know how to take care of them. Backed by a 1-year quality warranty. If you have a question, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Luckygreenery

👤Cute, look real, can be found cheaper, but these all match. I was asked if they were real by a friend. I had to cut the yellow flower to keep them all the same.

👤So cute! I saw a list of great stuff to buy on Amazon. The new year's resolution to buy less unnecessary stuff was completely ignored. I want to pretend to be a competent plant owner and get some green stuff into the house, but I keep killing real plants. These look realistic. There is a They are very small, so they are 2 inches by 3 inches. Still surprised by how small they are. There is a miniature tea set. They are lightweight and would be good for anyone who has issues moving heavy plants.

👤They were cute and served their purpose. I got them for the bathroom. I knew they were fake plants, but the dirt, jar, and plant are all plastic. I don't care at all. I can not keep real ones alive. I wanted to let people know if they wanted to use it for something that would be seen up close.

👤This product is light weight and I love it. They were cheap. If you are worried about not being able to wrap them or not knowing where to put them, they come in a cool box and are easy to put them in. They are easy to unwrap. They are really cute. They look real. If you read this review, you will see that I love the pots and they are not too big or small, so I am very happy to have this fake. This product is light weight and I love it. They were cheap. If you are worried about not being able to wrap them or not knowing where to put them, they come in a cool box and are easy to put them in. They are easy to unwrap. They are really cute. They look real. If you read this review, you will see that I love the pots and they are not too big or small, so I am very happy to have these little fake succulents.

👤I was looking on Amazon for fake Succulent to use for a party and then use for home decor. I was initially dismayed because they were all so expensive. I stumbled upon this find. You can get the same thing from Ikea, but when you factor in the shipping, time, and gas it's not as good. The plants looked real to me. The "dirt" is not as realistic as it could be, but no one will be looking that close. I was very satisfied with the quality of the product and the look of it, but I wish the container looked a little nicer.

👤Cute. But small! It looks cheap. Not going to come back because it is decent looking.

👤I was very excited to receive these in the mail. They were not what I pictured. One plant lays down inside the planter. The pictures allude to the fact that they are small, but they are not. The planter looks like it would be made of clay, but it is not. It's just plastic. I will return these and head to Marshall's. The plastic plants look decent, but they are too small for me. Such a shame.

10. Mkono Hanging Storage Shelves Organizer

Mkono Hanging Storage Shelves Organizer

Their mini plants are small and light for easy styling. Each fake plant is approximately 2.125” L x 2.125” H x 2.125” W and features a lightweight base for hassle-free rearranging. Also, note: The pot base is not waterproof. Do not put your hands in the water. The Wood Hanging Shelf is a great place to store things in the home. Living room for organize your books, lovely plants or candle, kitchen for storage spices or coffee cups, bathroom to hold towel, makeup or nail polish, bedrooms for display photo frames and mementos. Jute rope and Paulownia wood are strong and durable. The props are not included in the picture. Hang it in store to organize special item, it can be installed in window or wall space. In a garden or porch setting, will be fun to hold your plants! It's a great gift for a baby shower or housewarming if the shelves transform any unused space into displays. The total height is 26 and can be adjusted by moving the knots. The wood shelf is 16 7/8" in length and 7 7/8" in width. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers.

Brand: Mkono

👤I knew I wanted shelves in my room, and these were the first set I saw. The setup was easy because they came at the expected time. It was well packaged and had a small bag of hooks to hang it on. We didn't have the drill to install the hooks into my wall because we didn't have a small tool set. I bought a command hook that was advertised to hold 5 lbs. I decorated it and went home for the weekend. The entire shelf had fallen because my command hook was not reliable. I hung it up thinking it needed a new strip for the back of the command hook, but it fell and the bottom shelf broke. I still give this product five stars because I can't blame the manufacturer for hanging it back up because the command hook was not strong enough to hold the weight of the shelf and everything on it. For a short time, this shelf was in my room and I loved it and would recommend it to others. I don't recommend using Command Strips for this shelf, so I would advise you to use the hardware included with the package or get a sturdy hook from your local hardware store.

👤I enjoy open, uncluttered spaces and am a minimalist. This was purchased to hold extra rolls of toilet tissue in an area that wouldn't overcrowd my bathroom. Mission accomplished! There are multiple ways to hang this and the hooks are very easy to screw in. The bathroom humor in the middle can be found on Amazon.

👤It is difficult to adjust to a great price. Each shelf had a difference of 1 to 2” for each plank. I adjusted every knot to have the same height. The planks will curve easily over time with stuff on them. Time will tell. I am pleased with the results so far. I wanted to hide the mess of my neighbor. I don't have a green thumb so this was convenient.

👤The shelves are great for money. The two reservations I had were not big problems. The two planks are light. It appears to be made of solid wood. I have found them to be sufficient and able to support a good load. There are two factors to consider in rope adjustment. 1. You can hang the shelf from a hook directly above and centered or from a hook in the wall offset to the rear. 2. These ropes have some stretch in them. You may need to make adjustments after you load or change the loading on the self. I made an improvement by adding two small sticky rubber bumpers on the back of each shelve so it doesn't mark up the wall. There is a Final thought. I wish I had made my own design. Picked the size, wood, stain, rope, and hook. If you don't have basic tools or are busy, making your own may not be an option.

👤It was easy to install, but I decided to use something different. The bottom shelf is not completely flat because of the hardware I used.

11. Kate Aspen 14110WT Vintage Distressed

Kate Aspen 14110WT Vintage Distressed

Your style is reflected in the décor of your home. This stunning ceramic vase set is great for taking your décor to the next level and wowing your guests. The design is so detailed that you can set it up on your own. This set is elegant and timeless, so you can use it or not. The lantern has vintage distressed details and glass windows. Pair multiple lanterns or with different size and color Kate Aspen lanterns for a custom look. Whether you are creating a beautiful tables cape centerpiece or looking for rustic décor for a special event, it's perfect. Light up the aisle or runway at your wedding. Light up your back porch or add low light to your living room to create the perfect atmosphere. The jars have a unique color and shape. The tea light holder has a mini lantern that holds one tea light and a lid that can be removed for easy access to the tea light. The lantern measures 2. W x 4. 75" H x 2. 5" D. The packaged product measures 3. The measurement is 6 W x 5 H x 3.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤I didn't read the reviews until after I placed my order. I was skeptical and disappointed that I had wasted $30 on 2 large lanterns. I was expecting to read that lanterns with broken glass were poorly made and wouldn't stay together, and that they were cheap. My experience is completely different. They are well made. The handles stay where they should if you put them correctly. I am not sure why several are having a hard time keeping them together. The glass was intact. I placed a battery operated tea candle in each and am excited to see them lit up later this evening when it gets dark. They are not as big as I had thought, but they are large enough to be happy with. I plan on ordering a smaller size to add more to the decor.

👤The first one I ordered broke and I scored this a low. I rearranged the broken glass as well. The item is nice and looks good with the decor, but it is expensive and disappointing to keep receiving them with broken glass.

👤The glass was damaged when it arrived crooked. It was made from very thin metal.

👤This is a small lantern. It's big enough for a small candle or a tea candle. I took the third glass panel away and cleaned up the broken glass because it's hard to notice when two of the glass panels are broken. There is a It's the perfect size for a small space. There is a It's not very strong. Especially the top part. The handle goes in. You can't put the handle all the way back. It hangs out an angle. The price, the overall look, etc. I can deal with the few flaws because I'm just using it to take pictures. I don't think he will be disappointed, but from other reviews I see that the glass comes broken frequently so please keep that in mind.

👤This lantern is great with my farmhouse coastal decor.

👤I decorate tierd trays every month to season. The lantern is small. It's the right size for this. I think I will keep it as a staple. This is a great addition to my farmhouse decor.

👤I ordered 6 pieces of broken glass and 3 of them were broken. Two of the 3 sent by Amazon had broken glass. I have to return 3 items to Amazon. I had to switch pieces of glass to make undamaged lanterns, which I paid for. I'm going to return to Amazon. It should be easy. I like how the lanternl looks. Too cute. The lantern was sprayed with a clear coat. Hopefully they won't rust.

👤I should have paid attention to the description as I thought it was cute but much smaller. The top doesn't stay on very long. Cute but not worth much. You can find them at the dollar store.

👤I don't know how this lantern has 4 stars. I gave it two because it looks good. It is cheap. The overall shape of the lantern is crooked. The glass is not strong and sits on the corners. I got the big one. I would still feel ripped off if it were half the price. It's not worth the money, find a different one. If you are rich, go for it. Don't look too closely, it's cute.


What is the best product for decorative items for bathroom?

Decorative items for bathroom products from Sorbus. In this article about decorative items for bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Emibele and Aozita are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative items for bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative items for bathroom?

Sorbus, Emibele and Aozita are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative items for bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Yankario, Duoer and Primitives By Kathy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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